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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/22/08 - Canada; Thursday 10/23/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: Would you stop worrying about me? I'm great. I'm fine. I'm super, okay? And -- and I just want you to go.

E.J.: Uh-huh. Why are you so anxious to get rid of me, Samantha? I don't think you're fine or great. You came face-to-face with a killer today, somebody who tried to kill you.

Sami: Yeah, well, he didn't. Lucky me. It's over. Yes, it was traumatic, but I really just want to move on, you know, onward and upward.

E.J.: Samantha, this happened today, all right? I think it's a little soon to be moving on.

Sami: I don't think I care what you think.

E.J.: Well, tough. You're getting my opinion anyway.

Sami: I'm not interested, E.J. I just want to forget that this day ever happened.

Nicole: Chloe, I don't want to hear it.

Chloe: Nicole, this is something that you really --

Nicole: Please, Chloe, I've had enough stress for one day. And I don't want to hear about another Sami scheme.

Chloe: This isn't a scheme. It's --

Nicole: Please?

Chloe: Never mind. It's not important. You're right. You've had enough stress.

Nicole: Indeed. I don't know. Let's talk about something fun and uplifting. Hey, what do you think about the name Henry if I have a boy?

Chloe: Yeah, cool.

Nicole: And for a little girl, I was thinking Sarah.

Chloe: Sarah DiMera? [Sarcastically] It's pretty.

Nicole: [Laughs] Oh, wait. You know what? I have a book. "What to name your baby." I'll go get it, and then we can look at it together, okay?

Chloe: Okay, sounds like fun.

Nicole: All right, stay here. Don't go anywhere. Watch that.

Philip: Whoa! Slow down.

Stephanie: Sorry. I wasn't paying attention.

Philip: Yeah, no kidding. Hey, is something wrong?

Stephanie: [Inhales deeply] You could say that. Um, Max and I broke up.

Bo: Thought we would have nailed this case by now.

Hope: It doesn't help that the D.A. is pressing for a trial date.

Bo: Yeah. [Knock on door]

Max: You wanted to see me?

Bo: Yeah. Get in here.

Hope: Hey, Max, we need to ask you a few more questions about Trent's murder.

Max: Um... why is my sister's name circled? She didn't kill her own Father.

Bo: We got reason to believe she did.

Nick: I guess Pete's in the back. What do you want for dessert? I'll go grab it.

Melanie: None for me -- too full from dinner.

Nick: You sure? All right. Fair enough. [Clears throat] What is it?

Melanie: Nothing. I'm sorry. Um, okay, so what do you Salemites do for fun?

Nick: Uh, let's see. Um, weekends sometimes I like to go catch a movie. Sometimes I go down to the riverfront where the jazz clubs are.

Melanie: Well, that sounds like fun. Maybe sometime we could go together?

Nick: I'd like that.

Nicole: Destiny. No? Doesn't go with DiMera either, does it?

Chloe: It could.

Nicole: Oh, how about Diana?

Chloe: Yeah, it's classic. I like it.

Nicole: You are so not into this.

Chloe: N-no. I am. It's fun. It's just that you have a lot of time to pick out names.

Nicole: [Sighs] True. I probably should wait. I might know the sex of the baby, though, next ultrasound. [Giggles] Are you okay?

Chloe: Yeah. I'm just worried about you.

Nicole: Oh. Oh, Chloe, I-I'm great. I've never been better. All right, I wasn't -- I wasn't gonna tell you this 'cause I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but, uh, okay. Can't help myself.

Chloe: What? What are you gonna tell me?

Nicole: E.J., a little while ago, he, uh -- he told me he wanted it all -- the house, the picket fence, the yard, a bunch of kids.

Chloe: Really?

Nicole: And the best part is, uh, he wants it all with me.

Chloe: He said that?

Nicole: Those were pretty much his words. Sweet, huh?

Chloe: What, you don't believe he meant it?

Nicole: [Sighs] You know, it's just that old insecurity rearing its head, you know? I'm -- I just -- I can't stop thinking that he's -- he's still on the fence, you know?

Chloe: No, he wouldn't have said all that about the picket fence and all.

Nicole: Yeah, well, maybe he's just trying to talk himself into it. I mean, after all, we are having a baby. He might as well put the effort in, at least make him think he wants to spend his life with me.

Chloe: I hope it's not that. I hope you two can have a life together.

Nicole: Now who's being skeptical? You know something I don't?

Chloe: No. It's just that you're my friend, and I really hope that everything works out for you.

Nicole: Thank you, Chloe. That means a lot to me. You know, I-I haven't had a lot of friends, especially girlfriends. And you have forgiven me for so many things that I did to you. And no matter what happens, I will always be loyal to you.

Chloe: I know that. And I'm so grateful. It's not like I'm loaded down with friends myself.

Nicole: Okay, but I do have to warn you. Once in a while, I may suck at it. This whole friendship thing -- I don't know. I'm just really -- I'm really confused right now. Just so much change in my life.

Chloe: No kidding.

Nicole: Your loyalty means a lot to me, Chloe. It really does. Whenever I feel bad, you put me right back on track. I mean it. I feel like I can trust you, that you will always be straight with me, and you would never keep anything from me.

Chloe: You're right. I wouldn't. I can't. Uh, excuse me for one second. I have to go make a call quickly, okay?

Nicole: Okay. [Cellphone ringing]

E.J.: I would love to, but we can't just pretend that --

Sami: E.J., I'm asking you to drop it.

Lucas: Hello?

Chloe: Lucas, it's me. I'm with Nicole, and I can't stand it. She deserves to know that Sami's also pregnant with E.J.'s baby.

Lucas: It's not your call, Chloe.

Chloe: That's why I'm asking you! I need your permission to at least give her some sort of heads-up. I mean, what's the difference anyway? The truth is gonna come out eventually.

Lucas: I agree with you, but the where, the when, and the how is up to Sami. You don't have a right to say a word.

Chloe: Nicole is my friend.

Lucas: And I'm your boyfriend.

Chloe: Right. And if you were involved in this in any way, I would be loyal to you, but you're not.

Lucas: Chloe.

Chloe: And I will be damned if I'm gonna be loyal to Sami.

Lucas: Uh, something's come up. I got to go. I'll see you later, Sami?

Sami: Yeah, okay. Well, I guess that means you should probably get going, too.

E.J.: Samantha, enough of this, please. You are not just going to get rid of me.

Sami: What do you want from me?

E.J.: To start off with, I'd like to know what you are doing here.

Nick: What's wrong? You're all pale.

Melanie: No. Uh, I just don't feel good. I'm gonna get going.

Nick: Is -- is there anything I can do?

Melanie: No. Thank you for dinner, though.

Hope: You're being awfully defensive, Max.

Max: Oh, what do you expect? You've all but tried and convicted my sister.

Bo: There's a good reason she's at the top of our suspect list.

Max: Yeah, the reason? I know the reason. It's Stephanie.

Bo: Yeah. She told us that Melanie had a talk with you, admitted that she might have killed her father. We know that Melanie was at the cemetery that night, had an argument with her father, and then blacked out.

Hope: So, we realize her memory of what happened is somewhat sketchy.

Bo: She does remember when she woke up, seeing a knife sticking out of Robbins' back. We need you to corroborate Stephanie's story. Did Melanie admit to the murder of her father?

Philip: Whoa. You and Max broke up? What, you don't think you guys can work things out?

Stephanie: Not after what I did.

Philip: What you did?

Stephanie: Uh... Max told me that Melanie made this confession to him. The night her dad was murdered, she got into a fight with him. There was a knife, they struggled, she blacked out, and when she woke up, Trent was dead. Max told me not to tell anyone because, well, he believes she's innocent.

Philip: But you did tell someone.

Stephanie: Bo and Hope. I had to. She planted her dad's wallet in my purse. I'm sure she stole it from him after she murdered him. She was trying to set me up. But did Max feel for me about that? No. It's always about Melanie and protecting Melanie.

Philip: Where's the wallet now?

Stephanie: Uh, well, before Melanie made her confession, we took it down to the police station. Max wanted to destroy it, but I convinced him not to. I persuaded him that the wallet could be the only thing that could help exonerate his mother.

Philip: [Sighs]

Stephanie: What is it? Do you know something about this?

Philip: No. No, no. It's just a lot to take in. Look, I'm sorry about you and Max, but you did the right thing.

Stephanie: The right thing. Yeah. Where did that get me? Alone and miserable.

Philip: Well, I'm no expert at relationships and love, but if it was meant to be, you guys will figure it out.

Stephanie: I'm not so sure he'll ever forgive me.

Philip: He'll forgive you. Look, I have got to get to a meeting, but, um, you take care of yourself, okay?

Trent: I'm back.

Melanie: Oh, my God. No! No! Don't do this. Get the hell out of here!

Trent: Guilt. Powerful stuff, huh?

Melanie: Please. Please. You have to go.

Trent: That is why you've conjured me up. I'm your punishment.

Melanie: But I-I don't deserve to be punished, okay? The only thing I'm guilty of is being a fool, is loving you and trusting you. But not anymore!

Trent: Hell of a time to change your tune, sweetheart.

Melanie: You screwed up my life, and I'm not gonna let you haunt me in death.

Trent: Me? Haunting you? Oh, no, precious girl. It's all you. Oh, I'm here because of you.

Melanie: No. No, you're not!

Trent: Hmm. What did you expect, hmm? Did you think you could kill me and just walk away on your merry way? Doesn't work like that, sweetheart. You see, killing someone stays with you. Hmm. You got to pay the price, Melanie. You got to suffer your fair share.

Melanie: But I didn't. I didn't kill you or I don't -- I don't know. We argued, we fought, but I-I don't remember anything else.

Trent: Oh, poor baby. You're just a mess, aren't you? But, like I said, killing someone will do that to you. Hmm. You always were a bad seed, weren't you? Now you've proven that in spades -- murdering the one who brought you into this world. Patricide. The most heinous of crimes.

Melanie: No! No! I didn't do it! Dad, get out of here! I didn't do it! [Gasps] [Breathing heavily]

Sami: I would like you to leave.

E.J.: Samantha, stop.

Sami: Go back to Nicole, if you want, pick up where you left off. Maybe make out in the living room.

E.J.: Something is going on with you.

Sami: I'm tired, and I would like to rest. You can see yourself out.

E.J.: Come here. Look, just stop for a second, will you? Look at me. We've been through a lot, you and I. I know you, Samantha Brady.

Sami: Not as well as you --

E.J.: No, you tell me what is going on. Please.

Sami: What is going on is that I -- I want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head and pretend like none of this happened. And I'm asking you to just go away. God.

E.J.: Get down! [Gunshot]

Max: Stephanie and I broke up tonight.

Bo: Sorry to hear that.

Max: Yeah, well, she's convinced Melanie killed Trent.

Hope: Bo and I know firsthand what it's like to have other people in difficult circumstances tear you away from the one you love.

Bo: We feel bad for you, man, but that's not gonna keep us from doing our job.

Hope: Stephanie told us that Melanie confessed. We just need you to back up that story.

Max: Melanie never confessed to anything to me.

Stephanie: What?

Philip: Melanie, what's happened? What's upset you like this? What are you looking at?

Melanie: Nothing. Um, why are you here? What do you want?

Philip: Maybe I should wait until you've calmed down.

Melanie: No, don't wait. Tell me now.

Philip: I know, Melanie. Stephanie told me what you did to her.

Melanie: Oh, what I did to her. So she's the victim. That stupid --

Philip: I also know what you did to your father.

Nicole: Here's to you, Chloe.

Chloe: To us.

Nicole: Yes.

Chloe: Cheers.

Nicole: Cheers. Best friends forever.

Chloe: Who would have thought?

Nicole: Hmm. And who would have thought I'd be toasting with sparkling cider?

Chloe: Yeah, that's one for the books.

Nicole: Yeah, uh, you know, Chloe, when we were talking about friendship before, you got really serious and a little sad, and you ran out of here and made a phone call. Who'd you call?

Chloe: Lucas. I-I was just telling him that I won't be back at the cabin until much later.

Nicole: And it was that private and important that I couldn't hear?

Chloe: I was just being polite. Hey, by the way, it is so great that you've been taking care of yourself, for the baby's sake. I'm really proud of you.

Nicole: Well, there's nothing to be proud of. I mean, it's been strangely easy staying sober. Drinking doesn't even feel like an option. Although, uh...

Chloe: What?

Nicole: Well... I will admit that the stress, it sometimes drives me a little crazy. And without my friend vodka, you know, I -- I have to feel it, you know?

Chloe: By stress, you mean...

Nicole: Well, there is only one word. Sami. And I tried to persuade myself that she is not the problem. And even though E.J. says he wants to spend his life with me, it's like there's this specter of Sami Brady hanging over everything.

Chloe: I know the feeling.

Nicole: And I know that E.J. is -- he's drawn to her. And I know that she's not going anywhere. She's like a fly in the baby ointment. Not even a little laugh at the joke? A little? Oh, Chloe, why aren't you saying anything?

Chloe: I should.

Nicole: Should what?

Chloe: Nicole, what I wanted to tell you before was --

Lucas: Chloe, no. No. No.

E.J.: Samantha, come here!

Sami: E.J., what is --

E.J.: Are you all right?

Sami: Get off of me! You can't lay on me like that.

E.J.: Samantha, somebody is shooting at you. Are you all right?

Sami: Oh, my God!

E.J.: Stay here. I'm gonna be back.

Sami: No, wait. You can't go anywhere! Please. E.J., please. Please don't go.

Stephanie: I don't believe this. You know, it's one thing to disagree about what type of person Melanie is or her possible guilt in the murder. It's another for you to call me a liar.

Max: I didn't call you a liar. But the fact remains is Melanie didn't say anything to you, right?

Bo: That's why you're here. We need to hear from you directly.

Max: Well, I'm no lawyer, but aren't detectives supposed to stick to the cold, hard facts?

Stephanie: My God, Max. How could you do this to me?

Bo: Steph, could you please wait outside?

Hope: Come on, honey. I'll go with you. Let's go.

Max: [Scoffs]

Bo: What the hell are you doing?

Max: Defending my sister.

Bo: Defending you-- think you're being noble or something?

Max: If you're through here, I'm gonna be on my way.

Bo: No, I am not through here. I need to explain something to you. You're not being noble or loyal or admirable or whatever else you've convinced yourself into thinking. You've turned your back on the truth here. You're ruining your life. Is that the way it's gonna be? Is that what you want?

Melanie: Who do you think you are, coming in here and hurling accusations at me? Get out now!

Philip: Maybe you're the one who should get out.

Melanie: I live here, idiot.

Philip: Under Caroline Brady's roof.

Melanie: She invited me. She wants me here.

Philip: She might not want you here if she knew you murdered your father.

Melanie: I didn't kill him.

Philip: Need I remind you, Melanie, that I saw you with Trent's wallet?

Melanie: So I had his wallet. Big deal. It doesn't mean I killed him.

Philip: No? Then what does it mean?

Melanie: What are you, a cop? I don't owe you any explanations.

Philip: No. No, I'm not a cop. But it sure would be easy for me to talk to one.

Melanie: No, wait. Don't talk to anybody. Philip, please. I didn't kill him. You have to believe me.

Nicole: You can't just barge in here unannounced. Where's Ralph? Did he forget to lock the damn door?

Lucas: I told Rolf that it was urgent. I need to speak with Chloe.

Nicole: You couldn't call or text? What is this, the 18th century? You actually have to be in someone's presence in order to communicate with them?

Chloe: It's okay, Nicole.

Nicole: No, Chloe, it's not. I know he's your boyfriend, God help you, but if he wants to talk to you, he can wait in the library or the parlor or one of the other 300 rooms in this crazy place.

Lucas: I'm not waiting anywhere.

Nicole: Yes, you are. Chloe, you wanted to tell me something, and I would really like to know what it is.

Lucas: I know what it is. It's about Sami and E.J. I think I should tell you myself.

Roman: Sami, what the hell were you thinking? I told you not to come back to this island.

Sami: Dad, please --

Roman: That's exactly what I was talking about, is what happened here. All right, cordon off the area. Search it for evidence. Jensen, I need you to determine the shooter's position.

Officer: You got it, commander.

Marlena: Excuse me. Sami.

Sami: [Crying] Mom.

Marlena: Are you all right?

Sami: Mom, I'm so glad you're here.

Marlena: Oh, sweetie.

Sami: Mom, it was so scary. He tried to kill me.

Marlena: Shh. It's okay. It's okay. Nobody -- nobody is going to hurt you.

Roman: All right, E.J. E.J., I need to ask you some questions.

E.J.: Yeah, sure.

Sami: This guy, he killed the mayor, and now he's after me. He's gonna try to kill me. He's gonna keep trying, and --

John: What was the trajectory of the bullet?

Sami: John, I don't have any idea. I was busy being shot at.

Marlena: I think -- I think you need to go.

John: Oh, I'm just trying to help.

Marlena: Yes, I appreciate that. I think we'll be fine here.

John: Okay. Good to know you're not damaged. Goodbye.

Marlena: E.J., I am so glad you were here.

E.J.: Yeah, me too.

Sami: What does my Dad say? Does he think he's gonna be able to find this guy that killed the mayor and now is after me?

E.J.: He thinks it's likely.

Sami: Because this guy is not gonna stop. He's gonna keep trying until he gets me. He's just gonna try again and again.

E.J.: Just stop. Please. You don't know --

Sami: Don't placate me, E.J. We know that this guy is after me. Obviously. I mean, he killed the mayor. And I saw him, and now he knows that I'm a threat. You can't deny it, can you? 'Cause it's true. This guy is a cold-blooded murderer, and he's gonna just keep coming after me till he gets me, isn't he?

Hope: Here you go, honey.

Stephanie: He's changed, Hope. Ever since Melanie came into his life, it's been all about her, protecting her. I'm just this afterthought.

Hope: Melanie's had a tough life, honey. I think Max is just trying to make up for all the years he couldn't be there for her.

Stephanie: And what does he get in return for all of his love and devotion? All she does is use him, lie to him. She makes him look like a fool. But does Max see this? No, because she's his beloved sister, the light of his life.

Hope: I think he's struggling with his own identity right now. He wants to be a good brother to Melanie, but he also wants to do right by his mother, the Brady's, you.

Stephanie: Right by me. I don't think so.

Hope: Honey... I don't think he would ever lie about something like this. But all we have to go on is your word that Melanie confessed. If Bo can get Max to back up your story, okay, then maybe we might have something to take to the D.A. But if Max refuses --

Stephanie: Then I've told the truth for nothing. I've lost Max for nothing.

Max: How can you give me any crap about this?

Bo: Come on, man.

Max: No, you come on, all right? You risked your career, your marriage, and your entire future on protecting your brother Philip.

Bo: That was not the same.

Max: Why, because that was you and not me? You made a judgment call, Bo, and your brother was damn guilty. But you know what? You weren't gonna have any of that, were you? So you stood by him out of family loyalty. And that's what I'm doing, the same thing with my sister.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And losing your girlfriend in the process.

Max: Stephanie made a choice. She chose to betray me a go behind my back. And you know what? Why would I put up with that, huh? Would you put up with that?

Bo: She's not trying to ruin anyone's life. She's an honest person. You know that. She's trying to do the right thing. And she believes your sister committed a murder.

Max: Well, she's wrong.

Bo: And you know this for a fact.

Max: Bo, you always talk about gut feelings, right? Well, I have a gut feeling right now. She did not commit that murder. She is innocent, and I'd swear that on my life.

Chloe: I don't get it, Lucas. So now you're gonna tell her yourself?

Lucas: I realized that you were right. You know, Nicole has a right to know.

Nicole: Would someone just tell me already? What do I deserve to know? What is going on with Sami and E.J.?

Lucas: What Chloe was gonna say is that, um, Sami and E.J. share a child together.

Nicole: Yeah. Uh-huh. I already got that memo there, folks.

Lucas: Right. But what you don't know is when you and E.J. also have your baby, you know, it's just not gonna be the same as it is with Sami.

Nicole: I can keep score, Lucas. Yeah, it's Sami and her baby against me and mine. I get that. But what I don't get is why did you rush all the way over here to tell me something so ridiculously obvious?

Chloe: Nicole, what he's --

Lucas: You know that Sami and E.J. have a history, a very passionate past, you know? Loved each other very much.

Nicole: Yeah, I know that, too. What -- oh. I get it. You're trying to tell me that my baby won't be as loved as Johnny. What, are you trying to depress me, Lucas?

Lucas: No, what I was gonna say is -- [Cellphone ringing]

Sami: [Sobbing]

Lucas: Sami?

Sami: Lucas, you have to come back to the cabin. Please, hurry. Someone tried to shoot me.

Lucas: What?! All right, I'll be right there. I got to go. Someone tried to kill Sami.

Nicole: Someone tried to kill Sami?

Both: Damn.

Philip: Pretty pathetic, Melanie. "Oh, you got to believe me, Philip." What, do you think you can cry and beg and make me go away?

Melanie: Why are you being so mean? I mean, what did I -- what did I ever do to you?

Philip: It's what you did to your father that concerns me.

Melanie: I didn't do anything to my Father. And even if I did, why do you care? You didn't even know the guy.

Philip: I care about justice.

Melanie: Oh. Well, when you put it that way. They should put that on your epitaph. "Philip Kiriakis -- cared about justice"

Philip: A man is dead. And I have knowledge that could lead to the arrest of his killer. Why would I keep that to myself?

Melanie: Because you have it wrong. That's why. Because I didn't kill him! And because...

Philip: What?

Melanie: Get out. Get out of my sight. Please.

Philip: Look, I --

Melanie: Coming in here and accusing me and harassing me, as if I didn't have enough pain to deal with, as if I haven't gone through enough already.

Philip: Look, I didn't mean to hurt you, okay? I just want to get to the truth.

Melanie: How noble.

Philip: Melanie.

Melanie: Don't touch me.

Philip: Well, I don't like seeing you upset.

Melanie: Such a softie.

Philip: Look, I don't know exactly what happened, but it's obvious you've been through hell.

Melanie: You think?

Philip: From what I've heard, from what people have said, Trent was an awful guy. He treated you...abusively.

Melanie: Great. You gonna go all Dr. Phil on me now?

Philip: I just mean it's obvious that you didn't get a whole lot of love growing up.

Melanie: Well, congratulations, genius. You're right. I didn't get a whole lot of love growing up, or anything else for that matter. And that's why I'm so wicked and hateful and an out-and-out bitch.

Philip: Come on.

Melanie: And that's why -- drumroll please -- I killed my father. Congratulations, Philip. Are you happy with yourself now? You finally got it out of me. Seriously, really, kudos to you, babe.

Chloe: Did you see the way that Lucas went charging out of here? "Sami's in danger. Got to go. Got to run. Have a nice life."

Nicole: Welcome to my world.

Chloe: It's disgusting, isn't it? I swear she does it deliberately. She gets herself into some kind of trouble so that the men in her life can come running to her rescue.

Nicole: Speaking of the men in her life, where's E.J.? He should have been home by now.

John: Oh, Elvis is with Samantha. He just saved her life.

Officer: Found the bullet, commander.

Roman: All right. Get it down to the lab.

E.J.: You find anything?

Roman: No. No. Not yet.

Sami: Come on, what is there to find? We know this guy is some hired killer who succeeded in killing the mayor and is now after me. He knows I can I.D. him. He knows I'll be a witness at his trial, so he's not gonna stop until he kills me. Am I right?

Max: Look, I know Melanie's not a saint, all right, but she's not a killer. She wouldn't have murdered our old man. She doesn't have it in her.

Bo: You're saying this because she's your sister. Think about it. You barely know her.

Max: I know her well enough. And she loved him. I'm sure he put her through hell, but she actually had feelings for him, unlike me. I would have iced the bastard in a heartbeat. I used to think of myself as a victim, tossed aside, given away. But now that I think about it, I was the lucky one. I had a great mom. I had a great Dad, a great family. I was the lucky one out of us.

Bo: No argument there.

Max: But Melanie, she's the one who got ripped off in all this. I'm all she's got. And I'm not gonna let her down. Never. I'm not gonna let her go down for a murder that she didn't even commit.

Bo: You're taking one hell of a risk.

Max: Doesn't feel that way to me. Can I go now?

Bo: Get out of here.

Max: Where'd Stephanie go?

Hope: She left. And I think you should go after her, before it's too late.

Melanie: Happy now, Philip? You got what you wanted out of me. Hey, I hope you remembered to bring your hidden voice recorder. Is it under your shirt, huh, maybe in your pocket? Well, just in case it was muffled the first time, let me just reiterate. I was unloved and miserable, and that's why I offed my Dad, knifed him in the back! And now I just feel ever so much better. Boy, what a load off my mind!

Philip: Melanie.

Melanie: And now, Philip, you can go.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Melanie: For what? You did the right thing. You've served justice.

Philip: I'm sorry I accused you unfairly. Just because you have your father's wallet doesn't mean you were the killer.

Melanie: You -- you were the only one that knows about the wallet. Stephanie's just guessing. You're the only one that can back up her story. So, are you gonna do that, Philip? Are you gonna distract the cops from finding the real killer?

Philip: I'm not gonna do anything but tell my brother Bo what he needs to know.

Melanie: And he doesn't need to know about me or the wallet. I told you. My Dad gave it to me that night in the cemetery, but the cops won't believe me, so you have to. I have to make you believe me.

Philip: And how are you gonna make me believe you?

Roman: All right. I'll double the manpower for the search. Sami, you'll be under police protection. You'll have a guard on you 24/7.

Marlena: What else do we do? How do we keep her safe?

Roman: There's only one thing to do.

Stephanie: Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Stephanie: What's going on?

Nick: Uh, nothing much. I was just having dessert with Melanie.

Stephanie: Really? Did you have a wonderful time listening to her lies?

Nick: What? What lies?

Stephanie: Where is she, anyway?

Nick: Uh, I don't know. She was acting kind of weird, then she just got up and left.

Max: Hey. Can we, uh -- can we talk?

Nick: I'm gonna see you two guys later, okay?

Max: All right.

Stephanie: Surprised to see you.

Max: I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier at the station.

Stephanie: It's okay. You did what you had to do.

Max: Please just let me explain, okay? What I said -- the way it came across, I didn't mean to call you a liar.

Stephanie: Of course not. You just meant to have Bo and Hope come to that conclusion on their own.

Max: Wait a second. I told you what Melanie said in confidence. You're the one who betrayed me by going to Bo and Hope in the first place. I'm not gonna rehash this. This is just --

Stephanie: You're right. It's a big waste of time. It's over, Max. We're done.

Melanie: I take it back.

Philip: What do you take back?

Melanie: I'm not gonna make you believe me. I have too much pride to make you do anything. You either believe me or you don't. So, what will it be?

Philip: It's not quite that simple.

Melanie: Well, it -- it can be if you let it.

Philip: Bo's mom has been accused of murder. I have to help him with that.

Melanie: Fine. Do what you want. The hell with it. Wait. I lied before, about having too much pride. I don't. Never really have.

Philip: I don't know what you're talking about.

Melanie: I am willing to buy your silence.

Philip: Buy my -- I don't need your money.

Melanie: I'm not talking about money.

Nicole: I don't believe it. E.J. is with Sami?

John: Well, that's what I said.

Nicole: He said he was going to the office.

John: I guess he took the long way around.

Nicole: And what do you mean he saved her life? What did he do, jump in front of a speeding bullet?

John: Something like that.

Nicole: Son of a bitch!

John: He was a real hero.

Nicole: That just warms my heart, John. What kind of spell does she have on him?

John: I don't know. Obviously, she's got some kind of hold on him. And now that Samantha's in danger, I'm sure E.J. will want her even closer than ever before.

Nicole: Great. That's just what I want to hear.

Marlena: Roman, what else can we do? How can we keep her safe?

Lucas: Sami, are you all right?

Sami: Physically, yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.

Lucas: Do we know who tried to kill you?

Sami: It's the same guy who killed the mayor.

Roman: We don't know that for a fact yet.

Lucas: What do we do now, Roman? What happens?

Sami: My Dad is coming up with a plan to protect me.

Chloe: What plan?

E.J.: That is what we are waiting to hear.

Marlena: Roman.

Roman: Sami, we are putting you into a temporary witness protection program.

Max: Maybe it was an accident.

Stephanie: But what if it was Melanie and somebody else gets hurt because you're stopping Bo and the police from finding out the truth?

Lucas: You got to do this for your children. You got to do what's right, keep them protected and safe.

Philip: I just don't know how good I feel about sleeping with a killer.

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