Days Transcript Monday 1/26/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/26/09 - Canada; Tuesday 1/27/09 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: It belongs to my girlfriend, if you must know.

Killer: You got her knocked up, huh? Be a shame you never got to see your kid. Your first?

Rafe: Yeah.

Killer: Yeah, it'd be a damn shame. But that's what's gonna happen... if you don't start talking.

Rafe: [Inhales sharply]

Kille: Now, I'm gonna pull the trigger and find her anyway, only you won't be around anymore to run to her rescue.

Rafe: All right. I'll talk.

Killer: Yeah, I figured you might. So where is the little bitch?

Sami: Are you really threatening me?

Sister Theresa: I will call 911 if you step even one foot outside this door.

Sami: 911?

Sister Theresa: I consider it my sacred duty to protect you and this child. Surely you don't want anything happening to your --

Sami: Oh, of course I don't want anything to happen to my baby. I'm doing all this to protect him or her, but Rafe is in trouble, and it's my fault. And if I don't do something to help him, he's -- [Gasps]

Sister Theresa: Samantha, my dear, what is it?

Sami: Oh! I think I'm hav-- I'm having the baby. [Gasping]

Dr. Baker: Answer me, Nicole. What are you up to now? Why would a nun be calling me?

[Cellphone ringing]

Nicole: Hold that thought. Hello.

Mia: Hey, it's me.

Nicole: Hey, Mia. Look, can I call you back? I'm in the middle of something.

Mia: Yeah, so am I.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Mia: I'm in labor.

Nicole: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Dr. Baker: What's going on?

Nicole: The baby. She's in labor.

Dr. Baker: Well, then she needs to be here. Now.

Nicole: Okay, you sit tight. I'm coming to get you.

Mia: Hurry!

Nicole: 15 minutes, all right? Everything's gonna be fine. I promise.

Mia: [Crying]

Nicole: Oh, I'm on my way! I'm on my way! Oh, it's showtime! Oh!

Daniel: Chloe.

Chloe: Hi.

Daniel: Hey. I thought you were, um -- I thought you were headed home.

Chloe: I was, but Lucas left me a message to meet him here. So...

Daniel: Uh, Chloe, wait. Wait. You know, when you left, you -- you didn't really say goodbye.

Chloe: Yeah, well, you were on the phone.

Daniel: Yeah. Have you changed your mind about -- about us?

Chloe: No. But Lucas can't find out, not until Kate's better and Allie has her mom back, okay?

Kate: Well, hello, you two.

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: Hi, Kate. Hi.

Kate: Okay. Is one of you two gonna tell me what's going on?

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Philip: Time to clock out.

Stephanie: Maybe for the C.E.O., but I have a memo to finish.

Philip: I don't want to pull rank here, but if you don't turn that thing off right now, you're fired.

Stephanie: You're gonna fire me? I don't think you'd do that 'cause who would do the coffee runs?

Philip: She does make a good point.

Stephanie: I have to focus here, okay?

Philip: You'll be more focused in the morning.

Stephanie: Philip!

Philip: What? I don't get it.

Stephanie: Get what?

Philip: I thought you were dying for your surprise.

Stephanie: That's what this is about.

Philip: Yeah. I made dinner reservations at Spiaggia, and I thought we'd hit this wine bar in Lincoln Park. It's supposed to be the hottest place in town, from what I hear.

Stephanie: Lincoln Park, as in Chicago?

Philip: Yes, ma'am. I got the jet fueled up and ready to go. So, what do you say? Will you blow off work for me?

Stephanie: Uh... I'm sorry, Philip. I can't do that.

Sami: [Exhales deeply]

Sister Theresa: Are you sure it's not a false alarm?

Sami: Sister, I have had three children, and this is -- [Gasping] Yeah, yeah. No, they're coming really close together. This is definitely the real thing.

[Breathing rhythmically]

Nicole: Mia!

Mia: Oh, thank God you're here. [Gasping]

Nicole: Everything's gonna be fine. Just -- just take a deep breath. Breathe deep.

Mia: I'm scared, Nicole. What if something goes wrong?

Nicole: No, no, no, no. Nothing -- nothing's gonna go wrong. Have you timed your contractions?

Mia: One minute apart.

Nicole: Oh, God.

Mia: That's bad, isn't it? Nicole, say something.

Nicole: No, no, no. It's just that we don't have a lot of time. We got to get you to Dr. Baker. Come on, let's go. Get up.

Mia: [Crying] No, another one. They're coming even faster now.

Nicole: Put your arms around me, please.

Mia: No, I can't! I'm not going anywhere!

Nicole: Come on.

Chloe: I was just telling Daniel about my argument with Lucas and how bad I feel about everything.

Kate: He's upset, too. He's distraught.

Chloe: So, how are you feeling, Kate?

Kate: Me? I feel great. I feel good. I actually visited a health club today and worked out on the treadmill. Don't worry, I didn't do my usual routine. It was just a mile at a very reasonable pace.

Daniel: One mile?

Kate: Yeah.

Daniel: Well, it's good to know you're not pushing yourself too hard.

Kate: I went by your apartment again.

Chloe: Well, I'm sure Lucas is wondering where I am, so if you'll excuse me.

Daniel: So, you -- you stopped by my apartment again?

Kate: Yeah. I knocked, but there wasn't an answer. Maybe you weren't there.

Daniel: No. No, I-I was.

Kate: Oh. Maybe you didn't hear me knock. Doesn't really matter, though. I decided not to bother you. I know I don't like people dropping in on me unexpectedly. That's for sure. Anyway, um... you're here now, so we can talk.

Daniel: Talk. About?

Kate: You and me.

Chloe: Flower. My angel, I am so glad that daddy brought you.

Lucas: Hey.

Chloe: Hey.

Lucas: Chloe, I need to know. Are we okay?

Chloe: No, Lucas. We're not.

Allie: For you.

Chloe: It's for me?

Sister Theresa: That clinic I told you about is nearby. I'll -- I'll call the doctor. Where did I put the card?

Sami: No. No, we have to find Rafe first.

Sister Theresa: Samantha, I know you're worried, but this isn't the time to send out a search party.

Sami: But, come on, something could have happened to him. What if the killer has him? What if he's hurt?

Sister Theresa: You mustn't think that. Our heavenly father is watching over him.

Sami: Oh, he really did a great job watching Hilda.

Sister Theresa: We must make sure that no one sees you.

Sami: Okay, no. We can't. What if I'm gone when Rafe comes back? What if I'm not here? He'll freak out. He'll -- aah!

Sister Theresa: We'll -- we'll write him a letter. We'll leave it with Sister Mary Margaret.

Sami: [Gasping] Okay. Okay. What's the name of that place?

Sister Theresa: The card. I'm still looking for it.

Sami: No. Never mind. Never mind. They'd just sit on top of each other. Just call the doctor 'cause I need to get there right now. [Breathing rhythmically]

Killer: You got a hearing problem, ace? I said, where is Sami Brady?

Rafe: Why don't you check under the bed? [Grunts] [Chuckles] See, the funny thing is I'm still not talking.

Killer: Okay. Then I guess it's time to play my trump card.

[Cellphone ringing]

Dr. Baker: Dr. Baker.

Nicole: It's Nicole. We have a problem.

Dr. Baker: Why? What's the problem?

Nicole: Her water broke, and her contractions are less than a minute apart.

Dr. Baker: Well, then why isn't she here?

Nicole: She won't move. She's in too much pain. She's too scared. I don't -- I don't know what to do.

Dr. Baker: Hold on. I've got another call.

Nicole: What? No!

Dr. Baker: Hello. Dr. Baker.

Sister Theresa: Yes, this is Sister Theresa O'Malley. I'm calling from the Holy Cross Convent.

Dr. Baker: Yes, sister. What can I do for you?

Sister Theresa: Uh, well, uh, one of your patients gave me this number.

Sami: [Moaning]

Sister Theresa: Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

Dr. Baker: Are you in need of a doctor?

Sister Theresa: Not me, no. A young woman just went into labor here, and I know this is short notice, but --

Dr. Baker: No problem, sister. Just bring her in.

Sister Theresa: Thank you, and God bless you. We'll be there shortly.

Dr. Baker: Okay. Hello.

Nicole: Hello. Gosh, what took you so long?

Dr. Baker: Listen, you know that nun that you were calling me about?

Nicole: That was her?

Dr. Baker: Yeah, she just called and said she's bringing in a woman who's in labor.

Nicole: Oh, my God. It's happening. It's all coming together.

Dr. Baker: What -- what's coming together? What are you talking about?

Mia: [Crying]

Nicole: Oh, is she coming in now, as in now now?

Dr. Baker: Now now, like they're on their way.

Mia: Oh, my God! It's happening! The baby -- I'm having the baby now!

Philip: You're turning me down?

Stephanie: You, no. Chicago, yes.

Philip: Why not Chicago?

Stephanie: Look, it's not that I don't appreciate what you're doing. It's just you don't need to try so hard.

Philip: I don't get it. What do you mean?

Stephanie: I don't need a hipster wine bar or fancy restaurant for you to impress me. I just sounded really ungrateful, didn't I?

Philip: No, no, really.

Stephanie: I'm just gonna shut up.

Philip: It's fine. I get it.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. Forget I said anything.

Philip: No, really. I'm learning things here. Let's see, no wine bars. No expensive five-star restaurants.

Stephanie: Philip.

Philip: What? What, I'm taking notes to spare myself the humiliation next time.

Stephanie: Now you're making me feel bad.

Philip: Okay. So, if we did have the perfect date, what would that entail?

Stephanie: We can start like this.

Lucas: So, we're not okay?

Chloe: Here you go.

Lucas: There you go. Put your feet down. There you go.

Chloe: I just... I meant... I'm not over it.

Lucas: So, you're still mad.

Chloe: I'm mad at myself for overreacting, and I'm sorry.

Lucas: I don't blame you for being upset. I would be upset, too. But we can't let Sami keep pulling this number on us. I mean, I love you. That's why I want to marry you. That's why I gave you that ring. I'm not trying to make excuses. And I know you've heard this before, but Sami and I have children together. I have to take some responsibility for that. If I didn't, I'd be a big jerk, wouldn't I?

Chloe: I'm the one who feels like a jerk. I was just so excited about that trip. And then when I heard you couldn't go because of Sami... it was just selfish and immature, and I'm sorry. And I hope you can forgive me.

Lucas: Of course. I already have.

Chloe: I know that Sami will always be a part of your life, just like this little cutie will be.

Lucas: She's not the only cutie at this table.

Kate: I know it's kind of awkward the way I ended things so abruptly.

Daniel: No, Kate, I understand why you felt we shouldn't be together. Your family is your priority right now. I respect that. I just -- I want you to be happy.

Kate: I am... because my children are happy. Lucas is getting married. You know, I always worried the most about Lucas. He made some really questionable choices in life, especially when it came to women. But now I think he has found the right one. Wouldn't you agree?

Daniel: I do. Yeah.

Kate: When you look at little Allie, she just lights up when she looks at Chloe. I think the three of them together make the perfect little family, don't you agree?

Daniel: Yeah.

Kate: I'm gonna go in there and give all three of them a hug. Would you care to join me?

Daniel: No. No, I got to make a phone call.

Kate: Thank you for being so understanding. [She leaves]

Victor: You want what Lucas has, don't you?

Daniel: Why would I want what Lucas has?

Victor: Oh, a relationship, a family. That's all I meant. Am I wrong?

Daniel: No. No, I do want that... eventually.

Victor: Eventually.

Daniel: You trying to rush me?

Victor: No, not at all. I suppose it's just my way of asking you if you plan to stay here in Salem, you know, make it your home.

Daniel: Well, I -- I do plan to stay, yes. After living most of my life in a suitcase, I -- well, I finally feel like I found a place I belong.

Victor: Well, sounds like you do want to settle down.

Daniel: [Chuckles] You're doing it again.

Victor: Yes, I suppose I am.

Daniel: It's okay. It's just because you care. I know that.

Victor: You'll find the right woman, Daniel.

Daniel: I don't know. You know, sometimes I think that, uh... they're all taken.

Kate: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I have to get a picture of this. Okay, okay. Lucas, Chloe, look up.

Lucas: All right. All right. Hold on. All right, ready, go.

Kate: Yes. Ohh. That was a good one.

Caroline: Yay. Good job.

Rafe: Come on. Come on! [Grunting] [Bell tolls] You hang tight, Sami. I'm not gonna let that bastard lay a finger on you.


Sami: You're gonna miss it! Come here, look. It's over here now. [Chuckles] Tell me you didn't feel that.

Rafe: Okay, you know, I admit that when I first got this assignment, I wasn't too thrilled.

Sami: Really? I had no idea.

Rafe: But now I see the importance of it. Not only am I protecting a child but someone that I've grown to, uh...

Sami: To what?

Rafe: Care about, I guess. One way to put it.

Sami: Thanks. You have no idea how much that means to me.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: [Crying]

Sister Theresa: Oh, dear. How far apart are they now?

Sami: Uh, uh, they're close.

Sister Theresa: Put this on.

Sami: I'm sure they're very close.

Sister Theresa: All right. Hurry up, child. Got to get you to the doctor.

Sami: [Gasps] My water just broke.

Sister Theresa: Oh, Lord. Let's go.

Sami: Get me out of here!

Mia: Nicole!

Nicole: Look, I have to go. Just take care of that woman who's with the nun.

Mia: It hurts so bad.

Nicole: I know. I know. Just breathe, okay? Relax, and don't forget to breathe.

Mia: I am breathing!

Nicole: Okay, look, we need towels and -- and sheets.

Mia: We need a doctor!

Nicole: All right. Just, honey, we need to boil some water and -- somehow.

Mia: Get me Dr. Baker!

Nicole: Honey, listen, Dr. Baker is busy. We have to do this together.

Mia: No, we can't.

Nicole: Look, just -- just relax and think of positive thoughts like kittens and rainbows and such.

Mia: Please, Nicole, I can't do this without a doctor. Ow!

Nicole: Honey, look.

Mia: I'm so scared.

Nicole: I know. I know you're scared. But we don't have a choice. Do you trust me?

Mia: [Crying]

Nicole: Mia, do you trust me?

Mia: No, I don't! You can't deliver my baby!

Nicole: Look, I have just as much riding on this as you do, so stop yelling and breathe because I am bringing this baby into the world now, damn it.

Chloe: Sit you right next to your brother. Right here.

Kate: One more. One more.

Chloe: Yay! Smile.

Victor: You coming in?

Daniel: No, no. I got to get going. We'll talk soon.

Victor: Take care.

Daniel: You too.

Philip: This is your idea of a perfect date, peanut shells and pool tables?

Stephanie: I am trying to prove a point. It shouldn't matter where we are. It just matters that we're together.

Philip: Okay. I just feel a little overdressed. That's all.

Stephanie: You probably shouldn't have left your biker jacket in the car.

Philip: Ha! So tell me, why did you pick this place?

Stephanie: Good vibe. Laid back. Plus, they have a primo selection in tap beer.

Philip: Mm-hmm. It wasn't because Max works here?

Stephanie: No. But I think it's totally adorable that you're jealous.

Philip: I am not jealous. And I'm not adorable.

Stephanie: Oh, right. I forget. You have an aversion to certain adjectives. Okay. Nice...

Philip: What are you doing?

Stephanie: ...Cute, adorable. I have my own list, "things Philip doesn't like."

Philip: Oh, yeah? Why don't you write this down on your list? I don't really like the idea that your perfect date is where your ex-boyfriend works.

Stephanie: Not tonight he doesn't. I checked. And plus, being here has nothing to do with Max. I was just thinking that if we really want to get to know each other better, we should keep it "cas" -- kick back, drink some beer, maybe shoot a little pool.

Philip: You play pool.

Stephanie: I know. Shocking, right?

Philip: Well...

Stephanie: What do you say? Bets on the table.

Philip: I don't know if I would do that if I were you. I've got a pretty good game.

Stephanie: I'm always up for a challenge.

Philip: I'm not gonna take it easy on you just 'cause you're a girl. You know that, right?

Stephanie: And I'm not gonna take it easy on you just to spare your precious male ego.

Philip: [Chuckles] One thing, though. This was your idea tonight. I get to pick what the bet is.

Stephanie: What do you have in mind?

Philip: Rack them up. You'll see.

Sister Theresa: Doctor.

Dr. Baker: Sister Theresa?

Sister Theresa: This is Colleen.

Dr. Baker: Colleen, we're gonna take really good care of you.

Sami: Thank you. Please, room one. And Sue here will help you get changed. Thank you.

Sister Theresa: [Sighs] You're a lifesaver, doctor.

Dr. Baker: Yeah, it's what I do. I bring babies into the world.

Sister Theresa: I am so grateful that one of your patients recommended this clinic to us. It is truly a blessing that we found you.

Mia: [Crying]

Nicole: It's okay. You're doing great, Mia. Hang in there. Oh, my God! I can see the head!

Mia: Get it out of me!

Nicole: Push, Mia, push!

Mia: I can't!

Nicole: No, damn it, you can. You have to. You're the only one who can. Now, push!

Mia: [Shrieking]

Nicole: Thatagirl. Push! You can do it.

Stephanie: Ha! Not bad for a girl, huh, Kiriakis?

Philip: It ain't over yet.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. It will be after this next shot. Move. Eight ball, corner pocket.

Philip: I -- I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Stephanie: You know what? I have been doing just fine on my own, thank you very much.

Philip: Hold on a second. Just let me show you something. Look. You need to line it up differently, okay? Come over here. You see that? Now take the shot. Take it.

Stephanie: I don't trust you.

Philip: What?!

Stephanie: Go stand over there.

Philip: You think I would --

Stephanie: Go! Go stand over there.

Philip: You think I would try to mess up your shot?

Stephanie: When I win this, it's gonna be fair and square, okay?

Philip: Whatever.

Stephanie: Go over there. Right... [Laughs] Not so cocky now, huh, Kiriakis? You just got beat by a chick.

Philip: You wouldn't have even hit that in --

Stephanie: I don't want to hear it. Now, what's my big prize?

Philip: Pushy, aren't you?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. You know what? I'm gonna go to the bathroom. When I come back...

Philip: Your prize will be waiting for you.

Stephanie: Good.

Philip: What? Hey... I got $2,000 here. Could be yours.

Bartender: What's the catch?

Philip: Close up. I need this place to myself.

Rafe: Come on. Come on.

Killer: Miss me?

Rafe: Yeah. Oh, yeah, I was real lonesome without you.

Killer: Yeah, I bet.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Still not talking.

Killer: You sure about that?

Rafe: Yeah, real sure.

Killer: 'Cause I'm thinking once you see what I got on here, you'll offer Sami Brady up on a spit.

Rafe: [Scoffs] Yeah.

Dr. Baker: All right, Colleen, first thing we're going to do is a quick exam. I assume you've had routine prenatal care.

Sami: Sort of.

Dr. Baker: Well, either you have or you haven't.

Sami: Yeah, but in sort of an unusual situation. But this will be my four-- [Gasping] Ow! Aah!

Dr. Baker: Whoa.

Sami: Whoa? What? What's wrong?

Dr. Baker: The contractions are causing stress on the baby.

Sue: Heart rate's dropping, doctor.

Sami: What does that mean? You -- you have to do something now.

Mia: I can't!

Nicole: Come on. Mia, look at me. Look right here. Okay, you can. You can. You have to push. You have to get this baby out.

Mia: I can't! It hurts so bad! You don't know!

Nicole: I'm going to help you. I'm going to help you. I can't do this for you. I wish I could. Believe me, I wish it was me.

Mia: So do I!

Nicole: Mia, you have to be strong for your little girl, all right, so you need to get beyond the pain and the fear and find whatever strength you have to give this baby life. So go ahead! Scream, yell, do whatever it takes. Just do not give up. Do you hear me?

Mia: [Sobbing] Yes! Yes, I hear you!

Nicole: Push, Mia, push! You can do this! She's coming! Come on!

Lucas: Come on, give the sucker a break for just a second. Are you on a low-carb diet? Here, here, look. I'll eat it. Look. Mmm. Daddy likes it so good. Come on, you try. Your turn. Come on, honey. How about the airplane? We'll do the airplane.

[Imitating airplane]

Chloe: Come on. She doesn't like mashed potatoes.

Caroline: Well, I've got some cookies.

Lucas: Caroline, it's fine. Really, she's got to try to eat this. Seriously. Come on, you show everybody what a big girl you are, and you take this in your hand and eat your potatoes. Eat your potatoes. Come on. I don't get it. She loves French fries. Mashed potatoes are basically the same thing.

Chloe: Why don't we just put some ketchup on it? That'll work, won't it?

[All gasp]

Caroline: Oh, my God.

Lucas: Allie! Little girl, we don't do that. We don't play with our food like that.


Chloe: It's okay. It's okay. It was an accident, right, honey? Wow.

Lucas: You can't do that. Okay, that's a no. You finished your sucker but not your mashed...potatoes. That was not an accident!

Chloe: Oops!

Lucas: Oops? What is this, "animal house"? The kids aren't gonna have any manners 'cause of you.

Caroline: [Laughing] Oh, my God!

Chloe: Stop it!

Kate: All right, this is my cue. I'm leaving. Do you want to do it? You do it.

Johnny: No.

Lucas: Yeah, smart kid.

Johnny: Yes, I do want the spoon!

Lucas: Don't do it at me! [Laughter] Are you all right? Did he hit you?

Victor: That's all right. Listen, I'll talk to you in the morning. Kate.

Kate: Approach at your own risk. [Laughs]

Lucas: Okay.

Victor: What's going on over there?

Caroline: [Laughing] It's a food fight. They're playing.

Victor: You're gonna have to clean that mess up.

Caroline: I don't mind. I don't mind. I haven't seen the twins have this much fun since Sami's gone.

Victor: Ridiculous. Selfish idiots.

Caroline: Victor, they're babies!

Victor: I'm not talking about Johnny and Allie.

Caroline: Oh! Oh, come on. Lighten up.

Victor: That girl is an ill-mannered pig.

Caroline: Chloe has been wonderful with Allie and Johnny, and they're crazy about her.

Victor: They're children. They'd be crazy about Lizzie Borden if she kissed their little asses.

Caroline: Victor! What is wrong with you?

Victor: That woman is going to destroy Lucas the same way she destroyed Philip and Brady.

Caroline: Keep your voice down.

Victor: I'm serious, Caroline. This relationship is doomed, and so is Lucas.

[Footsteps approaching]

Stephanie: Where did everybody go?

Philip: Whoa, everyone is gone.

Stephanie: What did you do?

Philip: Surprise! We have the place to ourselves.

Stephanie: You didn't.

Philip: I did. I did. Want something to drink? How about a flirtini?

Stephanie: Oh, God, no. Beer will be just fine.

Philip: All right. [Bottles clanking] Here we go.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Philip: Do you like your prize?

Stephanie: Yeah. Lucky for me, you suck at pool.

Philip: Yep, very lucky. [Exhales deeply] Whoo!

Stephanie: Philip Kiriakis.

Philip: [Laughs]

Stephanie: Wha--

Philip: What? I --

Stephanie: You suck at pool, huh?

Philip: Usually. That was -- I don't know how I did that.

Stephanie: With that world-class shot? Yeah.

Philip: You want to play some more?

Stephanie: What, and have you pretend that you suck and let me win again?

Philip: I only did it to --

Stephanie: To what?

Philip: To build your confidence. To improve your game.

Stephanie: That is pretty condescending, don't you think?

Philip: Sorry.

Stephanie: No, sorry's not gonna cut it. I am mad at you. See this? Ugh!

Philip: [Laughing] Look at you. Look at you getting all mad. It's so cute.

Stephanie: Mm. You're not gonna think it's cute when you don't get your prize.

Philip: What? What are you talking about?

Stephanie: See, I had this consolation prize for you when you lost to me to sooth over your battered male ego. But now that I know it was a sham, you're not getting it.

Philip: Wh-- aren't you gonna at last tell me what it was?

Stephanie: You think you deserve to know?

Philip: Yeah, I do. A hint. Come on.

Stephanie: One hint.

Philip: What is it? Mm. I like that.

Stephanie: [Giggles]

Sami: What's going on, doctor? Talk to me.

Dr. Baker: The cord is compressed. The baby's having decelerations.

Sami: I don't know what that means.

Dr. Baker: It means the baby's not getting enough oxygen.

Sami: Okay, well, well, do something. We'll do a c-section right now, right?

Dr. Baker: We can't.

Mia: [Screaming]

Nicole: All right. Just keep pushing. You're doing find. Thatagirl. Yes! You can do it! You can do it, Mia! One last push. She's almost here. Push!

Mia: Aah!

Nicole: Yes! Come on. Push!

Mia: Aah!

[Cellphone ringing]

Stephanie: [Sighs] Are you gonna answer that?

Philip: Unh-unh.

[Ringing stops]

[Cellphone ringing]

Stephanie: Ugh. They're calling back. It must be important.

Philip: [Sighs] Damn. It's the office. Kiriakis. What, now? Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Stephanie: Must be urgent.

Philip: I'm sorry, I --

Stephanie: I understand.

Philip: I'll be back, though, okay? I promise. Will you wait for me?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. I'll wait.

Philip: All right. All right. I'm sorry. I'll be back.

Caroline: They're messy, aren't they?

Lucas: Messy and cute.


Caroline: Here, Victor. Here's your decaf.

Victor: Thank you.

Caroline: Okay.

Victor: Caroline, can you take a five-minute break and sit with me?

Caroline: Only if you promise to stop picking on Chloe.

Victor: Oh, for heaven's sakes.

Caroline: She's really a nice girl.

Victor: And you, Caroline, are a kind and trusting woman, too kind for your own good.

Chloe: Well, I think we're gonna have to leave a very big tip. What do you think?

Lucas: Yeah. [Cellphone ringing] You got to get that?

Johnny: I want to do you. I want to throw mashed potatoes at you.

Chloe: No, it's not important. You're gonna throw mashed potatoes at me?

Johnny: Yeah. I want to do that at you.

Chloe: [Laughs]

Daniel: Chloe, it's me. Uh, you're probably with Lucas and Allie right now, who I happened to see you with earlier tonight. You know, you said we shouldn't come forward 'til the time is right, but I -- I'm beginning to wonder if that time will ever come. Call it an epiphany, I guess. I don't -- I don't know. But I just don't think I'm gonna be able to come between what you have with Lucas and his family.

Killer: Do you remember that little chat we had earlier, the one where I said I'd take out the Brady girl's family one by one unless you talked? Well, to show you how serious I am, why don't we start with a twofer? Damn. Those are some cute kids.

Rafe: Son of a bitch.

Sami: What do you mean we can't? Why can't I have a c-section?

Dr. Baker: We're not prepared here. We don't have an O.R. Room.

Sami: What do you -- aah!

Sister Theresa: Try to relax, dear.

Sami: I'm trying to relax! What is going on?!

Dr. Baker: Get her on oxygen, stat. Double the I.V. fluid. Stay with me, Colleen. Stay with me. We're gonna get through this.

Sami: [Breathing heavily] Oh, God. I have a bad feeling about this. What am I doing here?

Sister Theresa: He's watching over you, dear. He's watching over you.

Sami: I can't -- oh, God. What if something happens? What if something happens [Gasps] to my baby?

Nicole: Hi. [Laughing] Hi, baby. [Baby cooing] Ooh, I know. [Crying] You're here. Oh, my God. You're finally here.

Mia: The baby...

Nicole: Is perfect. Do you want to see her?

Mia: No.

Nicole: [Crying] Thank you.

Philip: E.J. DiMera is trying to steal Melanie and the biofuel project from Titan.

Mia: My baby. She's mine.

Sami: Is my baby okay?! Answer me!

Killer: Tell me where Sami is, or her kids die tonight.

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