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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/31/08 - Canada; Monday 11/3/08 - U.S.A.

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Philip: [Sighs] Whatever you are doing, don't stop. I'm loving it.

Melanie: Well, of course you are.

Daniel: Philip, something wrong?

Melanie: Thank you, Nick Fallon. You're such a lifesaver.

Nick: Would you stop thanking me? Geez.

Melanie: Well, Max said his mom would be okay with me staying at the pub, but the idea of running into the Brady's all the time just --

Nick: Don't even think about it. You're staying here.

Melanie: You sure your aunt and uncle won't have a problem with that?

Nick: Of course they won't. Besides, they're at a green restaurant convention. They won't even be here for a few days.

Melanie: So we're all alone?

Nick: You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Nicole: Damn you, E.J. I can't believe you left me in here. [Door unlocks] Oh, thank God. E.J. what the hell is this?

Hope: Your new wardrobe.

Rafe: This can't be happening. I'm the replacement.

Sami: You're my new guy?

Rafe: Hey, police commander's daughter, I am not your guy, okay? And I never will be. Got it?

Sami: Sounds like that decision isn't yours to make.

Rafe: Yeah, the hell it isn't.

Rafe: Okay, now, just to fill you in, I work for the feds, okay? Not your daddy.

Sami: Well, aren't you just a hotshot.

Rafe: Well, I'm no babysitter. That's for sure. And this assignment is way below my -- hello. This is Agent Hernandez. Thanks. Hello, sir. About the armed escort assignment I just received, um, it's not gonna work out. I'm requesting a transfer. Uh, why? Because I didn't graduate top of my class and spend years in the field on high-profile cases to be babysitting some self-indulgent, spoiled, little brat. That's why.

Nicole: Oh, get your hands off me. This is madness, a travesty of justice. Look at me. Look at me in this hideous jumpsuit, which is 10 sizes too big for starters.

Hope: Yeah, well, you'll grow into it.

Nicole: You know, you might have a bunch of flimsy evidence, but that does not mean I killed my ex-husband.

Bo: Maybe we should review the case with you. I'm thinking a reality check is in order here.

Nicole: [Sighs]

E.J.: [Clears throat]

Nicole: E.J. What -- where have you been?

E.J.: Getting a court order. That's for you. It calls for a bail hearing with immediate effect. Now, if you don't mind, I would like a moment alone with my client.

Bo: Five minutes.

E.J.: Thank you.

Nicole: I knew it, I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I knew you would not leave me in here. Oh, I have been going absolutely crazy, okay? Look, can we go, please? Can I put some normal clothes on?

E.J.: You need to listen to me.

Nicole: Okay.

E.J.: I'm gonna ask you a question. Just between us...I want you to tell me...I want you to tell the father of your unborn child the truth. Did you do it? Nicole...did you kill Trent?

[Door opens]

Hope: The courthouse just called. It's time for the hearing.

E.J.: Just a moment, please.

Bo: Oh, then she can stay in jail till our next arraignment tomorrow morning.

Nicole: No, I --

Hope: Let's go.

E.J.: Come on, go.

Bo: Elvis.

Philip: Is there a problem?

Daniel: That's what I asked you.

Philip: Look, can we not make a big deal out of this? I dozed off. That's it. I had a nightmare or something.

Daniel: About?

Philip: I don't see a shrink couch around here, do you?

Daniel: I'm trying to help, man.

Philip: I dozed off. That's it. It's a bad dream. Look, my Mother's ill. I'm obviously not in the best state of mind, okay?

Daniel: Yeah.

Philip: Is it okay to see her tonight?

Daniel: Well, she might be sleeping right now, but if she's not, I'm sure she would love, love to see you. [Bang]

Philip: Oh. Sorry.

Kate: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Kate: Shouldn't you be at work?

Philip: Well, it's late. Office is closed.

Kate: Oh, right. Wow. I think I've lost track of time.

Philip: Daniel says you're doing well, holding up with characteristic fortitude.

Kate: I don't believe he said that.

Philip: I embellished that last part.

Kate: You know, I've been thinking. I was remembering, I think you were in 1st grade, maybe 2nd. You were totally obsessed with dinosaurs. You had them everywhere, particularly pterodactyls. [Chuckles] Look at you. Now you're all grown-up, a big mogul.

Philip: The thing is, I don't care about any of that. I'd give it all up just to be back in the 1st grade. Anyway, those were great times. [Sighs] Great times. I just remember...how I thought you were invincible. You had all the answers.

Kate: Yeah. And you could believe I was immortal. But much to my shock, I'm not.

Philip: No one is.

Kate: No. True. But my time, well, I may not have that much more of it.

Philip: Don't say that.

Kate: Baby, I love you. I love you so much.

Philip: I love you, too.

Kate: I don't want to leave you.

Philip: Then don't.

Kate: But you have to accept the possibility that I might.

Philip: No, I won't. You're not leaving us. I won't let you.

Nick: What? Say it.

Melanie: It's just -- you've been so good to me, Nick. And now that my brother has turned his back on me, you're like my only friend left in Salem. And I -- this is harder to say than I thought it would be.

Nick: No, it's -- it's okay. I understand. You don't want me to think that because of our kiss or you agreeing to stay here alone with me that it means anything more.

Melanie: I guess that's it. Yeah, I just, um -- you're just such a good friend, I don't, you know, want anything...um...

Nick: What? Say it.

Melanie: Okay, I just -- I've learned some really difficult lessons, okay? And I have just decided to never play a guy ever again, especially someone as sweet as you. You're such an amazing guy, and I just -- I don't want anything emotional to get in the way of that. You know?

Nick: Right.

Melanie: I guess what I'm saying is I just -- I think we should just be friends. 'Cause that's the most important thing to me. You know, and I think that if we were more than that, then that would be a mistake. I mean, I don't want to let anything get in the way, like, romance or sex.

Nick: Yeah, no. Um...we wouldn't -- we wouldn't want that.

Melanie: We're on the same page, right?

Nick: Definitely.

Melanie: BFF.

Nick: [Chuckles] You got it.

Chelsea: Hello? What are you doing here?

Melanie: I live here.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. You live here? Is that some kind of joke?

Nick: No, there's -- there's no joke. I invited her to stay.

Chelsea: Oh. Uh, I-I-I don't get it. Why would you do that?

Nick: Why would you walk in here without knocking?

Chelsea: What?

Nick: I mean, I guess I left the door unlocked, but still.

Melanie: Yeah, but still, it's, um -- it's common courtesy, alerting people of your presence. You should, uh -- you should try it sometime.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, Melanie, there was a time when I didn't need to.

Nick: We don't live in those times anymore.

Chelsea: I guess not.

Nick: Was there something you needed?

Chelsea: "Need"?

Nick: I'm wondering why you came by.

Chelsea: Um, no, I was just trying to tell you something about my grandmother earlier, and I thought that I could talk to you about it now, but clearly you're busy and I'm interrupting again, so I'm just gonna go.

Nick: Whoa, whoa. Wait, is that the mail?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah.

Melanie: Addressed to... the Horton's?

Chelsea: Yeah, you know, I just picked it up outside, and I saw your car and figured you'd be home, so...just take it.

Nick: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. No way.

Rafe: No, sir. I will not call your office again. Thank you.

Sami: You know, if you really don't want to work with me that badly, you could just quit altogether. Go into another profession entirely. You know, you could sell insurance.

Rafe: Okay, I just want to do this job and get it over with and move on.

Sami: So I guess you're stuck with me.

Rafe: No, princess. You're stuck with me.

Nicole: Well, this isn't humiliating.

E.J.: I suggest you keep your petty grievances to yourself.

Nicole: "Petty"? I'm being dragged through the mud here.

E.J.: Then suck it up, my dear.

Nicole: Wow, empathize much?

E.J.: Look, this is not about you being humiliated, it is not about you being dragged through the mud, and it is not about you looking stupid in some prison jumpsuit. It is, however, about defending your life.

Nicole: Look, E.J., I know you want answers about Trent, and I want to tell you, I swear I do.

E.J.: We can talk about it in about an hour when we get back to the DiMera mansion.

Nicole: But the bail hearing hasn't started yet.

E.J.: Well, let's just say I took care of a couple of things. You should be out of here by sunset, all right?

Daniel: Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.

Kate: That's okay. So, how's the treatment going?

Daniel: Mm, too early to say.

Kate: Say anyway.

Daniel: Well, you seem to be responding well to the treatment, but we need to monitor you carefully because we've given you a very high dose of chemo.

Kate: Ah. So you're saying that the cure may kill me?

Daniel: Kate, don't do that.

Kate: You don't have to answer. That was a moment of self-pity.

Daniel: Well, don't let it happen again. You're entitled.

Kate: I know you're doing everything you can to help me. I have my total trust in you.

Daniel: You have enormous strength. You do. So much, you've given me hope right now.

Kate: No matter what happens, I know I'll always know that you did everything that you could to save me. But what you may never know [Sniffles] is how much that means to me.

Nick: I-I-I don't believe this.

Melanie: What does it say?

Nick: The alternative-fuel project I was working on with Trent? It's gotten the attention of a major, major funding group.

Chelsea: That's amazing, Nick.

Nick: Thank you. I mean, it's actually -- it's actually happening. It is possible that we might be looking at some very serious money very soon.

Melanie: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. You did it. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Congratulations.

Nick: Thank you. Thank you.

Melanie: Well, we need to celebrate with champagne and caviar and streamers.

Nick: It might be a little early for all that.

Melanie: What? Why?

Nick: Well, it just -- it feels a little strange, you know? I mean, without Trent, none of this would have happened, and I just -- I want to make sure that you're okay with the fact that the work that your father and I did together might prove beneficial for the world and for us.

Melanie: Are you kidding? I mean, at least something good came from that man. Uh, Chelsea? You think that maybe Nick and I could talk alone?

Chelsea: Yeah. I got to make a phone call anyway.

Melanie: So, Mr. Nobel prize.

Nick: I think we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

Melanie: Do you have any idea how proud of you I am?

Nick: Thank you, but still...

Melanie: What?

Nick: I just -- talking about Trent, you know. I mean, the last thing I want to do is hurt you any further.

Melanie: It's always gonna be hard to think about or talk about my Dad. That's not gonna bring a tear to my eye.

Nick: Well, then, what?

Melanie: I'm just reminded, again, how amazing and brilliant you are. You're just -- you're the best.

Nicole: I'll be out of here in an hour? How?

E.J.: I managed to persuade Judge Fitzpatrick to preside over your arraignment.

Bailiff: All rise. Court is now in session. The honorable Judge Fitzpatrick presiding.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Please be seated. This is the case of the People vs. Nicole Walker, accused in the murder of Trent Robbins. Will counsel identify themselves, please?

Bailiff: Good afternoon, your honor. Beverly Jenkins on behalf of the people.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Miss Jenkins.

E.J.: Your honor, E.J. DiMera, representing Miss Nicole Walker.

Judge Fitzpatrick: And how does the defendant plead?

E.J.: Not guilty, your honor. We would also urge the court to release Miss Walker on her own recognizance. She is expecting, and we recommend, in the interest of Miss Walker's health and the health of her unborn child, that she be discharged immediately from the custody of the state. I will personally testify to her trustworthiness in this matter.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Would the district attorney care to respond?

District Attorney: I'd like you to consider an unusual request, your honor. The arresting officer in this case, Bo Brady, can give clear evidence as to why bail should be denied. Will you allow him to speak?

E.J.: Uh, objection, your honor. This is an arraignment hearing. This is not a criminal trial. There's no --

Judge Fitzpatrick: Overruled. Detective Brady, you have something to say?

Bo: Yes, your honor, I do.

Melanie: Nick, I could not be more happy for you. And you -- you just deserve all the success in the world. And I'm sure legally I'm entitled to some of whatever you make, but you know what? This was your vision, and your -- your idea, and in truth, I think that -- I think that it should all go to you.

Nick: No, that's wrong. I mean, you need to live, too, Melanie.

Melanie: I'll be fine.

Nick: No way. We are in this together.

Melanie: [Chuckles] You -- you just -- you really are that amazing guy I met in Marseille. And I know we'll always be friends. But...

Nick: But what?

Melanie: Maybe...some day we can be more than friends.

Sami: No, no, no. No, no. Definitely not, no. Phew! Thank God that's over. If you don't mind, I'm gonna go get some sleep now.

Rafe: As a matter of fact, I do. Yeah. [Sighs] Now... there are about 20 more where these came from, so stay sharp. We're gonna be here all night.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Explain yourself, Detective Brady. Why do you believe Miss Walker's bail should be denied?

Bo: It's pretty straightforward, your honor. We have evidence linking Miss Walker to the death and murder of her ex-husband, Trent Robbins. Evidence that puts her at the scene of the crime the night of the murder.

Nicole: I thought you said the judge was your friend.

E.J.: Shh, please.

Bo: We have a bead from a dress that was found at the scene of the crime, and we were later able to match that bead to a dress found in the defendant's closet.

Nicole: Is he ever gonna shut up?

Bo: The defendant has a history of instability and deceitfulness. She lied to the state about being married to the victim. She also has a tendency toward violence. She shot Colin Murphy with intent to kill. She tried to murder her ex-husband, Victor Kiriakis.

E.J.: Objection, your honor. Not only is this hearsay, it is also irrelevant to the case at hand.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Overruled. Let Detective Brady finish.

Bo: Thank you, your honor. We believe that the defendant is an extreme flight risk.

E.J.: Again! Your honor, I'm sorry. The detective is mistaking his opinion for facts.

Judge Fitzpatrick: No more interruptions, Mr. DiMera, or I will have you escorted from this courtroom. Detective Brady, I trust you're about to wind up your statement?

Bo: Yes, your honor. Thank you for your consideration. We believe that the defendant should remain in jail until the hearing.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Thank you, Detective Brady. It was good to hear from you. Please be seated.

Bo: Thank you, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: And now you will hear from me. Just give me a moment. I've come to a decision.

Judge Fitzpatrick: All rise. First, let me assure you, I don't make this decision cavalierly or without having thoroughly examined the details of this case, which I had the opportunity to do before the hearing. I've also listened carefully to what was said in court today. After taking into consideration the fact that Miss Walker lied about the state of her marriage to Trent Robbins and that she's attempted murder before, I'm inclined to have serious doubts about Miss Walker's veracity or her morality. I'm also disconcerted by her affiliation with the DiMera family, to whom she's now inextricably tied for obvious reasons. Therefore, bail is denied. [Gavel bangs] Bailiff, please escort Miss Walker to jail immediately.

E.J.: It's okay.

Sami: Oh, God, no. I can't do this anymore. Please, please, please, can we please start again tomorrow?

Rafe: Do you think this is some sort of game? Do you think that I'm having fun looking at mug shots? 'Cause guess what -- I'm not. This isn't about fun, okay? It's about trying to find the guy who wants to kill you.

Sami: Obviously I want that, too. I am just trying to preserve my sanity here.

Rafe: I thought it was this place that was driving you insane.

Sami: It is.

Rafe: Okay. So then let's use our little head, okay? Because the sooner we I.D. the guy, the sooner you can get out of here.

Sami: I don't recognize the guy, okay? He's not in any of these!

Rafe: Well, just keep looking until you find him.

Sami: I can't, okay? I cannot look in one more thing un--

Rafe: Oh. Here it comes. "Oh, I can't look at one more thing. I can't look at a mug shot or I'm gonna puke."

Sami: I actually do feel like puking, you insensitive jerk, and if you're not careful, I'm gonna puke all over y-- [Exhales sharply]

Rafe: Actually, you do look kind of green. You okay?

Sami: Great, great. No, thanks. Yeah, I have to turn green to get your attention.

Rafe: Well, something is going on here.

Sami: No, it's not. I mean, other than the obvious. That I came face-to-face with a hit man who's now out to get me and I'm away from my kids. Okay, it's just a stressful situation. That's all.

Rafe: It's more than that. Something else is up, Sami.

Daniel: Phillip, I thought you had gone home.

Philip: I was going to, but I left my --

Daniel: This?

Philip: Yeah. Thanks.

Daniel: Could have called you and let you know I had it.

Philip: Yeah, well, I got out of here, I realized almost immediately that I left it in my Mother's room, but, uh, came back and...I happened to overhear you two talking.

Daniel: Philip, look --

Philip: I love my Mother... more than anything else in this world. And from what I've seen in her, you seem to be a big part in giving her hope. You and I, we've had our differences. But I feel pretty good with the peace that we've made. And because I need my Mother to survive, I -- know what? It's pointless, man. You're doing everything you can. I can't ask you to do more.

Daniel: You're her son. You can ask me whatever you want.

Philip: Whatever happens with her and you after she gets well, like I said before, I won't get involved. I promise you that. Just save her.

Melanie: I -- I feel like I've always gone after the wrong guy. But it's like -- it just -- it just hit me. I mean, maybe you and I have, like, a karmic bond or something. And you're -- and you're supposed to show me that I've just been going after the wrong guy.

Chelsea: I'm back.

Melanie: So I see.

Chelsea: Uh, Melanie, do you mind if I have a second now alone with Nick?

Melanie: It's not really up to me. I'll go unpack. Talk later?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: Thanks. What are you doing?

Nick: Come again?

Chelsea: Besides making a huge mistake, what are you doing?

Nick: Don't do this, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Nick, that exchange that you just had with her --

Nick: You were spying on us?

Chelsea: Maybe you need to be spied on.

Nick: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Chelsea: It means that you're a fool, Nick.

Nick: I'm a fool?

Chelsea: I just meant that you're not thinking clearly. Nick, Melanie doesn't care about you. She only cares about the money that you could make her. Don't tell me you're that naive.

Nick: How dare you judge her or me. Who the hell do you think you are, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Have you lost your mind?

Nick: Get out! Get out!

Melanie: Yeah, I decided to unpack tomorrow. I didn't want to miss anything. Did I? Well, she's not happy.

Nick: No. And at this exact moment...I don't really care.

Melanie: Yeah. Look, Nick, I get it. I really do. Just don't let it bother you. Okay?

Rafe: Something's going on here that you're not telling me, Sami.

Sami: Nothing is going on, okay, Sherlock. I'm just worn out. Don't you ever get worn out? Or what are you, the Energizer freakin' Bunny?

Rafe: [Chuckles] Well, you don't look green anymore, so let's get back to work, then.

Sami: No, wait, okay. Okay, seriously. Rafe, please. I'm asking you to help me out here. I really am exhausted, and I really just need to go to sleep, and I promise you I will look at all the mug shots that you want tomorrow if you just let me take a break now and go to sleep. Please.

Rafe: Fine.

Sami: Thanks.

Rafe: Okay, I'm gonna get ready for bed, then we're gonna go over some guidelines for tonight.

Sami: [Chuckles] Hey, well, I was just wondering who your service provider was 'cause I'm actually thinking of switching, so I wondered what kind of plan you have. Lots of minutes? Unlimited texting?

Rafe: Really?

Sami: Great. Now how am I supposed to call my Dad and get rid of this guy? A pay phone.

Hope: Brady, you were fantastic. You nailed it. What? What's the matter?

Bo: I should feel good about this, but...

Hope: But what? Nicole's in jail. Justice is served. What's there to feel bad about?

Bo: I'm not 100% convinced that she's guilty. I want to do the right thing.

Hope: You know what I love about you? You're passionate about getting at the truth. And you always do. Come here.

Nicole: You lied to me, E.J. You said this bail thing was a done deal.

E.J.: I did not lie to you. I had no idea that woman was gonna throw her loyalty out the window, all right? She was not supposed to let Bo Brady shoot his mouth off.

Nicole: Never mind them. I'm the one who's gonna be stuck in a jail cell. Please, E.J., you have to do something.

E.J.: Believe me, I'm going to. I'm not let my child stay in here.

Nicole: Your child? Your child and I happen to be a packaged deal right now.

E.J.: Yes, I realize that.

Nicole: What are you gonna do about me, E.J.? What about me?

Melanie: All I'm saying is you're just -- you're too good a guy to get held back by -- by anyone.

Nick: It's complicated.

Melanie: Yeah, well, what isn't? Just hang in there, okay? I'm tired. I think I'm gonna go to bed.

Nick: Oh, uh, let me show you to your --

Melanie: I know where the bedroom is.

Nick: Okay.

Melanie: Thank you again, Nick...for everything. Good night. Oh, Melanie.

Daniel: God, the thought of you not being here, it's, uh -- you -- we need you, Kate. Your kids, Chelsea... me. You got to fight this. You beat it. Come back to us. Come back to me.

Sami: Don't --

Rafe: Don't even think about it.

Nicole: You're not gonna answer me?

E.J.: It was a stupid question, all right? I'm sorry. Of course I want you out of here.

Guard: Hey, your time's up.

E.J.: I'll see you tomorrow.

Nicole: No, E.J., ca-- can't you help me? Please don't leave.

E.J.: You haven't given me anything, sweetheart.

Nicole: But I've told you the truth, E.J. You don't believe me? E.J., you don't believe me? I've lost your trust?

E.J.: I don't know what to think. I don't know what to think about a lot of things. I don't know what to think about this murder. I don't know what to think about what kind of mother you'd be if you get out of here. I don't know what to think about a lot of things.

Nicole: I don't know what to think, either. Please.

E.J.: Get some rest, okay? Why don't you get some rest, all right?

Nicole: Uh. Oh, God. Not again. No, not again. Okay. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. Oh, but what if you're not fine and you're stuck in here? Whoa, Nicole. Oh. Oh, you're brilliant. Oh, yes.

Chelsea: Phillip, thank God.

Philip: What's going on?

Chelsea: Uh, it's Nick.

Philip: What about him?

Chelsea: I need you to save him from Melanie.

Nicole: If anything happens to Stefano DiMera's grandchild and he finds out it's your fault, you're the one who's gonna need a doctor!

Chelsea: She's a liar and a phony and now, clearly, a gold digger.

Philip: No offense, but isn't that what people used to say about you?

Stephanie: If you're such a super genius, why are you still whipping up flirtinis?

Max: You're right. This is none of your business.

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