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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/24/09 - Canada; Wednesday 2/25/09 - U.S.A.


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Kate: Hey there, sleepyhead.

Lucas: Hey, Mom.

Kate: You feeling all right?

Lucas: Terrible.

Kate: Should I get the nurse? Are you in a lot of pain?

Lucas: I deserve it. I deserve to have a little pain after what I did.

Kate: Oh, come on. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That explosion wasn't your fault.

Lucas: It was my fault that I took that first drink, wasn't it? Damn booze. I was willing to throw my whole life away...for Chloe.

Daniel: No, Chloe. Let's not do this again, all right? You know who we are, what we have.

Chloe: We don't have anything, Daniel.

Daniel: What are you talking about? Of course we do.

Chloe: Not anymore. It's over. You have to accept that.

Daniel: How -- how -- how in the hell am I supposed to accept that? That doesn't even make sense. You can't just turn it off.

Chloe: It makes perfect sense. We don't have a relationship -- not now, not ever. It's final, okay? I don't want to discuss it with you. I just -- I want you to go and just leave me alone.

Daniel: Like hell I will.

Brady: What kind of thing are you talking about?

Philip: You and Nicole.

Brady: [Chuckles] What, do you mean an affair? Are you out of your freakin' mind? Where's this coming from?

Philip: Forget about it.

Brady: No, I'm not gonna forget it. No, what are you talking about?

Philip: Let it go. Let it go.

Brady: What, did somebody say something? I know somebody didn't see anything because there's nothing to see, Philip.

Philip: It must be bad info.

Nicole: Look, E.J., I know you have a jealous streak.

E.J.: I'm not jealous. And we're not negotiating on this.

Nicole: Of course you're jealous.

E.J.: Oh, I'll admit. I don't like Brady at all. One of the reasons is he's always hovering around like some annoying gnat in my living room. But the main reason is business. I don't wish you to have any contact with him.

Nicole: He's a friend.

E.J.: No, he's an executive at Titan industries. He's also the person who made you paranoid about this nonsense between the Kiriakis and the DiMera families.

Nicole: It wasn't Brady.

E.J.: Really? Then who was it?

Nicole: All right. Yes, I won't see him anymore.

E.J.: I know you think I'm a complete tyrant right now. But I love you very, very much. I promise you... that I will cherish and protect you...for the rest of your life. [Baby fussing] I think it's time for her feeding, so... oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know. Daddy was making lots of noise. All over now. All over now. You want to go and get a bottle?

Nicole: Oh, God. Now what am I gonna do?

Chloe: Okay, we can't talk here.

Daniel: No, I want an explanation.

Chloe: It's too public.

Daniel: All right, fine. You know where we'll go? We'll go to the park. We'll talk there.

Chloe: I-I do-- fine. I'll meet you there in an hour.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. No, we're gonna go now together. Chloe, I'm not gonna let you out of my sight, not until you understand that I will never let you go.

Nicole: I talked to E.J., And I tried to get him to back off your alternative-fuel project, but he was adamant. He said no way.

Philip: Then try again. Or next time...I'll talk to him. And trust me, I don't think you'll like what I have to say.

Nicole: Oh, for God sake, Philip. What are you gonna tell him? This little fantasy of yours that Brady and I are having an affair?

Philip: Sounds like a plan.

Nicole: But it's not true.

Philip: Who cares? You and Brady have some kind of secret.

Nicole: Philip, please. I'm begging you. If there was something more I could do to help, I would.

Philip: Is that your final answer?

Nicole: Nothing is going to change E.J.'S mind.

Philip: Then you're out of luck.

Nicole: All right. Let's be logical. There's got to be something else you could do. Why cause trouble when there's nothing more I can do to help you?

Philip: I'm a man who keeps his word. I don't make threats that I don't follow through on. You didn't do your part. Now you got to pay the price.

[Cellphone rings]

E.J.: E.J. DiMera.

Philip: Hey, it's Philip Kiriakis. Thank you for taking my call.

E.J.: This isn't a very smart move, Philip. We don't have anything to talk about.

Philip: Oh, I think we do. I think you'll be very interested in what I have to say.

Nicole: I have no choice. I have to face Philip. I can't let him talk to E.J. Okay, sweetie, sleep tight. Mommy will be home soon, okay? Mary? I'll be back soon, okay? Sydney should sleep about another hour. Oh, my God. Things couldn't possibly get any worse.

E.J.: Well, unfortunately, Philip, I don't have any interest in anything that you have to say. Unless, of course, you're calling to concede the alternative-fuels project.

Philip: Oh, I forgot how funny you think you are.

E.J.: Okay, well, shall I hang up now?

Philip: You do and you'll miss the good stuff. What I have to tell you is very personal, E.J. Very personal.

E.J.: Then perhaps you'll get to your point.

Philip: With pleasure. But I'm only gonna say it once, so pay attention.

Lucas: Like you really need this, don't you? With everything you got going on -- your chemo, your operation, such a constant worry. You got to worry about me now.

Kate: Well, as a matter of fact, I got some news today, and all of that is over.

Lucas: What is?

Kate: I got my test results, and officially, as of this afternoon, I'm in full remission.

Lucas: You are? Mom, that's amazing. I can't believe that.

Kate: Yeah, I know. It's good.

Lucas: It's the best. Best news I've heard all day. Aah. Oh, my head is so sore.

Kate: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen, they'll be plenty of time for dancing in the streets, okay? Right now, the most important thing is that you're going to be

Lucas: Yeah. And you are.

Kate: Yep. Yes, I am. And the first thing I'm going to do is get working on getting your life back in order.

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: And if you want Chloe back in your life, I'm going to do everything I can to make that happen, too.

Chloe: I can't stay long.

Daniel: Well, you got to tell me what's wrong.

Chloe: [Sighs] It was the explosion. It just changed everything. I went into the hallway, and Lucas was just lying there.

Daniel: Yeah, and he's gonna be fine. I told you that. He'll be sore as hell -- no broken bones -- but he's gonna make a complete recovery.

Chloe: Yeah, I know. And...that's why I can't be with you anymore.

Philip: What I'm about to tell you has to do with your old buddy Brady.

E.J.: Really?

Philip: [Chuckles] Yeah, I figured you'd like to hear about this. You see, Brady --

Henderson: [Clears throat]

Philip: Yes?

Henderson: Excuse me, sir, but your mother has been trying to reach you, and the hospital has called several times.

Philip: Is my mom okay?

Henderson: Yes. It was your brother Lucas. Apparently, there was a terrible accident.

E.J.: Philip? Hel--

Nicole: What the hell are you doing here?

Sami: What am I -- oh, right, of course. You're so busy thinking about yourself. What, you don't have time to read a newspaper, watch television?

Nicole: Yeah, we're done here. Goodbye.

Sami: Nicole, what are you ta-- I can't believe you don't even know that the man that I saw kill the mayor is dead, so now I don't have to be in the witness-protection program anymore. It's great, right?

Nicole: Actually, Sami, I did know that, but -- silly me -- I thought you would still be gone for good.

Sami: No, Sami's back. She's here to stay.

Nicole: As much as I love to hear you talk about yourself, I have places to go and things to do, so I repeat myself -- what the hell are you doing here?

Sami: What do you think? I came here to take my baby.

Nicole: What do you mean "your baby"?

Sami: Hello? Johnny.

Nicole: Oh. Yeah, of course.

Sami: He does still live here, doesn't he? Or hadn't you noticed?

Nicole: Johnny is a little boy. He's not a baby, so learn to speak English.

Sami: Where is he?

Nicole: He's not here.

Sami: Nicole, where is he?

Nicole: He is with Grandma Caroline. She took him to the petting zoo. They'll be back in about an hour or so.

Sami: Okay, fine.

Nicole: So...while you were in witness protection, anything happen? Any changes in your life?

Philip: So, you're here to see your mom, huh?

Stephanie: No, actually, my dad and I are here to take her home.

Philip: That is great. I know she's been through a tough time.

Stephanie: Yeah, uh, she -- she has a lot of healing to do, but she can walk fine, so, um, I guess it's just out-patient time.

Philip: Yeah, well, give her my best, will you?

Stephanie: I will.

Philip: Steph, wait.

Kate: I still can't believe that you put everything at risk like this.

Lucas: I know, I know. It was stupid.

Kate: And the explosion. I mean...what were you doing at Daniel's apartment? I mean, I talked to him about it. He doesn't have a clue. And why was Chloe there?

Chloe: I was having a hard time deciding if what we had was something that I could believe in and feeling terrible about what I had done to Lucas, and then the explosion happened and Lucas was dead.

Daniel: No, no. He wasn't dead.

Chloe: Yes, he was. I was there. I saw him. I felt him. He was lifeless. He had no heartbeat.

Daniel: Look, when a person's heart stops then restarts, blood tests show a significant increase in the enzyme level. Lucas' tests were negative. There's no way he was dead.

Chloe: Listen, I prayed to God, and I made him a promise that if he would bring Lucas back, I would give you up.

Daniel: What? But that -- that's insane.

Chloe: After my prayer, Lucas was standing there, okay? I prayed to God, and I made a solemn vow that if he would bring Lucas back, I would give you up, and you know what? Now I have to keep my promise.

Sami: I wasn't on vacation, Nicole. I was in the witness-protection program. When you're in hiding, nothing happens, believe me.

Nicole: Okay.

Sami: In fact, it was incredibly boring.

Nicole: That's your story.

Sami: What?

Nicole: I'm just glad nothing happened. Nothing happened here, either. Oh, and by the way, Caroline will be bringing Johnny back to her place, so why don't you go wait there?

Sami: Fine by me. Hey, so, um, when I left, you were pregnant with the miracle baby. What happened?

Nicole: My baby is a miracle, and her name is Sydney. She's perfect in every way.

Sami: That's amazing.

Nicole: What is?

Sami: You. I swear to God. I mean, you don't even look like you were ever pregnant.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I have a high metabolism. You seem to have packed on a few pounds.

Sami: I was in hiding, Nicole. I didn't exactly have the chance to hit the gym, all right? I had a serial killer out for me.

Nicole: So you thought a bigger target was the answer?

Sami: I thought you had somewhere to go.

Nicole: I do, in fact, which is why you need to leave. Oh, and by the way, we will bring Johnny to you and pick him up. That way, you won't come around the house and bother us.

Sami: Fine. Great.

Nicole: Oh, gosh, you know, I'm really gonna miss that little boy, though. He is so much fun. But a child really should be with its mother.

Sami: Yeah, it's true. It's sad.

Nicole: What's wrong? Did I say something to upset you?

Daniel: Uh, all right, Chloe, you know, as well as I do, that when a plane -- okay, when a plane goes down, almost everybody is going to pray, and they -- I swear -- they will promise God anything.

Chloe: Lucas was dead. He had no pulse.

Daniel: When Lucas was knocked unconscious, the amount of poison in his system depressed a lot of his vital functions -- barely breathing, faint heartbeat. He couldn't move, right? The man was not moving. And then, all of a sudden, gradually those functions, they accelerated. He comes awake. He got up, started moving around, and your prayers, they didn't just bring him back to life, all right? He was never dead, Chloe. Never dead.

Chloe: You know something? If you would have told me that six months ago, or even six days ago, I would have agreed with you. I was never someone who believed in miracles.

Daniel: Yes, because they're illusions that people create in their minds --

Chloe: No, no. I was there, okay? It was no illusion. It was real.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. It seemed real, but the truth and the logic --

Chloe: I don't care about logic. I'm not gonna brush this off with some scientific theory. I made a promise to God that if Lucas could live, I would give up the one thing I wanted more than anything -- you.

Daniel: Do you hear yourself? There's got to be a way. All right, there's got to be a way to make you understand.

Chloe: Everything that's happened to Lucas is all my fault. I have a second chance, and I can't walk away from it.

Daniel: Right. I get it. That's okay. I get it now.

Lucas: If I don't remember why I was at Daniel's, how could I remember why Chloe was there?

Kate: Okay, so what is the last thing that you remember?

Lucas: I remember taking that drink. I'll tell you that much.


Kate: Well, you must have been upset before you got to the pub because, otherwise, why would you have started drinking?

Lucas: I don't know. I mean, I remember her telling me that she was sorry. She was sorry for hurting me and calling things off, but she didn't tell me why she wanted to break up.

Kate: Okay, were probably angry. You were probably frustrated, hurt.

Lucas: That's when I saw all that booze. Just forgot everything I learned in A.A. I just wanted to be numb, you know? I just wanted to forget everything. I didn't want to think about Chloe or love or anything like that.

Kate: And?

Lucas: Well, it didn't work. The pain's worse... because I still love her.

Stephanie: Philip, I still have to go meet my dad.

Philip: Right, I have something to say to you, okay?

Stephanie: Okay.

Philip: It's not easy, and I should have said it a long time ago, but...

Stephanie: What is it?

Philip: I am so sorry.

Sami: I'm fine. Never been better.

Nicole: If you say so.

Sami: Why would I care about anything that you said anyway, Nicole? I mean, you're just about the most unimportant person I can think of.

Nicole: Mm-hmm, I'm sure I am. Just as sure as I am that you're in a pretty bad place right now.

Sami: Excuse me?

Nicole: Well, look at you. Your kids were taken away from you. You have no man in your life. You go home alone every night, packing on the pounds. Can we spell lousy future?

Sami: Oh, spare me, all right?

Nicole: Where as I, on the other hand, have a new beautiful baby girl, E.J. Showering me with affection every day and every night.

Sami: You know what? You can take the DiMeras -- all of them -- and the horse they rode in on. I'd rather live alone for the rest of my life than be trapped in this dungeon.

Nicole: As if you had a choice.

Sami: Oh, yeah. I'm sure you're loving being showered with affection and enjoying playing house and everything, but do I really think he's gonna walk you down that aisle? Mm, how much do you want to bet that that never happens?

Nicole: How about a million dollars? We've already set a date. E.J. Is totally committed to me, to our baby, to our marriage. And if you never understand a thing, understand that.

E.J.: Samantha.

Sami: Um, hi. Hey, E.J.

E.J.: Hey yourself.

Stephanie: What are you sorry for, Philip?

Philip: I'm just having trouble finding the right words.

Stephanie: How about pretending to be in love with Melanie. Is that what you're sorry about?

Philip: No, that was just business.

Stephanie: Okay, what about going out on a limb to tell me that you love me?

Philip: No, I meant every word of that.

Stephanie: Okay, well, then, maybe you're sorry for lying to me, making me feel less than worthless, breaking my heart.

Philip: God, yes. I can't tell you how sorry I am that I acted like that. Lying -- I don't know what I was thinking.

Stephanie: Okay.

Philip: See, I thought I could run a business the way I wanted -- play hardball all the way, treat the people the way I wanted. And still have...

Stephanie: Me.

Philip: Yeah, and then when everything fell apart, I realized...that you were worth everything. I just want another chance.

Stephanie: So you're asking me for another chance again.

Philip: Yeah.

Lucas: She's just my world, you know?

Kate: Oh, I know. Believe me. But at the risk of sounding trite, there are other women out there, you know.

Lucas: Not like Chloe. She is special.

Kate: Yes, she is.

Lucas: This is kind of weird.

Kate: Why?

Lucas: I don't know. Usually you'd be doing your mama-tiger thing by now, calling her every name in the book. Try to make her pay for hurting your son and causing him to drink again.

Kate: Oh, excuse me. Who is responsible for your drinking?

Lucas: That would be me.

Kate: Uh, that would be right. That would be right. Look, Chloe did do something that caused you to feel terrible, but obviously she had a reason, Lucas.

Lucas: I don't know. I don't know. It's just weird. I can't figure it out. I mean, she was here when I woke up. She said she was sorry for ca-- calling off the engagement. She wanted us to get back together.

Chloe: You understand why I have to do this?

Daniel: No. No, I never will. But I understand why and I should have picked up on it right away, because I've seen it in patients thousands of times, Chloe.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Daniel: I am talking about you suffering from an overwhelming amount of guilt about what happened to Lucas.

Chloe: Well, of course I feel guilty. He would have never even been at your apartment if he hadn't found out about us. He would have never been drunk. Everything bad that's happened to him has happened because of me.

Daniel: No. Stop. Stop. People are responsible for their own actions. And guilt -- guilt, my God, that is the worst possible reason to be with someone. Now Lucas is a big boy. He can take care of himself. He can handle the truth. But you are not responsible for his happiness.

Chloe: Just his unhappiness?

Daniel: Ugh. Look, think, Chloe. I want you to think. Because guilt will ruin your life, all right? I swear to God, it will ruin your life, believe me. So I want you to ask yourself -- is that what you want?

E.J.: Well, I haven't seen you for a while.

Sami: Yeah. Well, as it turns out, being in hiding was a full-time job for me.

E.J.: Yeah, I can imagine.

Nicole: Uh, I told her that Caroline had Johnny, but she still won't leave.

E.J.: Yeah, I'm sorry. You really shouldn't have caught us off guard, Samantha.

Sami: I like surprises. You know that. Or maybe you forgot. Whatever.

Nicole: I also told her that from now on, she needs to call and we will arrange to have Johnny brought to her. No more surprise visits.

Sami: I just got the biggest surprise of my life, actually, that you two have, um, set a date. Wow, you are really gonna marry the bitch, huh?

Chloe: I made a promise to God.

Daniel: Yeah? And I can just go to hell. Is that it?

Chloe: Daniel... I love you, and I don't know how I'll ever stop loving you, but I have to, okay? It's how things have to be.

Daniel: It isn't. No, there is a way out. And you know what it is? I'm gonna tell Lucas everything, and then you -- you will be off the hook.

Kate: Chloe wants the engagement to be on again?

Lucas: Yeah, I mean, I was -- I was kind of groggy, but I think that's what she said.

Kate: So how do you feel about that?

Lucas: I really don't think I can make a decision on that right now. I mean, look at me. I'm a mess. But you're not. Maybe you'd like to give me your opinion on the matter. Come on. Lay it on me.

Kate: Ugh. You know, I only give you my opinion because I love you. But since you asked...

Lucas: Yeah, since I asked. I knew it.

Kate: [Chuckles] Well, I think it's what you said earlier -- she's a very special -- she's a very special person. I'm going to be forever grateful to her that she risked her life to help save mine.

Lucas: Yeah, she did, didn't she?

Kate: Yeah. And that proves to me that she is a caring and compassionate person. And if I've learned one thing, although it's a little late, it's that if you have a chance at love, you better think twice before walking away from it.

Philip: I mean, if you could just find a way. If I had a second chance, I would do a lot differently. I just want to do right by you, Stephanie. You got to know that.

Stephanie: I really do believe you mean all that.

Philip: I do.

Stephanie: And I have to admit, I've waited a long time to hear you say that I am more important to you than anything else. And I know you know that I still love you.

Philip: So does --

Stephanie: Which is why this is so hard, Philip. When you did what you did -- treated me the way you did, lied to me -- what I had for you died. So an apology isn't enough. Nothing is. At least not yet anyway. I have to go.

Nicole: How dare you walk into this house and insult me in front of my fiancÚ?

Sami: What do you mean? I was just asking you a simple question.

Nicole: You're not asking a simple question.

E.J.: All right, ladies. That's enough. Not another word, please, out of either one of you. Thank you. Do you know what I would like? You know what I would really like? I would like for Samantha's coming home to mark a new beginning, one that does not consist of name-calling and bickering... where we have some peace and some quiet and some tranquility. Now, why can't we all please just try to get along? For Johnny's sake, for my sake.

[Baby crying]

Sami: That's your baby?

Lucas: Have you been thinking about why you walked away from Daniel?

Kate: Well, I think that I wanted him to keep his distance because, at the time, I didn't think I was going to be around much longer. And now that I'm in remission, I am seeing things a little differently.

Philip: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did you just say?

Lucas: Yeah, it's official. Mom's in remission.

Kate: Oh, sweetie.

Philip: That's great news. That's the best news I've heard in months.

Kate: Yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Philip: You should be. Congrats. It's a lot better than hearing that my brother got drunk and blew himself up.

Lucas: Thank you. No more lectures for today, okay?

Philip: I think you need another one, okay?

Lucas: No, no. No more drinking for me. I'm going back to A.A. Where I belong.

Kate: Yes, sirree. Okay, I have some errands I need to do. Please don't be too hard on your brother, all right? And you, take it easy, all right?

Lucas: I will. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. Just go find Daniel and show him how grateful you are that you're in remission.

Kate: [Chuckles] You know, I might actually do that, but don't forget -- we're grateful to Daniel and Chloe.

Chloe: Daniel, please don't say anything to Lucas about us.

Daniel: People can handle the truth, Chloe.

Chloe: If Lucas finds out about us, it will destroy any chance we have at being happy. He won't want to have anything to do with me, and if he turns away from me, Daniel, it doesn't mean that I'll come back to you, because I won't.

Daniel: Well, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Chloe: No. What we had is over, and you have to accept that.

Daniel: This is really happening.

Chloe: It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but leaving you behind... it has to happen...somehow.

E.J.: Uh, yes. The sound that you hear is the latest addition to our little household. I'll go and take care of her, sweetheart.

Nicole: Okay. Uh, the bottle's in the warmer.

E.J.: Okay.

Nicole: E.J. Is so devoted to Sydney.

Sami: Leave it to you to give your daughter a boys name.

Nicole: It's not a boys name. It's a city in Australia that I want to visit someday.

Sami: Really? Then I wish you'd named her Siberia and then you could go there and never come back.

Nicole: Then E.J. Would have to raise her alone, and I wouldn't do that.

Sami: Right.

Nicole: I mean, maybe it's okay for you to go traipsing off and leaving little Johnny here, but I want to stay home and help raise my little girl.

Sami: If I were you, I'd keep a firm hold on her.

Nicole: What?

Sami: Don't ever forget that you are living with the DiMeras. And I hope that you realize in that thing you call a brain that they have absolute control over you and everything you touch.

Nicole: I'm going to be a DiMera, remember? And unlike you, I am loved here, deeply loved. So Sydney will grow up in this house with her mother and loving father and not to mention doting grandfather, who will make sure that she never gets hurt.

Sami: Nicole, he is the one that you have to --

Nicole: What? What?

Sami: Nothing. Nothing. Fine, never mind. I'm out of here.

E.J.: Hey.

Philip: So, wait a second. You blacked out after that first drink.

Lucas: I guess so, yeah. I mean, I just don't -- I don't remember why I was at Daniel's. I don't remember why Chloe was there. I don't remember coming to the hospital.

Philip: Hmm. And then Chloe comes in and says she wants the engagement to be back on.

Lucas: Yeah, that's what she said.

Philip: And what did you say?

Lucas: I didn't say anything. I was kind of out of it.

Philip: Okay. What are you gonna say?

Lucas: I don't know, man. When you love somebody, you got to take a risk, you know? You got to step off the edge without a net. I just don't know if I want to do that. The whole thing scares me, you know?

Philip: I get that.

Lucas: To make something like this work, you got to be totally committed.

Philip: Are you that committed to Chloe?

Lucas: Yeah. Planned my whole life around her. It would be stupid to turn back now, wouldn't it?

Philip: Well, it sounds like you're ready to take her back.

Lucas: When you love somebody, you know, nobody's perfect, but when you love them...

Philip: You always find a way to make it work.

Lucas: Yeah, damn right.

Philip: It's funny. No matter what you've got, how much money you've got, how much power...without love... what do you have? That's what it's all about, man. And if you can't spend your life with the one you love, what's it about?

Daniel: Chloe, if it is this hard for both of us to just let go, doesn't that tell you something?

Chloe: I told you I made a promise to God.

Daniel: Not everybody gets a chance to find that one person that makes them feel alive, that chance. They get the chance to spend their lives together, a real life, a real life of happiness. It is a one-time thing, and we have that. That is us. It is ours. Now, don't let this guilt about hurting Lucas --

Chloe: Daniel, stop, please. Betraying Lucas the way that I did was unforgivable. But I'm gonna do my best to make it up to him and be with him for the rest of my life.

Daniel: That is suicide. Look, I can't -- I can't believe that, and I'm not gonna believe it. And I won't let this end. I won't.

Chloe: It already has.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Chloe: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I hurt you,'s over...forever. Goodbye.

Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. So, um, that's your little girl.

E.J.: Yeah. This, uh, is the beautiful Sydney. Would you like to hold her?

Nicole: No!

Kate: There's something that, uh, I need to tell you.

Lucas: There's something I have to tell you...about Chloe.

Philip: Lucas had a lot to say, specifically about you.

Sami: I guess I should go.

E.J.: Not until you tell me what's wrong.

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