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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/29/08 - Canada; Thursday 10/30/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: What's this?

Hilda: You can read, can't you?

Sami: "Safe house rules and regulations."

Hilda: Very good.

Sami: "No excessive or loud talking. No standing next to windows. Snack time." What is this, kindergarten?

Hilda: It's witness protection 101.

Sami: Just when I thought things couldn't get worse.

Hilda: Miss Brady, you've been here less than 24 hours, and you've already driven one guard to quit.

Sami: He didn't quit. He was reassigned.

Hilda: Bottom line, you're not getting killed, not on my watch, unless, of course, I decide to do it myself.

Sami: Hey, whoa. Settle down, okay?

Hilda: No more shenanigans, Miss Brady. Consider yourself warned.

[Bones cracking]

Nicole: You have no proof that I'm lying because I'm not.

Bo: We'll see about that.

Nicole: I can think of a thousand people who wanted Trent Robbins dead.

E.J.: Nicole.

Nicole: How dare you come in here and accuse me.

E.J.: Nicole, I wouldn't offer any further information, if I were you.

Nicole: Why? I don't have anything to hide.

Hope: How about this?

Kate: I remember when I was a girl, the first time I painted my fingernails. Although, actually, I didn't do it. My Mother did it. I just sat there, smiling, feeling sophisticated. [Chuckles]

Daniel: You're making progress -- about another half an hour.

Kate: Could you pass my book? Manicure.

Daniel: Ah. So, how are you doing with your anti-nausea medication? Do you need more?

Kate: No, I'm doing fine, just fine. I just, um -- I'm tired.

Daniel: Okay. Well, I probably should start my rounds, let you get some rest. Well, I'll be back. I'll be back later to check on you. [Sighs] [Door closes]

Lucas: Hey, Daniel, how is she?

Daniel: Well, your mom's resting. You might want to wait a bit before you go in there.

Lucas: Actually, I want to talk to you. I want some straight answers about my Mom.

Lexie: Hi.

Abe: Oh, hey, big guy! Yeah! [Laughs] So, did you get a good nap, huh?

Lexie: Oh, yeah, he did. And this time, he actually wanted to come and help his daddy out. He got right into the car -- no arguments, nothing.

Abe: Oh, thank you, Theo. That means a lot to me. You know that? Yeah. And thank you for coming back.

Lexie: Hey, we're family. We stick together.

Mona: Well, this is good timing.

Abe: Perfect.

Mona: You are the Carvers, aren't you?

Abe: Um, what gave it away?

Mona: [Laughs] So glad to meet you. I'm Mona Roy. I'm writing the "Day In The Life" feature on you for The Spectator.

Abe: Well, thank you for pushing this interview back.

Lexie: Yeah, Theo was tired, and we wanted him to be at his best.

Mona: No problem. I was actually running a bit behind schedule. Well, hello there. Aren't you cuter than two tiger cubs and a ball of twine? Pleased to meet you, Theo. I'm Mona Roy.

Bo: Do you need me to remind you of what this is?

Nicole: My marriage certificate.

Hope: To Trent Robbins.

Bo: It was found among his personal effects.

Hope: His lawyer gave it to his daughter, Melanie, after his will reading today.

Nicole: How come it's all torn up?

Hope: Right. I don't suppose you have any idea, do you?

Nicole: Why would I ask?

Bo: So, you deny that you wanted to destroy anything that proved you were married to Robbins.

Nicole: No. I mean, yes. Look, I didn't want people to know we were married. I didn't even know we were.

E.J.: Where exactly are you going with this, detective?

Bo: Patience, counselor.

Nicole: I thought we were divorced all these years until Trent showed up in Salem.

Bo: And you murdered him.

E.J.: Detective, unless you plan on formally charging my client --

Bo: When we want your input, Elvis, we'll let you know.

Nicole: So, what, that document doesn't prove anything.

Hope: So, what, you're saying you're not responsible for the condition it's in?

Nicole: I haven't touched that thing since I signed it, which was, like, a hundred years ago.

Bo: Then why does it have your fingerprints on it?

Nicole: I guess you two wore gloves, huh, when you signed your marriage certificate?

Hope: You don't think the lab can tell recent prints from ancient ones?

[Door opens, closes]

Nurse: Good book?

Kate: Um, yea it is a good book. It was on my night table.

Nurse: Well, now you finally have time to read it.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, I guess there's an upside to chemo, right?

Lucas: So, I just want the truth, Daniel, you know, no goodwill doctor talk or platitudes.

Daniel: Okay, Lucas. What's your question?

Lucas: Well, what do you think her odds are of beating this? I mean, I've been looking online, I've been looking at websites, and it basically depends on how quick you guys get to it, right, how early you detect it and how aggressive it is.

Daniel: That's right, and how the patient responds to the treatment.

Lucas: And I'm sure everybody's different, and you probably don't know anything exactly yet, but, I mean, do you have an opinion? Can I get your educated guess?

Daniel: Lucas, I really -- I'm not gonna just throw out --

Lucas: Listen to me. It's the five-year survival rate I'm really worried about. With the type of lung cancer that she has, what can we realistically expect?

Daniel: Statistic-- when you're talking about how someone's gonna make it, what kind of cancer it is, there's just no way to tell, all right? It's about the individual, and there's too many variables.

Lucas: I know. I understand that. But with the type of lung cancer she has, I mean, what are the odds? I mean, is it probable that there's a good diagnosis through that?

Daniel: It changes all the time -- new drugs, new treatment options.

Lucas: I know it changes. I know that. I'm not an idiot. All right, with the type of illness she has, the specific type of illness, I just want to know if it's gonna advance any. How bad is it?

Daniel: I just got through telling you.

Lucas: You didn't tell me anything. I asked you to tell me the truth, and you didn't say anything. Now, come on, wh-- just be honest with me, man. I think I deserve that. I think I have a right to know. Is she gonna make it? Is she gonna be cured?

Daniel: Honestly, Lucas, the odds aren't good.

Hilda: Just follow the rules, Miss Brady, and we'll be fine.

Sami: My God, is it too late to get Darrell back?

Hilda: No such luck, baby cakes. [Crunching]

Sami: Hey, uh, any chance you can keep that racket down?

Hilda: No more talking. I'm gonna watch "Law & Order: SVU."

Sami: Oh, really, is that what they pay you the big bucks for, to watch "Law & Order"? ["Law & Order: SVU" theme song plays] What is that smell?

Hilda: That's bratwurst and sauerkraut. Unlike your "pal Darrell," I like to cook. Count your lucky stars, little lady. [Crunching]

E.J.: Okay, I think that's about enough insinuation for one night, thank you.

Bo: Insinuation? We're questioning a suspect.

E.J.: No, you're jumping from a torn-up piece of paper to murder. Quite how you connect those dots, I have no idea.

Hope: I suggest you tell your attorney to back off.

E.J.: She will do no such thing. And if you continue to talk to my client like that, you better be prepared to pay the price.

Mona: [Chuckles] What a sweet boy. That was a lovely hug.

Abe: Hey, Theo, where is the video game your mommy brought you?

Lexie: Oh, I have it here in my purse. Here you go, honey.

Abe: Theo, come on. Let's go over here. You sit right here and play it for a few minutes, okay? All right, sweetheart? Okay, there you go.

Mona: So affectionate.

Lexie: You're surprised?

Mona: Actually, I did some research, gathered that most autistic children --

Lexie: Oh, let me stop you right there. There really is no such thing as "most autistic children." I know it's a cliché, but every child is different.

Mona: My oldest daughter Lila is extremely strong-willed. She's been known to make a scene in public, not taking "no" for an answer, wanting what she wants. I spent so much time apologizing, but then I finally realized she is who she is. And her tenaciousness is a strength as well as a weakness.

Lexie: Exactly. And that's what we're hoping you'll convey in this article about our family, that autism is a part of who Theo is, but it doesn't define him.

Abe: You know, we're very proud to be Theo's parents.

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: He's the light of our life.

Hilda: Come on! Pile-drive him! What is this, a school dance? Get him!

Sami: Hey, you know, Darrell used to talk about how he had to patrol the perimeter. Is that something maybe you should be doing?

Hilda: Body slam!

Sami: Hilda?

Hilda: [Sighs] [Television turns off] I don't appreciate being told how to do my job.

Sami: Oh, I just thought maybe --

Hilda: Don't play games, Miss Brady.

Sami: Games? What games?

Hilda: I know you complained to Darrell about being left alone in here, that you didn't feel safe.

Sami: I didn't mean it -- well --

Hilda: Well, you don't have to worry anymore, not with me. I will ensure that you are never left alone, not for a moment.

Sami: Wow. That's wonderful news.

Hilda: Was that sarcasm?

Sami: No! No, no. I'm thrilled that I won't ever have a moment alone, that you'll be watching my every move like a oversized hawk. I'm -- I'm overjoyed.

Hilda: Good. Now, how about a big, juicy slab of bratwurst with some horseradish mustard?

Sami: Uh, no. No, thanks. I-I -- you know, I was thinking I might take a shower now, if that's not against the house rules.

Hilda: Of course not. You may shower to your heart's content.

Sami: Thanks.

Hilda: But keep the door open.

Sami: Sorry?

Hilda: The door wide open. I want to be able to see you.

Sami: Right. Of course.

Hope: We just want some straight answers.

E.J.: She just gave you straight answers. She told you that she had nothing to do with the murder. Now, if you consider that to be being evasive --

Bo: Depends on who it's coming from.

E.J.: Well, that's brilliant. May I ask you, did they teach you that at the police academy, or is that the kind of cop wisdom that comes from years of experience?

Nicole: All right, just stop, okay? I will tell you everything.

E.J.: Nicole.

Nicole: No, look. I argued with Trent. I tore up the marriage certificate. But what does that prove? It proves nothing. So would you please get out of my house?

Bo: Don't you mean Stefano's house?

Hope: Hold on a second. You know what?

Bo: Hmm.

Hope: She's right, Brady. The marriage certificate is just circumstantial, incriminating but hardly a smoking gun.

Bo: True. But then there's this.

Daniel: All right, here are some books, research articles, papers.

Lucas: All right. Thank you.

Daniel: It should be a good start.

Lucas: Okay. [Clears throat] So, uh, you gonna share all this with my Mom?

Daniel: I already have. It's her body, her life. I'm not keeping anything from her.

Lucas: So she knows what she's up against.

Daniel: She wants to know. She's in excellent care, and she has a hell of a lot to live for. She has elected an aggressive treatment protocol. And now, it's gonna be tough, but it is her best chance to survive.

Lucas: Yeah. All right. Whatever it takes.

Daniel: Whatever it takes.

Lucas: Thanks for being up front with me.

Daniel: Feel free to call me anytime. I'm gonna go check on Kate later, okay?

Chloe: I know it's not the most original thing to say right now, but your mom will get through this. Like Daniel said, she has so much to live for.

Lucas: I know. [Door opens] Um, can I go see her right now?

Nurse: Uh, yes, of course.

Chloe: I'll wait out here.

Lucas: Thanks. [Knock on door]

Kate: Hey! Welcome University Hospital Penthouse. [Chuckles] Give me a kiss. [Sighs]

Lucas: What are you doing, doing a little bit of reading?

Kate: I am doing a little bit of reading. I gave myself a manicure. This is starting to seem like a mini vacation. I'm telling you. Do you like the color?

Lucas: It's me, all right? I mean, I remember. I was there when you fought your way back up from nothing.

Kate: Okay, am I missing something here?

Lucas: You don't have to prove to me how strong you are. Don't use your energy to put on a show. Use it to fight. If anyone knows you can do it, it's me.

Sami: Wow, you really come prepared.

Hilda: Sleep is vital.

Sami: Are those ear plugs?

Hilda: Yes.

Sami: And -- and an eye mask?

Hilda: You disapprove?

Sami: No. I guess I just would have thought that since your job is really focused on keeping someone's life safe that you, uh, would want to hear and see as much as possible.

Hilda: I'm a very light sleeper, which is a blessing and a curse in this job. But don't worry. I'll make my bed on the sofa.

Sami: You mean, right here? I-I'm sleeping right here.

Hilda: I should warn you. I snore -- loudly, I'm told. All righty, time for bed.

Sami: Time for -- it's 7:00.

Hilda: Yeah, I tend towards insomnia. Best I retire early.

Sami: Well, I'm a night owl.

Hilda: Too bad. Your safe house. My rules. [Doorbell rings]

Sami: What was that?

Hilda: Shh.

Sami: [Stutters] No one's supposed to know I'm here. What if it's the killer?

Bo: Would you like me to read this?

E.J.: This is preposterous. You and your little partner come in here and prattle on about these new pieces of evidence that you found, you know, these suspects you have lined up. Where, oh, where will it end?

Bo: When we find the killer.

E.J.: Ooh. Well, speaking of finding the killer, who was the first person that you arrested? That was your own mother, wasn't it? Strange choice. Then there was your brother, Max. Then you arrested -- what was her name? Melanie. And now, obviously, you're looking at Nicole. If you'd like my opinion, this whole thing is just an excuse for the Salem Police Department to come and have a snoop around the DiMera house.

Nicole: You'd think the mayor's murder would be a good excuse, considering the poor guy was gunned down outside the front door. No wonder the murder's been unsolved, huh? 'Cause you're too busy harassing everyone in Salem about a guy no one even misses.

Bo: You don't need to worry about the department wasting its resources on this murder case.

Hope: As it turns out, we're down to one suspect, and she ain't a DiMera.

Bo: And after this, I don't think she'll have the opp--

E.J.: [Clears throat] Okay, detective. This is getting a little absurd, don't you think?

Hope: Why? You don't know the history.

Bo: Hmm.

Hope: She's tried to kill her former lovers before. Victor Kiriakis, Colin Murphy. Well, at least those are the ones we know about.

Bo: Now she's moved on to another wealthy man. Isn't that a surprise.

Nicole: How dare you.

Bo: You better watch your back there, Elvis. That is, if you want to live to tell the story.

Nicole: Shut up.

Bo: You're right. Enough prattling on. In this statement, you say that you did not kill Robbins, that you're innocent. That's your story, and you're sticking to it.

Nicole: It's not my story. It's the truth.

Bo: Right. This was found in the envelope, along with your marriage license. Here, in the words of your dead husband -- "if I happen to turn up dead or missing, you will know that my dear wife has finally acted on all her threats."

Abe: I want to set up a pilot program right here in Salem that I hope the state and federal government take notice of, encourage volunteerism, get seniors and students involved, service-oriented.

Mona: It takes a village.

Abe: [Laughing] Yes. Exactly.

Mona: Mind if I switch gears for a moment and ask you a few questions, Dr. Carver?

Lexie: Uh... no, not at all.

Mona: Having kids myself, I can't help wonder. You're a doctor, wife, mother, now maybe future first lady of Salem. How do you do it all?

Lexie: [Sighs] Mona, sometimes I don't know if I can.

Sami: What if it's him? What if it's the hit man?

Hilda: I hardly think the killer would be ringing the doorbell.

Sami: That doesn't exactly make me feel better.

Hilda: Hide.

Sami: What?

Hilda: Hide. I'll take care of the security threat.

Kids: Trick or treat.

Hilda: [Clears throat]

Kids: Raisins. You're serious?

Hilda: Tell your friends that trick-or-treaters aren't welcome here. Hmm? Thank you. [Door slams]

Sami: Halloween. I forgot about that.

Hilda: All the better. It's a dreadful holiday.

Sami: It's my twins' first time trick-or-treating.

Hilda: [Sighs] I never let mine go trick-or-treating. Just licensed begging, if you ask me.

Sami: You have kids?

Hilda: Yeah. All growed up. Off the payroll, thanks be to God. Would you like to see pictures?

Sami: Um, okay.

Hilda: Okay. That's Ingalil. And that's Roland. And the short one is Gunter. They were teenagers here.

Sami: They look a lot like you.

Hilda: Thank you. If I had to do it over again, I would have worked less. I would have spent some more time with my beautiful children. Um, I missed so much. I was stationed in Zurich on a security assignment when Roland took his first steps. And Ingalil, she was quite the speller, but could I have made it to any of her bees? No, I was too busy earning a living. And that's because their father was too busy chasing women. But, uh -- the ones with the big bazooms, mind you.

E.J.: The note doesn't prove anything.

Bo: It does indicate that she threatened the victim.

Nicole: Yeah, me and everyone else in this town.

Hope: All right, Nicole. Did you or did you not confront Trent Robbins in the cemetery the night he was murdered?

Nicole: No, I did not.

E.J.: Nicole, I think you've already said enough.

Nicole: You've got to be joking.

Bo: This is a search warrant. Now we have probable cause, so what do you say? We'll take a look around the premises.

Lucas: Oh, hey.

Chloe: Hey, how'd it go?

Lucas: It went fine, considering I have a favor to ask you.

Chloe: Anything.

Lucas: Well, I was just kind of wondering, you know, maybe if you could just go in there and talk to my Mom, you know, as someone who's been through a similar circumstance. Maybe you could just give her a pep talk or something.

Chloe: Me?

Lucas: You don't have to if you don't want to.

Chloe: No, it's not that. It's just -- your mother's not exactly my biggest fan. I wouldn't want to ruin her day or anything.

Lucas: I don't think it could get much worse, do you? I got to go down to the gift shop and get her some magazines, all right? I'll be back.

Chloe: Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah.

Chloe: Are you sure you want me to do this?

Lucas: Yeah, I am. I mean, like I said, you've been there, right? I think it would help her a lot. Thank you.

[Door opens]

Chloe: Hi. [Door closes]

Kate: Hi.

Chloe: I thought I'd see how you're doing. I know you were feeling great before the chemo started but now probably not so much, huh? Just give it a few days. You get --

Kate: Look, I know that you feel like you have to do this for Lucas.

Chloe: No, I don't.

Kate: But why don't you do us both a favor and get out?

Hilda: Then one day, you turn around and, boom, they're all grown up. Well, Roland is only 4'10", but don't let that fool you. He's the smartest one in the bunch. Don't you know. And such a heart of gold. But, of course, if his father had given him the time of day, well... but, no, he was too busy chasing women and bowling. The guy has his own ball, shoes, the whole nine yards. But he sucked, if you can believe that. [Laughs] Gutter balls. Damn fool. You know, a guy has his own ball, you think maybe he might be able to bowl a few spares, at least. [Chuckles]

Sami: [Thinking] Come on, she's got to have an extra set of ear plugs in here somewhere. Wait a minute. What's that? Sleeping pills? Even better.

Nicole: Get your greasy hands off my dress. You know, that cost more than you make in a year. [Scoffs] Can you make them go away, please?

E.J.: We have to comply with the warrant. However, if there's nothing for them to find, they'll be on their way.

Nicole: If?

Bo: Well, turns out we will be on our merry way. And you'll be coming with us down to the station.

Lexie: There actually was a time when I thought I could do everything. Now I know better. Career, home, family -- something always suffers.

Mona: That's true for most of us. Even with typical children. And because you are so busy, I am especially grateful you agreed to do the interview.

Lexie: And I'm grateful you didn't ask to do it at our house because right now, it's a complete wreck.

Mona: So is mine. I wouldn't have even noticed.

Lexie: Oh, hey, you know? Goodness, it's just all so overwhelming sometimes. Most times, actually.

Mona: I think most women feel that way. Most men, too.

Abe: Definitely.

Mona: Off the record... I think it's really important for Salem to have a mayor who understands what the average family goes through.

Abe: Well, that's exactly what we are, the average family.

Lexie: Abe and I struggled with conceiving early on, so having Theo is our dream come true.

Mona: Such a sweetheart.

Lexie: Yes, he is. I read this article awhile back titled "Welcome to Holland." And the gist of it was, having a baby, you are so full of dreams and plans. And the reality is never exactly what you expect.

Abe: You know, we've had Theo's future mapped out since he was 2 -- college savings plan, t-ball, music lessons.

Lexie: Yeah. Anyway, um, getting back to this article, the analogy -- while once we had this beautiful trip planned for Italy, we were diverted to Holland, a wonderful and glorious place in its own right, just not what Abe and I thought we signed on for.

Theo: High score!

Abe: Whoa! On your video game?

Theo: High score!

Abe: There you go, my man! Yeah! [Laughs]

Hilda: But for me, it's all work, work, work. Well, I do have my model train hobby, and that keeps me sane. A proud member of the NMRA, National Model Railroad Association. My friends, they give me a hard time. They say, "hey, Hilda, what's up with the toy trains? I thought you were a grown woman." And I have to remind them that, well, Frank Sinatra himself was a model railroader, not to mention Walt Disney and Merle Haggard.

Sami: Hey, uh, here you go.

Hilda: Oh, what's that?

Sami: Tea.

Hilda: Oh, I-I can't touch caffeine. I drink that, I'll be wide --

Sami: Oh, it's actually sleepy tea. It's special. You know, it's supposed to help soothe and calm you down. I thought you'd like it.

Hilda: Oh, well, in that case... mmm, that's a-b-c-delicious.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, and I didn't make it too hot, so you can have it as fast as you want.

Hilda: I think I will then.

Sami: [Chuckles] Do you want more?

Hilda: More? Uh, sure, if it's not too much, uh... you know, I, uh... I'm not feeling all that -- ooh!

Sami: Whoa, whoa. Oh. Maybe you should sit down. Come on, let's -- let's get you sitting.

Hilda: I feel s-sleepy. That's -- that's not like me. I... maybe I should, uh, call that doctor back. Because if I c-- can't stay awake to watch over you, I think I'd have a hard time... do-- wouldn't know what would happen if I --

Chloe: If being angry with me is helpful to you in some sort of way or gives you something to focus on, then go for it by all means.

Kate: Don't you dare condescend to me.

Chloe: Look, Lucas as d me to come in here, and I was happy to do it because I care about him, and I know how much you mean to him.

Kate: I'm sorry. That was rude of me.

Chloe: Don't apologize. I understand.

Kate: My kids mean everything to me, Chloe. I probably care more about them than I do about myself. And I think this illness is going to be the hardest on Lucas, so, um, I'm thinking maybe we should call a temporary truce.

Chloe: I'm glad.

Kate: That's not an embrace, by any means, because I still don't like you. I still haven't forgiven you for breaking Philip's heart.

Chloe: That's fine. It's okay. I understand. This isn't about me. It's about you getting better. That's all I want.

Kate: Thank you.

Chloe: And if you want to try to break up me and Lucas, well, that would be good motivation to get well, right? [Exhales deeply]

Daniel: Chloe, you all right?

Hope: Pretty.

Nicole: My favorite.

Hope: Oh. It's missing a bead.

Nicole: Observant.

Hope: No. Lucky.

Nicole: What?

Hope: Me, for finding the dress with the missing bead since the matching one was found by CSI in the cemetery.

Nicole: You son of a bitch. Give me that marriage certificate.

Trent: No.

Nicole: What do you want from me?

Trent: What do you think?

Nicole: My money? If you have it your way, I won't have any.

Trent: Oh, I will have it my way.

Nicole: Let me out of this marriage made in hell right now. I swear to you, I will find a way, damn it. I will kill you!

Trent: You win, Nicole. It's all yours.

Nicole: Okay, fine. I argued with Trent. And, yes, I even threatened the bastard, but I didn't kill him. You believe me, don't you?

Mona: Oh, no, Theo. You are stomping me!

Abe: [Laughs] Our little boy is supreme with the video game. I mean, Lexie and I don't even bother anymore.

Lexie: Mnh-mnh.

Mona: That's it for me, but thanks, Theo. It was fun. Humiliating, but fun. [Laughter]

Abe: Theo, give mommy the video game, all right? We're gonna head home now.

Mona: Actually, before you leave, can I ask Theo a few questions?

Lexie: Um, you know, I'm not sure he'll answer them. Okay. Okay. You can try.

Abe: Yeah, it's fine, fine with me. I mean, you seem to have a rapport with him, uh, our little computer wizard over there.

Mona: I'll be quick. I promise.

Abe: All right. Theo, give mommy the video game.

Lexie: I'll take it, honey. Thank you, sweetheart.

Mona: So, Theo, what's your favorite food?

Lexie: Uh, sweetheart, sweetheart, Miss Roy asked you a question. Wh-- honey, honey. No, no. He has some food aversions. I think that's what's upsetting him.

Mona: I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Lexie: No, no, of course you didn't. Honey, it's okay. It's okay. No more questions. Mommy and daddy are going to take you home, all right? Sweetheart, please. I need you to stop, okay? Okay? No. I'm sorry.

Mona: No. Um, we'll be in touch. Thank you both so much. It's going to be a terrific article. I know.

Abe: Thank you. Thank you.

Lexie: Sorry.

Abe: Theo. Theo.

Daniel: Come here. Come over here and sit down.

Chloe: No, I'm fine.

Daniel: You look like you're about ready to pass out.

Chloe: No. I'm okay.

Daniel: Did something happen?

Chloe: It was just seeing Kate in there, watching the chemo drugs dripping and the smells and sounds. It kind of zapped me back in time.

Daniel: I don't, um --

Chloe: Leukemia. I was very ill a few years ago. My baby sister saved me. Bone marrow transplant.

Daniel: I had no idea you were a cancer survivor.

Chloe: Yeah. But I'm fine now. Great, actually. But I still take anti-rejection drugs. I still feel like I'm on borrowed time.

Daniel: Um, you know, it was very generous of you to open up to Kate like that.

Chloe: I did it for Lucas.

Daniel: Well, he's blessed to have you.

Lucas: Hey. How'd it go?

Chloe: Uh, fine. I'll tell you about it on the way home.

Lucas: Okay, good. We got to get home. We got to take Allie trick-or-treating.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

Lucas: My little girl's first Halloween.

Daniel: Ah. Well, that's awesome.

Lucas: We'll take pictures for my Mom, too, all right?

Chloe: You got it.

Lucas: Well, uh, guess I'll just say goodbye, and we're out of here.

Daniel: You know, could you come back in the morning? She could use her rest right now.

Lucas: All right, that's fine. Just give her these for me, okay?

Daniel: Yeah, no problem.

Lucas: All right. Good deal. You ready?

Chloe: Yeah. Thanks for the talk.

Daniel: Sure. Take care.

Kate: Hey. Ah.

Daniel: Oh no. From Lucas.

Kate: He remembered.

Daniel: So, are you done yet? Almost.

Kate: So, uh...

Daniel: Tomorrow.

Nicole: I only followed Trent to the cemetery because I realized I shouldn't have torn up the marriage certificate the day before and left him to pick up all the pieces.

E.J.: Nicole, Nicole, how many times do I need to say this? Don't say anything.

Bo: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Nicole: Hey. Oh! Hey! Let go of me!

Nicole: What happens now?

Bo: You've been through this before. What, did you forget?

E.J.: She's pregnant, detective.

Bo: Yeah. Sadly, it looks like that baby will be born in prison. Let's go.

Hope: Come on.

Hilda: I, uh... I have to stay awake.

Sami: No, you don't.

Hilda: I-I-I can't fall a--

Sami: [Laughs] Yes! Peace. Free at last.

Stephanie: I just wish Melanie would get the hell out of Salem. And if she doesn't, I don't see how me and Max can work things out.

Melanie: It's kind of nice having someone look after me.

Max: Is that what big brothers are for?

Sami: Wake up. What am I gonna do? Hilda!

[Door rattles]

Sami: Hilda!

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