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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/18/09 - Canada; Thursday 2/19/09 - U.S.A.


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Philip: You son of a bitch.

E.J.: Keep your voice down.

Philip: You are using Melanie to steal --

E.J.: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Philip: The hell you don't. It's over, DiMera. We are going to settle this right here, right now.

E.J.: Are we? Really? What do you propose we do, huh? Duel?

Philip: If only your business acumen was as smart as your wit.

E.J.: Oh, my God. You don't really think you can scare me, do you?

Philip: So, what role were you gonna play today? Corporate raider? Cowardly lawyer?

E.J.: Go home, Philip.

Philip: E.J., You have no idea what kind of mess you're getting yourself into, how big a mistake you're making. And if you think I'm gonna allow that little twit Melanie to leave the project to you... you're delusional, bro.

Maggie: Melanie, uh, y-- you said you saw Lucas at the pub ordering a bloody Mary? Are you positive?

Melanie: Yeah. Why?

Lucas: [Exhales deeply]

[Cellphone vibrating] Sorry, aunt Maggie... but you're too late.

Chloe, in my parish, I work with a lot of young couples. Most of them have a great deal of love for each other. But sometimes they get disillusioned. Their expectations are too high. They think that by being in love they should never be unhappy or dissatisfied.

Chloe: Well, I know that's unrealistic. Even if you're totally crazy about someone, there's a chance they'll disappoint you -- a good chance -- and I know that someone else can't be responsible for your happiness.

Sounds like you don't need my advice.

Chelsea: No, I do... even though I know those things. I just want too much, father. I'm greedy. I'm like this spoiled, little child that only thinks of herself. I want family and security. And then when I get those things, instead of counting my blessings, I start bitching and moaning... [Sighs] ...Because then I'm bored. I miss the passion, the excitement, the uncertainty. I miss...waiting for the phone to ring and wondering if it'll be him.


Chloe: Daniel... the man I shouldn't love but do... the man who makes my heart beat faster just thinking about him. Father, what's wrong with me? What is wrong with me?

Kate: You got my test results.

Daniel: Kate --

Kate: It's -- it's -- it's bad news, isn't it?

Daniel: No, no. I didn't -- I didn't receive your test results.

Kate: Then w-what is it? What's wrong?

Daniel: [Exhales deeply]

Lucas: Mmm. Hey, let me ask you something. You married?

Pete: I was. Divorced.

Lucas: Ah! Divorced? Man, why does it got to be like that? Why does it got to be so hard, you know? I mean, you meet somebody... you fall in love. You want to spend the rest of your life with them, right? Why is it so complicated? Nah. The hell with it. Forget about it. Sorry I bothered you. You just, uh... do me a big favor and you keep these coming, huh, partner?

[Exhales deeply]

Chloe: You came for a nice, little stroll in the park, and a crazy woman falls apart on you. Just what you need, right?

Chloe, why don't you start from the beginning? Tell me how you got to this point.

Chloe: Do you really want to hear it?

I think it might clarify things for you.

Chloe: Okay. The beginning. [Sighs] Well, Kate needed a bone marrow transplant, and I was a match.


Chloe: Oh, I'm sorry. My fiancé's mother. She happened to be involved romantically with this doctor -- Daniel -- and he was treating her illness and overseeing my case at the same time. Well, one day -- I-I don't know what happened, but...Daniel and I -- we had this...strong connection. It was undeniable. It's nothing I've felt my entire life. I tried to ignore it, but I just -- I couldn't. In fact, I feel like I became consumed with it. I just couldn't stop thinking about him -- fantasizing.

And you acted on those feelings?

Chloe: Yes. I slept with him. I told you that. And the thing is, it was... just what I expected and more. But it was also horrible because, afterwards, I hated myself. I still do.

And, uh, does your fiancé know about this?

Chloe: Oh, no, father, he doesn't. And if he ever found out, he wouldn't be able to take it. It would destroy him.

Lexie: Oh, my two handsome men!

Abe: Hey, there she is.

Lexie: Hi, sweetheart. Hi. Hi, baby. Daddy picked you up from school today, huh?

Abe: Yeah. We went for ice cream.

Lexie: Did you? Oh, I'm jealous. So, how was school today? Ooh. What a great picture. I love the colors. They're beautiful.

Theo: Boat.

Abe: Whoa! Way to go, champ! Fist pump! Boom! [Laughs] Hey, you know, I got to get to work, but would you call me later and let me know how the therapy appointment goes?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, I will.

Abe: All right. Hey, daddy's got to get to work, but I'll see you tonight, all right? [Smooches]

Theo: No!

Abe: Theo, um --

Theo: Daddy, stay. Mommy, too.

Stephanie: There you are.

Chelsea: Hey. Uh, have you been waiting long?

Stephanie: No, no. I don't have a lot of time, though, so what did you have to tell me that you couldn't tell me over the phone?

Chelsea: Um, okay. Well, I-I thought that you should know that, um, Max and I -- I kissed him. Well, actually, he kissed me. I mean, t-technically we kissed each other. It doesn't even matter. Um, but it happened on new year's, and -- and I don't think that it meant anything, but this time...I think it did mean something, Stephanie, and I just wanted you to hear it from me first.

E.J.: You come into my house in a half-assed attempt to intimidate me, but I'm the one who's delusional?

Philip: If you so much as sniff in the direction of the fuels project, research, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, I will --

E.J.: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Rude of me. Remarkable, though, really.

Philip: What -- what's remarkable?

E.J.: You. You really do think you can scare me, don't you?

Philip: If you want to wage a war you can't win... bring it on.

E.J.: I will break out the flak jackets.

Tony: Well, maybe I should break out the bloody straitjackets. Seriously, are you both out of your minds?

Lucas: No fairy-tale ending for me. Right, Chloe? I wasn't good enough for you, was I? Oh, I gave you everything. I gave you my heart. I was a better man when I was with you, Chloe. But now... not so much. Not so much. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Pete: You're welcome. Just be careful, okay?

Lucas: I will. I'll be careful. Kind words from a kind man. But I am of the belief that there is a power greater than myself to help me restore my sanity.

Melanie: Are you saying the guy's like A.A.?

Maggie: He -- he is, yes -- was.

Melanie: I'm -- I'm really sorry, Mrs. Horton.

Maggie: [Sighs] Well, it's not your fault, and I don't know where my keys are.

Melanie: Well, I -- had I known he was a drunk, I would --

Maggie: Hey! Do not speak like that. He is a recovering alcoholic.

Melanie: Okay. I'm sorry. I just -- I-I would have called you or taken the drink out of his hand and thrown it in his face or something.

Maggie: Well, that would have gone over well. Ha ha ha. Under my nose.

Melanie: Uh, just out of curiosity, do you know why he fell off the wagon?

Maggie: Oh, I have a very good idea, and, as his aunt and his sponsor, it's my job to track him down and get him back on. Lock up.

[Door closes]

Melanie: Okay.

Chloe, there's nothing wrong with you. You simply fell in love -- that's all.

Chloe: But I already was in love.

Did it ever occur to you that if your relationship with Lucas was truly satisfying, you never would have had to connect with another man?

Chloe: I suppose you're right.

You know, when I think back on the path I've taken, for the life of me, I cannot remember the moment I decided and chose to become a priest, because, really, it wasn't a choice. It simply happened. It was inevitable. Now, I-I suppose my devotion to the lord is analogous to finding a soul mate -- someone you want to share your life with.

Chloe: And you know it's right -- that that person is your destiny.

I believe that's what happened between you and Daniel, and I don't think you have to fight it. In fact, I don't see how you can.

Daniel: There's nothing wrong. I-I just --

Kate: What? I --

Daniel: When -- when I said I wanted to talk to you, I meant -- I meant the two of us. Um, we -- I -- it was just --

This came for you a few minutes ago, doctor.

Daniel: [Exhales deeply] Uh, thank you. Thank you. Sorry. I just -- wow. Instant perspective.

Kate: "Instant --" what is it?

Daniel: It's your test results. You're in remission.

Kate: [Chuckling] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my g-- oh!

E.J.: Let's not start ranting and raving before we know what's going on.

Tony: I know enough. You two are trying to pit our families against each other -- obviously. How the hell is that supposed to have a happy outcome?

E.J.: Well, now, listen. I'm not sure we were trying to reach a happy outcome. Anyway, that doesn't really matter, because, aside from the shouting, this whole situation's over. See, unlike Philip, I'm able to separate my personal from my professional life, meaning that victory is already mine.

Philip: [Scoffs]

E.J.: What? Is something funny?

Philip: Yeah, you... and your unbelievable arrogance.

E.J.: No. I'm really just stating a fact. I mean, it was you and your disdain for miss Layton, which I'm sure is just some way of covering your attraction to her, that clouded your judgment and caused you to lose this fuels patent.

Philip: Do you think I'm stupid? You've been sniffing around Melanie ever since we made that deal. And as soon as you found out that deal was made, you were there.

E.J.: Philip, you don't make any sense when you're angry.

Philip: You're a smug son of a bitch. You know that? I will run you out of town.

E.J.: When this clears... you're going to understand that it was the way you treated -- or I should say "mistreated" -- miss Layton that caused this. You insulted her. And then you fired her. And now you expect her to do business with you. That is arrogant.

Philip: You think you're so damn clever, but you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

E.J.: Yeah. I'm quaking in my boots.

Philip: This isn't over.

E.J.: For right now, it is. It's time for you to leave. Thank you. Good day.

Tony: My, my, my. You have a lot to learn, little brother.

Kate: [Inhales, exhales deeply] I'm telling you, a serious illness crystallizes everything, doesn't it?

Daniel: It does.

Kate: At least for me, it does. Oh, my God. It just -- it makes it very clear, you know, what is important and what isn't important, and then I -- I know there aren't any guarantees. I know I'm going to be living from scan to scan.

Daniel: No, no. You cannot think that way. You can't. You've got to be full of hope right now.

Kate: I am. I am. I have -- I have so much hope -- I do. In -- in spite of this new reality, I-I can really accept the fact that the only thing that is certain in my life is that the future is uncertain.

Daniel: Kate -- Kate --

Kate: However -- however, I told myself that if I -- if I got a second chance, I would -- I would embrace life so fully and I would cherish those people I love and -- [Inhales, exhales deeply] And I would express that life and that love fully.

Daniel: You should. Do exactly --

Chloe: So, you're saying that I should follow my heart?

Chloe, I told you what I think, but I'm the first to concede that I'm a fallible human being, just like the rest of us. I try to give wise advice, but I wouldn't presume to tell you what would make you happy, because I honestly don't know. Maybe only God knows, right?

I think he probably has a good idea.

Chloe: Well, now what? I'm sure God has better things to do than worry about my screwed-up love life.

He always has time for you, Chloe.

Chloe: I guess you'd have to believe that -- that God can answer our prayers.

You don't believe it?

Chloe: I want to... especially now.

Then why don't you put him to the test? It's worth it, isn't it?

Lucas: Hey-o! Man, how you been? It's been a long time.

Hey, Lucas. How's it going?

Lucas: Oh, it's going good. It's going real good. You know, a birth and then school and then work and death -- you know, the usual.

You good?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm good. You good? I've never been better. You know what I want? I want a vodka, and I want to make it a double and just do it straight up. Don't put anything else in, okay?

I thought you were on the wagon.

Lucas: Yeah? I thought you were a bartender, not a social worker. Why don't you make the drinks, and I'll drink them. That'll be our little deal, okay? Oh, there you go. That's a good pour right there. Nice. Thanks. A man among boys. I owe you a big tip. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Maggie: Hey! Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Abe: Great news, huh, champ? Your head is all better.

Theo: All better.

Abe: [Chuckles] I'll take him to his O.T. Appointment, get him settled in.

Lexie: No, that's okay. You've already taken off half the afternoon.

Abe: It's okay. It's a quiet day at the office. They'll survive without me.

Lucas: Well, so can Theo.

Abe: Lex --

Lexie: No, I-I mean it. I mean, I know he says he wants both of us here, but, well, do we have to always give him what he wants? If he never learns how to deal with frustration, then...

Abe: Lex, what are you talking about? He's making progress.

Lexie: Yeah. Kind of like his mom.

Abe: Lexie, please, come on.

Lexie: Every time I think I've taken a step forward, something happens and I'm just back to where I started. [Sighs] I feel like I'm -- I'm failing him somehow.

Abe: Because he doesn't run into your arms when he first sees you? Because he doesn't say, "I love you"... he doesn't cry out for mommy in the middle of the night? He may never do that, Lex. He shows his love in different ways.

Lexie: Yeah. I know.

Abe: Lexie... you are a great mom. They don't come any better.

Lexie: [Chuckling] Stop it.

Abe: [Chuckles] And I'm so proud of how you're dedicated to your family... to your son.

Stephanie: Look, Chelsea... Max and I are done.

Chelsea: I-I know that, but...

Stephanie: But what?

Chelsea: Do you not remember telling me that you would have a serious problem with it if Max and I got back together?

Stephanie: I said that?

Chelsea: Well, I mean, not in those exact words, but yeah.

Stephanie: That's embarrassing.

Chelsea: Why?

Stephanie: Because it sounds creepy and possessive.

Chelsea: Well, it didn't sound that way to me.

Stephanie: I guess it was because it just all seemed really soon. But now, I mean... I'm happy for you two.

Chelsea: Well, thank you, but, I mean, to be honest, there's not really anything to be happy about just yet. I mean, we're still taking things really slow.

Stephanie: Right. It's cool.

Chelsea: So, um, how are things going with you and Philip?

Stephanie: Oh, um, they're not going at all.

Chelsea: Oh. Are you okay with that?

Stephanie: Uh, well, Philip doesn't know what he wants. Or maybe he does, but whatever it is, it's not a serious, committed relationship. And I feel like if I give him a second chance, he's just gonna turn his back on me and chase after Melanie again.

Chelsea: Yeah, but there's nothing romantic going on between the two of them, right?

Stephanie: He says there isn't.

Chelsea: And you don't believe him?

Stephanie: How can I? He says one thing and then does another. Look, I'm not gonna be that girl in the middle. I'm through with that. What?

Chelsea: Honestly, I just don't want you to give up on him yet, 'cause I know that he really, really likes you.

Stephanie: And that's why he's chasing after Melanie Layton?

Chelsea: Come on. You know that's just business stuff with the fuel project or whatever.

Stephanie: I don't care what it is. I mean, I'm not gonna take a backseat to Melanie. I have more self-respect than that.

Chelsea: Okay. Then lay down the law, you know? Give Philip an ultimatum. Don't let him chase after Melanie. Throw down the gauntlet.

Melanie: Hi.

Philip: Melanie.

Melanie: This is surprising.

Philip: Well, you know me. I'm full of them.

Melanie: Why are you here, Philip? You gonna read me the riot act again? Maybe some more yelling this time.

Philip: No more yelling.

Melanie: No? Then what?

Philip: Just this.

Kate: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I think -- I think I was just so relieved.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. I-I understand. I --

Kate: [Chuckling] No.

Daniel: It's just --

Kate: Actually, I don't think I am sorry. I don't think I am. I think, um, I think this had to do with what I was gonna talk to you about, and I expressed it this way instead of with words, and I think that was more fun.

Daniel: Yeah. Look, Kate -- Kate, the way we left things before --

Kate: I know. I know. I know I wanted to give you your freedom, and the reason was that I wanted to focus on my health and -- and my family, but, um, I think the truth is I was afraid, and [Exhales deeply] I didn't think I was gonna make it. So after everything that you had been through with your wife, I-I just didn't want to put you through that. I

Daniel: No, no, no. It's -- that's not it. I-I, uh --

Kate: Then -- then what? [Sniffles]

Daniel: You, um... you can -- this can wait.

Kate: [Chuckling] This can wait?

Daniel: This can wait. Yeah. Just go. Go. You know, you should tell your kids. Go tell your kids the good news. Go.

Kate: You're right. [Sniffles] You're right. I'm going to.

Chloe: Well, I'm a little rusty with this whole prayer thing. I haven't exactly been to church in a while. So can I rehearse on you?

Sure. Go for it.

Chloe: Okay. Thanks. [Exhales deeply] God... I love two men... one of them in one way, because he gives me this sense of security and has made me a part of his family, and he's just so good to me and so devoted. And the other one -- well, we just -- we have this incredible connection. And I just feel like he gets me. And the physical part -- well -- well, never mind. We don't need to get into that. Anyway, what should I do, God? me. Which man should I be with? How was that?

Well, that -- that was just fine.

Chloe: Okay. Well, now that I've prayed for an answer, what do I do? Wait for God to text me or leave me a voice mail?

[Chuckles] He'll find a way to get back to you.

Chloe: Okay.

Maggie: Vodka? Hmm.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: How could you do this, Lucas, after six years of sobriety?

Lucas: I don't know there, Mags. You tell me. I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.

Maggie: That bitch. She's certainly done it this time.

Lucas: You mean Chloe? My Chloe? My -- my wife not to be? [Chuckles] Not to be. I am funny. I am a funny guy.

Maggie: No, you're not funny, Lucas. You're drunk. And you're about as far from funny as it gets.

Lucas: What did she do, Maggie?

Maggie: What?

Lucas: My ex -- my ex-fiancée, s'il vous plaît! S'il vous plaît! What did she do?

Maggie: Oh, she did something.

Lucas: I know. I-I could tell -- I could tell you know something. Why don't you tell me what she did?

Maggie: I won't lie to you, Lucas.

Lucas: Please don't. Tell me the truth this time. If you know something, tell me! I can handle it!

Maggie: Chloe... is having an affair.

E.J.: Tony, I'm sure you want to have a conversation with me about my professional shortcomings, but it's just gonna have to wait. I've got a lot on my mind.

Tony: You don't have enough on your mind. You make all these grand decisions, and you don't even take a moment to understand what the repercussions might be.

E.J.: I did all of this -- everything -- for the company.

Tony: I'm sorry? Perhaps I missed the newsletter. Is this your company now?

E.J.: It's certainly not yours.

Tony: You insolent, little bastard.

E.J.: All right. Okay. Enough.

Tony: You may be Stefano's latest yes-man, but I will not have you dismiss my contributions to DiMera enterprises! Do you hear me? I have worked tirelessly to put this company where it is -- on top! And what the hell have you done?

E.J.: I don't have time for this, tony.

Tony: Make time!

E.J.: You come in here. You throw a temper tantrum. You overreact over nothing.

Tony: Nothing?

E.J.: Nothing.

Tony: You're about to set up war with the Kiriakis family. You regard that as nothing?

E.J.: There is not going to be any war.

Tony: You think Philip is just gonna lie down now and concede?

E.J.: I don't care what that idiot does -- I don't care! I won the fuels contract! And instead of giving me some credit for that, you waltz in here and you pass judgment. Worse, in fact. You undermined me in front of Philip.

Tony: Oh, for pity's sake!

E.J.: I know that you resent me, and I get that, and I'm sorry. But I don't think father would be very happy if he came in here and saw you acting in this juvenile, petty way. Do you?

Tony: I think if father found out what you were up to... he'd fry your arrogant ass.

Melanie: You're right. The only way I could have any sort of relationship with Philip is to track down that sweet, little angel and give her notice.

Chelsea: Do what you got to do. Just, um, don't get thrown in jail.

Stephanie: Yeah, I'll try to keep it legal. Confrontation awaits. Got to go.

Chelsea: It's funny -- I seem to remember myself in a very similar situation to this one. It ended with me at the Brady pub with my knee in Melanie's back.

Stephanie: I so wish I had been there.

Chelsea: Yeah, anyway...

Stephanie: We'll talk later?

Chelsea: Absolutely.

Stephanie: Fine. Hey, wait. Um... I just wanted to tell you -- uh, I meant what I said earlier. I'm really happy for you and Max.

Chelsea: Thank you. It means a lot.

Stephanie: Wish me luck with Melanie.

Chelsea: You're not gonna need it, because I happen to know that there's only one woman that Philip loves, and that's you.

Stephanie: All right.

Melanie: Oh. Okay. Um, hold on one second, Casanova.

Philip: Is something wrong?

Melanie: No. I, um, I'm just a little shocked -- that's all.

Philip: Why do I find that hard to believe?

Melanie: Dig deep, Philip. Um, I don't understand.

Philip: It's not astrophysics, honey.

Melanie: Why are you doing this?

Philip: Because I want to.

Melanie: A couple weeks ago, you hated my guts. Now you have feelings for me?

Philip: Well, that pretty much sums it up. I didn't want to. I fought it like crazy. But over these past few days... these feelings -- I just -- I can't get rid of them. And now I cannot stop thinking about you.

Melanie: Interesting.

Philip: You and I are a lot alike -- you know that? -- In so many ways. You've known that from the beginning, and now I do, too.

Melanie: Is that good -- to be alike?

Philip: It feels good to me. [Smooching]

Melanie: Philip...

Philip: I want you, Melanie.

Chelsea: There's my guy!

Theo: Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hi! I heard that you were coming in today, and I got so excited.

Abe: We were just gonna take Theo up to his O.T. Session.

Chelsea: Oh, well, I'm on my way up there right now, so how about I just take him with me?

Theo: Family.

Chelsea: That's right. That's your family. That's your mommy and your daddy, and you're very lucky to have them both.

E.J.: Relax.

Tony: I'll certainly relax while you twirl your guns like some corporate cowboy.

E.J.: Well, let's not forget that, uh... I am the chosen son. He trusts my judgment. If he didn't, he wouldn't have put me in this position.

Tony: I see. So you assume that he will keep trusting your judgment, even though you'll screw up royally, even when he learns that you're about to go to war with the Kiriakises, consequences be damned.

E.J.: Yes, I do assume that. I have complete confidence in my course of action, as does father, because he has complete confidence in me. You forget, tony... that I am the, uh, golden child.

Tony: [Scoffs] [Chuckling] "Golden child." You're a damn fool, E.J. and you are playing with fire.

Philip: [Exhales deeply] Maybe we're moving too fast.

Melanie: Are you having second thoughts?

Philip: No. No, not at all. I was just wondering if you were.

Melanie: Me? No.

Philip: These past few days... I've been picturing you so angry with me. You're very hot when you're angry. You know that, don't you?

[Both chuckle]

Melanie: You like 'em feisty, huh?

Philip: I like you. I mean it, Melanie. The other day, I just had this epiphany... when I realized that I've wanted you since the first day that I met you. You believe me, don't you?

Melanie: I want to. I mean, I-I wanted this since the moment I saw you.

Daniel: Well, now that she's in remission... it's time. It's time for Chloe and me to break the news -- to her and to Lucas.

Lucas: Chloe's having an affair?

Maggie: Yes.

Lucas: You mean like having sex with someone?

Maggie: That's what having an affair usually means, Lucas.

Lucas: Well, I'm sorry, Maggie. I just don't believe you. What do you think about that?

Maggie: Well, you will when you're sober.

Lucas: Oh, really? Fine. I'll entertain you. Who is she having sex with? Who's she doing?

Maggie: Lucas, I-I can't.

Lucas: No. Please. Tell me. You brought it up. Come on. Don't be afraid.

Maggie: Daniel. Chloe is seeing Daniel behind your back -- behind Kate's back.

Lucas: Daniel? Holy...

Maggie: Lucas, I'm so sorry.

Lucas: Oh, no, no, Maggie. No, I got it. He's a dead man. I'm gonna kill that dude.

And I'll be praying for you, Chloe.

Chloe: Thank you, father. You've been so kind.

If you ever need someone to talk with...

Chloe: I know where to find you.

God bless.

Chloe: [Exhales deeply] Okay. No more rehearsing. This one's for the money. [Exhales deeply] God... I've never really done this before, so I don't know if I'm doing it right. But if you're there and if you're listening... please send me some sort of sign.

Maggie: Lucas, please. Listen to me.

Lucas: I gave her everything, Maggie. I gave her everything. What does she do? She threw it in my face!

Maggie: You're drunk. You're not in your right mind.

Lucas: Mnh-mnh. I am in my right mind. I'm in my right mind more than I've ever been -- more than I've ever been in my whole life -- in months, Maggie. In years! You got that?

Maggie: Hand me your phone.

Lucas: No! Get off me! You'll have to whip this phone from my fingers!

[Cellphone ringing]

Chloe: Oh, dear God. There's my sign.

Stephanie: That wasn't passion just now. That's just how a Kiriakis does business.

Nicole: He seems to think that you're in love with me.

E.J.: Melanie is going to sign that contract.

Stefano: How can you be so sure?

E.J.: If she crosses us, there's no happy ending for her.

Lucas: I know what's going on! Come out here and face me!

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