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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/29/08 - Canada; Tuesday 9/30/08 - U.S.A.

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[Computer keys clacking]

Lucas: What's the matter? Lose your game of solitaire?

Sami: Very funny. How did you get in here?

Lucas: The door was unlocked. You should be careful, you know? You never know what kind of crazy person will wander in.

E.J.: Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? You nearly hit me.

Lucas: There he is. Hit you? I didn't know that was you. I had no idea.

E.J.: Yeah. First you try and gun me down. Then you try and run me over. Is there something you'd like to tell me, Lucas?

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe I don't like you.

E.J.: You know, Lucas, you're lucky that we have the kids to consider. Otherwise, I might feel a little bit differently about that bullet you put in my back.

Lucas: Well, thank God you forgave me. Mighty big of you, old chap.

Sami: Would you two shut up? I'm trying to work here.

Lucas: All right. I'll get out of your hair as soon as I get Allie.

E.J.: I'm taking Johnny to the zoo.

Sami: The twins aren't going anywhere with either one of you.

Hope: Honey, I am so sorry. I hope you ordered something.

Chelsea: Uh, no. You know, I'm not really in a hurry.

Hope: I am so sorry. I completely lost track of time. I pulled an all-nighter at the station. Okay. Breathe. [Exhales deeply] Okay, what do we have here?

Chelsea: Oh, this is just my packet from the university. It turns out I have to take this stupid Applied Physics class and then, coincidentally, I have Dean Robbins as my professor. So I'm assuming that, that's gonna be really awkward, you know, 'cause of everything that happened between him and Max this summer. And so I asked if I could get on a different section, and then they told me that it was full. So now I'm on some wait list. What? Is there a problem?

Hope: I, uh, don't think you need to worry about Trent Robbins as your professor.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Hope: He was murdered last night.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Hope: I thought maybe Stephanie or Max had told you.

Chelsea: No. No. No-- nobody told me. That's just weird. I mean, I just saw him yesterday. Now he's dead. Do they know who did it? Hope?

Hope: Right now the primary suspect... is your Grandmother Caroline.

Roman: How's she doing?

Bo: [Inhales, exhales deeply] Not good. Not good at all. I don't think she'll be able to handle another night in a jail cell.

Stephanie: You ready?

Max: Yeah. I got to get to Ma. I got to help her.

Stephanie: We will.

Max: This is crazy. She didn't kill Trent.

Stephanie: I know that. And so do Uncle Roman and Uncle Bo, and they're gonna prove that.

Max: This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me.

Stephanie: Don't say that.

Max: No. I brought that bastard into her life, and I brought him into everybody's life.

Stephanie: Max, stop. I don't want to hear you talking like that. Look, you are afraid, all right? So am I. But you cannot blame yourself. Do you think she does? Of course not, because all you've done was clean up Trent's messes.

Melanie: Who you talking about -- me?

Stephanie: Max and I were just talking about what happened with your father. How are you doing?

Melanie: It's weird to think he's gone.

Max: Yeah, I know.

Melanie: I mean, he wasn't gonna win father of the year or anything, but he was still my Dad.

Max: Come here. We're gonna get through this, all right?

Man: Are you guys on your way out?

Max: Uh, yeah. We were gonna go visit my Ma.

Melanie: Yeah. Okay. I'll come back later. It can wait.

Max: No, no, no. What -- what's going on?

Melanie: Uh, never mind.

Stephanie: How about I meet you there?

Max: Yeah. No. I'm right behind you, Steph.

Stephanie: Okay. [Door closes]

Max: So, what do you want to talk about?

Melanie: Well, I know what happened. Can we talk about this? Do you trust me?

Max: No, of course. Yeah. No. Like, we're family, and we need to be totally honest.

Melanie: Okay, I just want you to know your secret is safe with me.

Max: Wait. What?

Melanie: I know you did it. I know you killed our Father.

Bo: All right. Let's go over this one more time. At approximately 9:15 last night, the victim was found at St. Luke's Cemetery with a fatal stab wound in his back.

Roman: And Ma next to him with what appears to be the murder weapon in her hand.

Steve: What I want to know is, what was Robbins doing at the cemetery in the first place?

Bo: That's a damn good question.

Roman: Well, we talked to the caretaker. He didn't see or hear anything unusual.

Bo: Robbins had a split lip, scratches on his face, skinned knuckles -- signs of a struggle.

Roman: And no wallet. What? A mugging gone bad?

Bo: He took a hell of a beating, so ma didn't rob the guy. She couldn't do that kind of damage.

Steve: Unless she was fighting for her life. Self-defense. Hey, I'm just playing devil's advocate.

Bo: Ma raised two cops. If it was self-defense, she would have told us right away.

Roman: We are obviously missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Steve: How soon before you get the lab results back on those fibers we found?

Bo: We put a rush on that.

Roman: Let's just hope Ma's DNA doesn't show up anywhere.

[Knock on door]

Roman: Partner. What are you doing back here?

Abe: Well, I heard about Caroline, and I'm sorry.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Abe: Is there anything I can do to help?

Mayor Marino: Well, well, well. Here's Salem's finest once again caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place with torn loyalties, a family member who's a perp, and no conviction in sight. We'll just have to do something about that, won't we?

Chelsea: A murderer?

Hope: Right now she's just a suspect.

Chelsea: This can't be happening.

Hope: We have half the force working around the clock. We're gonna find out who did this.

Chelsea: Well, where is she?

Hope: She's being held in jail.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. When did this happen?

Hope: Last night.

Chelsea: And nobody thought to tell me this any sooner? Where is Dad? I have to go talk to him.

Hope: No, honey, please. He has enough on his plate right now. Just let him do his job. You can talk to him when he comes home.

Chelsea: I don't believe this. Even dead, the guy still makes our lives a living hell.

Hope: Honey...I hate this as much as you do.

Chelsea: Well, who else do they think could have done it?

Hope: I really can't say.

Chelsea: Well, I have a pretty good idea.

Max: I did not kill Trent.

Melanie: Chill. I said I wouldn't say anything.

Max: What makes you think that I did it?

Melanie: Max, it's okay. It's just the two of us.

Max: No, no. You -- you want to know who I think did it? You.

Melanie: What?!

Max: Yeah.

Melanie: Are you serious?

Max: It makes perfect sense to me.

Melanie: And how the hell am I supposed to pull that off? He's a grown man, and I'm just a little girl. But you, on the other hand, big, strong man that you are --

Max: You know what ticks me off the most is that you're gonna let ma go down for this, after she tried to be a friend to you. I mean, was I wrong about you? Hmm? I thought I saw something real and good and wounded under that party-girl front of yours. Are you as self-serving and shallow as you pretend to be? Are you gonna let someone else go down for this, or are you gonna finally find it in yourself to do something good and honest in your life?

Mark: Hey, buddy. Ready to go?

Lexie: You have a good time with Mark, okay? Mommy will see you soon.

Mark: See ya.

Lexie: Kayla.

Kayla: Lexie. Hi. I-I didn't see you in the schedule.

Lexie: I brought Theo in for his O.T. session.

Kayla: Oh.

Lexie: How you doing? I heard about Caroline. It's awful.

Kayla: Yeah. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of walking around in a daze.

Lexie: I'm surprised you came in to work today.

Kayla: Well, I-I wasn't going to, but Roman practically kicked me out of the station. I mean, for now, anyway. And I couldn't abandon my patients, so here I am. And, to tell you the truth, I kind of welcome the distraction. So, distract me. How are things with Theo?

Lexie: Well um, he's made some progress.

Kayla: Oh.

Lexie: Yeah, at least I think so. I'm afraid Abe and I may be watching him a little bit too closely, though, you know? We read each therapy session report practically under a microscope, you know? Keep our eagle eyes on him 24-7. We're just desperate for some signs of improvement. We can hardly take it, you know? It's a wonder any of us can breathe.

Kayla: I think you're doing amazingly well.

Lexie: I hope so. Uh, things are -- are so different, you know, now that I've changed my work situation. It was a tough call, though.

Kayla: So, tell me, do you have any regrets about the resignation?

Lexie: Oh, no. None.

Kayla: Well, good. I'm glad to hear that, because, um, they have hired me as the new interim chief of staff.

Lucas: It's my day with Allie. If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with the judge.

Sami: Allie and Johnny just went down for their nap.

Lucas: Really? How convenient. I told you I was coming over. What, did you just put them down?

Sami: Fine. Go ahead. You want to spend the day with a cranky baby, that's okay with me.

Lucas: Thanks. Really appreciate it.

Sami: Wow. Lucas is in for a fun day.

E.J.: What's up with you?

Sami: Nothing.

E.J.: Samantha?

Sami: Forget it. No, uh, E.J. no. Please don't look at that. That's not for -- [Clears throat]

E.J.: It's a résumé.

Sami: Yeah. Crazy, right? I mean, who would want to hire me?

E.J.: I have to say, I'm very impressed.

Sami: Why, because I can spell my name right?

E.J.: No, because you're using your initiative to go out there and get a job.

[Computer keys clacking]

Sami: Really?

E.J.: Yes. Really.

Roman: Well, you know what, mayor? We're kind of busy right now. What can we do for you?

Mayor Marino: I'm surprised to see you here, Abraham.

Abe: We, I can say the same of you.

Mayor Marino: Oh, I think you all know why I'm here. I'm concerned. Another murder is not a good thing for this community. And a Brady in jail -- tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Bo: We're handling it.

Mayor Marino: I'll bet you are.

Bo: What the hell's that mean?

Mayor Marino: Are you going to make me state the obvious here? She's your mother.

Roman: Excellent how you take on top of the latest developments.

Mayor Marino: I am a bit surprised that you actually put her behind bars.

Roman: We're doing this by the book.

Mayor Marino: As you should. However, I still think there's a conflict of interest.

Roman: Is that right?

Mayor Marino: Having said that, perhaps this case would be better headed up by someone who might be a bit more...objective.

Bo: You're a piece of work.

Roman: All right, Bo.

Bo: If we were gonna bend the rules, our mother sure as hell would not have spent the night in lockup.

Mayor Marino: Well, you know a thing or two about bending the rules, don't you, Bo? After all, you did conceal evidence to protect your little brother.

Bo: You low life piece of --

Roman: All right, all right, all right. Take it easy. Take it easy. Mayor, listen to me. You want this done right? You got the best men on the case, and I know you know that.

Mayor Marino: You seem awfully sure of yourself, commander.

Roman: I am.

Mayor Marino: Okay, boys. I will this time give you the benefit of the doubt. But big brother is watching, and if you slip up even a fraction of an inch --

Roman: We won't.

Mayor Marino: Internal Affairs is champing at the bit on this one. Don't make me call out the watch dogs or your mother will go down and so will all of you.

Bo: What the hell is your problem? What is it you have against my family?

Mayor Marino: Nothing. I just don't like the way the Brady's have run this town. You seem to think you can get away with anything, even murder. But you can't -- not on my watch.

Hope: Who do you think murdered Trent?

Chelsea: Max's sister Melanie.

Hope: Chelse, if you know something, it's crucial you tell me.

Chelsea: I don't know anything specific. Just from the way that she talks about her dad, I wouldn't put it past her.

Hope: So it's speculation?

Chelsea: I'm just saying that I wouldn't rule her out. I have a feeling that Melanie could be the person that you're looking for.

E.J.: All right. Let's see what we got here. Education -- good. Work history. Okay. What would you say are your skills?

Sami: My skills?

E.J.: Yeah.

Sami: I don't know.

E.J.: Well, come on. Think. What would you say you were good at?

Sami: Writing bad résumés?

E.J.: You can trust me on this one, darling. A little bit of confidence is going to go a long way.

Sami: Okay. Okay. What am I good at? I had great S.A.T. scores. I mean, like the best in my class. I almost had perfect scores.

E.J.: I mean, we don't take SATs in England, but I know enough to know that that's pretty bloody impressive.

Sami: Yeah? How impressed are you now? What have I done with that information? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

E.J.: Okay, look. This is about building you up, okay? So we need to stay positive. You're obviously very smart. You're obviously very good at taking tests. You did very well on your SATs. That's big. That's huge.

Sami: That's huge?

E.J.: Huge.

Sami: Big?

E.J.: Big.

Sami: Focus on the positive?

E.J.: Focus on the positive.

Sami: All right.

E.J.: Okay? Right. What else?

Sami: I took four years of piano.

E.J.: Okay. Were you any good?

Sami: Probably would have been better if I had practiced. But I learned to play "Fur Elise."

E.J.: I-I love "Fur Elise."

Sami: Well, I can't play the middle part where it gets really fast.

E.J.: Um, oh, could you play the first part? You know, the, um... da da da da da

Both: Da-da da-da

E.J.: Da da da da da da da da

Sami: That's really pretty, isn't it?

E.J.: It is lovely. Now, what else?

Sami: [Sighs] I sucked at ballet, so that's not gonna help. My other skill is forging.

E.J.: I beg your pardon?

Sami: I can forge anyone's signature...in no time... with my eyes closed.

E.J.: Um --

Sami: Yeah. Useful, right?

E.J.: Yeah, quite a gift.

Sami: Yeah, and who's gonna hire me to do that, right? Maybe as a bank robber I could find a job.

E.J.: Okay. Come on. Look remember what I said? Focus on the positive.

Sami: You know what? The only positive thing is I'm positive I'm not gonna be able to find a job doing this.

E.J.: Stop. Now, why would you say that?

Sami: Because there's nothing I'm good at. They're gonna do a background check. Nobody's gonna hire me. Why am I wasting my time with --

E.J.: Stop. Samantha, just sit, okay? You are not leaving here until we get that done. You understand?

Sami: Why would someone hire me? What do I have to offer?

E.J.: Well, aside from the...talents that you just mentioned [Chuckles] You're smart, you're very personable, you're organized, you're creative.

Sami: Spare me.

E.J.: You are. You're trustworthy, you're conscientious.

Sami: Trustworthy? That's one I don't hear very often.

E.J.: Well, everybody fudges the truth on their résumé© a little bit, darling.

Sami: Tell me one thing I don't have to fudge on.

E.J.: You have very sexy eyes. How about that?

Sami: Excuse me?

E.J.: Oh, I think that should be on the list. Don't you? [Door opens]

Lucas: [Humming] [Clears throat] We're leaving.

Mayor Marino: So, what are you up to, Abe? Do you have any employment prospects?

Abe: I'm keeping my options open.

Mayor Marino: Translation -- you have yet to find another job.

Abe: I need to pick up my son.

Mayor Marino: How would you like to do a little freelance work for me? In fact, it'll be such a breeze I'd hardly even call it work. You interested?

Abe: You know, after our little dispute the other day, why would I be interested in a proposal from you?

Mayor Marino: I need someone to keep an eye on the Brady boys, make sure they don't try anything clever with this Trent Robbins case.

Abe: [Laughing] I mean, you got to be kidding me.

Mayor Marino: I never kid during an election year.

Abe: So that's what this is about.

Mayor Marino: Abe, despite our differences, I really could use a man like you on my payroll. I'd be more than willing to give you a very healthy advance. What do you say?

Abe: You know, unlike you, Mr. Mayor... I can't be bought.

Bo: Let's hope the voters wise up and see that weasel for who he really is.

Roman: He's slick. I'll say that for him.

Steve: I tell you what -- an unsolved murder on election day is not gonna do his campaign any good.

Roman: Marino doesn't give a damn who killed Trent Robbins. He just wants to see somebody go down for it.

Bo: Yeah, well, I'm sure he'd love it if that someone turned out to be Ma.

Hope: Hey, honey, I'm sorry to eat and run, but I need to get back to the station.

Chelsea: Can I come, too?

Hope: No. Please. You just stay clear. Just let your dad and I do our job. Try to stay busy and say a prayer for grandmother.

Chelsea: All right. I guess I'll just run to the hospital, then, and see if I can catch Theo.

Hope: Lexie told me he's doing much better.

Chelsea: Yeah, he's doing awesome, actually. He just started matching colors, and he's responding to a bunch of different stimuli.

Hope: You're a big reason for that.

Chelsea: Well, I wouldn't go that far. Mark, my boss, he actually deserves most of the credit, along with, of course, you know, Abe and Lexie, though I do like to think a part of me does make a little bit of a difference.

Hope: A big difference. Your dad and I are so proud of you. I mean it. We were just talking about it the other day.

Chelsea: Yeah, who would have thought, right?

Hope: Listen, before I run, how are you? How's your social life?

Chelsea: You mean Daniel?

Hope: You're both working at the hospital. I imagine it must be a little uncomfortable at times.

Chelsea: Well, luckily we don't really run into each other that much. When we do, we try to keep it professional. But, yeah, it's hard.

Hope: It'll get easier. Mark my words -- one of these days, you're going to find some guy who completely sweeps you off your feet. You'll see.

Chelsea: I don't really know how much I believe that, seeing the luck that I've been having in the guy department lately.

Hope: What happened with Daniel was not your fault.

Chelsea: No, I'm -- I'm not talking about Daniel. I'm talking about Nick. I'm starting to think that maybe I deserved what happened.

Hope: Why would you say that?

Chelsea: Just because I was so gung ho with Daniel when I broke up with Nick, I-I just wish that I would have handled it differently -- that I would have been a little more sensitive.

Hope: Nick has definitely made his fair share of relationship mistakes, and N--

Hope: Wait a second. Do you still have feelings for Nick?

Chelsea: No. No. Of course not. Besides, he's -- he's got his eye on somebody else, anyway.

Melanie: Well, sorry I'm not the perfect little sister you were hoping for!

Max: Don't you guilt-trip me.

Melanie: Let's see. I'm a liar. We've established that. And a thief -- can't forget that. So now we should just add murder to the list of my crimes?

Max: What is wrong with you? You're the one who accused me of that in the first place.

Melanie: I'm so over this.

Max: Where are you going?

Melanie: I won't bother you anymore.

Max: Melanie, wait.

Lexie: Congratulations. Oh, my goodness. They couldn't have made a better choice.

Kayla: Thank you. Honestly, I wasn't exactly sure how you were going to respond.

Lexie: Oh, come on. You know we better than that. You are going to do a magnificent job.

Kayla: Well, I got pretty big shoes to fill. That's for sure.

Lexie: If you ever have any questions...

Kayla: You are going to be sorry that you said that.

Lexie: You got time for a cup of coffee?

Kayla: I think I could away.

Lexie: Perfect.

Bo: Suspects -- we've got Ma and Max.

Steve: Come on, Bo. I told you, not Max.

Bo: Hey, I don't like it any more than you do, but we got to stay objective. Besides, you saw Max at the pub, how angry he was. He threatened to kill Robbins in front of everyone. Well, threatening to do it and actually doing it are two different things.

Roman: Unfortunately, we got a roomful of people that saw Max put a broken bottle to Trent's neck.

Steve: But you're forgetting something. Max would not let his Ma take the fall if he's the one who did it.

Bo: I'm not disagreeing with you re, but with all those witnesses, he's got to stay on this list.

Roman: All right. Next suspect.

Bo: Nick Fallon.

Steve: What would be his motive?

Bo: Uh, one of Robbins' buddies shot him when they were in France. Call that retaliation.

Roman: Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Come on. Nick's a brainiac. I'm not saying he's beyond retribution, but a brutal knifing and beating somebody to a pulp -- unh-unh, no way.

Bo: I'm just putting it all out there. Who else do we have?

Steve: I'm liking Nicole Walker for this.

Bo: Good. She should be at the top of the list.

Steve: Yeah, she was married to the guy.

Bo: Up until last night.

Roman: Wait a minute. Whoa. Am I missing something here?

Steve: Yeah, I guess so. Robbins was married to Nicole Walker, but he never gave her a divorce.

Roman: You can't be serious.

Bo: As a heart attack.

Roman: So, you're telling me Nicole Walker was married to Trent Robbins when she walked down the aisle with Victor?

Bo: Exactly.

Roman: Wow. This just keeps getting better and better all the time, doesn't it?

Bo: Yeah. So, I'm thinking Robbins gets in trouble because of his gambling, so he blackmails Nicole, trying to get Victor's money from her.

Roman: Well, you're right. Nicole goes to the top of the list.

Bo: Anyone else we should consider as a murder suspect?

Hope: What about Trent's daughter...Melanie?

Lucas: I just need to get the diaper bag, and we'll be on our way. You guys can snuggle all you want.

Sami: I put her pacifier in there and some diapers.

Lucas: Not the cloth ones, I hope.

Sami: I'm trying to be good about that.

Lucas: I hate these things.

Sami: I know, but it's good for the environment.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I know. You're right. You're right.

E.J.: Lucas, is Johnny awake?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I think he is.

E.J.: Excuse me.

Lucas: Got the day all to yourself -- baby-free. Big plans?

Sami: Well, if you must know, actually, I'm working on my résumé©.

Lucas: Really? I didn't know you wanted to go back to work.

Sami: I need my independence.

Lucas: Yeah, I hear that. Any prospects?

Sami: No. Unfortunately, I don't have a brother who owns a billion-dollar company.

Lucas: Ha. That's a good one. Maybe you could get a job at the pub, cover for Caroline.

Sami:  What are you talking about?

Lucas: What, you didn't hear?

Sami: Hear about what?

Lucas: Your grandma was arrested for murdering Trent Robbins.

Kayla: So, tell me something. When do you sleep?

Lexie: Yeah, it's a lot of work.

Kayla: That's an understatement.

Lexie: You're going to do fine. You already know everyone on staff and on the board. The only person you have to watch out for is Eleanor Thomas.

Kayla: Ah. The board chairwoman.

Lexie: Mm-hmm. She can be a real pit bull.

Kayla: I heard that.

Lexie: Other than that, everyone's terrific.

Kayla: You know, I'm not really worried about the people or the duties. It's just, you know, I want to make sure I have enough time for Joe.

Lexie: Yeah, I know where you're coming from. Listen, if it gets to be too much, all you do is say no.

Abe: Hey.

Kayla: Hey, Abe. How are you?

Abe: I'm good. [Pager ringing]

Kayla: Oh, oh. Excuse me. I got to see a patient. So, thank you for everything. I will talk to you.

Abe: Bye-bye.

Kayla: Bye.

Lexie: So, how'd it go at the station?

Abe: Ohh, don't get me started.

Lexie: That bad, huh?

Abe: I, uh, bumped into Mayor Marino. That guy is really a snake.

Lexie: Really? What did he do this time?

Abe: He had the audacity to ask me to keep an eye on Bo and Roman while they investigate the Trent Robbins case. I mean, can you believe that, after the beat down I got from that guy the other day?

Lexie: How on earth does a man like that get to office?

Abe: He's a slick campaigner. He gets people to do what he wants, whatever he needs to stay in power.

Lexie: Well, he's not getting my vote next time, that's for sure.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Lexie: I'm serious.

Abe: Good.

Scott: Excuse me. I hate to interrupt.

Lexie: Scott, hi. Hi.

Scott: Hi. [Smooches]

Lexie: Um, Abe, this is one of our board members -- Scott Gamzon.

Abe: Nice to meet you, Scott.

Scott: Likewise. Likewise. I couldn't help but overhear your little commentary about our illustrious mayor. Did I detect just a hint of cynicism there, Commissioner Carver?

Abe: Citizen Carver now. And, yes, you did.

Scott: Citizen Carver? No longer commissioner?

Abe: As of last week, I no longer work for the Salem P.D. So I can pretty much say what I want about our fearless leaders.

Scott: Ah. Well, trust me, he's not exactly one of my favorite people, either. In fact, if you've got a couple of minutes, there's something I'd love to discuss with you.

Lexie: Would you excuse me? I want to go check on Theo.

Abe: Yeah. I'll be there in a minute.

Lexie: Okay.

Abe: So, what is this all about?

Scott: Well, I got a favor I need to ask of you, and I'm really hoping you'll say yes.

Hope: I know. It's not much to go on, but Chelsea thought we ought to take a closer look at Melanie.

Roman: That sounds like a good idea.

Bo: Yeah. From what I saw, there was no love loss between her and her old man.

Steve: We all heard what she said at the pub.

Hope: Yeah. She'd kill him with her own hands if she could.

Bo: Well, the way she was treated by that scum -- being pimped out by him -- I wouldn't be surprised if she made good on that promise.

[Knock on door]

Hope: Ah, Stephanie. Hi, honey. Come on in.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Steve: That's all right. We could use a little break, huh? How you holding up, baby girl?

Stephanie: I didn't sleep at all last night.

Steve: Well, nobody did.

Stephanie: Well, how's grandma? Is she gonna get to go home soon?

Steve: Yeah, it shouldn't be too long. We're just waiting for them to set her bail.

Stephanie: I cannot imagine what she is going through right now.

Steve: Listen, try not to worry. She's not the only suspect.

Stephanie: Who -- who else is there? You can't say.

Steve: Listen, your grandma's gonna come out of this okay. I promise.

Bo: Excuse me. Hey, Steph. Uh, you know Max's sister a little bit, right?

Stephanie: Yeah. Why?

Bo: Well, this is off the record, but do you think she's capable of killing her father?

Melanie: Well, why don't you just ask me yourself?

Lexie: Hey! How's my little boy? Mm mm mm! Did you have a good session? How was he?

Mark: Theo started responding to the picture board we're using.

Lexie: Oh, honey, that's wonderful.

Mark: I'm so pleased with his progress.

Lexie: Thank you, Mark. I mean, really, you've done wonders.

Mark: Oh, listen, Theo's the one that's done all the work. Isn't that right, buddy?

Chelsea: Hey, guys.

Lexie: Hi. Look who's here. Honey, look.

Chelsea: Hi, Theo. Come here. I missed you. I brought you something back. You want to see what it is? It's a snow globe. You turn it upside down, shake it, and then it snows. It's pretty cool, huh? Want to try?

Lexie: That's very sweet of you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, I couldn't come home from Europe empty-handed.

Mark: I have another patient, but I'll see you on Wednesday, right?

Lexie: Yeah. Okay.

Mark: See you, buddy.

Lexie: Honey, say goodbye to Mark. We'll see you then.

Mark: See ya.

Lexie: Okay. Bye.

Mark: Bye.

Chelsea: So, I hear you resigned as chief of staff.

Lexie: Yep. I should have done it months ago.

Chelsea: Well, now you have more time to spend with Theo. It's what you've always wanted.

Lexie: Uh-huh. This new schedule is perfect. I still have my practice, but my work load's been cut in half.

Chelsea: Well, I'm glad that everything's working out for you.

Lexie: And I'm glad you're back. Theo is, too. He missed you.

Chelsea: Well, the good news is that I'm working for the rest of the week, so it looks like you're gonna be stuck with me for a little bit, kiddo. All right. You enjoy that snow globe, all right?

Lexie: Do -- do you have to go?

Chelsea: Well, actually, yeah. I wanted to go see my grandmother, even though Hope said that it's a big, fat no-no, but I can't really stay away, you know?

Lexie: Would you please tell Caroline I'm praying for her?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course. Catch you later, all right, buddy?

Abe: Well, it's a very intriguing proposition, Mr. Gamzon.

Scott: I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't believe in you, Abe. Look, this town needs somebody that can make a difference -- somebody who's in the mayor's office for the right reasons. People respect you. The time is right, Abe. Come on. How about it? How about a run for the Mayor of Salem?

Stephanie: You're gonna have to stop sneaking up on people like that.

Melanie: Well, I always hear the most interesting things about myself when I walk into the room. I'm not very popular around here, am I?

Hope: We were just going over your father's case.

Melanie: Let me guess. You think I'm the one that put that knife in his back. So, should I assume from all these furtive glances that's a yes?

Stephanie: Excuse me. [Door opens, closes]

Melanie: [Scoffs] God, would you people say something? Am I a suspect, or what?

Max: You see Ma?

Stephanie: Not yet. How'd your talk with Melanie go?

Max: Oh, yeah. We got into a fight. She ran off. I don't know where she is.

Stephanie: I do.

Bo: I need to ask you a few questions.

Melanie: Go ahead. Fire away. Got nothing to hide.

Bo: All right. You kill Trent Robbins?

Melanie: No, Detective Brady, I did not.

Sami: That is really sick, you know that, Lucas?

Lucas: I wouldn't joke about this, Sami.

Sami: My grandmother would not hurt a fly, never mind kill someone.

Lucas: I'm just telling you what Maggie told me. She told me this morning. Mickey and Maggie were there last night at e station. I can't believe they didn't call you.

Sami: There has to be some mistake. What did Maggie say exactly?

Lucas: She didn't say much. Maybe you should call Bo or Hope to find out something. They could fill you in.

E.J.: What are you still doing here, Lucas?

Lucas: Not now, all right, E.J.?

E.J.: Why? Is everything all right?

Sami: [Clears throat] Yeah. Everything's fine. Why don't you just both take the twins and get out of here?

Lucas: Are you sure?

Sami: Positive.

Lucas: All right. Just call me if you need anything, okay?

E.J.: [Growls]

Lucas: Excuse me. I'm gonna get out of here.

E.J.: Wait a second. What would she possibly -- what would you need? Samantha, hey, is everything all right?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. Johnny is looking forward to going to the zoo. You guys have a good time. Mwah! I'll see you both later.

E.J.: Okay. You want to go see the chimpanzees? You are a chimpanzee. Let's go. Okay. Come on. Whoo. Whoo. There we go.

Lucas: Are you sure about this? You're okay?

Sami: Go. Yeah. Just take Allie and go, please.

Lucas: Okay.

Sami: [Exhales deeply] Yeah, uh, I need to speak to Roman Brady. This is his daughter. It's really important, okay? Can you just interrupt? No. No. Fine. Thanks for nothing. [Exhales deeply]

Abe: You know, I-I just don't think now's the right time.

Scott: It's an election year. It's the perfect time. Would you rather have two more years of that joker Marino? Exactly. Look, I will personally finance your campaign, and I have a bunch of others that are ready to jump on board in a heartbeat.

Lexie: Campaign? What's he talking about, honey?

Scott: Think about it, Abe, and get back to me, all right?

Abe: I will.

Scott: Great to see you, Lexie.

Lexie: Same here, Scott.

Scott: Hey, buddy. Don't let me hanging.

Lexie: [Chuckles] What on earth was that all about?

Abe: I've just been asked to run for mayor.

Chelsea: Did they let you guys see Grandma yet?

Stephanie: No. Your dad said that Officer Bennett would take us down.

Chelsea: Is that Melanie?

Stephanie: I think she's a suspect. Come on. We need to go meet Officer Bennett. Max, you coming?

Max: Yeah.

Melanie: But you guys don't believe me, do you?

Hope: We're just trying to cover all bases -- that's all.

Melanie: I am such an idiot. Do you want to know why I came to Salem? I came here because I thought, "hey, new town. Fresh start. Maybe I'll finally find a place where I fit in." But I was pretty wrong. Hell, I would have been better off in France. Anyways, it's been great getting to know you guys, but I'm, uh, gonna go, so...

Bo: Miss Layton... come here. As a suspect in your father's murder, you're not to leave town.

Lucas: All righty. Yes, we will get you your bear right away, young lady. Don't you worry about that. Hey, Sami, have you seen Allie's -- Sami. Sami! My God. Sami, what happened? Sami, are you all right? Sami, come on. Wake up. Wake up, baby. It's me. It's Lucas. Come on. Wake up. Open your eyes. Come on, Sami, open your eyes, please.

Victor: In all my years of loving your mother, I have never done anything intentionally to hurt her, and I certainly don't intend to start now.

Bo: I'm not gonna tamper with evidence.

Caroline: Damn right you're not.

Melanie: Is your name Kiriakis?

Philip: Yeah.

Melanie: You are just the man I'm looking for.

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