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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/15/08 - Canada; Thursday 10/16/08 - U.S.A.

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Nicole: Oh, I don't know about you kiddo, but that prenatal work-out kicked my butt. What do you say we hit the showers, huh? That's a good idea. Hitting the showers.

[Knock on door]

Nicole: Oh, is that that creepy hotel manager. I told him I would pay the rent at the end of the ... E.J.

E.J.: I hope I'm not interrupting. I'm sorry if I'm a bit early.

Nicole: What are you doing here?

E.J.: I'm picking you up for our date.

Stefano: That's a big big bad mistake, Abraham.

John: We need to talk.

Stefano: Ah, John, please. Not before I finish my coffee, all right? I am in no mood.

John: I think you'll want to hear this.

Stefano: Ah! I highly doubt that there's anything, my little brother, that you can say to me that I want to hear.

John: It's over. You have won.

Chloe: Thank you for seeing me, Marlena. I know you're very busy.

Marlena: Well, I've got a few minutes right now.

Chloe: I'm sure you're dying to spend it with me.

Marlena: What can I do for you?

Chloe: [Sighs] I could use some help with Lucas. I really need some advice.

Lucas: Hey, I've got to go, so just, I guess, call me if you need anything.

Sami: What? I thought you didn't have to go in today.

Lucas: I have a meeting. That's it. It won't take long. You're going to be okay?

Sami: Yeah, sure, fine, great, never better.

Lucas: How did your visit go with E.J.? Did you tell him about the baby?

Sami: I told him good-bye.

Lucas: You did what?

Sami: I told him that obviously Nicole's baby was a sign that he and I weren't meant to be together.

Lucas: And he accepted that?

Sami: Well, I didn't exactly give him a choice.

Lucas: You know what? That's it. I've had it. I've tried to help you here, but you know what? You're just so bound and determined to screw things up as usual, so ...

Sami: Lucas, I ...

Lucas: I've had it. I've had it. I'm not dealing with this anymore, Sami. You know what? From now on, you're on your own.

Sami: Huh!

E.J.: So, can I come in?

Nicole: Um, yes, please, come in. [Chuckles]

E.J.: Thank you.

Nicole: Excuse me for the way that I look. I didn't realize that our date was this morning.

E.J.: That's okay. I didn't either until about an hour ago.

Nicole: Oh, what happened an hour ago?

E.J.: I found out from a client that I need to drop some papers to him in the city, and a little bird told me that your favorite restaurant was in Chicago, so I thought that you might want to come with me. I thought we would get a little bite to eat, then go to the museum, maybe a show. Get to know each other a little bit better. What do you think?

Nicole: I think that sounds like a great idea. Chicago, I mean.

E.J.: I really want this to be special. It's up to you.

Nicole: You could say that.

E.J.: Actually, I'm not talking about our baby. Nicole, I spent a long time chasing after something that wasn't meant to be, and I don't know if you and I are meant to be, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun finding out.

Nicole: Just give me a half hour to look beautiful, or as beautiful as I can in my condition.

E.J.: Your condition? You and your condition look absolutely stunning.

Nicole: I'll be right back.

E.J.: That's okay. Take your time. I'll be right here.

Nicole: Okay.

Stefano: What did you say, John, because I could not have possibly heard you correctly.

John: I said game over. You won.

Stefano: Won what, exactly?

John: Everything.

Stefano: Ah, heh, heh. You have to be a little more specific than that, John.

John: Well, even though I had the inside track of besting you in the boardroom and leveraging the business away from you, I'm packing it in.

Stefano: Packing what in? I mean, I'm not following you, John.

John: I've decided to give up control of the DiMera Empire, effective immediately, and I'll be out by the end of the week. I'm sure that even you can follow that, yes?

[Knock on door]

E.J.: Uh, darling, there's somebody at the door. I'll get it. Yes. May I help you?

Man: You certainly may. You can give this to Ms. Walker.

E.J.: Uh, what is this?

Man: Eviction notice. She has until 1:00 this afternoon to leave. If she doesn't, she and all of her belongings will be forcibly removed and put out on the street.

Sami: So, that's it. You're just gonna leave me on my own. That's fine. Thanks for nothing.

Lucas: You know what? That's not what I'm doing.

Sami: That is exactly what you're doing. Di-- didn't you just say that I'm on my own, that you're not gonna help me from now on?

Lucas: What do you want me to do? Give you a standing "O" and tell you you're doing the right thing by hiding your pregnancy? I'm sorry. I disagree with it. I think it's wrong. In fact, I think it's the stupidest thing you've ever done, and I don't think it's gonna work.

Sami: I'm sick to death of your lectures, Lucas.

Lucas: What are you gonna do, Sami? Hide behind things your whole life? Hide behind flowers and whatever just to hide the fact that you're --

Sami: Fat?

Lucas: No, that you're pregnant.

Sami: Obviously, I'll have to do something. I'll go away for the last couple months or something.

Lucas: You're just gonna go away like that, right? Show up with an adorable baby in your arms one day? Exactly nine months from that epic night? How you gonna do that? How you gonna explain all that, Sami, with the baby?

Sami: No-- he's not gonna know nine months. It's not like he has dates memorized. Men are terrible at that kind of thing anyway, right? He's not gonna count.

Lucas: I think he'll remember. It was the night I came home from prison. I think that's pretty much seared into his mind. I don't think he's gonna forget that. What are you gonna do about that? How are you gonna explain that whole situation to him?

Sami: Yeah, exactly. A baby that would be at Stefano's mercy if I don't find a way to keep the truth from E.J.

Lucas: You know what? I think E.J. will be fine. He'll protect the baby. He might be a jerk, but you know what, Sami? He's caring. He cares about Johnny, doesn't he?

Sami: Yeah, but I don't think caring is enough. Now he has Nicole's baby to worry about and Johnny? Three would be too much. I have to protect my baby from the DiMeras, and I'm asking for you to help me do it.

Lucas: And you really think you're doing that by lying about this baby, lying about your pregnancy? They're gonna find out, all right? E.J. and Stefano are gonna find out. They're not stupid, and when they do, they're gonna be very pissed off that you hid the fact that they have another DiMera coming into this human race.

Sami: There is another way.

Lucas: What? What way? What could there possibly be?

Sami: Well, there's a way I-I wouldn't even have to hid the pregnancy. And they would never -- never know.

Lucas: What are you talking about?

Sami: It works, you know? I mean, this could really work. With the timing and everything, I-I think --

Lucas: What timing?

Sami: Lucas...we could tell them that the baby is yours, that you're the father. It's my only hope.

Stefano: Giving up. Just like that.

John: You don't look too pleased, Stefano.

Stefano: [Stammers] I am. [Chuckles] More than you can imagine. It's just...this silly war. Who needs it? It's nonsense, really. I mean -- and, I mean, between two brothers no less. I must say I, uh, think you made a very wise decision.

John: Perhaps the first one I've made since you strapped me in that chair and rewired my brain.

Stefano: Well, I, uh, am pretty sure that you have not done this for my benefit.

John: No, I didn't.

Stefano: [Chuckles] No, I didn't think so. Given that altruism is not your strongest suit, which brings me to my...last and final question.

John: Oh, please. Fire away.

Stefano: Why the sudden change of heart?

John: Well, I'm doing it for Blondie. Because it's what she wants.

Marlena: Chloe, I'm not sure that I can help you.

Chloe: Why not? You know Lucas really well. You're a psychiatrist.

Marlena: He is virtually a member of my family.

Chloe: I know, but this is actually more about me than him. My paranoia, insecurity -- I just -- I don't trust my reactions to men anymore. I've made so many bad decisions.

Marlena: Chloe --

Chloe: Please just answer one question, okay? There's something I want to know if I'm over-reacting to or if there's a real problem.

Marlena: All right, I'll try.

Chloe: It's just I don't want to be a fool, you know? Again. The only two men that I've ever fallen for have burned me really badly, and I want to avoid making those same mistakes.

Marlena: Why don't you tell me the problem and why you think you're over-reacting?

Chloe: [Sighs] I think Lucas is cheating on me.

Lucas: You're kidding me, right?

Sami: I don't think there's anything about this that's remotely funny.

Lucas: There's no way in hell I'd do that, Sami. I wouldn't lie to everybody involved, especially to your baby. I wouldn't do that. I would never tell that child to call me his or her father. It's wrong. It's insane.

Sami: What is insane about wanting to protect an innocent life?

Lucas: It's insane when you do it this way. I wouldn't do it like that.

Sami: Okay, well, then, explain to me why you wouldn't do it? Because I think it makes sense.

Lucas: How does it make sense? Tell me.

Sami: Well, E.J. remembers how upset I was that you walked in on us that night.

Lucas: You didn't just say that. That did not just come out of your mouth.

Sami: And he knows that I was desperate to get you back.

Lucas: Yeah, he also knows my heart was ripped out. And if it wasn't for my house arrest, I never would have been there in the first place. I would have been far away from you two, wouldn't I?

Sami: He knows that I wanted you back. He knows you still loved me, so he'll believe that I seduced you. You were fresh out of prison, right? You wouldn't have been able to resist.

Lucas: You did try to seduce me, and I did resist.

Sami: Well, that's not the point, is it? Because we can convince him that that's the night that this baby was created, that it's your baby.

Lucas: My baby. Yours and E.J.'s baby is my baby. That's one hell of a trick, Sami. I don't know how you do that.

Sami: Lucas, please.

Lucas: I'm not gonna do it. This is wrong. It's wrong. It's just wrong on so many levels. I won't have any part of it.

Sami: How is it wrong to want to give this baby a normal life?

Lucas: "A normal life"? You really think you're giving your baby a normal life? The baby's gonna call me Dad when I'm not its father. That's not normal, Sami. And what are you gonna do when that baby comes out looking like E.J.? How you gonna play that off? Is that some kind of mutation, some genetic fluke of some kind?

Sami: No, no, the baby will look like me.

Lucas: You don't know what the baby's gonna look like. You have no control over that. This whole damn thing is unfair. It's unfair that you asked me. It's unfair to the baby. It's unfair to everybody, and I won't do it. Oh, here we go. Here we go. Cry. Now you're gonna cry and make me feel bad. That's great.

Sami: Well, only because I thought I could count on you.

Lucas: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you're scared, but I can't do it.

Sami: You promised me.

Lucas: I promised that I wouldn't be the one to tell E.J. That's what I promised you. But you know the DiMeras are gonna find out. They always do, Sami. And if they get mad, if they get pissed off at you and they go after Allie, so help me God --

Sami: Come on, you know that Stefano's gonna be out for blood. He's gonna be out for this baby. He or she will be doomed and it will be your fault.

Lucas: Don't you dare say that. Don't you throw that at me. Don't you lay that guilt trip on me. This is not my fault. I had nothing to do with this.

Sami: You think I don't know why you're doing this. You think I don't know what you're afraid of.

Lucas: Tell me. What am I afraid of? Go ahead.

Sami: You just don't want to lose Chloe.

Lucas: What?

Sami: Oh, yeah.

Lucas: Come on.

Sami: I'm not stupid. You're afraid that if Chloe finds out that this baby is yours, she'll leave you. So, basically, what you're saying is that your little sex kitten is more important to you than this innocent child's life.

Lucas: You are way out of line right now.

Sami: Am I?

Lucas: Yeah, you are. This has nothing to do with Chloe. It has something to do with you and you doing the right thing, something you don't know about, something you never do and you never will.

Sami: Lucas, no. No, Lucas, please. Please don't go. I really need your help. And I really don't know what to do.

Lucas: You'll be fine, Sami. You're resourceful. You'll figure out something. You always do. Don't even worry about it.

Sami: Lucas, no.

Lucas: I'm not gonna do this. I am not gonna be involved in your schemes anymore. This whole thing is a damn horror show. I don't want anything to do with it.

Sami: "Horror show"?! We are talking about my child here.

Lucas: No, we're talking about your selfish attitude and your distorted views of right and wrong. That's what we're talking about here.

Sami: Lucas, I'm begging --

Lucas: I'm not gonna do it, Sami. I'm not gonna do this with you anymore. I am not gonna cover for you. I did in the past because I thought it would protect the kids, but I'm not gonna do it anymore. I will not be a part of this scenario. There is no way in hell.

E.J.: Okay, you're positive you got everything? Did you check the armoire, you checked the drawers?

Man: Yes, sir. All 10 suitcases worth. Yeah, this lady sure doesn't travel light.

E.J.: Thank you. Oh, could you check under the bed, please? That's great.

Man: Wow, look what we have here.

E.J.: Oh, great. That's Pookie's. That goes as well. Thank you.

Man: Sorry, we don't allow dogs here. That will be an extra charge, sir.

E.J.: Um, no, it won't. Thank you, gentlemen. The dog's at the kennel.

Nicole: Um, actually, Pookie's at the groomer's. Cou-- could someone please tell me what the heck is going on here?

E.J.: Excuse me, gentlemen. Thank you. We're packing your bags and getting you out.

Nicole: I thought we were only going to Chicago for the day.

E.J.: This is not about the trip. You have not so kindly been asked to vacate the premises.

Nicole: What?

E.J.: Something to do with an unpaid bill?

Nicole: I thought I had until the end of the week.

E.J.: Um, well, apparently not.

Nicole: It's all that bastard's fault.

E.J.: Whose?

Nicole: Oh, you ordered food.

E.J.: Absolutely. Don't worry. It's all paid for, so you can help yourself. Whose fault?

Nicole: My dearly departed husband. Stupid. Oh, you know, if Trent had just stayed away, none of this would have happened. I would have had all of Victor's settlement and everything would have been fine. And now I'm homeless and I'm gonna be out on the street.

E.J.: Sweetheart, you're not gonna be out on the street.

Nicole: Really? And where are Pookie and I supposed to live?

E.J.: You and Pookie are gonna come stay with me.

Sami: What am I gonna do? [Sighs] Stop it, Sami. This -- this is the only way and you know it.

E.J.: There we go. That, as they say, is that.

Nicole: You didn't have to pay my bill.

E.J.: Well, actually, I think I probably did. If you hadn't paid it, they would have come after you, and well, you can't afford my expensive legal fees anymore.

Nicole: [Chuckles] You weren't serious when you said I should move into the mansion.

E.J.: Of course I was. Nicole, given the circumstances, I don't think that you have an alternative.

Nicole: But yesterday I barely mentioned it and you accused me of using this baby to go after your family fortune.

E.J.: I already apologized for that. And you -- thank you -- already told me that that wasn't exactly farfetched at one time.

Nicole: [Chuckles] True. But I just -- I still don't feel comfortable imposing.

E.J.: You wouldn't be imposing. Do you have any idea how many rooms there are in the DiMera mansion? I don't.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

E.J.: Where else are you gonna go?

Nicole: Well...there's always the "Y"...or the home for the wayward girls.

E.J.: Okay, let me try again. Nicole, please, will you move in to the mansion with me? I would like to look after you and the baby. It's what I want.

Nicole: What about Sami?

E.J.: What about Sami?

Nicole: What do you mean "what about Sami?"

E.J.: Look, Samantha and I are through. There is never going to be anything between the two of us. Nicole, you're carrying my baby. Do you understand? I want to take care of you. I want to be somebody that you can count on.

Nicole: I've never had to count on anything before or anyone.

E.J.: Okay, well, you can count on me. Now, for the last time -- are you gonna move into the house with me?

Nicole: Pookie too?

E.J.: Pookie especially.

Nicole: Then, yes, we're there. Thank you so much.

E.J.: You never know. Might even be fun.

Nicole: Hey, but what about Stefano? You didn't want him to know about the baby.

E.J.: And I still don't. Just do me a favor. Let me handle that, okay?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: Now, come on. Let's get out of here or they're gonna charge me for another day.

Nicole: Okay. What about our date?

E.J.: Oh, thank you.

Nicole: Sure.

E.J.: Sorry. Rain check?

Nicole: Yeah, I guess we'll have our date after we move in together.

E.J.: Look, I promise you we are gonna have it, okay?

Nicole: Yeah. Hey, what about Chicago, though? Doesn't that guy need his papers?

E.J.: I'll send a courier. You and my little baby are much more important. Now, why don't we go and pick up the lovely Pookie?

Nicole: [Chuckles] Sounds like a good idea.

E.J.: Can't wait to introduce her to my Father.

Marlena: So, you think that because Sami was at the cabin, you're assuming that the --

Chloe: Well, how can I not assume? I came back from my trip, I walk in the front door, and there they are -- the two of them together, settled in, all cozy. And Lucas didn't even ask me if that was okay. He didn't even warn me that she'd be there.

Marlena: So you're saying that Lucas is cheating on you with my daughter.

Chloe: Please don't misunderstand. I'm not blaming Sami if that's what's happening. It's Lucas I'd be furious with. Well, more than furious. It'd be a deal breaker. I'd be gone. Anyway, I didn't come here to pump you for information.

Marlena: Unless I had some to give.

Chloe: Kind of pathetic, huh?

Marlena: I didn't say that.

Chloe: I know, but that's what I feel like, being so jealous and suspicious. But like I said, I've just been burned too many times before.

Marlena: That doesn't make you pathetic. If I cared for someone and thought they were cheating on me, I'd -- I'd want the information. You just came to the wrong person. Even if I knew anything, I couldn't tell you.

Chloe: I know.

Marlena: Even off the record. Sorry.

Chloe: No, I am. I should have known better. You know what? I am sorry. Forgive me for wasting your time. I'm gonna go figure this out on my own.

Marlena: You know, you might want to take this up with Lucas. Maybe he can set your mind to rest.

Chloe: You're right. I just -- always afraid of sounding needy and possessive, but you're right. I should just be up-front with Lucas and let him ease my mind.

Marlena: Exactly.

Chloe: Thank you, Marlena.

Marlena: It's okay. Good luck with this. I hope it all works out.

Chloe: Me too.

Marlena: I've got it. [Chuckles] Oh, my goodness. [Knock on door] Chloe?

John: Drop what you're doing, Blondie. I want you to listen up, because this is hot off the presses.

Lucas: Sami, I'm home. Yo, Sami. I said I'm home. Hello? Where the hell is everybody? Give her a call. Hey, Sami, it's Lucas. Um, listen, I'm really sorry about upsetting you earlier. I -- I didn't mean it. I know that you're really upset about having the baby and you're stressed out, so just -- just call me when you get a chance, okay? Or, better yet, come home. Come back to the cabin so we can talk. All right, bye. "Brookville Clinic. Services include family planning, free immunizations, and abort--" abortion. You got to be kidding me. Sami, what are you doing?

Janice: Here we are, Sami. Just get into the gown and the doctor will be right in.

Nicole: Pookie. Pookie, get back here!

E.J.: Mary, could you please get Edward and Simon to take these bags up to Miss Walker's room?

Nicole: Pookie! Oh, for heaven's sake, she never listens to me.

E.J.: I'm sure she's just exploring her new house.

Nicole: Yeah, but what if someone sees her before we get a chance --

Stefano: In God's name, what is going on here?!

Nicole: Surprise. I'm moving in.

Marlena: "Hot off the presses." What does that mean?

John: Well, I'll just get to the point. I'm getting my act together, and I'm taking it on the road.

Marlena: Excuse me?

John: I'm a changed man.

Marlena: Oh. Yes. You told me that before, a little while ago, and then several times even before that.

John: Well, this time it's for real.

Marlena: And then when I asked you for some proof, you -- well, you made some kind of promise about, uh, legitimizing Stefano's empire, which [Chuckles] Simply can't be done.

John: No, it can't. I realize that... along with a few other things.

Marlena: What other things?

John: The assertions that Elvis made about me were right. And if I don't take action, I'm going to lose you for good, and...something...inside of me doesn't want that to happen.

Marlena: What did you do? I mean, you just talked about taking action.

John: Oh, I opted out.

Marlena: "Opted out"?

John: I gave up control of the DiMera Empire lock, stock, and barrel. "Why" one might ask. Well, I did it because of you.

Janice: There we go. Is there anyone here with you today?

Sami: No, I'm on my own.

Janice: Oh. Are you sure there isn't someone I can --

Sami: No, there's not. Hey, when is the doctor gonna get here? I thought he was on his way in.

Janice: He's running a bit behind, but that's okay. It gives us a chance to talk.

Sami: About what?

Janice: Well, I wanted to make sure you know that the clinic offers free counseling. Most women in your position find it helpful.

Sami: Look, I just want to get this over with.

Janice: I understand. I'll get Dr. Sanders.

Stefano: Moving in? She is moving in?

E.J.: Yes, she is moving in.

Stefano: Have you forgotten whose home this is?

E.J.: Oh, I think that's still in dispute, remember?

Stefano: It is not in dispute. I am the one who says who comes and who goes in this house.

E.J.: You might be a little less rude if you had a better idea of exactly what was going on.

Stefano: What is really going on here, aside from the fact that you bring in a boarder without my approval? A boarder and her repulsive little mutt.

E.J.: There is a little more to it than that. Thank you.

Stefano: More? It gets worse?

Nicole: We should tell him.

Stefano: Tell me what?

E.J.: I was hoping that we could have avoided this. You're right. We don't have a choice.

Nicole: Do you want to tell him or shall I?

E.J.: Well, I think it would be much better coming from me.

Nicole: Uh, then again, maybe not.

E.J.: Are you sure?

Nicole: I mean, I'm the one who's actually intruding on your charming father whose generosity knows no bounds from what I hear, and if he could just find it in his heart to let me move in, then...

Stefano: If somebody doesn't damn tell me what's going on here, I'm gonna throw both of you out!

Nicole: We're having a baby.

Stefano: "We"?

Nicole: E.J. and I. We're -- we're pregnant. I'm -- I'm pregnant.

Stefano: Ooh, ooh, ooh. Dio mio. Another precious little DiMera. My grandson. Another heir.

Janice: I'm so sorry for the delay, Sami. Dr. Sanders is on his way.

Sami: Thanks.

Janice: Do you have any last-minute questions or concerns?

Sami: Nope, nope. I just want to get this over with.

Dr. Sanders: Miss Brady, I'm Dr. Sanders. I assume Janice has spoken with you?

Sami: Yes, she has.

Dr. Sanders: Good. You ready?

Sami: Yes, I am.

Lucas: Excuse me. Um, I'm looking for someone. A beautiful blond woman. Her name is Sami Brady. Is she here?

Dr. Sanders: This may hurt a little, Sami. Just try to relax.

Nurse: I'm sorry, sir. I'm not able to give out any information.

Lucas: Please, I'm her husband, and I have to talk to her before it's too late.

Nurse: I'll see what I can do.

Lucas: Thank you. Oh, please, let me be in time. Please, God, please.

[Cellphone rings]

Lucas: Hello?

Chloe: Lucas, it's me. I'm at the cabin. I stopped by Titan, but you weren't there.

Lucas: Uh, well, I left early. What's up?

Chloe: I wanted to talk. Where are you?

Lucas: Um, I'm out right now. Um, can this wait till I get home, Chloe?

Nurse: Brookville Clinic. May I help you?

Chloe: Brookville Clinic? Lucas, what are you doing there?

Marlena: So... so, you gave up control.

John: Of everything. I told the Phoenix I didn't want anything to do with him or any of his holdings, yes.

Marlena: What about DiMera Shipping? You said you'd never let that go.

John: I let it go.

Marlena: And you did that because --

John: Because you asked me to.

Marlena: I don't know what to say.

John: You don't have to say anything. I did it all because I love you.

Marlena: [Chuckles]

John: And I just wanted to see that look on your face.

Stefano: Ahh!

Nicole: So you're pleased?

Stefano: Pleased? Oh, oh! My dear, I am overwhelmed with pride and joy. My, my, my, my cup runneth over.

Nicole: [Laughs] So I can stay.

Stefano: Stay? Of course, you can stay. I would be honored for you to stay. Also your adorable little dog. You know, there is a wonderful suite overlooking the pool? It is yours, huh? And will be telling the cook to make sure that he makes all your favorite foods. All healthy, of course, because of the baby, huh?

Nicole: How wonderful! Thank you.

Stefano: From now on you will consider this your home in every sense of the word.

Nicole: Thank you, Stefano. You make me feel so welcome.

Stefano: Welcome? That is an understatement. You are now a member of the family. Ah ha!

Nicole: [Laughs]

Stefano: All right, listen, now. Tell me, when is the baby due? When is my grandson due?

E.J.: Now, wait a second. We don't know that it's a boy yet.

Stefano: What difference does it make if it's a boy or girl? That doesn't make any difference as long as it's a DiMera. There's never too many of them.

E.J.: Well, now that we have that settled, I was just getting Nicole all settled in the house.

Nicole: Oh, ooh!

Stefano: Oh, are you all right? I mean, is the baby all right?

Nicole: Yeah, yeah. I just -- I felt a little kick in there. I felt this before, but it's so strong.

Stefano: Uh-uh! Feisty little thing, huh?

Nicole: Yeah!

E.J.: Can I?

Nicole: Yeah, yeah, yeah, feel! Right here, right here, that's it. Feel it?

E.J.: I -- I don't feel anything. Maybe you imagined it.

Nicole: No, I didn't. Excuse me. Stefano, you feel. Right here, right here.

Stefano: [Chuckles] All right.

Nicole: Yeah?

Stefano: I felt it.

Nicole: See!

Stefano: Oh, oh! He's strong as a little bull. Heh, this is a hell raiser.

Nicole: Oh, maybe she is a little hell raiser, hmm?

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Nicole: You never know.

Stefano: Yeah! I know all about that, my dear. Wait a minute. Wait, wait. Ooh, ooh, there it goes again. He did it again, or her.

Nicole: Or her. [Laughs]

John: Well, I better hit the road. I'll let you get back to work.

Marlena: Oh, oh, wait! My patient isn't due for about an hour. There's no need for you to rush off.

John: Actually there is. I've got a lot of packing to do.

Marlena: Packing?

John: I'm leaving the DiMera mansion.

Marlena: You're moving?

John: Yes, this is all part of my plan to turn my life around.

Marlena: John, I can't tell you how proud I am of you.

John: Good to know.

Marlena: Now that there is more time. We could get a cup of coffee and just talk.

John: That sounds like fun, but the sooner I'm out of the mansion, the better.

Marlena: Well, thanks for coming by then.

John: Yeah. Oh, before I forget. Your divorce papers are signed.

Marlena: Oh, John, I didn't mean. I didn't think -- The reason --

John: I've done everything that you've asked. The ball's in your court.

Stefano: Ah, we must celebrate with the bubbly.

Nicole: None for me.

Stefano: Of course not. For you, sparkling cider.

Nicole: Oh, goody.

Stefano: And for papa and grandpapa, the real thing, huh?

E.J.: It's a little early in the day for me.

Stefano: Nonsense. Come on. We have to drink a toast. All right, now. To life, to happiness, and the next generation of DiMeras. The dynasty continues. Salud.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

[Glasses clink]

Chloe: Lucas, are you still there?

Lucas: Look, Chloe, I can't talk right now.

Nurse: I found her, your wife. She's right there in exam room 1.

Lucas: All right, thank you. I've got to go right now.

Chloe: But -- his wife?

Lucas: Oh God, Sami!

E.J.: Would you just do me a favor, okay, please, and keep your distance from my Father?

Nicole: He's our kid's grandfather.

Lexie: You either end your association with Marino immediately or your relationship with your grandson will be a thing of the past.

Stephanie: I'm gonna strangle her.

Melanie: Sure you wouldn't rather put a knife in my back?

Max: Will you stop it, both of you, right now?! Cut it out!

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