Days Transcript Friday 3/6/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/6/09 - Canada; Monday 3/9/09 - U.S.A.


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Brady: So, what did Philip do now?

Melanie: Oh, why don't you ask Philip, okay? I'm not really in the mood for company.

Brady: Is it business, or is it personal, Melanie?

Melanie: Well, with Philip, it's usually both, isn't it? This place used to be nice and quiet but obviously not anymore, so I'm just gonna find another place to go.

Brady: Wait. Why don't you --

Melanie: Great. Thanks.

Brady: Sorry. Let me --

Melanie: It's fine! I got it, okay?! I can do it! It's just like everything else, because you can't trust people, especially men!

[Sniffles] Do you know where my phone is?

Brady: Your phone's right here.

Melanie: Thank you. It's fine... I don't know why I need it. It's not like anybody's gonna call me, anyway.

[Crying] Brady, I don't know what to do.

Brady: What is wrong with you? It's okay. It's all right.

Philip: What's wrong?

Stephanie: That's what I'm trying to find out. No, no, no, no.

Philip: What -- what just happened? What did you do?

Stephanie: Oh, my God.

Philip: Stephanie?

Stephanie: I --

Philip: What? Did you lose a file?

Stephanie: I don't think I just lost the file. I think I lost everything.

Nicole: [Clears throat] Hi, honey. Wow, you look serious.

E.J.: Just working on a deal, darling.

Nicole: Well, that would be you -- busy, busy, busy -- running your company, running Sami's life.

E.J.: I beg your pardon?

Nicole: [Chuckles] Tell me something. What the hell does it matter to you who Sami kisses these days?

E.J.: Oh, yeah. I heard you ran into her.

Nicole: Too bad it wasn't with my car.

E.J.: Wow. Went that well, did it?

Nicole: She told me that you went to her father. You wanted to file a complaint against the bodyguard and witness protection -- that he had gotten too close?

E.J.: Anything else?

Nicole: Yeah. That you were jealous of this guy and that I should keep you on a short leash, as if.

E.J.: Yes...

Stefano: Well, drive back out there and find out what is going on, because why in the world would Nicole visit a convent? She certainly has not found religion. No, no, no, no. I want you to do it now -- tonight -- because whatever my future daughter-in-law is trying to hide -- the key is at the convent of the holy cross.

Sami: Oh, sister Theresa. Look, I need to know who that woman was.

Sr. Theresa: My goodness. What's going on?

Sami: On the phone, you said there was a woman and you let her hold my baby. Who was she? Tell me. What the hell did she think she was doing, holding my daughter?!

Sr. Theresa: Sami, this is a house of the lord. Language.

Sami: Oh, uh, sorry. Sorry. Look, I'm just desperate, okay? I want to know why that woman was interested in my baby.

Sr. Theresa: Oh, you have nothing to worry about. She -- she came to see me, not little Grace.

Sami: So she said.

Sr. Theresa: Sweetheart, as I've told you, everyone who even sees your little girl falls in love with her. This was no different. The woman just held her for a little while -- that's all.

Sami: Where is she?

Sr. Theresa: Where is who? The woman? Oh, I-I don't know. I don't even know her real name.

Sami: No. Where is my baby? Where is Grace?

Stephanie: I swear, all I did was call up the file. Nothing was different.

Philip: Hey, hey, I was here. I know it wasn't your fault. Probably just a power surge.

[Telephone rings] Yeah, I'm here. What happened?

[Sighs] How is that possible? All right. Just keep trying.

Stephanie: Did they find out the problem?

Philip: The problem isn't with this terminal. It's company wide.

Stephanie: You mean like on the server?

Philip: Both servers. Titan's entire database was wiped clean.

Stephanie: What?! How could that happen?

E.J.: You come into my house in a half-assed attempt to intimidate me, but I'm the one who's delusional?

Philip: If you so much as sniff in the direction of the fuels project, research, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, I will --

E.J.: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Rude of me. Remarkable, though, really.

Philip: What -- what's remarkable?

E.J.: You really do think you can scare me, don't you?

Philip: If you want to wage a war you can't win... bring it on.

E.J.: I will break out the flak jackets.

Philip: Oh, I have a damn good idea.

Melanie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um, when things -- when things pile on me, I just -- I turn into a cry baby, but, uh, I'm done. Uh, thank you. I'm gonna...

Brady: It's -- hey, listen. Listen. The coat's waterproof. Everything's fine. Do you want to sit down and talk about this for a while?

Melanie: No. No. I'm a big girl.

Brady: Melanie, if you don't want to be alone, I can sit down and I can talk to you about this. It's purely a suggestion.

Melanie: Why are you being nice to me?

Brady: I -- I don't know. Hey, well, you gave us the alternative fuels project at Titan, right? So we're gonna make a lot of money on it. I should be nice to you, right? I mean, isn't that the golden rule of business?

Melanie: Yes, it is. Do unto others --

Brady: Exactly.

Melanie: Yeah. Philip thinks that, too. You see, that's why I don't have a job or any money or royalties till God knows how long. He'll probably cheat me out of that, too, but it's been nice working with you, Brady.

Philip: Melanie, where are you going?

Melanie: Um, I'm gonna hop in my cute, little car I can't afford anymore and go home.

Brady: I got to tell you, I don't think you should be driving right now.

Melanie: Why?

Brady: Why? 'Cause you're upset, and you're angry, and I just think it's best.

Melanie: Um, I still don't understand why you're being so nice to me.

Brady: Tell you what. I know the perfect place for you to work out all this crazy anger. Can I show it to you?

E.J.: Now, listen. When it comes to who kisses whom... my only interest is in you. When are you finally gonna believe that? Hmm?

Nicole: I'm trying.

E.J.: Okay. We need to get past this whole jealousy thing. I thought I've proven to you, Nicole. You have my heart -- you -- nobody else -- you.

Nicole: I know. You did prove it to me. It's just Sami today. She just knows how to push my buttons.

E.J.: Look, my worry about Samantha and this FBI guy is only because I'm concerned for Johnny's safety.

Nicole: Johnny's safety?

E.J.: Johnny's. Look, this guy -- this agent, okay? -- He's supposed to be guarding Samantha, and, instead, he's involved in these extracurricular activities. He's not doing his job properly.

Nicole: You mean Sami and this guy are --

E.J.: I don't know. Maybe. I don't want to know. The fact is now she's back... and she has to understand that her security is very important because it directly affects Johnny's security.

Nicole: But I don't understand. I mean, the hit man that was after her was killed in a shootout at the hospital.

E.J.: Sure. But what about the guy who hired him?

Nicole: Oh.

E.J.: Now, if he still thinks that Samantha is some kind of liability...

Nicole: Right.

E.J.: Look, I just don't want this guy to get this assignment, if it were to come to that.

Nicole: Okay.

E.J.: Frankly, this whole insecurity -- uh, Samantha and Johnny and their safety is just -- whatever. I'll be very happy when this whole thing comes to an end.

Nicole: Yeah, me too.

[Cellphone ringing]

Stefano: DiMera.

Roman: Yeah, Stefano, roman Brady here. Listen, I need you to come down to the station, answer some questions about mayor Marino's murder. Say about 30 minutes?

Stefano: Why don't we say never?

Roman: Well, you do know I can come up there and bring you in.

Stefano: Oh, for Pete's sake. Roman, I have answered enough of your useless questions already.

Roman: Well, Stefano, we got some new ones for you. I think they'll get your attention.

Sr. Theresa: Sami, it's all right. Your baby's fine. Sister Gabrielle just took her for a little ride.

Sami: A ride?! What do you mean? On the street?

Sr. Theresa: Oh, no, no, no, no. Just around the convent grounds.

Sami: Oh. Right. Sorry. Sorry. God, I just have to stop freaking out like this. She's fine.

Sr. Theresa: She's perfectly fine.

Sami: But here's the thing. I-I don't feel comfortable with her being passed around to people you don't even know, like some sort of pet bunny. I really need to know more about this woman that you said was here that was -- that was holding her. You said she lied to you about her real name?

Sr. Theresa: Well, she said it was Mary, but you can tell when someone's fibbing.

Sami: Why? Why would she lie to you about her real name? What did she want? What did she really want?

Okay. Your start-up page is back, and you have internet access, but that's it.

Philip: That's all you can do?

We're checking with the emergency backup server in Chicago. They may have some things automatically saved, but it's doubtful.

Philip: You want to tell me how the hell this happened?

I thought I did. Sorry. It's a worm.

Philip: Tell me in English, please.

You know what a virus is, right?

Philip: Yeah, of course. It's a program that destroys files, steals information -- that kind of stuff. But we have two antivirus programs here installed.

A worm is a very sophisticated virus. Somehow it entered your system. It set itself up to find every connection point so that whenever someone turned on a terminal, the worm duplicated itself and sent the new one to that connection point, where it waited. Then, on cue, today they all struck simultaneously -- wiped out all your data.

Philip: And you can never get it back?

I never say never, Mr. Kiriakis, but learning how this worm did its thing and then undoing it --

Philip: It takes time.


Philip: Okay. Listen, if you -- when you start recovering files, your first priority is the alternative fuels project.

Alt fuels -- check.

Philip: Stephanie, would you stay here and supervise?

Stephanie: Sure.

Philip: And if my dad calls...

Stephanie: I will not tell him anything until we know we can get those files recovered. Where are you going?

Philip: To deal with a worm.

[Door opens, closes]

But it's in the system. Doesn't he understand that?

Stephanie: A different worm.

Melanie: This place?

Brady: Yep. This place.

Melanie: My brother is the bartender here. I'm under age. I can't drink.

Brady: We're not here for the booze.

Melanie: Oh, then what? The, uh -- the pretzels?

Brady: [Chuckles] No. I thought you needed to blow off a little steam.

Melanie: Yeah? Can we, uh, can we tie Philip to those chairs and break those bottles over his head?

[Both chuckle]

Brady: No. Actually, he probably deserves it, but I thought we could do the next best thing.

Sr. Theresa: Sami, you need to call yourself. A lot of people don't give their real names when they come in looking for guidance.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

[Sighs] I just think maybe I'm crazy to think I can pull this off. I mean, that family -- they could find out anything.

Sr. Theresa: Well, we'll pray that this is the exception.

Sami: You know, one time I was actually gonna tell Grace's father the truth, and then... I was reminded why I can't ever do that, and now I'm really glad I stuck to my guns.

Sr. Theresa: We'll get you through this.

Sami: I hope so... because I don't want to even think about what they would do if they ever found out.

E.J.: There you go, sweetheart.

Nicole: Thank you.

E.J.: Why don't you think about this, hmm? It's not gonna be long before we're married, on our honeymoon, jetting off somewhere fantastic. No Samantha.

Nicole: [Sighs]

E.J.: Uh-huh. No relatives and no work.

Nicole: Oh, I wish we could do that right now.

E.J.: Yeah. Oh. How did you get on finding a wedding dress? Did you find the designer?

Nicole: Oh, I can't believe I didn't tell you. It's not a designer. It's from a boutique. The perfect dress has revealed itself.

E.J.: Oh, wonderful. Good, good, good.

Nicole: Oh, but I'm gonna need a down payment because they don't take credit cards and I have to reserve it A.S.A.P.

E.J.: What about the down payment I already gave you? What did you do with that money?

Roman: Stefano, we ID'd the hit man who killed mayor Marino.

Stefano: Congratulations. Six months late, of course.

Roman: And we ran a background check on him and all his known associates.

Stefano: And?

Roman: And we'd like to talk to you again.

Stefano: My time is very valuable, commander, all right? Our poor mayor was murdered on my doorstep, so my main concern was with the safety of my family. Do you understand? Now, the murderer himself is killed. Justice has been done.

Roman: No, Stefano. Justice hasn't been done -- not till we find the man who hired him.

Stefano: Fine. I'll come in... when you get a subpoena. Good night. What I have to deal with.

[Sighs] Listen, I want you to get in touch with our friend in St. Louis, all right? Tell him to make sure that they destroy any trace of any kind of ties that I might have had with that idiot that took care of our illustrious mayor permanently. And I'll expect some results in a week or you'll be added to the list. I can't believe the incompetence.

Melanie: [Laughs] I suck at this.

Brady: Keep going. You're getting better. You're gonna get better.

Melanie: Here. I'm gonna have you -- how about you?

Brady: All right.

Melanie: Shoot a few there. Wow. That was pretty good. Whose, uh, whose face are you picturing up there?

Brady: Actually, I do have someone in mind.

[Knock on door]

Philip: I'm here to see E.J.

Nicole: Well, honey, weddings are expensive, between the catering and the florist. If you want me to economize, I can.

E.J.: No, no, sweetheart. I don't want you to do that. I obviously just haven't been paying attention to how much you have been doing to get this wedding going. So... there you go. How about that? Should that cover it?

Nicole: Yes. That's great. Thank you very much.

E.J.: Philip. Back again?

Philip: Like it or not.

Sr. Theresa: Rafe is in trouble? But why? He's such a fine young man.

Sami: I think so, too, and the FBI doesn't care about stuff like that. They just care about their stupid rules and, well, Rafe bent a few helping me.

Sr. Theresa: Well, I'm sure that they'll change their mind in time.

Sami: Somehow I doubt that. It's even more of a reason that no one can ever find out that Grace is here. Rafe helped me hide her, and if the FBI found out about that...

Sr. Theresa: I'd hate for that poor boy to lose his job.

Sami: [Scoffs] Even worse if her father's family found out that he had helped me.

Sr. Theresa: Because the child's father...

Sami: [Sighs] No. Well, let's just say that unless you're a nun, you don't cross that family and live to tell about it.

Philip: Yeah, my computer guy called it a worm. Nice, huh? It made me think of the DiMera family right off the bat. "Worm." "Virus." "Infection." Destroying everything it touches.

Nicole: Philip, um, I-I don't know where this is coming from. I mean, E.J. Certainly --

E.J.: Shh! Shh! It's okay, sweetheart. Philip is just making another baseless accusation. I'm sure he's about to apologize.

Philip: No, I'm not.

E.J.: The fact that he, uh, insults my family in my father's house makes him more of an ass than usual. So maybe he's gonna apologize, because I'm pretty sure he won't want to face the consequences.

Philip: I'm not like you. I don't play word games. All I care about is action.

E.J.: Really? What kind of action would that be, hmm?

Philip: Trust me. You'll see.

Sr. Theresa: And here she is.

Sami: Hi. Hi, my little angel. Look how big you're getting.

[Sniffles] Mommy's here. Mommy's here.

[Smooches] I missed you so much, sweetheart. Oh, it's okay. Oh! How is she doing? Do you still have plenty of my milk?

Sr. Theresa: Oh, absolutely. She's got a good appetite -- that one.

Sami: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You're such a big girl. I'm your mommy. Do you remember me?

Sr. Theresa: Of course she does.

Sami: She's the sweetest thing.

Sr. Theresa: Of course she does.

Sami: You know, I actually met this other little baby, and I got to hold her. She reminded me of you 'cause she's so pretty, but she's not as pretty as you, 'cause you're gorgeous. Yes, you are.

Sr. Theresa: It's so nice you can be around other little ones. Uh, this other mother -- is, uh, is she a close friend?

Sami: Hardly. More like a mortal enemy, actually. But, um, she did have a really beautiful baby, and, when I was holding her, I got so emotional.

[Exhales deeply]

Sr. Theresa: Yes, well, that's because you miss your little Grace.

Sami: Yeah. Probably also because it occurred to me that that poor, innocent, helpless little girl is gonna be raised by that... witch.

Sr. Theresa: Sami.

Sami: I can't help it. And if you knew her, you'd say the same thing. Wouldn't she? Wouldn't she? Yes, 'cause it's true. Yes, 'cause it's true.

E.J.: Time to get out, Philip.

Philip: Who says, you?

[Sydney crying in distance]

Nicole: Uh, that's Sydney. Uh, I'll go check on her.

E.J.: Thanks, sweetie. The next time you want to make one of your idiotic accusations, you make it to me -- alone. My family is not involved. Do you hear me?

Philip: Your family should know who you really are, E.J.

E.J.: I'm a DiMera, and you're out of your league. Now get out.

Philip: Go to hell.

Nicole: Now that mommy's here, things are good, huh? Yes. Yes. Oh, gosh. I wonder what set Philip off, huh? He better not say anything about Brady. The idiot thinks we're having an affair. That's all that E.J. Needs to hear. It won't matter if he -- if it's not true. Mommy is loved by only one man, and that's your daddy. Hmm?

[Sighs] But if daddy ever finds out who your real mommy is... oh! Okay, Nicole, get a grip. Just get a grip. Dr. Baker is the only one who can wreck things, and he is way out of the picture. Huh? Sami held you, and she didn't suspect a thing. Had her clammy, little hands all over you. Huh? Can we go down again? Yeah? Can we go sleepy-bye? Yeah. That's my girl. And it's a good thing that you don't have to live with her, huh? Yeah. Yeah. Because mommy will die before she lets that happen. Yes.

Sr. Theresa: So, nothing's been worked out yet?

Sami: I'm trying. I am trying to figure out a way to bring Grace back. There's just so many things I have to explain.

Sr. Theresa: You know, Sami -- you know I love seeing you and, of course, Grace does, too, but I'm wondering if...

Sami: I know. Coming here was a really big risk. And the worst part is that every time I come, it's just harder and harder to leave. Hey, sweetheart. You know, mommy loves you so much, and I'm so sorry that I have to go. But I promise you you're gonna meet your big brother will soon and Allie and Johnny, and we're gonna be together. We're gonna be a family.

Brady: Ah, look at that!

Melanie: Whoo!

Brady: Huh? It's your second one this game.

Melanie: You're still ahead of me.

Brady: Not for long. You're getting better at this.

Melanie: That is true -- not for long.

[Cellphone ringing]

Brady: Excuse me one second. Hello?

Nicole: Hey, it -- it's me. You have to help me.

Brady: Nicole, I thought E.J. Didn't want you to see me anymore.

Nicole: Well, I don't need to see you. I need you to do something for me -- now. It's life or death.

Brady: So, what is wrong now?

Nicole: Philip's flipped out. He's over here talking to E.J. about -- I don't know -- something. I think it's that stupid fuels project.

Brady: I thought that was a dead issue.

Nicole: So did I. E.J. Dropped it, and that was that, and then Philip came storming in here. I'm scared, Brady. I mean, what if he goes back on his word? What if he tells E.J. That we have some kind of secret?

Brady: All right. What can I do?

Nicole: Something is going on at Titan. I need you to find out what it is and then tell me if I have something to worry about.

Brady: All right. All right. I will. Hi. Uh, Brady black checking in. Right. I see. Um, how did this happen?

Melanie: I'm sorry, E.J. Did that get your lip? Didn't mean to hurt you. Ooh. Sorry. That one get you in the eye? It's okay. You'll be fine. You have another one -- for now. It feels kind of cool. I could like dress up at night and fight crime with these things. What?

Brady: Bad news.

Melanie: Must be for you. I've already gotten mine today.

Brady: I just talked to my I.T. Guy over at Titan, and a virus has gotten into all our computers and destroyed our data.

Melanie: That doesn't sound right. You have antivirus and firewalls and things to protect your computer, don't you?

Brady: Yeah. Well, nobody knows how it happened, but the point is, everything's gone, including the specs on your alternative fuels project.

Melanie: What?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah. The bottom line is if E.J. Has decided he's not gonna touch it and Titan can't, your project is gone.

Philip: What? Calling the police, tough guy?

E.J.: Well, I suppose I could call the police, couldn't I? I mean, you are trespassing. But no. Actually, I have a much better way to handle this situation, if you're sure you wouldn't rather leave, that is.

Philip: You know, you and your father have gotten away with a hell of a lot over the years. But this time you've crossed the line. Industrial espionage is a federal crime. So is corporate sabotage. We're talking 30 years minimum. You think you can handle prison, pretty boy?

E.J.: One moment, please. I do hope you're finished.

Philip: Not by a long shot.

Stefano: Bravo, Elvis. Very well done.

Sami: Dad.

Roman: Hey!

Sami: Hi.

Roman: My daughter comes to see me twice in the same day. How about that?

Sami: Well, I actually want to talk to you --

Roman: I'll tell you what. Sit down. First, I want to talk to you about something that I'm concerned about.

Sami: Okay. You first.

Roman: I don't like that you're in Marlena's townhouse all alone with those two little babies.

Sami: Well, dad, I'm not in witness protection anymore. I mean, they found the hit man. He's dead. Right? So I'm okay, right?

Roman: The man who hired that hit man is not dead, and I have indications -- nothing definite, but I believe it's Stefano DiMera.

Sami: What? It's because of that scum bucket that I was kept away from my children, because he wanted to hire someone to off the mayor?

Roman: It looks that way from where I sit, so be very careful. Don't trust Stefano. Don't trust E.J. Okay?

Sami: Yeah. Absolutely, dad. You're right. Um, but you know what? Will's home, so he's gonna be there with me.

Roman: Honey, will is 16.

You be alert.

Sami: I will.

Roman: Okay. Thanks.

Sami: It's so weird. I've had all this time with someone else looking out for me, protecting me... risking his life for me.

Roman: Rafe.

Sami: Yeah. Dad, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I need a really big favor.

Philip: For God's sakes. We had 10 or 15 engineers working on that program. Someone must have copied it onto a disk or photocopied the specs.

Stephanie: I'm checking. All of our engineers are at that conference in Chicago, so I haven't heard from anyone yet.

My hope was we could isolate the worm, find out how it functioned, to have it work backwards and restore the data.

Philip: How's that going?

Unfortunately, after the worm destroyed the data, it destroyed itself.

Philip: [Sighs] Get back to work. Just fine the damn copies.


Stephanie: What can I do?

Philip: [Sighs] Nothing.

Stefano: "I am a DiMera, and you are out of your league."

E.J.: I had a hunch you were listening.

Stefano: That young man was quaking in his Guccis.

E.J.: Sweetheart.

Nicole: So, you found all those -- hi -- threats and insults amusing, did you?

Stefano: Well, you know, I mean, how -- how do you say? "It's a guy thing."

E.J.: Is Sydney asleep, darling?

Nicole: Yes. Finally. So, uh, do I ever get to know why Philip was so upset?

E.J.: Nothing important.

Nicole: Of course it's important. Everything you do is important to me. Don't you know that by now?

Stefano: You know, lately I've been trying to, you know, see my little granddaughter. I never get a chance to see her. She sleeps all the time.

Nicole: Well, what is it they say? "It's a newborn thing."

E.J.: Father, you'll be happy to hear we took her for a checkup yesterday. She's coming along wonderfully. Perfectly normal.

Stefano: Good. Then, obviously, Mary is doing an excellent job.

Nicole: Meaning?

Stefano: I'm just glad that we assigned Mary to the nanny chores. I mean, this way, you are free to come and go whenever you wish.

E.J.: Well, I mean, father, we're both free to come and go whenever we wish. Parenting is a joint exercise.

Stefano: By the way, talking about our lovely, little Sydney, I just realized the other day that she looks amazingly like little Giovanni. Don't you think?

E.J.: Yes. I-I do, actually.

Sami: And he risked his life for me like four times that he'll even admit to. And the killer -- he was torturing him to try to find out where I was, and Rafe didn't tell him anything. When he finally showed up there, Rafe was practically dying.

Roman: Sami -- Sami, hold on, okay? You don't have to sell Rafe to me. Anybody who does what he did to protect my daughter gets a medal in my book.

Sami: So I was thinking maybe you could talk to the ISA -- you know, put in a good word for him.

Roman: I already put in a good word for Rafe, although the ISA isn't what it used to be since they formed homeland security. The FBI is still the alpha dog.

Sami: Yeah, well, I don't think so, if they're gonna be so stupid as to...

Roman: I know, I know, I know. He's under review. And, yeah, he could be cut loose.

Sami: If that happens, dad, could you get him a job at the Salem P.D.?

Brady: Drink up. You'll feel better.

Melanie: Brady, I just lost my project into a black hole. I'm not really sure how diet soda's gonna help me.

Brady: Melanie, you know what? You'd already blown it with E.J. Now with Philip. Your chances of making big bucks off this project were wafer thin, anyway.

Melanie: Brady, this is the only thing I had left of my dad's -- the only good thing he's ever done. Not to mention nick and all he wanted me to have. He trusted me not to screw this up. This is supposed to change the world.

Brady: You really do care, don't you, regardless of the paycheck?

Melanie: Whatever.

Brady: You know what, Melanie? You don't get enough credit for who you really are. Anyway, I got to go. Got to get to Titan and see what's going on. I will call you if I learn anything.

Stephanie: I know you're worried about what your dad's gonna say.

Philip: Ah, let him blame me. He blames me for anything and everything. To hell with him.

Stephanie: Any ideas?

Philip: Ideas? Sure. I'm gonna fix this.

Stephanie: How?

Philip: I'm gonna kill E.J. DiMera.

Stefano: Thank you, Elvis.

Nicole: I better go check on Sydney. Excuse me.

E.J.: Well, to a good day to be a DiMera.

Stefano: A great day. Salute! Mmm. So, Elvis, did you notice -- I mean, uh, Nicole seemed to be a little stressed.

E.J.: Samantha's return bothered her.

Stefano: Ah, I see. Yeah. Well, that little tête-à-tête they had -- did Nicole mention it to you?

E.J.: She, uh, she said something about it.

Stefano: Hmm. Well, what is Samantha up to? I mean, what could she possibly have said to upset your fiancée like that?

E.J.: Well, I don't know anything specific, but it seems fairly obvious that this whole witness protection program has just completed wreaked havoc with her life.

Stefano: Yes. It's a shame she had to go into hiding. Life can be so cruel.

E.J.: Indeed. Well, aside from the fact that we share a son together, I'm not gonna let Samantha's problems interfere with any of my happiness. I won't allow it.

Roman: Sami, with that hiring freeze at the department, things don't look promising for anybody, including Rafe. Plus, he's not exactly a by-the-book kind of guy, as you know, and, unfortunately, that doesn't sit well with a lot of people.

Sami: Come on, dad. You're the commander, right? You have a lot of clout over there.

Roman: Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I am the guy who recommended that hope not be suspended for that protocol violation. They suspended her anyway. Some clout.

Sami: But if the FBI lets him go -- I mean, if he loses his job because of me, you're saying that there's nothing you can do?

Roman: Sweetheart, it might not even go that far. Just a reprimand probably. You watch. The FBI will assign Rafe another case in a few weeks. He'll move on. He'll be just fine.

Sami: You think?

Roman: I do think. I also think you need to move on and be just fine.

Sami: Yeah. I'm working on that part -- picking up the pieces and, you know, getting right back at it.

Roman: Good. What's your plan?

Sami: Plan?

Sami: You're awake.

Rafe: I heard everything you said.

Sami: I just had a baby. I'm hormonal.

Rafe: [Chuckles] I'll miss you, too.

Sami: Actually... it's still up in the air right now.

Nicole: Mommy's sorry she woke you, but I just had to hold you, you know? You know, sometimes when I'm away from you for a while, I can't stand it. I just miss you so much. Yes, I do. Let's put you back down, okay? Oh. Here we go. You all comfy?


[Sighs] And my little Grace -- I miss her, too. My God. What is Sami up to, telling people that baby's dead? And why would she dump a gorgeous baby in a convent, to be raised in secret by a bunch of nuns? There is no way Grace deserves to be punished for Sami's sins. I'm gonna find out what that bitch is up to. And somehow... I'm gonna find a way to take care of both my girls.

Sami: You could be in real trouble.

Rafe: If I had to do it all over again, I would.

Kate: Someone had reason to stop Chloe and Lucas' wedding.

Chloe: No one is gonna stop me from marrying you, Lucas -- no one.

Chelsea: We have to end this.

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