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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/9/08 - Canada; Wednesday 9/10/08 - U.S.A.

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Guy: Bad girls?

Girl: He will be okay, yes?

Guy: The bullet passed through very cleanly. He was very lucky.

Girl: S'il vous plait, you must tell me what happened. I must know everything that happened.

Nick: I don't want to talk about it. I can't.

Philip: May I sit?

Morgan: No.

Philip: Come on.

Morgan: What part of "no" do you not understand?

Philip: Look, I know you're disappointed in me, but like I told you before, what happened with your Father, that was business. If I had known how much it would ultimately hurt you, I n-- [Sighs] Can we start over? Remember the good times, forget about the rest?

Morgan: "The rest"? Is that what you call it? Like it's no big deal? Just some little annoying problem?

Philip: I did not say that. Look, I know what happened to you was a big deal and very, very tough. I just hate for us to lose what could have been because of it.

Morgan: You think the tragedy in this is the fact that we lost our friendship or whatever the hell it was? How dare you feel sorry for yourself.

Philip: I did not say that.

Morgan: Look, Philip, my Father is behind bars, okay, for God knows how long and you helped put him there.

Chloe: She's beautiful, especially when she's sleeping.

Lucas: I think she misses her mom. That's why she's crying so much.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm sure. So...what do we do now?

Lucas: Now we, uh, start working on that alone time we've been talking about.

Chloe: Mm, you read my mind.

Nicole: Hey, counselor.

E.J.: Uh, Nicole.

Nicole: Bad time?

E.J.: No. Not at all. The last time we spoke, I thought you said we had nothing to talk about.

Nicole: Yeah, well, a girl can change her mind.

E.J.: What can I do for you?

Nicole: I need you, E.J... as my lawyer and no more than that.

E.J.: Nicole, I can't help but be attracted to you. It's a matter of biology.

Nicole: Well, for me, it's a matter of pride and dignity, so I repeat, as long as you have feelings for Sami, you can forget about us.

Sami: "Pride"? "Dignity"? I didn't know you knew what the words meant, Nicole.

Nicole: Perfect.

Sami: E.J., what is going on? What is she doing here?

E.J.: Good morning to you, too, Samantha.

Sami: Cut the crap. Just tell me what the hell you're thinking standing here talking to her when you should be fighting for our daughter.

E.J.: Our daughter.

Sami: Yeah, or, um, did I get that wrong?

E.J.: That's a bit of a flip-flop. Don't you think, Samantha? As soon as it serves the occasion, suddenly Allie's my child as well?

Sami: I thought you felt like she was your daughter all along, actually, E.J. You always told me how you love her just as much as you love Johnny, or were you lying about that, too?

E.J.: Samantha, this is about you and your feelings. You've always rubbed my nose in the fact that Allie's not mine, that she's Lucas' daughter.

Nicole: I wish I could change the channel. Isn't there anything better on?

E.J.: And now what, hmm? You think you can just come over here and manipulate me into some kind of action?

Sami: She's my daughter, and I'm worried about her. She hasn't spent the night away from me, E.J., never mind an entire weekend. And I'm worried because she's up at that cabin with Lucas and that third-rate opera singer. You expect me to be thrilled about it? I don't want my little girl anywhere near that phony slut.

Nicole: Tell us how you really feel.

Sami: E.J., I am worried about my daughter, and I want you to help me.

Nicole: Sorry to bust up the diatribe, dear, but E.J. and I were having a conversation, so if you wouldn't mind taking your custody troubles and hitting the road, that would be swell. Thanks.

Lucas: Ooh.

Chloe: How nice is this?

Lucas: I think I could get used to it.

Chloe: [Chuckles] I've never done this before.

Lucas: Really? You never took a shower?

Chloe: An outdoor shower, funny man. It might be my new favorite thing.

Lucas: Yeah, well, we'll just have to make a habit out of it, won't we?

Chloe: Mm.

Lucas: Wow. What do you want me to do with this? Ah.

Chloe: Good boy.

Lucas: There you go. There you are. I clean your back, and you can clean mine.

Chloe: Deal.

Lucas: Yeah? Good.

Allie: [Crying]

Lucas: Oh, man.

Morgan: So, what do you want me to do, Philip? Do you want me to explain it to you one more time why I don't ever want to talk to you again?

Philip: If you want to play it that way, fine, if all you're gonna do is shut down.

Morgan: You still don't get it, do you? My Father is in prison, maybe for the rest of his life.

Philip: Your father and John Black are the ones to blame if that's what you're looking to do. [Cellphone ringing] Look, I'm sorry for what you're going through, Morgan, but I refuse to take responsibility for something I had nothing to do with. Excuse me. It's the hospital. Hello?

Daniel: Philip, it's Daniel.

Philip: What's up?

Daniel: It's about your mom. Can you come down here? It's important.

Philip: I'll be right there.

Morgan: Is everything okay?

Philip: It's my Mother. I have to go to the hospital.

Morgan: I'm sorry. I hope she'll be okay.

Philip: I'm sure she will be. Will you come with me?

Morgan: Philip, I don't?--?

Philip: Morgan, I just?--?there was something in Daniel's voice. Come with me.

Morgan: Okay, I'll come.

Girl: Not one of you has anything to say? Mademoiselle? Monsieur?

Max: Come on, guys. What the hell really happened? It must have been serious because Nick got shot.

Nick: Look, it's over, okay? I'm fine. Let's just move on.

Max: No, I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Girl: And neither can the authorities.

Chelsea: You're unreal. You know that?

Melanie: I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Chelsea: You just put Nick's life in danger and you refuse to talk to the cops?

Melanie: Seriously, who are you?

Chelsea: Don't worry. You'll find out.

Stephanie: Chelsea, don't. We don't know if it's her fault.

Melanie: Better listen to your friend, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Who the hell do you think you are? Seriously, somebody just gets shot for you and sit back here and sulk? It's obvious your brother inherited all the decent chara--?

Melanie: You have no idea what you're talking about! Max, who is this bitch?

Stephanie: Hey.

Max: Don't call her that. Enough.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Max: You and me, we will talk in private.

Stephanie: I'll come and wait. Is that okay?

Chelsea: So, what is this? You're protecting her?

Nick: Chelse, it's not what you think. Melanie's not to blame.

Chelsea: Oh, sure. You're sitting here half bleeding to death and she's the victim.

Nick: It's not that bad. Is it?

Girl: No, but we must take you to the hospital.

Chelsea: Nick, wait. Um...I'm sorry.

Nick: I know. You're just trying to help. Hey, come visit me at the hospital, okay?

Chelsea: You've been awful quiet.

Max: I'm just trying to figure out what the hell really happened.

Chelsea: Nick was shot.

Max: Yeah, I noticed.

Chelsea: Because of her.

Max: Chelsea, you don't know the whole story. Look...if nick doesn't want to tell us exactly what happened, that's his business, all right? He's got some reasons that we have to respect.

Chelsea: There's something going on between the two of them, isn't there? Come on, you can tell me. What's the deal between Nick and your sister?

Sami: You know, Nicole, if you actually had your own life, maybe you would stop interfering with mine. How much spare time do you have?

Nicole: More than you, I suppose. With all the children you have with different fathers?--?ooh, although, come to think of it, I mean, you must be somewhat freed up now that you've lost sole custody of your daughter to an ex-con.

Sami: Shut your damn mouth.

E.J.: Ladies.

Nicole: Although, I'm sure Lucas is taking great care of your daughter. Chloe, too.

Sami: How would you know that?

Nicole: Chloe's my friend.

Sami: Your friend. Really?

Nicole: We have a lot in common.

Sami: Besides hating me.

Nicole: Not everything is about you.

E.J.: All right! Can you knock it off, please? In fact, just, both of you, get out. You're giving me a bloody headache.

Nicole: E.J., we need to talk.

E.J.: No, Nicole. I'm sorry if you're having problems, but whatever they are, you're just gonna have to endure a little bit longer without me. Thank you. And, Samantha, if you were under the impression that I can get you back custody of Allie, you're wrong. Lucas has rights. You might not like it, but that's the law.

Sami: How can you be so cavalier about this?

E.J.: How can you be so outraged about it, Samantha? Hmm? It's not the end of the world. You're sharing custody of your daughter with her father. It's not like you're never gonna see her again, okay?

Sami: I am asking for your help, E.J. I need you to help me.

E.J.: Let me be clear?--?I don't know how many ways I need to say this or how many times?--?I was not put on this planet to fix your problems, Samantha. Nor yours, Nicole. So, both of you, just figure it out for yourself. Leave me out of it. I've got my own problems.

Sami: Really? What is so difficult in the lawyer world, E.J.  You had to reduce your fees from?$500?an hour to?$400?

E.J.: You know damn well what I'm facing, Samantha. I've got a family war on my hands.

Sami: Oh, poor E.J. All his rich relatives sniping at each other.

E.J.: You accuse me of being cavalier about your problems? When it comes to mine, what, it's just a bloody joke? Huh? [Chuckles] Ha ha ha. E.J.'s having a tough time. Laugh bloody riot.

Sami: What is so tough that you're going through?

E.J.: You want to know? I'll tell you. Fine. I got John Black who's starting a war against Tony and I for control of the DiMera fortune. I got my Father hold up in the back there about to unleash hell at any given moment. My life, Samantha, has been turned upside down!

Nicole: Never a drama-free moment in the DiMera household.

E.J.: My point, if it is not incredibly clear, is that I don't have time to deal with either of your problems. Just take a deep breath, all right, relax, and leave me out.

Nicole: I don't know about Samantha here, but I can't leave you out because I need your help, E.J., now.

E.J.: Am I talking to myself? Am I?

Sami: Well, I don't know about Nicole here, but I've reconsidered, so if you want to, E.J., go ahead and focus on your spoiled little life and your really "difficult" problems while I go rescue my daughter without your assistance.

E.J.: Samantha, if you are about to do something monumentally stupid, I suggest you reconsider.

Sami: So that I could what, be more passive and ineffectual like you?

E.J.: The judge made a ruling, okay? That's the end of it.

Sami: And of course you don't even care, do you? Because your son is tucked safely upstairs without any problems while my daughter is in a cabin with Lucas whom she hardly knows.

Nicole: Well, I'm sure Chloe will take care of that. I bet Allie's already calling her mommy.

Sami: Chloe couldn't take care of a pet hamster. And the fact that she's alone with my daughter is terrifying. I mean, my little girl has no idea where I?--?where I am. I mean, she could be crying her eyes out right now for me. And Lucas and Chloe wo -- I am going crazy here, E.J. How can you not see that?

E.J.: Look, I understand that this is difficult for you, okay? But like I said, Samantha, it's not the end of the world, all right? So you're just gonna have to... be strong.

Sami: No, no. Just get your hands off me.

Nicole: Whoa. "Get used to it. It's not the end of the world. You have to be strong." You better keep your day job, counselor, 'cause the whole Dr. Phil thing just ain't happening.

Chloe: What's the matter? What's the matter, Allie? Is something hurting? Huh, what's wrong? What's wrong, huh?

Allie: [Fussing]

Lucas: Here, here, here. Let me see her. Come here. I know. Daddy's got you.

Chloe: I told you, I can take care of her.

Lucas: I know, but she hasn't calmed down yet. You all right? Daddy's got you now. You okay? Don't cry so much, all right? Here. Here, here.

Chloe: I guess you're calming her down.

Lucas: Yeah. I just don't know what's wrong with her. I don't know why you're crying so much. Here.

Chloe: Maybe she's sick.

Lucas: I don't think she's sick. She doesn't have a fever. She doesn't have any symptoms or anything.

Chloe: Well, then, what?

Lucas: That's right. I don't know. Maybe just because it's a strange place, you know? It's all a bit overwhelming for her. She probably misses her mom, too.

Chloe: Quite an adjustment, huh? Life without Sami.

Lucas: Yeah. I can sympathize. Hey, come here.

Chloe: Yeah, but life without Sami is gonna be a lot calmer. Allie will learn that soon. Just give her some time.

Allie: [Crying]

Morgan: All I'm saying is you should at least accept some responsibility.

Philip: Involving your father in the first place wasn't my idea.

Morgan: You expect me to believe that?

Philip: Your father chose to get involved in this war between John and me, all right? He chose to align himself with John and to try and play both ends against the middle. He was a desperate man in need of money and power...more than he needed a clear conscious.

Morgan: Oh, so now you're a shrink.

Philip: Morgan, if your father loved you half as much as he said he did, he never would have found himself neck-deep in trouble in the first place. I hate to break it down like this, but your father is weak. That's why he made bad choices. That's how he ended up in prison. Now you can keep blaming me or you can be truthful with yourself.

Morgan: Why do you even care?

Philip: Because I want us to work through this.

Kate: Philip, you're with her again? What the hell is wrong with you?

Max: I don't get it, Chelsea. I mean, why do you care if something's happening between Mel and Nick?

Chelsea: How could you ask me that?

Max: Because you dumped him, remember?

Chelsea: Yeah, I broke up with him. That doesn't mean I don't care about him anymore, that he's not my friend.

Max: Right. Sorry.

Chelsea: Look, I didn't come here for Nick, okay? I came here to help you.

Max: Then lay off Melanie.

Chelsea: I'll try. I care about you. You know that, right?

Max: Yeah, I do. Just like you still care about Nick, right?

Chelsea: Right. [Sighs] I hurt him really bad. I can still see it in his eyes. But I had my chance with him and I blew it. [Sighs]

Max: Yeah. Steph told me that you and Dr. Dan were?--?

Chelsea: Over. Yeah.

Max: Well, I'm?--?I'm really sorry.

Chelsea: Me too. Why can't things just be simple and good, you know, for both of us?

Max: [Chuckles] I wish I knew.

Philip: Mom, I'm warning you. Back off.

Kate: Look, maybe I shouldn't have put it exactly that way.

Philip: No kidding.

Kate: I just think you and Morgan right now is a bad idea.

Morgan: You know what? I agree. And just so you know, Philip and I no longer have a connection and we never will again, especially not with what happened with my Father.

Philip: Morgan, wait.

Kate: Haven't you had enough of the Hollingsworth family by now?

Philip: First of all, it's not her family I'm interested in. It's her, but I guess that doesn't matter to you.

Kate: Not when I'm trying to protect you.

Philip: You mean over-protecting.

Kate: What are you doing here anyway?

Philip: I got a call from Daniel. He's worried about you.

Kate: Really? Well, it's a wasted trip because I'm fine.

Philip: Then why'd he call me?

Kate: I don't know. Because he's an alarmist?

Philip: Really? Surprising considering his reputation and expertise.

Kate: I am not going to let you make another mistake like this, Philip.

Philip: Since when do I need your permission to do anything, including make mistakes?

Kate: Okay, now you just calm down.

Philip: Let's face it, Mom. In your eyes, any woman I choose is never gonna be good enough.

Kate: That is so not true.

Philip: No, be honest. When it comes to Lucas and me, no one's ever been good enough. Nobody.

Lucas: Shh, shh, shh. Yeah. No, no, no, no. There you go.

Chloe: Asleep?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, but I don't want to jinx it.

Chloe: Nice work, Dad.

Lucas: Her poor little eyes are all swollen from crying.

Chloe: Yeah, these first nights might be rough.

Lucas: Just glad I got shared custody. This little one could keep me up all night if she wants.

Chloe: And she just might.

Lucas: No, no, no, shh. It's okay. You're okay.

Chloe: Hey, Lucas, is it okay if I take over? I mean, she's not really crying. Just fussing. Let me try.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, that's fine. I'll go get some firewood for tonight.

Chloe: Okay. Take your time.

Lucas: All right. Thanks.

Allie: [Fussing]

Chloe: Hey. Aren't you the sweetest thing in the whole world? Oh, wait. No, no, no. Shh, shh. Oh, please, please. No, no, don't cry. Don't cry. Okay, um, do you like singing? Do you like singing? Okay, um... you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you'll never know, dear how much I love you please don't take my sunshine away?

E.J.: No Samantha? No Nicole. Joy. Where's that bloody bear? No, she didn't. No, she?--?no, she didn't.

Nicole: Who did what?

E.J.: Samantha. Wait a second. What are you doing here?

Nicole: I came back. What did Sami do now?

E.J.: She took Allie's favorite...teddy bear. She went to the island. Oh, my God. She's gonna try and interfere with custody Lucas' first weekend out. I mean, do you know how this is gonna look to a judge?

Nicole: I'm guessing not favorably.

E.J.: Not good. Excuse me. I've got to go deal with this.

Chelsea: Oui. Oui, merci.

Stephanie: You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm just worried about Nick. That's all. So, how did it go?

Stephanie: Uh, I mean, the cops interviewed her alone. I don't know what she said, but she's obviously been through a lot.

Chelsea: Yeah, I'll bet.

Stephanie: So, Nick is at the hospital?

Chelsea: Yeah, but they said I can't see him for an hour, so I was thinking about going back to the hotel and changing and then heading over there. Did you want to come?

Stephanie: Yes. Yeah, let me just tell Max to?--?you know what? Don't worry about it. Let's go. I'll see him at the hotel later.

Max: Um...do you mind if I talk to my sister a minute before you take her off?

Man; Si. Bien sir.

Max: Okay. So, how are you, really?

Melanie: I've been worse, I guess. [Sniffles]

Max: I'm so sorry, Melanie. I can't believe that your own father would pimp you out so he can get rid of his gambling debt.

Melanie: It's okay. I'm okay, and Nick's okay. That's all that matters.

Max: It just makes me furious to think about what that guy could have done to you.

Melanie: Yeah, um, I don't really want to talk about it, so I just want to get back to my own life.

Max: Yeah.

Melanie: What about you?

Max: Well, I should probably get back to my own life, too.

Melanie: Fast times at Salem.

Max: Doesn't mean we can't be a part of each other's lives just because we're on two different continents.

Melanie: Yeah, no, I'm down to K.I.T. if you are.

Max: K.I.T. 

Melanie: Keep in touch.

Max: Right.

Melanie: I'm gonna miss you, Max.

Max: Yeah, same here.

Melanie: Ooh, uh, sorry about putting you in jail.

Max: No, that's water under the bridge.

Melanie: Nick?--?we got to find out, um, how he's doing and when we can see him.

Max: Right, we will. Yeah.

Melanie: Okay. Do you think he'll forgive me?

Max: Yeah, I do.

Melanie: Yeah, I hope you're right.

Max: Nick's a good guy.

Melanie: Yeah, I haven't met a lot of them before. You're a good guy, too.

Max: Right. Well, listen, I'm gonna talk to her for a minute, square some things away. Wait here a minute, though, okay?

Melanie: Yeah, no problem. [Cellphone ringing] [Crying]

Kate: That is not fair. I have been supportive of your relationships with women?--?yours and Lucas'.

Philip: You got to be kidding me.

Kate: No, unh-unh. When they're right, I am.

Philip: Which is never.

Kate: That's so not true, Philip. [Coughing]

Philip: Well, so, uh, this support, you've been keeping it to yourself? Because I sure as hell don't remember experiencing it.

Kate: Well, then, maybe you need to choose more wisely.

Philip: Oh, here we go.

Kate: What?--?

Daniel: Well, am I interrupting something here?

Philip: No. No, not at all.

Kate: So, you call my son in so he can worry needlessly?

Daniel: I didn't call to worry him. I thought maybe he could talk some sense into you, persuade you to get a simple x-ray.

Kate: I have a little cough. A little cough. That's it. It's probably bronchitis. If you prescribe me some antibiotics, maybe I can get over it.

Daniel: Well, let's make sure it is bronchitis first by taking an x-ray.

Philip: Mom, just listen to the doctor, okay?

Kate: Honey, I'm a big girl, and I don't need either of you telling me what to do. [Coughing]

Chloe: Just sing a little lullaby and you're out like a light. That's what I'm gonna do to calm you down from now on. Great. You made us get out of the shower so fast, I still have shampoo in my hair. Okay. You'll be fine by yourself for a couple of minutes, right? I'm just gonna go rinse this out of my hair really quickly. I'll be right back, okay?

Sami: Lucas? Lucas, I?--?oh, sweetheart. Hi, honey. How are you doing? Oh, sweetie, look what I brought. I know. I know you must have missed?-- [Water running] Did they leave you here all alone?

Kate: [Coughs]

Daniel: An x-ray would be smart, Kate.

Kate: An x-ray is not necessary, Daniel.

Philip: Would you mind if I had a word with her?

Daniel: No, please.

Philip: Why are you being like this? All he wants to do is make sure you're okay.

Kate: Look, I am sorry that I flew off the handle about?--?

Philip: Hey, we're not talking about Morgan.

Kate: No, we really are, because I shouldn't be interfering in your life?--?yours or Lucas'. You're adults. I need to respect your choices...

Philip: Mom.

Kate: ...In love and in everything.

Philip: That's great, but that's not the issue here.

Kate: No, but you see, it is. Because if I'm planning on not interfering in your life, I'm going to ask you not to interfere in mine.

Philip: No, no, no. When it comes to your physical health, I'm sorry, but I will interfere.

Kate: It's just that Morgan does have a lot of problems.

Philip: God, you just said you weren't gonna interfere.

Kate: I'm not interfering. I'm just explaining to you why I reacted that way.

Philip: Listen, Mom...I have sincere feelings for Morgan, okay? I care about her. And, yeah, she has problems, but don't we all? And because I care about her, her problems are mine, too. Let's get back to the subject of you. This is your life we're talking about.

Kate: Well, relationships are a part of life, aren't they? A very important part.

Philip: I know that, but?--?

Kate: So who am I to give you advice, right? Because I've come up pretty empty in that department.

Philip: Don't say that.

Kate: Well, I'm just stating a fact, really. It's more true than you'll ever know.

Philip: W-w--?oh, my God. You and Daniel?

Stephanie: Feeling any better?

Chelsea: A little, I guess. Still not really quite sure why I'm here, but...it's not like I really helped or anything, you know?

Stephanie: Of course you did.

Chelsea: I don't think so.

Stephanie: Chelsea, talk to me.

Chelsea: No, it's fine. Look, I don't want to burden you with what's going on with me.

Stephanie: How could you burden me? You're my best friend.

Chelsea: It just?--?it just seems a little trivial right now, considering everything that's happening. I mean, Nick's in the hospital.

Stephanie: I know you came here to help us, but I also know that you just broke up with Daniel and you wanted to get away and you need to talk about it.

Chelsea: You're right. I do.

Stephanie: So what happened? I mean, you guys seemed so good together.

Chelsea: We were. Um...that was before he admitted that he slept with my grandmother, though.

Stephanie: What?

Chelsea: Don't make me repeat it.

Stephanie: So was this while you two were together?

Chelsea: No. No, it was a while before. And I tried. I really did try to get over it, but I don't think that I can.

Stephanie: So wait.

Chelsea: What?

Stephanie: You coming here, um...

Chelsea: Yeah?

Stephanie: Does it have anything to do with you maybe wanting to get back together with Nick?

Sami: Hey, my little princess. How are you? I missed you. Hey, I can't believe that no one is here. They left you all alone. No baby monitor, no nothing, huh? Irresponsible. Well, sweetheart, guess what I brought you. I brought you your teddy bear 'cause I knew you were gonna miss him. That's right. So I came all this way just to bring you your teddy bear.

E.J.: Is that what you're gonna tell the judge, Samantha? Came all the way down here just to?--?hey?--?just to give her her beloved bear?

Sami: How did you?--?you followed me.

E.J.: Samantha, put her down, okay? We need to leave before this gets ugly.

Sami: E.J., I am not leaving her alone with Lucas again, ever.

Nicole: Yes, I'd like to report a possible kidnapping.

Philip: So, let me just try and wrap my head around this. You and Daniel? Wow. I don't think I can handle this right now.

Kate: Well, I'm gonna go.

Daniel: No, Kate, please.

Kate: No. No more talking. No more.

Philip: No wonder you're so worried about her.

Daniel: Philip, it's a lot more complicated than you think.

Philip: "Complicated"? How about stupid and dysfunctional, Daniel? Disloyal. After all my Father's done for you.

Daniel: My involvement with Kate, I didn't think of it as being disloyal to Victor.

Philip: Well, I'm sure you didn't. I'm sure you weren't thinking at all when you slept with my Mother.

Daniel: Believe me, Philip, if I knew what I knew now... look, I never meant to hurt your mother or Chelsea or anybody else.

Philip: Have you told her?

Daniel: Chelsea?

Philip: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah, she left me.

Philip: Smart move.

Daniel: Probably. But that doesn't change the fact that I...

Philip: Hmm?

Daniel: I need to get back to work.

Morgan: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Morgan: Sorry. I couldn't help but overhearing. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Did you fly all the way out here to patch things up with Nick?

Chelsea: No. Nick and I?--?no. Not exactly.

Stephanie: Chelsea, you can tell me anything. You know that. I'm not gonna judge you.

Chelsea: There's nothing to judge, so that's great. Look, let's just get out of here and go see Nick in the hospital, okay?

Stephanie: Max.

Max: Hey.

Stephanie: We were just about to leave to go see Nick.

Max: Yeah, I called.

Stephanie: Yeah, so did we. They said that he's stable and resting, so...

Max: That's great news.

Stephanie: Yeah, it is. Where's Melanie?

Max: She's down at the police station.

Stephanie: Everything okay?

Max: Great.

Stephanie: Oh, all right, then, what's next?

Max: We're going home. When I get there, I'm gonna kill my Father.

E.J.: Samantha, would you just?--?Samantha, would you please listen to reason for once in your life?

Sami: You think I should listen to reason? Have you looked around? Notice that Lucas and Chloe aren't even here, that they left her all alone?

E.J.: I am sure that they are around. They're probably in the next room.

Sami: Maybe they're outside showering, lathering each other up.

E.J.: You think so? Okay, tell me you were not about to kidnap your daughter.

Sami: Of course I wasn't. What are you, stupid? I'm not gonna do something like that. I just wanted to come here and see her little smiling face?--?my little princess. I wanted to give her her teddy bear. What are you doing here?

E.J.: What do you think I'm doing here? The last thing you told me was that you were gonna damn the court case and get Allie for yourself.

Sami: If you hadn't been so busy flirting with Nicole, you would have understood that I was just talking. I was upset. I was blowing off steam.

E.J.: Why am I not convinced?

Sami: Look, I want custody of Allie back. Of course I do. But I'm gonna go through the proper channels. I just want to make sure she was okay.

Lucas: Oh, don't worry about it, Sami. She's fine. But if you don't get the hell away from her, you're never gonna see her again.

Philip: You know what? I shouldn't judge them. Daniel and my Mother are both adults. They have every right in the world to... I mean, my God. I always complain about my Mother being overprotective of me and here I am ready to strangle the guy for going anywhere near her.

Morgan: You're a good son, Philip.

Philip: That's not the only one he's hurt. What about Chelsea? She must have gone crazy when she found out.

Morgan: Probably.

Philip: You know what? I'm gonna let it go for now because we have more important things to discuss.

Morgan: Like?

Philip: You and me.

Morgan: Yeah, Philip, I don't?--?

Philip: Morgan...we could be good together. You know it and I know it.

Lucas: Sami, get out of here right now.

Sami: You left her alone, Lucas, so you could be with your new BFF.

Lucas: You came here to take her? Is that why you're here?

E.J.: All right, let's, uh?--?let's not jump to conclusions here, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm not talking to you, am I? I'm talking to Sami. Sami, put her down now.

Sami: No.

Lucas: Yes. You're not taking our daughter out of here. You're dead wrong if you think you're doing that.

E.J.: Easy.

Chloe: Oh, my God. What's going on here?

Sami: What's going on is that you and father of the year here left my daughter unattended.

Chloe: No, that's not true. I just went for a second to go rinse some shampoo out of my hair, and she was sleeping.

Lucas: Don't you think that could have waited?

Officer: Hello? We're looking for Samantha Brady.

Sami: That's me.

Officer: We got a call informing us that you're in violation of your court order.

Sami: A call? What call?

Officer: Ma'am, hand the child to her Father and come with us.

Lucas: Way to go, Sami. Now I'm one step closer to getting full custody of Allie.

Chelsea: That's disgusting.

Stephanie: He pimped out his own daughter.

Max: Now maybe you understand why he deserves to die.

John: I don't think that's a good idea that you see Trent Robbins.

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