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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/11/08 - Canada; Friday 9/12/08 - U.S.A.

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Abe: Forgetting who we're dealing with here. I understand, but I -- all right. Yeah, fine. Thank you. You know, this is madness. Nobody seems to care that Stefano's walking around free.

Hope: There's got to be a way to convince the governor and the D.A. to pursue charges.

Abe: Well, Stefano's paid off the right people. It's just -- damn him!

Bo: Everything okay in here?

Hope: Hey.

Abe: Sorry, Bo. It's just a frustrating day.

Hope: He's been on the phone for hours trying to find a way to put Stefano behind bars.

Bo: Well, with everything we've got against him, you'd think it would be an open-and-shut case.

Abe: Yeah, well, Stefano knows how to work the system, and he's just loving it that we can't do anything about it.

Hope: You know, I really thought we had him this time. At the very least, John's civil suit seemed solid.

Bo: Does roman have any idea why he didn't press charges?

Abe: No. John didn't give him an explanation, which is bizarre, because John wants him put away as much as anyone else.

Hope: So, the question is, what made him change his mind?

Trent: Melanie, stop ignoring my messages. Call me as soon as you get this.

Trent: I need a favor.

Melanie: Yeah, I got your message. What's your favor?

Trent: You remember my old friend Claude.

Melanie: Yeah.

Trent: Well, he was always very fond of you.

Melanie: So?

Trent: Well, Claude is attending the Marchands' party on their yacht. He says that, um, if he has one drink with you, he'll forgive my debt entirely.

Melanie: And you believe him?

Trent: Well, he's given me no reason not to, unlike you.

Melanie: Yeah, you're one to talk -- my liar of a father, who never even bothered to mention that I have a brother!

Trent: [Sighs] Don't act innocent with me. I know how you've been living your life. I've seen that website of yours. You look like a little slut. And don't try to deny it.

Melanie: So you think that gives you the right to pimp me out?

Trent: Nicole, no, hey, wait.

Nicole: I knew I shouldn't have come back. What are you still doing here?

Trent: I'm meeting someone.

Nicole: Who?

Trent: John black.

Nicole: Since when did you two become friends?

Trent: We're not.

Nicole: Oh, don't tell me you're gonna hit him up for money, too.

Trent: Of course not. I was hoping you had reconsidered.

Nicole: I am not giving you a dime. You need money? Talk to the shrink inside. Maybe she'll pay you to be part of some psychological test. I hear they use rats all the time.

Trent: I believe they use mice.

Nicole: Whatever. You're still vermin.

Trent: Hello, Marlena.

Marlena: Hello, Trent.

Trent: You know, it's always been my opinion that a beautiful woman should never dine alone. May I join you?

Anna: I told you to let me do the talking. If we don't land the Rexer account, it'll be all your fault.

Tony: Well, I apologize for cutting your presentation short, but you were literally putting people to sleep. I mean, all that snoring was becoming unbearable.

Anna: I'll have you know I had the rapt attention of Mr. Rexer. He never once took his eyes off me.

Tony: Oh, the man's a pervert. He was staring at your behind the entire time.

Anna: He liked my ideas.

Tony: Yeah, and I'm sure you gave him plenty of them.

Anna: [Scoffs]

Tony: [Chuckles] Not that I blame him.

Anna: My presentation killed, and you know it.

Tony: [Chuckles]

Anna: Oh.

Tony: Yes, mm.

Anna: Oh, Tony. You shouldn't have.

Tony: Well, I wish I could take credit for this, but I can't.

Anna: Well, then, who arranged all of this? Oh, do you think John is entertaining?

Tony: I don't know, but someone's clearly trying to impress tonight. It's the best bottle that we have in the cellar.

Anna: Must be a really special occasion.

Stefano: It is. And you two are certainly not a part of it.

Tony: I knew it wouldn't be long before you decide to slither back out from the east wing.

Stefano: How charming. Need I remind you that this is my home? Oh, and, by the way, uh, my, uh -- how do you say -- date will be arriving very soon, and I would like a little privacy.

Tony: You have a date? But you must mean a business date.

Stefano: No. I'm entertaining a lady tonight.

Anna: [Chuckling] Well, if she's willing to associate with you, she can't be much of a lady.

Tony: Well, who is she? I mean, what woman would be nervy or foolish enough to -- to date you?

Kate: Hello. Front door was open, so I came in. I hope I'm not too early.

Abe: Once again, Stefano has managed to manipulate his way out of paying for his crimes. I spent almost my entire career trying to put this monster behind bars, and nothing -- nothing sticks.

Hope: We'll get him... eventually.

Abe: Well, when? I mean, over and over and over again, we try to bring this monster to justice, and he slips through our fingers every single time. When I think of him living this cozy, carefree life, with all the pain that he's caused everybody else -- it's just not right. It makes me...sick.

Bo: Abe, um, I understand your frustration, believe me, but...is there something else bothering you?

Abe: [Chuckles] Look, I'm sorry. I'm just feeling a little bit out of control these days, both at work and at home.

Hope: Because of Theo?

Abe: Feeling pretty useless these days, especially when it comes to my son. Not being able to help him... it takes a toll on me.

Marlena: I'm sorry, Trent. I wasn't looking for company.

Trent: Oh, that's too bad. I felt like we had such a good conversation earlier about you moving on with your life. How's that going?

Marlena: I've decided on divorce.

Trent: Really? Well, good for you. Although I doubt that John took the news very well.

Marlena: No, he didn't.

Trent: Aside from losing a remarkable woman, he probably wasn't too happy about shelling out money for a divorce settlement.

Marlena: I don't care about John's money.

Trent: Well, no, of course not. I'm sure you make quite a good living on your own, hmm?

Marlena: All I want from John is my freedom, a chance to have a whole new life.

Stefano: Kate. I'm so glad you could make it.

Kate: Well, of course. You have made quite a miraculous recovery.

Stefano: Well, you know me. [Laughs] Nothing can keep me down for very long.

Tony: So, you're here to have dinner...w-with my father?

Anna: I know you've been going through a dry spell lately, sweetie, but maybe if you're that lonely, you should trying speed dating.

Kate: Oh, thanks for the tip, Anna.

Tony: Did my father force you to come here?

Stefano: Oh, how ridiculous can you be? Hmm? Kate and I have been friends for a long time, and we have a lot of catching up to do, so if you will please excuse us...

Tony: No, we won't. Anna and I aren't going anywhere.

Hope: Hey.

Lexie: Hi.

Hope: How are you?

Lexie: Oh, good. How are you?

Hope: I'm good. It's so good to see you. I haven't seen you in a while. Uh, I have some phone calls to make, but, um...why don't we get together and have dinner next week?

Lexie: Yeah, I would love it. I'll call you, okay?

Hope: Hey, uh, could you help me out? I'm working on a background check for Steve.

Bo: In the Robbins case?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Yeah.

Lexie: Good to see you, sweetheart. Bye, Bo. [Door closes] I heard what you said to Bo and hope about feeling helpless when it comes to Theo. He is making some progress, Abe.

Abe: I'm not so sure.

Lexie: Hey, aren't you the one always telling me to be patient?

Abe: I know. But it's frustrating sometimes.

Lexie: What's going on?

Abe: You know, I-I work so hard at home trying to make sure that Theo has a normal life. I'm just not convinced that it's helping. And that frustration -- it's bleeding over into work.

Lexie: Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel pretty overwhelmed myself. You know, between Theo's therapy sessions and our marriage counseling and work, it's like we don't have any time to relax. Things will settle down soon.

Abe: Well, maybe we should put in for vacation.

Lexie: You know, that'd be nice, but...no, it would throw Theo off schedule. I don't want to do that, especially since we just switched his therapy sessions to accommodate a new specialist.

Abe: Sweetheart, we're gonna burn out if we don't make some changes.

Lexie: I know. I know, but I -- [Cellphone ringing] Excuse me. It's the hospital. Hi, Linda. Oh, no. W-- I thought that meeting was tomorrow. Oh, damn it.

Marlena: No, thanks. I have tea.

Trent: Hmm. Feeling a bit of a frost from you, Marlena.

Marlena: When was the last time you spoke to your son?

Trent: Oh, so that's why I'm getting the cold shoulder. You have to realize that all parents have issues with their children. I know you do.

Marlena: My life is not a topic of conversation. Neither are my children.

Trent: Well, then, don't cast stones, Dr. Evans.

Stefano: Antony, try not to make a scene in front of my guest.

Tony: Fine, then let's speak in private. Ladies, would you please excuse us for a moment? I want to know what your intentions are towards Kate.

Stefano: [Laughs] What? When do I have to explain myself to you?

Tony: I'm not leaving her alone with you until I know exactly what you're up to.

Stefano: [Laughs]

Anna: Kate, I know you and Stefano share a history, but I didn't realize you two were still chummy.

Kate: Well, Stefano and I don't always see eye to eye, but we've remained on civil terms. But, yeah, I was surprised to get this invitation tonight.

Anna: Do you have any idea what he invited you here for?

Kate: Oh, I'm sure he wants something, but I know better than to ask questions. Because when Stefano calls... [Coughs] Sorry.

Anna: Oh, you still have that cold?

Kate: No, I don't think that's it. I think it's just a change in the weather. [Cough] Actually, I'm taking antibiotics now.

Stefano: I'll be damned if -- I cannot believe what I am hearing. You expect me to talk to you about my social calendar? What is wrong with you?

Anna: Tony, come on. You're not gonna get anything out of him. Let's just go.

Tony: But --

Anna: You know I'm right. You have a lovely evening, Kate.

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Anna: What are you doing?

Tony: I can't leave Kate alone with Stefano. We got to find a way to protect her.

Stefano: I am so pleased that you could accept my invitation, Kate. It's good to look at a friendly face, especially one as beautiful as yours.

Kate: Thank you. So, you must be happy to be back in your home again.

Stefano: Ah, yes, well, finally, it's starting to feel as if I never left.

Kate: And I heard that you're no longer facing criminal charges.

Stefano: Yes, the whole thing with John was merely a misunderstanding.

Kate: Yes, I'm sure.

Stefano: And now I am free to do as I choose, make a life here in Salem again. I'd like to make a toast. Hmm? To new beginnings. To us.

Tony: What kind of game is he playing?

Anna: [Yawns] Do we really have to stand out here listening to Kate talk about herself all night?

Tony: I told you we've got to look out for her well-being.

Anna: Tony, I'm sure she's not in any real danger. Stefano probably just wants a dinner companion and had the bad taste to choose Kate.

Tony: You know, if you could put your petty feelings aside just for a moment, you'd remember that Stefano always has an ulterior motive. We have to find out what that is and how it involves Kate.

Anna: I think you're being overprotective.

Tony: Not when it comes to Stefano.

Anna: Or do you mean Kate?

Tony: What, are you jealous again?

Anna: Who's wearing the big flashy ring?

Tony: That's right. Don't you forget. But Kate's our friend. She needs our help. I mean, would you like to spend an entire evening alone with Stefano?

Anna: No, of course not.

Tony: Well, then, we have to find a way to thwart his plan.

Anna: [Gasps] I have an idea.

Tony: You do?

Anna: Yes. Come with me.

Nicole: Hey, John. Hello. Oh, disgusting, isn't it? And entirely disrespectful the way he's flirting with your wife.

John: Man's got a lot of nerve.

Nicole: Tell me about it. Hey, did you ever follow up on the information I gave you about Trent?

John: It's not gonna help me much to know he's got a gambling problem, unless somehow it lands him behind bars.

Nicole: Well, that's where he belongs. He's scum. And...I would hate to see Marlena get hurt.

John: And why would you think that would happen?

Nicole: The man destroys lives. He'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and it doesn't matter how it affects the people around him. He's almost as bad as Stefano. In fact...I'd say Trent is more dangerous than Stefano because no one realizes what he's capable of.

John: Well, then, he has to be stopped.

Trent: John. [Grunts]

Marlena: Oh!

Stefano: Ah. You seem restless tonight, Kate. Perhaps a little nervous. I hope it's not because of me.

Kate: No. No, don't be silly. I-I apologize if I'm being a bad guest. I just can't seem to get my mind off work.

Stefano: Ah, yes. I heard about your new company. And congratulations are in order for more success. See, I knew that you would bounce back from all those troubles that you had with the S.E.C.

Kate: Really? Well, I wasn't so sure myself.

Stefano: You know, I have always been impressed with the way that you have been able to rise from the ashes. Perhaps that's something we have in common, yeah?

Kate: Yes. Yes. But I have to give Tony credit for some of my success this time. He really produced a fabulous ad campaign for the company. He has a keen eye for what the consumer wants. He really does.

Tony: "Tony." Did I just hear my name?

Stefano: [Sighs] Now what?

Anna: Well, cook had a little accident in the kitchen -- threw out his back -- so Tony and I are filling in.

Tony: Yes, we didn't want your evening to be ruined.

Anna: Luckily for you, the food was almost done, so we just had to put on the finishing touches.

Tony: More wine?

Kate: Oh, no. Thank you.

Stefano: You may go now.

Tony: Oh, no, no, no. We want to make sure everything's to your satisfaction. Cook wouldn't want it any other way.

Anna: Yes, try an hors d'oeuvre. I did. They're delicious.

Stefano: Hmm. So, I suppose you will be standing by throughout dinner, making sure that we don't choke on our food?

Tony: [Sarcastically] Oh, that's a horrible thought.

Stefano: [Sighs] I am sorry, Kate. But I suppose if we have any hopes of having a decent meal, we are going to have to put up with these idiotic antics.

Kate: Oh, no. That's not a problem, really. I think I'm going to enjoy having Anna wait on me hand and foot.

Anna: [Laughs]

Kate: Hmm.

Lexie: I'm really sorry everyone had to wait for me. Would you please tell them I'll reschedule as soon as I can? I realize she's busy. So am I. And I don't appreciate -- thank you. Goodbye.

Abe: What happened?

Lexie: I missed an important meeting -- again. I could have sworn we switched that meeting to tomorrow.

Abe: You know, you're chief of staff. You have a lot on your plate. You can't make it to every meeting.

Lexie: Lately, I've been making a lot of mistakes like this, Abe.

Abe: It's gonna be okay.

Lexie: I don't think so. I'm just under so much pressure. Everything's going wrong, and I just can't seem to fix it.

Abe: It's okay.

Lexie: Oh. [Sighs]

John: Get up!

Marlena: John, stop it.

John: I said get up!

Marlena: John, what's wrong?

John: Why are you looking at me like that?

Kate: [Laughs] Well, dinner was delicious.

Stefano: Good.

Tony: Well, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Stefano: Yes, and now that dinner is over, we will not need your services any longer.

Anna: Uh, but you, uh, haven't had dessert, and I'm going to make ice-cream sundaes.

Stefano: I'm afraid we'll have to decline.

Anna: Well, then, I guess we might as well move on to the evening's entertainment. How about a game of scrabble?

Stefano: I actually have a few choice words for you, but I'm not in the mood for games.

Anna: Stefano, don't be a party pooper.

Stefano: All right, enough with this nonsense. Kate and I have some important business to discuss alone.

Tony: What kind of business?

Stefano: None of your concern. Now leave.

Anna: Oh, come on, Tony. Let's just go to our room.

Tony: Well...have a good evening, father. You too, Kate. Oh, and, by the way, if you need our help, just scream.

[Door closes]

Stefano: [Sighs]

Anna: We're gonna listen again?

Tony: Of course.

Stefano: [Chuckles] I'm sorry, Kate. I apologize for all this stupidity tonight.

Kate: No. It's fine. I adore Tony. And Anna -- well...

Stefano: [Laughs] You know, I did notice that you enjoyed needling her a little bit. I think that's why I kept them around so long. But now...it's time for us to get down to some important discussions.

Kate: Yes. Yes. So, what kind of business would you like to discuss?

Stefano: I would like to make a proposal.

Trent: I'm calling the police.

Marlena: John? Explain yourself to me.

John: I think I'm the one who deserves an explanation. I thought I made myself perfectly clear I didn't want you associating with him.

Marlena: That's why you attacked him -- because you were jealous?

John: No.

Marlena: You need to stay away from Trent. Did you think that by hitting him you would win me back?

John: I wasn't trying to wi--

Marlena: You have no right to interfere in my life. You have no claim on me.

John: You're still my wife.

Marlena: Not for long. I don't think that you realize how much I love my husband...and how hard I tried to love you, because I thought -- I thought he lived down deep inside of you still. But I was wrong. You've shown me again that the man that I love really is gone.

John: You don't even understand.

Marlena: You don't understand, John. You don't understand love. You just think possession. You say that you want me. You say that you care about me. I don't believe that. I think you just want to own me the way you want to own the shipping docks, you k-- do you know who you are? You're Stefano.

John: I am not my brother.

Marlena: You're exactly like your brother. And that's why I'm divorcing you. So get this through your head -- stay the hell away from me.

John: This should cover the damage to your pub.

Trent: And how about the damage to my face?

John: Sorry to have bothered you.

Marlena: You are not innocent in this. We don't have a relationship. Don't pretend that we do. And if you annoy me again, I will rearrange your face.

Abe: Feel better?

Lexie: Yeah, a little.

Abe: A little? Must be losing my touch.

Lexie: It's not you. I just -- I don't think anything can relieve my stress right now, honey.

Abe: I didn't realize you were under so much pressure at work.

Lexie: No, it's not just work. I just feel like I'm being pulled in so many different directions, and nothing is turning out the way it should.

Abe: Well, you're doing the best you can.

Lexie: Well, it's not good enough. It's just frustrating, you know? I mean, there are other women who manage to be these perfect little mothers while still maintaining successful careers. I just feel like such a failure.

Abe: You're not a failure. You're an excellent chief of staff.

Lexie: Well, some on the board wouldn't say that. I have been letting little things just slip through my fingers lately. Goodness, I just feel like they're scrutinizing my every move, you know -- just waiting for me to make another mistake.

Abe: They've got to give you some leeway. You're busy with Theo. You know, he takes a lot of attention right now.

Lexie: Yeah, and yet I still don't feel like I spend enough time with him. I mean, how is he supposed to learn how to socialize when I'm hardly ever with him to teach him? [Sighs] You should see the other mothers at the therapy sessions, Abe. They're so hands-on. I mean, they even bake little homemade cookies and bring them in for the other kids. I barely have enough time to buy cookies.

Abe: Nobody expects you to be perfect.

Lexie: I do.

Abe: Well, then, that's got to stop immediately. You're too hard on yourself. Look, you can't do it alone. Tell me what I can do to help.

Lexie: You can't do much more than you already have been.

Abe: Well, I can pull back on my work hours.

Lexie: No, that is out of the question. Look, you have worked too hard to get to where you are. You are not giving that up. I'll just figure out a way to balance everything. I just need some time [Cellphone rings] Excuse me. Oh. Great.

Abe: What's wrong?

Bo: My source is gonna come through first.

Hope: I don't think so, Brady. My guy works pretty fast.

Bo: Ha ha, we'll see about that.

Hope: Ah!

Bo: What?

Hope: I win.

Bo: D-- I had some complications here.

Hope: Uh-huh, uh-huh. Read 'em and weep. Okay, the name of Trent Robbins' wife is... misty circle? I must have accidentally got her address.

Bo: Misty circle -- is that what you said?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: I-I recognize that name.

Kate: A proposal? Well, that's very interesting. You don't strike me as a hearth-and-home type. But, then again, neither am I.

Stefano: No. That is not what I meant. My proposal is much more, um... intimate than that.

Tony: What on earth is he talking about?

Kate: Well, if you're not interested in hearth and home, what are you interested in?

Stefano: You.

Kate: Me?

Stefano: Yes. I am proposing that you and I should...get married. [Chuckles] I realize that this is all of a sudden, but, uh...Kate, I adore you. And I respect you. Always have. So what do you say, Kate, hmm? Shall we, uh -- how do they put it -- merge?

Bo: There you go. Told you.

Hope: Trent was married to a porn star?

Bo: Yep.

Hope: "Locker room Lolita," starring misty circle.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Do I even want to know how you knew she was an adult-film star?

Bo: I...never saw the video.

Hope: Then how'd you recognize her name?

Bo: 'Cause we're related.

Hope: Hmm?

Nicole: Are you okay, John? I saw what you did in there. And as much as I enjoyed watching it, I hope it wasn't because of anything I said. Okay, I can see you need some space. I'll just be right over here.

Trent: I could press charges against him, you know.

Marlena: I wouldn't advise that. I would advise you to stay away from John and me and the Bradys. I know what you did to max.

Trent: What happened to giving a guy a second chance?

Marlena: Don't think so. If I thought for a moment that you're remorseful -- nah, don't think so.

Trent: Wait, how can you be so sure?

Marlena: Call it a hunch.

Nicole: Give him hell, Marlena. Yes! Ugh.

Tony: I don't believe this.

Anna: I told you not to serve him so much wine. The man is obviously drunk.

Tony: But what does he hope to gain by marrying Kate?

Anna: Besides a lifetime of pain and suffering? Well, it's not like she's going to really accept. She'd have to be insane.

Stefano: Kate? Have you nothing to say?

Kate: [Exhales sharply] It's just, um, very unexpected. I mean, you want to get married and -- to me.

Stefano: [Laughs] I realize that extraordinary offers like this do not come by every day.

Kate: No.

Stefano: And, um, you are not seeing anyone at the moment, right?

Kate: No. No, I'm not.

Stefano: Excellent. Then you will accept my proposal.

Lexie: Yes. All right, thank you. I knew this was coming.

Abe: What?

Lexie: I've been summoned to appear before the hospital review board.

Abe: Oh, Lex. You know what? We have a lot of friends on that board. Why don't I make a few calls?

Lexie: Uh, honey, it's okay. I can handle it.

Abe: Are you sure that's what you want?

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: You have my full support.

Lexie: Good. I'm glad. Thank you. I know. I love you for it.

Hope: You've completely lost me. What are you talking about?

Bo: Misty circle was my stepmom.

Hope: Your what?

Bo: She was married to my biological father.

Hope: Trent was married to Nicole --

Bo: Nicole walker, yes.

Kate: Wow. I've always had a good deal of affection for you. And I'll always be grateful for the help that you extended to Lucas and me, but...marriage?

Stefano: We would make a perfect pair.

Kate: I'm very flattered. But you can't possibly drop a bombshell like this and expect an answer right away.

Stefano: Why not? It requires a simple "yes" or "no."

Kate: Where is this coming from?

Stefano: Kate, I have spent the last several months in a state that all I had time was to think, and I thought a whole lot about what do I want out of life. And I came to realize that, among other things... I want you.

Kate: Are you saying you're in love with me?

Stefano: What I'm saying is that for whatever time I have left on this earth, I want you to be by my side.

Kate: Well, we always have had a connection, haven't we?

Stefano: Mm-hmm.

Kate: But what about Marlena? I thought she was always your queen of the night.

Stefano: Perhaps it's time to crown another queen.

Kate: Hmm. So, you would be willing to give her up in favor of marrying me?

Stefano: Well, I'm not done with Marlena yet. I have my own special plans for her.

Nicole: [Coughs] Damn Caroline and her chowder. Ugh, she must have used bad clams. John, you should have finished him off while you had the chance. Ugh.

Trent: You shouldn't have messed with me, Marlena.

Marlena: What's wrong with you, John?

John: I won't let you win, even if it means I have to kill you.

Nicole: I want to kill Sami Brady.

Philip: Haven't you been saying that for the last 10 years?

Nicole: I don't mind paying for my toys, but once I own them, I don't like to share.

Sami: I've made a mistake.

Nicole: Did you ever.

Sami: [Gasping]

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