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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/7/08 - Canada; Monday 11/10/08 - U.S.A.

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Nick: Surprise!

Nicole: Wait a minute. There was somebody near the entrance to the graveyard, in the shadows. I'm almost positive it was a man.

Bo: Can you describe him?

Nicole: Tall. That's all I can remember. He was looking down, like, at the gravestones. I thought he must have been the caretaker since who else would be there at that hour?

Bo: So, when we have proof she lied, she's suddenly compelled to tell us the whole story.

Hope: Mm-hmm. That she went to the cemetery with a gun with the intent of killing Trent.

Bo: That gun was a nice touch since she knows the guy was stabbed.

Hope: When she decides to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

Bo: Suddenly she remembers that there was a tall, mysterious figure standing in the shadows.

Hope: She lies at the drop of a hat.

Bo: And isn't adverse to killing someone who gets in her way.

Hope: Or pointing the finger at someone else.

Bo: Why do I have this strange, uncomfortable feeling that she's telling the truth?

E.J.: Nicole, you're not making any sense. Now, why would Stefano want to frame you, hmm?

Nicole: Why do you think?

E.J.: I have no idea.

Nicole: Oh, you know. You know exactly why. Because you we in on it.

E.J.: Me? What was I in on?

Nicole: You knew Stefano was planning to frame me and you didn't do anything about it because you want what he wants.

E.J.: Yeah? What does he want?

Nicole: To take my baby away from me.

E.J.: [Chuckles] You can't be serious.

Nicole: I've never been more serious in my life.

E.J.: No. You're more stupid, apparently.

Sami: Seriously! Open the door! Give me my clothes! I'm freezing in here!

Rafe: This is gonna be a great night.

Sami: What are you talking about? What are you so happy about?

Rafe: 'Cause I got 20 bucks riding on my Bulls, and they are hot tonight.

Sami: You're not supposed to be watching TV. You're supposed to be protecting me. I'm the witness, and you're supposed to protect me.

Rafe: I am. You're naked. I've got your clothes and towel right here. You're not going anywhere.

Sami: Aah!

Rafe: What, are you a Knicks fan?

Sami: I want you to know that I know exactly what's going on here, you know? And I don't care if you're doing it because you want to humiliate me or if it's because you get some strange kick out of knowing there's a naked woman in your bathroom. It doesn't matter because when I get out of here, I am going to report you and then your career is going to be over and you're gonna find yourself guarding a grocery store on the graveyard shift.

Rafe: Oh, sweetheart.

Sami: Don't call me that.

Rafe: Listen, I'm the third guy on this detail in as many days. Your complaint ain't gonna carry a lot of weight.

Sami: I am going to make you pay for this. My Father is gonna make you pay for this.

Rafe: Would you keep it down please? I'm trying to watch the game here.

Sami: I don't want to be here anymore. I want my Daddy, and I want my kids, and I want my clothes, and I want to get out of here.

Rafe: Not again.

Sami: I just ha never felt so alone in my entire life.

Rafe: Okay, enough with the tears 'cause it's not gonna work this time.

Sami: You have no idea how alone I feel.

Rafe: So could you shut the door, then?

Sami: You son of a --

Rafe: Come on! That's not a freakin' foul. What is this, a ballet?

Sami: I think you are the most horrible person I have ever met!

Rafe: I know that you are.

Sami: I hope I never see another hit man as long as I live.

Hope: Do you think we're living in some kind of alternative universe? One where we actually believe that Nicole possibly may be telling the truth?

Bo: Kind of scary, huh?

Hope: Yeah. And now we're looking for some tall guy.

Bo: That really narrows things down.

Hope: You know what? I don't know if we can even count on that. It was dark. And whoever it was that she saw, it was at a distance.

Bo: Yeah, she was emotionally distraught.

Hope: Not the best idea in the world, Brady.

Bo: Damn it.

Hope: What?

Bo: Well, I should have pushed harder. I knew she was hiding something.

Hope: You did everything you could, everything legal.

Bo: I thought she was hiding the fact that she did it, but if she saw this guy... [Snapping finger] Wait a minute. Is she really that stupid?

Hope: Yeah. At least I've always thought so.

Bo: But she's cunning. I mean, she had to know we were coming after her, but if she saw this guy at the crime scene, why didn't she tell us about him? Get us off her tail?

Hope: Think about it. Hold on. Stop. She didn't want us to know that she was there in the first place.

Bo: But we had no anonymous tips, nothing.

Hope: You're right. Nicole is resourceful. She could have thought of something. She could have steered us in the opposite direction.

Bo: Unless she knows who this person is and she wants to take care of them herself.

Nicole: That is such a lawyer thing to say. Someone accuses you of something and you call them stupid?

E.J.: Actually, this is beyond stupid.

Nicole: Especially when you know they're right.

E.J.: How could you possibly be right, my dear? I did not even know that you were pregnant until several days after Trent was murdered.

Nicole: That's why the police couldn't find any evidence linking me to the murder until the second sweep of the crime scene.

E.J.: Nicole, come on.

Nicole: And that is why you asked me to move into the mansion, isn't it? So you could have access to my stuff.

E.J.: To your stuff?

Nicole: Yes, the dress. The dress. You took a couple beads off of it and you planted it at the cemetery.

E.J.: Enough of this, okay? You're being completely paranoid.

Nicole: No, I am not, and you know I'm not. You always tell me how much it kills you to hand Johnny over to Sami and that that won't happen with this baby.

E.J.: I told you that as part of a conversation that we were having about getting married.

Nicole: It is all about control with you, E.J. You are just like your father.

E.J.: Nicole, please. My Father's not trying to set you up. I'm not trying to set you up. Nobody is trying to take your baby away from you.

Nicole: You have done it before.

Melanie: Thanks.

Nick: I'm really, really sorry. [Both chuckle]

Melanie: It's okay.

Nick: No, I mean, like, I'm an idiot. You got somebody calling you and threatening you and sending you notes and I come up behind you and yell "surprise"?

Melanie: Yeah. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. You were -- you were just being sweet.

Nick: Well, apparently, when I'm trying to be sweet, I do something really stupid.

Melanie: Well, you know, most girls don't have a complete meltdown over a birthday cake.

Nick: Well, most girls don't go through what you've been going through.

Melanie: Uh, can I tell you something?

Nick: Yeah. Anything.

Melanie: This is gonna sound really weird, okay but tonight at the Cheatin' Heart, when that guy called...

Nick: Yeah.

Melanie: ...I don't know. I just, um -- I got this really weird feeling that he could see me. Like, he was watching me.

Nick: Any reason?

Melanie: No. Just a feeling. But it got me thinking about why he was doing this. I mean, he hasn't gone to the cops, and he hasn't asked for money. I think he likes knowing he can scare me. I think he likes having that power over me.

Nick: No. I mean...you shouldn't think like that.

Melanie: How am I supposed to think? My Dad is dead and the cops are trying to pin that on me and now I'm getting all these phone calls? I don't know, Nick. Either way, if I ever found out who was doing this, I would kill them.

Bo: Well, that was fun.

Hope: I gather that wasn't a congratulatory call.

Bo: D.A. Jenkins wants to have a breakfast meeting with me tomorrow.

Hope: Your favorite.

Bo: Or, as she put it, um... "we'll do an egg." What the hell? This will surprise you. She wants to hit the ground running and expects that this murder case will be wrapped up A.S.A.P.

Hope: I know how much you love jargon.

Bo: I'm a little bit afraid I'm not gonna love this job.

Hope: Well, you know what? I will. Now that you're police commissioner, I expect to get away with murder.

Bo: You already do.

Hope: I will cut you break here and there. Although, I will say, your personal happiness has never been a priority of mine, Brady.

Bo: Yeah, I know. What if I start saying things like "we'll do an egg" or "A.S.A.P."?

Hope: No, no, no, no. That won't put up with. That would have to stop. Otherwise, you're looking at the guest room.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Look, all joking aside, you really want to know what I think?

Bo: Always.

Hope: Cops here are gonna have an easier time at their job because of you, because you being at the top. And you just might be surprised to find that you like it when you see just how good you are at it.

Bo: But I like working with you.

Hope: And you're going to. That's not going to change. We're still gonna talk about everything. The only difference is...I'm gonna have to defer to you now. And you're gonna love that.

Bo: Yeah. You know what I think we should do now?

Hope: Oh, yeah, I do. You and I should go home and light a whole bunch of candles and slip into a nice, hot bath together.

Bo: We should listen to Nicole's testimony again.

Hope: That was my next suggestion.

Bo: There's got to be something we missed. And you know what else? Nothing Nicole said did anything to clear Melanie.

Hope: So Melanie's still a suspect.

Bo: Right there at the top of the list.

Nick: Again, I'm sorry.

Melanie: Don't apologize. This isn't your fault. You're like the only person in Salem that's actually backed me up. I'm sorry I've been such a downer.

Nick: No. No, you're not.

Melanie: Um, I totally am.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Melanie: So, you know, 're gonna stop talking about it, and we're gonna eat some damn cake.

Nick: All right.

Melanie: But first, I'm gonna blow out the candles 'cause I understand that's traditional.

Nick: [Chuckles] It is traditional. It's also traditional to make a wish.

Melanie: Got it. [Chuckles] Well, that's the first thing that's gone right all day. We're the knife?

Nick: Well, wait a minute. Um...what did you wish for?

Melanie: I can't tell you. It won't come true.

Nick: What if, uh -- what if I can make it come true?

Melanie: What?

Nick: But first I have to know what it is.

Melanie: You can't.

Nick: Come on, try me. Tell me what it is and I'll see what I can do.

Melanie: You can't make it come true, Nick, because what I wished for was to find out who killed my Father.

Sami: Agent Hernandez?

Rafe: What?

Sami: You know you can't keep me here forever. You're eventually gonna have to let me out.

Rafe: Door's unlocked. Come on out.

Sami: I'm not going out there naked.

Rafe: Suit yourself. It's half time. I'm starving. How about you?

Sami: I could eat something.

Rafe: Why don't you come out here in the kitchen, see if there's anything you haven't burned yet?

Sami: You're not gonna get away with this. I swear to God, I am going to report you.

Rafe: You know, you're right. You should call my boss. Ah, you can't because you don't have a phone.

Sami: You know, I hate men who gloat.

Rafe: I hate licorice.

Sami: Okay. All right, you outsmarted me. You're smarter than me. You got the upper hand. You won. You're so supercool. Is that good enough?

Rafe: Well, you're finally seeing the light.

Sami: Now that I have groveled properly, will you please bring me my clothes so that I can get dressed?

Rafe: Uh, no.

Sami: You know, I don't even want your cellphone anymore.

Rafe: No?

Sami: I want your gun

Nick: What if you never find out? I mean, you said you still can't remember what happened that night, right?

Melanie: Right.

Nick: And if they never find out who did it...it'll always be a mystery. So maybe it might be best to try to move on and not obsess about it.

Melanie: I'm not obsessing about it. I don't want to think about it. I just do all the time. Of course, anonymous -- anonymous phone calls saying I can run but I can't hide aren't really helping.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Melanie: Don't be. You can't make my wish come true. And if I never remember and the cops never find out who did it, I'm gonna wonder for the rest of my life if I killed my Father.

Nick: You didn't.

Melanie: You don't know that. I mean, that's what you want to think, but that's just because you're a nice guy.

Nick: No, I know because it's not in you to. Melanie, think about the way he treated you.

Melanie: The way he treated me doesn't mean he deserved to die. It doesn't mean I don't still miss him.

Nick: What?

Melanie: He was my Father, Nick. And I was mad at him. I even hated him. But that doesn't mean I wanted him dead... or maybe it does and I just don't remember. I don't know. I -- I just want to go to bed.

Nick: No, no, no, no. Wait, you -- you haven't even opened your presents yet.

Melanie: Presents. When did -- when did you have time to get me presents?

Nick: Uh, actually, I've had this one for a while. I think you' really gonna like it.

Melanie: Thank you.

Nick: Do you recognize it? It's a snow globe of Marseille. I picked it up in the airport on our way out... so you'd always have a souvenir from when we met.

Sami: Are you eating something?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: What?

Rafe: Some delicious chips.

Sami: Can I have some?

Rafe: Help yourself.

Sami: I meant will you please bring some over here so that I can eat them in here, please?

Rafe: No.

Sami: Why are you doing this to me?

Rafe: So I can get some sleep.

Sami: You're not even sleeping. You're watching TV.

Rafe: Well, right after I'm done watching TV, then I'm gonna go to sleep.

Sami: You're gonna leave me here naked in the bathroom all night?

Rafe: Well, you've proven that you can't be trusted unless you're incapacitated. Anyway, the game's about to start again. Do you think you can be the silent victim?

Sami: Are you kidding me right now? Why do you think I would care if you could watch your game in peace or not? Do you think just because I'm naked in a bathroom I can't make your life miserable? You know what, buddy? You don't know me. I haven't even begun to fight.

E.J.: Since, if I'm not mistaken, this is our first child together, I don't quite see how I could have tried to take your baby from you before.

Nicole: Not me. Sami.

E.J.: Ah.

Nicole: I had a ringside seat to what you put her through when you tried to get Johnny, making her live in that mausoleum.

E.J.: I thought you rather liked the DiMera mansion.

Nicole: You know, tonight I am sleeping in the same room as my toilet, so your patronizing-glib thing ain't gonna work with me.

E.J.: I'm not being patronizing. I'm just trying to keep this conversation calm. Frankly, what I saw you do earlier...scared me.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You're gonna use this against me. I tried to protect my baby and you're gonna use this in the custody case.

E.J.: Nicole, we're just --

Nicole: You're gonna say that I'm crazy.

E.J.: Nicole, there's no custody case, okay? Now, can you please just calm down?

Nicole: Oh, calm down when you and your father are coming after my family?

E.J.: I'm on your side. Don't you understand that? I'm on our baby's side.

Nicole: Oh, of course you have to say that. You have to say that as long as I'm the incubator here, but once that baby is born, he becomes DiMera property.

E.J.: I know this place is horrible, all right, sweetheart? I know that this whole experience is awful, but I'll get you out of here if you just trust me. I need you to trust me.

Nicole: Trust you? I think that would be the stupidest thing I could do.

[Air horn blows] [Banging]

Rafe: Damn it!

Sami: You lost. Ha! Your team lost, didn't they?

Rafe: Ha!

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: Doesn't matter if they win or lose.

Sami: Oh, it's how they play the game.

Rafe: No, it's if they make the spread.

Sami: Wait, wait. You lost your bet? You lost your bet, too?

Rafe: Yeah. By three freakin' points.

Sami: Oh, the big, strong FBI man all comfy in all his clothes and eating his corn chips -- my heart bleeds for you. Meanwhile, I'm stuck here with a splintery butt from sitting on this floor. All right. All right, I've had enough, okay? I promise I will be good, promise I won't do anything stupid. I just want to get out of here. Please, I just want my pajamas. I want to go to bed. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep.

Rafe: You're right. It is late. I could use some sleep.

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: Anything you need before I go to bed?

Sami: You son of a -- I haven't even started making noise yet, you know. You may think I was loud before, but you ain't seen nothing yet. I swear to God, I'm not gonna let you get a moment's sleep! You hear me?! You are not gonna sleep at all tonight! You hear me?! Rafe?

Nick: Good news. That was Max. He thinks he figured out the problem to one of the equations.

Melanie: Yeah?

Nick: Yeah. I know you don't want to hear about equations, but what this means is we can resubmit the fuel project to the foundation, which means that you might see your profit sooner than we thought. Things are looking up.

Melanie: Can I ask you something?

Nick: Yeah.

Melanie: Um, whenever you talk about your project, you always -- you always talk about what it can do for me. I mean, if it works out, you're gonna be rich and famous. But you never talk about that. You just -- just me. Why?

Nick: Don't you understand? I'll do anything for you. Anything.

Nicole: Why don't you just go away, E.J.? Go back to Stefano's house and plot how you're gonna take my child from me.

E.J.: Nicole, hey, would you look at me?

Nicole: No.

E.J.: Okay, then. Listen to me -- my Father did not set you up. I didn't step you up. I wouldn't do that to you. I would not do that to a friend.

Nicole: I'm not your friend.

E.J.: Look, it -- it upsets me that you don't trust me. But I understand why you don't.

Nicole: Have you ever been pregnant, E.J.?

E.J.: No, can't say have.

Nicole: Well, that's weird, not just physically. You know, there -- there are some people who said that I can be a little selfish and maybe they say that because it's true. But now...E.J., I'm actually thinking about someone else and I don't know how to handle it. I-I-I am scared that something's gonna happen to the baby. I'm scared that -- that someone's gonna try and keep him away from me. I'm scared that he is gonna have a rotten mother.

E.J.: Hey, look at me. I'm not, not for a second.

Nicole: [Sobbing] Look...I know -- I know -- I know that I am not in here because you set me up. I'm in here because I lied to Bo and Hope. And now they have goods on me and they don't believe me when I finally do tell them the truth. Whoever is in here is in the position of counting on me, and that is a horrible position to be in.

E.J.: Wait a second. I don't think so.

Nicole: Oh. Well, then, you're nuts, too.

E.J.: I tell you what, just hear me out. Just hear me out. Listen, you and I had a conversation not very long ago about getting married.

Nicole: What are you gonna do, E.J.? Are you gonna get down on one knee and hand me a ring through the bars?

E.J.: Maybe. [Chuckles] Look, we had a conversation about getting married because we both want what is best for our baby. And what is best for our child is that we trust each other.

Nicole: Well, what's best can't happen because you can't trust me. It's a matter of public record that I lie and cheat and murder.

E.J.: It's okay. You're not the only one. You were right when you said you got to stand back and watch as I did whatever I could to get Johnny into my life. It's not like it was out of character. My history, to put it mildly, is checkered.

Nicole: Not mine. Mine's all black.

E.J.: We got a problem, then, haven't we? So what are we gonna do, hmm? Two fundamentally untrustworthy people got to come together and trust each other. Now, how are we gonna do that?

Hope: Remember when we were searching Nicole's closet?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: What did you think of E.J.'s reaction when we found the dress with the missing bead?

Bo: Straight lawyer mode, told her not to talk.

Hope: Because he thought she could have done it.

Bo: He ain't stupid.

Hope: If Nicole's telling the truth, which I think she is, whoever it was that she saw would have seen her leaving, would have known that she didn't do it.

Bo: So obviously it wasn't E.J.

Hope: And I don't think whoever it was that Nicole saw was there by accident. We know the caretaker was off duty, and people don't just pop by the cemetery at that time of night.

Bo: So we go at who was at the cemetery by asking why they were there.

Hope: Mm-hmm. Nicole had a reason to confront Trent. So did Melanie.

Bo: So did about 100 other people. The guy's a creep.

Hope: Don't you find it to be a huge coincidence that three people picked that night, that place to confront Trent? I think somehow whoever it was is connected or linked to Nicole or Melanie.

Nick: Look, I know -- I know you're tired, but you can't go to bed without opening all your presents.

Melanie: Presents? There's re?

Nick: Of course. What, you don't think I just got you a snow globe for your 18th birthday?

Melanie: You didn't even have to do that. You didn't have to do anything.

Nick: I wanted to. Okay, so these two go together, okay? But this one comes first. I totally understand if you don't like it and you want to exchange it, but this one said you to me.

Melanie: Did it?

Nick: [Chuckles]

Melanie: It is beautiful. It's actually just what I wanted.

Nick: Really?

Melanie: Yeah, I didn't take a lot of pictures in France.

Nick: I didn't think you did.

Melanie: In fact, I only have one. It's of me and my father. It's not the best, but I'm just gonna -- I'll be right back. Thank you. T-thank you so much, Nick. [Chuckles]

Nick: [Chuckles]

Nicole: So, it's hopeless.

E.J.: I didn't say that.

Nicole: Well, it sure sounded like you did.

E.J.: Look, Nicole, given our respective histories, it would have made sense if we didn't trust each other in the past. However, we're not the same people we were. We have a child now.

Nicole: So what, are we homer merge just like that?

E.J.: Look, you said something earlier. You said that I did anything that I could to get Johnny for myself. That's not true.

Nicole: Well, I don't think you can get Sami to go along with that.

E.J.: I played hardball. I admit that. But I never tried to take Johnny away from his mother. What I was trying to do was to get Johnny into my life. The reason I wouldn't take him away from his mother is because it wouldn't be good for Johnny, for the same reason I'm not gonna take your baby away from you or set you up for murder. Because it's not gonna be the best thing for our child.

Nicole: Oh, and you think it's the best thing for him if his mother is facing murder charges?

E.J.: Well, if you leave that with me, you don't need to worry about it too much.

Nicole: So I can trust you on that.

E.J.: You can trust me on that.

Nicole: Even if I did it, you'd still get me off.

E.J.: Even if.

Nicole: Yeah, I thought so. You still think I killed him, don't you? Don't you?

Nicole: You can't deny it. You think I killed him.

E.J.: No, I thought that you might have killed him -- past tense.

Nicole: Well, that's comforting.

E.J.: What do you want me to say, Nicole, huh? "Nicole Walker? Oh, no, absolutely not. I couldn't see her doing that for a second." Of course I thought you did it for a bit.

Nicole: Well, it's nice to know you hold me in such high regard.

E.J.: I do, actually. I don't like pushovers. If somebody threatens you, somebody tells you they're gonna make your life miserable, kill them. It's a practical solution to a practical problem, wouldn't you say?

Nicole: So you think it's okay for the mother of your child to kill someone as long as she has a good reason for it?

E.J.: He drove you to that. Well...he almost drove you to it, because you didn't go there, did you?

Nicole: Right. I'm known far and wide for my restraint.

E.J.: No. Actually, you're not. You were pregnant at the time, weren't you?

Nicole: Yes. I-I didn't know I was, but, yes.

E.J.: I think you did. I think a part of you did. I think the part of you that exercised restraint did. Nicole, I may not trust you when it comes to doing the company books. I might not even trust you to go and rotate the tires on my car, but I do trust you to do what is best for our child, and I trust you always to be there for our child. And I think that's about the only trust we need right now.

Bo: Well, would you look at that? Back-to-back meetings from 7:30 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon.

Hope: Oh, poor Bo. Not only are you gonna have to wear a suit, but you can't take off your tie.

Bo: You are mean. Tell me I'm doing the right thing here.

Hope: It doesn't matter what I think. Come on, Brady. You're not really having second thoughts about this, are you?

Bo: Well, it's the whole timing. We got two open murders on the books and sitting around talking about budget allocations -- I should be out there chasing bad guys.

Hope: We're gonna get him. I really think we're closing in on Trent's case.

Melanie: Looks kind of nice, yeah?

Nick: Yeah.

Melanie: Is something wrong?

Nick: No. I guess I'm a little confused. I thought you and your dad --

Melanie: He was my Dad, Nick. You can't just pretend like nothing happened.

Nick: I know that.

Melanie: Okay, so, then maybe with everything that's been going on...I just kind of want to remember what was good about him.

Nick: Right.

Melanie: This isn't going the way that you wanted it to, is it?

Nick: No, it's fine. I just -- I just want you to be happy.

Melanie: Well, maybe that can't be. But I'm glad I have this.

Nick: You should have everything you ever wanted.

Melanie: Nick.

Nick: I mean it. If there's ever anything you want...I'll try to get it for you.

Rafe: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Nicole: You should be a lawyer. You're one smooth-talker.

E.J.: It's not just talk, Nicole. It's how I really feel.

Nicole: I guess I'm just not used to you talking about your real feelings.

E.J.: Well, I don't think either of us are really used to that. It's kind of uncharted water for both of us. Look, we need to start being honest with each other. We need to work at how to trust each other.

Nicole: For the baby's sake.

E.J.: To begin with. Come on, you never know. After a while, you might just like it.

Nicole: "It." I guess that sounds nice.

E.J.: Look, if we start doing this because we think it's gonna be the right thing for our baby...you never know. Maybe it'll turn out to be the right thing for us.

Nicole: Well, get me out of here, E.J. I'd really like to test that theory.

E.J.: Okay.

Melanie: You know, I changed my mind. There is something I want.

Nick: Name it.

Melanie: A piece of that cake. I'm starving suddenly.

Nick: All right. Uh, you want, like, milk or ice cream with it or anything?

Melanie: Mnh-mnh. Just cake.

Nick: All right, I'll get the knife.

Melanie: Get off. Let me go!

Nick: You son of a bitch!

Trent: Leave it to Melanie to have a dork like you for a knight in shining armor.

Nick: No! No!

Trent: [Groans]

Philip: Why does she want to see us now? Is she...

Daniel: It's a critical time.

Philip: Stop the chemo now. Stop the chemo.

Nicole: You mean whoever did kill Trent.

E.J.: Their nightmare's just about to begin.

Nick: She's innocent. Case closed. You arrested Nicole, so can you just lay off?

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