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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/11/08 - Canada; Friday 12/12/08 - U.S.A.

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Brady: Hello?

Nicole: Hey, it's me.

Brady: I know. What's going on?

Nicole: Meet me at the cheatin' heart in 20 minutes. I think I found the answer to my prayers.

Melanie: [Clears throat]

Philip: [Clears throat]

Melanie: Oh, I'm sorry, you guys. I just thought maybe you could use some fresh air.

Stefano: And if there is any chance at all of your being seen, you back off, all right? And for god's sake, don't even think about thinking for yourself, huh?

Tony: Well, I've been looking for you.

Stefano: Sorry. I don't have time for you right now.

Tony: Oh, but you've got time for low-level stooges but not me.

Stefano: Your feelings are hurt?

Tony: No. No. I'm angry.

Stefano: Oh, dear.

Tony: I know about the deal that went down with the argentineans. What I want to know is why wa n't I part of it?

Sami: Oh, rafe! I am so glad you're back.

Rafe: What?

Sami: I'm so glad you're okay!

Nicole: Of course I am. And you don't know what I just found out.

E.J.: Thereou are.

Nicole: Got to go. Hi.

E.J.: Hey.

Nicole: What's going on?

E.J.: That's a good question. Maybe I should be asking you.

Announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Rafe: I'm fine. Really.

Sami: Really?

Rafe: Really. What was that for?

Sami: You left me alone!

Rafe: I did not leave you alone. Where's hilda?

Hilda: Keep your shirt on, hercules. I'm right here.

Rafe: You left her alone?

Hilda: She's not going anywhere.

Rafe: You telling me you actually trusted her?

Hilda: Well, I...

Sami: You know, I'm standing right here. I can hear you.

Rafe: So what? You already know I don't trust you as far as I can throw a piano.

SI: Yes, I do know that, and I want you to know that that makes it very d fficult for me to confide in you or turn to you.

Rafe: What?

Sami: I have a problem, and i need your help.

Hope: Hey, you're late! You are so late.

Bo: Yeah, well, my last meeting ran late. My sixth of the -- sixth of the day.

Hope: Sorry.

Bo: Guess what this meeting was out -- scheduling more meetings.

Hope: Yeah, well, that makes what I have to tell you that much more difficult.

Bo: What?

Hope: We got work to do. Come on, you have another meeting, brady.

Bo: No. Please god, no.

Stefano: You want to know what you are not part of the deal, hmm?

Tony: Exactly.

Stefano: Because I did not want you to be.

Tony: Yes, well, I picked up on that when I found out about it after the fact.

Stefano: Hmm. Exactly as intended.

Tony: What?

Stefano: There's no point in having you excluded unless you know that you have been excluded, huh?

Tony: None at all.

Stefano: One other thing, antony, for future reference. When you spy on me, you're only gonna find out what I want you to know.

Tony: And did you want me to find out about E.J. being included?

Stefano: Of course.

Tony: Of course.

Stefano: See, you were the one that made the decision that you wanted no part of the family business. Then you went out on your own, hmm? I want to make sure that you know that the family moves on, even without you.

Tony: E.J.'S no more devoted to this family than I am! He works for mickey horton, for heaven's sake. He's off on his own, too!

Stefano: You see [Chuckles] If you press too hard, you make it very difficult for me to spare your feelings.

Tony: Yes, and I know what a real priority that is for you.

Stefano: Another reason why elvis is part of the deal is he has skills, skills that you do not have. [Chuckles] I traded up.

Tony: [Laughs]

E.J.: So, we're talking about building a life together and starting a family, and you're making whispering phone calls in the foyer.

Nicole: It was... one of my boyfriends. I thought you'd want me to be discreet.

E.J.: I'd prefer you to be honest.

Nicole: It's christmas. And people buy things and make plans for loved ones that they want to keep secret.

E.J.: Ahh.

Nicole: But it is always nice when those plans make the loved one suspicious and hostile.

E.J.: I'll consider myself put in my place, thin.

Nicole: Thank you.

E.J.: Speaking of, uh, secrets, there's something I'd like to show you.

Nicole: Oh. Ogay. For me?

E.J.: It's -- it's for our baby.

Melanie: Stephanie, thank god you were okay. I was just sick to death.

Stephanie: I'm sorry you were so sick to death because I'm fine.

Melanie: You don't look fine. I mean, you look really, really pale and short of breath.

Stephanie: I am fine.

Melanie: Okay. If you say so. And, philip, we didn't even know you were down in there.

Philip: I'm sure you didn'T.

Melanie: Well, luckily it all worked out, right?

Philip: Right. And now that tragedy has been averted, you all can get back to work. Except for you, steph. Go home. Decompress.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Philip: Yeah.

Stephanie: Okay.

Philip: Y-y-you hold up. I need to have a word with you.

Melanie: You need to have a word with me?

Philip: And I think y now what it's about.

Rafe: You need my help.

Hilda: I'm gonna clean up the kitchen. You two exhaust me.

Sami: Y-yeah. See, um, I do have a-a problem. I've been thinking about nicole. And I have to do something, which means you have to do something.

Rafe: I think we're getting to the part that I hate.

Sami: Look, I really just want to make sure that nicole doesn't take advantage of this mess I'm in to make my son forget about me.

Rafe: What is it, sami?

Sami: I want to do some christmas shopping.

Rafe: No. No, absolutely not. You are not leaving this loft.

Sami: I won'T. You will.

Nicole: Wow, you've got a present for the baby?

E.J. I-I really discovered that I enjoy so much doing things that remind me that it's real, that this is -- this is really happening to us.

Nicole: [Sighs]

E.J.: Nicole, is something wrong?

Nicole: No. I-I just, uh...

E.J.: What?

Nicole: I don't deserve you.

E.J.: Oh, why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Nicole: [Chuckles] So, uh, what's in it? Is it a-a football or a catcher's mitt?

E.J.: Nicole, is something wrong?

Tony: Oh, I'm sorry to intrude.

E.J.: Tony, don'T...

Tony: E.J., No, no.

E.J.: ...Bother to knock.

Tony: I need to talk to you.

Nicole: Well, you know what? I was just on my way out anyway. And where I'm going is secret, so don't even bother to ask.

Tony: Well, she's certainly blooming.

E.J.: Yeah. So, you said you wanted to talk to me.

Tony: Yes, you know, don't you, that I only have your best interest at heart.

E.J.: Always.

Tony: I just came from talking to father.

E.J.: Really?

Tony: Yes, and I left with the impression that he's grooming you to be head of the family.

E.J.: Did you come to congratulate me, tony?

Tony: [Laughs] No. No, I just came to tell you that you're making a big mistake.

E.J.: Right.

Melanie: I really don't know why you need to talk to me, philip.

Philip: I need you to prepare the notes for the presentation tomorrow.

Melanie: Oh, that's it?

Philip: You don't think that's important?

Melanie: No, I know that's very important, but I also know it's already done.

Stephanie: That's impossible.

Melanie: What a surprise. You didn't leave.

Stephanie: There's no way you finished all that work today.

Melanie: No? I put the material on philip's desk. You can check if you want.

Philip: Already done. That's a great first day of work, melanie.

Melanie: Well, I'm very motivated. I actually take this job seriously. It's not just really a little hobby for me.

Philip: Well, if that's the case, then maybe you should take the rest of the day off, too.

Melanie: Are you sure? 'Cause I can stay here and help you --

Philip: No. No, you've done enough.

Melanie: Okay, thank you.

Stephanie: I would be careful about her, philip. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who locked us in the vault.

Philip: If that's the case, maybe I should give her a raise.

Stefano: Ah. Your shift ended over an hour ago.

Lexie: My work didn'T.

Stefano: I was hoping I could take you to lunch.

Lexie: No.

Stefano: Coffee?

Lexie: No!

Stefano: You know, we have so much to talk about, like theo. Is he still getting therapy here at the hospital?

Lexie: Am I supposed to be impressed that you're keeping tabs on me and my son? It's how you operate. It doesn't mean you care.

Stefano: But I do.

Lexie: Then do what I ask and leave me alone.

Stefano: [Chuckles] You know... I am a concerned grandparent.

Lexie: Tell hospital security all out it. If you don't leave right now, that's who I'm calling.

Stefano: What are they going to do? I own half the hospital.

Bo: What -- what's this meeting about?

Hope: The christmas food-drive fund.

Bo: What?

Hope: Someone scheduled that meeting here tonight.

Bo: Well, that someone's an idiot.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Bo: That idiot's me.

Hope: Mm.

Bo: Me and my big mouth.

Hope: It doesn't matter who scheduled the meeting here. The point is, we have a lot of people coming over here tonight. And look at the tree. It stands there without a single ornament on it. Brady, we're trying to get people in the christmas mood so they give, give, give, give.

Bo: Bah, humbug.

Hope: Oh, come on, brady. Think about your daughter. Don't look at the bills. That will depress you.

Bo: You're right. I'm sorry.

Ope: No. I know how hard you're working. Which is why I think you and i really need to talk out e of us giving up our job.

Nicole: Hey, brady.

Brady: Hi.

Nicole: Thanks for meeting me here.

Brady: Sure, uh, what's going on?

Nicole: Okay, well, I found this on the internet. And like I said on the phone, it's the answer to my prayers.

Max: I'll be down there in a little while. All right, okay. Bye.

Melanie: Finally.

Max: I'm sorry to keep you waiting for 15 seconds. What's the big deal?

Melanie: Stephanie.

Max: What about her?

Melanie: I just thought that you should know that she is making a major play for philip, and she's already gained significant yardage.

Max: Oh, god.

Melanie: They got locked in the vault at work. Stephanie probably arranged it. But the point is, we got the door open about two seconds before she scored.

Max: And you decided to rush down here and tell me about it. Why?

Melanie: Because you're my brother, and I thought you would be devastated.

Max: Not until you tell me about it!

Melanie: Don't yell at me, max.

Max: Okay, okay. I don't want to know about it, okay?

Melanie: Max, you were gonna find out about it sooner or later.

Max: And you opted for sooner rather than later because you care about me?

Melanie: Duh.

Max: You hate stephanie, and you want to screw up her life any way you can.

Melanie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Max: You need to leave me out of this, got it?

Stephanie: Okay, so now you want to encourage melanie to sabotage the workings of this company?

Philip: Listen, I don't want to talk about melanie. I want to talk about what happened in there. Or didn'T.

Stephanie: Vault security. Yes, I think we should have someone come in and evaluate the escape procedures.

Philip: Are you changing the subject, or do you really not know what I'm talking about?

Stephanie: I'm afraid to think I know what you're talking about and then it be completely different from what I'm thinking, and then I look stupid.

Philip [Chuckles] I'm talking about what would have happened if that door hadn't opened.

Stephanie: Well, now we'll never know, will we?

Philip: Yeah, I think that's up to us.

Rafe: What are you saying?

Sami: Just that I want you to do some really quick holiday shopping for me.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Okay, look, sweetheart. I'm a federal agent, okay, not a concierge.

Sami: You're gonna make me do this the hard way, aren't you?

Rafe: We don't have to do this any way at all.

Sami: Yeah, but you know t at I know how you hate it when I cry. And... [Crying] And all I have to do is think about my -- my children and how much I miss them and -- and how sad that little, sad christmas tree is.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: And bambi's mother.

Rafe: Come on, are you kidding me right now? You expect this to work on me? I know you' e doing this on purpose.

Sami: [Sobbing] And all the days leading up to christmas and how I could be out there celebrating with my kids.

Hilda: She really is good.

Rafe: Yeah, it's fake. It's not working.

Sami: And every single day unl christmas, I'll be stuck here...with you. You'll have to keep handing me tissues.

Rafe: Okay. What do you want?

Sami: [Cheerfully] The laughing penguin doll. It's this really cool toy, and it would be really perfect for the kids.

Rafe: What the hell is a laughing penguin?

Sami: Is a stuffed animal, a penguin. And when you hug it, it laughs.It's so cute. I know johnny and allie would love it. And I promise you I won't cry -- I'll try not to -- if you get it for me.

Rafe: I'm so out of here.

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: [Laughs] Hey, uh, you want to know what I want for christmas? Solitude!

Hilda: [Clears throat] I notice you didn't tell him that the laughing penguin sold out weeks ago and that the riot squad was called in the last time they were available.

Sami: You know the fbi's motto, don't you? "We always get our penguin."

E.J.: Thank you for your concern, tony. Truly, it's overwhelming.

Tony: He may be our father, but he can't be trusted.

E.J.: Oh, but you can, right?

Tony: You don't need to trust me. I'm not leading you down the garden path.

E.J.: Ah, I see, but he is.

Tony: He's setting something up. He thinks he can stir something between the two of us.

E.J.: Why would that be?

Tony: Oh, out of boredom. Maybe he wants us both distracted.

E.J.: Well, aren't you playing right into his hands by coming here and talking to me? Maybe you want me to back away so you can claim all of this for yourself.

Tony: I knew that's what you'd think when I was coming here, or that I'd be jealous.

E.J.: But you're not, right?

Tony: All that matters is that you keep your eyes wi open, and don't even assume for an instant that he's going to treat you any differen y from anybody else just because you're his son.

Brady: Yes, such a good plan, nicole. Rather than tell E.J. The truth about you losing the baby, just get one from the internet. It's perfect. Yeah, it's foolproof.

Nicole: Please don't be like this, brady. This isn't just to fool E.J. That -- that baby -- it will get so much love from us... from both of us. Look, E.J.'S already buying christmas presents for the baby, and I --

[Cellphone ringing]

Nicole: Hang on. Hello? Y-yes. Yes. Yes, I'm very interested. Yes, I-I would really like to meet you right away. We both would.

Bo: You know what? You're right. We didn't get to the christmas decorations in a timely manner, so the solutioto this problem is -- actually, it's the only solution -- is for one of us to quit our jobs.

Hope: Brady, brady, calm down. We could at least discuss it.

Bo: No, we don't have time to discuss it. I don't have time to come home, sit down, relax, and read the paper 'cause I've got christmas decorations to put up and a job to quit.

Hope: All right, all right. So it was a stupid thing for me to say, all right? I'm sorry. What else do you want me to say? I n see that you're handling the stress of your new job just absolutely --

Bo: I can handle the stress of being police commissioner just fine. It's decking the halls and boughing the holly!

Hope: Would you calm down? Take a breath, would you? And while you're at it, in the closet where we keep the christmas derations, there's a big bag of tinsel. See that big red box? It's got all the ornaments that are really...

[Crash] ...Fragile.

[Sighs deeply]

Tony: You know, E.J., the biggest mistake anybody can make in this world is to believe that father has any real loyalties to anyone. Now, he took you down to make this deal. Why do you think he did that?

E.J.: To show me the ropes.

Tony: Yeah, to get you ready, right, so you'll be prepared after he's dead.

E.J.: May.

Tony: Oh, E.J., the man never believes he's ever going to die. He doesn't need an heir. He might need a fall-guy. That's probably why he's setting you up.

E.J.: Okay. Tony, you just crossed a line. Now, I'm not saying he's a stand-up guy, but I know how much he cares for his family.

Tony: Right. His overwhelming devotion to family. That's why I'm frozen out.

E.J.: Well, that was your choice.

Tony: [Chuckles] Fine. You won't listen to me. I'm biased. Maybe you should talk to lexie.

E.J.: Why?

Tony: Because she's made a huge mistake. She's trusted him again. She dropped her guard down for a s cond, and now he's foundn opening where he can get her right back where he wants her.

Lexie: I want you to leave. Now.

Stefano: And I don't want you to be alone.

Lexie: I'm not alone. I have my husband, my son.

Stefano: No, I mean alone with your guilt. I realize that you can't talk to anybody about that openly except me.

Lexie: What are you up to?

Stefano: Nothing. I was just thinking --

Lexie: What?

Stefano: What you said about our little conversation with mayor marino, how it could be misconstrued, you know? I mean, with a certain kind of spin, you know, you and, uh, abraham could end up looking like the macbeths.

Lexie: Are you threatening me?

Stefano: O , don't be ridiculous. You're family. I would never do such a thing.

Lucas: Mm. Yes. That is my curse, isn't it?

Stefano: [Chuckles] She's be back.

Nicole: I can't believe we get to meet her tonight.

Brady: Nicole --

Nicole: You should have heard her on the phone. She was so sweet. But you could tell it was killing her that she has to give up the baby. But she said it's the right thing for everyone.

Brady: Don't you see that you're moving too fast? You need to think this through. Nicole, you're still grieving.

Nicole: Look, this is a chance for E.J. And I to give that woman's baby the perfect life, and I am not about to walk away from that chance just because you spat out some rehab mumbo jumbo at me. I will not ask any more of you except to keep quiet. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment.

Brady: But -- damn it.

You can see him? Keep him in sight till I get there. It'll be finally good to meet you up close and personal. Then after that, you're gonna lead me right to that brady bitch. Then it's hasta la vista, sami.

Brady: Nicole. Nicole.

Nicole: No, no, no. I am not gonna let you ruin this for me. Go away.

Brady: I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna stay here and make sure you're okay.

Nicole: Oh, my god. She's coming. Look, you better not blow this for me.

Brady: All right, I'll just watch.

Nicole: I'm cindy. You're jason. Oh, uh, kelly?

Kelly: Are you cindy?

Nicole: Yeah, I am so happy to meet you.

Melanie: I thought we could talk about this.

Max: What's the point?

Melanie: Max, I know you still care about stephanie. And I just figured if you were gonna go for it, you better do it now before philip --

Max: What, before philip and her hook up?

Melanie: Yeah.

Max: Gee, that's so touching. You were only thinking of me. You weren't desperately trying to keep stephanie from taking philip off the market. Oh, no.

Melanie: Why would I care?

Max: Uh, because philip's rich and single, and you're poor and single.

Melanie: I am not like that!

Max: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: And philip kiriakis is the most stuck-up, egotistical guy, and I wouldn't go near him if he was the last man on the planet.

Max: Wow, I was really relieved 'cause I was worried about you.

Melanie: Hmm?

Max: Well, I kind of had a feeling you were falling for philip. And I didn't know how to tell you. Um, philip wouldn't go anywhere near you, even if you were the last woman on earth.

Melanie: That is not true!

Max: Hmm.

Melanie: If ianted to, i could just snap my fingers, and he would --

Max: Right.

Melanie: The point is, i don't want to. But if I did... I have to have one relative on this entire planet. It has got to be a complete jerk.

Max: Melanie, I know how you always are, okay? Just don't -- don't be you. Don't be evil you. Just let it go. Let philip and stephanie -- let them do their thing, and just let it go.

Melanie: But --

Max: But wh?

Melanie: You know what, max? I changed my mind. I'm not gonna leave them alone.

Stephanie: I think...

Plip: What?

Stephanie: ...That I should get back to work.

Philip: I gave you the day off.

Stephanie: Right. I should go.

Philip: Where are you gonna go?

Sasha: I'm sorry. Anne said she needed this signed asap.

Philip: Oh, no problem.

Sasha: Hey, you want to hit the mall later? Big shoe sale at baron'S.

Stephanie: Oh, no, thanks. I-I-I, um --

Sasha: Have other plans? Got it. See you guys.

Stephanie: [Laughs] Nothing happened, but she sure thinks something did. You know it's gonna be all over the office tomorrow.

Philip: Well, let's give them something to talk about.

Hilda: Mmm. Sami, I got to hand it to you. These cookies are nummers-yummers addictive.

Sami: Well, I'm glad you like them. I learned to bake them in camp.

Hilda: What camp gives out recipes for -- oh.

Sami: Are you okay?

Hilda: Wow. Excuse me. Oh, boy. Ohh. Oh, lord. Ohh. Wow. Wow.

Sami: Wow, becky wasn't kidding around when she said they took out 11 camp counselors with that. [Clears throat] Sister theresa. Wow, you answered the phone. , Um, this is colleen calling. And I just wanted to talk to you because, um, I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you. And I'm gonna come to visit you soon, soon as I get the chance.

Rafe: Laughing penguin. Yeah, that's a laugh.

Put the book down, edmund. I didn't go through hell to get that damn laughing penguin for you to read a book.

Rafe: Excuse me. Did you just say "laughing penguin," as in the laughing penguin toy?

Yes. I just bought it for him, and he hasn't even taken it out of the bag.

Rafe: Okay, well, where can i find one of those?

Oh, I have a friend with connections at the manufacturer. Oh, great. Now we're late for his pilates class. Come on, dear. Got to go. Well, okay. Hey, buddy. Yeah, it's me. Um, I need a favor.

E.J.: So, lexie goes to father, complaining about marino.

Tony: Right, and he ends up dead on the front doorstep.

E.J.: Tony, father had nothing to do with that. He's not that obvious.

Tony: You know, this isn't about what father did or didn't do to the mayor. This is about lexie. She came to him in a moment of weakness. Now he's found a way of working her. He knows something about her she doesn't want known, and he plays it.

E.J.: Okay, tony, he's not gonna do that to me.

Tony: [Laughing] Oh, not yet. Not yet. He wants to be in business with you. Why do you think that? I mean, your expertise? Or alternative theory. He waits. He has you cross a few lines, sets up one last, very lucrative deal. He collects the evidence... where your lawyers license can be revoked or even possibly sent to prison. And what it boils down to is you and everyone you love... under his complete control. No. I'm not jealous of you. I just feel sorry for you.

Bo: I think there's a possibility I was a little crankier than I wanted to be when I came home.

Hope: I think there's a distinct possibility that my timing was really bad. Sorry.

Bo: Yeah, sorry.

Hope: I said it first.

Bo: Yes, you did. Hey, how about that? We got our annual christmas fight out of the way.

Hope: I love old traditions, don't you?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Mm, wait a second. No, no, no, no, no. We'll make up later. We'll make up later, brady.

Bo: No, I've got --

Hope: No, you don't have to anything. We have a lot of people coming over right now. I don't want them finding us --

Bo: Under the mistletoe on the floor, on the couch...

Hope: No, still arguing because the tree's not done. Look at it.

Bo: Looks done to me.

Hope: What about the star? Where is it?

Bo: We'll have ciara put it up there when she comes home from her birthday party.

Hope: Mm. Never mind. I'll just do it myself.

Bo: Uh-huh. You think you're so smart.

Hope: Aren't I?

Bo: Anytime you want me to do something, you say, "never mind. I'll do it myself." And then I'll have to do it. Am I wrong? [Smooching]

Bo: [Laughs] Find the star. I'll find the ladder.

Hope: Sounds good. You know, I'm really looking forward to you making it up to me.

Bo: Making it up to you?!

Hope: Making it up to me.

Kelly: The place I was working went out of business. Boy, it's really hard to find work these days.

Nicole: Yeah, I can imagine.

Kelly: And my rent's due. See, the dorms are closed during the break, so I had to rent a room. See, what worries me the most is...

Nicole: What?

Kelly: I'm really trying to eat right and everything and be healthy, but I stopped my visits to the clinic. I'm kind of behind there, too.

Brady: I thought that salem U. Provided health care.

Kelly: I'm really worried that they're gonna tell my parent they're really religious, see, and they'd -- they'd disown me if they found out I was pregnant. I'm really scared nowadays.

Nicole: Okay, first thing you're gonna do is stop worrying about money, okay?

Kelly: No, I-I've never taken money from anyone before. I've always worked.

Nicole: Okay, well, now your job is to take care of that baby. Actually, that's -- that's our job. Um, w-what about the father? Does he help out at all?

Kelly: He -- he does what he can. I'll tell you, though. This baby is gonna be so cute. See how handsome he is?

[Voice breaking] And he's real smart, too. I think this baby's just gonna be so...

Nicole: You know what? It's gonna be fine, kelly. Everything's gonna be fine. I promise you.

Kelly: I have to run to the doctor now. And, you know, if I don't ca my parents every night, they get really worried.

Nicole: I understand. Just make sure you call me, though, when you're done with the doctor, okay?

Kelly: I will. Thank you. You're so lucky. You're the nicest wife in the world.

Nicole: [Chuckles] She's so sweet.

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: Brady, please. Please be happy for me. This is all gonna work out.

Brady: Yeah. Um, look, I have something I got to do, but I will catch you later, okay?

Nicole: A meeting?

Brady: Yeah, it is a meeting.

Nicole: Meeting, my ass.

Philip: You know, look, i should stop beating around the bush. You know, my life is kind of crazy right now.

Stephanie: I know. Your mom and everything.

Philip: But once that settles down, let me take you out.

Stephanie: Philip, I can'T. There's something I have to do first.

Melanie: Well, I can see it was a mistake to come here. We obviously have nothing to talk about.

Max: [Smirks] Except for one thing.

Melanie: Mm-hmm?

Max: Nick.

Melanie: Great. My favorite topic.

Max: Look, he wrote me, okay? He said he wants to talk to you about something important, something financial. I thought that might get your attention.

Melanie: Yeah, well, maybe i wouldn't be so greedy if I knew where my next meal was coming from. I can't mooch off maggie forever. What did nick want?

Max: Me to give you this.

Melanie: You just deserve all the success in the world. And sure, legally, I'm entitled to some of whatever you make. But you know what? This was your vision and your -- your idea. And in truth, I think that -- i think that it should all go to you.

Nick: No, that's wrong. I mean, you need to ve, too, melanie.

Melanie: It'll be fine.

Nick: No way. We are in this together.

Max: Mel. Why don't you read it and write him back?

Melanie: Or why don't I just go visit him?

Max: I had a feeling you'd say that.

E.J.: Ho ho ho.

Lexie: [Gasps] Oh, E.J. I didn't see you there.

E.J.: It's okay. I didn't hear you ring.

Lexie: I, uh -- I didn't, uh, want to bother anyone, so i thought I'd just slip in, bring the presents.

E.J.: Without seeing father?

Lexie: Without seeing stefano. So, listen, I-I better go. Abe and theo are in the car. Good seeing you. Um, if I don't see you, have a wonderful christmas with johnny.

E.J.: So, tony and I just had a really interesting chat. He, uh, just stopped by to warn me about father.

Lexie: Really?

E.J.: Yeah. Actually, he, um -- he used you as an example of what not to do.

Lexie: What?

E.J.: He tells me that you went to father about the mayor, asked him to handle a situation.

E.J.: No, you didn't do it, or, no, you don't want anybody to know that you did do it.

Lexie: E.J... I never meant for anyone to get hurt.

E.J.: Lexie... you went to stefano dimera, and you told him that somebody was threatening his daughter's family. What the hell did you expect to happen?

Hope: Hey, brady, careful. It looks like something's wrong with that ladder.

Bo: It's okay. Almost got it.

Hope: Just get down, okay?

Bo: Is that straight?

Hope: Brady, I don't -- no! Oh, bo! Bo!

Brady: How sweet -- smoking and drinking for two.

Kelly: You followed me?

Brady: Yeah, I did. You know, you're not only a two-bit con. You're a really stupid two-bit con.

Hilda: Do not go in there.

Sami: Oh, geez. I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay.

Hilda: I'm fine now. I think I just had too many of those cookies. Ow.

Sami: No. No. I'm sure there was something wrong with the cookies. I threw the rest of the batch away.

Hilda: I'm tired. It'll be good to get home.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I wonder what's taking rafe so long. He must have got stuck shopping.

Take him home, officer. Lead me to Mommy.

Rafe: Seriously, buddy, thank you so much for these. I owe you big time.

Oh, I intend to get paid big time. Those penguins are as rare as black pearls. And remember, women with kids -- bad news.

Rafe: Yeah, tell me about it.

Nicole: I don't know why i thought I could trust you. What made me think you were my friend because you're not.

E.J.: You chose your husband's career over your conscience. You crossed that line.

Sami: Rafe, what is taking you so long?

Rafe: [Grunting]

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