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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/19/09 - Canada; Friday 2/20/09 - U.S.A.


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Chloe: [Sighs] Okay. No more rehearsing. This one's for the money. God... I've never really done this before, so I don't know if I'm doing it right. But if you're there and if you're listening, please send me some sort of sign.

Maggie: Lucas, please, listen to me.

Lucas: I gave her everything, Maggie. I gave her everything, and what does she do? She threw it in my face!

Maggie: You're drunk. You're not in your right mind.

Lucas: Mnh-mnh. I am in my right mind. I'm in my right mind more than I've ever been, more than I've ever been in my whole life -- in months, Maggie, in years. You got that?

Maggie: Hand me your phone.

Lucas: No, get off me! You're gonna have to rip this phone from my fingers!

[Cellphone ringing]

Chloe: Oh, dear God. There's my sign. Hey.

Daniel: Hey. I need to talk to you -- now.

Lucas: Well, you could sue me, all right? I'm sorry for dialing the wrong number. Forgive me, please. Stupid phone. It never works right anyway.

Maggie: Don't you think if you're too drunk to dial Chloe's number you're too drunk to talk to her?

Lucas: Well, you know what they say, Maggie. In vino veritas, right?

Maggie: Total garbage.

Lucas: I know I'm drunk enough to tell her the truth. I know I'm drunk enough to tell her what I think about her, what a lying slut she really is.

Brady: So, you're going the whole nine yards, huh? Big dress, crown.

Nicole: It's a tiara, and, yeah, I think it's a little overkill.

Brady: Hello, Sydney. How you doing? Hanging out with your mom at the pub?

Nicole: You know, actually, I was -- I was just thinking about you.

Brady: You were?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Brady: What's up?

Nicole: Well, uh, I had this talk with Dr. Baker.

Brady: What? I told him to stay away from you. What the hell did he want?

Nicole: Well, he -- he wanted to tell me that, um...

Brady: What?

Nicole: Well, Brady... he seems to think that you're in love with me.

Stefano: [Humming] Ah, I must say, you look very satisfied with yourself.

E.J.: You know, I am. There's really nothing I like more than a deal that gives you the opportunity to both make a lot of money and really stick it to somebody.

Stefano: [Laughs] You certainly are a chip off the old block. So, what is that?

E.J.: Sales contract for Melanie Layton and the alternative fuels project.

Stefano: So, you are still planning to stick it to Titan industries, huh?

E.J.: I am indeed. You know, for such a young woman, she's a pretty shrewd business person.

Stefano: Hmm. Too bad you aren't.

Chloe: What is it? Is something wrong?

Daniel: No, not on the phone. Meet me at my place. I have news.

Chloe: Okay, I'll be right there.

Brady: I'm in love with you?

Nicole: Well, that's what he says.

Brady: Well, it must be true, then, if he said it. I mean, who knows more about human feelings than a baby-stealing, blackmailing piece of dirt like him.

Nicole: Let's keep our voices down.

Brady: I should have taken his face and shoved it right through the wall.

Nicole: All right, Brady, you know what? When you get upset like that, that makes me think that maybe he's right. You're in love with me, aren't you?

Stephanie: You bastard. You complete bastard.

Philip: Stephanie, um...

Lucas: You know what? I don't need a phone. I'll tell her to her damn face what I think of her.

Maggie: Lucas, if you even think about getting in that car out there, you think again because you need to stop drinking and sober up before you do something.

Lucas: Why don't you stop yelling at me?! Why don't you stop yelling at me and yell at Chloe?! That's who deserves it! That's who's at fault here!

Maggie: I told Chloe! There is no point in talking to you, Lucas. Let me take you home, and -- and you get some sleep.

Lucas: I know you, Maggie. I know why you're doing this. I know why you're following me around, trying to make sure everything's great. I know. It's your fault. You're to blame, aren't you? You're to blame for this whole thing! This whole thing's your fault! Go ahead, say it!

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: Hey, hey.

Chloe: You sounded really upset on the phone. What is it? What happened?

Daniel: It's not bad news. It really isn't. It is just --

[Alarm blares]

Philip: I am so sorry.

Stephanie: Sorry that I caught you? Is that all you're sorry about?

Philip: I-I just didn't expect to see you here, okay?

Stephanie: Well, that is pretty obvious, Philip. You know what's funny about this whole thing?

Melanie: What, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Is that I was on my over here to tell that slut right there that I was gonna fight for you.

Melanie: Stephanie.

Stephanie: You know what? You really are a class act, Melanie. And when they say "get a room," they don't mean the kitchen.

Melanie: You know what? I'm gonna let that one go because I have a feeling that right now, you probably feel like the biggest loser in the world.

Stephanie: I really didn't think you'd stoop this low.

Melanie: Give it a rest, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I know your family think you'd do anything for Titan, but you promised me you weren't gonna play on the fact that --

Philip: Stephanie, don't.

Melanie: Don't what?

Philip: Don't. Stephanie.

Stephanie: State the obvious. Um, Melanie, if you weren't such a self-obsessed moron, you'd know that that wasn't passion just now. That's just how a Kiriakis does business.

Brady: You know, you may be looking at pictures of bridal dresses, and you may have a baby, but you're still Nicole.

Nicole: Meaning?

Brady: You think just because of the fact that I-I got ticked at a sleazebag like baker only proves that I, like every man on the planet, is desperately in love with you.

Nicole: I don't think that... so much anymore. Brady... look, I-I mean it. This is not about vanity. Everything that you've done for me -- and you've done some things for me that you hated. You even took on Victor for me. I mean, if you -- why would you do that if --

Brady: If -- if I wasn't in love with you, right?

Nicole: I'm really grateful. And I don't want you to be unhappy.

Brady: Nicole, it's okay. It's okay. I will just have to watch you from afar... [Sighs longingly] ...Heartbroken, but I will -- I will watch you from afar and hope for a wonderful passing glance or a kind word from you.

Nicole: Okay. All right, you know what? I know you so well. You make fun of things that you feel uncomfortable talking about. You can't fool me.

Brady: Okay. [Inhales deeply] Yeah. I do love you.

Nicole: Well, I'm, uh -- I'm glad that's all out on the table now. But I-I-I love E.J. This isn't -- this isn't a con. This isn't about money. Oh, my God. Listen to me. What's wrong with me? But I do love him. And you're -- you're gonna have to accept that.

Brady: You know what? I already knew that. And you are right. I've done some things for you that I didn't want to do, but... that night -- that awful night when you lost your baby --

Nicole: Don't, okay?

Brady: I saw -- I saw what it did to you. And afterwards, all those things that you did and ended up doing -- the manipulating, the cheating, the lying -- I knew there was a new reason why you were doing those things, and it was for the love of your baby and your love for E.J.

Nicole: That's the truth. I-I didn't want to put him through that.

Brady: Well, I mean, somebody that would do all that for someone else, you got to love them, right? And I do love you. I mean, I'm not in love with you, Nicole.

Nicole: Good.

Brady: Yeah, it's good. It's, uh, too bad you're still in love with me, though.

E.J.: You know something, father?

Stefano: Hmm?

E.J.: You should be more careful. All of that faith and trust you have in me -- well, I might get overconfident.

Stefano: [Chuckles] You are.

E.J.: You don't think I can take care of Melanie Layton. She's a little girl with dollar signs in her eyes.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. So, you think you are taking my advice, right, because I always say it is best to do business with the greedy because he can be manipulated.

E.J.: Father, she's about as greedy as they come.

Stefano: No, she's not greedy. She is needy. There is a big and dangerous difference.

E.J.: Well, she came to us because she thought that she could make the most money. That's greedy.

Stefano: It's something altogether different, Elvis. It's like, uh, a metaphor, if you will, like, um, an American cliché. It is like the young girl who is a cheerleader in high school. See? So, in order to make the football captain jealous, she dates the valedictorian. So, the minute she tells Philip that you have that contract, he will do anything to get back to her. See? And let me tell you something, my boy. She wants something a little more than just money.

Melanie: Tell me she's lying.

Stephanie: You know I'm not, don't you? I mean, it all makes a sickening kind of sense, doesn't it?

Melanie: Tell me she's lying.

Stephanie: This man is ready to do anything -- and I mean anything -- to get nick's plans for Titan. Talk about servicing the client.

Philip: Melanie, she -- she is only saying this to hurt you. I think you and I know what happened here.

Stephanie: Oh, Philip.

Melanie: You're right. Some things can't be faked. So, why don't you toddle on home and work on, I don't know, your macramé or something, okay? Three's kind of a crowd, don't you think?

Stephanie: All right, I'll go, no problem. Soon as you make a choice. Right here, right now. No do-overs. Her or me.

Sorry about that, Dr. Jonas. Some kind of short. Won't happen again.

Daniel: Well, I won't have to worry about sleeping through that racket if there was a fire.

Like I always say -- I run the safest building in the city.

Daniel: All right. Thank you much.

Chloe: That alarm was awful, and I'm just so jumpy lately.

Daniel: Well, maybe I can finally give you some news you might actually want to hear. Kate's test results came back, and the cancer is in remission.

Chloe: Wow, that's great!

Daniel: Yes, and you have saved someone's life.

Chloe: And ruined another one.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. You didn't. You didn't. And you got to stop thinking like that. Stop. Ugh. Chloe.

Chloe: I know what you're gonna say, and I probably agree with you. There goes our last legitimate reason to keep us a secret.

Daniel: I think so.

Chloe: Well, the only reason I'm being quiet now is because I'm a coward. I just don't want Lucas to find out that I cheated on him. I don't want to face the music. I don't want any unpleasantness.

Daniel: You know, there could be another reason. Maybe you're having second thoughts about me.

Maggie: Yes, I do feel guilty. I shouldn't have told you about Chloe while you were drinking.

Lucas: That's not what I'm talking about, Maggie, and you know it. I'm talking about what you wanted, why you did this.

Maggie: Wanted what?

Lucas: I know you. You said it. You said Chloe wasn't good enough for me. So what did you do? You got Chloe and Daniel together, right? Next thing you know, they're sleeping together, having a good old time.

Maggie: All right, can it, Lucas. That is so dumb. You're spinning all this any way to make it all easier for you to feel sorry for yourself.

Lucas: Is that what I'm doing? Please, save it. Save the lectures! Go away, will you, please?!

Maggie: Nothing goes with the binge like a big plate of self-pity.

Lucas: Oh, that's a good one. You read that one recently. Bartender, come on. It's getting low. Fill it up. Fill up -- fill one up for yourself, too, man. Be somebody.

A little early for me.

Lucas: Oh, really? Too early? It's 5:00 somewhere. Come on, step up. And you -- you please go somewhere and maybe find someone else to feel superior to, Maggie.

Maggie: I do not feel superior. You know I have been in the same place.

Lucas: Right, well, please, I've had it. I've had it. You're ruining my good time.

Maggie: This is a good time? I don't think so.

Lucas: Yeah, this is a good time. This is a great time, all right? This is the time of my freakin' life!

Maggie: Really? Well, I'll have it, too. Bartender.

[Voice wavering] See, uh, that pretty, green bottle over there of 12-year-old scotch? Poor me a double. Neat.

E.J.: There we go. That's the contract finished, and, as you said, father, it is airtight.

Stefano: Have you been listening at all?

E.J.: Hmm? Oh, your high-school metaphor? Um, yeah. Sorry. So, which one am I? Am I the valedictorian, or am I the, uh, captain of the football team?

Stefano: What do you think?

E.J.: Well... [Sighs] I am rather brainy. But, uh, I would imagine that she is besotted with Philip.

Stefano: And using you and my company to fan the flames.

E.J.: Oh, I feel so cheap.

Stefano: Mm. You think this is funny, huh?

E.J.: Father... you're not gonna pull out of this. Melanie is gonna sign that contract.

Stefano: How can you be so sure?

E.J.: Because it doesn't matter if Philip is Romeo to her Juliet. I made it very, very clear to her that if she crosses us, there's no happy ending for her.

Philip: Don't do this.

Stephanie: I want to hear you say it, Philip. I want you to have to look me in the eye and tell me that you choose Melanie over me.

Philip: Okay, I do. I choose Melanie.

Stephanie: So, business trumps all.

Philip: Stephanie, the thing is... it's not really fair in some respects. But you can't choose who you fall in love with. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Don't feel sorry for me because I don't. And I'm glad this happened because now I know what you're really like.

[Door slams]


Lucas: Mm. No, no, no. Don't do --

Maggie: No, why?

Lucas: Don't do that.

Maggie: Why, because it's bad for me, because I'm one of those people who simply can't handle it?

Lucas: No, because I know right now you're messing me. I don't want to see that. I don't want to see you do that. Stop.

Maggie: Right back at you. I'm not dumb. I kind of know you like having an audience.

Lucas: Oh, I like having an audience. Nice. Great.

Maggie: But I'm not enjoying the show all that much. But I can't leave because of that in your system. I can't be sure that you won't do something really stupid.

Lucas: Well, you know, it really doesn't matter, does it? Because it's not your problem, Maggie

Maggie: No? Seeing as how you've seemed to totally forget about Allie and Will, I think it is my problem. I've been there, Lucas. I don't look down on you. I can't. But I know all of the games, and I know all of the lies. You've got to get yourself together, Lucas, for your children.

Lucas: They'd be better off without me.

Maggie: Damn it!

[Glass shatters]

Maggie: Don't you ever say that to me again, not ever!

Daniel: Chloe, like I told you before, leaving Lucas -- it doesn't mean you have to come to me.

Chloe: You are why I left him. You're the reason I did it.

Daniel: You felt like you had to be with him, like you made some kind of promise so it was your duty to be with him. No. I never want you to feel that way about me.

Chloe: [Sighs] Listen. I had, after a very long string of weird days, a really weird day today. I was in the park, and I ran into Lucas, and he was yelling at me about Allie. And I could just see the pain in his eyes that I've caused him.

Daniel: Hey --

Chloe: No, no, wait. Let me tell you something. After he left, I was devastated. I was falling apart. And then some man started talking to me. And it turned out that he was a priest. And I just ended up telling him everything.

Daniel: Yeah?

Chloe: Well, he told me to pray. And at first, I was thinking, "yeah, right. Pray? I'm really on God's good side right now." But I did. I did pray. I prayed for a sign. And then you called me to tell me to come here to tell me about Kate's great news. Don't you get it? You calling me, Kate's remission -- those are signs. I know that now, all right? I know that I'm supposed to be with you.

Daniel: Come here.

Nicole: What did you just say to me?

Brady: That I know that you still carry a torch for me, Nicole.

Nicole: And that's based on...

Brady: Well, it's based on how good-looking I am, first of all, how smart I am, and what's the third -- oh, yeah. Because Dr. Baker said so.

Nicole: You're making fun of me.

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: You're making fun of me. You are not allowed to make fun of me. I am a new mother.

Brady: And I lie and steal for you, so I can do whatever I want.

Nicole: Look, I not only have a baby now, but, uh... I sort of have a conscience.

Brady: Oh, no, no, no. Why would you go and get one of those, Nicole?

Nicole: I don't know. Completely crept up on me.

Brady: [Laughs]

Nicole: The reason I wanted to make sure you weren't in love with me... you know, the other night, Brady, I shouldn't have left you alone with your grandfather.

Brady: It was okay.

Nicole: No, it wasn't okay. You gave me that money, and, being me, I ran out. And that was wrong. And I don't -- I know we don't talk about this much... but, Brady, I-I hope that you take care of yourself, that you stay strong.

Brady: What do you mean, uh, clean, sober? These are not bad words, Nicole.

Nicole: I know. But your family means so much more to you than me. And if I screw things up between you and your... grandfather, I couldn't live with myself. So, if my mess and I are too much for you to handle, then go. Please.

Brady: Okay, I got you. Now, are you ready for this? I'm gonna be serious right now with you. What went down with my grandfather and me the other night when you left was a good thing. I said some things that I've been wanting to say for a long, long time, so you don't need to worry about me. Really, I'm doing all right, and I plan to keep it that way.

Philip: [Exhales deeply]

Melanie: Wow. I didn't see that coming. She didn't give you a lot of wiggle room, did she?

Philip: I don't want to talk about Stephanie, okay?

Melanie: Okay, I'll shut up about her. It's just...

Philip: Yeah?

Melanie: The way she put it, it was very -- "pick her or me right now," you know? It was just very... look, um, I know you're enough of a gentleman not to turn me down in front of her after we just...

Philip: What?

Melanie: I, uh -- I'm not gonna hold you to what you said. It was coerced.

Philip: Well, that is really fair of you.

Melanie: I'm not all bad. Let's call it a day, yeah? I'm not usually a fan of being someone's consolation prize.

Philip: Melanie. Maybe it was a good thing she showed up. Maybe it was a good thing that she made me choose.

Melanie: Really?

Philip: Yeah. I don't know. You know, I meant what I said. You can't choose who you fall in love with.

Melanie: Love. We're -- we're talking about love now?

Philip: [Exhales] I mean, I fought it like hell.

Melanie: Yeah, I know. I was there.

Philip: But there is something about you... something -- I-I just cannot get you out of my head. I cannot stop thinking about you.

Melanie: [Chuckles] I like that about you. Is that love?

Philip: I think it is. I think it is. But I could have.

Maggie: All right, so you lost Chloe. Big deal. Are you gonna parlay that into losing everything -- Allie, Will?

Lucas: This whole thing is -- is his fault. That stupid doctor thinks he's so cool. He thinks he can do anything he wants, thinks he can get away with anything, and he never has to pay for it. He's not gonna get away with it this time.

Maggie: Unh-unh-unh-unh. I'm not gonna let you get into the car like this. Now, give me your keys.

Lucas: I'm not getting into a car. Relax, I'm fine. I'm taking a cab.

Maggie: Where, to find Daniel? I don't think so.

Lucas: I don't know. I just -- relax, okay? And let me just sit here for a second and... and feel better. I don't feel so good right now.

Maggie: Then let me take you home.

Lucas: Home? Fine, I'll go home. Home sounds good. I'll go home and get a little rested. I'll be fine.

[Exhales deeply]

Maggie: Please, God, grant him some serenity. Bartender, I'm gonna go get my car. Would -- would you help me get him into it? Thanks. Thank God he passed out.

[Door closes]

Lucas: [Laughs]

Daniel: Ohh. You know, it is almost over. I know it's been hell, but it is almost over.

[Cellphone ringing]

Chloe: Okay, I know. You have to get this. I'm getting used to it.

Daniel: Really? Hmm. Note to self. Ahh. All right, I have to go. This won't take long, though.

Chloe: Okay. Well, do you want me to wait here for you?

Daniel: Oh, I cannot tell you how crazy, out-of-my-mind happy I will be, knowing that you'll be here when I come back. Oh, I love you.

Chloe: I love you, too.

Daniel: [Laughing] Well, soon -- soon, it will be like a fresh start, okay? All right. All right.

Chloe: Go. Ugh. Whoo!

Nicole: Are you sure you're okay?

Brady: Yeah. But thanks for worrying about me so much.

Nicole: I just know how hard you've worked to turn things around.

Brady: Okay, listen. You know what? We've been serious for, like, over a minute now, so can we please change the subject? I am begging you, really.

Nicole: Okay, of course. Enough about you!

Brady: Good. See? There's the old Nicole.

Nicole: So, do you really think I've seen the last of Dr. Baker? No, huh?

Brady: You know, Nicole, the funny thing about blackmail is it's very hard to get rid of.

Nicole: Oh, my God. There's someone out there who can actually take everything I care about away from me.

Brady: Unless...

Nicole: Yeah, I know. We kill him. You know, I've been thinking about that, of course, but every time I do something like that, I have a tendency to get caught. And Sydney won't be visiting her mother in prison.

Brady: Nicole, you know that wasn't really what I was gonna suggest. I was gonna suggest that you tell E.J. The truth.

Nicole: Are you freakin' out of your mind?

Chelsea: Hey, Steph, wait up!

Stephanie: I'm running late. I'll catch you later.

Chelsea: Wait, I wanted to see if you talked to Philip yet. But it looks like you have.

Stephanie: Yeah. Uh, Philip and I had a nice little chat. He got up off of Melanie and then told me that we were through.

Chelsea: W-what?

Stephanie: They were on Maggie's kitchen table. I don't think I'll ever feel the same about Maggie's new year buffet.

Chelsea: Do you want me to find him and kill him?

Stephanie: Yes. I'd like that very much.

Melanie: You don't know how many times I've thought about this.

Philip: Me too.

Melanie: And when you said you chose me over Stephanie, it was like... oh, it was like music.

Philip: [Sighs] Maybe we should go someplace more private.

Melanie: If only it wasn't all one big, fat lie. Stephanie's an idiot, but I'm not.

Stefano: So, you not only drew up a perfect contract, but you intimidated the girl, too.

E.J.: I did. I threatened an orphan, a girl young enough to be your granddaughter. I thought that you would be quite proud of me.

Stefano: Well, you know something, don't worry about it because it will be good for her. It will make her feel like a grown-up.

E.J.: All right, I'll close the deal. You'll have your money, and you will have bested Victor Kiriakis.

Stefano: [Laughs] Excellent. Excellent. And now that you have dealt with Melanie, your next project -- to draw up an airtight prenuptial agreement between you and Nicole.

Philip: You're wrong.

Melanie: Sadly, Philip, I'm not.

Philip: L-look, Stephanie only said what she said to, I don't know, get some closure or something.

Melanie: Yeah, that's a very plausible explanation. I just -- I can't seem to shake the fact that your passion for me ignited once you found out I was working with E.J.

Philip: So? It doesn't mean we still can't enjoy each other's company.

Melanie: Mm. Philip, if you were a girl doing what you just did, your title wouldn't be C.E.O.


Philip: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Melanie: Not as much as thinking about you having to run home to daddy and tell him you lost out to E.J. DiMera. Don't trip on your way out, okay?

Philip: I am not gonna lose. I am not gonna lose to anyone -- not to DiMera, not to anyone.

Stephanie: [Crying]

Chelsea: So, they were on the table.

Stephanie: It was like my own personal screening of "the postman always rings twice." Chelsea.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Stephanie: He doesn't really love her, but it was still a terrible thing to do. God, Melanie is such a disgusting person. She's been Philip for months. And then she just takes nick's research and uses it like a weapon.

Chelsea: The kitchen table?

Stephanie: You know what? I am not just sad about Philip. I'm angry. I'm mad, and I'm not gonna be stupid, sweet Stephanie anymore. I'm gonna do something about it.

Chelsea: The table?

Maggie: Okay, Lucas, it's -- where is he?

He said he was gonna be sick.

Maggie: Son of a -- the back door. Oh, God!

Lucas: Open up! Open up, Jonas! I know what you did, you son of a bitch! You're not gonna get away with it! Open up!

Melanie: [Laughs] Like I enjoy his company so much I'd just let him use me like some... "you can't help who you fall in love with, Melanie." Give me a break. "Oh, Melanie. Your hair, your eyes, your alternative fuels project." That guy thinks that just because he's so hot... so, so hot [Scoffs] And all that money and his car.

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Philip. Maybe I overreacted. Philip, look.

Stephanie: You bitch.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Stefano: [Sighs] I do not see what the hell you are so angry about.

E.J.: Are you really that dense, hmm? You didn't notice that I got this upset last time you tried to draw up a prenuptial agreement?

Stefano: Elvis, you must protect your interests. How many times has Nicole said that she was going to leave and take the child with her, hmm?

E.J.: That is usually in response to you trying to run her life.

Stefano: In love, as well as business, it is not a good idea to deal with somebody who holds the trump card, huh? And it is no good for your relationship for Nicole to think that she has the upper hand.

E.J.: Let me just make one thing very clear. I'm marrying Nicole because I love Nicole. I'm not doing it because I don't trust her.

Stefano: Fine. Then everything is... between the two of you is -- how do they say -- hunky dory, hmm? You don't have a thing to worry about. [Sighs deeply] You just keep telling yourself that.

Nicole: Thanks for walking me home, Brady.

Brady: No problem. And you, cute little thing. We'll have lunch sometime.

Nicole: Brady. I, uh... you know, you're the only one... I just -- I get scared sometimes, and you're the only one I can talk to about it.

Brady: I know.

Nicole: Could you just tell me that everything is gonna be okay? Could you just tell me that?

Brady: Everything is gonna be okay. No one is gonna know. E.J. Will never know. It'll be just the two of us that know.

Maggie: Have you seen Lucas? Where is he?

Lucas: I know what you did! I know what's going on! Come out here and face me, you s-- face me like a man! Did you have fun, huh?! Did you have fun getting away with it?! While I was there with my dying mother at the hospital, were you laughing inside, huh?! Were you and Chloe trying not to laugh? Was that it?

E.J.: You don't play games with me, not unless you wish to lose -- I believe the expression is "big time."

Philip: E.J. Has been a bit of a problem.

Nicole: Did he outfox you already?

Philip: And you, Nicole, are gonna help make it go away.

Daniel: If he's not here, then he -- oh, my God. Chloe.

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