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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/1/08 - Canada; Monday 8/4/08 - U.S.A.

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Max: Hey, Steph. How's your headache? No, no, no. You just rest. Take it easy, okay? I can handle this. I can handle les, too. I just have to find my sister before he does. Hey, look, I'm getting another call, and it might be Nick, so I'll talk to you later. Okay, I love you. Bye. Hello. Dude, where have you been? And what's all this about Melanie? Nick, I can't hear you. You -- can you speak up? It's a really bad connection. Nick. Hello. Nick, are you there?

Nick: Hello. Max! Max! Max! Damn. [Sighs deeply] All right, premier party girl, I can't get ahold of your brother, but let's see what you got to say.

Melanie: Oh, sure I miss home, but Marseille is awesome. I mean, the club scene totally rocks. And, on the weekends, I'm all about Nikki Beach in Saint-Tropez. So, for all of you in the States who are watching this, you better get your butts over here before summer's over.

Chelsea: What are you doing?

Nick: What -- oh. Hey, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: What's up?

Chelsea: Nothing. I was on my way to work, and I thought I'd grab a coffee, and I wanted to say hi.

Nick: Well, that's great. Um, how's it going there at the child-development center?

Chelsea: It's going really, really well. How are things with you? You seem a little stressed out.

Nick: Oh, no. I'm just, um -- I'm just frustrated because I've been trying to get ahold of Max, and either I can't get through or the connection's really terrible.

Chelsea: Well, why are you trying to get ahold of him? Is there a problem?

Nick: No, no. There's no problem. I hope. Just I need to tell him something.

Chelsea: Oh. So, what's this?

Chelsea: Oh, you are surfing blog sites now?

Nick: Uh, yeah, you know. Something like that.

Chelsea: I would never have pegged you for that type.

Nick: Oh, I'm trying to be more social.

Chelsea: Wow. She's pretty. Who is she?

Nick: I can't tell you that.

[Door closes]

Ava: John. Thank God you're here. We've got big trouble.

John: What's going on?

Ava: I'm being followed. I'm sure of it.

John: By who?

Ava: I don't know. Probably some undercover cop. Whoever it is, they're on to me.

Hope: Come on, sweetheart, eat your pancakes before they get cold. Otherwise, your mother's gonna eat them.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. Good morning.

Hope: Good morning.

Bo: I can't believe I slept so late.

Hope: Surprised you slept at all.

Bo: There's my little angel. How are those pancakes?

Ciara: Okay.

Bo: Just okay? I thought pancakes were your favorite?

Ciara: Daddy, why is Mommy sad?

Kate: So, how are you feeling? You look better. You're actually getting your color back.

Victor: Well, I'll be myself in no time.

Kate: Daniel says that you're getting stronger with every hour.

Victor: Speaking of Daniel, I heard he put his foot down -- some nonsense about no more visitors.

Kate: Yes, because of those episodes after you saw Bo and Philip. And then I made it worse. You should have seen the way he came after me when he found out I told you about Philip.

Victor: What did he expect, you weren't gonna tell me my own son had been shot?

Kate: No. Actually, he apologized to me later very nicely.

Victor: That's very big of him.

Kate: You know, he's under a lot of strain himself. He has a lot he has to deal with.

Victor: Well, I'm just glad Philip is all right. He did get the blood type he needed.

Kate: Yes. Yes. Daniel is a pretty amazing guy.

Victor: You sound very fond of him.

Kate: [Scoffs] Why wouldn't I be? I mean, he's saved you, he saved Chelsea, he saved Bo, and he put my two sons back together again.

Victor: I heard about Lucas. He's all right?

Kate: Well, as well as can be expected, considering the fact he was almost beaten to death in prison.

Victor: That was a very brave thing he did. Now he can live his life free and go wherever he wants.

Kate: Yeah, hopefully not with Sami.

Victor: Well, we have more important things to worry about than Lucas' love life.

Kate: Yes, we do. Philip.

Victor: You know, in spite of our best efforts, I'm afraid he may be headed for disaster.

John: If you feel the cops are following you, just slow everything down.

Ava: John, I am used to the cops watching me and my family. But what I don't like is they are watching me to try and get something on you.

John: They've got nothing on either one of us, and they never will.

Ava: John, they are not gonna leave this alone, okay? They are gonna try and do everything they can to pin Paul's disappearance on you.

John: Only until that tape surfaces. Once they hear Philip threaten to kill Hollingsworth, it will change the spin of the ball.

Ava: Oh, you think that tape's gonna show up if it hasn't by now?

E.J.: [Clears throat] Sorry if I'm interrupting.

John: Yes, you were. We were having a private conversation.

E.J.: Yeah. You seem to be having quite a lot of those lately.

John: And what is it to you if I decide to whisper sweet nothings in my girl's ear?

E.J.: John, I have a funny feeling whatever you're whispering isn't sweet nor nothing.

John: Well, then how about this? Stay out of it. It's none of your business.

E.J.: Well, I would. Unfortunately, as your lawyer, it rather is my business. If you have something to tell me, I think you should tell me right about now.

Bo: Hey, don't you worry about your Mommy. She's gonna be fine. You all finished with breakfast? Okay. Let's run upstairs, brush your teeth, and get dressed for daycare, okay?

Hope: I wouldn't exactly say fine.

Bo: I don't blame you for being upset.

Hope: Upset is hardly the word for it, either. I didn't sleep a minute -- not one minute last night, thinking about it, worrying, agonizing over it.

Bo: I understand. I haven't slept in days, either. But after telling you, I did get some rest.

Hope: Oh, you mean, after I finally dragged it out of you. Why didn't you tell me when it first happened? Or better yet, why didn't you tell me before it happened, and we could have talked about this?

Bo: This is something I had to do on my own. I had to protect you. I couldn't involve you.

Hope: I can't believe that you withheld police evidence.

Bo: Because I believe my brother is innocent.

Hope: How do you know that? Given what he said in the recording, how do you know that?

Bo: Words said in anger. Philip did not kill anybody. He doesn't have it in him, no matter how tough he acts.

Hope: It still doesn't make it right.

Bo: Come on, Fancy Face.

Hope: Right now... [Sighs] Right now, you're acting more like a Kiriakis than the man that I love.

Morgan: Good morning. How you feeling?

Philip: Better, actually, now that you're here.

Morgan: Aw. Just full of compliments, aren't you?

Philip: I had this amazing dream last night.

Morgan: I had an amazing dream, too.

Philip: Oh, yeah? What did you dream?

Morgan: [Chuckles]

Max: Melanie.

Max: Well, les, I don't owe you any explanations, and I'm definitely not giving you any money.

Les: Well, that's a shame 'cause Mel could really use your help right now -- nearly 1,000 euros worth.

Max: I don't -- I don't think you're hearing me. I'm not giving you anything, all right?

Les: Well, then, you'd better pray that you find Mel before I do.

Chelsea: What's with all the secrecy? Why can't you tell you who she is?

Nick: There's no secrecy. It's just something I'm not at liberty to discuss at the moment.

Chelsea: Hmm. Well, aren't we Mr. Mysterious.

Nick: You know me. I'm all about the mystery.

Chelsea: Right. And, um, premier party girl isn't...

Nick: You have no idea.

Chelsea: It's interesting. I just never would have really pegged her as your type. I mean, though, clearly, she's any guy's type.

Nick: Yeah. Well, you know, I'm just trying to move on with my life, kind of like what you did.

Chelsea: With an internet party girl?

Lexie: Hey, Chelsea. Nick.

Nick: Lexie. Theo, how's it going, man? How's summer going?

Lexie: Summer's going great. Isn't it, sweetheart? You know what? He's loving his new school and his new teachers. Speaking of which, I understand you'll be assisting the occupational therapist today.

Chelsea: Yeah, I will be, and I'm really, really excited about it. You know what, Theo? You and I are gonna have so much fun together today. We're gonna play lots of cool games, okay?

Lexie: Listen, um, would you mind joining us for a quick bite? This way, the two of you can get to know each other a little better.

Chelsea: Yeah, absolutely.

Lexie: Thanks. Nick, you're welcome to join us.

Nick: Thanks. I'll have to pass. I'm actually busy.

Lexie: Oh. You are dedicated, aren't you? Will you be working throughout the summer?

Nick: Uh, well, it's just mostly fact-finding for now.

Lexie: Oh.

Chelsea: Anyway, you know what, Theo? They have the best food here. What do you say you come with me, we go try to get some, okay?

Lexie: Ooh.

Chelsea: Come on. Let's go.

Susan: We have a global catastrophe on our hands. I was just at club liquid, and, oh, my God, you're going to die.

Melanie: What, someone showed up in your outfit?

Susan: This is serious. Okay, so, I was, like, getting there, right? And I walk in, and guess who has her hands all over Gabe?

Melanie: Gigi.

Susan: Gigi. My God, can you believe it? On our month anniversary. She doesn't even know how to match her shoes to her purse. I'm gonna be sick.

John: Everything is on a need-to-know basis, nephew, and, right now, there's nothing you need to know.

E.J.: Why don't I like the sound of that?

Ava: I think the cops are following me. John doesn't think it's any big deal.

E.J.: Well, I certainly think it's a big deal.

John: And why would you say that? Has something else happened in the Hollingsworth case?

E.J.: No, nothing I'm aware of.

John: Okay.

E.J.: John, would you mind? I'd like to have a chat with Ava, just the two of us. It's about her case.

Ava: You can speak in front of John, especially if it's more good news.

John: Well, I'm sure it is. But that's okay. There's something I need to check on. I'll be back.

Ava: So, what is the latest? Please, tell me. Do we have a trial date yet because ever since you told me we that we had the change of venue and Judge Fitzpatrick, I am ready to get this over with so I can just move on with my life.

E.J.: I do have some news... and it's not particularly good.

Kate: I'm worried about Philip, too. I thought when I destroyed that recording that this would all go away.

Victor: Won't it?

Kate: You just said yourself despite our efforts that he's probably headed for trouble.

Victor: Well, I'm just worried that Bo would crack. I mean, withholding evidence, lying to his wife, that's eating him alive.

Kate: Do you think he will?

Victor: No. Besides, it will all be moot once he finds the real culprit and proves his brother's innocence.

Kate: Okay, then.

Victor: There's something else you're not telling me.

Kate: [Exhales] No. It's -- it's -- it's not important. You really should just concentrate on getting better right now.

Victor: Yes, it is. I can see it in your eyes. Tell me what's going on.

Kate: Victor, it -- Daniel is going to be furious with me if I upset you again.

Victor: Forget about Daniel. I'm fine.

Kate: [Sighs] All right. All right, I am going to tell you. [Sighs] There's somebody who knows something about Philip.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Kate: He got an anonymous note the other day at the mansion. I was there, and I saw it.

Victor: What did it say?

Kate: "I know your secret."

Victor: Dear God.

Kate: I know. Philip thought it was probably John toying with him. And that's why he went over there to confront him, and he ended up taking a bullet for Morgan. She's absolutely convinced that John had something to do with her father's disappearance.

Victor: He probably does. The question is, does he know about the recording between Paul and Philip?

Kate: I don't know. I mean, if he did, why wouldn't he just take it to the police? I mean, he's the one under the most suspicion right now, and he would love to see Philip fry.

Victor: Who knows what's going on with John. He's out of his mind -- literally.

Kate: Yeah, I know. Maybe Philip was right. Maybe John is just playing games with him.

Victor: Yeah, well, from now on, he's gonna have me to deal with.

John: So, how are you, Paul? Are you comfortable? Anything I can get you?

Paul: Yeah, you can get me the hell out of here.

John: Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that -- not yet.

Paul: So, John, what's going on with that recording, huh?

John: It hasn't surfaced yet.

Paul: That you know of.

John: Oh, I would know because Philip Kiriakis would most likely have been arrested by now.

Paul: So, something went wrong.

John: Obviously.

Paul: But you said that your friend Ava, she sent an e-mail that would plant a bug in the cops' ears about, uh, missing evidence, police cover-up.

John: Yes, that's right. She did. But nothing's happened yet. Excuse me.

Paul: Really? Wow. So, what's the plan now, John? What, am I just gonna rot here forever?

John: Patience, Paul. Let's not lose sight of our goal.

Paul: Oh, I haven't lost sight of the goal, John. I want Philip Kiriakis in jail as much as you and more. I want to bury that punk, and I want him the hell away from my daughter.

John: Well, that's good. Because once Philip is defeated and you have disappeared from Salem, I will arrange to have your daughter come and meet with you, if that's what you want.

Paul: Yeah, that's what I want. So why don't we just do that now, huh? 'Cause clearly, this is not working.

John: Well, perhaps we just need to raise the stakes a little.

Lexie: Chelsea, thank you for taking Theo to therapy for me. I seem to always be running late these days.

Chelsea: Oh, it's not a problem. You know, I'm on my way there anyway. And you know what? If you'd like, I can even bring him back here after.

Lexie: Oh, yeah. That'd be wonderful. Thank you. Okay, sweetheart. Um, Chelsea is going to be taking you, and I will see you later, all right?

Theo: Mommy.

Lexie: Okay, you be good. I love you. [Sighs] Mm. That is a good hug. Mm. Thank you. [Laughs]

Chelsea: All right, buddy. You ready? Say bye. See you soon.

Lexie: Okay.

Chelsea: This way. Come on.

Theo: One, two, three, four, five...

Tony: Lexie, I've been looking all over for you.

Lexie: Why? What's going on?

Tony: You don't know. You haven't heard.

Hope: How's Ciara?

Bo: I convinced her that her mommy wasn't upset because of something she did, so by the time we got to daycare, she was all right.

Hope: I take it you're not going to work today.

Bo: Yeah, I am. I got a job to do, and that job is to see that justice is done. Come on, Fanc-- I have never been one to play by the rules.

Hope: Play by the rules? Destroying evidence isn't just bending the rules.

Bo: That tape is not evi-- it's proof of nothing. So, yeah, it is bending the rules.

Hope: If that's what you're calling it.

Bo: My brother needed me, and I believe he's innocent. If you don't understand that, then maybe you don't know me as well as we thought.

Philip: So, I don't know. Maybe we were both dreaming.

Morgan: Or maybe I was just worried about you. I mean, you did take a bullet for me. You almost died.

Philip: I see. So, you were just giving me something to live for.

Morgan: I didn't say that. I mean, I've just never had anybody save my life before.

Philip: I did it without even thinking about it.

Morgan: Oh, okay. So, it was an impulse, then, huh?

Philip: Now you're putting words in my mouth. But I'll tell you this. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Morgan: I have never met a man so infuriating yet amazing all at the same time.

Philip: Maybe that's what intrigues you about me. I'm a challenge.

Morgan: Oh, did I mention arrogant?

Philip: Let's cut the game, shall we? I know what you said, and you know what I said, and neither one of us were dreaming. The question is, did you mean it?

Morgan: Did you?

Philip: Yeah.

Nick: Great. Now he's not answering.

Melanie: So, yeah, that's -- that's kind of where I'm at right now. I love to party. I love to have a good time. But I wouldn't mind meeting someone, either. I mean [Laughs] What I really want is to fall in love. The -- the only problem is that guys look at me, an they see only one thing. I mean, they don't know or even care that I have a brain, which is sad because if I just met the right guy... well, whatever. It's not gonna happen, so, um, I'll see you.

Max: Hey, so, you're, uh, back again, huh?

Les: I told you I'm not going anywhere until I find Mel. I want my money.

Max: I know, but you're gonna be waiting quite a while. So, don't you have something better to do?

Les: Hmm. No.

Max: Hmm.

Les: Nice try. Melanie, sweetheart. I've been waiting for you.

Melanie: Get your hands off me.

Les: Not till I get what you owe me.

Max: Hey, leave her alone.

Les: You had your chance, man. I guess she wasn't worth it.

Max: Okay, well, how much does she owe? Name your amount, and I'll pay.

Melanie: Who the hell are you?

Ava: Okay. I'm listening. What is the news?

E.J.: [Inhales deeply] First piece of news is that Judge Fitzpatrick has been removed from the case.

Ava: What? Why?

E.J.: I have no idea. Her replacement is somebody who's, let's just say, a lot less susceptible to being our friend and is one of the toughest judges in the state.

Ava: Okay, you said "first." What else?

E.J.: Ava, I just came back from meeting with the district attorney's office. In light of full disclosure, they presented me with some new evidence.

Ava: What new evidence?

E.J.: An e-mail correspondence between you and one of the gentlemen who tampered with the plane in Ireland.

Ava: No.

E.J.: They found it on your father's computer in his compound.

Ava: No. No, no, no, no, no. That -- that's impossible. That's impossible because everything that I sent, I erased. I-I made sure nothing could be traced, ever.

E.J.: Well, this time, they found it. Those guys are good. I'm sorry, Ava, but there is direct evidence that links you to the death of three people.

Ava: So what? Come on, E.J. there's got to be something we can do. I mean, what about the fact that I was being drugged? That's still a very, very strong defense. I mean, I didn't know what I was doing.

E.J.: It's a long shot. It's a long shot.

Ava: And are you gonna give me anything else here, E.J., what?

E.J.: Look, with Judge Fitzpatrick on the case, we had a chance, okay, especially when we got the venue moved. But now with Judge Hawkins and this new evidence --

Ava: What are you trying to say to me, E.J.? Are you saying there's no hope?

E.J.: I'm saying there's very little.

E.J.: Look, I'm sorry, okay? Really, I wish I could offer you some more reassurance, but...

Ava: Okay, what about a deal? I mean, do you still think you can get me one?

E.J.: Not a favorable one, not in light of this new evidence that's come up. [Door closes]

Ava: Look, John just came in. Look, please don't say anything.

E.J.: Ava, he's somebody who could help you.

Ava: I don't want -- just let me tell him myself.

E.J.: Okay.

John: Is everything okay here?

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, everything's great. Just going over some details I'm not gonna bore you with.

E.J.: Yeah, actually, I think we were just about done.

John: Well, that's good because now I would like to have a word with Ava alone, please.

E.J.: Well, then, I'll be making myself scarce. John, before I go, you, um -- you'd do well to consider our earlier conversation. If you don't let me know what's going on, I can't help you.

John: The kid's too smart for his own good.

Ava: Yeah.

John: It's unfortunate that I can't bring myself to trust him enough to tell him.

Ava: So, I, um, I take it you went and saw your old friend Paul. How is he?

John: He's a little frustrated that things aren't moving fast enough with Kiriakis and the tape, but he's not alone.

Ava: Yeah, well, they had to have received the e-mail by now.

John: That's right. So, I think it's time that I call my contact at the police department...[Telephone dialing] ...And find out exactly what the delay is.

Bo: I'm sorry I've disappointed you. If you think this has been easy...

Hope: No. I don't. Of course not. I knew that something was wrong. You haven't been yourself since it happened.

Bo: The most difficult part has been keeping it from you. Now you know.

Hope: Only thing is, apparently so does someone else. I'm sure it was Ava Vitali who sent that e-mail to the station.

Bo: And I'm sure it's been on John's behalf.

Hope: And we still don't have any proof -- can't prove it. What are you gonna do?

Bo: Smoke out whoever's responsible for Paul's disappearance, and I'm almost positive that's John.

Hope: Yeah, so am I. Then what?

Bo: We go to the D.A.

Hope: We?

Bo: And since you're a cop and you now know what I did, that makes you an accessory after the fact. So, I got to know. You with me on this, or you gonna turn me in?

Victor: I wish Philip had never gotten involved with this damn shipping war.

Kate: I know. But I don't think John gave him a choice.

Victor: And now he might be going to jail for murder.

Kate: Philip did not kill Paul Hollingsworth.

Victor: No, but he did threaten him.

Kate: During an argument in the heat of the moment.

Victor: Which Paul got on tape.

Kate: So what? The police are not gonna hear it.

Victor: The police already did hear it.

Kate: No, Bo heard it, and, luckily, you talked some sense into him.

Victor: I guilted him into giving me that recording. And now someone else knows. Both of my sons could be in serious trouble.

Kate: No. Because we're going to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, the thing to remember is that the recording is gone. And in the end, that's the only thing that matters.

Victor: Yeah, I hope you're right.

Kate: I am right. So, I need to get going before I get into serious trouble with Dr. Jonas.

Victor: Kate. Thank you.

Kate: For what?

Victor: Philip's lucky to have you for a mother.

Kate: That's what I keep telling all of my children.

Lexie: What do you mean? Haven't I heard what?

Kate: Oh. Tony, Lexie.

Lexie: Hi. I hear Victor's coming along well.

Kate: Yes, he is. Thank God.

Tony: Nice to see you, Kate.

Kate: It's good seeing you, too.

Lexie: Tony.

Tony: Hmm.

Lexie: Talk to me.

Tony: It's about Stefano.

Lexie: Father, what about him?

Tony: He had a seizure.

Lexie: What?

Tony: Uh, they're taking him out of long-term care. He should be here any time.

Lexie: Here. Here at hospital.

Tony: Doctors think there's a chance he could come out of the coma.

Nick: What happened to you, Max? [Sighs] [Cellphone dialing] Hi, it's, uh, Nick. Nick Fallon. Not good, actually. I'm gonna need somebody to cover my summer-school shift, just for this week. Yeah, no, I know. It's short notice. But I'm gonna be leaving the country. It's an emergency. Yeah.

Max: Look, here. Take it. It might not be all of what she owes you, but it's all I've got.

Les: This isn't nearly enough.

Max: Well, something's better than nothing, isn't it?

Les: Who says I'm getting nothing?

Max: I do, unless you're taking my offer and getting the hell out of here.

Les: [Laughs] Why should I?

Max: Because I can make real trouble for you. And if you think I'm kidding, try me. Look, it's 500 euros, at least. So, take it and walk out the door.

Les: You got lucky. I'm letting you off easy, thanks to your friend. See you around.

Susan: Gabe has got to stop texting me. Let me read you what he wrote.

Melanie: Not right now, Susan. I'm a little busy.

Susan: Fine. Guess I'll go home, curl up in the fetal position, and disappear forever. Call me? He's cute.

Melanie: Okay, so why would you pay off my debt?

Max: Because les had it in for you. And why would you borrow from someone like that, anyway?

Melanie: Okay, that's really none of your business. And, for your information, I don't need you because I can pay my own way.

Max: Well, I think that'd be more than enough to cover it.

Melanie: Well, it should. They're not rhinestones.

Max: Where'd you get this?

Melanie: What's with the third degree? I don't even know you.

Max: I'm just curious, that's all.

Melanie: Well, tough, because I'm not answering any more questions until you tell me who you are.

John: They got the e-mail. Roman and Hope Brady supposedly are on it, so I guess all we can do now is wait and see what happens.

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, we'll wait and see.

John: Are you okay?

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

John: Because I know you're worried that the police department is following you.

Ava: Yeah. I'm worried about the whole thing with Paul, okay? It's all gotten out of hand, John.

John: Yes, but what's life without adventure? Hey. It'll all work out. You'll see.

Ava: Yeah, maybe.

John: You're doubting me, aren't you?

Ava: No. But you know what? I don't -- I don't want to focus on all that now. You know what I want to focus on? I want to focus on something that has brought me so much pleasure and so much happiness. And I hope it has for you, too.

John: What do you have in mind?

Ava: Well, why don't you come upstairs, and I'll show you?

Lexie: I can't believe Father had a seizure, that he could be coming out of the coma.

Tony: Neither can I. They called me immediately. Ah.

E.J.: Hey, Tony. Listen, I just got the call. Is he here?

Lexie: No.

E.J.: Okay. What's going on? Is he waking up?

Max: I'm just somebody who's concerned about you. Are you okay?

Melanie: Well, I'm just fine. And I can take care of myself.

Max: Yeah, well, not to be harsh, but it didn't look that way.

Melanie: I could have just given him the bracelet, okay? I'm used to paying my own way in life.

Max: Yeah, so you said. What, did you steal this? I mean, it looks like a small fortune here.

Melanie: Okay, listen, are you gonna tell me who you are or not, 'cause I've got to get going.

Max: Okay, fine. Do you have a minute? Sit. Please. All right. You want to know who I am?

Melanie: Um, yeah, considering you just gave Les a whole bunch of money to save my butt. Guys who do that usually have a reason, like they want something, or they think they own me.

Max: No, none of the above.

Melanie: So, what, are you just some nosy do-gooder?

Max: You got a real attitude problem. You know that?

Melanie: What do you expect? I don't know you. I don't know what you want. You get all up in my life, and you act like you know me. And you still won't even tell me who you are!

Max: This isn't how I wanted this to go at all.

Melanie: Wanted what to go?!

Max: What I have to tell you.

Melanie: Well, what is it, 'cause you're really starting to freak me out!

Max: All right, fine. Okay. I'm your brother.

Hope: If John is behind Paul's disappearance, it scares me even more that you're involved in this. He's capable of anything.

Bo: Including murder.

Hope: And not just John. If the department finds out about this -- and, obviously, someone is determined --

Bo: Don't go there. Let's just get the information we need to put the right man away. You haven't answered me. You gonna stand beside me on this?

Hope: I'm always standing beside you. Always. I love you.

Bo: And I don't deserve you.

Hope: I know.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Hope: We're in this together. Whatever happens, we deal with it together.

Bo: Together.

Hope: Together.

Morgan: I relieved Henderson of his duties. I'm gonna be taking care of you whether you like it or not.

Philip: I like it. I like it very much.

Melanie: Why didn't my Dad tell me about you? I'm gonna call him.

Max: No, you -- no, you can't do that.

Marlena: I came to warn you. Stefano's had a seizure. He could be coming out of the coma.

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