Days Transcript Friday 2/6/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/6/09 - Canada; Monday 2/9/09 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Rafe. Rafe?

[Door closes]

Abe: You know, I tried to reach you, but I kept getting your voicemail.

Bo: Yeah, I got the phone turned off.

Abe: Well, I read the report on the shooting, but I want to hear it from you, so what happened with hope and Kayla?

Bo: What happened is I blew it...big-time.

[Monitor beeping]

[Door closes]

Hope: Can you ever forgive me?

Philip: Whoa. I didn't know you were here.

Stephanie: Hold on.

Philip: Is something wrong?

Stephanie: I overheard you and your father talking about Melanie.

Philip: How much did you hear?

Stephanie: Enough to make me realize you're not the man I thought you were.

Melanie: Voicemail. Great. E.J., hey, it's Melanie again. I, uh -- I was just wondering why you haven't returned any of my phone calls -- my 600 or so phone calls. Maybe I was -- I was wrong. See, I was under the impression that you wanted the alternative-fuels project, but if not, that's [Chuckles] That's totally fine. I can take it to somebody else, or I could just keep it at Titan and the DiMeras can just sit around kicking themselves. Either way, I'm gonna let that one be your call.

[Chuckling] Okay?

Max: So...what kind of trouble have you got yourself into now, Mel?

Nicole: E.J., You're making this Brady's fault and it's not.

E.J.: Sweetheart, I asked you to check on our daughter, okay? Can you do that now, please?

[Baby crying] Thank you.

Brady: Look, E.J., I can't help it if you want to think that something's going on.

E.J.: I really don't want to hear any more of your lies, Brady.

Brady: I don't really want to hear any more of your damned accusations, either.

E.J.: You're here for some reason. Now, I don't know what that reason is. And you're arguing with my fiancée. Now, I don't know why, but I'll tell you this -- I am going to find out. You hear me?

Nicole: No! My baby! Something's wrong with my baby!

E.J.: Okay, okay, okay.

Nicole: She's not breathing.

E.J.: Okay, all right.

Nicole: She's not breathing. Do something. Somebody do something!

Philip: So, I'm not the man you thought I was. Why? Why, because I play hardball? Because I care about the future of this company?

Stephanie: I heard what your father said about Melanie being a liability and the fact that she had to be dealt with. And now only did you agree with him --

Philip: Why wouldn't I?

Stephanie: You said you'd bury her.

Philip: Oh, for God sakes, I didn't mean it literally.

Stephanie: I don't care how you meant it, Philip. It was a horrible thing to say.

Philip: I was angry. Have you never overstated something in the heat of anger?

Stephanie: I've never threatened to bury someone.

Philip: Fine. You're a nicer person than I am.

Stephanie: This isn't about being nice, Philip.

Philip: Then what is it about? And why are you being so protective over someone you can't stand?

Stephanie: I'm protective over anyone, especially a woman who's spoken about the way you and your father talked about Melanie. It makes me sick.

Philip: The alternative-fuels project will make this company a lot of money -- millions. What, am I supposed to let Melanie walk out the door, satchel full of cash strapped over her shoulder? Would that make me nice? Would that make me a good person? I will do what it takes to keep that patent here at Titan.

Stephanie: Even if it means destroying Melanie.

Philip: Whatever it takes.

Max: So, what's going on with the fuels project?

Melanie: Nothing.

Max: Really? You haven't decided what you were gonna do with it?

Melanie: What is it to you, Max?

Max: You're my sister, and I worry about you.

Melanie: Well, stop worrying about me. I have it under control. I'm gonna take the project away from Titan, and I'm going to give it to the DiMeras.

Max: Damn it, Mel. I mean, you just have to do something crazy and destructive, don't you? I mean, you're not happy until you screw everything up.

E.J.: Okay, CPR. We've got to do CPR.

Nicole: How? How? I never learned.

E.J.: Do you know how to do CPR?

Brady: Tilt her head back. I'm gonna call 911, okay?

Nicole: No. You know what? There's no time. We have to go to the hospital. Let go!

Abe: You know, you didn't blow anything. You're a hero.

Bo: [Scoffs] Anything but.

Abe: Look, maybe I'm missing something here. You killed Marino's assassin. Sami can come home now. You did a great thing.

Bo: I let her down, Abe.

Abe: What? Who?

Bo: The woman I love. I -- I betrayed her.

Abe: Hope?

Bo: I had a vision of hope shooting Kayla, and -- and I couldn't do anything to stop it.

Abe: A vision.

Bo: Yeah, and I didn't tell hope about it because...I-I couldn't make sense of it. I mean, I thought I was losing my mind. I mean, why would she shoot my sister, her best friend in the world? It's -- it's just didn't make any sense. And now she's under I.A. Investigation, and she won't speak to me.

Abe: Why kind of a vision... are you talking about?

Bo: The kind that may have saved your son's life.

Kayla: Come here. Come on.

Hope: Oh, Kay.

Kayla: Ohh.

Hope: Sorry, sorry.

Kayla: Of course I forgive you. Come on.

Hope: Oh, gosh. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that moment out of my head. It's all I see now...over and over again.

Kayla: Listen to me -- I know you were trying to help me. You can't blame yourself for what happened. What? What is it?

Hope: It's just, um... I wish I had known.

Kayla: Known what?

Hope: I shouldn't have been there. I shouldn't have been anywhere near you.

Sister Theresa: What's -- what's wrong, Sami? Is it the baby?

Sami: No. No, Grace is fine. She's sleeping. It -- it's Rafe. When I woke up, he was gone. He's not anywhere. Do you know what happened to him?

Sister Theresa: His boss called him in for a meeting. That's all. He'll be back.

Sami: [Sighing] Oh. God, why didn't he tell me?

Sister Theresa: He probably didn't want to wake you.

Sami: I wish to God he had.

Sister Theresa: What's wrong?

Sami: I just have this really bad feeling.

Sister Theresa: What feeling?

Sami: Like I'm never gonna see him again.

Nicole: Lexie, thank God.

E.J.: Okay, Lexie, she's having some trouble breathing.

Nicole: She stopped breathing for a few seconds, and now it's like she's gasping for air.

Lexie: Okay, my staff has already briefed me.

Nicole: Okay, look, you have to do something. You have to save her, okay? Please.

Lexie: Yes, we will do everything we can. Come on, little one. Come on.

E.J.: It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. She's in safe hands now, darling.

Nicole: Oh, my baby. My baby. I can't -- I can't lose my baby.

Nicole: Sami can have that other baby. I'm gonna take you home and raise you with your daddy in a mansion on a hill. Won't that be fun? It's the way it was supposed to be.

Nicole: She can't die... not after everything I did to bring her home to us.

Stephanie: Wow.

Philip: What, you're gonna play shocked now?

Stephanie: "Play shocked"? You just admitted you're willing to destroy someone.

Philip: I use the word loosely.

Stephanie: Over money.

Philip: What? Money's not important?

[Chuckles] What do you want to do, build lean-tos and live off the land?

Stephanie: You're so not funny right now.

Philip: I'm just trying to give you a little perspective.

Stephanie: "Perspective" on what? On why it's okay to bury someone, destroy someone so you can become even more disgustingly rich than you already are?

Philip: So you resent my being rich?

Stephanie: I resent your being heartless.

Philip: Because I won't let some lowlife little bitch get the best of my family? Lying, scheming, breaking a deal, bilking us out of a fortune -- the honorable miss Melanie Layton for whom you seem to have developed some kind of deep affection for all of a sudden.

Stephanie: I don't like her, but she is a human being.

Philip: Who's hell-bent on seeing this company crash and burn!

Stephanie: Just because she wants to take her patent somewhere else?

Philip: We had a deal! Do you get that?!

Stephanie: Do not shout at me!

Philip: I'm just trying to give you a little perspective, trying to show you that I'm not the bad guy here.

Stephanie: Well, you will never be able to make me see that, Philip, not when you're using words like "bury her." And excuse me for being a little judgmental, but that strikes me as very bad. And whatever you and your father are planning to do to Melanie sounds very wrong -- bottom line.

Philip: Well...this company didn't get to where it was by playing nice. That's not the way it works in the corporate world, sweetie.

Stephanie: Are those your profound words, or are you just quoting the great victor Kiriakis?

Philip: My father and I think alike.

Stephanie: It's news to me.

Philip: that you're getting an idea about who I really am, you are free to walk away.

Melanie: The DiMeras will do right by me. You'll see.

Max: Okay, so, who cares about the deal with Philip?

Melanie: Right. Who cares? To hell with him.

Max: [Sighs] What did he do now?

Melanie: Nothing. I'm just worried about his lack of interest in the project.

Max: Or worried about his lack of interest in you, perhaps?

Melanie: Yeah, well, we're kind of a packaged deal, Max.

Max: Right.

Melanie: Besides, he's too busy sleeping with your ex-girlfriend to realize that.

Max: Wow.

Melanie: I'm sorry.

Max: Whatever.

Melanie: No. That was a mean thing to say. I didn't -- you're just -- you're breathing down my neck, Max, and it's driving me up the wall.

Max: Okay, fine. Fine, you don't want to listen to me and you want to do the really business-savvy thing here, that's the move. Yeah, let's start a bidding war. Let's start a whole war between the two biggest corporations east of the Mississippi. Go for it.

Melanie: Why not?

Max: Do I really have to explain that to you?

Melanie: No, you really have to leave me alone.

Max: Mel. Mel. What's in it for you, hmm? I mean, starting this war and taking this risk, besides all the money and besides the power, there's something else, isn't there?

Bo: You remember right before Christmas I fell and hit my head? Well, right after that, I started having these visions of a little boy being taken into the E.R.

Abe: Theo.

Bo: Yeah, I didn't realize it at the time, but then I had these feelings --

Abe: Christmas eve. You didn't know that he had disappeared from the pier. You kept asking where he was. You were worried about him.

Bo: Right.

Abe: Oh, my God.

Bo: And then, uh, you know, when Theo fell down the steps at the DiMera mansion...

Abe: You saw that?

Bo: That's why I called the paramedics.

Abe: Which may have saved his life.

Bo: Well, I -- I don't know about that, but now with this shooting, and... I tried to warn hope to stay away from Kayla, but I didn't give her a reason.

Abe: But you weren't sure.

Bo: I could have stopped this shooting, Abe, but -- and now my sister's in the hospital with a bullet wound and my wife, she -- she can't even look at me.

Abe: You know, you didn't cavalierly choose to keep something from her. You didn't want to alarm her. Just explain it. That's all.

Bo: It's too late.

Hope: Right now, you need to focus on yourself, on getting better.

Kayla: Hope --

Hope: Please, Bo's your brother.

Kayla: Bo? This is about Bo? Talk to me, hope. What?

Hope: The accident -- the accident that he had before Christmas...

Kayla: When he fell off that ladder?

Hope: Yeah. Ever since, he's been having... these visions.

Kayla: "Visions"?

Hope: Yeah, they're like premonitions. And he had one of me and you. He saw what was gonna happen. He saw the shooting.

Kayla: What?

Hope: He kept it from me. He didn't tell me. He thought -- he thought I wouldn't take him seriously.

Kayla: So he's keeping these visions to himself?

Hope: No, he told someone else.

Sister Theresa: Of course you'll see Rafe again if he promised he'd come back. Why are you so sad, dear? What's gotten you so upset?

Sami: It's just the last couple of months...

Sister Theresa: Go on.

Sami: Well, w-when he first came, we drove each other crazy. You know, we were making each other mad, but then -- then I think we became friends, and... I mean, it's not like we don't still have our moments, but he -- he's always so caring and he's funny and he...takes care of me. He's always there for me. I guess I've gotten used to it.

Nicole: My baby -- is she okay?

Lexie: Sydney's fine. We've intubated her, regulated her breathing, but we're keeping her on a ventilator.

Nicole: For how long?

Lexie: Until we know exactly what's wrong.

Nicole: You don't know yet?

Lexie: Nicole, we will figure this out. I promise you. Excuse me.

Nicole: But wait. Wait. I can't wait. I need to know now. I need answers now.

E.J.: Sweetheart, I'm sure the doctors are doing everything possible.

Nicole: But that's not good enough. It's not good enough.

E.J.: Sweetheart, shh, shh.

Nicole: My baby. My life will be over without her. She's my life.

E.J.: It's gonna be okay.

Kayla: No. Bo told you?

Steve: Told me what?

Kayla: About what he saw, a-about the shooting.

Steve: [Clears throat] Hope, could you give us a couple minutes alone?

Hope: Sure.

Steve: Thanks.

Hope: Love you, Kay.

Kayla: I love you.

[Door closes] Well?

Steve: Yeah, I knew about Bo's vision.

Kayla: And you didn't tell me about it?

Steve: Kayla, listen, we --

Kayla: What's the matter with you?

Stephanie: So, I'm free to walk away, huh? That's good to know. I do relish my freedom.

Philip: I'm not gonna change who I am for you.

Stephanie: Right, 'cause you're a straight shooter -- what you see is what you get.

Philip: And you obviously don't like what you've seen.

Stephanie: Come on. What's not to like? I mean, so you're a ruthless bastard. No one's perfect.

Philip: So I guess it's over then.

Stephanie: Is that what you want?

Philip: Hey, you're the one who's angry.

Stephanie: Don't I have a right to be?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, you have a right to a lot of things. One of which is to pack me in.

Stephanie: [Chuckles] My God, that is what you want.

Philip: What?

Stephanie: That's the second time you've given me permission to break up with you.

Philip: Just pointing out your options.

Stephanie: You think I don't know them? I'm not an idiot.

Philip: I'm sorry. I just --

Stephanie: You just have no respect for me.

Philip: [Chuckles] I have no respect for you? Isn't it kind of the opposite right now? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you just call me a heartless bastard?

Stephanie: Philip...I don't want to end this. I meant what I said about falling in love with you.

Philip: It's the fantasy of me, an idealized version. You want me to be someone I'm not.

Stephanie: No, I want you to be...someone I know you can be, someone who is capable of making the right decision without hurting anyone.

Philip: And if I'm not capable of that?

Stephanie: Then it won't work for us, and I will end this.

Max: So, what is it, Mel? The reason why you're trying to get a rise out of Philip, stir things up. You're not in love with him, are you? I mean, you want to settle down and have a few mogul babies?

Melanie: Oh, you're a riot.

Max: Yeah. It's true, though, isn't it?

Melanie: I'm not in love with anybody. Although it's not out of the question. He's not exactly hard to look at, and he's rich -- filthy.

Max: So, what do you think's gonna happen, hmm? He's just gonna get married to you so he can keep the project at Titan? 'Cause he sure as hell doesn't have any feelings for you.

Melanie: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Max: Okay, so let me get this straight -- he's seeing Stephanie and he's secretly in love with you?

Melanie: Stephanie and Philip are a temporary deal. They're boring together. She's too serious for him, too schoolteachery.

Max: What?

Melanie: I, on the other hand, have everything that he wants -- beauty and brains and wit and charm and, of course, the fuels project.

[Chuckles] So like it or not, Max, I'm gonna go through with this. I'm gonna play E.J. against Philip and it's going to be a rip-roaring success.

Max: Not for you, it's not.

E.J.: Can I get you something? How about some water, some tea?

Nicole: Yeah, tea.

E.J.: Okay.

Brady: Hey.

Nicole: Oh. I did this to her, Brady.

Brady: What?

Nicole: Sydney...the baby -- it's my fault.

Steve: Sweetness, listen -- when Bo told me, he was skeptical. He was still confused. He didn't know if it was real or not, and so what we did was we both agreed to keep you and hope apart. And at the same time --

Kayla: At the same time what? What was the risk in telling me, of telling hope? Look at the risk that you took by not telling me and keeping it to yourself. God, Steve.

Steve: You're right, baby. It was stupid. What can I do to make it up to you? I'll do anything.

Bo: Feeling any better?

Hope: I'm not concerned about me. I'm concerned about Kayla.

Bo: Yeah, I -- look, I did something. I probably should have talked to you about it first, but I wanted to surprise you. Maybe this isn't the best time for a surprise.

Hope: What is it? Plane tickets?

Bo: Yeah, to Hawaii. You know, you've always wanted to go back there, and...I checked around and got this great deal with the tickets and the hotel. We'd be staying at the Maui prince.

Hope: I'm sorry. I can't.

Bo: Fine, that's okay. You know, we got time to think about it. It's not until the week after next.

Hope: I'm not gonna want to go the week after next, either.

Bo: Because you can't forgive me.

Hope: Or myself.

Bo: Hope, you shouldn't --

Hope: Don't. Please stop. Don't pressure me to get over this.

Bo: All I was gonna say --

Hope: You treated your vision -- just don't say anything. You treated your vision like a joke. Don't treat me like one. Do you understand? You will not dismiss my feelings. Never again.

Rafe: Huh. Hey.

Sister Theresa: You looking for Sami?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sister Theresa: She took Grace for a stroll around the convent grounds.

Rafe: Oh. All right, well, thanks.

Sister Theresa: I'm glad you're back, Rafe. Sami wasn't exactly overjoyed that you left without telling her.

Rafe: Yeah, I figured she might not be.

Sister Theresa: I had to insist that she get out, get some air, try to stop obsessing about you.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Well, she's gonna have to get used to me not being around.

Sister Theresa: I detect a note of sadness in your voice. Well, how did the meeting with your boss go?

Rafe: Actually, uh, yeah, that was a complete disaster.

Brady: What do you mean that it's your fault?

Nicole: How can you ask me that? Look what I've done.

Brady: Come on. Now's not the time. You need to just focus on the baby. That's all.

Nicole: "The baby." You can't even say "your baby."

Brady: Nicole, come on.

Nicole: Because she's not -- she's someone else's. Don't you see what's going on here? I'm being punished, which is why my baby is fighting for her life.

Philip: Melanie had a deal with us, and she broke it. If I let her get away with that, not only will Titan lose millions, but my father will fire my ass. And I wouldn't blame him.

Stephanie: Fine. If that's your goal in life, to please your father --

Philip: My goal is to do what needs to get done!

Stephanie: And to hell with right and wrong?

Philip: Maybe what you think the right thing is, is different than what I think the right thing is. You ever think about that?

Melanie: You are such a supportive brother. You know, your faith in me gives me faith in myself.

Max: It's not you that I don't have faith in. It's the other players. E.J. -- He's a shark in a suit, and Philip is just as dangerous.

Melanie: I need you on my side.

Max: I am on your side. I am. That's why I don't want you to get involved with the DiMeras and the Kiriakises, all right? You're a minor-league player in a major-league game.

Melanie: I am not a minor-league anything. And I will prove that to you when this plan works.

Max: All right, short stuff, well, if it doesn't and if Philip doesn't fold neatly into your grand little plan, then what?

Melanie: It's simple -- I get him or I take him down.

Bo: I wish you wouldn't be so hard on yourself.

Hope: I never should have dropped my weapon. That's the first thing you learn at the academy and I ignored it like a damn rookie. You hold on to your weapon. That's priority number one.

Bo: If you had held onto your gun, Kayla -- that lunatic would have killed Kayla.

Hope: I can't stop thinking about all the things I could have done differently.

Bo: Well, that's how you drive yourself crazy.

Hope: I made all the wrong decisions, Brady.

Bo: That is absolutely not true. Look at me. I will not stand here and let you do this to yourself. Look at me. If you need to blame someone, blame me. I'm the one responsible. What? Just -- what can I do to help? Just tell me.

Hope: There's nothing you can do. There was, but there's nothing you can do now.

Brady: God would not punish an innocent baby.

Nicole: What, are you an expert on God now?

Brady: Nicole, things happen. It's just -- it's just random.

Nicole: That's comforting. Things are random.

Brady: You know what I mean. No one's to blame here.

Nicole: Now that I know -- I know what it feels like to love. Because if Sydney dies, I don't want to live anymore.

Steve: Tell me what I can do, Kayla. You want me to quit the detective business? I will...if that's what you want. If that'll make you happy, you just say the word.

Kayla: Just hold me. Careful.

Steve: Easy. I got you, baby.

Kayla: Look, I-I'm the one that works in a hospital and look what happened to me. I was the one that was in danger, not you.

Steve: When I thought I might lose you...

Kayla: Shh, shh, shh.

Steve: ...I just didn't know what I was gonna --

Kayla: You didn't. I'm here.

[Sniffles] I'm fine. And I am just so grateful to be alive.


Hope: I need to, um -- I need to make some changes, kind of, you know, get perspective on what happened.

Bo: What kind of changes?

Hope: I've given this a lot of thought, and I have, um -- I'm gonna move in with my dad and Julie for a little while.

Bo: Over at Mrs. H's?

Hope: I just need a little time to think.

Bo: Okay. Well, you can think here at home.

Hope: No, by -- by myself.

Bo: You won't be by yourself. You'll be with Doug and Julie.

Hope: No, they're away on a trip.

Bo: What about Ciara?

Hope: I'll take her with me.

Bo: Do I not have a say in this?

Hope: Bo, please.

Bo: What?

Hope: I need to do this. Please try to understand.

Bo: I don't understand, so help me out here.

Hope: I-I-I'm gonna go start packing.

Bo: What the hell, h--

Hope: Bo, please. This is hard on me, too.

Rafe: Yeah, my boss. Um, well, see, he knows about the events which lead up to the mayor's killer ending up dead, but I sort of glossed over what happened to me. I didn't want to make myself out to be the victim.

Sister Theresa: Rafe, from what I know about the FBI, it seems highly unusual that you would still be guarding a young woman who no longer needs to be guarded.

Rafe: Yeah, that's right. You're exactly right, and that's, uh -- that's why I had to lie to him.

Sister Theresa: Put your entire career on the line, keeping the secret of Sami's pregnancy, the baby. You could lose everything, couldn't you?

Rafe: Yeah, well, now that you put it that way, I guess I could.

Sister Theresa: It's all for Sami, isn't it? 'Cause you care about her very deeply.

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Sister Theresa: That's why you're taking this risk.

E.J.: Careful, sweetheart. It's hot.

Nicole: [Sighs] Thank you.

E.J.: Any news on Sydney?

Nicole: Still nothing.

E.J.: Hmm. I think you can go, Brady.

Brady: I'd like to stay.

E.J.: Why? She doesn't need another shoulder to cry on.

Nicole: E.J.

E.J.: No. That's why you're staying, isn't it? You want to be supportive.

Nicole: For God sake, E.J. Our baby's sick.

E.J.: I'm well aware of that. Thank you. Now, why don't you tell me what's going on between the two of you?

Max: You know, a lot of people have gone up against the Kiriakises and fallen flat on their asses.

Melanie: Boohoo for them.

Max: Shrewd people, really smart people.

Melanie: As opposed to dumb, clueless ol' me?

Max: No, as opposed to naive and inexperienced you.

Melanie: Look, Max, I know you're worried about me, okay? And I know you're just trying to project me.

Max: Philip only wants the fuel project. That's it, all right?

Melanie: Fine, then I'll just use it as bait. And then he'll fall for me so hard, he'll forget why he pursued me in the first place.

Max: Yeah, well, that's totally reassuring, Mel.

Melanie: As long as you keep your mouth shut, everything will work out and I'll get what I want.

Stephanie: First you felt sorry for her and then you wanted to help her and now you want to destroy her?

Philip: Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge something you don't understand.

Stephanie: But I do, all too well.

Philip: Then let me put it another way. Maybe you shouldn't eavesdrop on my conversations and try interfering in my life.

Stephanie: Philip.

Philip: I didn't like that, and I don't like you thinking you should -- you should change me, reform me. I don't need to reform. And I definitely don't need someone around who thinks that they're better than me.

Bo: Hope, come on. This doesn't make any sense.

Hope: It does to me.

Bo: Well, fine. Explain it to me. What the hell is the point of this?

Hope: I don't know! I don't know. I don't know.

Bo: Well, you know what? I'll take a stab at it. You're taking off because you want to punish me. I didn't tell you about this vision 'cause I couldn't make sense of it, and you want to take off because you're so pissed at me, you can't see straight. You want to leave your home and your husband to go someplace else. That's okay. That's fine. 'Cause I'm doing just fine with all this. I don't -- I don't need my partner, so you go on. You take care of yourself. That's what matters here.

Hope: [Sniffles] I'll pick Ciara up at your mom's on my way to dad and Julie's. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Bo: It's --

Sami: Rafe? Oh. Sister Theresa told me you were back.

Rafe: Yeah. How's the little angel?

Sami: She's sleeping. Okay, why did you leave without saying goodbye to me and telling me where you were going, and how did your meeting go, and what did your boss say about us staying in the convent?

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy. One question at a time.

Sami: Just tell me.

Rafe: All right, well, I made the case that the killer may have been working with a partner.

Sami: And?

Rafe: And we can stay in the convent for a few more days.

Sami: Oh, thank you! [Chuckles] Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. Wait a second. Did I get you in trouble with your boss?

Rafe: No. What? No. Are you kidding? Completely, it's all good. He understands. No worries at all.

Brady: You want to know what's going on with Nicole and me? I'll tell you, E.J. Being her friend and being supportive -- it's part of a 12-step program. It's called closure.

E.J.: Is that right?

Brady: Yeah, it's about fixing relationships and mending relationships, that kind of thing.

E.J.: You're an idiot. Do you know that?

Nicole: E.J.

E.J.: Leave.

Brady: You'll let me know how Sydney's doing?

Nicole: Yeah, of course.

E.J.: That guy's a fool.

Nicole: No. That would be me.

E.J.: What are you talking about?

Nicole: Um, it's me. I'm the fool. I'm no good. Don't you see? I mean, I screw up everything -- everything I touch. You know what? It's -- it's not fair to you, E.J. I can't keep you in the dark, not anymore. I have to tell you everything.

Victor: It's 'cause you care about her, isn't it? God, there's something going on between you two.

Kayla: So, what is it? Is it Philip?

Stephanie: I think it's over.

Melanie: You and Stephanie broke up.

Philip: Yep.

Melanie: Over what?

Philip: You.

E.J.: How is she? How's Sydney?

Nicole: Is our baby gonna live?

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