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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09 - Canada; Wednesday 1/28/09 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Brady. I thought you left hours ago.

Brady: Yeah, I was supposed to.

Philip: What's going on? Turned your office into a gym? [Laughs]

Brady: That's actually not a bad idea.

Philip: Yeah. So, what are you doing? Just working late?

Brady: No, I'm finishing up. I'm actually gonna go play hoops with a client. A little one-on-one recession ball with Mr. Learner.

Philip: Watch his baseline jumper.

Brady: Will do. Hey, man, why don't you come along?

Philip: You're playing one-on-one.

Brady: We'll play horse.

Philip: I'm gonna have to pass, okay?

Brady: Why? What's going on with you?

Philip: I'm on a paper-trail hunt. Came by to look at a few things.

Brady: Is there a problem?

Philip: Serious.

Brady: What kind?

Philip: Melanie.

Melanie: [Giggles]

Max: You're in a good mood.

Melanie: Yes, I am. Scratch that -- great mood.

Max: Okay, did you, uh, win the lottery or something?

Melanie: Kind of.

Max: Are you gonna tell me what it is?

Melanie: Okay. First...tell me what you know about E.J. DiMera.

Nicole: Oh, God. You're here. Oh, my God, you're here.

Mia: The baby.

Nicole: Is perfect. An angel. Do you want to see her?

Mia: No.

Nicole: Oh.

Sami: What do you mean you can't?

Dr. Baker: We're not prepared. We don't have an O.R. Here.

Sami: You don't ha-- aah! Aah!

Dr. Baker: Listen to me, get her on oxygen, stat, and double the I.V. Fluid rate, okay?

Sami: Oh, God.

Dr. Baker: Stay with me. We're gonna do everything we can. Stay with me, Colleen.

Sami: I have a bad feeling about this.

Sister Theresa: It's all right. He's watching over you, my dear. Try to have faith.

Sami: [Breathing heavily] God, what if something happens?

Sister Theresa: Don't say that. Don't talk like that. Shh.

Sami: I can't. I can't.

Sister Theresa: Quiet. Quiet now. Your baby needs you to be calm and hopeful and...

Killer: I was gonna start killing off Sami's family members one by one like cows at a slaughterhouse?

Rafe: You're a sadistic son of a bitch. Then tell me where she is. It's a simple trade-off. You don't have the guts to do it.

Killer: No, see? That's -- that's where you're wrong. I will do it because it's what I do. And you know how I'm gonna start it off? With a two-for-one special.

Rafe: You stay away from them. You stay away from Sami's kids.

Dr. Baker: All right, you passed the peak now, all right? The contraction should be subsiding.

Sami: Oh, God. Oh, please.

Nurse Sue: The baby's having a late decel.

Sami: What? What does that mean?

Dr. Baker: It means you need to get this baby out now.

Sami: Just explain to me what's going --

Dr. Baker: Listen to me. Look at me, okay? The baby is not getting enough oxygen. You're dilated nine centimeters, you can push. I want you to get this baby out now.

Sami: Okay, I'll try. Okay.

Dr. Baker: Okay, all right. Here we go. You ready?

Sami: Yeah.

Dr. Baker: All right, here comes another one. Okay, ready? Now!

Sami: [Grunting]

Dr. Baker: That's it. Good. Good, keep pushing. Keep pushing, Colleen. Yes.

Sami: [Grunting] Is the baby okay? [Grunts] Answer me!

Brady: Melanie, huh? What has she done now?

Philip: What do you mean "now"? You know something I don't?

Brady: [Chuckling] Me?

Philip: You said it like she's done something already.

Brady: Philip, no. No, you're reading into it, okay? She's fine. She's fine with me, anyway.

Philip: Probably flirting her ass off, right?

Brady: Uh, no, actually. Should I be insulted by that?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, you should. You're probably the only guy in Salem she hasn't hit on yet.

Brady: [Laughs] Come on, man.

Philip: No, I mean it. Except her brother, maybe.

Brady: All right, listen, what -- what is going on with you?

Philip: It's the alternative-fuel project. Damn it!

Brady: What?!

Philip: E.J. DiMera. That son of a bitch is trying to steal Melanie and the biofuel project from Titan.

Brady: What?

Philip: Look at you, so shocked. Like it's unheard of -- a DiMera getting dirty in our backyard. Whoever would have thought?

Brady: All right, I know it's par for the course for the DiMeras, all right? But Melanie just jumping into bed with them? Come on. So to speak, Philip.

Philip: It may be for real.

Brady: How do you know about this anyway? Did Melanie tell you this?

Philip: Oh, yeah. 'Cause she's such an honest and forthright person.

Brady: I want to know who your source is.

Philip: That's confidential. But trust me, the Intel is solid. [Sighs] The point is, this patent could make our company billions. It's revolutionary. If we let this deal get away, we might as well post our résumés online.

Brady: So what do we do?

Philip: What do you think? We have to stop her.

Max: What the hell are you sniffing around about E.J.?

Melanie: It's business.

Max: Business.

Melanie: I'm networking.

Max: Mm-hmm. Give me a break.

Melanie: It's how people get ahead in life, Max. You meet people. You make connections.

Max: Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Melanie: Fine. Be a butthead. I'll go find out from somebody else.

Max: Oh, yeah, that'll be a snap, with all the loyal people you know in Salem. [Chuckles] I'm sure they're dying to help you out.

Melanie: Max! Can't you -- can't you just tell me like one tiny, little thing about E.J.?

Max: Not until you tell me why.

Melanie: Fine. I'm not really supposed to discuss this, but you are my brother, and I guess I should probably tell somebody... if you promise not to say anything.

Max: Won't leave the room.

Melanie: Max, I'm serious.

Max: So am I. It won't leave the room.

Melanie: Okay. E.J. went to the Cheatin' Heart 'cause he was looking for me.

Max: Okay. How did he know you were there?

Melanie: I don't really know. I'm not sure how he tracked me down.

Max: Guess he has his ways.

Melanie: Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, Nick told E.J. about the alternative-fuel project when E.J. was defending him, you know?

Max: Right.

Melanie: E.J. got really excited, naturally, and he wanted to find out more about it.

Max: From you.

Melanie: Well, I guess Nick told him I was the go-to person now for the project, but the best thing is -- E.J. is interested in funding the project. [Laughs] Isn't that awesome?

Max: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Don't you already have an agreement with Titan?

Melanie: Not really. I mean, that's more of a verbal, handshake kind of thing. I mean, besides, the more greedy hands reaching for it, the more money in the pot, right?

Max: I think it was Karl Marx who said that.

Melanie: Max, this is so cool. I mean, I knew the project had serious potential, but if E.J. wants to do business with me, that's huge.

Max: Yeah , but the burning question is -- what are you gonna do about your agreement with Titan?

Melanie: [Chuckles] All right, okay. I was thinking about initiating a bidding war between Philip's family and the DiMeras. Wouldn't that be so intense? [Laughs] Both parties fighting for the patent, bids getting higher and higher like eBay. Isn't that an awesome idea?

Max: You are in way over your head, Melanie.

Mia: Please move away.

Nicole: Okay. Oh, sweet baby. Mia... I'm sorry this is --

Mia: And don't -- don't talk to me.

Nicole: All right. Um...I won't. Can I just say one thing?

Mia: Only one.

Nicole: You were so brave, the way you got through this, giving birth to your beautiful little girl. And now you're gonna be even more brave, giving her a good life. You should be very proud of yourself. Mia, what's wrong?

Mia: I can't do this. I just can't.

Philip: I knew Melanie wasn't exactly the poster child for loyalty, but what did I do? I trusted her. I made a verbal agreement with one of the shiftiest persons on the planet.

Brady: You also worked out a multibillion-dollar deal, okay? Anybody would have overlooked her track record, Philip.

Philip: And where did that get us? Melanie is probably dying for some kind of bidding war. And I hate to think what E.J. DiMera is whispering in her ear. Well, it's not gonna happen. The patent stays with us.

Brady: Good. What do you need me to do?

Philip: Nothing. I just -- I got it. I know exactly how to get to Melanie.

Nicole: What do you mean you can't do this? Mia, of course you can. Because you know you're doing the right thing for her, for your baby.

Mia: My baby. She's mine.

Nicole: Mia.

Mia: She's been with me all this time, does she look like me?

Nicole: She, um... no. No, she -- she looks like a baby, you know they all kind of look the same when they're first born.

Mia: Still...I better not see her face or hold her, 'cause if I do, I...

Nicole: Mia, look, you remember, don't you? Why you decided to give her up?

Mia: Yeah, I guess.

Nicole: You're young. You have all the time in the world.

Mia: Hey, just stop. You said you were only gonna say one thing.

Nicole: I know. I'm sorry.

Mia: I don't want to hear about how young I am and that I have my whole life ahead of me or whatever. This isn't about me. This is about her. This is about doing what's right for her.

Nicole: Are you okay?

Mia: [Sighs] Yeah. I'm fine.

Nicole: Okay, you know, we need to get to the clinic and have Dr. Baker talk at you. Come on.

Mia: I'm not moving.

Nicole: All right, well, then, maybe we can have him send someone here.

Mia: I'm good. I swear. I just...need to rest.

Nicole: Right.

Mia: Nicole. Promise me, please. Promise me my baby will always be happy.

Nicole: I can't promise you that.

Killer: Tell me where Sami is or her kids die.

Rafe: [Chuckles] You just really have no idea what you're up against, do you?

Killer: Oh. Well, other than, uh, some cowboy fed who thinks he scares me, no, I guess I don't, so enlighten me. Who am I up against?

Rafe: One of Sami's kids is a DiMera. Yeah, so I figure if you just so much as lay a finger on one of Stefano DiMera's grandchildren, well, you may as well go pick out your headstone marker, pal.

Killer: You know, Sami Brady is the last loose ends from the mayor's hit. Now, until she's dealt with, I'm a walking dead man anyway.

Rafe: My heart's breaking for you.

Killer: Tell me where she is, or her kids die tonight.

Sami: Aah!

Dr. Baker: Come on, come on. You can do it, come on.

Sami: Aah!

Dr. Baker: Come on, harder. Come on.

Sami: Aah! I can't! God, why is this happening to me?! Why is God punishing me?!

Sister Theresa: Stop it. Stop it right now. Stop thinking about yourself and think about this poor baby. For God's sake, get this poor child out of you. Stop worrying about your sins and push like there is no tomorrow. Push.

Nurse Sue: Baby's heart rate's still dropping, doctor.

Sami: What's wrong with my baby?

Melanie: Okay, I see I shouldn't have come. I'm gonna ruin your day, and you're about to ruin mine so...

Max: Melanie, wait.

Melanie: Max, what?

Max: I don't want you to get hurt, all right? That's why I'm upset. I don't want anybody to take advantage of you.

Melanie: I'm not gonna let that happen. This project is important to me, Max. And it's kind of the only good thing Nick has going for him. I'm doing this for him, too. I promise. I kind of want him to have something nice to look forward to when he...y-- when he gets out.

Max: I know.

Melanie: You believe me, right?

Max: Yeah, I do. But this whole bidding-war business -- I don't like that.

Melanie: Oh, Max, people do it all the time.

Max: You have an agreement with Titan.

Melanie: Not really.

Max: Look, even though you didn't sign anything on paper, a verbal agreement is binding, too.

Melanie: Not if there's no written proof of it.

Max: do you think Philip's gonna feel when he finds out that you're shopping around his project? He gave you a job, remember?

Melanie: Yeah, I do remember. And then he treated me like dirt. He still does. I'm insecure enough without Philip following me around, telling me how big of a lowlife I am.

Max: You never told me he's treating you badly.

Melanie: Yeah. Gets a kick out of it or something. But this isn't about Philip and how he feels or what he thinks about me, okay? This is about putting my project in the right hands.

Max: Oh, okay. And it doesn't have anything to do with money, of course.

Melanie: Well, yeah. I mean, it's a little bit about money. About who has more of it -- E.J. or Philip. Max, I can handle this.

Max: Hmm. But can you handle him?

Mia: What do you mean you won't?

Nicole: Make a promise that I can't keep. Like telling you that your little girl will always be happy.

Mia: I get it. Because no one's always happy. I should have said it different. I should have said promise me you will always love my baby.

Nicole: I do promise that.

Mia: I just -- I can't help but think, "Will she ever forgive me?"

Nicole: Mia, you are not abandoning her. You are giving her up because you're giving her opportunities that you don't have... just like you said. So...she's waiting for you... to say the word so she can have the life that she deserves.

Mia: [Sniffles]

Nicole: Are you gonna do that? Because the longer you wait, the harder it's gonna be. So will you let me...take her? Will you... will you give your little girl to me?

Killer: Do you believe in heaven and hell, Hernandez? You know, the devil, God, all that? I bet you're a religious man. Probably think angels will be waiting for you at the pearly gates with open arms when it's your time to go, right?

Rafe: Oh, wow. You really like to hear yourself talk, don't you?

Killer: What? What, you don't like hearing me talk? I'm insulted, frankly.

Rafe: Why don't you do yourself a favor then?

Killer: What? Turn myself in? Clean up my act?

Rafe: Why don't you leave innocent people alone?

Killer: "Innocent people"? "Innocent people." You see, I don't see things that way. In my book, nobody is innocent.

Rafe: Yeah, well, that's the book that you read.

Killer: No, no, no, no. Not true. There's a lot of people out there like me.

Rafe: Yeah, right. Yeah, I m getting that. You're just your average, everyday sociopath -- void of compassion, narcissistic. What is that they say about the banality of evil? You are like a textbook case, my friend.

Killer: So... which one of the twins should I kill first?

Sami: Aah!

Dr. Baker: That's it. That's it. That's it! Now, another one just like it, okay, Colleen? What do we got here? What do we got?

Sami: What? What does that mean? What is going on with my baby?

Dr. Baker: You need to breathe deep and just focus. We are gonna deliver this baby now.

Sami: Aah!

Dr. Baker: I need forceps.

Nurse Sue: Doctor.

Dr. Baker: Forceps, now.

Sami: Please, please, just save my baby, whatever you have to do to save my baby.


Philip: Hey, Max. How's it going?

Max: Philip.

Philip: Hope I'm not interrupting.

Melanie: No. Me and Max were just talking about nothing in particular.

Max: Right.

Philip: I was hoping I'd find you here.

Melanie: Oh, well, I guess dreams do come true.

Philip: Have you got a minute?

Melanie: Everything okay?

Philip: Would you mind if we spoke in private?

Max: No problem. If you need me, I'll be --

Melanie: Yeah, I-I know.

Philip: Shall we sit?

Melanie: Ah, yeah.

Philip: So.

Melanie: So. [Chuckles] What's the story, Philip? You look kind of nervous.

Philip: [Sighs] Actually...I'm a little embarrassed.

Melanie: Of -- of what?

Philip: The reason I tracked you down.

Melanie: Oh! See, I was under the impression that this was a chance meeting.

Philip: I mean, I wasn't sure you were here I just -- actually, I saw your car parked outside the pub and I just decided to stop in.

Melanie: I'm flattered?

Philip: [Chuckles] Truth is, I didn't want to eat ale.

Melanie: Oh. [Chuckles] Well, that's not embarrassing. That's kind of sweet.

Philip: [Laughs] Sweet, huh?

Melanie: Yeah. In fact, that's -- that's the first word I'd use to describe you.

Philip: I bet. Anyway, I thought since you were here, we have a few things to iron out with the biofuel project, why not? I hope that's okay.

Melanie: Yeah. Yeah. [Chuckles] We should -- we need -- ah, we need to talk about the project. Only --

Philip: But what?

Melanie: I, um -- I have someplace I have to be.

Philip: Right now?

Melanie: Yeah, and I, um -- I am late, so we're gonna -- we're gonna talk about this tomorrow, okay?

Philip: Tomorrow? When?

Melanie: Bye, Max. Thanks for everything.

Max: Don't mention it. What are you having?

Philip: What is your problem, Max?

Max: You. I want you to stay away from my sister.

Rafe: You showed me that already.

Killer: Well, I thought you needed a reminder. Yeah, you guys run a real tight outfit here, don't you? I'd rather be protected by a troupe of 10-year-old ballerinas. Seriously, amigo. I guess resources are tight for everybody right now, huh, even the bureau? Oh, well. So, what's it gonna be, Agent Hernandez? Are you ready to sing? Look, all I have to do is text my friend and they're dead, so I'm gonna give you one last chance to tell me where that bitch is.

Mia: Yeah. You can take her. She'll be better with you.

Nicole: Thank you. You know what? We really should get you to the clinic, like I said, so Dr. Baker can look at you.

Mia: No, I'm fine. All I want to do is, like, sleep for 10 years.

Nicole: Are you sure you're okay?

Mia: I've -- I've go some cramps, but, yeah, I feel okay, except for being really, really tired. But, I mean, there's -- there's no bleeding or anything.

Nicole: Okay, well, if you're sure, then... because if there's a problem, I'm not gonna leave you.

Mia: I'm fine. I swear.

Nicole: Well, you have my cell number if you need me. All right, then, I, uh -- I'll go and let you get some rest.

Mia: Nicole. Thank you for taking care of her. You're gonna be a great mom. I can tell. Bye, baby girl.

Philip: Oh, wow. That's really scary, Max.

Max: I m glad you're amused.

Philip: [Laughs] You do this a lot, don't you? Coming to people's rescue, telling people to stay away from other people.

Max: I know how you treat her, Philip. And I also see what you're trying to do.

Philip: What I'm trying to do?

Max: Yeah, and it's not gonna work, all right? Melanie is smart enough to see when someone's playing her.

Philip: Oh. I get it. This is about me dating your ex-girlfriend.

Max: And that's a non sequitur.

Ph lip: That's what this is about, isn't it? Me and Stephanie.

Max: If this was about Stephanie, I'd let you know, trust me. But this is about my sister.

Philip: Who is a very assertive and independent young woman you should let her speak for herself.

Max: She does, and she will. But that does not mean you will not hear it from me, too.

Philip: I think not.

Max: I know how important Nick's fuel project is to Titan, and I also know that you and Victor will do anything to ensure that it never leaves there.

Philip: Well, look who's up on all the latest facts.

Max: [Chuckles] I'm telling you to back off. Treat my sister with respect or I will personally make sure that she leaves Titan and takes the patent with her. Are we clear?

Melanie: Kind of nice out here at night.

Brady: Yeah, especially when it's not 10 below, huh?

Melanie: [Chuckles] I was spying on you. Sorry about that.

Brady: [Chuckles] You were spying on me?

Melanie: What were you thinking about? You were, um, lost in thought, as they say.

Brady: Yeah. Honestly, I was thinking about my dad.

Melanie: Your dad's John Black, right?

Brady: Yeah.

Melanie: I heard about what happened. I'm so sorry.

Brady: Thanks.

Melanie: He's gonna get better. You'll see. Anyway, I can kind of relate. My father was taken from me unexpectedly.

Brady: What happened?

Melanie: Uh, he was murdered a couple months ago.

Brady: Oh, my God.

Melanie: He wasn't the best father in the world, but you only get one, right?

Brady: God, I'm sorry. I should be the one saying sorry. My father's alive. I have nothing to complain about.

Melanie: You're not complaining. You're just grieving for a father you once loved who's not here right now. There's nothing wrong with that.

Killer: So, what's it gonna be, hero? You want to let the kids die? Talk. Tell me where Sami is. Or should I text my man over at the pub?

Rafe: All right, all right! All right.

Killer: Tell me where she is!

Rafe: I will! Okay? I will tell you.

Sister Theresa: You're -- you're doing it. Yes! Just one more.

Sami: Aah!

Dr. Baker: The baby's crowning, Colleen. We're almost there.

Sami: Aah!

Nicole: Oh. Look at you. You're just a baby yourself. Oh, yeah, let's see your mommy. Ooh. Just hope you don't regret what you've done. That you -- you don't think about her too much. This precious little girl. But of course you will. How could you not? Hey. Thank you, Mia... for giving me and E.J. a baby we can love. Thank you. Hey. Oh. Look at you, huh? We made it. I love you. Yes, I do. I do.

Philip: A you threatening me, Max?

Max: However you want to look at it, Philip.

Philip: Is there another way?

Max: I'm telling you to stay away from my sister.

Philip: Oh, is that what you're telling me? I mean, I know you said it several times, but I'm a little slow on the uptake.

Max: She told me that you're a jerk to her and you treat her like crap.

Philip: Really? Really? Did she also tell you that I gave her a job when no one else would? That I treated her damn well until she started acting up with me? Doesn't it occur to you, Max, that your sister alienates -- no, correction -- pisses off practically everyone she comes in contact with?

Max: Are you done with your little tirade?

Philip: I'm done with you.

Max: You heard what I said, Philip. Don't mess with my sister. Otherwise I will personally make sure that she leaves Titan and takes that patent with her.

Guy: Hey, Max, this came for you earlier. I signed for it.

Max: Thank you. Thank you.

Guy: Hey, everything okay?

Max: Yeah. No, yeah, it's fine. It's fine, man.

Guy: Okay.

Max: Thanks.

Guy: Yep.

Max: Who sent this?

Brady: Anyway, enough about me. I want to hear more about you.

Melanie: There's not really much to know.

Brady: Well, here we are -- we've been working together pretty closely for a couple weeks now. It's the first time I've heard about your dad, Melanie.

Melanie: Philip didn't tell you anything?

Brady: No, he didn't. And I can't even fathom what it would be like to... my God, to lose your father that way.

Melanie: He wasn't a saint. But, um, he -- he loved me in his own -- in his own special way.

Brady: I'm sure that he did.

Melanie: I mean, he had to have, right, leaving me his half of the fuel project? It almost, uh... it almost made up for what he did. And that's why I've got to do everything in my power to make sure this project is a success. It's my only shot, a chance at redemption, and I'm -- I'm not gonna blow it.

Killer: Where is she? No. You got to be kidding me. She's at the convent.

Nicole: Yeah? Hi. [Chuckles] Oh. You are by far the loveliest thing I have ever seen. Did you know that? Hmm? Yeah. Those sweet lips. Those incredible little fingers. Look at those. [Chuckles] I wonder if Sami's had her baby. Well, we should go find out, huh, precious one? Hmm? You know, you're everything I ever wanted. You're beautiful, miraculous, perfect, and I love you, and I know E.J. is gonna love you, too. I just wish that... I wish that you really were our baby. E.J.'s baby. Okay, you hold on. Go for a ride. Hold on.

Mia: My baby.

Killer: So, that's where she is. The convent. All this time, right under my nose.

Rafe: You're dead wrong, man.

Killer: Yeah, and you're a lousy liar.

Rafe: Look, all right, I told you --

Killer: Look, I know she's there. I can see it all over your face. Well, now that I know where she is, I have no use for you. Tough luck, Agent Hernandez.

Sami: [Grunting]

Dr. Baker: Come on, just one more push.

Sami: I ca-- I can't.

Sister Theresa: Don't talk, honey. Concentrate. You've done this before.

Dr. Baker: I can see the baby's head.

Sister Theresa: You're doing great. It's almost over.

Dr. Baker: Come on, Colleen. Just one last push.

Sami: Aah!

Dr. Baker: Yes! Oh. Oh, Colleen. It's -- it's a beautiful baby girl.

Sami: [Laughs] It's a girl. It's a girl. Oh, let me see her. What's wrong? Doctor, why isn't she crying? What's happening? What's wrong with my baby? What's happening?

Kate: Something or someone has got to you.

Daniel: Damn it, Kate, will you just shut up?

Chloe: Remember when you warned me not to hurt Lucas? I have a confession to make.

Sami: I know why he was scared. He's scared because she's gonna die.

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