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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/22/08 - Canada; Wednesday 7/23/08 - U.S.A.

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Ava: Mmm. Oh, John. Oh, more.

John: I'm assuming you like this.

Ava: Oh, yes. Oh, my feet have been tortured ever since I put on my first pair of high heels, and nothing feels better than that. Well, all right. Maybe one thing. I don't suppose your mansion has a -- a rooftop terrace.

John: I could find you an excellent balcony.

Ava: Oh, that would do just nicely because making love with you earlier was magical, and I would adore a repeat performance.

John: So would I. But not here.

Ava: Why? Are you afraid somebody might walk in on us and just surprise us?

E.J.: Excuse me.

John: I was just helping Ava unwind after a rough day of apartment hunting.

E.J.: Really?

Ava: Yes.

John: What is it?

E.J.: Ava, I just came back from meeting with the assistant D.A. I wouldn't necessarily be making any long-term plans now if I were you.

Kate: All right. Exactly what are we celebrating?

Tony: Oh, you need to ask? Money, money, money.

Kate: Ah. [Laughs]

Roman: Well, what are you two celebrating?

Kate: My hearth and home line is really taking off.

Tony: Yes, the preliminary sales projections are through the roof.

Roman: Well, congratulations.

Kate: And do you know to whom I owe it all?

Tony: Well...

Kate: The American consumer. If you give them the best, they come running. And I may not be America's typical happy housewife, but I do know quality.

Tony: Well, of course it had nothing to do with our brilliant advertising campaign. If it wasn't for us, no one in this country would have ever heard of hearth and home.

Kate: Oh, honey, I was getting to you.

Tony: Well, of course, you were. But leave it in my capable hands. Before you know it, you'll have knocked Martha Stewart off her pastel-painted perch. You'll be the ultimate American housewife.

Roman: [Laughs] Okay. Now, that -- that I've got to see. [Cellphone ringing] Ah, excuse me. Brady. Are you sure about that? Okay. All right, I'll be right there.

Kate: [Laughing] Is something wrong?

Roman: Well, it seems as if we have, uh, some new information that leads us to believe that Paul Hollingsworth might have met with foul play.

Bo: Oh, good. Glad you're home.

Hope: Hey, sorry I'm late. How's Ciara? Is she okay?

Bo: Yeah, she's sleeping. She's fine. Ma was over for dinner. She just took off.

Hope: What's going on? You seem upset.

Bo: Abe just called, said they found Hollingsworth's jacket in the Salem River.

Hope: Are they sure it's his?

Bo: Yeah, had his I.D. in it.

Hope: Oh, God, that doesn't sound good.

Bo: No, it doesn't. Next thing they're gonna find is his body. Damn it.

Hope: Who are you trying to call?

Bo: It doesn't matter.

Hope: Why are you so angry?

Bo: I'm not angry. I'm frustrated.

Hope: About the Hollingsworth case?

Bo: This isn't just any case.

Hope: You know something about Paul's disappearance, don't you?

Morgan: So if you found my father's jacket in the river, you think he's in there, too, don't you?

Abe: Philip, perhaps it's better if you wait outside.

Philip: Morgan.

Morgan: I'll be fine. Where in the river did you find his jacket?

Abe: Not far down the river from the docks. It was snagged on some wires.

Morgan: You think my father drowned, don't you?

Abe: I didn't say that. But we can't rule out anything.

Morgan: But that's what you think, right? I mean, you think that someone killed him.

Abe: No one -- no one said that.

Morgan: No one has to.

Abe: Morgan, we're trying our best not to jump to any conclusions. And I know this is hard, but you should go that way, as well.

Morgan: [Voice breaking] My father cannot be dead. He just -- he can't be.

Kate: So do you think Paul's dead?

Roman: We don't know that. Besides, Katie, you should know by now I can't give you specifics of an ongoing investigation.

Philip: Damn it, Paul. Do what I tell you, or I will kill you.

Kate: Philip. I'll burn it... for Philip.

Victor: For Philip.

Kate: No, I-I understand.

Roman: Well, I have to go now. So, uh, congratulations again, both of you, on the hearth and home news.

Kate: Thanks.

Tony: Okay, Kate. Out with it.

Kate: Out with what?

Tony: Oh, don't try to snow me, Kate. I know the expression on your face. You're very upset, and you're trying to hide it.

Kate: I don't know what you're talking about.

Tony: Oh, Kate, it's me. Come on. What's going on, or should I ask what are you trying to hide?

Bo: I don't know any more about Hollingsworth than you do.

Hope: It certainly doesn't seem that way. What are you hiding from me, Brady?

Bo: I'm not hiding -- Fancy Face, this is frustrating. This case involves people we know and care about.

Hope: Victor could also be involved. The whole thing is a mess. But let's get back to the subject here. It still doesn't explain why you reacted the way you did when you found out that Paul might be dead.

Bo: I'm reacting to the fact that this went from a disappearance to a possible homicide, and John is our prime suspect. You know, I keep -- keep thinking about possible motives and scenarios.

Hope: Let's hear them. I'm working on this case, as well.

Bo: I'd rather not.

Hope: What?

Bo: You know what? Let's not get into this tonight.

Hope: I'm just asking questions. Together, we can find some answers.

Bo: We're a long way from any answers. I don't have any solid proof on anything or anybody.

Hope: You know what? I don't believe you. I think yore keeping something from me. I'm involved in this.

Bo: Yeah, well, I don't want you to be.

Hope: What?

Bo: I want to work this case on my own.

Hope: Are you kidding me?

Bo: No. It's for your own good.

Philip: So, what did Abe tell you?

Morgan: Just that they found my father's jacket snagged on some wires down the river.

Philip: So they think that --

Morgan: Oh, they wouldn't come out and say it, but I know that's what they're all thinking, that he's dead. [Sighs] I'm sorry.

Philip: Don't be.

Morgan: I just -- I've been at my wit's end ever since reading those letters. I just wish I knew one way or the other.

Philip: I know.

Morgan: My mind keeps taking me to places that I don't want to go. I keep picturing him under the water.

Philip: Don't do that to yourself.

Morgan: [Crying] I can't help it. What if he's laying on the river like --

Philip: Stop it. Stop it.

Morgan: I know it's what they're all thinking. I can tell.

Philip: Nothing is for sure yet.

Morgan: I mean, we've always been so close, you know? You would think I would know if he was alive or... dead, but I don't. It's driving me absolutely crazy.

Philip: Well, I can tell that he loved you very much. Anyone could who's seen the two of you together.

Morgan: Yeah, he -- he did. He does. [Sniffles] It's always been my father and me, you know? I mean -- I mean, my mom and I got along, but she just didn't really understand me. But my father and I, we've been best friends as far back as I can remember. [Voice breaking] I was always a daddy's little girl, you know? It sounds kind of funny in this day and age, but it's true.

Philip: You're lucky.

Morgan: I know I was. I am. He'd do anything for me. I remember this one time, I was failing physics. And he talked the teacher into letting me do a project for extra credit, so we decided on a model volcano. He got all excited, and he went out and he bought all this modeling clay, boxes of baking soda, and what must have been, like, a gallon of vinegar. And we decided to try it out before I brought it into school. And the mess it made in the kitchen -- oh, my God. My mama could have strangled him. But he spent all weekend cleaning it up, and when I brought it into school on Monday, I got an "A."

Philip: He sounds like a terrific father.

Morgan: He is. Which is why I know he wouldn't just up and leave if he wasn't really scared of something or someone.

Philip: Come here.

Morgan: Us southern girls and our overprotective fathers, right? [Sighs] Now all I want to do is protect him, but I may be too late.

Philip: Don't give up.

Morgan: I'm trying not to. I pray this is just all a big misunderstanding and he's trying to make his way back to me.

Kate: You know, sometimes, Tony, you read too much into little things.

Tony: Oh. Do I?

Kate: Yeah. Naturally, the idea of Paul Hollingsworth being murdered upsets me. Any act of violence that would come close to my family upsets me, especially in this instance because Philip has taken a special interest in Paul's daughter, and I think Morgan is a very lovely girl.

Tony: I know. She interned for me.

Kate: I know that. I also know that she's really devastated by the disappearance of her father, and I feel for her.

Tony: As do I. I'm very fond of Morgan.

Kate: So, naturally, I am upset. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to call Philip and tell him what Roman said. Maybe he can soften the blow for Morgan.

John: I need a favor.

Tony: I'm all ears.

John: The advertising business that you bought has an in-house P.R. department, right?

Tony: Yes, it does.

John: I have an associate by the name of Paul Hollingsworth who needs some help. It seems he's been accused of some unfortunate wrongdoing. I would like you to spin it.

Tony: I wonder if dear Uncle John had anything to do with this.

Ava: It's my case?

E.J.: Like I said, I just had a meeting with the, uh, district attorney's office.

Ava: So, I take it they're not letting me off with a slap on the wrist.

John: I'll leave you two in private.

Ava: No, no. Don't go.

John: No, a meeting between attorney and client should be more secret than a confessional. If I stay, they could force me to testify about what I've heard.

Ava: Yeah, you're right. I-I-I don't know what I was thinking. My father taught me that before he taught me to tie my shoes.

John: Yes. I'll be back when you're finished.

Ava: Thanks. E.J., tell me everything.

E.J.: [Clears throat] Look, these meetings with the D.A., they're pretty standard in any criminal case. Basically, what you're doing is while I'm trying to have a little peek at your cards, you're trying to have a little peek at my cards, and both of us try not to give anything away. On this occasion, though, it was a little different. The D.A. pretty much folded out the deck in front of me.

Ava: And?

E.J.: And they are extremely confident.

Ava: And what do you think?

E.J.: I think they hold all the cards. I think this is gonna be really tough.

Hope: It's not just me. The whole department is involved in this case. My God, Brady. We're talking about drug smuggling, arson, maybe blackmail, definitely a disappearance, and a possible murder. You really think you can solve this on your own?

Bo: I'm working on some very strong possibilities. I don't want to shed light on anyone till I'm sure.

Hope: What exactly are we talking about here? Can you tell me that?

Bo: If I told you, then I'd have to tell Abe and Roman, and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

Hope: Just stop, okay?

Bo: I know you're upset.

Hope: Yes, I'm upset! I'm your partner on and off the force. You're supposed to tell me everything.

Bo: Fancy Face, you got to believe me. I have a very good reason for keeping you in the dark.

Hope: Are you in danger?

Kate: Philip, it's me. I'm at the pub. I was just talking to Roman. He may have evidence that proves that Paul was murdered.

Philip: Yes. Yes, I've heard that.

Kate: Philip, what the hell's going on?

Philip: I'm down at the station with Morgan. I'll talk to you later.

Kate: Better sooner than later.

Tony: How's Philip?

Kate: Ugh. Don't do that.

Tony: Mm.

Kate: Philip is fine. Why wouldn't he be fine? It's Morgan that I'm worried about.

Tony: Well, would you give her a big hug for me if you see her?

Kate: You're leaving?

Tony: Yes, I'm sorry. Would you forgive me? I've got to cut our celebration short -- another meeting.

Kate: At this late hour?

Tony: Well, no rest for the wicked.

Kate: Ah. Tony, I hope you do realize that I do know that you are responsible for a lot of my success.

Tony: Never forget it. Oh, Anna, why do I always get your voicemail? Listen, my love, I've got to rush over to Uncle John's for a little errand. Why don't I catch up with you later at the pub? Okay, my love? I miss you. Bye-bye.

Roman: Well, if he is down there, let's hope he's close to shore and he got snagged up in the weeds. If he drifted out into the main shipping channels, he could be 50 miles away by now, and we'll never find him.

Abe: We'll drag the river, keep the dive teams working until we do.

Morgan: You're dragging the river for my father?!

Bo: No, I am not in any kind of danger. There are just some -- some things I got to take care of. I want to protect you from any future fallout.

Hope: Fallout? That sounds ominous.

Bo: Would you just let me do what I got to do, let me protect you?

Hope: I don't need your protection. I need you to trust me.

Bo: Well, that trust thing goes both ways. Look, I know you don't like this, but you got to trust that I've got a very good reason for doing what I'm doing.

Hope: Where are you going? Wait.

Bo: Well, there's somebody I got to find.

Hope: Who?

Bo: Would you stop with the questions for tonight, please?

Hope: I'm supposed to just accept that while you just walk out of here.

Bo: Yeah. Give me a kiss. Trust me, will you? [Door opens, closes]

Hope: No. I don't trust you. I can't.

Ava: All right, tell me everything, E.J. I don't want you to hold back.

E.J.: Okay. Unfortunately, the D.A. has such an overwhelming wealth of evidence against you that they pretty much feel they can charge you with whatever they want whenever they want to. I mean, they haven't even filed the kidnapping charges or the shooting with Hope.

Ava: Well, how nice of them.

E.J.: According to the D.A., those charges are chump charges when you compare them to what happened in Ireland. It looks pretty likely they're gonna move forward with the international portion of the trial first. It's more complicated, but that's the way they want to go. My suspicion is that they're getting pressure from the federal government.

Ava: Probably, right, because three people lost their lives.

E.J.: It's true. I mean, our defense against that, the only thing we can say is that you were not aware of the fact that you were acting under the influence of a pernicious drug.

Ava: Yeah, but they're gonna try and prove that it wasn't the drugs, that it was willful and deliberate.

E.J.: Darling, that's their job.

Ava: Sabotage and murder.

E.J.: That's what you're charged with.

Ava: And it's what I'm gonna be convicted of, is what you're trying to tell me, right?

E.J.: What I'm telling you is that they have an extremely strong case.

Ava: And I suppose it doesn't make any difference that I didn't intend for anyone to die because in the eyes of the law, I might as well have just shot them in cold blood?

E.J.: Look, Ava, we are gonna do everything that we can, but...

Ava: But they've got me. Man, E.J., if -- if I could go back in time and change any of it, you -- you know I would.

Anna: Kate. Hi. Where's Tony? I thought you two had a meeting here.

Kate: We did. Actually, he had to cut it short, and you just missed him.

Anna: You're kidding. I was supposed to meet him here. Honestly, where has that man run off to now?

Tony: Ah, good evening to you, Uncle John.

John: Good evening, Nephew. What an unexpected surprise.

Tony: A good one, I hope.

John: What do you want?

Morgan: All that stuff about not giving up hope, and you've already given up on finding my father alive?

Abe: That's not true.

Morgan: Then why are you dragging the river?

Abe: Morgan, we certainly hope to find your father alive. But since we found his jacket in the river, it's just logical that we'd search there.

Morgan: But it's just so --

Roman: Morgan, Morgan, I am very sorry. But whatever happened to your dad, it's best to know the truth, isn't it?

Morgan: Yeah, I guess. Just please find him, okay?

Roman: We are doing our best. I promise.

Abe: Bo, it's good you're here.

Bo: Yeah, I just came to get an update.

Abe: I'll be with you in a minute.

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Morgan: My phone battery's dead. Is there a phone I can use? I need to call my mother, let her know what's going on.

Abe: Oh, certainly.

Bo: So, you found her father's jacket.

Roman: We're dragging the river for his body.

Bo: Think you'll find him?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Abe: Let's go check in with the dive teams.

Bo: I need to talk to you. I thought you didn't lie to family.

Philip: What are you talking about?

Bo: You killed Hollingsworth.

Anna: Well, at least Tony left me a message this time. Apparently, he's gone over to John's.

Kate: Interesting. [Clears throat]

Anna: You know, that man will drive me to drink. I suppose I'll just have to wait for him here.

Kate: Suit yourself.

Anna: Really, Kate. Can't you be civil for five minutes? I mean, the last time I saw you, you were almost sweet.

Kate: You know, you're right, Anna. Have a seat. Have a drink. Have five drinks if you want. There's no reason in the world that two civilized women can't bear each other's company for a few minutes.

Anna: Well, I can if you can.

Kate: [Chuckles] So, how's the business, hmm?

Anna: Not so good. It folded. You know I'm working with Tony now.

Kate: Yeah, that's right. That's right. I did hear something about that. [Clears throat]

Anna: Well, that bartender's taking his time getting over here.

Kate: Yeah, I know. They usually fall all over themselves trying to wait on me.

Anna: Oh, did I tell you I spoke with Carrie a little earlier? Did you hear? She and Austin are going to try starting a family.

Kate: Good for them.

Anna: [Laughs] Me a grandmother. [Laughs] There's a shocker for you.

Kate: Well, don't worry. After the first one, believe me, it gets easier.

Anna: [Sighs] You know, it's funny because I would think that after everything I put Carrie through that she'd run screaming for the hills at the idea of motherhood. Let's hope she turns out to be a better mom than I did. You see, that's when you could step in and say something to me like, "oh, don't worry, Anna. Don't be silly. You were a great mom."

Kate: Sorry. You don't have to worry about me throwing stones at you, though. I mean, even though I did my best, I wasn't exactly the best role model for my kids.

Anna: Oh, come on now. Even I have to say that's nonsense.

Kate: Is it?

Hope: Oh, damn it. Straight to voicemail again.

Bo: After all your promises, it turns out you're not only a liar, you're a killer.

Philip: I am not.

Bo: And after all that, you have the nerve to hang on his daughter like that.

Philip: Because I'm trying to help her. What is wrong with you? I already told you I didn't kill Paul Hollingsworth.

Bo: They're dragging the river for his body right now.

Philip: Not because of anything I did. Yes, maybe I'm guilty of threatening a man who tried to double-cross me, but that's it. That's as far as it went -- a threat. I am no killer.

Bo: You're just like Victor. Sounds so very convincing.

Philip: Because I'm telling the truth.

Bo: I listened to the tape. You threatened to kill a man if he didn't obey you.

Philip: I lost my temper.

Bo: No. I listened to that tape very carefully. You didn't sound angry. You sounded like a Kiriakis -- icy and in control.

Philip: You know what? Think what you want. There's no proof I did a damn thing.

Bo: Yeah, thanks to me.

Philip: I'm not the one who gave that tape recorder to our father. That was all Victor.

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure he destroyed it two minutes after I left the room. It's always a mistake to listen to him.

Philip: Not this time, Bo. [Exhales deeply] I know how much it cost you to do what you did, and I know you didn't do it for me. You did it for our father. You and I have just never been that close.

Bo: Never had the chance.

Philip: No. We didn't. Which is why what you did for me is all the more amazing. I'll never forget it, Bo. And I know there's no way I can ever repay --

Bo: You're damn right there isn't... especially if what I did let you get away with murder.

Ava: Do you know what it is like to look back on your life and realize that you have made one mistake after the other, and all those mistakes have hurt people?

E.J.: I think we all go through that in time.

Ava: Well, I've done some terrible things.

E.J.: Look, Ava, if we are going to get through this, you need to be strong.

Ava: "If." Why isn't that statement filling me with optimism?

E.J.: I'm a good lawyer.

Ava: That's why I hired you.

E.J.: I don't know of a lawyer in this country that could convince a jury to acquit you.

Ava: You don't pull any punches, do you?

E.J.: Why would I? I wouldn't be doing you a favor if I did. Look, two pilots are dead. These men were married. They both had children. Shawn Brady is dead. He was one of the most beloved members of this community. Now, there is some good news. Now, from what I can tell looking through this, there is no evidence at all that in any way ties you to the sabotage of the plane.

Ava: Okay.

E.J.: However, one of -- I forget his name -- one of your cousins, whoever it was you had sabotage the plane... he's gonna testify against you in return for immunity from the prosecution.

Ava: What? When did this come about?

E.J.: I don't know. I just got this stuff today. And then it gets more complicated. The Irish Government, they want to try it in Ireland. That means Interpol is gonna be involved.

Ava: So you're saying I'm gonna rot in an Irish prison.

E.J.: Hey, please, let's not -- let's not -- remember, just let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's gonna make things extremely complicated. Complicated is bad. But complicated can also be good. Now, if we have a lot of different players in this game, we have an opportunity, I think, to be able to take them and begin to play them off against each other. It's not gonna work for very long, but we can buy some time. We can definitely buy some months. We can possibly buy a few years. The first thing we need to focus on is making sure that you are not extradited to Ireland.

Ava: Yeah, absolutely.

E.J.: Okay. So, let's just stay with that. Once we've dealt with that, we can deal with everything else.

Ava: Fine.

E.J.: There's one more thing we need to talk about. Look, if you don't get the right judge, or you don't get -- I don't know -- a miracle... Ava, you're gonna have to start thinking about making a deal.

Anna: It's funny. You hear a word like "grandchild," and all of a sudden, your priorities change. Here's to Carrie. You're a peach. [Both laugh] I don't know what I did, but I must have done something right.

Kate: Oh, a lot of things right, I'm sure.

Anna: Now, come on, don't tell me you're sticking up for me at last.

Kate: I don't know. I must have had too much to drink. You think?

Anna: That's better. [Laughs] I really did do the best I could with Carrie. And luckily it wasn't enough to ruin her. I bet you were a tough, smart, take-no-prisoners, no-nonsense woman who would do anything for her kids.

Kate: Well, if we're really being honest, maybe I was too strong with them, always telling them to go after what they want and damn the consequences.

Anna: Well, your kids are a handful, but they all turned out fine.

Kate: Yeah.

Anna: Okay, Lucas did shoot E.J. And maybe you could have given him a little better set of problem-solving skills, but he still has time to learn.

Kate: Yes, he does. 10 years, as a matter of fact, unless he gets off for good behavior.

Anna: Well, look on the bright side. Only one of your kids is in prison.

Tony: It's fascinating. You know, I never thought it possible, but I think my father's house suits you. Even after all this time, it still has that slight aura of menace.

John: Once again, Anthony, what is it you want? I highly doubt this is a social visit.

Tony: Oh, you know me -- Salem's number-one workaholic. I came to talk to you about one of my clients.

John: And what client would that be?

Tony: Paul Hollingsworth.

Philip: I am not a killer. Our father knows that, and I think you know it, too.

Bo: Whether you did it or not, Victor would have done anything to protect you.

Philip: I know sometimes he goes a little far, but think of what he's accomplished.

Bo: [Scoffs] Think of how he accomplished it.

Philip: What is that supposed to mean?

Bo: He's always acted as if the laws don't apply to him. He'll do anything to get what he wants. And as I see, like father like son.

Philip: You're wrong about dad. He has a strict moral code, and there are limits to what he'll do.

Bo: Self-imposed limits. He doesn't give a damn about the laws I work to uphold every day.

Philip: I'm not gonna argue about our father's past sins. He's committed more than his fair share, but you got to know that he'll do anything he can to protect his family. Look at what he did for Brady.

Bo: [Chuckles] Kidnapped his own grandson, locked him up in rehab.

Philip: For his own good. And what about you? He brought in Daniel Jonas to save your life. And I can't tell you how many times he's gone to bat for me.

Bo: Yeah, especially recently. [Sighs]

Philip: Even when he's in the hospital, sick in bed, what does he do?

Bo: He plays the family card, convincing me to hand over the proof that you're a killer.

Philip: If Paul's dead, I had nothing to do with it. And if you didn't believe that, you never would have handed that evidence over to Victor.

Bo: He played on my loyalties.

Philip: Bo, I understand.

Bo: I doubt it.

Philip: We're brothers.

Bo: Don't you start that with me. That's what got me in this mess in the first place.

Philip: It matters to you, though. You never would have risked your whole career otherwise. Do you think I don't appreciate that? Do you think I don't know how much you've risked for me? You did something you believe is wrong for a good reason, Bo.

Bo: You don't get it, do you? There is no good reason for destroying evidence.

Philip: You feel guilty. I get that. But what's done is done.

Bo: That doesn't mean I can let it go.

Ava: All right, E.J. What kind of a deal?

E.J.: There's gonna be a strong likelihood of you going to prison. I'd be doing you a disservice if I told you otherwise.

Ava: How many years?

E.J.: I don't know. It depends on what kind of deal we make. My advice is that we think about making a deal as quickly as possible. The longer this drags on, the more time the judge has to spend on this, the more time the D.A.'s office spends on this, the more money it costs the state, the less amiable they're gonna be.

Ava: Great. Oh, my God. I-I wish my father was alive because he would know how to fix this one.

E.J.: Sweetheart, your father couldn't fix this.

Ava: Oh, you did not know my father.

E.J.: Look, we both know some good people and some powerful people. So, whoever you have to talk to, talk to them. I'll do the same, all right?

Ava: Okay.

E.J.: I was gonna talk to John.

Ava: No, no, no. Don't talk to him. I will take care of this, all right? I'm gonna wait for you to come back to me and bring me some positive news.

E.J.: Okay.

Ava: Thanks. Um, can I just have a minute by myself to digest all this?

E.J.: Of course. Absolutely.

Ava: Thanks, E.J. It's not like I didn't know that this was coming.

E.J.: Okay. Call me if you need me, all right?

Ava: [Crying]

Anna: [Laughing] [Siren wailing in distance]

Kate: Thanks for this.

Anna: Any time.

[Helicopter blades whirring in distance]

Kate: What's that?

Anna: Oh, you hadn't heard? The police are dragging the river. I think they're looking for a body.

John: I recall asking you to help Paul Hollingsworth some time ago. And the point is?

Tony: I was just curious why you were so eager to help him.

John: Well, let's just say that I felt sorry for the guy back then.

Tony: Oh, but that's changed, has it?

John: Allow me to be blunt. If that double-crossing scum ever darkens my door again, I will rip his heart out and feed it to my dogs.

Tony: Oh, that sounds delicious. Well, that sounds like a good trade, considering the fact that the man's probably already dead.

Bo: I know you don't like this, but you got to trust that I've got a very good reason for doing what I'm doing.

Hope: I want answers.

Bo: Let me paint this picture for you. If it turns out Hollingsworth is dead, I'll be working night and day to find his killer. Meanwhile, I am hiding the identity of the prime suspect. We who work in this building call that obstruction of justice.

Philip: How many times do --

Bo: I know! I know. You didn't kill him. But if it turns out you're both a liar and a killer, I will not need that tape. I will confess what I did and turn you in, as well as myself. Now get the hell out of here.

Steve: This whole Ava thing --

Kayla: The sooner she's behind bars, the better.

Ava: There is another option for both of us. We could just skip bail and leave the country.

Chelsea: You're committed to staying in Salem for a while.

Daniel: For a variety of reasons.

Chelsea: Oh, really? Hmm. What would those be?

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