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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/21/08 - Canada; Friday 8/22/08 - U.S.A.

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Stefano: Going somewhere, Rolf?

Dr. Rolf: Oh, it's not what it looks like, sir. I assure you.

Stefano: Put the suitcase down.

Dr. Rolf: [Sighs] Um...can I get you something to drink, Stefano? Perhaps some Strega.

Stefano: Rolf.

Dr. Rolf: Yes?

Stefano: Shut up.

Dr. Rolf: Of course, sir.

Stefano: I need your full attention now. You and I have some very urgent business to take care of.

Kayla: Roman, he took our baby and did God knows what to him.

Steve: You got to lock this son of a bitch up, because I'm going after him. You hear me?

Roman: Listen to me. Now, I know you're both upset, but just bear with me here.

Kayla: You know, I really need to go be with Joe.

Roman: Not now. One more minute, Kayla.

Kayla: Come on, please. I just want to be with him.

Steve: Wait, wait a minute. Sweetness, he's just in the next room with Dr. Lopez. He's checking him out. Roman's got two of his men on the door. Now let's just help him.

Roman: Okay, all right. Thank you. Just tell me what happened.

Steve: Like we said, the gas was pouring out of the vent. It got harder and harder to breathe.

Kayla: We passed out, but, luckily, we had oxygen on the baby.

Steve: When we came to, Joe was gone.

Kayla: He took our baby, Roman. Come on.

Roman: Well, it was unconscionable, but that is Stefano.

Steve: It's one thing to go after us, but a baby?

Kayla: What, is he just gonna start stealing our children now? Is that his new scheme?

Roman: Whatever he's doing, it's going to stop.

[Machine beeping]

John: Does she have a fever?

Lexie: John, I asked you to stay outside.

John: She's my wife. Does she have a fever?

Lexie: Her temperature's normal.

John: Oh, well, that's good, isn't it?

Lexie: Well, it's hard to say.

John: What's hard to say? Either it is or it isn't.

Lexie: Okay, John, I wish I could reassure you, but I can't make predictions, all right? All I can tell you is -- wait a second.

John: What is it?

Lexie: Her brain activity just spiked. She's regaining consciousness.

Tony: Huh. You know, when I was younger, before we moved to Salem, Father used to disappear for weeks, sometimes months at a time. I never gave it a second thought. It was part of the norm.

E.J.: Well, you know what they say about old habits.

Tony: No, it's not habits. It's his nature. And you know as well as I do [Sighs] That the core of Father's power lies in his ability to surprise. Hell, it's his unpredictability that keeps him alive.

E.J.: That...and that fact that he seems to considers himself to be rather invincible.

Tony: Yes, well, take your pick.

E.J.: If only he didn't insist on tainting this incredible empire that he's built.

Tony: Yes. If only.

E.J.: I mean, I don't think he has any idea that he does it. He seems to think that he leads this exemplary life.

Tony: Yes, he's a master of self-delusion, as well.

E.J.: [Laughs] I mean, even with this -- what, chemical bloody warfare, for God sake.

Tony: Yes. All that notwithstanding...

E.J.: What?

Tony: Well, you know, we've always been critical of Father's way of life. We rail against his transgressions, what he's created, the fortune he's amassed.

E.J.: Go on.

Tony: They're ours -- yours and mine.

E.J.: What's your point?

Tony: I think we have a problem that we've brushed aside. I think we need -- and it is the time -- that we confront it head on.

E.J.: You mean John Black.

Tony: By George, he's got it.

E.J.: He certainly seems to think he's the pretender to the kingdom.

Tony: Exactly, and this is not just about power and money. This is about our birthright.

E.J.: Yeah.

Tony: What, you're skeptical?

E.J.: I don't know. I mean, to be honest with you, I'm not entirely sure if our father's legacy is something that I really wish to continue.

Tony: It's not about him. It's not about power or money. It is about putting dignity and respect to the name, plain and simple.

E.J.: Okay.

Tony: We've got to put our own stamp on the DiMera franchise.

E.J.: Look, Tony, before you get carried away, I think I should tell you something. John has been pretty good to me.

Tony: Oh, send him a dozen roses.

E.J.: Come on. Don't be so glib, please.

Tony: E.J., John is a liability. If you're gonna allow your judgment to be clouded by --

E.J.: I'm not. I'm not, all right? I understand exactly what is gonna happen. Father's gonna go gunning after John. I get that. Even from a distance, there's gonna be war.

Tony: It's inevitable.

E.J.: Okay, so what do you suggest we do about it?

Tony: We wrest control of the family empire from those who want to sabotage it.

Stefano: Rolf, Rolf, relax. Why don't you take one of those -- how do you call them -- chill pills, or is that expression already passť?

Dr. Rolf: I've never used it myself, sir.

Stefano: [Laughs] I'm sure you haven't.

Dr. Rolf: I-I-I must say, you're looking extremely well, Stefano, all things considered.

Stefano: As do you, my friend. Your loyalty means the world to me, Rolf. You do know that, do you not?

Dr. Rolf: I do. And I assure you, it has endured. Even when you were gone, you were never far out of my thoughts.

Stefano: Well, I should hope not. But, look, enough of this gushing, huh? Because we have very much to accomplish.

Dr. Rolf: Yes. Yes, we do. Much to accomplish, I am sure. You have always been a man of great ambition.

Stefano: It's good to be back, hmm? Even if I do have to go underground for a while.

Dr. Rolf: "Underground"? Oh, well, better safe than comatose, yes? Uh, wait, wait. Uh, what I meant to say was --

Stefano: Rolf.

Dr. Rolf: Yes?

Stefano: I need you to concentrate, huh? Focus on the business at hand.

Dr. Rolf: Yes, yes, Stefano.

Stefano: All right. [Sighs] There are some very important papers in here, all right? I will need them later on.

Dr. Rolf: "Later on"?

Stefano: Yes, I am asking you to make sure to keep them safe and that they will not fall in the wrong hands.

Dr. Rolf: Oh, well, if I may be so bold --

Stefano: Also, I wish to leave a message for Dr. Marlena Evans.

Dr. Rolf: What? Those chess pieces are antiques. They're over 100 years old.

Stefano: Yes. And they are mine to do with as I see fit.

Dr. Rolf: Of course.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Dr. Rolf: Um...is Marlena -- have you seen her?

Stefano: Oh, Rolf, Rolf, there is so much to tell you and so little time, but we certainly, once we reach our destination, will have plenty of time to catch up.

Dr. Rolf: "Our destination"?

Stefano: You're coming with me, Rolf, or do you prefer to stay here as John Black's manservant for the rest of your miserable life?

Kayla: How's our big boy? Oh, baby.

Nurse: Oh, there you go. Oh, he is fine and very happy to see his mommy and daddy. Aren't you, little one? Dr. Lopez examined Joe thoroughly, and he is fine.

Kayla: Thank God.

Steve: Thanks.

Nurse: Y'all just take care of that beautiful little boy.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: I'll do that.

Steve: Sweetness, I hate -- I hate to say this, but do you really believe he's all right?

Kayla: Listen, Dr. Lopez has taken care of him since he was born. I'm sure he examined him thoroughly.

Steve: Yeah, but we both know what Stefano's capable of. After what he did to me and to John.

Kayla: Come on. Don't go there. You'll make yourself crazy.

Steve: If he did anything to hurt our baby boy, I swear to God, Kayla, I'll kill him.

Kayla: And I'd help you.

Sami: You mean she's waking up? Mom, Mom, it's Sami. I'm here, and John's here. We're right here by your side.

John: Dr. Carver, what's going on? You said she was snapping out of it.

Lexie: Her EEG indicates increased brain activity, but there are so many variables, it's impossible to tell when she'll actually be aware of her surroundings and able to speak.

Sami: Mom. Mom, I know you can hear me. We're here for you. John and I, everyone -- the family -- we miss you so much, and we are gonna be here for you every step of the way.

Lexie: I want to run more tests on her. But the fact that she seems to be regaining consciousness so quickly is a good sign.

John: So what turned things around for her?

Lexie: This. One of the staff found it on the floor next to Marlena's bed.

John: What's in it?

Lexie: It's a drug that Kayla synthesized -- an antidote for the toxins that one of Stefano's men allegedly poisoned her with.

John: For the record, there was nothing alleged about what that goon-for-hire did. That's a stone-cold fact.

Lexie: I better go order those tests.

Sami: Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah.

Sami: Listen, thank you for taking such good care of my mom. We appreciate it.

Lexie: Well, if she does recover, it will be because of this antidote.

John: So are you saying that Kayla's injection was timely?

Lexie: Actually, when Kayla was questioned, she said she never had the opportunity to administer the antidote.

Sami: Well, then, who did?

Lexie: We don't know. But whoever it was may have saved your mother's life.

Sami: "May have"?

Lexie: Look, my suggestion to you -- go home, get some rest. These tests could take a while. I'll call you as soon as I know anything. If her condition improves any further, you'll be the first to know, all right?

Sami: Thank you.

Lexie: Okay.

Sami: You're not fooling me for a second, John.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sami: You care about my mom. I can see it on your face, looking at her. You may not want to admit it, but you do have a heart in there, and right now, it's breaking. You love her, don't you?

John: Well, love is...

Sami: Yeah?

John: It's something that I don't understand very well.

Sami: Well, you're not alone in that. But you'll know it when you feel it because it takes over your whole body, takes over everything. And when you think you might be losing that person you love... it breaks your heart.

John: I see. Well, I will admit that...I have been even more concerned about Blondie since Stefano targeted her in the lock down, but I don't know if I would call that love.

Sami: So what would you call it?

John: Do I really need to come up with a word for this?

Sami: No.

John: Okay.

Sami: But I'm gonna ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me. Are you -- are you holding out for someone else? Are you still hung up on Ava or what? Oh, my God. John, look, I get it, okay? But you can't keep leading my mom on like this. You have to let her go.

John: Samantha.

Sami: I'm serious. I get it. You want a new life. You want to start over. You want to start over with Ava or whoever, and that's fine, but you can't keep leading my mom on like this. You owe it to her to not give her false hope. So when she wakes up, I'm gonna tell her that she has to stop wasting her time waiting for you. She has to move on.

John: Will you stop? I didn't say that I was hung up on Ava. You did. What I'm saying is I'm just trying to process the strange events of the last few weeks, and I'm not having a whole lot of success at it, okay?

Sami: Okay.

John: Okay.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm in no position to be judging your behavior anyway, especially since I...

John: Since when?

Sami: [Sighs] Since you're not the only one who's on shaky ground when it comes to romance.

John: [Chuckles] Yeah. Well, I guess none of us are immune.

Sami: I'll tell you one thing I know for sure -- my kids are the most important thing in the world to me. So I'm gonna go find them and give them a big hug and I'll make sure that they're okay.

John: Yes. And then when you return, perhaps your mother will be awake and smiling for you.

Sami: Thanks. Yeah. Hey, Mom. Mom, I'm gonna go, okay? But I'm gonna be back. And in the meantime, you're in good hands. John's looking out for you, so you fight. You get strong, okay? Call me if anything changes.

Tony: Now, when it's about ego and greed, that's when power corrupts, E.J. But it doesn't have to be that way. Let the new order be one of legitimacy and honest power, the power to change things for the better.

E.J.: Okay. I'm with you.

Tony: Anyway, I got to go and find Anna, take her home. We'll talk later.

E.J.: Okay, thanks.

Nicole: So, this is the famous stairwell, huh? Or should I say infamous?

E.J.: Hey.

Nicole: Oh, hey. What's that? E.J. DiMera at a loss for words?

E.J.: Look, I know that I hurt you.

Nicole: You're very perceptive.

E.J.: But it's not like you and I had come to some kind of an --

Nicole: What? That we didn't have something serious? Okay, E.J., I'll give you that. I mean, just because it's been a long time since I poured my heart out to a man. I even told you about Trent. But what's the big deal, right? I mean, people pour their hearts out to their hairdressers for God sake. Doesn't mean they're in love with them.

E.J.: Are you in love with me?

Nicole: No, I am not. I didn't say that. [Sighs] You have quite the ego. Actually, I find you pompous, kind of stuffy. You know, you're not even my type. And by the way, I don't even blame Sami for what happened.

E.J.: Good, you shouldn't. It's not her fault.

Nicole: Did I not just say that?

E.J.: Go ahead and blame me.

Nicole: I was getting there. It is all you. You know, my first impression of you...was that you were in a class all of your own. I was dead wrong. You are a prototype, E.J. You are cruel and insensitive, just like 99% of the male population.

E.J.: Look, I'm really sorry that I hurt you. Nicole, the situation with Samantha is incredibly complicated. We have a lot of issues. We've talked about this.

Nicole: Oh, you know what, E.J.? I am not interested.

E.J.: Just -- would you please wait?

Nicole: There is nothing left to say.

E.J.: Nicole, please, come on. Look, the -- it's just -- it's just not the same as it is with somebody else.

Nicole: You know what? I don't care anymore. And I know you share a child with her. And you know what else I know? You're a liar.

E.J.: I'm a liar? I've never lied to you.

Nicole: When have you not?

E.J.: How about when I told you that I cared for you and I told you that I had feelings for you?

Nicole: You know what, E.J.? Is that supposed to make me feel better? I mean, you made out with Sami in the stairwell, and 20 minutes later, you have the gall to announce your half-baked feelings for me?

E.J.: They're not half-baked. I care about you very much. I think you're wonderful. I think you're fantastic. I love being in your company. We've talked about the situation with Samantha. It's difficult. She's the mother of my child, and that means a lot to me. It means maybe more than it should mean.

Nicole: No, no, it doesn't. It doesn't mean -- you don't even know what you want, E.J.

E.J.: Come on, wait.

Nicole: No, no. I am done here. You take your excuses somewhere else, because I want you out of my life.

Dr. Rolf: Pardon me, Stefano, but I am nobody's manservant. I am a full-time scientist and a part-time, well, butler.

Stefano: Rolf, we don't have time for your ramblings. We have work to do.

Dr. Rolf: What kind of work?

Stefano: [Sighs] I want you to dismantle the laboratory and move it to a new location.

Dr. Rolf: The laboratory? That might prove difficult if not impossible.

Stefano: "Impossible"? And you ask me why you are still changing diapers and arranging throw pillows?

Dr. Rolf: No, no, no. I-I just meant that -- oh. The lab is gone. John Black obliterated it.

Stefano: That brazen son of a bitch.

Dr. Rolf: I-I-I tried to salvage what I could.

Stefano: I don't care if we share the same blood in our veins. Half brother or not, he is finished!

Dr. Rolf: Yeah, well, to be frank, I never found much to admire about the man.

Stefano: You know, he and Marlena, they make quite a pair -- malevolent, destructive. Well, vengeance will be mine, Rolf. And it will be sweet.

Dr. Rolf: And how will you carry out this vengeance? I mean, knowing you, you have something in mind.

Stefano: Of course I do. I am going to raise up a whole new generation of DiMeras, Rolf. More powerful and invincible than ever.

Stefano: The vendetta will live on, you see, in the next generation and generations after that.

Dr. Rolf: And so now you wait.

Stefano: Mm. And entertain myself by wreaking havoc with John and Marlena. [Chuckles] The legendary lovers of Salem. [Door unlocks]

Dr. Rolf: Someone's coming!

E.J.: Hey, Allie. Happy to be home?

Sami: Johnny's still sleeping?

E.J.: Yeah. Maggie said he missed his nap again.

Sami: All right, I'm gonna get the rest of the stuff out of the car.

E.J.: Okay.

[Door closes]

E.J.: Father?

Sami: What's wrong?

Nicole: Oh, Lucas. Lucas, hey.

Lucas: Hey, Nicole.

Nicole: Everything okay? Are you good?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I'm kind of glad this whole thing happened.

Nicole: "Glad"? Did I miss something?

Lucas: Don't get me wrong. I'm not overjoyed that Stefano's back, and it doesn't thrill me that Marlena's suffering, but...

Nicole: Okay, then, why are you glad?

Lucas: Well, it's just this whole lock down situation's really enforced that I made the right decision about Sami.

Nicole: Ah.

Lucas: That's right. It's over between us.

Nicole: With Sami? She's just a wonderful, adoring, loving person, and she's always been so loyal to you.

Lucas: Yeah, right. Like it's my fault. I mean, what man wouldn't want Sami Brady in their life?

Nicole: I'm happy for you Lucas. You're better off without her.

Chloe: I couldn't agree more.

[Monitor beeping]

John: She's just got to get better. Okay, I tell you what. I will make whatever kind of deal you want me to... with either one of you. Just get her back on her feet. Come on, Blondie. It's time to wake up. I've got something real important you might want to hear.

Nicole: Big news, huh?

Chloe: Lucas coming to his senses about Sami? Not to me.

Nicole: Oh. So he's discussed it with you already, huh?

Lucas: Yeah, that's right. She's in the loop.

Nicole: Interesting.

Lucas: Look, right now, I got to focus on my daughter. She's my main priority. I'll, uh -- I'll see you later, okay?

Chloe: Okay. That was awkward.

Nicole: Yeah, try walking a mile in my shoes.

Chloe: I feel like he just blew me off. I mean, just before he was acting like --

Nicole: He was totally into you?

Chloe: Yeah, exactly. Now --

Nicole: He's trying to get as far away from you as possible because, I don't know, out of some guilt or confusion or God only knows. But, hey, he's a man. He's supposed to be unpredictable and emotionally unavailable.

Chloe: Hmm. You're right. What was I thinking?

Nicole: Can I buy you a coffee? I hate drinking alone.

Chloe: Yeah, sure. Oh, wait. You drink something other than booze?

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Chloe: So, do you think we'll have something to talk about?

Nicole: Yeah, actually, now I think we do. Hey, how about those Cubs?

Chloe: Ooh, they're hot.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm thinking pennant.

Steve: So, that's how it's gonna be, Roman? Our entire family has to look over our shoulders until you bag this guy?

Roman: Steve, you know we'll be working overtime to get Stefano. It's just a matter of time.

Steve: How much time? I mean, he already paralyzed Marlena. He gassed an entire hospital floor. And he kidnapped our son.

Tony: He did what?

Steve: Your father took our baby. Do you know anything about that?

Tony: Oh, dear God. Oh, damn him. Damn him.

Sami: E.J., what is it?

E.J.: It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Sami: Well, I won't worry if you tell me what's going on.

E.J.: Just a bit jumpy, all right? Sorry. I'm sure you can relate to that after what we went through today.

Sami: Definitely jumpy.

E.J.: Thank God for these two, eh?

Sami: Are they both asleep? [Chuckles] Oh, they're so peaceful-looking. [Baby crying] Oh, too good to be true. I'll get a bottle. What's that?

John: I know that I've hurt you, Blondie. And because of that, perhaps you thought I didn't care. And the fact is when I saw the pain on your face, it didn't affect me right then and there, but...residually it did. Now, I know that I'm not the John Black that you fell in love with, but it's become apparent to me that...you're very important to me, so you got to pull through this, okay? [Door opens] You have the test results? And she's gonna be okay?

Roman: Where is he, Tony?

Tony: I have no idea. I have my own reasons for wanting to find him. In fact, I'm willing to align myself with the Salem P.D. and do whatever I can to help in the search.

Roman: Well, we can use all the help we can get.

Tony: It's just unbelievable to me that he would target this innocent, precious child that's...

Steve: It's one thing to go after us, but a baby? Come on.

Kayla: Can we go home now? Please?

Steve: Let's go. Will you post security on our place?

Roman: Already done.

Kayla: Thanks, Roman.

Chloe: They must be so relieved to be getting out of here.

Nicole: Yeah.

Chloe: This is so good.

Nicole: Ugh, it's not that great.

Chloe: As far as I'm concerned, it's the best damn cup of coffee I've ever had.

Nicole: Hey, let's make a toast.

Chloe: Can you toast with coffee?

Nicole: Why not? We're rule breakers, right?

Chloe: Definitely.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay, so, to us...standing strong against the forces of an evil, deceitful, egotistical woman who, for some unknown reason, is able to get decent, intelligent, sexy men -- one with a really cute British accent -- wrapped around her little finger with no trouble at all.

Chloe: You wouldn't by any chance be referring to Sami Brady.

Nicole: How the hell did you guess that one?

E.J.: Are they asleep?

Sami: I think so. Um, Allie was having trouble, but I think I got her to calm down.

E.J.: This upset you -- this broken chess piece. Why?

Sami: It's the queen. You know, Stefano used to call my mom the queen of the night? I mean, this was his -- you don't know about any of this?

E.J.: No.

Sami: This is Stefano's doing. I mean, this proves that he's been here in this house. We -- but you knew that, didn't you? That's what you thought when we first walked in, isn't it? You -- you knew he had been here. Admit it.

E.J.: Samantha, we don't know anything for certain.

Sami: What we do know is that this place is no longer safe. Obviously Stefano has been here, and we have to get the kids and get the hell out of here right now.

Lexie: Her test results were very encouraging.

John: Well, this is good.

Lexie: Yeah, in fact, she should be...

John: Hey, Blondie. Are you coming back to us?

Chloe: So, she stole E.J. from you?

Nicole: Not that he was ever mine to begin with. I don't know. I guess he was just a bad crush. But who wouldn't have a crush on him, right? I mean, he's gorgeous, smart, sexy, charming, that accent, his eyes, and those lips and...the way he held me in his arms and made me feel so safe.

Chloe: Just a crush?

Nicole: Yes, it was just a crush. You know, and as much as I detest Sami, I blame him for succumbing to Sami's charms or whatever the hell it is he succumbed to. And I told him, too. I told him how disappointed I am in him. Disappointed -- I'm furious with him, I mean, for making me believe that I could trust him, and then he turned his back on me.

Chloe: Because of Sami. Because if she can't have something or someone, then neither can anyone else.

Nicole: I know I say I blame him, but it does take two to fox-trot, right?

Chloe: But if Sami weren't in the picture...

Nicole: Please don't finish that sentence, because it's not gonna happen.

Chloe: I wouldn't be so sure.

Nicole: Why? Do you have something in mind?

Chloe: Ugh, there's no need to do anything. Sami always eventually shoots herself in the foot. I mean, has she ever been in a happy relationship? Has she ever made anyone happy?

Nicole: Actually, it's quite the opposite.

Chloe: Then?

Nicole: But neither have we.

Chloe: True, but we're both due.

Nicole: Amen to that.

Chloe: How about another toast?

Nicole: Definitely. To Sami coming up empty.

Chloe: Hear, hear.

Tony: Are you sure you're all right?

Anna: Yes, now I am.

Tony: I was so worried about you.

Anna: Well, as long as I have you, I'll be fine. 'Cause you're all I need.

Tony: You know, my father...

Anna: Oh, good God. What now?

Tony: He took Steve and Kayla's child.

Anna: Joe?

Tony: Yes, yeah. But he's been returned. He's fine. He's been unharmed.

Anna: Oh, thank goodness. Tony, that man is a maniac.

Tony: Yeah, I know. That's why we're gonna take control. E.J. and I have made a pact. We're gonna take back the DiMera name.

Sami: We're getting the hell out of here.

E.J.: Samantha, just wait. Wait.

Sami: "Wait"? For what? For Stefano to come back and kidnap our child?

E.J.: Let me take care of this. I'll talk to John, and I will double the security measures on the house.

Sami: That's not gonna stop him. That's not gonna stop anything. Stefano's like a cockroach. He manages to survive anything. We have to do something else.

E.J.: Samantha, I'm not gonna let you or those twins out of my sight, but I am not going to run away. My father does not drive my family out of our home.

Sami: Okay, E.J., look, I understand how you feel. I do, but this isn't our home. Come on, it's John's, right? He inherited it from Stefano. Let them figure it out. Let's you and I get the kids and get the hell out of here.

Lexie: Marlena, can you hear me?

John: She's blinking her eyes. It must mean that she can.

Lexie: I'm going to prepare some more tests. John will stay with you. Relax. You're doing great.

John: Welcome home. These last few hours have been kind of strange, huh? Seeing people that weren't there. Having conversations with people that...well, it doesn't matter. The point is...it's all brought into focus what's going on with me, and now I know what I need to do. Let's just call it another mission where failure is not an option. I think we need to try to work on things... starting with our relationship. And maybe even our marriage. What do you think?

Anna: A pact with E.J.?

Tony: Shh!

Anna: What are you --

Tony: E.J. and I...we're joining forces.

Anna: In an effort to...

Tony: To take back the empire from John, vanquish Father, wherever that bastard may be.

Anna: No.

Tony: No? Well, I don't understand.

Anna: Honey, this isn't the life you want. That's what I thought anyway.

Tony: This is not about what I want. It is about the family, the legacy, a legacy that I helped to build -- whatever's left of it. I just can't sit back and watch it go up in flames.

Anna: And what about me? Do you care at all about what I want?

Tony: It's not what you think, Anna. It's not about power and money. It's about bringing honor to the DiMera name.

Anna: "The DiMera name." Do you know how tired I am of hearing that? Why won't you let the police handle it, Tony? How's that for an option?

Tony: The police? They're so ineffectual when it comes to my father. You should know that by now. They think they know what my father's capable of. They don't have a clue. That's why I have to take control -- E.J. and I. It is our responsibility and nobody else's.

E.J.: John's not gonna be the master of this house for very much longer.

Sami: What does that mean?

Lucas: There's the happy couple.

E.J.: Lucas, would you do me a favor and go back from wherever it is you can from?

Lucas: Absolutely. No problem. I'll just collect my daughter and I'll be on my way.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Lucas: I'm taking her and I'm leaving right now.

[Machine beeping]

John: Well, did you hear what I said, Doc? That's right. I called you Doc just like the old John. That's got to mean something, right? Who knows? Maybe there's still a piece of him inside of me somewhere. That's what you always wanted, right?

Marlena: Who are you?

Stephanie: Where's your sister?

Max: I'm sure she's on the beach somewhere soaking up the sun while we rot in this hole!

Sami: It's about us.

Lucas: But there is no us.

Trent: Well, when my wife's not happy, I'm not happy.

Nicole: Go to hell.

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