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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/4/08 - Canada; Wednesday 11/5/08 - U.S.A.

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Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: Daniel, hi.

Daniel: You mind if I show you something?

Chloe: Sure.

Daniel: Well, your form is just kind of off. You're putting a lot of unnecessary stress right there on your back.

Chloe: Really? Who knew?

Daniel: Here. Straighten out your body.

Chloe: Okay.

Daniel: All right. Put your feet apart a little bit. Then don't move this part of your arm.

Chloe: Better?

Daniel: Yeah, I think you got it. Let's see it.

Chloe: Surfer, doctor, fitness trainer. Is there anything you don't know how to do? 

Daniel: Uh, sing opera.

Chloe: Ah, I'm sure it's only 'cause you haven't tried.

Daniel: Well, I'll have to put that in my schedule.

Chloe: As if that isn't packed already. I'm surprised you have time to come to the gym.

Daniel: Hey, I do take a break every once in a while.

Chloe: If anyone deserves one...

Daniel: Well, yeah, I better run. Get to my workout.

Chloe: Daniel, uh... Kate. I know how dedicated you are to helping her... and I just wanted to say I think she's really lucky to have you as her doctor.

Philip: Or maybe not.

Stefano: [Sighs] Good afternoon, Antony. Ah, have you been outside? It's a glorious day.

Tony: Well, aren't we in a chipper mood. What, did you run over one of the Brady's on the way home?

Stefano: Such a wit. Look. I voted. I did my civic duty.

Tony: I didn't think people like you were allowed to vote.

Stefano: You're so witty.

Tony: No, I'm quite serious.

Stefano: I am not a felon, Antony.

Tony: Well, you haven't been convicted of a felony, true, but you're certainly not above getting a little blood on your hands to swing an election.

Abe: It's just too much.

Lexie: What?

Abe: The decorations. I'm gonna tell somebody.

Lexie: No. No. No.

Abe: Lexie, I want to keep this low-key.

Lexie: Honey, it's fine. It's just a few streamers, a banner.

Abe: My opponent was murdered. This shouldn't be a party.

Lexie: I know. I know. But... look, there has to be some sort of celebration, all right? The results will be in soon. You'll be making your victory speech.

Abe: You know, I hate winning this way, assuming I will win.

Lexie: Of course. Of course, you'll win. All right, before this night is over, you will be Salem's newest mayor.

Abe: [Sighs]

Lexie: What? What is it?

Abe: I... I am haunted by Marino's death. He wasn't an upstanding man, but he had a family, young children. He didn't deserve to die.

Lexie: Um... Abe, um, there's something you should know. It has to do with the mayor's murder... and my Father.

Melanie: I won't -- I won't do it, Dad. I won't do it. No, I just... want you to die. Will you leave me?

Hope: You don't actually think that Marino could win, do you?

Bo: Even when the guy was alive, he didn't stand a chance against Abe.

Hope: You know, I was really hoping that Roman and his team could have wrapped up his murder investigation before the election.

Bo: Oh, don't worry. They'll get it done. We got to wrap up this Robbins case. The charges against Nicole aren't as airtight as I'd like.

Hope: Well, once you're appointed to commissioner, you'll step thing up and get these cases solved.

Bo: Damn right I will.

Melanie: No! [Breathing heavily] Is someone there? Hello? Okay. Okay, I must have been -- I must have been dreaming or something.

Bo: Here you go, Fancy Face.

Hope: Thanks. Ooh, hot chocolate.

Bo: Yep.

Hope: Hey, are you still gonna bring me hot chocolate when you're my superior?

Bo: I doubt it.

Hope: Yeah, I didn't think so. I fully expect the power to go right to your head.

Bo: Yeah, I plan to be impossible.

Hope: Appreciate the warning, Brady.

Bo: So, you got to take advantage of this humble, subservient me while you can.

Hope: Oh, believe me, I will because if Abe is elected tonight, I have a feeling he's gonna appoint you commissioner right there on the spot.

Bo: Yeah. Humility right out the window. 'Cause Mayor Carver and I are gonna put an end to corruption in this here town.

Hope: Joking aside, I think you will.

Bo: Gonna do our damnedest.

Hope: Mm-hmm. How about you start right here in this department? Get rid of a few certain cops who might be on DiMera's payroll.

Bo: Yeah. We'll get to that. But first, we got a couple of murders we got to take care of.

Abe: Your Father, the mayor. All right, what haven't you told me?

Lexie: After that stunt the mayor pulled at your press conference, I went to see my Father, he said nothing about having a relationship with Marino, demanded that he cut his financial ties to him.

Abe: And what was his response?

Lexie: He tried to maintain his composure, but I could tell he was rattled, especially when I told him how Theo had been dragged into the whole mess.

Abe: And after you made your request?

Lexie: [Crying] That day... the mayor was found shot to death on my Father's doorstep. Oh, God. It was that very same day.

Abe: Why didn't you tell me this sooner?

Lexie: I don't know. I was scared. I didn't want to upset you. I know it's no excuse.

Abe: Lexie, do you have any actual proof?

Lexie: No. No proof. And when I confronted Stefano, he denied any involvement.

Abe: But you didn't believe him.

Lexie: I don't know what to believe, Abe. I just -- I'm just so afraid that I'm responsible for that man's death. Oh, my God. Every time I think about his wife, his children.

Abe: All right, all right.

Lexie: Oh, D.

Abe: Lexie, you shouldn't have had to deal with this all by yourself.

Lexie: What if I ruined everything for you?

Abe: You didn't. We don't even know what happened.

Roman: Is everything okay?

Abe: No.

Tony: Abe's victory's practically a given, thanks to the mayor's untimely demise. Are you saying you didn't have a hand in that?

Stefano: You know, it saddens me so much to think that you have such a low opinion about your own father.

Tony: Well, that's a classic non-answer. You know, Father, you should have gone into politics yourself, what with your extraordinary talent for spin, hypocrisy.

Stefano: Yeah, well, the best I ever got from my son-in-law was a supercilious sneer. He loathes me, and I find him an insufferable bore, so why would I help the man?

Tony: To get into your daughter's good graces.

Stefano: You know, if my daughter does not respect and appreciate me for who I am and what I've already done with her, to hell with her.

Tony: So like you to talk about one of your children that way.

Stefano: Antony, I love Alexandra with all of my heart. She's my flesh and blood. She was my pride and joy.

Tony: Was? What, you're not proud of he anymore? No more joy?

Stefano: Carver has turned her against me. It happens. I can live with that. As long as she is happy with him, hey, that's all that matters. And let me tell you something. [Sighs] No matter how much disdain he has for me, all right, I will rejoice in his success.

Tony: Ah, ever the class act.

Stefano: All right, I will admit I am not overjoyed with her choice of husband, all right, but I will take a lot of pride in her being the new Salem first lady, all right? And you want to know something else? I don't think there's gonna be a prouder moment in my life when I am dancing with my daughter at the inaugural ball.

Tony: [Laughs] I wouldn't break out the tuxedo just yet.

Stefano: I realize that Alexandra and I have a difficult relationship. I will admit that, all right? But there's a lot of deep love there.

Tony: Is that why you killed a man for her?

Stefano: You know, you are not only a cynic. You're an insufferable bore!

Tony: What, like Abe and everyone else who doesn't worship at your shrine?

Stefano: Everybody knows that I will do anything for my family, all right? But even an idiot knows that I draw the line at murder.

Tony: Ah, but the question is, do you draw the line at hiring someone to kill for you?

Stefano: Here's my mail. You see how much mail I have here? You want to look through it? Go ahead. You take it. Help yourself. Look through it. Maybe you'll find a bill for the hit man that I hired to kill the mayor, all right? Oh, my God. I hope my bill is not past due.

Tony: I hope you realize that if you did try to help Alexandra that you've only succeeded in putting Abe's entire political career at risk.

Philip: I just came from visiting my Mother at the hospital. She barely had enough strength to move, to even talk. And when I asked for her doctor, they said he was at the gym.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: I put my trust in you, gave you my blessing to look after my Mother. And what do you do? You're here working out, playing fitness instructor?

Daniel: No, I took a break. I told Kate I was leaving and that I would be back soon. There is another doctor covering for me.

Philip: Okay, forget I said anything. Get that workout in, buddy. Burn those calories.

Daniel: You know, Philip, I know how difficult it is to see your mother like that, but that's the chemo. It's to be expected. You've done your research. I thought you knew that. Well, you know what? Right now, what we all need to do is just stand back and give it some time. This treatment is very aggressive, which is why your mother is having these side effects.

Philip: You finished?

Daniel: If you have any further questions about how she's doing or what to expect, you can speak to her oncologist.

Philip: I called Dr. Knapp. She hasn't called me back.

Daniel: Well, you know what? Just give her some time.

Philip: Right. Yeah, I'm sure she'll call when the mood strikes.

Chloe: Philip, please don't do this.

Philip: My Mother's life is at stake and all you can do is talk about it. W about actually doing something about it?

Daniel: We're doing everything we can.

Philip: That's what you keep saying. It's your mantra, right?

Daniel: It's the truth.

Philip: The hell it is. It's a cliché you trot out to shut people up.

Daniel: Philip.

Philip: You get back there, you understand? You will not abandon her again.

Nick: Hey, you. Thought you were gonna sleep the day away.

Melanie: Yeah, I was a little tired, but I was tossing and turning all night.

Nick: Strange bed.

Melanie: I guess. I was just a little freaked out by that creepy letter. I can't stop thinking about it. I just want to know who sent the damn thing.

Nick: It doesn't matter who sent it. I'll protect you.

Melanie: You' sweet. Thank you for not telling anybody about it. You're my hero.

Nick: Oh, no problem.

Melanie: Seriously, though. Aside from Max, no one's ever really looked out for me in the way you have.

Nick: I'll always be there for you, Melanie. If you're hungry, there's some food in the fridge. Aunt Maggie always keeps a fully stocked kitchen. Or I can make you breakfast. Although, I think at this point, it's more like an early dinner. But who's counting? [Both laugh]

Melanie: Thank you, but I think I'm just gonna stick with coffee right now and get some caffeine into my system. [Computer beeps]

Nick: Oh, hey. My faculty liaison at Salem U. just e-mailed me. He offered to look into the licensing of my fuel project.

Melanie: Really? What did he say about our -- your -- your project?

Nick: "...Foundation that funded my prototype is committed to producing and licensing the technology." He crunched a few numbers and...

Melanie: And?

Nick: You better mark this day on the calendar. [Laughs]

Melanie: Why?

Nick: Because it's the day that I made you filthy rich.

Melanie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Roman: So what's going on with DiMera?

Abe: Well, apparently, after my fiasco of a press conference, Lexie went to her old man and asked him to withdraw his support for Mayor Marino. By the end of the day, Marino was dead.

Roman: Damn. You got to be kidding me.

Abe: So connect the dots.

Roman: And we got a picture of Stefano with a smoking gun.

Abe: But I don't expect we're gonna get much out of him.

Roman: Sure as hell worth a try.

Abe: All right, let's go.

Tony: Lexie. For the future first lady of Salem, you don't look very cheerful. Where was Abe running off to?

Lexie: I think I just made a really big mistake.

Chloe: Do you mind if I speak to Philip alone for a second?

Philip: I don't need to be spoken to.

Chloe: Philip, please.

Philip: [Sighs] I've got to get back to the hospital.

Chloe: Not until you hear me out. Now, I know you're worried about your mother, but you're being a real jerk.

Philip: You pulled me aside to insult me?

Chloe: Daniel's doing everything he can. I thought you realized that. You told me how he helped remind your mother of everything that she has to live for. Now, he gave her the strength to fight. You said that you made peace with him.

Philip: I'm just not sure he has the best judgment.

Chloe: Now you're being irrational again. Daniel is an excellent doctor, the best, from what I've heard. And from what I can tell, he's a nice guy with a good heart.

Philip: Chelsea might disagree.

Chloe: We're talking about your mother here. Doesn't she trust him?

Philip: [Sighs] Yeah.

Chloe: Well, she's a smart woman, you know. Give her some credit.

Philip: Maybe I over-reacted. Not that that's anything new.

Chloe: You're entitled. But I also think that Daniel's entitled to an apology.

Abe: Thank you, Mary. We'll see ourselves in.

Stefano: Hello, gentlemen. Please, please, be seated. The Spectator predicts a landslide win for the former commissioner of Salem. Congratulations, Abraham.

Abe: Well, apparently, I have you to thank.

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. No, you thank your wife. She's the one who came here and insisted that I pull my support for Mayor Marino. So I did. Then the poor bastard got himself shot.

Roman: On your doorstep. What a coincidence.

Stefano: Well, the man was no threat to my family, all right? Just a nuisance. So, why would I go so far as to have the man killed? I mean, what kind of a fool do you take me for?

Roman: I'll plead the fifth on that one, Stefano.

Stefano: Hmm. Well, this is not about my character, all right? It's about Abraham's. Let's say, just for the sake of argument, all right? Let us suppose that I had taken a man's life at the behest of my daughter. "Please, Father, this is Abe's dream. He will be devastated if he does not win this election," all right? "Ah, he is so driven to win that he implored me to get you involved."

Abe: What the hell are you talking about?

Stefano: It is a hypothetical, all right? Try to keep up.

Abe: Let me tell you what you can do with your hypothetical. Let's go. It's a waste of time.

Stefano: You're a bigger fool than I even thought, all right, Abraham, if you do not consider what I am saying here.

Abe: Who the hell can ever understand what you are saying?

Stefano: Above your head, huh? All right, let me see if I can make it a little simpler. If Alexandra had come to me and solicited this kind of help, who do you think the public would think is the monster, hmm? The man that Alexandra asked to carry out the dastardly deed or the man for whom she made the request?

Lexie: I had to tell him, Tony. I just couldn't keep it a secret for another minute.

Tony: What secret are you talking about? What's gotten you so upset?

Lexie: I told Abe everything.

Tony: Are we talking about the mayor's death?

Lexie: The guilt, Tony. It was just all-consuming. I'd wake up thinking about it. I'd lie in bed, obsessing over what I'd done. I should have known better. I should have known what Father would do.

Tony: No, you shouldn't have. And how could you? I thought, Alexandra, that you and I had agreed that you were gonna let this go.

Lexie: I know. I tried. Now Abe and Roman have gone to confront him.

Tony: They've gone to see Father? And what's that going to accomplish? He's not going to admit anything. He certainly didn't to me. You think he's gonna be forthright with a couple of cops?

Lexie: Of course not. Do you think Father was behind the mayor's death?

Tony: It doesn't matter what I think. What concerns me now is how you're torturing yourself about this whole thing.

Lexie: Because of my actions, a man is dead. That's going to haunt me the rest of my life, Tony. And if anybody finds out -- oh, God.

Tony: What? What? Say it.

Lexie: Abe will be destroyed. His career, his reputation, everything. It'll all be over.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, Brady. We need to get going. We don't want to miss Abe's victory speech.

Bo: We got plenty of time.

Hope: Not if we want to go home and change first.

Bo: Why would I want to do that?

Hope: What?

Bo: Change. Why?

Hope: Fine. If you want to accept the position of commissioner in a t-shirt and jeans --

Bo: Hey, just because I'm getting a bump in pay doesn't mean I'm gonna change who I am.

Hope: Oh, you're gonna change a whole lot. Believe me.

Philip: Hey, Daniel. I'm sorry about earlier, bro. I shouldn't have spoken to you like that.

Daniel: You're worried about your mother. Not to play Buddha here, but sometimes being angry can make you feel like you're in control.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, that's probably it.

[Cellphone ringing]

Philip: Excuse me. I have to take this.

Chloe: So, are you guys friends again?

Daniel: I wouldn't go that far. But I understand Philip's anger. He's taking it out on me.

Chloe: I think he's still in shock about Kate's diagnosis. They're very close, as I'm sure you know. What is it?

Daniel: I feel angry. Just the randomness in it. God knows I've been around illness, life-threatening illness, but, uh... you never get used to it. At least I don't.

Chloe: You really love her, don't you?

Melanie: I can't believe this. So, wait, you're sure, right? There can't be any mistakes?

Nick: No, no, no. The foundation approved my proposal.That means that the technology will be licensed out to the highest bidder

Melanie: So -- so -- so we could be getting even more money than the number you wrote down?

Nick: We probably will.

Melanie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Nick, this is amazing! You -- you are the best.

Nick: Stop it.

Melanie: Seriously, though. I mean, I know my Father left me his share, but I know legally you can fit that and that you're not going to because you are such a kind, generous person.

Nick: I'm not being generous. Your dad helped with this project. Now that he's gone, you deserve to reap the benefits.

Melanie: Uh, so when do you think we'll be seeing all this beautiful money?

Nick: The director of the foundation just has to get the sponsor to sign on the dotted line. And after the C.E.O. gives his approval, we're good to go.

Melanie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We have to celebrate! We have to celebrate.

Nick: What do you have in mind?

Abe: You know damn well Lexie didn't ask you to kill anyone.

Stefano: And I did not, hmm? But once again, you miss the point.

Abe: I don't want to hear this.

Stefano: This is about perception, Abraham, hmm? People can and will read between the lines. All right, if, for some reason, that I am suspected of taking out the mayor, right, it would be the easiest and simplest thing for people to start connecting the dots from me to Alexandra to you.

Abe: You would sell out your own daughter, try to take her down with you.

Stefano: I am just asking you to consider the consequences before you take any action.

Roman: So, what, you blackmailing Abe now? Is that it?

Stefano: No, on the contrary, Roman. I am trying to help the man. I want him to be mayor. He wants to be mayor. And so it will be. It's going to happen.

Abe: We've had our issues, but let me tell you --

Stefano: Issues. [Laughs] Is that what we're calling them now?

Abe: Let me finish. The one thing that I have respected you for over the years is your directness. So I'm asking you, be direct with me now.

Stefano: Of course.

Abe: Did you put out a hit on the mayor?

Stefano: Tsk, tsk. [Sighs] I would be direct, but my gut tells me you don't really want me to answer that question.

Abe: My God. My God.

Roman: Stefano... we will find that hit man. And when that happens, we'll track him right back to you. You are going down.

Stefano: Are you sure that's what you want? You could just be opening up Pandora's box. Roman. Please give my best to Samantha, hmm, wherever she is. The democratic process. Very interesting. [Chuckles] Very interesting indeed.

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: How was your workout?

Daniel: Rejuvenating. But I guess I better hit the showers, though.

Chloe: Daniel. I just wanted to say that I was really impressed before with how kind you were with Philip.

Daniel: Well, he's going through a tough time.

Chloe: Yeah. And I also wanted to say that I'm sorry for asking you if you were in love with Kate. I was really out of line.

Daniel: No, it's, um -- it's okay.

Chloe: Obviously, it wasn't 'cause you didn't answer me.

Daniel: Well, my relationship with Kate is, uh -- it's complicated, as most relationships are.

Chloe: True.

Daniel: You and Lucas okay?

Chloe: Yeah, definitely. It's -- it's just so different from anything that I've ever experienced. Living at the Horton cabin, taking care of a little girl -- it's very domestic.

Daniel: Well, it sounds nice.

Chloe: It is. Life is good.

Daniel: But not great.

Chloe: No, it's great. My life with Lucas and Allie, it's like having an instant family. It's just different, like i said. Don't get me wrong. Lucas is so good to me, and Allie is an amazing little girl. I'm really lucky to have the both of them. It's just that sometimes...

Daniel: Sometimes...

Chloe: Sometimes I miss traveling. I had this really exciting life in Europe. It could get lonely, yes, but it was never boring.

Daniel: Uh, yeah. Well, you must miss singing.

Chloe: Yeah, I do. More than anything, actually.

Daniel: You know, Salem may not have a world-class opera house, but there is no reason why you couldn't sing anywhere you want and keep Salem your home base. So you get the best of both worlds there.

Chloe: I'm not so sure.

Daniel: I heard you sing, so don't even try that. You know, I may have a similar predicament with surfing. Not that singing opera is the same as surfing.

Chloe: Yeah, that's too bad, huh? Not even an ocean nearby.

Daniel: Nope. It's, uh -- it's funny. When I first got to Salem, I was determined to get back to the beach A.S.A.P., but, um, I found a few things here that kept me. But I know I'll never give up surfing. It's just, uh -- well, it's in my blood.

Chloe: So, you're saying we can have our cake and eat it, too?

Daniel: Damn right.

Bo: I look like an accountant.

Hope: No, you don't. You look like Salem's next commissioner.

Bo: You know, the guys at the station are gonna laugh at me. This isn't me.

Hope: Of course it's you, just in better clothes.

Bo: Well, you know what? You can work on my fashion sense. I'll work on catching the bad guys. Deal?

Hope: Only if I can work on catching the bad guys with you.

Bo: Okay. Deal.

Hope: You're putting the tie back on.

Bo: Oh, come on.

Hope: Brady.

Lexie: Abe. Oh, sweetheart. Look, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I never should have involved my Father in our lives. I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

Melanie: [Humming] [Laughs] Okay, Nick, I'm ready!

Nick: All right.

Melanie: [Squeals]

Nick: Oh!

Melanie: What?

Nick: This is what you meant by a celebration.

Melanie: Yes, I baked all of my favorite treats. Okay, I just baked the cake.

Nick: [Laughs]

Melanie: Well, you look disappointed.

Nick: No. No, no, no, no. I just -- I didn't know you could bake.

Melanie: Oh, well, it is my secret talent. You see, the only class in boarding school I was any good at was baking.

Nick: [Laughs]

Melanie: It's kind of sad, huh? Oh, try this. [Laughs] You have some chocolate on your nose.

Nick: Mmm. That is delicious.

Melanie: Yeah?

Philip: You were right, Chelsea. Nick definitely needs to be rescued.

Nick: [Laughs] Philip. What's going on?

Philip: Not much. May I come in?

Nick: Yeah, sure. Come on in.

Philip: Hope I'm not interrupting.

Nick: Not at all. Melanie was just doing some baking.

Philip: I see you've made yourself right at home.

Melanie: What do you mean, Philip? You stalking me now?

Philip: Get over yourself. I came by to see Nick.

Nick: Why? What's going on?

Philip: I want to talk to you about your alternative fuel project.

Abe: Lex, listen. There is nothing to forgive.

Lexie: Abe, I've ruined everything.

Abe: No, you didn't. I understand why you went to Stefano.

Lexie: What are you saying?

Abe: Well, he wouldn't directly admit to ordering a hit, but we...

Lexie: Oh, my God. It's my fault. The mayor's dead because of me.

Abe: No. No, no, no, no, no.

Lexie: Oh, God.

Abe: Lexie, I set all of this into motion. The blood is on my hands.

Lexie: No, Abe. How could you possibly be to blame for this?

Bo: Yeah, okay.

Hope: Hey, guys. Hi.

Lexie: Oh, hi.

Hope: You look beautiful.

Abe: Hey, how's it going? Well, I'm glad you both could make it.

Hope: Are you kidding me? We wouldn't have missed your victory party for the world.

Bo: And it looks like we got here just in time.

Lexie: For what?

Bo: Well, I just heard. The election results are in.

Lexie: Wow.

Daniel: You got to take risks because I really do believe if you want something badly enough, you make it work. And if the person you're in love with has true respect for you and your dream, he'll want to make it work. So, why would Lucas want you to give up your dream?

Chloe: Nicole says the same thing all the time.

Daniel: Hmm. Well, maybe she and I share the same philosophy.

Chloe: Guess so.

Daniel: So, how's she doing, anyway?

Chloe: Mm. How could she be doing? She's in jail, accused of Trent's murder. It's a nightmare. I know that she's innocent, Daniel.

Daniel: Has she got a goo lawyer?

Chloe: E.J. I'm sure he'll do everything he can.

Daniel: So, uh, you and Nicole are good friends, huh?

Chloe: Yeah. We've grown close lately. She's actually very kind and caring. And since she's one of my friends, she's become really important to me. I'm not exactly miss popularity.

Daniel: Huh. Well, maybe you're, um, an acquired taste.

Chloe: Was that a compliment?

Daniel: Absolutely.

Chloe: Oh, it was hard to tell. [Both laugh] So, what -- no, I'm afraid to ask.

Daniel: Risk it.

Chloe: So, are you, by any chance, acquiring the taste?

Daniel: Definitely.

Chloe: Well, uh, that's very nice for my ego and all, but I'm not so sure it'll go over too well with Kate.

Daniel: Why not?

Chloe: We're getting along right now, but most of the time, I'm kind of a thorn in her side. I'm not so sure how she would feel about you fraternizing with the enemy.

Daniel: Oh, really? Well, she's a reasonable woman. I'll make her see you through my eyes. I'll tell her that you're talented, witty, funny, beautiful.

Chloe: Don't go overboard. She's gonna think I paid you or something.

Daniel: All right, fine. I'll be a little more subtle than that.

Chloe: Okay. Seriously, though, it would make my life so much easier. So, thank you for offering to do that.

Daniel: I call it like I see it. Besides, what are friends for?

Roman: Hey, hey. How y'all doing? [Laughs] Nice tie, little brother. Did Ma dress you? [Laughs] ********************************************************************

Bo: Told you.

Hope: Oh, just ignore your older brother.

Bo: Ooh. Ouch.

Roman: Well, I do understand the votes have been counted, and a decision has been made.

Lexie: Yeah, we should have the results pretty soon.

Bo: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm looking at Salem's next mayor.

Hope: It may not have been under the best circumstances, but the best man truly won.

Abe: Well, I thank you, Hope, but it's not official yet.

Evan: Can I have your attention, everyone? I just got off the phone with the election commission. And while it's still a little bit early, I'm very pleased to announce that our candidate, a man of great integrity and great strength, has won by a landslide. [Cheers and applause] It is with great honor that I present to you, the people of Salem, Mayor Abraham Carver. [Cheers]

Stefano: [Grumbles] [Sighs] I did back the right man after all. Cheers to you, Abraham. Salud.

Nick: I, uh -- I didn't know you had an interest in what I did.

Philip: In alternative fuel sources? Who doesn't have an interest these days? You can't afford not to, right?

Melanie: Well, Nick just licensed his project for a lot of money. He's gonna be very wealthy.

Philip: Yeah, actually, that's why I'm here. As terrific as your new invention sounds, I'm afraid it's never gonna see the light of day.

E.J.: Bo, listen, I need your help.

Bo: What's the problem?

E.J.: Nicole. She's missing.

Candy: The only thing we're interested in is little old you.

Melanie: Cut the bull, Philip. Chelsea put you up to this, didn't she?

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