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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/13/08 - Canada; Thursday 8/14/08 - U.S.A.

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Roman: All right. Okay. This is where we're at. This is what's under lock down -- this entire floor and all its access points. Okay, Lopez, I want you to cover this area. You get a list of all the patients, all the visitors who might be on that seventh floor.

Bennett: Yes, sir.

Roman: Okay, Bennett, I want you take a look at that security tape. Hopefully it will tell us what we're dealing with here.

Bennett: You got it.

Roman: Now, we don't want to alarm the patients, so do your best to keep a low profile.

Philip: Hey, it's all over the TV. Did you see the news vans outside?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I did. One more thing, Bennett. Make sure our staff knows how to handle this, okay? We're all gonna get questions. As far as we can tell, it is a simple security malfunction, nothing to worry about. That's what we tell the people. All right.

Philip: It's more than a security malfunction, isn't it?

Roman: My guess -- yeah. [Cellphone ringing] Excuse me. Yeah? Lexie, talk to me.

Nicole: Philip.

Philip: Nicole, what are you doing here?

Nicole: I was watching TV, and they cut in with breaking news about this lock down. I could barely get in this place.

Philip: I came in through a side door.

Nicole: Have you talked to Roman?

Philip: He's on with Lexie now. I don't think they know much yet.

Nicole: I wonder what's going on up there.

[Monitor beeping]

Stefano: Are you -- are you trying to say something? Marlena, you seem to -- I don't know -- you seem to have something in mind. [Inhales, exhales deeply]

Marlena: [Inhales raggedly] K--

Stefano: Kill you? [Chuckles] Of course not. That would be far too easy. No, no, no, no, no. I have something...much more interesting in mind, my dear.

Anna: [Coughing] What -- what is this, a 50-yard dash? Some of us are wearing heels, you know?

John: This is it -- the power hub for the entire floor.

Anna: Maybe one of us should have stayed back with Marlena.

John: This won't take long.

Anna: [Coughing]

Tony: I want to know which one of these controls the ventilation.

Anna: Well, eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Let's try this one.

Tony: Anna, you don't even know how to jump-start a car.

Anna: Well, I know how to drive one.

Tony: Just don't touch anything.

Anna: Oh, that's right. This is a task for macho men. I'll just stand over here and paint my nails. [Coughing]

Tony: Who would have thought, you know, Stefano's reappearance would have brought us together like this? It's odd, isn't it?

John: Why is that?

Tony: Well, it's just ironic, you know. Stefano was the source of our differences and, strangely enough, now he seems to have united us.

John: You believe that Stefano is responsible for the friction between you and I?

Tony: Well, that and a few other factors, of course.

John: What other factors?

Tony: Well, it certainly didn't help that you took over the entire DiMera fortune for yourself.

John: So that's it, isn't it? And what's your point?

Anna: Oh, good grief. What are you, 5?

Stefano: You seem frightened, my dear. Surrendering so soon? Hmm? The fun has just begun. It is called payback. Hmm? If you recall the hell that you put me through in that coma... now it is time for me to return the favor. [Chuckles] Um, let me think. How exactly did you put it? Ah. Ah, yes. "You are going to spend the rest of your life trapped inside your own body." [Chuckles] Well, now, what a shame that you are not even going to be able to talk to your children, eh? It's gonna be agonizing. Your precious grandchildren will be so near and yet...so far away. You know, lying in that bed for so many months paralyzed, I had a lot of time to think how I would exact the perfect revenge. And I think I have come up with a pretty good plan, don't you?

Marlena: [Inhales sharply] S-- sorry.

Stefano: Sorry? [Chuckles] It's a little late for apologies, Marlena. What you did to me was unforgivable. Well, I am sorry that it has to come down to this. I really am. But you left me no choice.

Marlena: Still...John.

Stefano: Oh, Marlena, come on. You never truly had John. He belonged to me.

Marlena: N-no.

Stefano: Ah, you see, once I eliminate you from the picture, then finally I will be able to reclaim my treasured pawn.

John: Let's get something straight, nephew. I didn't take anything from Stefano. The money, the mansion, the business -- the entire empire just kind of fell into my lap.

Tony: [Laughs] That's an interesting way of putting it.

Anna: Oh, come on, guys. Let's not get our wires crossed, huh?

John: Are you jealous?

Anna: And speaking of wires, why don't we get back to the task at hand?

Tony: I beg your pardon.

John: Are you jealous? It's an emotion. Obviously you're upset because Stefano cut you out of the will.

Tony: Oh, no, no. I'm upset at the way you've handled this newfound power.

Anna: Well, a lot of people are gonna be upset if you don't fix this ventilation problem. Come on, guys!

John: I had no idea that you had any interest in continuing your Father's legacy.

Tony: I don't give a damn about Stefano. The business, however -- well, that's another story.

John: Oh, yes. I can see the dollar signs in your eyes.

Anna: Just stop it, both of you, right now! [Coughs]

Stefano: I'm sorry it's come to this... my queen of the night. [Chuckles] I wanted to make all your dreams come true. [Applause]

Stefano: Bravo. Bravo. Ah. So, are you enjoying the opera?

Marlena: Very much. It's all so beautiful. What was he singing?

Stefano: Ah. "Tell me, one sweet hour of love shall I never pass in communion with you... heart mingling with heart?"

Marlena: Does he? Does he spend one or more sweet hours of love in communion with her?

Stefano: Ah, well, you have to wait for the following acts to find out, you see?

Marlena: [Chuckles]

Stefano: [Breathes deeply]

Marlena: It's very romantic, isn't it? Very passionate.

Stefano: Yes. And even though you do not know me now, this experience tonight will have a tremendous effect on your life.

[Bell clanging]

Stefano: Come. Come. If you stand right there, you and the moon will become one. It illuminates you. It radiates your very soul. And you will rule the night just as the moon does if you will just stand by my side as my queen -- the queen of the night. Yes. The moon will draw us together with the same power that it draws the tide in... and out.

Marlena: Why weren't you here when I arrived? Why did you leave me alone?

Stefano: Because I wanted you to feel my absence so that you would know that you have to be with me -- completely.

Stefano: Hmm. It seems like only yesterday, doesn't it? We could have had a glorious life together, Marlena. Amber-colored days on my estate in Tuscany... surrounded by those beautiful rolling hills, that exquisite landscaping. We could have even shared a glass of Brunello from my wine cellar... the sounds of Pavarotti coming from every corner of our villa. A true feast for the senses -- all the senses. I would have treated you like royalty.

Marlena: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Surely you jest. Ah, no, my dear. Close your eyes. Go to sleep. And then when you awaken -- oh, I have to rephrase that. You see, you are not going to awaken. Let me see. It's, uh -- how can I say it? -- Your final curtain.

Marlena: [Inhales sharply]

Stefano: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Sleep. Is, um... is...this what you want? Hmm? Perhaps this will give you a lovely slumber.

Anna: Maybe if you two boys could set aside your differences for one minute, we could accomplish something.

Tony: We're trying to, darling.

Anna: [Coughing] I'd hate to be stuck in a towering inferno with the two of you. I'd probably burn to death.

Tony: Yeah, she's absolutely right, John. This is not the time, nor the place. But I can assure you -- once we're done here, I intend to resume this conversation.

John: Well, if you insist. It'll be my pleasure to set you straight.

Tony: You're the one who's going to be straightened, John.

Anna: All right. Fine. If you guys want to kill each other, see if I care.

John: Does she bring that kind of energy to the bedroom? [Chuckles] I'll take that as a yes.

Tony: Anna, I'm sorry.

Anna: [Coughs] Tony...we are stuck in this creepy hospital... we've lost all communication, and I'm scared... for us. And now that Stefano's back, what does that mean for you and me?

Tony: Anna, when I married you, I meant every word I said. "For better, for worse. In sickness, in health." You're the most important thing in my life, and not Stefano or anyone can ever change that, all right? [Coughs] We have so much...to look forward to in life and -- and so much time to do it, but let's not waste it worrying about Stefano.

Anna: Okay. I love you.

Tony: I love you, too. Let's go, shall we?

Anna: No, no. You go back in and help John. I know he needs help with that ventilation system. But I'll be fine.

Tony: Okay.

Anna: Oh, and...no fighting. I want my man in one piece. Hmm?

Tony: [Chuckles]

Stefano: I have no idea what is in this -- painkiller, most likely. Well, let's see what it can do, hmm?

Marlena: [Thinking] Please. Please do it. [Electricity buzzes]

Stefano: Oh, for God's sake.

Marlena: No.

Stefano: All right. [Sighs] Oh. Don't go anywhere. [Door closes]

John: I got it covered.

Tony: Yeah, I can see that. Thanks.

John: If you think you can fix it, by all means, be my guest. I'd like to see you apply some of that technical creativity you practiced on the island. So, tell me, Antony, why is it, do you think, Stefano tried to turn you into Robinson Crusoe?

Tony: Oh, we had our share of differences.

John: Let me venture a guess. The old man never thought you were quite...up to par?

Roman: All right. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Nicole: Roman. Do you know who's up there?

Roman: We should have a list soon.

Philip: Let us know.

Nicole: As soon as you hear.

Roman: I will.

Officer: Commander.

Roman: Excuse me.

Nicole: I hate not knowing.

Philip: Tell me about it.

Nicole: E.J. said he was gonna visit Stefano today.

Philip: You think he might be up there?

Nicole: I hope not.

Philip: Did you try calling his cell?

Nicole: Yes. It went straight to voicemail.

Philip: Try it again. I'm afraid Lucas and Chloe might be up there. I think he's on the Seventh Floor.

Nicole: Chloe? No. Voicemail.

Philip: Yeah. I ran into Maggie earlier, and she mentioned something about Chloe visiting Lucas.

Nicole: I know they've been getting closer lately.

Philip: Yeah, but still, I wouldn't want anything to happen to either one of them.

Nicole: Somebody's got to know something.

Philip: Excuse me. My brother's a patient on the Seventh Floor. I'd like to try and call him if I could.

Guy: I'm sorry. The phone system is down. We're doing everything we can. Excuse me.

Nicole: What? The phone lines are down? I can't stand this. I feel like I'm stuck in some slasher movie. [Sighs]

Anna: [Coughs] What are you hiding, Stefano?

Stefano: Looking for something, Anna?

Anna: [Gasps] What? You're imagining things, Anna. You're fine. All right. [Drawers opening, closing] Damn it.

Stefano: You're wasting your time, my dear. You aren't going to find anything.

Anna: Okay. It's all in your head. It's not real. [Gasps] [Screams]

John: So, how are things between you and Stefano these days?

Tony: We don't always see things in the same way.

John: You don't say.

Tony: No. For many years, he was more interested in you.

John: He was probably busy turning me into his pawn, or so they tell me.

Tony: Regardless, he spent more attention to you than he did any of his [Coughs] Children. [Coughing]

John: Probably just our brotherly bond.

Tony: He thought you were going to be his greatest weapon, that you were going to, uh, do all his dirty, little work. But something happened along the way -- something he didn't anticipate.

John: Yeah, what was that?

Tony: Marlena. [Chuckles] You fell for the only woman Stefano ever truly loved.

Stefano: Ah, you want this, huh? Well, well, well. [Sighs] A little shot, huh? What is it? The antidote? But we both know that's not possible because when you injected me, you said there was no such antidote.

Marlena: I'll scream.

Stefano: No, no, no, no. Don't you worry your little head about that. All you have to worry about is Marlena and what goes on in this room, see? [Siren wails in distance]

Stefano: Listen to this out here. [Laughs] Ah, there certainly seems to be a bit of flurry going on down there. Yeah, all kinds of police cars, news vans, reporters, all kinds of curious people, wondering what is going on up here. [Laughs] Well, it's a shame that you will not have the opportunity to give a good farewell to your loved ones. But, you know... I gather John is up and about. Would you like to say goodbye to him? Would you like that?

Marlena: Please.

Stefano: Well, on second thought, it might not be a good idea. Also, I don't know if John would really want to see you. From what I understand, you've had some marital strife and that you are separated. Oh. Sorry. Sore subject. You know, Marlena, it's better this way. You two never got along together.

Marlena: We did...together.

Stefano: No offense, but, uh, the new John, from what I am told, has acquired a taste for women with a little edge. I've also been told that he has been courting a mob princess, Ava Vitali.

Marlena: Mine.

Stefano: Perhaps not. After all, your John is tucked away on that little disk, never to see the light of day again.

Marlena: My disk. Fixed.

Stefano: [Laughs] Are you referring to this?

Nicole: [Chuckles] I am so sorry, Philip.

Philip: About what?

Nicole: I don't usually let things like this affect me.

Philip: Hey, it's okay. I'm worried, too.

Nicole: God, I must be really falling for him.

Philip: Who, E.J.?

Nicole: It is so strange. I haven't felt like this for a long time, not since Eric. And lately, I've attached myself to men of A...certain age... like Victor and, well, Victor.

Philip: Sometimes an older man can provide...certain amenities a younger man can't.

Nicole: You mean money? It's okay, Philip. You can say it. I know what people think of me, that all I care about is a man's bank account. But who am I kidding? I mean, Kate paid me $5 million to marry your brother.

Philip: That was a long time ago.

Nicole: I can't believe I'm discussing this with you. I mean, the ink's barely dry on my settlement, and...

Philip: Don't be so hard on yourself, all right? My Father's a smart man. He knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he married you.

Nicole: I wish I could start over.

Philip: Sometimes I feel that way, too.

Nicole: I am not proud of what I've done in the past, but I have to live with it. So, I guess I just have to move on and hope that I can learn from my mistakes and find a man who will accept me for who I am.

Philip: If E.J. can accept Sami, you shouldn't have a problem.

Nicole: I hope that's true, Philip. I really do.

Tony: You know, when Stefano created his pawn, I don't think he believed that his pawn would have real feelings for anyone.

John: I guess he was wrong.

Tony: He was jealous of you, of Roman -- anyone who was close to Marlena. [Chuckles] You know, this was a man who was used to getting whatever he wanted. He thought he could make Marlena fall in love with him.

John: That didn't work out too well, did it?

Tony: No, she was in love with you. She's still in love with you. Do you know... [Sighs] ...When you came back alive, everyone was so shocked, especially Marlena. You should have been there at the funeral and listened to her heartfelt words. It was so heartbreaking.

Marlena: Here I am, my love. I'm having a hard time finding the words to say what you meant to me. [Inhales deeply] You knew. You always knew. You were my life. You were my everything, my -- my friend, my confidant, my lover, my champion. And were there such a thing, you were my knight in shining armor. When I think of all the dragons you slayed for me... I don't know if I'm ever going to feel safe again without you.

Tony: [Sighs] What you and Marlena had was so very special. And when she thought you died, something within her died, as well. So, you can imagine what she must have felt like when she had gotten the news that you were still alive. It was like she was reborn. That dark cloud disappeared away from her. Do you know how wonderful it was to see her smile again?

Marlena: [Gasps] John. John! John. John, what is it? What have they done? What have they done?

Tony: Ah, John. You remember, don't you, the incredible look of joy on her face? Ah, she's a good woman. And when all is said and done, I hope you'll realize that and give her another chance.

John: I'm not the man she's looking for. He's gone. He's not coming back.

Tony: John... you and Marlena have certainly had your share of problems, but you always found a way of coming back to each other, and I really believe you can do that again.

John: Hold this, will you?

Tony: Why are you doing this?

John: Because we need electricity.

Tony: What, do you want Stefano to win? 'Cause that's what's happening.

John: Do you think I'm really afraid of Stefano?

Tony: Well, you better be... because he may not have gotten what he wanted, and that was Marlena, but he certainly got the next best thing.

John: And what is that?

Tony: Revenge. Father's finally divided the two of you.

Philip: So, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell E.J. how you feel?

Nicole: No, it's way too soon.

Philip: Because of Sami?

Nicole: There are other reasons.

Philip: Listen. If there's one thing I learned in Afghanistan, it's that you don't always get a second chance. Now, if there's something or someone you really want, you've got to go for it.

Nicole: Yeah, but saying it and actually doing it are completely different things.

Philip: What are you so afraid of?

Nicole: I have a lot of baggage, Philip.

Philip: E.J.'s got a lot of baggage. Look, Nicole, you're smart, you're funny, not too bad in the looks department, especially that little dress you were wearing the other day, that little red one. That was -- that was nice.

Nicole: Wow. Wow. You are laying it on thick, aren't you?

Philip: I mean it. I mean it. Underneath all that hair spray and lip gloss, there's a pretty spectacular person. Don't tell anybody I said that.

Nicole: My glossed lips are sealed.

Philip: I just have one more question. Are you absolutely sure you want to get involved with E.J. DiMera? He's not the most trustworthy guy.

Nicole: One might say we'd be the perfect match.

Officer: Commander Brady, I have that list you requested.

Roman: All right. Good. Thank you.

Officer: You're welcome.

Nicole: Hey.

Philip: Roman.

Nicole: Who's up there?

Stefano: [Laughs] You're wondering how I got this, huh? Actually, it's none of your business because it never belonged to you. You want to have it, huh? Well, you know, I would like to leave this disk with you, Marlena, but there's no way that this thing could be repaired. It's absolutely worthless. Although, I must say, it makes for a rather interesting souvenir. Hmm. I'm sorry that your hopes were so high, Marlena, but John has moved on, and, you know, I suggest that you do the same.

Marlena: No. [Inhales sharply] No.

Stefano: Marlena, even if John was the man that you longed for, huh, do you think that it is fair to ask him to set his entire life aside, on hold, even, to take care of a paralyzed wife? That's selfish, wouldn't you say? No, no, no, no, no, no. I think it's much better this way, hmm?

Marlena: Bastard.

Stefano: I would choose my words a little more wisely if I were you, my dear.

John: So, you think Stefano has driven us apart.

Tony: Any fool can see that.

John: Well, the last I checked, Blondie was still my wife.

Tony: Mm. So why aren't you wearing your ring? And how come you two aren't living together? Do you understand the scope that your brother's capable of? He's destroyed so many lives, including yours.

John: Oh, I'm quite content with my life the way it is.

Tony: Oh, really? So, where are all your friends? You've cut out the whole family.

John: But I still have you. Or are you siding with my brother?

Tony: [Sighs]

Marlena: [Gasps]

Stefano: You know, you are lucky you are breathing, Marlena, and I could put an end to that in just, say, a heartbeat. I don't want to hear another word from you. Do you understand me? I said, do you understand? All right. I have to check up on a friend. Don't do anything stupid. [Laughs] Actually, you can't do anything, can you?

Nicole: Is E.J. up there?

Roman: He is.

Philip: What about Lucas and Chloe?

Roman: Them too. Bennett, what's the status on those closed-circuit cameras?

Nicole: I wish there was something we could do.

Philip: Yeah, I know.

Nicole: Philip, can I ask you something? Maybe it's none of my business, which I'm sure it's not, but when we were talking about Chloe and Lucas earlier, I sort of got the feeling you're not over her.

Philip: What does it matter? I don't deserve Chloe. I don't deserve anyone.

Nicole: What? Why would you say that?

Philip: Nicole, you wouldn't believe some of the horrible things I've done.

Stefano: Ah, well. I am so sorry, my dear, but you were getting just a little too close. I never wanted it to come to this.

Nicole: Hey, look who you're talking to, the authority on bad behavior. I mean, what are you feeling so guilty about?

Philip: You don't want to know.

Nicole: So, you forged Victor's signature on some checks?

Philip: I wish that's all it was.

Nicole: Look, Philip, I'm probably the last person you'd want to confide in, but if you -- if you do want to talk, I'm here.

Philip: Thanks. But this is the kind of thing that's better left buried.

Nicole: I know what you mean.

Tony: Well, I refuse to get in the middle of this.

John: Well, it's a little late for that.

Tony: I couldn't care less what you or my Father may need or want. You know, as far as I'm concerned, I want to put this childish rivalry behind me and just move on.

John: It's not that simple, Antony. The time is here. You need to make a choice. So, what's it gonna be, the man who banished you for 20 years to that island or someone with a future who can give you a piece of it?

Tony: Well, there's not going to be a future if we don't get this ventilation system to work. And the way that happens is for us to work together.

John: I'll take that as my answer. I'm glad that you're with me.

Stefano: I knew you had no backbone.

Tony: Stefano.

Stefano: Siding with the enemy now, are we? After all I have done for you. You never were a real son to me because a real son would never betray his father. For that, I will see you burn in hell.

Tony: That's enough! [Grunts] You...bastard!

Stefano: Oh! You're still awake. My goodness, Marlena. You're putting up quite a fight. Well, perhaps if you were a little more comfortable, huh? Let's see, we fix this a little bit. Ah. There. Is that better, hmm? Marlena, go to sleep. Go to sleep. Close your eyes.

Marlena: Help. Help.

Kayla: Help. We need help. Help.

Nicole: E.J. was with Sami?

Roman: Does that concern you?

Sami: You promised that you'd help me fight Stefano and you'd help me get out of here. Please -- please, E.J., you have to be okay.

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