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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/30/08 - Canada; Wednesday 10/1/08 - U.S.A.

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Nicole: Then what's wrong with me?

Daniel: Nothing. You're pregnant.

Nicole: You have got to be kidding me.

Colin: Well, the tests we ran this morning showed adhesions, blockage. Unfortunately, she had previous damage to her other tube which means that without intervention, it would be unlikely, if not impossible, for Nicole to conceive a child by natural means.

Nicole: But I have conceived... with the man I love. I'd say it's a miracle, but miracles don't happen to me. Or maybe they're just beginning to.

E.J.: Maggie, darling.

Maggie: Oh, E.J., hi.

E.J.: How are you?

Maggie: Oh, I have been better. I guess Mickey has told you about what's going on with Caroline Brady.

E.J.: Oh, that is terrible, isn't it? Actually, it was Lucas who told me about her this morning. I was trying to get ahold of Mickey all day. I guess this explains why I couldn't find him.

Maggie: Oh, he's been working 'round the clock trying to get her out of jail.

E.J.: Of course, it's absurd that she's even in jail, but, given the circumstances, I suppose I can understand why they felt they had to arrest her.

Maggie: But it's not right. She did not kill Trent Robbins.

E.J.: Of course she didn't. Let's just hope the situation gets sorted out quickly, eh?

Maggie: Yeah, from your mouth to God's ears.

E.J.: Listen, I'm supposed to be meeting a Mr. Davidson here. Has he arrived?

Maggie: Not yet.

E.J.: It's annoying.

Maggie: Hmm.

E.J.: I was supposed to be taking Johnny to the zoo today. I canceled it for this. I had to go and leave him with Lexie.

Maggie: Well, I'm sure he'll be here shortly. If you'd like, I can seat you.

E.J.: You know, I'm good. Thanks.

Maggie: Okay. As you wish.

E.J.: Philip. I hope I'm not disturbing you. You wouldn't by any chance be waiting for your father, would you?

Philip: No. No. He won't be joining me. He's busy at the moment.

E.J.: Well, maybe you could give him a little message for me.

Philip: And what would that be?

E.J.: You can tell Victor that he doesn't have a prayer.

Lucas: All righty. Yes, we will get you your bear right away, young lady. Don't you worry about that. Hey, Sami, have you seen Allie's bear? Sami! Oh, my God. Sami, what happened? Sami, are you all right? Sami, come on. Wake up. Wake up, baby. It's me. It's Lucas. Come on. Wake up. Open your eyes.

Philip: I have no idea what you're talking about.

E.J.: Hmm. Well, you see, my client has no intention of giving up her divorce settlement, which remains her rightful due, so if your father wishes to continue with his suit, he'll simply be sending good money after bad.

Philip: I have to disagree. It's a fact. Nicole was never divorced from Trent Robbins, therefore never legally married to my Father, therefore entitled to squat.

E.J.: Unfortunately, my client was the victim of a deception, and, as such, had no idea that her short and rather ill-fated first marriage was never legally dissolved.

Philip: I feel bad for her, but that's not my Father's problem.

E.J.: Well, you see, unfortunately, Philip, it rather is. Nicole married your father in good faith. They lived together as husband and wife under the same roof. Obviously that is, of course, until your father decided to just cast her aside.

Philip: [Chuckles] Please.

E.J.: If Daddy Warbucks thinks that he can just have his way and wander off into the night, then he is mistaken.

Philip: Don't be an idiot, E.J. Nicole tried to deceive my Father, and she knows better than anyone -- nobody crosses Victor Kiriakis and gets away with it.

Victor: I told you I want to see Caroline Brady, and I want to see her right now.

Chatsworth: I'm sorry, sir, but like I told you, no visitors are welcome at this time.

Victor: Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?

Chatsworth: Yes, you told me that, too, sir. You're Bo Brady's father.

Victor: That's not all I am.

Kayla: He's Victor Kiriakis, a man used to getting his way.

Victor: Kayla.

Kayla: I can handle this, Officer Chatsworth. Thank you.

Victor: I'm only here to help. Surely you have no objection to that.

Kayla: Well, I do, because your kind of help is the last thing my Mother needs right now.

Caroline: [Exhales deeply]

Bo: Hey, Ma.

Caroline: Oh.

Bo: How you holding up?

Caroline: Honestly? I'm getting a little stir-crazy. When are they gonna let me out?

Bo: I'm sorry, Ma. They're not.

Lucas: Sami. Sami, come on. Wake up, please. Come on. Open your eyes.

Sami: [Inhales, exhales deeply] Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I'm right here. It's me. Are you all right? I got you. Take it easy.

Sami: What happened?

Lucas: That's what I'd like to know. We just came back for Allie's bear.

Sami: Allie.

Lucas: She's fine. She's fine. Don't worry about Allie. She's asleep in the stroller. But we found you passed out on the couch. Are you okay? What happened?

Sami: Grandma.

Lucas: Don't worry about your grandma right now. She's gonna be fine, okay? Just relax.

Sami: She's not okay. She's -- I have to go to the station.

Lucas: No, no. You're not going anywhere. You just fainted. Just try to take it easy.

Sami: My Grandma has been arrested, Lucas. She -- she needs me.

Lucas: Sami, stop it. Come on. You're gonna be fine.

Sami: No. No. Lucas, please. You have to help me, okay?

Lucas: I got you. Just relax. Listen to me. The only place I'm taking you is to a doctor.

Victor: Kayla, what is this? I don't understand your attitude.

Kayla: She doesn't need you, Victor. She has enough to deal with right now without you.

Victor: Surely you must know that all I want to do is help her.

Kayla: Yeah, but the way that you want to help her could cause her more harm than good. Listen. I-I know how much you care about her, how much she means to you. But you really need to stay out of his, because that D.A. has it out for her, and she doesn't need any more ammunition.

Victor: I don't know what it is you imagine that I plan to do, but in all my years of loving your mother, I have never done a thing intentionally to hurt her, and I certainly don't intend to start now.

Steve: What was that all about? What did he want?

Kayla: The same thing he's always wanted -- my Mother.

Caroline: What do you mean, not getting out? I mean, haven't they figured out that I'm not involved in Trent's murder?

Bo: Yeah, Ma, I know you're not, if -- if it were up to me.

Caroline: Well, aren't there any other suspects? A lot of people hated the man.

Bo: Yeah, there are people we're looking at.

Caroline: Not Max. I know he threatened him. He couldn't do anything like that, either.

Bo: No more than you could. And besides that incident, there's nothing to lead us to believe that he did.

Caroline: Unlike me... their number-one suspect.

Bo: You were found with the dead body, holding the murder weapon.

Caroline: Yes, yes. I realize it. It looks bad.

Bo: Yeah. It looks bad, but that doesn't mean this is over.

Caroline: Kind of sounds like it.

Bo: No, Ma. Listen. We're gonna use every piece of high-tech equipment we have. We're gonna look at that murder weapon and find a print -- a smudge print, a partial print, any -- any print at all that doesn't belong to you.

Caroline: Is that the only chance I have?

Bo: No, but it would help us a hell of a lot, and it would at least guarantee bail.

Caroline: Well... what if they don't... find any other fingerprints on it?

Bo: Well, we'll -- we'll come up with something.

Caroline: What do you mean by that?

Bo: We'll find something to prove that it wasn't you or that it could have been somebody else.

Caroline: Bo, don't do anything stupid, you understand me?

Bo: All I said was --

Caroline: I know what you said, and I know what you're thinking.

Bo: No, you don't.

Caroline: Yes, I do.

Bo: Ma --

Caroline: Don't "Ma" me. You told me yourself -- the D.A. and the mayor are watching you like a hawk for you to make one mistake or show favoritism to anybody.

Bo: Yeah. They're watching me. But that doesn't mean I can't make this right.

Caroline: Bo, the way you made things right for Philip and Victor? You tampered with evidence.

Bo: That was some-- I'm not gonna tamper with evidence.

Caroline: You're damn right you're not, 'cause if you do, I'll turn you in myself.

Bo: Miss Layton, as a suspect in your father's murder, you're not to leave town.

Melanie: I didn't do it. But I'm sure as hell gonna find out who did.

Maggie: Oh, Joe, um, I'm gonna have to leave to pick up my little grandniece. But please keep a very close eye on the Kiriakis table, please. They are one of my best customers.

Joe: Isn't Victor Kiriakis the head of one of the most powerful families in Salem?

Maggie: If not the most powerful.

Joe: I have this friend who's a cop. He says Kiriakis knows where all the bodies are buried.

Maggie: And who put them there? [Departing footsteps]

E.J.: Philip, I hope you're not threatening my client.

Philip: This is my Father's battle, not mine. I'm just warning you -- my Father does not like to be messed with. Gentlemen. Konnichiwa.

Konnichiwa: Mr. Kiriakis?

Philip: Yes. Hello. E.J., this is when you leave.

E.J.: Quite. Gentlemen.

Philip: Have a seat.

E.J.: Hey, Nicole. What are you doing here?

Kayla: Victor says he wants to help her. Can you just imagine what that means?

Steve: You don't trust him.

Kayla: Do you?

Steve: Well, no, not really. I used to work for the guy, remember? I know he can be bad ass, and he has some creative ways of getting things done. But when it comes to your mama, I really think he's got her best interests at heart.

Kayla: You know, so do I, but these creative ways that he wants to help her could get her in a lot more trouble if they ever came to light.

Steve: Yeah, no doubt.

Kayla: And, you know, she's -- she's vulnerable right now.

Steve: And that bothers you, too... 'cause your Pop isn't around anymore to keep the old man at, huh?

Kayla: It's just that Victor has a way of getting to her. I just feel that he could do that now -- in more ways than one.

Caroline: Look, sweetheart, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but don't.

Bo: Ma...I need to get you out of here. You don't belong in jail.

Caroline: Well, I will get out, without any funny business, because I'm innocent.

Bo: Well, who knows how long that'll take?

Caroline: It doesn't matter. We Brady's are tough. We can get through anything, and I have my faith, my family.

Bo: Ma, a prison cell isn't anything like this place.

Caroline: Bo, I'm gonna tell you this one last time. Don't do anything you'll regret. Don't throw away an incredible opportunity. You could be the new police commissioner.

Bo: That's hardly a done deal.

Caroline: Well, there won't be a chance unless you toe the line and do everything by the book.

Bo: That's what Hope said.

Caroline: Well, listen to your wife and your mother. I'm innocent, and my two sons will prove that. So, I know I didn't like Trent Robbins, but I certainly didn't stick a knife in his back.

Bo: I know that, and you're right -- we'll prove that. We'll get you out of here.

Chatsworth: I know you said no visitors, but there's someone out here that insists on seeing your mother. He told me you'd allow it.

Bo: Who is it?

Caroline: Oh.

Victor: I have to talk to her, Bo, just for a minute.

Caroline: Please, Bo. Please.

Bo: Okay. I'll be back. You got five minutes.

Victor: Caroline.

Caroline: Victor. You shouldn't have come.

Victor: I couldn't stay away. It was killing me to think of you locked up like some criminal.

Caroline: Well, I'll get out, you know? Mickey's working very hard on that, and I'll probably be out in time to make chowder at the pub at supper time.

Victor: Mickey?

Caroline: Yes. He's an excellent attorney.

Victor: Caroline, for this, you need the very best. I can call Gene Briscoe.

Caroline: No, no, please. Mickey's fine.

Victor: There must be something else I can do, some other way I can help.

Caroline: Victor, I'm gonna tell you what I told Bo. Just -- I don't want you doing anything.

Victor: Caroline --

Caroline: Honey, look at that mess there was with Philip and Paul Hollingsworth. I just want you to step back, you know, and have faith in the justice system.

Victor: Well, Bo may have agreed to that, but I can't. There's no way in hell.

Sami: You know, I really feel much better already. Lucas was just over reacting. He does that. He over reacts -- a lot. And actually since I have somewhere I have to be, I was really hoping we could --

Lucas: You at it again? You're not gonna be any good to anybody, especially your grandmother, if you don't let the doctors find out what's wrong with you.

Sami: There's nothing wrong with me, right? I mean -- where's Allie?

Lucas: Maggie came to pick her up. Don't worry about it. I'll pick her up later

Dr. Whitaker: Samantha, did you have anything to eat today?

Sami: Um, actually, I wasn't really in the mood, so I just had some fruit.

Dr. Whitaker: Are you currently on any medication?

Sami: Just vitamins.

Lucas: What's wrong with her, Dr. Whitaker I mean, why did she faint?

Dr. Whitaker: I'm not sure yet. I'd like to run a few tests.

Sami: Come on. Is that really necessary? I feel much better already.

Dr. Whitaker: In my opinion, it might be very necessary.

Caroline: Victor, please, leave this to me. Don't get involved.

Victor: I wish I could be as sure of this as you are.

Caroline: Well, you don't have faith in the justice system. Maybe you have very little faith in me.

Victor: How can you say that?

Caroline: Well, because of the way that it looks. Maybe you don't believe I'm innocent.

Victor: Nothing could be further from the truth, but you were caught holding a knife that killed a man, and in the eyes of the D.A., that's a slam dunk.

Caroline: It's like a bad dream.

Victor: Caroline, look at me. This can be over very soon.

Caroline: Well, it will be, when they find the real killer.

Victor: And in the meantime?

Caroline: In the meantime, uh, the judge will set bail. I'll be free.

Victor: And what if you can't make bail? What happens then?

Caroline: Oh -- Victor, that's ridiculous. They don't think I'm a flight risk.

Victor: No, they don't. But I can bet you the judge is gonna consider the fact that you don't look like a murderer, either, and yet all the evidence points to the fact that you very well could be.

Caroline: What are you saying?

Victor: I'm saying I'm not going to let you spend another night in this place. I'm going to fix this, and nothing you or anyone else says can stop me.

Steve: Hey, baby. Listen, I want you to forget about Victor. I don't want you to worry about him or what influence he may or may not have on your mama. She may be out of here soon.

Kayla: Do you really think so?

Steve: I can tell you for a fact the police are looking very closely at Robbins' daughter. If we find even one shred of evidence against her --

Kayla: Do you think that she would actually kill her own father?

Steve: The creep was pimping her out. She hated him. We all heard her threaten to kill him.

Kayla: Well, Max threatened, too.

Steve: No, not Max. Max doesn't have it in him. But I'll tell you something. Nicole Walker is another person who could be taking your mama's place in that cell.

Kayla: Nicole Walker?

Steve: Yeah. It turns out she was married to Robbins, and they were still married at the time of his death.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Yeah. Listen, they split a long time ago, but the divorce never went through.

Kayla: Well, that would mean that her marriage to --

Bo: That the marriage is invalid, yeah.

Kayla: But she just got that big, fat settlement. I mean, if ever there was a motive for murder, there's one.

Bo: Yeah, but we don't have any evidence to link her to the crime.

Chatsworth: Detective, one of those reports you were waiting on.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Kayla: What is it?

Bo: It could be the break we're looking for.

Philip: When he gets back in the office, you tell him this deal with the Hanso Corporation is big. I'm moving on it. There's no time to waste. And keep the jet on standby. I might be flying to Tokyo. All right. [Chuckles] May I help you?

Melanie: I'm sorry. I just um, I've never pictured someone like you before.

Philip: Excuse me?

Melanie: Is your name Kiriakis?

Philip: Yeah.

Melanie: You are just the man I'm looking for.

Nicole: E.J., I-I was hoping I'd run into you.

E.J.: Um, what can I do for you?

Nicole: Well, there's -- there's something I have to tell you. Do you have a few minutes?

E.J.: Uh, I'm supposed to be meeting a client here, but he seems to be running a bit late, so, yeah, I have a moment. What's up?

Nicole: I'm pregnant.

Sami: Is he just trying to scare the daylights out of me, or is this his way of keeping me here against my will?

Lucas: Not trying to scare you. He just wants to know what's wrong with you. He wants to know why you fainted.

Sami: I fainted because my grandmother has been arrested for supposedly murdering a man, and the last thing I need is him making me think I'm dying.

Lucas: He didn't say you were dying.

Sami: Obviously he thinks there's something seriously wrong with me.

Lucas: Well, we've all known that for years, haven't we?

Sami: Thanks a lot.

Lucas: I'm kidding, all right? I'm sorry. I make jokes. I make stupid jokes when I'm nervous.

Sami: Oh, really? What do you have to be nervous about?

Lucas: Maybe I'm a little worried about you.

Sami: Since when?

Lucas: Well, I never stopped caring about you. You are the mother of my kids.

Sami: [Scoffs] I'm also someone who's hurt you a lot.

Lucas: Yeah, we've hurt each other, haven't we? I guess some things just aren't meant to be.

Sami: I thought you and I were.

Lucas: Yeah, me too.

Sami: I still don't know what went wrong.

Lucas: Well, it's pretty easy. It wasn't a what. It was a who.

Sami: [Sighs]

Nurse: Okay, Sami. Time to take some blood.

Sami: Wait. Wait. What? What are you talking about? Why? Why is that necessary?

Nurse: Dr. Whitaker's orders. It's standard procedure.

Sami: Not for me. I hate needles.

Lucas: You'll be fine.

Sami: Lucas, come on.

Nurse: I promise I'll be gentle. Mr. Horton, would you excuse us?

Lucas: You don't mind if I stay, do you?

Nurse: If it's okay with Sami.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. I need him to stay.

Lucas: Grab the hand. I know the drill.

Sami: Thank you.

Lucas: Just don't look.

Sami: I know. I know. Okay.

Lucas: Just relax.

Sami: Lucas, I hate this.

Lucas: You're fine. Come on.

Sami: [Exhales deeply] [Shrieks]

Caroline: I don't want you fixing anything. You might hurt someone else in helping me, and I couldn't live with that.

Victor: But I can't do nothing.

Caroline: Victor, just knowing that you're here for me -- that means more than I can tell you. All these years and... all we've gone through together. It's just -- it means a lot that you care so much.

Victor: I never stopped caring, Caroline, because I never stopped loving you, and I never will.

Bo: It's the lab report on the fibers found on Robbins. Okay, they didn't match his clothing, so they could have belonged to the killer.

Steve: So, what does it say?

Bo: The fibers were cotton blend.

Kayla: Well, that really narrows it down.

Steve: No, it's a good start.

Bo: Yeah. Given a little time and luck, maybe the lab can narrow this down to a specific manufacturer.

Kayla: It still sounds like a long shot.

Bo: Yeah, it is, but right now it's the only way we can help Ma.

Steve: Okay.

Victor: I let you go once before. I'm not going to lose you again, not like this.

Caroline: Nobody is losing me. As soon as they realize their mistake, they'll let me go.

Victor: And if they don't realize?

Caroline: Well, they will. I mean -- I-I won't even be charged.

Victor: Caroline, if you ever loved me, even a little bit, please trust me.

Caroline: Well, you know how -- how much I loved you... and how much I still care for you, right to this day. So, please, you trust me and you let me handle this my way.

Victor: And how are you gonna do that? You're gonna put your faith in God? You think he's gonna help you?

Caroline: He's never let me down. And I hope at the end of this, I can say the same about you.

Bo: Kay, you don't have to hang around here. I'll call you when there's news.

Kayla: Are you kidding? Come on. This is our Mother. I can't even believe that she's just sitting down in her cell like that.

Bo: Well, right now she's got company.

Kayla: Victor's still there?

Bo: Yeah. I didn't have the heart to kick him out. At this point, she needs all the friends and support she can get.

Kayla: You know, Victor wants more than just friendship. You know, I still say that he is using this situation -- this coming to her rescue -- to get some inroads with her. He's trying to manipulate her when she's so vulnerable.

Bo: Come on. They're past all that.

Kayla: I can't believe you even just said that. Do you think that you ever stop wanting love, that you ever stop wanting something that you've been longing for your entire life and you couldn't have?

Bo: Maybe not, but he didn't get what he wanted, because Ma was strong. She knew what was best for her and her family, and she's still just as strong, if not more so.

Kayla: But she can also be weak where Victor is concerned.

Bo: She's not gonna let him get involved.

Kayla: If you say so. I hope you're right. So, do you really think that they can prosecute her? Can it really go that far?

Bo: All we have to do is come up with evidence -- proof that we can take to the D.A. That it might have been someone else -- and she's free.

Kayla: Well, let's look for that evidence, then.

Bo: Oh, we'll find it. Ma's innocent, so it's just a matter of time.

Kayla: All right.

E.J.: You're pregnant? Are you sure?

Nicole: I'm positive. We're gonna have a baby.

E.J.: I mean, you told me --

Nicole: I-I know. I know. That I couldn't have kids. But apparently the doctors were wrong. Either that or it's a miracle.

E.J.: I don't believe in miracles. I believe in love, though.

Nicole: Love?

E.J.: Nicole, you just made me the happiest man in the world.

E.J.: Nicole.

Nicole: Huh? Oh.

E.J.: You said you were going to tell me something. What is it?

Nicole: Uh, right. Uh, maybe we should sit down first.

E.J.: I'm sorry. I don't have time. I'm supposed to be meeting a client. I know what this is about, and I can tell you the whole thing's Victor's fault.

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no, definitely not.

E.J.: Okay.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

E.J.: I mean, do you want to tell me what it is, then?

Nicole: Okay. Uh, here it goes. [Cellphone ringing]

E.J.: I'm sorry. Just give me one second. Oh, that's just bloody marvelous! He cancels! Thanks for the notice, pal.

Nicole: So, you're free now?

E.J.: I am free, yes, now that it's too late.

Nicole: Too late for what?

E.J.: I was supposed to be taking Johnny to the zoo today. I canceled the whole thing so I could come down here and meet this idiot.

Nicole: You know, it's not too late. You can still take Johnny to the zoo. You have the whole afternoon.

E.J.: Yeah, I suppose you're right. I'll take him down to see the chimpanzees. That's his favorite.

Nicole: All right, then.

E.J.: I'm sorry. It's just been one of those days, you know?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: There was something you wanted to tell me.

Nicole: No, it -- it can wait.

E.J.: You sure?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: Okay. I'll give you a call later, all right?

Nicole: Actually, I'd really like to tell you in person.

E.J.: Sure. Okay. Um... how about lunch tomorrow?

Nicole: How about dinner tonight? Then we can finally go on that date you've been promising me.

E.J.: Ah.

Philip: I don't mean to be rude, but who are you?

Melanie: Someone who needs your help, Victor, badly.

Philip: [Sighs] I'm afraid you have the wrong Kiriakis. I'm Philip, Victor's son.

Melanie: Oh. I'm sorry.

Philip: Do you mind telling me what you want with my Dad?

Melanie: I need him to help me track down a killer.

Sami: Where is Dr. Whitaker? I mean, how long does it take to run some tests?

Lucas: I'm sure they're doing all kinds of tests. They're waiting for results. Just relax. Be a good patient.

Sami: How can I relax? My grandmother is rotting in a jail cell for a crime she didn't commit, Lucas.

Lucas: She's not rotting. She just got there and I'm sure your dad's gonna handle this. Uncle Mickey will figure out something.

Sami: You're right. You're right. Of course they will. I mean, I'm sure she's out already, right?

Lucas: Yeah. Right. She probably is.

Sami: Right. So -- so, I'll just call my Dad and check with him after I get out of here.

Lucas: Cool.

Sami: You know, Lucas, thank you for, um bringing me here and everything, but you don't have to hang out. I'm sure you have things you have to do.

Lucas: I'm not going anywhere till that doctor comes back.

Sami: Isn't Chloe wondering where you are?

Lucas: I already called her. I told her I'd hook up with her later.

Sami: So, things are going well between you two?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Sami: You certainly seem to be spending a lot of time together.

Lucas: Well, for the moment, we are, but I don't know if it's gonna last. She wants to get back into singing and stuff.

Sami: She's going back to Austria?

Lucas: I don't know about that. I think she wants to join an opera company here in the States.

Sami: Has she thought about Vegas?

Lucas: Vegas, really, that's good, Sami.

Sami: I'm completely serious. I think she'd be a huge hit there.

Lucas: Do I sense a little jealousy?

Sami: Hardly. I'm just saying that I think Vegas is exactly the right place for her to show off her... assets.

Lucas: I don't want to discuss her assets with you. Why don't we change the subject, all right?

Sami: Sorry. I am a little jealous. I just -- I just don't think that she's right for you, that's all.

Lucas: Pretty interesting. I could say the same thing about E.J. and you.

Sami: Except that there isn't an E.J. and me, Lucas. We're not together. We're friends, and we're trying to raise a child together.

Lucas: Right, right, right. You keep saying that.

Sami: Oh, stop it, okay? I don't want to think about E.J. I want to focus on my life and getting a job and getting my life together so that I can take the twins and get out of that DiMera loony bin.

Lucas: It sounds like a good plan, but I think things are far from over between you and E.J.

Sami: Well, then you're wrong, because I am taking control of my life, and that means no E.J. -- Not now, not ever -- and nothing is going to change that.

Victor: All right. You know I could never refuse you anything you asked of me.

Caroline: So, you'll agree to let this go, not interfere?

Victor: I promise I won't do anything that you won't approve of.

Caroline: Thank you.

Victor: It doesn't mean I'm not gonna stop looking for the killer. I'm going to do everything in my power to find out everyone who wanted Trent Robbins dead.

Caroline: Well, it might be easier to find out who didn't. [Both chuckle]

Victor: You know how much it means to me to see you smile? You should always smile. And if it's left up to me, you will.

Caroline: Oh, Victor. You're a wonderful man and a wonderful friend.

Chatsworth: Sorry, Mr. Kiriakis. Your time is up.

Victor: I'll see you soon. And if you need anything -- anything at all...

Caroline: I'll let you know.

Victor: It'll be all right.

Caroline: Yes.

Victor: I promise.

Kayla: Kimberly, Mom hasn't been formally charged with anything yet and hopefully she won't be. The D.A. will come to her senses and let Mom go. Yeah. Okay. We'll let you know the second we know anything. Yeah. We love you, too. Bye. What's that?

Bo: It's the final lab report on the fingerprints.

Kayla: [Sighs] Please tell me that Mom's weren't the only fingerprints on that knife.

Bo: I wish I could. [Telephone rings] Brady. Yeah. Yeah. I'm looking at it right now. This can't be right. Yeah, I understand -- fingerprints don't lie -- but -- all right. Okay. All right. Thanks for letting me know.

Kayla: What was that?

Bo: D.A.'s office. They're gonna move forward, based on this latest evidence. Ma will be arraigned and charged with the Robbins murder.

Kayla: Oh, God.

Caroline: Well... I can see from the looks on your faces this is not good news.

Kayla: No, it isn't.

Bo: We got the final lab report on the fingerprints lifted from the murder weapon.

Caroline: Well, mine are on it. We already know that.

Bo: What we didn't know or expect is that yours were the only ones on the weapon.

Caroline: So, uh... what does that mean?

Kayla: It means that the D.A. feels that they have enough evidence to...charge you. You're gonna have to stand trial for murder. It's okay. It's all right.

Melanie: So that's my story -- the short version of it, anyways. Do you think your father could help me?

Philip: Beat a murder rap?

Melanie: I didn't kill my Father. Okay, but the only way I can prove that is by finding out who did.

Philip: Okay, but why come to us?

Melanie: Well, I hear your family's very powerful. You have connections and ways of finding out things.

Philip: Look, Miss Robbins --

Melanie: Melanie.

Philip: Melanie. Look, I'm very sorry for your loss. But despite what you've heard, I'm not a private instigator and neither is my Father. Good luck with your search.

Nicole: Or we can do it some other time. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

E.J.: Sorry. Just wanted you to stop talking for a second. Tonight for our date will be lovely. Why don't you come 'round to th mansion for dinner?

Nicole: Isn't it a little crowded there?

E.J.: I promise -- just the two of us. I will have the chef prepare something very special.

Nicole: That sounds wonderful. I'm so excited.

E.J.: And I have to admit, you've got me just the slightest bit curious as to what this thing is. Now, wouldn't you like to give me just a little clue?

Nicole: No, no, no hints. Bad boy. [Chuckles] All I can tell you is, prepare for a big surprise.

E.J.: Really?

Lucas: Well, that's really great to hear. I'm very proud of you.

Sami: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. It sounds like you're determined to stand on your own two feet. I wish you luck. I don't think you'll need it. I think you'll be fine.

Sami: Well, thank you. That means a lot coming from you.

Lucas: You're strong, and you're resourceful. Always have been. Just don't think you need a man to lean on, especially E.J. That's just me, though. But we'll be there to help you with the kids. Don't worry about that.

Sami: I appreciate that. And, look, you're right, all right? Everyone is right. I need to be my own person, and I need to be someone my children can proud of -- someone I can be proud of -- and I'm going to do that. Nothing is going to stand in my way.

Dr. Whitaker: Samantha, I've got your test results, and you'll be happy to hear you're not dying.

Sami: See? I told you. There's nothing wrong with me. So, can I get out here now?

Dr. Whitaker: Not so fast. I do have some news that I think you're gonna want to hear. Shall we discuss it in private?

Sami: No. I'm sure whatever it is, Lucas can hear it. What's up?

Dr. Whitaker: Very well. Um...you're pregnant.

John: You want to tell me what's really going on?

Nicole: I'm pregnant.

Sami: I'm not pregnant. That can't be possible.

Lucas: Oh, it's possible, all right. I know exactly when it happened.

Daniel: There is no one more right for you in this moment than I am.

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