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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/19/08 - Canada; Monday 9/22/08 - U.S.A.

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Hope: We know everything, Nicole.

Bo: Or would you prefer we call you Mrs. Trent Robbins?

Nicole: If Victor finds out I'm still married to Trent, I'll have to give him all his money back.

Victor: Nicole? What the hell are you babbling about now?

Nicole: Victor, we need to talk.

[Classical music plays]

Stefano: Ah, Alexandra, I've been expecting you.

Lexie: Father, how could you do this to me?!

Bo: All right, Max. Talk to me. Tell me what happened.

Max: I was protecting my family. It's as simple as that.

Bo: By threatening to kill a man in a restaurant full of people?

Max: Bo, if you knew what he did --

Bo: Whatever it was, you better cool down and let me handle it.

Steve: He's right, Max. If that low life presses charges, they could put you away for a long time.

Kayla: That's not gonna happen, is it, Bo?

Bo: First step into making sure it doesn't is you got to suck it up and go over there and apologize.

Max: You think I'm gonna apologize to that scum? No way.

Kayla: That's a great idea.

Max: The only thing I'm sorry about is that I didn't finish that bastard off.

Trent: Hey. I certainly hope we can rise above all this.

Melanie: Do not count on it.

Trent: If I was willing to forgive you for that embarrassing outburst, you ought to be able to do the same for me.

Melanie: Forgive you? Not in a million years. I hate you for what you did to me.

Trent: No, you don't --

Melanie: I hate you! And I will kill you with my bare hands if I could!

Bo: Hey, Max, Max, take it easy.

Max: I can't.

Trent: What has gotten into you?

Melanie: What's gotten into me? What's gotten into you, Dad? What sort of man pimps out his daughter to cover his gambling debt?

Trent: I did no such thing.

Melanie: If Max hadn't have come when he did, your friend would have raped me.

Max: Melanie, let's go. Let's get out of here.

Trent: You stay out of this.

Max: You'd like that, wouldn't you? That's not gonna happen. I'm not gonna let you hurt my sister anymore.

Trent: This is your fault. You turned my own daughter against me.

Max: Oh, nice try. But that's not gonna work. Look, let's go.

Trent: Keep away from --

Steve: Hey, hey, hey. You take it easy.

Bo: He made some pretty serious accusations.

Trent: You saw him threaten me.

Bo: I don't know what I saw.

Steve: Me neither.

Trent: Honey, I know I made you angry, but --

Melanie: How could you, Dad? All you had to do was ask, and I would have gotten you the money. You didn't have to sell me to the highest bidder.

Max: Melanie, you don't have to do this right now.

Trent: I told you to stay out of this!

Max: You need to leave.

Trent: I'm not going anywhere.

Max: I'm not gonna ask you twice.

Trent: Are you threatening me?

Caroline: Trent, this is my pub, and I want you to leave.

Caroline: I want you to get the hell out of here and never come back.

Bo: Ma, let me take care of this.

Caroline: Bo, please. Max told me you were arrogant and you were mean. I can't imagine you would stoop so low to use your daughter so despicably.

Trent: With all due respect, ma'am, you don't know what you're talking about.

Caroline: This is your daughter. It's your flesh and blood. You should have protected her, not use her to pay off a gambling debt.

Trent: No, you don't --

Caroline: Leave the girl alone!

Steve: Hey.

Nick: I'll go.

Max: She's my sis--

Steve: Max, Max, Max. Just give her a minute, man. Stay here.

Caroline: You're a disgrace. It makes me sick that you're Max's father.

Bo: Ma, come on. He's not worth it. Just take it easy, okay?

Steve: Robbins, it's time for you to go. Don't go too far. I think the police are gonna want to talk to you some more.

Trent: You people don't know who my daughter is. She is a pathological liar, and she has been her whole life.

Max: I saw your buddy Claude attacking her, and then his man shot my friend Nick. And who knows the whole sordid story. But you know what? Don't you dare try and talk your way out of this or put any blame on Melanie.

Steve: Okay, you made your point.

Max: No, you're a sick, sorry son of a bitch, you know that?

Steve: What part of "get out of here" don't you understand? Go.

Trent: This isn't the end of this. No one smears my good name and gets away with it.

Max: Can you believe that guy?

Steve: No, I can't believe that guy, but you got to calm down. You got to calm down.

Max: He almost had Melanie raped.

Stephanie: Thanks to you and Nick, she wasn't. She's safe now, okay?

Max: She is not gonna be safe as long as Trent is in her life.

Stephanie: Max.

Steve: Let him go, baby.

Stephanie: He's just -- he's gonna get angrier.

Kayla: That's why you need to give him a chance to cool down by himself.

Stephanie: He's not gonna cool down. He's just gonna get worse.

Melanie: [Crying] I've been such an idiot.

Nick: Melanie. Your dad's a jerk. He doesn't deserve your tears.

Melanie: No, he, um, he never loved me.

Stefano: Oh, Alexandra, you must calm down.

Lexie: [Breathes deeply] Is this calm enough for you?

Stefano: What happened?

Lexie: Today, I had a performance review before the hospital board.

Stefano: And I assume by your demeanor that it did not go very well.

Lexie: No, it didn't. They threatened to fire me.

Stefano: Ah. So they are blaming you for the unfortunate incident at the hospital?

Lexie: Unfortunate incident? You manipulated the security system at the hospital, Father. You -- you locked down the entire Seventh floor. And if that wasn't enough, you flooded the floor with a gas that caused everyone to hallucinate.

Stefano: So they blame you, yes?

Lexie: No. But I can't help but think it did factor into their dissatisfaction with me.

Stefano: I'm sorry.

Lexie: No, you're not.

Stefano: Did they dismiss you?

Lexie: No.

Stefano: So all's well that ends well.

Lexie: Even though they didn't fire me, I decided to resign. I'm no longer chief of staff at University Hospital.

Stefano: [Sighs] I'm sorry to hear that.

Lexie: Abe quit his job as police commissioner, too.

Stefano: Ah. I can't say that I'm sorry. I suppose they, uh, blame him for the same reason.

Lexie: They tried, but that's not the reason he quit.

Stefano: Well, then illuminate me.

Lexie: He's tired of the system letting people like you continually manipulate, bribe, and threaten them to ignore all of your crimes, Father.

Stefano: Well, that's what he would like to think, you see, but the truth is, Alexandra, he cannot stand the idea that I am innocent.

Lexie: No, he can't stand the idea that you're free and able to still terrorize the people of this city.

Stefano: Well, then he should not have quit.

Lexie: Oh, but he hasn't given up. In fact, now that he's no longer part of the force, he's going to go after you with everything he's got.

Stefano: [Exhales deeply]

Caroline: How could anyone do that to his own child?

Bo: Ma, Ma, take it easy. You shouldn't let Trent get to you like that.

Hope: He's right.

Caroline: I know. I know. He just makes me so angry. He should never have come back here. [Cellphone ringing]

Victor: Kiriakis.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Not good. You need to tell him the truth now.

Bo: Mom, you got to promise me that you'll stay away from Robbins.

Caroline: Oh, Bo.

Bo: Listen to me. If he comes in here, you call me or Roman. All right?

Caroline: All right. I will.

Bo: Okay. Stay with her.

Caroline: I don't need a babysitter.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Go. It's okay. Hey, try to relax. It's okay.

Bo: Victor.

Victor: Bo? I saw you talking to your mother while I was on the phone. Is she all right?

Bo: Yeah, we had an incident in here with Max earlier.

Victor: Well, Nicole and I came in at the end of the argument. Did I hear correctly? Is Robbins Max's father?

Bo: Unfortunately, yes.

Victor: And he tried to prostitute his own daughter?

Bo: Seems that way.

Victor: What a despicable human being.

Bo: Yeah.

Victor: Then you didn't come over here to talk to me about Robbins, did you?

Bo: No, I didn't.

Victor: Well, what's going on?

Bo: Something you need to know about Nicole.

Stefano: Alexandra, Abraham has gone after me in the past and failed. What makes you think that this time is going to be any different?

Lexie: He's not a cop anymore, which means he won't have the same restrictions he had before.

Stefano: Ah. In other words, he is willing to work on the dark side of the law.

Lexie: No, I didn't say that.

Stefano: But that's exactly what you meant.

Lexie: Okay, believe what you want. Just know he won't fail.

Stefano: [Sighs] Why are you telling me this?

Lexie: Because Abe's not the only one out to get you. So are Bo, Roman, John, and most of your family members. If you were smart, you would leave Salem now, disappear, live the rest of your life in peace instead of in prison.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Ah, I see. So you really do care for me, huh?

Lexie: I'm just telling you the way it is.

Stefano: So you support your husband's vigilantism.

Lexie: It's justice, Father, plain and simple. You've gone unpunished far too long.

Stefano: I wish I could, uh, say that I'm surprised to hear this from you, but, uh... I'm not.

Lexie: Well. I expected you to get angry, warn me for talking to you like that.

Stefano: It would serve no purpose. You told me how you feel. [Chuckles] You made it very clear how you feel... as have Antony and Elvis. You and your two brothers showed your disloyalty to me when you sent me to that facility after Marlena poisoned me.

Lexie: We had no choice. You know that.

Stefano: I know that my children gave up on me far too soon.

Lexie: I ran every test imaginable, consulted with numerous specialists. They all agreed there was nothing else we could do.

Stefano: [Chuckles] No, no, no, no, no, no. You could have given me more time. You could have investigated every step that brought me up to my collapse, all right? You could have tried or even investigated alternative treatments, but you did not. Instead, you condemned me to a life of horror. I deserve better than that. I am your father.

Lexie: Well, maybe we could have done more. But after everything you've done to all of us over the years, the truth is, none of us wanted to try!

Bo: Tell him or I will.

Victor: Tell me what?

Bo: Nicole.

Nicole: All right, fine. Can we have some privacy, please?

Bo: If that's the way you want to play this.

Nicole: It is.

Victor: What the hell's going on?

Nicole: Can we please go outside?

Hope: Did you tell him?

Bo: No.

Hope: Why not?

Bo: She wanted to tell him herself.

Hope: Brady, honestly, do you really believe she's gonna do that?

Bo: She knows if she doesn't, I will.

Victor: All right, Nicole. Let's have it.

Nicole: My past has finally caught up with me.

Victor: It usually does. What part of your past are we talking about?

Nicole: Before I ever met you.

Victor: Then what's it got to do with me?

Nicole: [Sighs] You weren't my second husband. You were my third.

Victor: So, you were married before Kate paid you to marry Lucas. To whom?

Nicole: Trent Robbins.

Victor: [Chuckles] Oddly enough, that doesn't surprise me. But why the hell should I care?

Nicole: Because... Trent and I are still legally married.

Stephanie: Max is so angry.

Kayla: I think we all are. What Trent did to Melanie was horrible.

Steve: I don't blame him for wanting to kill the guy.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: He doesn't deserve to live, does he?

Stephanie: How could he use his own daughter to pay off his gambling debt?

Kayla: Because he obviously doesn't have a conscience.

Steve: So, things got pretty intense over in France, huh? I knew I should have gone over there.

Stephanie: I had no idea things were gonna get so crazy.

Steve: Baby girl, why didn't you call us? Why didn't you tell us what was going on? I could have called Interpol or the ISA or something.

Stephanie: I mean, it was really just stupid stuff with Melanie before Trent set her up with that perv. And everything happened so fast no one had time to call anybody. I mean, Max and Nick barely got there in enough time to save her.

Steve: Next time, I'm following my gut.

Stephanie: There's not gonna be a next time.

Steve: You're damn right there's not.

Stephanie: Anyway, I'm just worried about Max.

Kayla: I am, too.

Stephanie: I don't think he's gonna let this go.

Steve: Don't worry. Bo and I will keep an eye on him.

Stephanie: Thank you. He's just so caught up in all of his emotions. I just -- he has me worried. What do you think I should do?

Kayla: I think you ought to just let him talk to grandma, and when he's done, you talk to him.

Stephanie: I will.

Steve: So, that's Max's sister, huh?

Kayla: What do you think of her?

Stephanie: I think what her dad did to her was horrible, but...

Kayla: What?

Stephanie: [Sighs] Before all that happened... let's just say she was a real piece of work, and I definitely think she's gonna be trouble.

Nick: I know it doesn't seem like it, but, um... you're gonna get through this.

Melanie: How, Nick?

Nick: I'll help you. We'll do it together.

Melanie: You don't understand. I depend on my Dad for everything. I don't even know where I'm gonna live.

Nick: I don't want you to think about that now.

Melanie: I have to. I lost -- I lost everything.

Nick: Not everything. You still have...friends. [Footsteps approaching]

Trent: And family.

Stephanie: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Stephanie: I was just about to call you.

Chelsea: Let me guess. Something bad happened to Melanie?

Stephanie: How'd you know?

Chelsea: She's outside, crying all over Nick's shoulder. Could she be any more obvious?

Stephanie: Actually, Chelse, it was pretty bad.

Chelsea: What happened?

Stephanie: You mean, after Max tried to kill Trent?

Chelsea: He did what?

Stephanie: He tried to kill Trent. He put a broken beer bottle glass to his neck.

Chelsea: Seriously?

Stephanie: Yes. My Mom, Dad, and Uncle Bo tried to stop him, but he wouldn't.

Chelsea: So what happened?

Stephanie: Grandma Caroline saw what was going on and convinced him to stop. For a minute, I thought he was gonna kill Trent.

Chelsea: You must have been freaking out.

Stephanie: I felt like my heart was gonna come through my chest. I was scared, you know?

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Steph.

Stephanie: It's over, thank God.

Chelsea: So, what happened to Melanie?

Stephanie: She got in a big fight with her dad about what he did to her in France and had a complete meltdown.

Chelsea: Which Nick completely fell for.

Stephanie: I don't know, Chelse. It seemed genuine to me.

Chelsea: Well, that's what makes her so good. I mean, you should have seen her. She was crying all over him. It was really pathetic.

Stephanie: You know, you can admit that you're jealous.

Nicole: I guess there's a few questions you want to ask.

Victor: No, not particularly.

Nicole: You have to. I just told you Trent and I were still married.

Victor: I know.

Nicole: Well -- well, don't you want to know how this happened?

Victor: Is that a trick question?

Nicole: I honestly believed that Trent and I were divorced. I had no idea we were still married.

Victor: Oh, I doubt that very much.

Nicole: It's the truth. I married Trent when I was still in college. But back then, I, uh, went by a different name.

Victor: Ah, that explains why there was nothing on the report. Oh, I did a background check on you before we got married. What name did you use when you were in college?

Nicole: Misty Circle.

Victor: [Laughing] Misty what?

Nicole: Circle. It was my porn name. My Dad came up with it and made it my legal name.

Victor: Ah. Go on.

Nicole: [Sighs] I was so naive. Trent told me he loved me, and I believed him. We got married pretty fast, but it -- we weren't together long before he, uh, started to abuse me.

Victor: He beat you?

Nicole: Not at first. In the beginning, he was just really critical. Nothing I did was right. My clothes were wrong. I wasn't skinny enough. I did everything I could to please him, but it wasn't good enough. And then the abuse turned physical. I even had to go to the hospital once. You know, I knew I had to do something soon, or he would kill me. So I left. I, uh -- I changed my name to my mother's maiden name, Walker, and I disappeared. I was a victim. But I sure as hell didn't want to be a statistic. So that's it. That's how I survived.

Victor: [Laughing]

Lexie: Believe what you want, Father, but I did everything I could to make you well.

Stefano: Not everything.

Lexie: Everything.

Stefano: Well, it was not enough.

Lexie: Well, this is getting us nowhere, not that I thought it would. I'm leaving.

Stefano: I would never have turned my back on you or any of my children the way you turned your backs on me!

Lexie: You're serious, aren't you? I could give accounts all night of the various times you've thrown each and every one of us to the wolves.

Stefano: Oh, stop being so dramatic.

Lexie: What I don't understand, Father, what I can't wrap my mind around is how you can claim to love us in one breath and then just destroy our lives in the other. Can you explain that, Father? Can you?

Stephanie: Come on, Chelse. If you're not jealous, then how come it bothers you so much if Melanie hangs out with Nick?

Chelsea: It bothers me because Nick is a really good guy, and Melanie is not a really good girl, not for him. And I just don't want to see him get hurt.

Stephanie: Is that the only reason?

Chelsea: Stephanie, what do you want me to say, that I'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend?

Stephanie: Are you?

Chelsea: I care about Nick. He's a really nice guy. He's smart and sweet. Anybody would care about him. But, no, we are just friends.

Stephanie: And you're okay with that?

Chelsea: Yes. What I'm not okay with is Melanie. I just don't think that she's right for him.

Stephanie: Chelsea, I know how you feel. Trust me. But you broke up with nick. Unless you want to get back with him, I think you need to let this go.

Trent: Melanie, can we talk?

Nick: Your daughter doesn't want to talk to you.

Trent: Melanie, please.

Nick: Just go, or I'll call the cops.

Melanie: Nick, it's okay. I'll talk to him.

Nick: Are you sure?

Melanie: Yes.

Nick: I think this is a mistake.

Melanie: If he does anything, I'll scream. I promise.

Nick: All right, I'll be inside. Scream loud.

Melanie: I will.

Trent: It looks like you and my protégé have become good friends.

Melanie: What do you want?

Trent: I want to apologize for the misunderstanding in France. I had no idea that Claude would --

Melanie: Is that it?

Trent: No, no. I intend to speak to Claude. I'm gonna set him straight. I just need to know where I stand with him.

Melanie: Are you kidding?

Trent: Do I still owe Claude money?

Melanie: [Laughs] He's in jail, Dad, for attempted rape. And his friend, he's in jail for attempted murder. And I'm sure Claude blames you for all of it.

Bo: Hey, what's going on here?

Caroline: Well, your brother and I were discussing his anger and that he has to stay away from Trent until he gets it in check.

Bo: Well, same goes for you, young lady.

Caroline: Just...how could a parent do that to his child? You know, there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you kids. Nothing.

Victor: [Laughing] I have to admit, Nicole. If nothing else, you were always very entertaining.

Nicole: You think I made this story up?

Victor: Oh, that's not why I was laughing.

Nicole: Then why?

Victor: Do you honestly believe that your little sad story is going to convince me to let you keep my money?

Nicole: I just tried to explain how this happened.

Victor: You and I were never married, Nicole. I don't owe you any settlement.

Nicole: I earned that money, Victor. You and I were husband and wife.

Victor: Not in the eyes of the law. You better prepare yourself, my dear. You are about to become dirt poor again.

Nicole: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Victor: [Laughing]

Stefano: Such insolence.

Lexie: Admit it, Father. You've never really loved any of your children, not unselfishly. You've always considered us possessions, easily disposed of when we are no longer useful to you.

Stefano: You are wrong, Alexandra, because I have spent my entire life building an empire for you and your two brothers and my grandchildren.

Lexie: You built it for yourself. You've never done anything for us but use and abuse us.

Stefano: All right, I understand that you are angry.

Lexie: You're damn right I'm angry, Father. I am angry at you. For years, you've just moved in and out of my life, manipulating me and everyone around me. I'm done. I don't have a Father anymore. You're dead to me.

Trent: Claude's a very influential man. I'm sure he'll solve his little problem with the police. I'm just afraid that all of this means that I still owe him money.

Melanie: All you care about is your gambling debt?

Trent: He's obviously a dangerous man. I need to know what to expect.

Melanie: Nick almost died because of you.

Trent: I regret what happened, sweetheart.

Melanie: You are a piece of work. I can't believe I'm related to you.

Trent: Hey, hey, hey. Remember, darling. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Chelsea: Everything okay?

Nick: It will be, once I get Trent away from Melanie.

Bo: Ma, you got to not involve yourself in this anymore. Stay away from Robbins.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Bo: Same goes for you. Max, promise me.

Max: Sorry,  Bo. I don't make promises I can't keep.

Stefano: Alexandra. Think about what you are saying.

Lexie: I've thought about it. And I meant every word I said. After tonight, I never want to see you again.

Stefano: Look, you're angry. I understand.

Lexie: No. I'm not angry anymore. I'm disgusted. You're a horrible man. You're dangerous. I don't want you in my life. And I most definitely don't want my son to know the type of man you truly are.

Stefano: My grandson will not be kept from me.

Lexie: I am warning you. Stay away from my son.

Stefano: Oh, don't be a fool. How is he doing, little Theodore? [Sighs] I know he has autism. Alexandra, I can see to it that Theodore gets the best treatment that money can buy. In fact, I have an expert in the field, and, um, he is willing to leave his post in Germany to come here and exclusively care for Theodore. All you have to do is give me the word. He will be here the day after tomorrow.

Lexie: So, all I have to do is let you back into my life, right?

Stefano: Shall I call the good doctor?

Lexie: Will you listen to yourself? You're willing to use your own grandson's disability to further your agenda.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Lexie: You disgust me.

Bo: Okay, man. I'll call you later. That was Roman. I told him what happened to Max and what Robbins did to his daughter.

Hope: Trent's made a lot of enemies.

Bo: Yeah, and I'm one of them.

Kayla: Stephanie, your father and I were talking, and we thought that maybe it would be a good idea if you took Max away tonight.

Stephanie: I agree, but I don't think there's any way I can get him to leave his sister.

Trent: I know all about your parties and all your boyfriends that you dated only for their money. I know all of it. I just didn't care because I knew you were doing exactly what I did when I was your age, hmm? Just using your God-given talents -- like father, like daughter.

Melanie: I am nothing like you.

Trent: Oh, honey, you're more like me than you can ever imagine.

Max: Hey! Get away from her. I said get away. [Cellphone ringing]

Trent: I need to get this. We'll continue this discussion later.

Max: You okay?

Melanie: Yeah.

Max: Let's go inside, all right?

Victor: Well, you feeling better?

Nicole: Yeah, a little. Not that you care.

Victor: You're right. I don't. But I do care about my money. And I expect to get all of it back, every last dime, including the ones that you've spent.

Nicole: That's not gonna happen.

Victor: Well, we'll see about that. You'll be hearing from my lawyers. It's always a pleasure, Nicole.

Nicole: Trent... you are so gonna pay for this.

Hope: Hey, Victor.

Bo: Hey, Victor. You seem pleased.

Victor: Well, I am.

Bo: Nicole told you about her...other husband?

Victor: She did. How did you find out?

Hope: We did a background check on the good dean, and it came up.

Victor: Ah. Well, thank you. Good to get some good news for a change.

Hope: Why do you say that?

Victor: Well, it's Kate. She was in the hospital today.

Max: Ma, I'd, uh, like to introduce you to someone. Ma, this is my sister Melanie.

Melanie: Hi, Mrs. Brady.

Caroline: Hello, dear. Hi. Oh, it's so nice to meet you, sweetheart. After all this time.

Melanie: Max has told me so much about you and this place. It's great.

Caroline: Oh, glad you like it.

Nick: The pub is a local landmark.

Melanie: I can see why. It's got so much character.

Caroline: Well, I want you to consider the pub as your home.

Melanie: Oh, no, Mrs. Brady.

Caroline: Oh, no, no, no. You are Max's sister. You're -- you're family. Family.

Melanie: Thank you.

Caroline: You're welcome, sweetheart.

Max: Ma, um, I got to take care of something, so can you, uh, just look after Melanie for a little bit?

Caroline: Well, of course I can.

Max: I'll be back. I'll be right back.

Stephanie: Hold on one second.

Caroline: Well, it's been a long day. You must be exhausted from the trip.

Melanie: Yeah, I know. I am.

Caroline: Well, let me show you to your room.

Nick: I'm just gonna hang out here for a little bit, but if you need anything, call me.

Melanie: I will. Nick, um, thank you.

Nick: You're welcome.

Caroline: Come on, honey. Let's get you settled, huh?

Chelsea: So grandma wasn't admitted, then.

Victor: Oh, no, no. She was just at the hospital, getting her cough checked out.

Chelsea: Okay. You scared me. I thought something bad happened.

Victor: Oh, I didn't mean to frighten you.

Chelsea: So, she's gonna be okay.

Victor: Daniel's running tests. We'll know more tomorrow.

Chelsea: You know, I think I want to see her.

Bo: It's pretty late there, kid.

Chelsea: Yeah, um, you're right. She probably needs her rest. So I'll just -- I'll call her in the morning.

Hope: That's a good idea.

Victor: Well, I better be going.

Bo: What are you gonna do about Nicole?

Victor: Well, I'm gonna make her pay back every red cent of that settlement.

Bo: Are you considering pressing fraud charges?

Victor: No. Nothing willful in what she did. It was all Trent Robbins' fault.

Bo: Yeah. You may be the only person in town who's benefited from his being here.

Victor: Well, he treats people that he professes to care for very badly. Men who behave that way deserve to be punished. Nicole was his victim. The fact that I benefited from that pleases me, but it doesn't forgive what he did to her. Good night.

Chelsea: Hey, Nick. How are you feeling?

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Really? 'Cause you just got out of the hospital. Don't you think you should go home and rest or something?

Nick: I will after I run by the office.

Chelsea: Do you want some company?

Nick: Actually, I'll just -- I'll see you later, Chelse.

Victor: Nicole, there's something I want you to do. [Door closes] It concerns Trent Robbins.

Trent: Yes. I understand. I will.

Chelsea: [Sighs] I am so glad to be home.

Bo: What happened in France?

Chelsea: You want the long version or the short?

Bo: I need to know everything.

Chelsea: Okay, well, you heard about what Trent did to Melanie, right?

Hope: So, it's true, then, not just Max imagining the worst because he hates him.

Chelsea: No, apparently, Trent has this really big gambling problem, and this one time he lost really big.

Bo: That son of A... so he pimps out his daughter to pay off his debt.

Chelsea: Well, Nick found Melanie and tried to stop it, only then one of Claude's men shot him.

Bo: Nick got shot?

Chelsea: Yeah. And, um, it could have been really, really bad, but luckily Max got there when he did. Otherwise, Nick probably would have bled to death.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: What the... uh, excuse me. I got to make a phone call. Be right back.

Chelsea: It was really bad, Hope.

Hope: Oh, honey, you must have been so scared.

Chelsea: I was. I'm sitting there, and there's, like, all this blood, and all I can watch is the paramedics working on Nick. And all I could think about was how I could lose him, you know?

Hope: The important thing is you didn't.

Chelsea: I know.

Hope: You still care about him, don't you?

Chelsea: Well, yeah, we're friends.

Hope: Mnh-mnh. That's not what I'm talking about. You still love him, don't you?

Kayla: Where's Max?

Stephanie: I was hoping he was out here.

Kayla: Well, we haven't seen him in a while.

Stephanie: It's weird. One minute he was in the kitchen. The next minute he's gone. It's like he disappeared.

Stefano: Think about what is best for Theodore.

Lexie: I am. And that's keeping him as far away from you as possible.

Stefano: Alexandra, wait.

Lexie: I'm done talking. Goodbye, Stefano. [Door closes]

Stefano: How could they all be so stupid?

Trent: Nicole, where have you been? I called you ho-- no, you don't.

Nicole: You bastard.

Trent: What's your problem now?

Nicole: You owe me a hell of a lot of money.

Trent: Let me guess. Victor found out we're married.

Nicole: Yes.

Trent: [Laughs] I'm sorry to hear that, sweetheart, but he is not my problem.

Nicole: Trent... believe me, it will be.

Roman: If we make enough phone calls to some of the more prominent city council members --

Abe: And do what, beg to get my job back?

Hope: Someone had to stand up to the mayor. What Abe did was very noble.

Trent: I know you better than they do.

Melanie: What do you want?

Stefano: What is it?

John: A little headache.

Stefano: Aw.

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