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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/3/08 - Canada; Thursday 9/4/08 - U.S.A.

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Lexie: Okay, sweetheart. See, this is a bulldozer. It picks up dirt like this. Want to try? All right. Well, hey, honey. Honey, look. How about this one? This is a dump truck. You see, you put sand in it like that, and then you drive it. Honey. Come on, sweetheart. Look at Mommy. See what Mommy's doing? [Imitates truck engine] [Sighs] Okay. Okay, um, honey. Why don't we trade, hmm? You give me that, and you can play with one of these cool trucks, okay?

Abe: You know, we really can't push it, Lex.

Lexie: [Sighs] So, uh, you think I'm pushing it.

Abe: No, I didn't say that. It's just if he doesn't want to play with his toys, we can't force him. He seems to be pretty content right now. Look, Lex, I know this is frustrating, but we just have to slow down. It's a long process. That's what Dr. Dyer said.

Lexie: Sorry if I'm not being patient enough. I just refuse to sit around and do nothing.

Abe: We're not gonna argue about this.

Kayla: That's great. Oh, hi, guys.

Abe: Look who's here.

Lexie: Hi.

Steve: Whoa, Theo! You're looking good, man. Nice trucks.

Tony: What in the hell are you doing?

Stefano: Get the door for me, would you, pal?

Tony: A-anytime. Father, what's going on?

Stefano: Oh, just a minor construction project.

Tony: It doesn't sound minor.

Stefano: Listen, what do you think of a retractable roof over the swimming pool, hmm?

Tony: What?

Stefano: Yes. And then, maybe, a bank of Palladian windows. I love Palladian windows. Come, come, come, come, come. Here, let me show you. See? This is going to be the art gallery, all right? And outside here, I'm going to have a boccie court and then guest quarters, of course, and, um, you know, I've been thinking. I want to expand the wine cellar. Oh, it's pretty good. A few details have yet to be attended to.

Tony: Are you adding another wing?

Stefano: Well, I feel as if I need a fresh start, Antony, okay? And since the Hearst Castle is not on the market, I thought I would give this little estate a face-lift, eh? Ah, you know where that goes, right?

Tony: Yes, sir.

Stefano: All right, good. [Sighs] So, it is finally starting to feel like home. [Chuckles] Ah, yes. Now... if only I could evict the, uh, free-loading tenants.

E.J.: I'm sorry, father. That's, uh, not about to happen.

Trent: Oh, Marlena. It's nice to see you again.

Marlena: I'm sorry.

Trent: Trent Robbins. We met at the Java Café a few weeks ago.

Marlena: [Inhales sharply] Oh, yes. Yeah.

Trent: Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I'd like to make it up to you. Can I buy you a drink, a Bloody Mary, Mimosa?

Marlena: I'm not sure that's a good idea. I have this rule -- no cocktails before noon.

Trent: Well, got to be noon somewhere.

Marlena: No thanks. John?

John: I didn't hear you leave this morning.

Marlena: Well, I got up early to go to the gym.

John: Alone?

Marlena: Stefano's busy. He didn't see me leave.

John: Stay another night.

Marlena: With Stefano there? I don't think so. I-I'm gonna get back to the townhouse.

John: Well, you shouldn't be by yourself.

Marlena: I won't be. Lexie's sending a nurse by to check on me, and Roman is sending some of his men around.

John: Come on. Your room's all made up. I insist. You stay with me.

Marlena: I'm not comfortable doing that.

John: Why is that, because of what happened between you and me in the office?

Marlena: No, that has nothing to do with it.

John: Then what is the problem?

Marlena: I just said no! I'll have that mimosa.

Trent: Great. Please, have a seat.

Marlena: Thank you.

Trent: I'm glad you changed your mind.

Nicole: Yikes.

John: Do you know that man?

Nicole: Unfortunately. That's Trent Robbins. He's Dean of The Physics Department at the University.

John: I don't think I like him.

Nicole: Join the club. He's a grade-a jerk. What's he doing with Marlena?

Steve: Hey, man. Now, tell me something. What do you recommend, the slide or the swings? How about that merry-go-round out there? It looks pretty cool. You taken a spin on that yet?

Lexie: Theo, honey, you've been on the merry-go-round. Theo!

Abe: Lex, Lex.

Kayla: Steve, um, why don't you take Joe and Abe and go feed the birds?

Steve: Want to feed some birds, man? Let's do it. Okay. Feeding the birds.

Stefano: An injunction.

E.J.: So, as you can see, neither Tony nor myself are going anywhere.

Stefano: This means nothing.

Tony: You know, Anna and I can move into one of these new suites, except we'd need a little more closet space.

Stefano: Listen, both of you will be long gone by the time this renovation is complete.

E.J.: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Stefano: Mm. This is not permanent, Elvis.

E.J.: No, it's not. It's a start.

Stefano: Start to what?

E.J.: A start to us reclaiming our birth right, the one you seem so very intent on destroying.

Stefano: Ah, yes. [Chuckles] The DiMera fortune, huh? Well, god forbid that my two sons would have to fend for themselves.

Tony: This isn't about money, Father.

E.J.: No. This is about restoring honor to the DiMera name. It's about our legacy.

Stefano: Mm. Trust me, the DiMera legacy is in very good hands.

E.J.: Really? What do you mean by that, exactly?

Stefano: It concerns neither one of you.

Tony: Of course it does. After all, we're family.

Stefano: Ah, family. Well, I rule this family.

E.J.: Not anymore you don't.

Stefano: [Sighs deeply] I would like to speak to each of you one-on-one.

Tony: What, divide and conquer? Is that your modus operandi?

Stefano: How sad. You must harbor a deep distrust of me.

Tony: For good reason. So, if you have anything to say to me, you can say it in front of E.J.

E.J.: I agree with Tony.

Stefano: Is this really the way I raised you, huh? Two so-called capable men who cannot make a decision without the support of the other? It makes me sick! [Chuckles] A little symbiosis in a family is welcome. I mean, it's even healthy. But you two [Chuckles] You carry it to the extreme. You two will never be able to maintain the DiMera legacy.

Tony: Okay. So, let's talk.

Kayla: Lexie.

Lexie: Abe and I are still having problems.

Kayla: I figured.

Lexie: Yeah. We just don't see eye to eye about Theo. It's really affecting the way we deal with each other.

Kayla: How could it not?

Lexie: The frustrating thing is we're aware it's happening. We just can't seem to stop it. We'll be having a nice moment and something will happen, and we're at odds again.

Kayla: Well, is it something between you and Abe, or is it about Theo?

Lexie: Both. Well, I mean, honestly, it's about Theo. Abe -- Abe's good with him. You know, he's patient and understanding, and he thinks I'm trying too hard.

Kayla: Come on. You're a good mother.

Lexie: I used to be. Not anymore.

Kayla: Oh, stop it. Stop.

Lexie: This isn't how it was supposed to be. [Sighs deeply] I should be able to handle this, Kayla. I'm a doctor, for God's sake.

Kayla: I know. I felt the same way when Joe was in the hospital. I felt guilty, like I should be able to prevent it.

Lexie: Yeah, exactly.

Kayla: You know what I think? I think that, for doctors, it's even more difficult. We spend all of our time trying to make people healthy. And then when something bad happens to someone we love, we take it personally.

Lexie: Yeah. I mean, there's so much going on right now, you know, my Father coming out of his alleged coma and the whole ordeal at the hospital.

Kayla: Yeah. Well, it wasn't your fault.

Lexie: Well, some think it is. And I've heard what the board members have been saying. I could lose my job over this.

Kayla: Don't.

Lexie: Well, you know what the truth is, Kayla? The truth is I would give up my job. No, I'd give anything just to have my little boy be like everybody else.

Tony: So, we're alone. What do you want to talk about?

Stefano: Does this look familiar?

Tony: Yes. It reminds me of one you gave me the first day we worked together.

Stefano: Ah. You know... when I gave you the first job, Antony, I had such high hopes. I saw myself in you. The tenacity, the passion. I mean, we were of one mind, you and I, about everything -- business, family, you name it. Huh? I could trust you with anything.

Tony: Well, that was years ago, and I have no intention of revisiting that time in my life.

Stefano: [Sighs] Your weakness astounds me.

Tony: Weakness?

Stefano: Yes. I brought you up to be strong, bold.

Tony: If you taught me anything... it was what not to be. But your idea of strong and bold is ruthless, arrogance, loneliness. No, they are not traits I wish to carry on into my personal legacy. That is not who I am today.

Nicole: You know, I've got some time to kill while Pookie's getting fluffed. Want to buy me breakfast? Oh, John, forget about them. So, do you have any plans for the weekend? It's like talking to a brick wall. Will you stop looking at Marlena? Okay, I realize I neglected to exfoliate this morning, but is it really that bad?

John: What are you saying?

Nicole: I was wondering if you had plans for the weekend.

John: Why?

Nicole: Loosen up. Geez. I'm just trying to make conversation.

John: Maybe I don't feel much like conversing.

Nicole: I thought you two were separated.

John: It's still my wife.

Trent: You suppose he's jealous?

Marlena: Pardon me?

Trent: That man you were talking to earlier.

Marlena: John.

Trent: I mean, he is the reason you accepted my drink offer, right? I don't mind. It's okay. If that's what it takes to get the attention of a beautiful woman like yourself, I won't complain.

Marlena: I guess I should thank you for the compliment.

Trent: Look, I don't mean to pry, but are you two...

Marlena: Married.

Trent: That's the word I was searching for.

Marlena: Yeah. John has had opportunities to make it work, but his priorities have been elsewhere.

Trent: Hmm. Then why does he keep looking over here?

Nicole: Swallow your pride, John, and go talk to her. I'm serious. If you love her, then tell her.

John: Oh, I can't do that.

Nicole: Why not? Are you playing hard to get? Because, trust me, women hate that.

John: No. She'll come around.

Nicole: [Laughs] And what if she doesn't? Look, I realize I'm the last person who should be giving relationship advice, but if you still have feelings for Marlena, I say go for it. I know what it's like to be in love with someone that you can't have. But you have a shot with her. Don't be stupid. Don't throw it away.

Trent: You two trying to work things out?

Marlena: You are so inquisitive.

Trent: I'm sorry. Don't feel you have to answer that.

Marlena: Thank you.

Stefano: You have made a very serious mistake, Antony.

Tony: I think you're the one who's mistaken. You know, it's unfortunate that you are so unwilling to accept me for who I am. Underestimating me will eventually lead to your downfall.

Stefano: Is that some kind of a threat?

Tony: You take it as you like. [Door opens]

E.J.: Well?

Tony: I think I made my point.

E.J.: So. I hear your meeting with tony didn't go quite as well as you'd expected.

Stefano: My relationship with Tony has always been difficult. But it's been different with you.

E.J.: Not anymore. Whatever tony said to you, that goes double for me.

Lexie: Abe and I had so many dreams for Theo, you know, school, sports, career, marriage, kids of his own someday. And now...

Kayla: He can still have all those things. You may just have to alter your expectations.

Lexie: The other day, I was looking at brochures for kindergarten. Oh, my goodness, Kayla. It's overwhelming. Do I mainstream Theo into public school, or do I send him to a school that specializes in children with disabilities?

Kayla: I think that you and Abe are gonna have to weigh the options.

Lexie: I never thought I'd have to make this kind of a decision.

Kayla: No one ever does.

Lexie: Life is supposed to follow a certain blueprint, you know? Something like this happens, and it changes everything. I mean, everything. There are so many questions I have. Will he be able to make his own meals or drive a car? Oh, my God. When he's 30 years old, will he still be living at home, Kayla? I'm gonna have to deal with this the rest of my life. How am I gonna do that?

Kayla: You're just gonna do it. Look at all of the support you have with friends and family. You are not in this alone.

Lexie: I must sound like a horrible mother. All I'm thinking about is myself.

Kayla: Lexie, come on.

Lexie: Kayla, I'm just -- I'm just not prepared for this.

Kayla: I know. But you know what? If you and Abe set a good example for Theo, if he sees that his parents are happy, then he's gonna be happy. You just have to stay encouraging and understanding. And give him lots of love. Come on.

Steve: I know what you're talking about, man. Kayla's got two of everything.

Abe: So does Lexie. You would have thought we had twins.

Steve: Ooh. One is hard enough, man. I think it gets easier when they get older. They can start taking care of themselves.

Abe: For the most part, yeah.

Steve: Oh, man, I'm sorry. That was dumb.

Abe: [Chuckles] You know, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I don't want people to be uncomfortable and tiptoe around the subject. Our son is autistic. And there are thousands of parents going through the same thing we are.

Steve: All right, I got it. No special treatment.

Abe: Yeah, but sometimes it is good to talk about it.

Steve: Yeah?

Abe: Whenever Lexie and I discuss Theo, we usually end up in an argument.

Steve: Well, that doesn't sound good.

Abe: No. I mean, it's nobody's fault. You know, we just deal with things in different ways. She's frustrated, that's all. You know, she -- she just so badly wants Theo to reach out to her, to open up... to show affection. It's not gonna happen. It may never happen.

Stefano: [Sighs] I am so disappointed in you, Elvis. [Chuckles] Of all my children, you were the one that I felt closest to.

E.J.: Really? That would probably explain why you kicked me out, then, eh?

Stefano: No. See, you have a choice, son. I would be a very happy man to have you here. But it would require certain concessions on your part.

E.J.: Selling my soul to the devil? No, thank you.

Stefano: Is that really the way you see me, Elvis? After everything I've done for you?

E.J.: Why not, hmm? I mean, look at you. You're this master of manipulation... just incessantly controlling my life, Tony's life. Well, I'm sorry. Legacy or no legacy, when I grow up, I don't want to be like you.

Stefano: Well... I guess I know where you stand.

E.J.: I guess you do. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not adverse to a little bit of power, influence, but I'm gonna do that my way, my terms.

Stefano: You won't get either one of them without me.

E.J.: [Laughs] You're wrong. And I'm gonna prove it.

Kayla: You guys change your mind and want to join us for breakfast, we'll be at the Brady Pub.

Abe: Take care now. Bye. Hey, uh, sweetheart, I'm parked around the corner, so why don't we take one car, and I'll drop you off at the hospital?

Lexie: Oh, no, I'll probably be working late tonight.

Abe: I thought we were gonna try to have dinner tonight.

Lexie: Honey, I'm sorry. There's just so much going on at the hospital. You know, I'm gonna be going in late anyway, so...

Abe: I understand. Hey, Theo, you all ready to go?

Lexie: Sweetheart, it's time to go.

Theo: No! No!

Abe: Yeah, you know where we're gonna go? We got to go see Mark, remember? He's got all those cool toys.

Theo: No!

Abe: Yeah. Let's go.

Theo: No!

Abe: It's okay. It's okay. Come on, come on.

Trent: [Laughing]

John: Now I know I don't like him.

Nicole: John, wait.

John: I'm gonna go break his arm.

Nicole: You can't do that. You need to play this smart. Now, sit down.

John: What's your angle?

Nicole: Excuse me?

John: Why are you so eager to get Blondie and me back together?

Nicole: You want the truth?

John: I've got so little in my life, it would be refreshing, yes.

Nicole: That man she's with is a no-good bastard who deserves to die.

John: Clearly, you two have a history. What is it?

Nicole: I can't go into detail.

John: You can, and you will. Tell me his story.

Nicole: One minute he's charming and sweet and pouring on the compliments, and the next minute he's...

John: The next minute what?

Nicole: That man has a dark side that most people don't know. But, like I said, you need to play this smart. You want to drive a wedge between Marlena and Trent, I know just how to do it.

Marlena: I have been yammering on. I'm afraid that I've bored you.

Trent: No, not at all. No, I always enjoy meeting new and interesting people. That's one of the reasons I chose the career I did.

Marlena: Ah. Writing -- people who are known for their high level of sociability.

Trent: I mean my other career, my nine-to-five.

Marlena: Oh, you're the Dean of a Physics Department, right?

Trent: Hey, very good.

Marlena: Small town. Word travels.

Trent: Yeah, that it does. So, what about you? What's your nine-to-five?

Marlena: Psychiatry.

Trent: Oh, so you're in the business of helping people, as well.

Marlena: Yeah, I-I guess I chose my career for the same reason you did.

Trent: You know, we seem to have a lot in common. Look, um, I'm usually not so forward, but, um, how would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?

Abe: Okay, come on. We're going to Mark's, and we'll have a lot of fun.

Theo: No! No!

Abe: Noah's gonna be there.

Theo: No!

Abe: It's okay. It's okay. Do you have any snacks in your purse?

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: Oh, great. Okay.

Theo: No!

Abe: What can I give you? Oh, yeah, graham crackers.

Lexie: Here, honey, graham cracker.

Abe: Here you go. Here you go. There you go. Good graham cracker. So, where did that come from, huh?

Lexie: I don't know.

Abe: Well, when we see the therapist, we'll get his take on it. But, sweetheart, are you sure you can't come to dinner? I really want to talk to you, just the two of us. Okay. I'm gonna drop Theo off at Mark's, huh? Yeah. I'll catch up with you later. Ready to go, big guy? All right, here we go.

Lexie: Bye, sweetheart. I'll see you later.

Abe: All right, come on. Come on. Let's go.

Stefano: Tony, come in here.

Tony: What, you actually want to speak to both of us at the same time?

Stefano: Now that I know your individual positions, I want to give you a final chance to make things right.

Tony: But you already have our answer, Father.

Stefano: I want you to consider seriously about your future, eh? Imagine the three of us working together, like a magnificent triumvirate, huh? Because the possibilities are unlimited. Now, despite whatever you may think, I have worked very hard for everything that I have. And nothing would give me more pleasure than to be able to share the fruits of my labor -- our labor -- someday. But... it cannot happen unless we have your unwavering loyalty.

E.J.: [Chuckles] By which he means we'll continue to be his little puppets.

Tony: [Chuckles] And we've already given you our answer, Father. It's still no.

Stefano: You turn your back on me, on this family, and it is over! Do you understand? No more chances! You want to throw all that away?!

Tony: Yes, we do, Father. [Door slams]

Stefano: God.

Marlena: Are you asking me on a date?

Trent: What do you say? I can make a reservation at Chez Rouge.

Marlena: Oh, look, I'm flattered by the invitation, but --

Trent: No, please don't say no. My ego can't take it.

Marlena: Sorry.

Trent: Well, you can't fault a guy for trying.

Marlena: I think it might be a bit awkward.

Trent: Why would you think that?

Marlena: Well, I'm not really comfortable with the way that you treated your son.

Trent: Oh, I guess the Salem rumor mill must be cranking overtime.

Marlena: Did you abandon Max?

Trent: You really cut to the chase.

Marlena: He's part of my family. I love that boy.

Trent: Well, we've all done things we regret. I'm sure you understand that.

Marlena: I do.

Trent: Does that mean you'll reconsider having dinner with me?

Marlena: Trent, I'm a married woman.

Trent: If, uh, things change for you, please let me know.

Kayla: It's so good to see you up and about.

Marlena: Thanks.

Kayla: How is he?

Steve: Shh. Shh.

Kayla: I told you. You're magic.

Steve: You know, it was good seeing Lexie and Abe today, huh?

Kayla: Yeah, we should make an effort to see them more often.

Steve: Yeah. It's hard to imagine what they must be going through.

Kayla: It's the last thing you ever expect, you know? Your child is born with 10 fingers and toes. You think he's healthy. Then you find out he's autistic. Kind of puts everything in perspective, doesn't it?

Steve: Sure does. You know, it doesn't seem like Lexie's handling it too well.

Kayla: Oh, she'll come around. You know, she just needs to accept the fact that some things are gonna come easier for most kids, and it's gonna be a challenge for Theo. And it's always gonna be like that. It's gonna take just, you know, more time and more effort.

Steve: It just doesn't seem fair.

Kayla: Yeah. But he's doing well in his therapy, so, you know, I don't see why he couldn't live a fairly normal life.

Steve: Maybe he'll be one of those kids who doesn't have such a severe case.

Kayla: Yeah, I hope so because I don't know how much Lexie can take.

Lexie: [Sniffles]

Theo: See, Mommy? Bulldozer.

Lexie: Uh-huh. Yes, it is. Good job, sweetheart.

Theo: Look, I can dig.

Lexie: Ooh, yeah. Oh, my goodness. Yes, you can. You know what, Theo? You can do anything you want.

Theo: I love you, Mommy.

Lexie: Honey, I love you, too! Give me a hug. Give me a hug! Big old hug, big old hug. Give me a big old hug! [Smooching] I love you.

Theo: [Giggles]

Lexie: [Laughing] Okay, let's see what we can build, huh?

Lexie: [Sniffles]

Nicole: She's alone. Now's your chance.

John: Whoa, don't touch the hair.

Nicole: Sorry. So, do you know what you're gonna say, or do you want me to tell you what I think again?

John: [Grunts]

Nicole: Listen, listen. You love her. You miss her. You want her back. Let it flow. And loosen up.

John: Love her. Miss her. Need her. Want her.

Nicole: Go. [Clicks tongue]

Marlena: Hi.

John: Hi.

Marlena: I'm glad you came over. There's something that I'd like to say to you.

John: There's something I'd like to say to you, too.

Marlena: Okay. I'm not sure how to say it, so I just will. Um... I think it's time that I filed for divorce.

Steve: John and Marlena look pretty intense over there. Wonder if they're talking about Stefano.

Kayla: You know, I still can't believe that he's back in town. Just when everything was getting back to normal...

Steve: The son of a bitch pops back up again.

Kayla: You know, I'm worried. What if he comes after Joe?

Steve: No, no, no. That's not gonna happen. I'm gonna spend every minute of every day making sure Joe is safe. Stefano's not gonna lay a finger on him.

E.J.: No, I'm sorry. I do not have 10 minutes. I need to deal with this right -- oh, shoot, I'm sorry.

Stefano: Family has always been the most important thing to me. It's a shame that you do not feel the same way.

Marlena: I feel like we're fighting a losing battle here, John.

John: And you think a divorce is the answer.

Marlena: I never wanted it to come to this. Sometimes things just don't work out the way that you hope. It's nobody's fault. I just think that, well, I think we'd be happier.

Nicole: I-I, uh -- I have to pick up Pookie from the puppy parlor. It was nice to see you.

E.J.: Wait. Please. I'm not happy with the way we left things between the two of us.

Nicole: Hey, don't sweat it.

E.J.: I'm serious. I'm sorry that you had to... see what happened between Samantha and I.

Nicole: In a compromising position.

E.J.: In the stairwell.

Nicole: Sami's your kid's mom. Of course you want to make things work with her.

E.J.: Honestly, I really don't know what's gonna happen between Samantha and me.

Nicole: So you want to keep your options open?

E.J.: That's not what I'm saying.

Nicole: What are you saying, then?

E.J.: The truth?

Nicole: I'll be the judge of that.

E.J.: When I was with Samantha, there's a part of me that felt like I was cheating on you. Strange then, isn't it?

Lexie: You immediately assume we're having an affair?

Abe: This is not the first time.

Lucas: I was kind of hoping that you'd come with us.

E.J.: I would imagine that by the end of today, you'll have a decision about Allie's custody.

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