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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 12/17/08 - Canada; Thursday 12/18/08 - U.S.A.

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Melanie: Maybe you didn't understand. This alternative energy fuel --

Philip: I really don't care.

Melanie: So, what, you're just gonna walk away from millions of dollars?

Philip: I'm gonna walk away from you. Clean out your desk.

Melanie: This isn't Philip Kiriakis talking. I thought you were a businessman.

Philip: I am a businessman. I don't employ traitors.

Melanie: [Scoffs] How am I a traitor?

Philip: You said you were gonna give up part of your stake in Nick's project to the other competition.

Melanie: Only because I --

Philip: I don't give a damn. You're out of here.

Melanie: So, what?

Philip: You're fired.

Charlotte: So, I'll see you next week?

John: Yep. Well, that is if you're not taking off.

Charlotte: Just Christmas day. How's the day after for you?

John: 26th? Sounds good.

Charlotte: Great. If anything comes up in the meantime, please don't hesitate to call.

John: Thank you, Dr. Taylor. I hope that you have the opportunity to spend the holidays with your friends and family.

Charlotte: That's very sweet of you to think of me, John. Merry Christmas. I'll see you next week. ***********************************************************************

Marlena: John. Everything all right?

John: I need your help, Blondie.

Rafe: Is that one of the penguins?

Sami: I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces when they open them. Hey, how are you feeling?

Rafe: Much better. Thank you. Look, I've been thinking.

Sami: Hope you didn't hurt yourself.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Seriously.

Sami: Okay.

Rafe: My identity's been compromised. I can't go anywhere on the outside because the killer could follow me back to the safe house.

Sami: So that means what? You're stuck in here with me through Christmas?

Rafe: No. That means it's time to get you a new guard.

Nicole: Don't you think E.J. will be a little bit suspicious if I ask him for $750,000?

Dr. Baker: That's not my problem.

Nicole: All right. Can't we come up with some sort of payment plan, like $1,000 for the next 750 years?

Dr. Baker: I don't have time for this.

Nicole: Okay. Wait. Dr. Baker, wait. Please. T-there has to be some other option.

E.J.: Nicole. What the bloody hell are you doing here?

Nicole: Um, I, uh, have an appointment with Dr. Baker.

E.J.: You're her new obstetrician?

Dr. Baker: No decision has been made yet, has it, Ms. Walker?

E.J.: Excuse us. So let me just get this straight. You dumped Dr. Jonas, one of the most esteemed physicians in the country, for a man who practices medicine at the fairway clinic in the middle of nowhere.

Nicole: That's a little tactless, don't you think?

Dr. Baker: If you'll excuse me, I've got patients waiting. Let me know what you decide.

E.J.: So, explain.

Nicole: I just --

E.J.: Now, please.

Nicole: How did you know I stopped seeing Daniel, and how did you know I was here?

E.J.: Now you're asking me questions? You turn up at this pathetic little clinic, and you'd like me to explain why I'm here. Why the hell are you here?

Marlena: You seem kind of agitated. Did something happen -- oh, John.

John: How well did you know Charlotte's father?

Marlena: Uh, well, I was a student of his, but I --

John: But what?

Marlena: I didn't know him well personally.

John: Then how much do you know about Charlotte?

Marlena: I -- why?

John: What is it with you therapists?! You learn that in shrink school to answer a question with a question?

Marlena: I don't know her that well.

John: Ah. That makes two of us.

Marlena: Does this lead somewhere?

John: She knows everything about me, get it? I sit in these sessions. I go on and on about myself. She sits there and nods her head like a bobblehead doll. When I ask her a question about herself, she just clams up and won't say a damn -- what are you smiling at?

Marlena: I remember a time when you said the same thing about me.

Sami: You want to leave me.

Rafe: No, I don't want to, but I don't think that I should stay. I mean --

Sami: Why, are you about to tell me that it's for my own good, for my own protection? Don't, okay? Don't even think of saying that to me. I don't want to hear it, especially from you.

Rafe: Well, if I can't properly do my job --

Sami: Don't talk to me.

Rafe: You think I like letting a case go unresolved?

Sami: And that's what I am to you, an unresolved case, another loose end? Super.

Rafe: Look, I -- Sami, this isn't personal.

Sami: Stop it, okay?! Agent stony face, we're talking about the FBI here, right, and a leak in the FBI? And you want to send a new FBI Agent here to watch out for me. How do you know they won't be in league with the killer? How are you gonna protect me from being murdered then?

Rafe: Because I would never let that happen. I would make sure whoever they sent was trustworthy.

Sami: Okay. Sounds good to me. Quit. Bye.

Rafe: I just wanted you to know your options, okay?

Sami: Yeah. Great. And now I know them. And I'm actually excited about it, you know? 'Cause change is good for the soul. Isn't that what they say?

Rafe: Sami, just listen to me, okay, for one second. If I did find a replacement, I would call on the FBI to do me a solid. I would make sure that the person they sent was someone I know, someone who's completely trustworthy, okay?

Sami: Yeah. Perfect. Don't have to beat a dead horse.

Rafe: All right. So you're cool with this, then? Okay?

Sami: Yep. Totally, perfectly cool with it. In fact, what you don't realize is this is like my life story, you know? Having people leave me -- that's basically my M.O. It starts with Will and Lucas and Brandon and E.J.

Rafe: Always comes back to E.J., doesn't it?

Nicole: I didn't realize I signed up for this.

E.J.: Answer my question, please.

Nicole: You're getting upset with me I-in public, all this anger and hatred thrown in my face?

E.J.: Hatred. Nicole, what are you talking about?

Nicole: The way you're treating me right now.

E.J.: Stop it, all right? I'm not an amateur. Don't play the victim with me to avoid answering my question.

Nicole: I'm just saying I can't have a conversation with you when you're mean to me.

E.J.: I don't think you get to make choices about our child's future without consulting me.

Nicole: You don't think I have my baby's best interest at heart?

E.J.: Our baby, thank you. And I get to be involved in those decisions.

Nicole: And I agree with that. So why would you want me to go to University Hospital when Daniel Jonas would be delivering our baby?

E.J.: I don't follow you.

Nicole: Victor's Godson.

E.J.: Look, even if I cared about that -- and I don't -- it doesn't matter. Do you know how many doctors there are in that hospital?

Nicole: Oh, yeah, great. Kayla Johnson, who was extremely rude and disrespectful to me.

E.J.: What? Where?

Nicole: You were out of the room. It was when I-I was examined for the first time. And she said to me -- she said... that you were a bad person... and that you would hurt me and my baby, and I shouldn't have told you, you were the father.

E.J.: She said that to you? That little...

Nicole: So the Horton's and the Brady's run University Hospital. Why would I want to be there? They hate the father of my baby. I don't need that! Okay. I'm sorry, E.J. I know that hurts. But you asked me why I was here, and this -- this is why. And I didn't want to tell you in the beginning because I knew it would upset you.

E.J.: You know what upsets me, Nicole? The fact that you were sneaking around behind my back. That upsets me. And then, as your defense, you tell me that I'm just hated by one and all, the pariah of Salem. That upsets me. It doesn't make me have a good day.

Nicole: E.J... you know, the way you're acting right now, I understand what they mean.

E.J.: What do you mean?

Nicole: You're clearly a DiMera, and DiMera's should be feared.

Melanie: Hi, is Mr. Kiriakis there? Uh, I see. Do you know where he is? Oh, no. This is just his granddaughter Chelsea. No message. No, no, no. I will, uh -- I will see grandpa later. Thank you. Hmm. [Chuckles]

Marlena: John, I can't tell you anything about Dr. Taylor.

John: Can't you just give me your opinion?

Marlena: On what? There are endless theories of disclosure between doctor and patient.

John: You know, maybe you didn't understand my question. I just want to know why the woman is freezing me out.

Marlena: Maybe she's concerned about transference. In the context of psychotherapy, that means that the patient becomes empathic towards the doctor, either because of too much information passing between the two because personal details are exchanged --

John: All right, enough of the psychobabble. Sorry I asked. Won't make that mistake again.

Marlena: John. You are gonna stay in therapy, aren't you?

John: Why, do you want me to pack it in?

Marlena: No! Why would you even ask me that?

John: Well, maybe Dr. Charlotte Taylor leaves you a little cold also.

E.J.: I scare you.

Nicole: Right now you do.

E.J.: By caring about the caliber of the doctor that brings our baby into this world.

Nicole: It's your intensity, the DiMera accusatory tone.

E.J.: Nicole, you're sneaking around behind my back and keeping me in the dark.

Nicole: I made a mistake. I admit that. I guess I'm just not used to sharing everything with someone. E.J., I'm sorry if I worried you. But... Dr. Baker saved our baby. He's the reason we have a future.

E.J.: Nicole, any -- any competent physician could have done exactly the same thing.

Nicole: No, you -- you weren't there. You don't know how awful it was. I thought -- I thought I was gonna lose everything. And Dr. Baker was... attentive and caring. And he did everything he could.

E.J.: So that's why you feel this...attachment to him.

Nicole: Yes, that's exactly why. But I am not -- I'm not gonna have the baby in this dump, if that's what you're thinking.

E.J.: Nicole, Dr. Baker --

Nicole: No, Dr. Baker has privileges at other hospitals. He just works here because he wants to help people in need. He has a very generous heart.

E.J.: If you say -- if you say so.

Nicole: So, will you, uh... will you go along with my decision to keep seeing him?

E.J.: Of course. I just want you to be comfortable.

Nicole: Thank you for understanding, E.J. Everything's gonna be fine. You'll see.

Stephanie: Philip, you're the C.E.O. You really don't have to be doing this.

Philip: The quicker it gets done, the quicker we're out of here.

Stephanie: Ah, that's where it went. [Chuckles] Uh, so... miss her yet?

Philip: Are you kidding me? What, you think I'm pining away for the nostalgia of the Melanie days? No.

Stephanie: Seriously, I mean, you're not gonna regret it, are you?

Philip: Firing her? Are you kidding me?

Stephanie: No, I mean, because you were trying to help her out, doing a good deed.

Philip: Well, obviously, she doesn't need me, and we don't need her. So be it.

Stephanie: She's gonna be raking it in, huh?

Philip: Anyway, aside from how little work she did and how her voice cut through me like a knife...

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Philip: She was always there, you know? Every time we wanted to be together.

Stephanie: True, uh, seems like she always walked in right before we were about to...

Philip: So... having her gone is a good thing. Right?

Marlena: John, Dr. Taylor has an excellent reputation. I think you should stay in therapy. Definitely.

John: Then I will. Guess there's a lot worse things to do than sit around and talk about yourself for 40 minutes.

Marlena: [Chuckles] John, um, you know, I'll be alone for the holidays. Eric is in Colorado, and Sami -- well, who knows when we'll see Sami again.

John: Yeah, it's a tough break.

Marlena: And the little twins will be with their fathers, and Will has decided to stay in Europe with Austin and Carrie.

John: Uh-huh. So, what does this have to do with me?

Marlena: Well, uh, when you do give it some thought, I don't know, maybe you want to spend Christmas together.

Sami: What? I mentioned E.J.'s name. He happens to be the father of my child, not to mention --

Rafe: Just forget it. Forget it.

Sami: Forget what, that every time I bring his name up, you act like I'm some crazed person, like I'm obsessed with him or something?

Rafe: It's your word, not mine.

Sami: The reason I mentioned E.J. at all was in reference to all the people that I have driven --

Rafe: Can we just drop this, please?

Sami: Okay, fine. We'll drop it. I'll never mention his name again, as long as I live.

Rafe: His name does not bother me, okay? I was just making an observation.

Sami: In an insinuating manner.

Rafe: Look, I do not care about E.J. one way or the other, okay?

Sami: No, but you do care how I feel about him.

Rafe: No, I don't. I just, uh -- I just don't want all this to go to waste, okay?

Sami: All what to go to waste?

Rafe: My guarding you. It's taken a lot of time and effort, and not to mention frustration and annoyance to keep you safe, you know? I just don't want you going out of the frying pan into the fire. Then it's like, why did I even bother at all? Why?

Sami: Okay, since you put it like that, I appreciate all the effort that you have gone to to protect me, Agent Hernandez.

Rafe: Thank you.

Sami: And I will make sure that after I'm out of the program, I will stay as far away from trouble as I possibly can.

Rafe: That ought to be a snap for you.

Sami: I promise.

Rafe: All right. I'm just gonna have to take your word.

Sami: Ah, look at the mess.

Rafe: You want me to take this other laughing penguin and put it under the tree?

Sami: No, I can do it.

Rafe: I got it.

Sami: Thanks.

Rafe: [Grunts] What's this?

Nicole: Was I very obnoxious?

E.J.: You were, uh, dramatic.

Nicole: Well, it's partly these dreaded hormones, of course. It's a built-in excuse for us pregnant women.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Well, I wasn't very friendly myself.

Nicole: [British accent] No, you were positively scrooge-like. [Laughs]

E.J.: Really? Well, I guess that makes us even.

Nicole: [Normal voice] You know, I-it was just the idea of you tracking me down like some errant child or your father trying to send me to some Swiss doctor to sign my child's life away.

E.J.: Okay, well, you don't need to worry about that. I put my Father on notice.

Nicole: Right, for now. But what if something changes?

E.J.: It's not going to happen. I have the matter in hand.

Nicole: But I, um... I don't -- I don't have a ring, you know? I don't have anything that makes me feel secure about our future. And you know I wouldn't do this myself, but I just need to know that my child is going to be taken care of, more than I ever was. Oh, God, I sound so needy and pitiful.

E.J.: You're not being needy or pitiful. You're just being honest. And if you sound a little bit needy, maybe that's because you are. But don't worry. I promise you I will take care of you.

Stephanie: I guess not having Melanie here will be better for us. We'll get a lot more work done.

Philip: Yeah, that's one advantage.

Stephanie: Oh, no. Not another power outage.

Philip: Don't worry. It's Titan's greening effort. All the lights turn off automatically at 8:00.

Stephanie: I didn't realize it was so late.

Philip: Hey, no. I think we've done enough work for the day.

Caroline: Well, what can I do for you, Melanie?

Melanie: Well, Mrs. Brady, I know it's taken awhile, but I've been working up the courage to come and tell you how sorry I am. I should have... I should have been more honest about what happened that night with my Father in the graveyard. And had I done that, you wouldn't have gone to jail for a crime you didn't commit.

Caroline: Melanie, you lost your father. And I know what he did to you when he was alive, so I just figure you paid the price.

Melanie: And here I thought you'd never speak to me again. Thank you very much for forgiving me.

Caroline: Sure.

Victor: Forgive me for interrupting, but, uh, for the soup.

Caroline: Oh, no, no, no. It's on the house.

Melanie: Mr. Kiriakis?

Victor: Yes.

Melanie: Hi, Melanie Layton. [Clears throat] I've, um -- I've been looking forward to meeting you.

Victor: Oh?

Caroline: This is Max's sister.

Victor: Oh, yes. Philip told me that he'd hired you at Titan.

Melanie: He did. And I was so looking forward to working with you.

Victor: Was?

Melanie: Your son fired me. Today, actually.

Victor: Oh, what happened?

Melanie: In a nutshell, I was gonna make your company millions of dollars. But I guess when you're rolling in dough, you don't really have to worry about making any more, right?

Victor: I was just gonna go over to see Philip's mother, but visiting hours aren't over for a while. So why don't we sit down, and you can tell me all about it?

John: Christmas.

Marlena: It's right around the corner.

John: Huh. Well, I'll have to check with Dr. Taylor and see what she says.

Marlena: What she says about you spending Christmas with me? Why would she have a problem with that?

John: You never know. Wouldn't want to set back therapy. I'll get back to you. Have a good one. [Door closes]

Nicole: Your word, huh? That's all you're gonna give me?

E.J.: What exactly were you expecting?

Nicole: Words don't mean anything without actions to back them up.

E.J.: Nicole, I know you're sensitive about your past, the way you are perceived.

Nicole: Yeah. I am. I mean, people think I'm only interested in your money, and you know that's not true, don't you?

E.J.: Of course I do. Otherwise, I wouldn't be with you.

Nicole: I-I'm just -- I'm just worried about my little girl or boy because of my past, like I said.

E.J.: Okay. All right. It's -- it's time, I think, for you and I to have a little chat. I think it will allay some of your fears.

Nicole: Okay.

E.J.: I have set up a trust fund.

Nicole: Really?

E.J.: Really. It's, uh...something in the region of $1 million.

Nicole: Oh, E.J.! Thank you! Thank you!

Stephanie: Uh, you know that green thing?

Philip: What?

Stephanie: Lights out at 8:00? I always knew it was good for the planet, but I never knew it could be, um... so much fun.

Philip: Mm-hmm. Dad. I wasn't expecting you.

Victor: Sorry to interrupt. Could I have a moment alone with my son?

Stephanie: Of course.

Philip: I-I'll meet you at the pub, okay?

Stephanie: Okay. See you later.

Philip: What's going on?

Victor: That's my question.

Charlotte: Marlena, I didn't know you were still here.

Marlena: No, I was just about to leave. Can I help you find something there?

Charlotte: No. No, it's okay. You've helped me enough.

Marlena: See you tomorrow.

Charlotte: Marlena. I understand now why my Father was so fond of you. He used to refer to you as his most accomplished student.

Marlena: Well, I was very fond of him. He was an extraordinary man.

Charlotte: Isn't that wonderful that fate has brought you and me together? I mean, it -- it makes me feel closer to my Father, in a way.

Marlena: You must miss him.

Charlotte: I can help a lot of my patients through their grief, but with myself, not much success.

Marlena: Yes, I know what you mean.

Charlotte: It's my greatest hope and... maybe I'm just looking for Daddy's approval still.

Marlena: What is your greatest hope?

Charlotte: That I can bring you and John back to each other.

Rafe: Santa stopped by, huh?

Sami: Must have.

Rafe: Guess I wasn't that naughty this year after all.

Sami: Not so far. But, um, maybe I'll just have to give it to the next guy that comes to guard me since you won't be here for Christmas.

Rafe: Oh, really? That wouldn't be very nice of you. Maybe I'll just have to stay, then.

Sami: Really? What about your stitches, though? I mean, you're gonna have to have them seen by a doctor eventually, aren't you?

Rafe: I'll be fine.

Sami: Really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Maybe you could have them looked at when you go home for Christmas. Is your family, um, in Salem?

Rafe: No.

Sami: How long will you be gone?

Rafe: I don't know. I've got 66 vacation days saved up.

Sami: Really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Wow, that's dedication.

Rafe: [Laughs] Depends on your point of view.

Sami: I'm gonna, um... get ready for bed.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: Good night.

Rafe: Good night. [Door opens, closes]

Nicole: Oh, this means everything to me, E.J. It's my life. You gave me my life back.

E.J.: What do you mean I gave you your life back?

Nicole: Well, I mean, you trust me enough to give me a blank check.

E.J.: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second, okay? Maybe you don't quite understand. The funds are "in trust."

Nicole: Yeah, so?

E.J.: Perhaps you don't understand what "in trust" means.

Nicole: Oh. So I can't touch it?

E.J.: No. Not yet.

Nicole: Then when?

E.J.: Why?

Nicole: You don't trust me, do you?

E.J.: No, Nicole. I think the problem here is you don't trust me. What is it, hmm? Is it my DiMera name? Is that the problem?

Nicole: Yes, that is the problem. And, no, I don't trust you, not by a long shot.

John: Dr. Taylor.

Charlotte: John, you're back so soon.

John: Question.

Charlotte: Please.

John: It's about the holidays. Would it be appropriate for me to...spend them alone or with family?

Charlotte: I want you to do what feels most comfortable.

John: I'm not sure how comfortable feels.

Charlotte: Well, we're gonna work on that.

John: Dr. Evans in?

Charlotte: No, she's gone for the day. Why?

John: We had a little conversation earlier about my therapy.

Charlotte: And?

John: She seems a little put off. Not sure why.

Charlotte: That's strange. I just had a very pleasant conversation with Marlena.

John: Ah, well, Blondie -- she's always pleasant.

Charlotte: Yes. She's a very lovely woman. The last thing that I want to do is to come between the two of you. In fact, my goal is just the opposite. I want you to reconcile. That's my goal, John. Ours, actually -- yours and mine.

Stephanie: Mmm. This is so good.

Caroline: Soothing, isn't it?

Stephanie: They write books about this stuff, right? "Chicken Soup for the Soul."

Caroline: That's right.

Stephanie: Speaking of the soul, here comes someone who doesn't have one.

Caroline: You're bad.

Melanie: Eating alone, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Oh, no, actually. Philip's on his way.

Melanie: Ooh, he's probably gonna be awhile.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Melanie: Can't you figure it out?

Stephanie: Oh, my God. You didn't.

Melanie: I am starving. Mrs. Brady, can I have some clam chowder?

Stephanie: You went to Victor about --

Melanie: About how foolish Philip is being for firing me when I can make his company millions of dollars? Guilty as charged.

Stephanie: You have some damn nerve.

Melanie: Don't I, though?

Philip: I made the right decision.

Victor: Right for whom? You turned down a project that could be worth millions of dollars. How does that compute, Philip? Have you been drinking?

Philip: No. I've been using my head instead of operating out of pure greed.

Victor: I don't know what that means. How is it greedy to make a good business decision?

Philip: Maybe if you listened a little bit.

Victor: I'm listening! Tell me about it!

Philip: Melanie is a conniving little bitch. She's a nightmare.

Victor: You're making this personal. Have I taught you nothing? It's business.

Philip: Just listen to me. If Melanie is connected to this project, she will only bring in more problems. She's a headache. She's a disaster. [Exhales deeply]

Victor: If you hate this girl so much, why did you hire her to work at Titan?

Philip: It was a mistake.

Victor: A mistake. You hire a girl then virtually fire her the next day. Philip, that makes you look bad. It makes the company look bad.

Philip: Like I give a damn.

Victor: Obviously, which is disconcerting, to say the least.

Philip: Look, either you trust me to run the company or you don't. So, what's it gonna be, Dad?

Rafe: Yes, sir. I'm positive. No, tell Hilda she can take the holidays off. No, I don't mind at all. Well, because I don't think it would be smart for me to leave. The killer could trail me, and then I'd be putting the witness at serious risk.

E.J.: So, what you're really saying is if I take this money out of trust, if I give you access to it now, then you'll feel reassured, hmm?

Nicole: It would mean that you trust me.

E.J.: Well, how about I give you a living allowance? Will that work?

Nicole: No. I want you to value me as a person, not just as an incubator for this baby.

Dr. Baker: You still here?

E.J.: Yes, Dr. Baker. We were just heading out.

Dr. Baker: Have you come to a decision?

E.J.: Yes, Nicole would love to continue in your care. Good day.

Dr. Baker: Excellent.

Nicole: I'll, uh, call you to schedule my next appointment.

Dr. Baker: Make it soon.

Stephanie: Is that how you try to score points with Philip, by stabbing him in the back?

Melanie: I just told his lovely papa that he fired me. I was merely stating the truth. La vérité.

Stephanie: No, you were trying to stir things up, which is exactly what you did. Why are you all of a sudden speaking French to me?

Melanie: Well, I did live in France for a little while. It's not like I didn't warn Philip. I told him I was gonna shop the invention around.

Stephanie: Yeah, to the competitors, not to his own father. You're not gonna win.

Melanie: And you've been right about everything so far. I feel like you should moonlight as a psychic.

Stephanie: I'm right about this. There's no way victor's gonna choose money over his own son.

Melanie: You know what they say, Stephanie? Money makes the world go round.

Victor: This is about the future of the company, Philip.

Philip: It's not. It's about you not being able to let go. You hand over the company to me, and then you keep overriding my decisions. What's that about?

Victor: Because most of your decisions have been idiotic.

Philip: I'm leaving.

Victor: Oh, so you're never wrong, is that it? Now you're infallible. And what am I, some doddering old fool who makes you feel bad about yourself?

Philip: I got one thing wrong. I actually thought this was the right job for me, that I could make a difference, that I could make you proud.

Victor: You could if you used your head!

Philip: No. No, that's not what this is about. This is about you wanting me to fail. You get some perverse kick out of -- out of humiliating me, insulting me.

Victor: Are you done?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, I am done with you, with Titan, with the job. I quit.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Thank you, sir. Happy Holidays to you, too. Sami?! Sami?!

[Knock on door]

E.J.: Hi. I have a delivery for a Ms. Nicole Walker. She's somewhere... have you seen her?

Nicole: Funny. Thank you.

E.J.: Look, I'm really sorry if I haven't been clear. The last thing I want is for you to worry. I'll say this again. You and the baby mean the world to me.

Nicole: E.J...

E.J.: Nicole, I'm -- I'm fed up of us sleeping in separate bedrooms. I love you. And I would like to hold you in my arms all night long.

Chloe: I hope you're ready to unwrap your --

Stephanie: Philip tried to help you, and all you did was turn your back on him.

Melanie: 'Tis the season, bitch.

Nicole: Okay, I'm not sharing my bed or my life with you, not until this issue is resolved.

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