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Philip: Hey, Bo, how you doing? Happy New Year.

Bo: Same to you, bro.

Philip: We missed you at Chez Rouge.

Bo: Yeah, well, this commissioner's job is taking about 1,000 hours a week, so we decided to celebrate Hope's birthday, our anniversary, New Year's Eve at home. Ciara, Hope, and myself -- a quiet family moment.

Philip: That sounds nice.

Bo: Yeah. I heard you celebrated with Stephanie?

Philip: [Chuckles]

Bo: Did you have a good time?

Stephanie: Philip, are you here? Not here, not answering his cell.

Melanie: Uh-oh. Don't tell me you've lost Philip already. That's got to be a record, Steph, even for you, especially after that big, juicy moment you guys had on new year's eve. It was cute.

Stephanie: I left my PDA. I came to pick it up.

Melanie: Oh, yeah. Sure. That's cool.

Stephanie: Excuse me.

Melanie: Mm-hmm. I guess you probably thought you had Philip all wrapped up in a big, shiny bow after that kiss, right? [Chuckles] Since you can't even find him the next morning, it looks like your happily ever after's not gonna happen. What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Wow. Too embarrassed to even talk about it? It must be hard. I mean, one minute you guys are all kissy kissy and your tongues are working overtime, and it was all it public, which -- and then the next minute, you're in the dumpster. It's got to be tough.

Stephanie: Okay. You're right. I admit it. It's been really hard.

Melanie: What?

Stephanie: I can't believe I am confiding in you, of all people, but...I'm not handling it very well, especially after everything that happened with Max. It's just -- it's really painful.

Melanie: [Stammering] So, you -- you and Philip broke up? It's over?

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Melanie: What?

Stephanie: I know what you're doing, Melanie, and why, so give it up.

Nicole: E.J. just the man I was thinking about. You know, you made me the happiest woman in the world last night.

E.J.: Why didn't you tell me?

Nicole: Tell you...

E.J.: That your car broke down. The garage just called. So, uh, why's going on? Where were you?

Sami: [Inhales, exhales deeply] Every time I close my eyes, I see E.J... walking way from me... trying to talk to me.

Rafe: [Groaning]

Sami: Rafe? Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Rafe! What is going on with you? Oh, my God! Rafe! Rafe, what's happening?! Talk to me!

Philip: Stephanie and I had a good time -- a little bubbly, a little dancing. What? You have a problem with me dating Stephanie? Is that it? Well, go on. Tell me. You don't think I'm right for her?

Bo: You tell me.

Melanie: I don't really know what you put in your coffee this morning, Steph, but you're in an alternate universe.

Stephanie: Oh, Melanie, you're as subtle as, I don't know, P. Diddy's bling, but I have to admit, you did have me fooled for a little while, but everything is crystal clear now, thanks to you.

Melanie: I'm gonna need you to get to the point.

Stephanie: Okay, you hate me -- right? -- And you hate Philip and me together -- no question -- but that's because what you really want is Philip -- for yourself.

Sami: Okay, here's a washcloth. It's gonna help, okay? It's gonna make you feel better. I can't believe you didn't tell me this was happening. Why didn't you wake me up? I can't believe -- you're gonna be okay, okay? I-I brought a thermometer so -- so we can take -- take your temperature, find out what's going on here, okay? Okay. No, no. You can't -- Rafe, listen to me, okay? You can't bite it, all right? We need to get your temperature. We need -- oh, this thing is stupid! I mean, the bottom line is you have a temperature of like 1,000 degrees. Y-you're boiling up, and -- and I'm gonna call the ambulance -- okay? -- Because that's what you need. You need serious medical care.

Rafe: No! I-I can't.

Sami: Rafe --

Rafe: Stop.

E.J.: Why didn't you tell me that your car broke down? And where were you?

Nicole: Why didn't I tell you? I -- well, when you're...pregnant and unmarried and you walk in the house and the man you love gets down on one knee and opens a ring box... uh, I don't know. What can I say? All kinds of things just go right out of a girl's head. Can you blame me for forgetting about the stupid car?

E.J.: Nicole, I'm not trying to appropriate blame, but I want an answer.

Nicole: But I-I just told you that --

E.J.: No, no, no, you're not telling me everything. I'm sorry. You're leaving something out. I can tell. I need you to be completely honest with me.

Nicole: Okay, let's talk.

E.J.: Okay. I don't want to talk here. Father's downstairs. You know how he likes to interrupt us at the most inappropriate of moments, so why don't we take a walk before I go to work? Shall we?

[Cellphone ringing]

Lexie: I've increased his Calcium and Vitamin D for the past two weeks because of the gluten-free diet. It's probably too soon to tell, but if you happen to notice any changes...

Mark: I'll be on the lookout.

Lexie: Thanks, Mark.

Mark: Come on, buddy. Here we go.

Lexie: Hello?

Stefano: Alexandra, my dear. Buon giorno, or good morning, as they say.

Lexie: What do you want, Father?

Stefano: [Sighs] Look, darling, I know that you have been keeping your distance, all right? But I am still Grandpapa, no? And I have a Christmas gift here for little Theodore that is not opened yet. It was sitting under the tree.

Lexie: You've already sent him his gift.

Stefano: Oh, yes, but that, you know, that was just one. This is another one that has been sitting here -- [Chuckles] I'll tell you the truth. It's a little big, and it's a little awkward to be wrapped up and sent through the mail, so I was thinking, you know, maybe you could bring him over.

Lexie: No. I won't.

Bo: Look, man, we have a complicated family history, but you are my brother and I love you like one.

Philip: Good to know.

Bo: And Stephanie is also family. She's one of the sweetest girls -- sweetest women -- I know.

Philip: I couldn't agree more. What's your point?

Bo: Be good to her. Don't mess with her head.

Philip: [Sighs]

Bo: Don't break her heart.

Philip: This is about Belle, isn't it?

Bo: Among others.

Melanie: Stephanie, when you miss the mark, you just go so far off.

Stephanie: It makes perfect sense. When Philip turned down Nick's fuel project...

Melanie: My -- my fuel project.

Stephanie: ...And told you to take a hike, you could have gone to G.E., Lockheed, Halliburton -- any number of companies -- but you didn't. You went straight to Philip's dad to make sure you could stay here.

Melanie: I wanted the project to be based where I live.

Stephanie: Melanie, save it, okay? You're gonna have to start lying to yourself, because no one else is listening. And just so you know, Philip and I had an amazing New Year's together. We're in a really cool place right now. And if you want to take a shot at him, go ahead, but just know that you're gonna have to get past me first, and, let's face it, that's not gonna happen. Want my advice?

Melanie: Uh, no.

Stephanie: I think you should settle in for a very cold, very lonely winter.

Rafe: You can't call 911.

Sami: Give me the phone. You need an ambulance!

Rafe: No!

Sami: You need a doctor.

Rafe: It's too dangerous. Will you just give me a little credit, okay? I'm stronger than you think. I'm not gonna die, okay? In fact, I'm actually -- I'm feeling better. Uhh!

Sami: Are you kidding me? "Feeling better"? Oh, my God. All right. Rafe, you are not better.

Rafe: And once this fever breaks, everything's gonna be cool.

Sami: Rafe, you called a doctor for me when I needed one, and I'm asking you to let me call a doctor for you, because you need one.

Rafe: No. That was totally different, okay? No ambulance.

Sami: Rafe, you are burning up.

Rafe: No. No.

Sami: Fine.

Rafe: No doctor.

Sami: Okay, fine. All right? If you want, we can try something else first. I mean, it's the only other thing I can think of. The old-fashioned way. But you don't have a choice. This is what we're gonna do.

E.J.: Look, you didn't say a word about the car breaking down when you got home, and please don't put this one me, all right? I didn't propose until much later. You could have told me at any time before that.

Nicole: You're right. I could have.

E.J.: I see. So you didn't just forget... nor were you everly bowled over by my wedding proposal. So you consciously chose to keep that information from me.

Nicole: You're making it sound like some sort of conspiracy.

E.J.: I would like a true explanation, please -- now.

Nicole: Okay. Fine. I-I'll tell you. [Exhales deeply] And I should probably give you your ring back while I'm at it.

Lexie: Did you not just hear me? I said no. I'm not bringing Theo to see you.

Stefano: Darling, listen to me. I know that we have our problems, but Theo loves me, and I love him -- with all of my heart. Do not destroy that.

Lexie: I've got to go. What happened?

Mark: Theo seems a little agitated today.

Lexie: Oh. Uh, well, do think it's the diet? I mean, his -- his food routines have been changed pretty drastically.

Mark: Which might be a good reason to find some way to give him a special reward today.

Lexie: A special reward?

Melanie: Deep down, Philip's kind of ruined inside, you know? His soul has been damaged. And right now it's on fire, sucking in anything that gets too close. He's not nice and sweet like my brother, Max. Stephanie, Philip's gonna chew you up and spit you out.

Philip: You always find a way to stick it to me, and it always goes back to Belle.

Bo: Come on, man. You got to admit, you did not handle that situation with her very well. She's not the only one you've hurt over the years.

Philip: Well, go on. Let's have the list.

Bo: I'm not here to judge.

Philip: No, no, of course not. Just to ruin my day.

Bo: Stephanie is special. Be good to her... and yourself. I'm out of here.

Stephanie: [Cellphone ringing] Philip, hi! I was just thinking about you.

Philip: Hey. Hey, what are you doing right now? You want to get together?

Stephanie: I would love to get together. When and where?

Philip: My place. 10 minutes.

Stephanie: I'll be there. long, Melanie. Be good.

Nicole: So, my car broke down. I mean, what's the big deal? It's a machine. It breaks. I'm not some fragile flower who needs some big, strong man to take care of her.

E.J.: All right. Okay. I get it. I'm sorry if I was too demanding, expecting a certain kind of...behavior from you. I understand.

Nicole: Thank you.

E.J.: Now, can you please put that ring back -- exactly where it belongs... and keep it there? Because what you don't quite seem to get... is that in spite of your independence, which I admire... I'm hoping that one day you will understand that you don't need to tough it out without me. [Smooches]

Nicole: Okay, so, every time I break a nail, I'm supposed to --

E.J.: No, I'm talking about --

Nicole: Bigger things, I know.

E.J.: Yes, I'm talking about bigger things. If anything upsets you in any way, I'm going to want to make that okay. Always. All right?

Nicole: Yeah.

Nicole: Where's the doctor? Why isn't the doctor in here?

Brady: Nicole... the baby, uh, didn't make it. I'm sorry.

Nicole: I wish you could make it right.

Bo: No, I have not returned Margo's call or anyone else's, and I won't until I figure out what happened to all the clocks in this damn town. Ever since I got this job, they're going twice as fast as they used to.

Hope: Take a breath.

Bo: The holidays -- they're over. It's like they never happened.

Hope: Yeah, I know, and Ciara was as happy as I've ever seen her.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. That's true.

Hope: And you got the present of a lifetime. Remember?

Maggie: Oh, hi, Melanie. Thanks for coming by.

Melanie: No problem. What's up?

Maggie: Uh, Nick's sentencing hearing is coming up, and if there's one thing I know for sure, is that he would like for you to be there.

Melanie: Really?

Maggie: He wants to make a public apology to you.

Melanie: In the -- the courtroom?

Maggie: Yes. He wants to let everyone know that he's truly sorry. So, will, uh, you arrange your schedule so you can be there?

Melanie: Yeah. Yeah, that's the least I can do. You've -- you've done so much for me.

Maggie: Melanie, this may be out of turn, but, uh, if you're grateful for my help, would you do me a favor?

Melanie: Anything.

Maggie: Be good to yourself.

Melanie: Uh, I don't -- I don't know what you're talking about.

Maggie: Philip Kiriakis.

Philip: [Exhales deeply]

Stephanie: Hey. Henderson said I should just come in.

Philip: A good man -- Henderson. Can I get you anything?

Stephanie: No, no. I'm good.

Philip: Good. I hope you weren't busy when I called earlier.

Stephanie: No. No. I just stopped at Titan. I left my PDA there. Can't live without that, you know?

Philip: Right.

Stephanie: I was glad you called, because New Year's Eve was amazing.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, it was. And the thing is, I --

Stephanie: Philip, uh, I know.

Philip: You know?

Stephanie: In my heart, I'm sure, positive, about us seeing each other. No second thoughts.

Sami: Okay? Just some water. Are you okay?

Rafe: [Coughing]

Sami: Are you all right?

Rafe: Good. Good.

Sami: Oh, God. All right. All right. Now -- now you just have to take a bath.

Rafe: A what?

Sami: Yeah. I mean, we're gonna have to take this fever down the old-fashioned way.

Rafe: No. No. No -- no bath.

Sami: Rafe, you're the one who doesn't want to see a doctor. We have to get your body temperature down. The only way to do that is with a sponge bath. Listen to me.

Rafe: I don't want that. Please?

Sami: Rafe, look at me. I don't want you to leave me here all by myself, and that's what's gonna happen if something happens to you. So, please, let's just try this first, okay? Let's just get your temperature down, okay?

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: Come here.

E.J.: Honey, I don't understand. What is it that you wish I could make right?

Nicole: You know, things, stuff. I mean, doesn't everyone wish they had someone who could fix all their problems? But life doesn't work that way.

E.J.: Oh, it can.

Nicole: No, it can't, because life is hard. It always has been, and it always will be.

E.J.: Well, maybe it's not so hard if you face these things together. Anyway, have you forgiven me for being so controlling?

Nicole: Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. [Both chuckle] I mean, if it wasn't for the fact that you're so nice and...

E.J.: Hot.

Nicole: ...And cute and hot. [Chuckles] And I probably wouldn't be standing out here in the cold. Oh! Oh, no. All your papers.

E.J.: Oh, what a mess.

Nicole: Oh, this is hard. You know, this is all your fault.

E.J.: All my fault? You body-slammed me onto a bench and it's my fault? Really?

Nicole: Listen, I'm a very fragile pregnant woman here, okay?

E.J.: Yeah? You were Hulk Hogan about two minutes ago.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

E.J.: What?

Nicole: This is a pre-nuptial agreement.

Stefano: Ah, now, wait till you see these, Theo. Look, look. Look, look, look, look, look. See? [Chuckles] Are these special? Very special. You see, my cook -- look. Look at them. See? My cook made them this morning just for you.

Lexie: No, no, no. No. Sorry. Sorry.

Stefano: What?

Lexie: I have some special cookies for Theo in my purse. Sweetheart, you can have the cookies that I really made especially for you, okay? You know how much you like them, right?

Stefano: What is this?

Lexie: When will you understand that I know what's best, hmm, not just for my little boy, but for everyone?

Hope: Relax. I'm not talking about the present I gave you.

Bo: That suit -- it -- it's really nice, and I will wear it someday.

Hope: I'm glad you like it. But I was actually talking about all those visions you've been having. They've disappeared, right?

Bo: Yeah. Thank God. Leave it to you to come up with the one good thing in my life lately.

Hope: The one good thing?

Bo: What, is there something else?

Hope: You better quit while you're ahead.

Bo: Make me.

Hope: I will.

Bo: Where are you g-- hey, oh, no, don't do th-- uhh. It's becoming a running joke out there in the office. Every time you come in to see me, you close the blinds. Hey, we got to have some self-control here.

Hope: I do.

Maggie: I'm not blind, Melanie. I saw that little game you were playing with Philip and Stephanie on New Year's Eve. Now, listen. Philip is a very different young man than Nick.

Melanie: Well, that goes without saying. I mean, everybody's different.

Maggie: No. You listen to me carefully now. You will never -- ever -- be able to wrap Philip Kiriakis around your little finger.

Stephanie: Oh!

Philip: [Chuckles] Oh, God.

Stephanie: What?

Philip: Nothing. Nothing. [Sighs] That kiss on new year's was -- was amazing... but --

Stephanie: But what?

Philip: It goes way beyond that.

Stephanie: No kidding.

Philip: Look --

Stephanie: You want to know why it's even better now? Because I finally know what I want. I mean, I know there are a lot of other girls out there who would love to be here with you right now, but they're not, and I am, so why waste time?

Philip: Oh, Stephanie, the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

Stephanie: Philip, I am so far from hurt. Come here.

Philip: Stephanie... just some space, okay? We need space, some breathing room.

Stephanie: [Scoffs] You bastard.

E.J.: Look, Nicole, I can explain the pre-nup.

Nicole: No explanation required, E.J. This, uh, this speaks volumes.

E.J.: Would you just listen to me, please?

Nicole: You might've mentioned this little piece of paper before you put a ring on my finger.

E.J.: Nicole, would you just listen to me, please? Father arranged for this pre-nuptial agreement. And I told him, "absolutely not." The only reason it's in my case is because I'm taking it to the office to be shredded. Nicole, I love you. I want to marry you. I want to share everything that I am, everything I have with you. And I have no intention, nor have I ever had any intention of asking you to sign any kind of pre-nuptial agreement.

Nicole: Oh, my God. I just need you to know that you -- you could have -- you could have, 'cause I love you.

E.J.: I love you.

Hope: I've decided something, Brady. You've been working too much -- too hard. You need a break.

Bo: I wish.

Hope: Wish granted. I'm gonna make a reservation at the Mountain View Lodge. You do remember the Mountain View Lodge, don't you? Hot tub, round bed -- mmm -- room service.

Bo: Yeah. We never left the room.

Hope: Exactly. So, clear your calendar. We're leaving this afternoon.

Bo: Even if I could clear my calendar, there's no way you're gonna make a reservation at this late date.

Hope: Oh, that hurt.

Bo: Why?

Hope: You're doubting my abilities? I guess you don't know me as well as you think, Brady.

Bo: Okay. If you can make that reservation, I'd be happy to reacquaint myself with certain parts of your anatomy.

Hope: I'm counting on it.

Stephanie: You've just lived up to every rotten thing anyone has ever said about you.

Philip: Stephanie, don't...

Stephanie: What am I? Just another trophy on your shelf? Chew me up and spit me out? As soon as I'm all yours, you want to back off and play "let's be friends"?

Philip: No. That's not true. Come here. Stephanie... I do like you. I want you. It's just I've made plenty of mistakes with women.

Stephanie: And?

Philip: I don't want to hurt you. You're important to me. I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you.

Sami: Rafe, I think your fever broke. I think we won.

Rafe: Thank you. Thanks.

Nicole: You know, E.J., my getting pregnant when I never thought I could and you wanting me and loving me and asking me to marry you -- that has changed me so much.

E.J.: I know.

Nicole: And I don't want your money. I just want you and our family.

E.J.: Well, you'll have us. Soon I will have... an amazing wife... and our child is gonna have the best mother in the world.

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, this is gonna happen, and I am gonna be a wonderful mother.

[Cellphone ringing]

Dr. Baker: Hello.

Nicole: This is Nicole Walker. I need to see you.

Dr. Baker: Miss Walker, I thought I made it clear to you that you had your chance yesterday, and, unfortunately, you blew it.

Nicole: Just shut up.

Dr. Baker: Why can't you understand that acquiring a baby in the seventh month is next to impossible.

Nicole: Shut the hell up, all right? No lectures. Now, you listen to me. I want results, and I'm gonna be there soon, because this is gonna happen. I will have another chance.

Maggie: Thinking about what I said?

Melanie: Yeah. [Chuckles] A lot. I got to start doing that more often. I mean, Nick used to help me kind of do that, but now that he's gone, I get lost sometimes. I don't really have a lot of friends. My brother, Max, is cool, but let's be honest. He doesn't really want me around.

Maggie: Hmm. It's hard to be alone.

Melanie: Nah. That, I can deal with. I'm talking about with boys, getting myself in trouble, playing games and stuff.

Maggie: That's not the best idea, Melanie.

Melanie: You probably think it's kind of sick, huh, doing that stuff? It's kind of how my Dad taught me to be, you know? He'd get in trouble and have to go make nice so he could get away with it. And we started doing that at a young age.

Maggie: That's terribly sad.

Melanie: It's -- it's not even about that, though, you know? [Sniffles] That stuff about Philip -- that's stuff smart people already know. Philip is nothing but trouble, so I'm gonna stay away from him.

Maggie: Good. Good for you.

Melanie: I'm gonna let him be Stephanie's problem from now on.

Philip: [Exhales deeply] My track record with women. Every time something gets going good, it's -- I screw it up. For God's sake, think about it. Morgan, Belle, Chloe.

Stephanie: Philip, I'm sure it wasn't all your fault.

Philip: No, just 90%. I don't want that to happen to you. You're a really great person.

Stephanie: Please don't put me on a pedestal.

Philip: My point is that you're too special a person to be --

Stephanie: Wasted on you?

Philip: No. I'm not that insecure.

Stephanie: No kidding. Philip, you are the most confident man I know, and there's something you need to know about me. I'm not insecure, either, anymore. You want to talk about messed-up relationships, I can count the ways. I'm a big girl. I can handle pain. But I do know happiness when I see it. So, is today gonna be about happiness, or do you just want to sit around here and mope?

Philip: Mm. This house -- anybody could walk in. We'd -- we should probably, uh --

Stephanie: Let's go to your room.

Stefano: You know what's best for everyone, huh? [Chuckles] Do you have any idea who you sound like?

Lexie: Hmm. I believe I inherited my tough spirit from you.

Stefano: You know something? I love when you are feisty -- with everyone, but me.

Lexie: Well, when it comes to certain things... I'm the boss.

Stefano: Very well. Now, look, from now on, I will inquire as to what Theodore can and cannot eat.

Lexie: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Stefano: If I am willing to adhere to all of your ground rules, may I visit Theodore more often?

[Cellphone ringing]

Maggie: I have faith in you, Melanie. You're gonna be just fine, you hear? If you ever need to talk to me --

Melanie: I know. You're always there.

Maggie: Yeah. Uh, sorry. I really do have to take this in private.

Melanie: No, that's fine. I got stuff to do. But thank you [Sniffles] for helping me understand.

Maggie: You keep up the good work, okay? Okay. Hello. Yes. Yes.

Melanie: I will keep up the good work, Maggie. Nick's sentence hearing. That's when I'm gonna do it.

Philip: I want you so bad. Are you sure?

Stephanie: Yeah. I'm sure.

Nicole: Don't give me your garbage. You are going to come through for me, or have you forgotten what will happen if you don't?

Dr. Baker: For the love of God, can't you see this is impossible?

Nicole: No, it's not. You had someone here New Year's Eve.

Dr. Baker: And you didn't show up.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Dr. Baker: This woman is in a very fragile state. You didn't show up, she bolted.

Nicole: "Fragile state"? You act like you actually care for these girls.

Dr. Baker: I do.

Nicole: Right. Whatever. But you shouldn't have called the house.

Dr. Baker: You're right. We're dealing with the DiMera's. We could all be killed.

Nicole: Will you stop your griping? Do you have a picture of the mother or the father? Oh. Oh, my God. This could be perfect.

Dr. Baker: Except it's not perfect. Listen, she was very, very fragile and emotional. I don't even know if she's gonna have the baby here. Do you understand what I'm saying? It's over.

Nicole: No. The hell it is. Where does she live?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, that's great. I'll get back to you in a day or two. Uh-huh. Thanks so much for your help. Later.

Stefano: What I care about is that this little boy is bonding with his grandfather.

Lexie: Let me think. What could be wrong with my precious, little boy bonding with Stefano DiMera? We need to go.

Stefano: Uh-huh.

Lexie: Where's Theo? Theo, honey, where are you?

Stefano: He just wants to play a little bit.

Lexie: Theo! Honey!

Stefano: Theo! Theo!

Lexie: No!

Lexie: Theo, honey, it's Mommy. Can you hear me? Sweetheart, answer me.

Nicole: I'm Nicole. Dr. Baker said I could find you here.

Woman: Dr. Baker?

Nicole: I'm the woman who was gonna adopt your baby.

Stephanie: I love being with you.

Philip: I love being with you, too. To a lot of Christmas parties this time of year. Tons.

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