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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/8/08 - Canada; Thursday 10/9/08 - U.S.A.

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Stephanie: If the D.A. decides to press charges, you could end up in jail.

Max: I did not kill my Father, Stephanie.

Melanie: Yeah, well, someone did.

Max: Come again?

Melanie: I'm not saying it was you, Max.

Stephanie: Would you be quiet? I know you didn't do it. But what if the higher-ups put pressure on Bo to arrest you? Given the evidence, they might think they have a case.

Max: Bo already knows the truth.

Melanie: About the fight?

Max: Yeah. I punched the bastard in the face, and I busted his lip.

Melanie: Yeah, and I was a witness. I saw the whole thing.

Max: There's a part of me that hopes I get arrested.

Melanie: What?

Stephanie: Have you lost your mind?

Max: If throwing me behind bars gets my Ma off the hook, then I'm more than willing to take the rap.

Nicole: Philip. Hey.

Philip: Hey, Nicole. You here alone?

Nicole: Not if you join me.

Philip: Sure.

Nicole: Young, handsome single guy lunching alone -- what's up with that?

Philip: My client canceled, so I was already here.

Nicole: Well, uh, where's your sweet southern squeeze? I haven't seen her around lately.

Philip: We broke up. Thank you. Morgan took an internship in Chicago.

Nicole: So, Morgan's in Chicago. Hmm. So, where does that leave you?

Philip: With plenty of free time, baby.

Nicole: Okay. Okay. Well, maybe this is none of my business, but are you really over Chloe? I've seen the way you two look at each other.

Philip: Chloe and Lucas are happy. I'm fine having her as a friend.

Nicole: No. Sorry. Not buying it, Philip.

Benny: You're doing much better, Miss Roberts. Your oxygen levels are back up. Please don't do that, Miss Roberts. You need to remain on the oxygen.

Kate: [Sighs]

Daniel: Whoa. Whoa. Excuse me, Kate. Where do you think you're going?

Kate: I'm going anywhere but here.

Nick: [Groaning] My head feels like it's going to explode. Oh, God.

Hope: Hey, Nick.

Nick: Hope? [Thud]

Hope: Should I ask how you're doing?

Nick: Isn't it obvious? Are you here as my cousin or as a cop?

Hope: Actually... neither. I'm here as your friend. Maggie told me what happened. She's worried about you.

Nick: I know.

Hope: She thought you might need someone to talk to.

Nick: [Chuckles] I don't really know what there is to say. I... got drunk. I got stupid. I got behind the wheel. I promise it'll never happen again. Now, can I get out of here, please?

Hope: Sorry. Not that simple.

Max: [Sighs]

Stephanie: What happened?

Bo: You're free to go. The D.A.'s not pressing charges.

Stephanie: Oh, thank God.

Melanie: Yeah. Great news.

Max: Wait. What about Ma?

Bo: It doesn't look so good for her.

Max: Wait. I'm the one who had Trent's blood on my shirt, and I'm not being charged. How is that possible?

Bo: The D.A. went over all the evidence -- the bloody shirt, the fibers on Robbins. The fight that you guys had earlier that evening explains all that. The D.A. feels that the case against Ma is stronger.

Max: I attacked him twice.

Bo: Yeah, well, we've got three witnesses who can confirm that Robbins was alive when you left his hotel room that night.

Abe: All right, big guy. You're gonna have fun in the park with Lacy today, aren't you?

Theo: Zoo.

Lexie: Zoo? Oh, he wants, um, his giraffe -- the one we got from the zoo.

Abe: I've got it right here. Can you say "giraffe," Theo, huh? Can you say it?

Theo: The zoo.

Lexie: Yes, sweetheart. We saw a giraffe just like this one at the zoo.

Lacy: Hi, there.

Abe: Hey.

Lexie: Hi.

Abe: Well, here's Lacy.

Lexie: Theo, look who's here.

Lacy: How are you today, Theo?

Lexie: Uh, listen, um, I brought some juice and some snacks, just in case he gets hungry. He likes playing in the sand, but lately his favorite thing has been making big piles of leaves.

Lacy: We'll have fun. Don't worry.

Lexie: Okay.

Lacy: Does your giraffe have a name, Theo?

Lexie: He calls it zoo.

Lacy: Zoo it .

Abe: [Chuckles]

Lexie: Okay, sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy are going for a meeting. You're gonna stay here and play with Lacy, all right? Um, you have my cell in case you need me. We should be back in about an hour, two at the most.

Lacy: We'll be here. Won't we, Theo?

Abe: Okay, big guy. You have fun with Lacy, huh? [Grunts] Mwah! [Chuckles]

Lexie: You be a good boy, all righty? Okay? Mommy will see you soon. See ya.

Max: Damn it.

Bo: The D.A.'s sticking with the original evidence, so you won't be arrested. That news usually makes people happy.

Max: How can I be happy when Ma's about to stand trial for murder? What are we gonna do, Bo? You got to do something. You can't let her go down for this. 

Bo: I won't. Roman and I -- we'll find the real killer. I promise you.

Max: You've got to.

Bo: There are plenty of other suspects out there, and we're looking at all of them.

Melanie: Well, I'm sure there's plenty of people you haven't even thought of, detective.

Nick: [Exhales deeply]

Hope: You want to talk about why this happened? Why'd you start drinking in the first place last night?

Nick: I don't really know. You know, I might need some time to process some things in my own head first before I can fully explain.

Hope: Fair enough. And I assume you know this already -- a drunk-driving conviction doesn't just go away. You could lose your license.

Nick: This is my first offense.

Hope: And you'll be fined and ordered to get counseling.

Nick: I don't have a problem with drinking.

Hope: And I have no way of knowing that, do I, Nick? But you do have a problem being a decent, responsible human being.

Nick: This is the last thing that I need right now.

Hope: The last thing you need.

Nick: You know, when the university finds out about this and it's in the paper that I got a D.U.I., I'll probably be suspended from the faculty. What am I supposed to do about that?

Hope: Honestly, I don't give a damn. 'Cause I don't happen to have any sympathy for you. In fact, I believe you really should be suspended.

Nick: Why are you being so judgmental? I had a few drinks.

Hope: A few drinks. A few drinks is all it takes! You ran a red light.

Nick: I wasn't speeding.

Hope: You ran a red light! You are damn lucky you didn't get yourself killed or kill some innocent person. Look at me. So don't you dare try and make me feel sorry for you, 'cause you know what? I don't. I'm furious. Look at me. I'm disappointed.

Nick: I'm really sorry, Hope. I-I wasn't thinking about Zack and the -- and everything. I'm really sorry.

Hope: I didn't lose my son to a drunk driver. Zack's gone because Chelsea wasn't paying attention behind the wheel.

Chelsea: Hope's right. And I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life. But, Nick, to get behind the wheel drunk, knowing that you could hurt somebody or potentially kill somebody, even yourself, that's unforgivable.

Bo: Max, we're under the microscope here. I had to bring you in.

Max: No, it's okay. I understand. So, what, I'm free to go?

Bo: Yeah.

Max: All right. Well, listen, if you need anything for Ma's case, I...

Bo: You know what? Just keep her busy so she doesn't worry.

Max: All right. You got it. Let's go.

Bo: Hold on a sec. You and Steph are free to go, but I want to speak to your little sister -- in private.

Max: You want me to wait outside?

Bo: That's not necessary.

Melanie: I'll be fine, Max.

Bo: Later.

Melanie: So, detective, what did you want to talk to me about?

Bo: What do you think?

Melanie: I have no idea.

Bo: Maybe this will ring a bell. Your father was murdered.

Melanie: Haven't we already gone over this?

Bo: Well, we're gonna go over it again. You may want a lawyer present.

Melanie: I didn't do anything wrong and I don't have anything to hide, so I don't need a lawyer.

Bo: Are you sure? Okay. Step into the office. This...might take a while.

Lexie: To us.

Scott: Lexie. Abe.

Lexie: There he is. Hey, Scott. [Smooches]

Scott: How are you, sweetie? Thanks for taking a meeting, guys.

Abe: Well, your message made it sound pretty important.

Scott: Well, it is. It's very important. Remember I said to you I'd try to come up with a point guard to run your campaign? Well, ta-da!

Lexie: Oh, my goodness. Evan! Hey, you.

Abe: Hey, I thought you were gonna sit this one out. You were raking in the Jacksons over at the Java Café.

Evan: Jacksons? Hell, move on to Franklins. [Laughter]

Scott: That's right. I ambushed Evan at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, and I told him it was his civic duty to break out the old campaign manager hat and point you the way to the mayor's office.

Evan: I'm all in, Abe.

Lexie: Mayor Carver.

Evan: It has a nice ring to it.

Scott: Yes, it does.

Mayor Marino: So, the rumor is true. Abe Carver is going after my job.

Kate: [Coughing]

Daniel: Benny, will you give us a minute?

Benny: Sure thing, doc. I'll be down the hall with Mr. Wallace in 102.

Daniel: Kate, I need you to get back in that bed now.

Kate: No way. I am not wasting any more time here waiting for some elusive results.


Daniel: Okay. Come on. Lay back. Lay back. Just lay back. Relax. Shh! It's okay. It's okay. Relax. There you go. That's it. That's it. There you go. Shh! Take a slow, deep breath.

Kate: Oh, God. [Coughs, inhales deeply]

Daniel: All right. That's it.

Kate: Oh, God. [Inhales, exhales deeply] God, this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. Am I ever going to get an official diagnosis? I would like to know what's wrong with me.

Daniel: You will. You will, once we get the results of your biopsy.

Kate: When's that gonna happen? I mean, is that gonna happen tomorrow, is that gonna happen next week, or is that gonna happen next month?

Daniel: I know it's frustrating, Kate, but we will get you some answers soon.

Kate: Well, you know, according to the literature that Dr. Faulk left me, I may not have much time, and, frankly, I don't want to spend the time here. [Coughs]

Philip: The bottom line -- it was never gonna work for Chloe and me.

Nicole: Are you sure about that?

Philip: Do you know something I don't?

Nicole: No. It just seemed like you two have a lot of chemistry. And it looked like you want to rip each other's clothes off and go at it with a vengeance.

Philip: Really? Is that how it looked?

Nicole: Just merely an observation.

Philip: Chloe and I are attracted to each other -- sure -- but that'll only get you so far, Nicole.

Nicole: Do you guys fight a lot?

Philip: Do you ask too many questions a lot?

Nicole: Oh, come on, Philip. Who am I gonna blab to?

Philip: Chloe's better off with Lucas.

Nicole: Typical male -- tight-lipped and guarded. Not much fun at all. And, by the way, Chloe is not better off with Lucas.

Philip: How would you know that?

Nicole: Because Chloe is a woman and she talks about stuff. And the last time I saw her, she wasn't too happy with Lucas.

Philip: Hmm. I'm sorry to hear that.

Nicole: What's there to be happy about? As it turns out, Lucas is a self-centered jerk. And that island he lives on -- ass end of nowhere.

Philip: [Chuckles] It is rustic.

Nicole: Rustic? It's more like primitive. Did you know the shower's actually outdoors? I mean, come on, Hortons, this is the 21st century. Can't you spring for a little indoor plumbing?

Philip: [Laughs] That's part of its charm, Nicole. If you want luxury, why would you go to a cabin in the woods?

Nicole: Don't ask me. I don't like the woods -- too many bugs.

Philip: So, that's it? Chloe's not happy with Lucas because of outdoor plumbing?

Nicole: No. Of course that's not the only reason look, Chloe's just not really thrilled with motherhood, you know? I mean, she could really do without all that crying and changing diapers and spitting up. You know, all that good stuff.

Philip: Well, you are certainly dialed in to the happenings in this triangle.

Nicole: Yeah, I try to keep up. Anyone else you want the lowdown on?

Philip: Yeah, actually. Tell me about your dead husband.

Max: I told Ma not to worry about the pub, and now look what she's doing. [Cellphone ringing]

Stephanie: It's my Mom.

Max: All right.

Stephanie: Hey, Mom.

Max: Hey, Ma. How you doing?

Caroline: I'm fine. How are you, honey?

Max: I'm fine.

Caroline: You want to take the day off? Because I can manage.

Max: No, I'm all right. I'm all right.

Caroline: I just can't believe that Roman and Bo took you down to the station.

Max: Ma, they had no choice. I should have told them up front that I had that fight with Trent.

Caroline: Did they arrest you?

Max: No, but I wish they had.

Caroline: What kind of talk is that?

Max: Because if I had been behind bars for Trent's murder, then you would be out of this mess.

Caroline: Oh, Max, Max. Don't you worry about me.

Max: Ma, it's a murder charge.

Caroline: Look, dear, my faith has gotten me through rough times. It's gonna get me through this, as well. God's watching out for me, and so are my children. Roman and Hope and Bo are gonna find the real killer.

Max: I hope you're right, Ma. I hope you're right.

Nick: And you're right, Chelsea. I mean, you know I've never done anything like this before. And I'm not trying to make excuses, but it's almost like it wasn't even me, you know? It's like somebody else took over, because I never thought i could do something that horrible.

Chelsea: Maggie called me. That's why I'm here. Hope, um, do you mind giving Nick and me a couple minutes to talk alone?

Hope: I'll be in the office.

Chelsea: Thanks. [Exhales deeply] [Door locks] Why would you drink and drive?

Nick: I already told you. I feel bad about it. What else do you want me to say?

Chelsea: I'm just trying to be your friend.

Nick: I don't need a friend.

Chelsea: Well, I think that that's where you're wrong.

Nick: Wait. Chelse stay, please. I'm sorry. I'm not thinking straight at all, and my head is still really hurting me.

Chelsea: What happened to you?

Nick: It's all my fault.

Chelsea: What is?

Nick: Trent Robbins. This whole nightmare never would have happened if it wasn't for me.

Chelsea: You don't know that.

Nick: Yeah, I do. You know, because the only reason he came here was so he could consult on the alternative fuel project.

Chelsea: Okay. Yeah, that's what lured him here initially, but, Nick, you didn't have anything to do with his murder. So, you want to tell me what's really bothering you?

Nick: [Chuckles] I already told you, Chelsea, okay?

Chelsea: So, what happened to your hand, Nick?

Melanie: Well, I don't know what I could possibly tell you about my Father's murder since I wasn't there.

Bo: You see this list? You're still a prime suspect. That hasn't changed.

Melanie: Well, I don't understand. I told you I didn't kill my Father, so why don't you believe me?

Bo: You were very angry with him before he died.

Melanie: Yeah, well, uh, who wouldn't be? He set me up to pay off his debt.

Bo: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Melanie: Yeah, well, my Father was a no-good creep. He didn't care about my feelings or anyone else's, for that matter, okay? Max was right about him.

Bo: You and Max were in your father's hotel room before he died.

Melanie: Yeah. He was trying to pimp me out again. That's kind of what set Max off. He was a real player. And I know he was new to Salem, but, believe me, he had a list of enemies that spanned the globe.

Bo: Go on.

Melanie: He was a big-time gambler. Did you know that? He had a real problem. And I tried to get him to stop, but he'd -- he couldn't. And he owed a lot of people money. I'm talking big-time money, like the kind that people kill for. Yeah. I'm no Nancy Drew, but if I were you, detective, I'd stop focusing on people like me and start focusing on some of his real enemies.

Bo: Okay. Do you have any names?

Melanie: Well, let's start with Claude, the guy that almost raped me in France.

Bo: We're looking at him. Any others?

Melanie: No. Not off the top of my head. But if I come up with any, I'll let you know.

Bo: You do that.

Melanie: I will. So, are we done here?

Bo: For now, but...don't go anywhere. And for Max's sake, I hope you're as innocent as I know he and my Mother are. But if you did kill your father, I'll find out. One of these days, you're gonna slip up in this little game you're playing... and I'll be there. You can go. [Door opens]

Abe: Yes, Mr. Marino. I'm running against you for Mayor of Salem.

Mayor Marino: So the great Abraham Carver is taking on City Hall. We'll see about that.

Abe: We've had our differences in the past, but here's to a fair and civilized race. May the best man win.

Mayor Marino: I am very disappointed to see you a part of this, Mr. Sayers. And as for you, Mr. Gamzon, you're backing the wrong horse.

Daniel: Don't believe all the statistics you read.

Kate: That's easy for you to say, isn't it?

Daniel: Let's not even go there, at least until we know exactly what we're dealing with. Besides, you're a fighter, Kate. You keep fighting with me. That mental attitude is half the battle.

Kate: I can't stand the waiting around. It's driving me crazy.

Daniel: Could you at least try and relax for a change?

Kate: You really don't get this, do you? I have a business. Today I'm missing three meetings. I'm launching a new line of cookware. I need to be there.

Daniel: Well, you have a staff. Let someone else handle it.

Kate: Oh, who's that gonna be, since I'm the face of Hearth and Home?

Daniel: And I realize that, but you are also a woman with a very serious illness that you need to deal with. And there is nothing -- I mean nothing -- more important.

Nicole: Trent is dead and out of my life for good, thank God. The timing was off, but, other than that --

Philip: Timing?

Nicole: Yeah. I -- [Scoffs] I just wish he was murdered before Victor found out we were still married.

Philip: Tough break.

Nicole: Kind of an understatement.

Philip: Well, at least you don't have to bother divorcing the guy.

Nicole: Yeah, all that nasty paperwork.

Philip: Any idea who might have killed Trent?

Nicole: Well, there are a lot of people that can't stand him that we know. And -- and then they tried to pin the murder on Caroline Brady. That's insane. Come on. I mean, I've never heard that woman raise her voice.

Philip: She is feisty.

Nicole: But kill someone, Philip? That's ridiculous.

Philip: They must have evidence. You know, she's already been charged and arraigned.

Nicole: Look, Mrs. Brady and I are not best buds, not by a long shot. Actually, she can't stand me. But even I know there is no way she could have knifed that bastard in cold blood.

Philip: I'm sure she'd appreciate your faith in her, even if she can't stand you.

Nicole: You know, I'd put my money on whoever has his wallet. [Cellphone barking] Oh, excuse me. Oh, that's Pookie's play date. I've got to get this, Philip.

Philip: Okay.

Nicole: Hello? Hey.

Philip: Hey, Bo, it's Philip.

Bo: Hey, man, what's up?

Philip: I need to see you. I think I might have a tip on your murder case.

Bo: What?

Philip: I don't want to get into it on the phone. I'll be right down.

Max: Ma, sit down. I got this.

Stephanie: You have a phone call. It's Mickey Horton.

Caroline: Oh. Excuse me.

Stephanie: How's she doing?

Max: She's one amazing person.

Stephanie: That she is.

Max: You're pretty amazing, too. You know that? I've been meaning to thank you.

Stephanie: For what?

Max: For trusting me. After you found that bloody shirt in my room, you didn't freak out or anything. You asked me about it. You stood by me. And that -- that meant a lot.

Stephanie: You told me the truth, and I believe you.

Max: Remember how crazy I was acting when Trent first showed up in town?

Stephanie: How could I forget?

Max: Making excuses and keeping secrets and pushing you away, and you stood by me then, too.

Stephanie: I'm just glad we could work through it.

Max: Thank you for sticking with me.

Stephanie: You're worth it. I'll be right back. I'm gonna go check on the kitchen.

Max: All right.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: How'd it go with Max?

Bo: I sent him back to the pub. He wouldn't let Ma take the rap for something he did.

Hope: You had to bring him in.

Bo: Yeah, I know. How'd it go with Nick?

Hope: Uh, not so sure. I may have rattled his cage a little. Chelsea's down talking to him now.

Bo: Chelsea?

Hope: Yeah. Maggie called, asked her to talk to him. Actually, I think it's a good idea.

Bo: Yeah. What happened to him? I mean, he's so responsible and smart, down-to-earth. What set him off?

Hope: Do you think he could have something to do with Trent's murder?

Bo: Nah. I'd be surprised. If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on Melanie. That girl's trouble.

Nick: It's nothing. I'm fine.

Chelsea: Your hand is bruised. What happened?

Nick: It's not a big deal. I hit it on something in the lab.

Nick: It's nothing. I hurt my hand when I was in France.

Melanie: I don't remember you hurting your hand in Marseille. When did that happen?

Chelsea: Did it hurt?

Nick: No. [Sighs] Have you seen Daniel?

Chelsea: I don't want to talk about that.

Nick: Okay. How's Max?

Chelsea: Um, good, I guess. They released him.

Nick: That's a relief.

Chelsea: So, are you gonna tell me why you were drinking, or do I have to stay here and guess?

Nick: How many times do I have to tell you, Chelsea? I'm feeling guilty about what happened with Trent.

Nick: Look, Trent and Max would have found each other eventually, okay? Max -- he's a curious guy. It was only a matter of time before he went looking for his biological father. You just helped it happen sooner.

Nick: Yeah, and now his dad is dead and his mother is accused of murder.

Chelsea: My Uncle Roman and Dad are gonna make sure she gets off.

Nick: I hope you're right.

Chelsea: Okay. You have to think on the bright side here, okay? If, um, if Trent was never brought to Salem for you, then Max never would have found Melanie. And Trent was abusing his own daughter, so, in a way, it's kind of like you helped your best friend save his sister.

Nick: I never thought of it like that.

Chelsea: And maybe now with Trent gone, Melanie will have a shot at a decent life, you know?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: And she'll owe that all to you.

Melanie: See, now, those are my feelings exactly.

Kate: I have every intention of getting better, but I just can't wait around here any longer waiting for the damn biopsy reports. Can't do it.

Daniel: Well, like I said, it takes time.

Kate: Oh, my God, Daniel, I have been here for over 24 hours. I want you to release me.

Daniel: Okay. All right. You know what? I'll tell you what I'll do. I will personally go down to the lab and find out the status of your biopsy results. How's that sound?

Kate: Excellent. That sounds really good.

Daniel: Good. Now, just sit tight, and I will be right back. [Door opens, closes]

Kate: By that time, I'll be gone.

Melanie: Am I interrupting something?

Nick: No. Not at all.

Melanie: I was just upstairs with Max, and I heard one of the cops say they brought you in. What happened?

Nick: It's a long story. Maybe someday I'll tell you.

Melanie: Well, how about you tell me now, 'cause I have time?

Officer: Uh, no, you don't. I'm sorry, Miss, but your visit's over. You two need to leave now. [Keys jingling]

Evan: Better start getting used to disappointments, Mayor Marino, 'cause you're gonna get hit with a bunch of them.

Mayor Marino: [Chuckles] Why on earth would you folks want to subject yourselves to the scrutiny of public life? Why would you even consider setting yourselves up for that? You've got to know what's going to happen.

Scott: What exactly are you trying to get at?

Mayor Marino: Let's face it. The Carver family is far from perfect, and I'm not just talking about their slow child.

Abe: How dare you talk about my son like that!

Lexie: No, Abe, don't. He's baiting you. Don't.

Mayor Marino: Let's not forget your lovely wife, Dr. Carver, or should I say DiMera? [Chuckles] Yeah. I'm going to enjoy this race. Good luck, Carver. You're gonna need it.

Evan: At least there won't be any bobbing and weaving. The gloves are off. We are going toe-to-toe, shot for shot.

Abe: That guy is unbelievable.

Lexie: How was he ever elected mayor?

Abe: You know, I can't wait to get in there and put a stop to this. The people of Salem have no idea what's going on.

Scott: He was trying to get you to blow up so he could nail you.

Evan: Exactly. 10 to 1, he had a photographer hiding out, ready to take a shot.

Scott: Exactly.

Evan: It's a good thing you didn't fall for it.

Abe: Well, I came close.

Scott: Well, now you see how important it is to get this campaign rolling?

Abe: Yeah.

Scott: I hope you both are up for the challenge.

Abe: That, we are. And like Evan said... we're all in.

Lacy: I know. I can't believe it, either. That's what he said. No way. You are kidding me. Sam and Amy broke up? Yeah. That's so wild.

Hope: Did you get anywhere when you questioned Melanie?

Bo: Besides a confirmation that she can't be trusted, not really. She's involved, but I don't know how. [Knock on door]

Philip: Oh. Is it okay if I come in?

Bo: No. Hold up a second. Okay? Yeah. Come on in.

Philip: Hey, Hope.

Hope: Philip.

Bo: What's up?

Philip: I wanted to talk, but...

Bo: Philip?

Philip: What is Melanie doing here?

Bo: She came to see Max.

Philip: Have you questioned her about the murder?

Bo: Why? Do you know something?

Philip: I thought she came to me for help.

Hope: With what?

Philip: Finding her father's killer.

Kate: [Coughs] It's not the cancer that's gonna kill me, it's the waiting. So, did you get the biopsy results?

Daniel: No, not yet. They're still working -- what -- what are you doing?

Kate: I'm leaving I'm not staying in this hospital another minute. So if you find something out, call me.

Daniel: Kate

Kate: Look, I appreciate your concern. I really do. I really do. [Coughing]

Daniel: Let me -- let me call Benny. He can at least get you a portable oxygen tank.

Kate: I don't need oxygen, okay?

Daniel: It will help you breathe a lit le easier, okay? Just let me make the call.

Kate: Daniel, if you find something out, call me. [Coughing]

Nick: What have I done?

Bo: Melanie came to you for help?

Philip: Yeah. I thought it was strange, but i felt sorry for her.

Bo: What did you say to her?

Philip: That I wasn't a detective or a P.I., but if I heard anything, I'd let her know.

Bo: But you did have Robbins checked out?

Philip: I had Titan's security department run a check. The guy was a loser -- a real low life.

Hope: That much we already know.

Bo: When you called, you said you had a tip. Let's hear it.

Philip: Well, I didn't mean a tip exactly. I want to make a financial contribution. I'm in charge of Titan Industries now, and I'm trying to upgrade our company's image -- you know, getting more involved with the community, that sort of thing.

Bo: Okay. But why are you handling this? I mean, titan has a P.R. director, right?

Philip: Well, of course. But I wanted to talk to you first. Like I said, I'm trying to upgrade our image, and we need to get more involved with the community, so maybe we can set up some sort of contribution plan for the families of fallen officers or whatever you guys decide.

Hope: Wow. That's, uh, very generous. I'll, um, I'll talk to the financial analyst tomorrow and have her contact the appropriate people at Titan.

Philip: That sounds good. Well, listen, I've got to run. Talk to you soon.

Bo: All right. Thanks, Philip.

Hope: Wow.

Bo: Yeah. That was odd.

Philip: Hey, we need to talk.

Melanie: About what?

Philip: Your father's wallet. Why do you have it?

Melanie: He gave it to me.

Philip: Why? Are you gonna tell me, or am I gonna have to go in there and tell Bo I know you have it?

Melanie: Okay, not here, okay? [Dishes clanging]

Abe: Well, thank you for coming with me, Lex. You know, your support means a lot.

Lexie: My husband is running for mayor. That happens to be a big deal for me, Abe.

Abe: Yeah. You know, it's funny. Um, I've never been all that ambitious. Well, you know that. I mean even the job as commissioner -- I didn't fight for that job. But now it's...

Lexie: You really want this, don't you?

Abe: [Laughs] Yeah. Yeah. Maybe more than I should.

Lexie: I don't understand.

Abe: I'm conflicted. You know, I-I wouldn't admit this to anybody else, but I'm worried that a big job like that -- being mayor -- is gonna take time away from my family -- you and Theo. I'm spoiled. I've gotten to spend so much time with both of you, and that's gonna change if I'm elected.

Lexie: Okay, okay, okay. Hold -- just hold on one minute. You've been married to me long enough to know that I'm not gonna let anything take you away from me and Theo. So no matter how busy you get, we are going to carve out our family time, come hell or high water.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Lexie: You will not talk like this anymore. Do you understand?

Abe: Yes, ma'am.

Lexie: All right.

Abe: I am getting the picture.

Lexie: Good. Oh, sweetheart, this job -- being mayor -- you'd be helping so many people.

Lacy: Theo's gone! I've looked everywhere! He's gone!

Lexie: Oh, my God.

Chelsea: Daniel, please do not pull this "patient privacy" stuff with me, okay?

Daniel: Just find her and get her back here.

Roman: Are you in some kind of trouble?

Sami: Yes, I am in big trouble, and I need you both to tell me what to do.

Lexie: Where'd you find this?

Chatsworth: The south side of the park, lying near the road.

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