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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/28/08 - Canada; Wednesday 10/29/08 - U.S.A.

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Chloe: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Chloe: Oh. Sorry. You don't have to worry. I'm not a corporate spy or anything.

Philip: You just kind of surprised me. That's all.

Chloe: Yeah, you did look like you were a million miles away. I guess I just can't imagine being that interested in business.

Philip: Well, that's my job, I guess.

Chloe: And I'm interrupting. I'm sorry.

Philip: No, I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry.

Chloe: Oh, I'll leave you alone. I'm sorry. I was just gonna ask, have you seen Lucas? I've called him all afternoon and left him voicemails and he hasn't called me back. He must be closing some deal, I'm sure, something big.

Philip: Something like that. We were at the hospital about an hour ago.

Chloe: What?

Philip: Yeah, we took my mom there.

Chloe: What's wrong with your mom?

Philip: She...

Chloe: Oh, if it's none of my business --

Philip: No, it's not like that. It's just -- it's hard to say. Uh... our mother has lung cancer.

Cynthia: So, a lot of my clients have that test that tells you the baby's sex.

Nicole: Really? My doctor said you shouldn't have those kinds of tests unless you need them. There's some risk to the baby.

Cynthia: Whatever. All I know is some of the more exclusive patterns can take six months for the delivery. If you want the room ready for the baby, I need to know A.S.A.P.

Nicole: Well, maybe you could come up with something for a boy or a girl.

Cynthia: I don't work like that. I can't work like that.

Nicole: You'll be the first to know.

E.J.: Darling, have you seen -- oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize we had company.

Cynthia: Cynthia Savage, Savage Designs.

E.J.: Oh, as in jungle prints, right?

Cynthia: I'm sorry?

E.J.: It's okay.

Nicole: Oh, E.J., she has the most wonderful ideas. It's like she wants the whole space to flow with color and texture.

Cynthia: Most people do nothing with texture.

E.J.: I'm sorry. What the hell are you talking about?

Nicole: Redecorating. With Cynthia's help, I'm gonna transform the whole nursery wing.

E.J.: I, uh -- I need to have a word with you.

Sami: Yeah, I'm calling about my prenatal visit. No, sorry, I can't talk louder. Yeah, I'm really gonna be there today, I think, but after that -- [Door slams]

Darrell: Just what the hell do you think you're doing?

Melanie: And if you care about me as much as you say you do, then you'll give me the letter. You'll let me see it before anybody else does so we can figure out what my Dad was trying to tell us.

Gregory: All right. You talked me into it, Mel. But after you take a look, I'm counting on you to share this with the police.

Melanie: Okay, I will. I give you my word.

Gregory: Melanie, do the right thing.

Melanie: Well, I was just leaving, so...

Hope: So soon?

Melanie: There's not much more to say.

Hope: Well, we just wonder how you're doing, Melanie.

Bo: I mean, the reading of the will must have been rough for you.

Melanie: How sweet of you to care.

Bo: But you did have a family friend here -- Mr. Berman. That must have been... comforting.

Melanie: Not especially.

Hope: Did you have a nice chat after we left?

Melanie: We just said goodbye. That's about it, so...

Bo: Are you sure there wasn't something else?

Melanie: Positive. Now, if you guys are done cross-examining me, I'm gonna --

Hope: Not quite.

Melanie: What do you want with me now?

Bo: The letter. Aren't you at least gonna tell us what's in it?

Melanie: W-- I-I don't know what you're --

Bo: The letter that Berman gave you that you shoved into your purse.

Melanie: W-well, how did -- how did you know that --

Hope: Well, you were set up and you fell for it.

Melanie: I don't understand.

Hope: Well, it's pretty clear, isn't it? That letter that you have in your purse -- was meant for us.

Melanie: W-- I didn't know that. I mean, I thought it was just a letter from my Dad for me.

Bo: Another one of those pesky little lies. See, Berman was helping us out, so we know that he told you to give it to us.

Melanie: You know what I don't like about you two?

Hope: Oh, yeah. I do. That we are on to you.

Melanie: [Chuckles] No. You enjoy your jobs just a little too much.

Hope: We're investigating a murder. This isn't a game.

Bo: This is our way of proving that you're not only not cooperating...

Hope: But you're actually trying to impede the investigation.

Melanie: This isn't an investigation. This is you guys trying to pin a murder on me to cover for who really did it.

Hope: Oh, so help me God, you turn on the tears again and I will really get...ticked off.

Bo: And you don't want to do that, believe me. So, uh, why don't you give me the letter and we'll find out what your father had to say?

Cynthia: You do realize I'll have to bill you for a full consultation.

Nicole: Look, if I don't get in there and pour on the charm, this project is dead in the water.

Cynthia: I must say, I think you're up to the challenge. Got the gangsta -- it's a look.

Nicole: E.J., before you say anything, I'm mortified.

E.J.: You should be. Look at this. I mean, really.

Nicole: Look, I wanted to talk to you about this first. It's just you seemed so busy, so preoccupied.

E.J.: Oh, you thought you'd spare me.

Nicole: I just -- I thought that with all the important things on your mind, the last thing you wanted to do was talk about something so silly like redecorating, but now I realize how that looks, that I'm trying to take over the place, and we both know that I'm just a guest here. Please...please don't be mad at me.

E.J.: Well, I didn't say that I was mad at you. I said I wanted to talk to you.

Nicole: Well, I got to tell you, every time a guy says he wants to talk to me, he's mad at me.

E.J.: No, I'm not mad at you. I meant it.

Nicole: Really?

E.J.: It just -- it seems to me that all of this redecorating is just a little bit like jumping the gun.

Nicole: Okay, you're right. It is jumping the gun. Look, I just wanted to do something for this baby. I wanted everything to be set.

E.J.: I know. I understand that you want to build a home for yourself and the baby, you know, and you want to feel like you live here, that you're not just a visitor.

Nicole: You're right. Oh, you're freakin' me out -- knowing things about me that I don't know about myself.

E.J.: Nicole, you and I have a lot of issues, and I know that in doing this, you were just trying to solve some of them.

Nicole: You really aren't mad at me, are you?

E.J.: No. I understand why you were doing it. I just think we should put first things first. I mean, before we have a conversation about redecorating, you and I really need to have a conversation about marriage.

Nicole: I think I need to sit down.

E.J.: Okay.

Nicole: You -- you wouldn't believe what I thought you just said.

Sami: No.

Darrell: Give me that.

Sami: Aah! Hey!

Darrell: Yes. What are you doing? Why are you calling the clinic?

Sami: I don't feel well.

Darrell: You don't feel well, you tell me. You don't make the calls. I do.

Sami: What, did you major in barking orders in college?

Darrell: What's wrong?

Sami: Are you kidding me? Just because I can I.D. a hit man, I'm trapped in this prison with the vegan storm trooper.

Darrell: You said you weren't feeling well. What's wrong?

Sami: I, um -- ooh. I think I have food poisoning. It comes in waves.

Darrell: Yeah, or on cue.

Sami: I'm sick as a dog and you won't even make a phone call? God, I hate you. You're such a -- I'm gonna be sick.

Chloe: Philip, I'm so sorry.

Philip: Yeah.

Chloe: When did you find out?

Philip: I thought it was gonna be bad, you know? But she told us...for sure earlier.

Chloe: And she's already in the hospital?

Philip: Well, she's not in the hospital. She's starting chemotherapy, but she can go home when it's over. She didn't want us to stick around, so I don't know where Lucas is right now.

Chloe: She didn't want you to stay?

Philip: She doesn't like us to see her when she's not in control.

Chloe: What?

Philip: I just -- I don't like the part of me that was relieved that she didn't want there.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, Philip. That part of you that's -- what's the word -- human?

Philip: Lucas wanted to stay. He wanted to stay and argue. I thought that was kind of great.

Chloe: Not if she really did want to fly solo. Philip, you shouldn't feel bad about doing what she wanted you to do.

Philip: Yeah.

Chloe: People beat cancer. Look at me.

Philip: Right. I did some research. Now that I know it's actually happening, I'm gonna be rational about this. I'm gonna get the facts, the statistics. Be unemotional. I'm scared to death, Chloe.

Melanie: Here.

Bo: Kind of like the academy awards, huh?

Melanie: Such a funny man. Well, what -- what does it say?

Chloe: I did that. I read everything I could about cancer.

Philip: Did it help?

Chloe: Yeah, but you have to be careful not to freak yourself out, especially checking on the internet. There's so many websites -- scary stuff.

Philip: Yeah, I noticed that.

Chloe: But there's also a lot of hopeful stuff, and you have to remember to read that, too.

Philip: Yeah, noticed that, too.

Chloe: And you know how damn strong your mom is. That counts. It really does.

Philip: Oh, I know I don't have to worry about her giving up. And she's getting personalized medical attention.

Chloe: What?

Philip: nothing. So, you and Lucas, how are you guys doing?

Chloe: We're okay. Why?

Philip: Our family, if that's the word for it, we're not very demonstrative.

Chloe: Actually, you are, once you crack the code.

Philip: Yeah, well, I guess that's what I'm getting at. I'm just glad you guys are tight. 'Cause I'm not that good at being a brother at a time of need.

Chloe: I'm sure that's not true.

Philip: You know what I'm talking about. I'm just glad that he has you to talk to because you're good at it.

Chloe: Thanks. What about you? Who are you gonna talk to?

Philip: Me? I'll be fine.

Chloe: Come on, Philip. As much as I detest this phrase, I'll be there for Lucas and for you, too.

Philip: Chloe...I don't think I should be your concern anymore.

Darrell: You're really sick.

Sami: You sound surprised.

Darrell: People on the program fake it sometimes when they get some information on the outside. You weren't faking it.

Sami: No, and how lovely to know I had an audience for that.

Darrell: Want me to get you some ginger ale, hmm?

Sami: Ginger ale?

Darrell: Yeah, when I was sick, my Mother always gave me ginger ale.

Sami: So, now that I've given you sufficient proof that I am, in fact, sick, will you please take me to the clinic?

Darrell: No.

Sami: No?

Darrell: It's against policies.

Sami: What, if I was in a coma, would you take me?

Darrell: No. Even then, I'd have to get permission.

Sami: Talk about a company man.

Darrell: Sami, you're sick. I feel sorry for you, but you're not on your deathbed.

Sami: Oh, you wouldn't care if was.

Darrell: Hey, did you forget why you're here, huh? Someone is trying to kill you.

Sami: In all these rules and regulations that you have, does it say anywhere anything about untreated medical emergencies? I mean, what would happen if I was really sick and you did nothing? You're gonna smoke a cigar? I told you I'm allergic.

Darrell: It's just a force of habit.

Sami: You know why you want to smoke? 'Cause you're nervous, 'cause you know I'm right. What would my Dad say he found out how sick I am and that you didn't do anything? How would that help you climb the ladder now?

Darrell: All right, let me see what I can do about this. And it isn't because of your dad or climbing up the ladder, either.

Sami: Hey, you get me into that clinic or I'm flushing your cigars down the toilet. Hey, way to deliver on the morning sickness, huh? But, um...let's not do that again, okay?

E.J.: No, you heard me right. I want to talk about marriage.

Nicole: Like theoretically or as an institution or as in you and me?

E.J.: As in you and me.

Nicole: You want to marry me?

E.J.: I want to talk about it.

Nicole: But it's within the realm of possibility.

E.J.: Of course it is. Nicole, you are carrying my child.

Nicole: Right.

E.J.: Look, at the moment, it's pretty simple. We live under the same roof, but I think we need to work out what exactly is going to happen after the baby has been born.

Nicole: Oh, it's 2008. A baby doesn't necessarily mean marriage.

E.J.: No, but if we don't get married, then we do have to work out some kind of custody arrangement. And in my experience, these custody arrangements, the kid just ends up getting ferried backwards and forwards between two different houses.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: What?

Nicole: Nothing. Nothing. It's just when someone talks about marrying you, it would be nice if the was a token mention of your eyes, your sparkling personality.

E.J.: Nicole, you have the most beautiful eyes. And I love your personality.

Nicole: Way to sweep me off my feet.

E.J.: But come on. If there's one thing you and I have in common, it's bedrock practicality. It's one of the things I like about you.

Nicole: Right.

E.J.: One of the other things that you and I have in common -- the most important thing -- is that we both want what is best for this child.

Nicole: You know, talking to Cynthia, I, um -- I just -- I really wanted this baby to come home to a palace, and I want everything good and wonderful for him.

E.J.: Or her.

Nicole: But what I really want, and I know you want, too, is I want this baby to be happy.

E.J.: So do I. That's why we're talking about marriage.

[Door opens]

Darrell: Here you go.

Sami: Oh, hey. I was just thinking ginger ale sounds really good. Thanks. So, did you call? Are you taking me to see a doctor?

Darrell: No.

Sami: Really? Well, now I hate you even more.

Darrell: I just came in to give you a heads up.

Sami: Can you tell me just how long I have to stand here like this?

Darrell: Your doctor. Come on in, doc.

Melanie: What does the letter say?

Bo: You can go now.

Melanie: What?

Bo: You can go. Thanks for your time.

Hope: But don't leave town. You still need to be available for questioning.

Melanie: You're not gonna tell me what's in the letter?

Hope: Of course not. It's evidence.

Melanie: [Chuckles] You hide your disappointment well. But then again, you've been working on your bad cop/worse cop routine for quite some time now.

Bo: I don't think she likes us.

Melanie: No, I'm not usually a fan of someone who tries to frame me for murder. But I'm not afraid of you anymore. See, you guys thought that envelope would be the smoking gun, that you'd pin me to the wall. But the truth is, it doesn't say anything about me.

Hope: Do you need us to arrange transportation for you?

Melanie: Because if it did, I'd be in cuffs now. So you don't have anything.

Bo: That's because you haven't told us the whole truth about what happened that night.

Melanie: You don't want the truth. What you want is to protect your stupid family.

Bo: What I want is to find out who killed your father.

Melanie: Yeah, right. So, guess what, guys. I'm done being harassed while I mourn my Father's death. And if it doesn't stop, I'm gonna press charges.

Hope: Wait, Melanie. Hold on a second. Brady?

Melanie: Who's scared now?

Hope: Thank you. This is the number to our community outreach program. They'll be able to tell you which forms to fill out to file a complaint.

Bo: Or you can hire a private attorney. That would be up to you.

Melanie: Or you guys can go to hell.

Bo: Feisty, our little Melanie.

Hope: Hmm. I don't think she's one to let anyone stand in her way.

Bo: Yeah. She's been right about one thing. We weren't expecting this. You know what? I'll get this down to the lab. What do we have here?

Sami: This is great. Just wonderful. Every sick person is dying to b examined by a blindfolded doctor. Do you want to give him ear plugs, too, so he can't hear me?

Darrell: Damn it, would you just calm down? Sorry about at. My diagnosis is that she's a spoiled bitch.

Sami: I heard that.

Darrell: Good. Here you go.

Sami: Hey, wait a second. Are you a real doctor, or did he get you from acme fake Doctors "R" Us?

Doctor: Here. My license. I brought it along 'cause I understand a situation like this might make a person feel very cautious.

Sami: Uh, thanks. Sorry for being so rude. I've been under a certain amount of stress lately.

Doctor: Understandable. So, I hear you've had abdominal pains and vomiting. Any other symptoms?

Sami: Just a second. You can go now.

Darrell: I'm not going anywhere.

Sami: He's talking to me. I'm seeing my doctor. It's private.

Darrell: You're in the witness protection program, sweetie. There's nothing private.

Doctor: A medical exam is. You can either leave us alone, or when I get back to my office, I'll call the AMA and the FBI.

Sami: Huh. I really like you.

Doctor: You'll be right outside the door. No one can get in or out without you seeing them.

Darrell: You better be really, really, really sick. You hear me? Really sick.

Sami: Okay, I'm not really sick.

Doctor: I'm sorry?

Sami: I'm pregnant, and I need you to tell me that my baby's okay.

Chloe: I'm not supposed to be concerned about you anymore?

Philip: Look, Lucas needs you.

Chloe: And you need no one?

Philip: I'll be fine.

Chloe: Do you really and truly think that I can bump into someone that I really like and have cared about for so long and know what you're going through and just turn off my feelings?

Philip: I-I just think it's important that we realize what we had, okay? And that isn't what you and Lucas have. And I don't want anything screwing it up.

Chloe: Or anyone. Okay, I know that this is a really bad day for you, but don't you see that that's just a little bit arrogant?

Philip: What?

Chloe: The implication here is that I'm settling for Lucas, and because poor Lucas needs me, we better keep our distance because you're so darn irresistible.

Philip: [Chuckles] You never let me get away with anything.

Chloe: I'm crazy about Lucas, but don't you dare tell me that I can't be your friend when you're going through something like this.

Philip: Lucas is lucky. He's really, really lucky.

Chloe: So, are we friends?

Philip: Friends. [Chuckles]

Melanie: So, Philip, who are you hitting on now?

Chloe: Wow, it took me less than two seconds to really dislike you.

Philip: Chloe, this is Melanie, Max's sister. She's under a certain amount of stress.

Chloe: Oh, so that excuses total rudeness?

Philip: Murder suspects never have a nice day.

Chloe: Ah, well, it was really fun making your acquaintance, and if you don't get sent up the river, let's spa sometime. Hey, I'm gonna go track down Lucas. Now, you call me whenever you want to talk, okay? I mean that.

Philip: Okay. Hey, Chloe. I'm really glad we ran into each other.

Chloe: Me too. Take care. Ditch her.

Melanie: What a surprise. Someone else in Salem who thinks the world of themselves.

Philip: You really don't look like you're having a good day.

Melanie: Oh, contraire, which is French for "nice try, but it didn't work."

Philip: Even if I didn't understand what you were talking about, I don't care.

Melanie: Let me translate for you. You did everything in your power to get me in trouble with Bo and Hope.

Philip: All I did was tell the truth, Melanie.

Melanie: And it didn't work. I just walked out of that police station. They don't have anything on me. You didn't touch me.

Doctor: So, you seem to be in very good health, and the baby seems fine.

Sami: Thank you.

Doctor: Did your doctor put you on prenatal vitamins?

Sami: Yeah.

Doctor: Do you need a prescription?

Sami: No, no, I brought plenty. Um, but listen, you can't tell anybody about the baby, especially not that goon outside.

Doctor: Well, I won't tell anyone, but I do think you should.

Darrell: All right. Coming in. So, is she gonna make it?

Doctor: Yes.

Darrell: Good. So, can we get going?

Doctor: Not just yet. First of all, she's under considerable stress, and I don't see that your attitude is helping any.

Sami: I think he's right. I really like this guy.

Doctor: And while she's not in any immediate danger, she's going to need a good diet and regular exercise.

Darrell: She can't leave this room.

Doctor: And she's going to need follow-up medical care. Do you understand that?

Darrell: Right. So...can we get going now?

Doctor: Do you have any other questions?

Sami: No. No, I'm gonna be okay. Thanks.

Doctor: You take good care of yourself, okay?

Sami: Yeah, thanks. I will.

Darrell: Ready? Okay.

Sami: Hey, you know, while he's in the car, you might want to give him a lecture on how bad it is for his lungs that he smokes.

Doctor: You smoke? In this day and age, you smoke?

Darrell: Just an occasional cigar.

Doctor: Are you a moron?

Darrell: Just this way, doc. Sorry.

Sami: Doctor said you're okay. [Sighs]

Nicole: Do you think this baby will be happier if we're married?

E.J.: I think it's possible, yes. Nicole, I look at Johnny, and I just -- I wonder what all these comings and goings are doing to him. I mean, he's a kid. They're pretty resilient. I don't know how he's gonna feel about it when he gets older, though.

Nicole: You've thought about this a lot, haven't you?

E.J.: Look, I don't have a choice with Johnny. I have to share custody with Samantha. You have no idea what it does to me every single time I have to hand him over to her. But with this baby, it can be different.

Nicole: Okay, now I'm nervous.

E.J.: Why?

Nicole: Well, I-I -- like you said, I'm a pretty practical girl, and a lot of my practical problems could be solved by marrying you, but, um...

E.J.: But?

Nicole: If this is your way of claiming ownership of this baby and we're heading into the Stefano DiMera school of fatherhood, I'm gonna have to think about it.

E.J.: [Laughs] Who are you, and what have you do with Nicole?

Nicole: What?

E.J.: I just offered you security, wealth, roof over your head, a mansion over your head, and you put somebody else ahead of yourself.

Nicole: I did, didn't I?

E.J.: Yes, you did. Motherhood is bringing out the best in you.

Hope: The lab confirms it was Trent Robbins' handwriting. His and only his fingerprints were found on the first document. The envelope also had Melanie's and the lawyer's.

Bo: So 's the real deal.

Hope: Seems to be.

Bo: The second envelope -- what do you think?

Hope: I think we need to pay someone a little visit.

Bo: I'm with you there. Let's go.

Melanie: They thought the letter was gonna nail me. And after they read it, you should have seen the looks on their faces. They tried to cover it up. But you know what I think?

Philip: I'm sure you're gonna tell me.

Melanie: I think the letter says who did it. I think the letter cleared me.

Philip: Really?

Melanie: And I think they're arresting who did it right now.

Philip: So, let me get this straight -- before he died, your father not only knew someone was out to get him, but he knew who it was?

Melanie: Yes.

Philip: And then he went to the cemetery alone in the middle of the night? Not what I would do if somebody was out to get me.

Melanie: What are you talking about?

Philip: That letters from dead people aren't proof of anything. I could leave a letter saying Celine Dion was out to get me. And I don't think they'd arrest her if I turned up dead.

Melanie: So I'm being serious, Philip.

Philip: And since you still claim that you don't know what happened that night, how can you be sure you didn't kill him? Sorry, Melanie. But the only thing that's gonna clear you is someone stepping forward and saying they did it. And I don't see that happening. Do you?

Melanie: I don't know why I waste my time with you.

Philip: Neither do I.

Chloe: Hmm, that little girl is just what you need today. What's up with her?

Philip: She hasn't made a whole lot friends here.

Chloe: You're kidding?

Philip: So she needed to unload on someone.

Chloe: Did it have to be you today?

Philip: It's a diversion. Mm. So, what happened with Lucas? I thought you were gonna go see him?

Chloe: Oh, uh, he called me before I even got to my car. He says he's okay, and we're gonna meet up later.

Philip: That's good.

Chloe: I told him I talked to you, and he asked if you were okay. I said you were. Was I lying?

[Door closes]

Darrell: So...you feeling better?

Sami: I'm just trying to do what the doctor said -- exercise while still in this room.

Darrell: Right.

Sami: Yeah, unfortunately, it is making me so hungry. Hey, would you get me those pickles I saw that you bought in the fridge?

Darrell: No.

Sami: Right. I'll get them myself.

Darrell: About an hour ago, you were doubled over in pain with food poisoning. And now you're gonna eat pickles? You're not sick. And you never were.

Sami: You heard me.

Darrell: I heard a performance. I also know that if you had food poisoning, the doctor would have been grilling me about what you were eating and where I got it from. All he did was lecture me about my smoking.

Sami: He told you also that you have to be nice to me because I'm under a lot of stress.

Darrell: Yeah? Well, you may be able to wrap that doctor around your little finger, but not me, sister. I'm on to you. And you know what? The games stop right now.

Sami: What is the big deal? That doctor has no idea who I am or where we are.

Darrell: The big deal is every time I leave you alone, every time I go outside this place, or every time you talk to someone, you increase the risk of someone finding you.

Sami: You are officially the most paranoid person I have ever met.

Darrell: You know what? That's gonna change. I got a call from the office. In about 10 minutes, I'm officially off the bitch beat. I've been reassigned.

Sami: Great.

Darrell: You know what's really great, huh? In about 10 minutes, I get to walk out of here and never see you again.

Nicole: That was a very nice thing to say.

E.J.: Well, it was also true.

Nicole: I wasn't so nice or fair.

E.J.: Shocking.

Nicole: No. What I said about being like your father. I've seen you with Johnny and you are nothing like him. And I think that this baby is lucky to have you as a father, no matter what.

E.J.: Really? Do you know what I think? I think this kid is gonna keep our hands very full. [Doorbell rings]

Nicole: I'll get it. [Chuckles] No, no, you stay here and look at swatches and see if you can find anything nubby for your office.

E.J.: Yeah, I can't wait. Sounds lovely.

Nicole: Okay, let me go. [Chuckles] Oh, hi, guys. What, are you selling tickets to the policemen's ball?

Bo: Good idea. We'll get to that, but first we'd like to talk to you about your husband's homicide.

Nicole: Ex-husband.

Hope: And we have a few more questions to ask you.

Nicole: I already told you everything I know.

E.J.: Nicole?

Nicole: They want to ask me more questions.

Hope: We have some new evidence, and we think you can help us interpret it.

Nicole: I'll try. Come on in.

Bo: We'd like to speak to Nicole alone.

E.J.: Well, I'm her lawyer, so you don't ask her any questions without me being present.

Bo: Okay. Whatever. We need to know what really happened the night of Trent's murder.

[Knock on door]

Darrell: And I'm outta here.

Sami: Huzzah. Nice knowing you. Have fun on your next stake out.

Darrell: Hey. She's all yours. Put in for hazard pay. She's a real pain in the butt.

Sami: [Clears throat] Hi, I'm, um -- I'm Sami.

Hilda: And I'm Hilda, your worst nightmare.

Chloe: I asked Lucas, and he'd like it if you came with me.

Philip: That's really nice of you, but...I-I really do have work to do.

Chloe: And you what? You want to digest this all alone? Philip, your mother has cancer. Please don't push me away. Now, you're gonna call me and yore gonna call Lucas, right? You're not gonna go through this alone.

Philip: Do I have a choice?

Chloe: No. I'm in charge of your life now, and it'll go a lot easier once you accept that.

Philip: [Sighs]

Melanie: I had no idea... about your mom. I just overheard.

Philip: Just -- just go.

Melanie: No, I mean, you are going through this and I was just... look, Philip, I'm not such a bad person that I don't understand how awful you probably feel.

Philip: That's okay.

Melanie: No, it's not. I'm sorry. I really am.

Bo: So, the statement that you made the night of Trent Robbins' murder is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

E.J.: Are you accusing her of lying?

Nicole: I think he's accusing me of killing Trent Robbins.

Bo: Did I accuse anybody of anything?

Hope: No, not that I heard.

Bo: I'm simply giving you the opportunity to amend your previous statement.

Hope: If there happens to be, for example, any inaccuracies, omissions.

E.J.: Don't say anything, my dear. They're fishing.

Bo: Sorry to have wasted your time. Hope?

Hope: Thank you, Brady. Right, what do we have here? Yes, this is a copy of your statement. If you'll just be so kind to resign it right here and add today's date, we'll be out of your hair.

Nicole: What are they doing?

Hope: We just need documentation that we gave you the opportunity to change or adjust your statement about that night.

Bo: But you have, once again, agreed that this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

E.J.: What are you two up to?

Bo: Just following the rules, counselor.

Hope: Just a little something we can take to the judge to prove she lied to us. Proves she's, at the very least, impeding the investigation.

Bo: Unless, of course, uh, you want to tell us something else that might have happened that night, like, for example... maybe you ran into Robbins some time after you left the pub.

Nicole: I told you, I did not.

Bo: I know, and that's the truth.

Nicole: Yes, it's the truth. Okay, why are you looking at her, and what the hell is going on here?

E.J.: I wouldn't say anything.

Hope: So you continue to say that you did not run into Trent Robbins any place else that night?

Bo: Maybe you had an argument.

Hope: About all the money you lost because of him.

Bo: You know what? Just sign that. We'll be gone.

Hope: Yeah, just sign it.

E.J.: This is harassment.

Nicole: Why are you doing this to me?

Bo: Because we know you're lying. And we've got proof.

Hilda: You're not getting killed, not on my watch. Unless, of course, I decide to do it myself.

Lucas: I think I have a right to know. Is she gonna make it?

Bo: This is a search warrant. Now we have probable cause, so we'll take a look around the premises.

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