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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/21/08 - Canada; Tuesday 7/22/08 - U.S.A.

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Chelsea: Hey, you.

Daniel: Well, hey, there. How is my favorite assistant to the pediatric occupational therapist?

Chelsea: Oh, wow. That big, fancy title makes me sound so important, doesn't it?

Daniel: Well, you are important, and you are gonna rock that department. Excuse me.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Daniel: Mm.

Chelsea: Um...yeah. I don't know if I'll rock the department, but I do know that I had an insane, crazy-busy day today and I didn't even have time to eat lunch -- or come and say hi to you.

Daniel: I know that. What's up with that? You're so busy, you don't even come say hi to me.

Chelsea: How could I say?

Daniel: By the look on your face, I would say that you had a pretty good day.

Chelsea: I had an awesome day.

Daniel: Yeah?

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, those kids are so amazing. They're like -- they're so open and honest and curious. You know, I always knew that I would work with kids, and now knowing that I can't have any of my own just makes me appreciate being with them a little bit more at work.

Daniel: That's understandable.

Chelsea: So, I know that I hadn't really...talked to you about it since you told me, but, um...I'm okay with the whole not-being-able-to-have-kids thing. Not that I don't get sad about it from time to time, because I do, but, um... I'm okay.

Daniel: Well, that's nice to know, 'cause I think about it all the time. I just didn't know if I should bring it up because I --

Chelsea: Feel responsible?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. In a way, I do. If there was something I could have done different, prevented it somehow --

Chelsea: No, you did everything that you could. You know, I had an infection, and now there's damage. It doesn't change the fact that you're a great doctor. And a great boyfriend. Um...you know, it's like I said before. Um...just because I can't have kids of my own doesn't mean that I won't have them in my life. You know, if -- I don't know -- I were to get married, um, I could adopt. I-I have options.

Daniel: Yes, you do. You have a lot of options.

Chelsea: So, all that really matters is that everybody else in my life is happy and healthy. Speaking of which... how are my dad and grandpa? I mean, they're okay, right?

Abe: Hollingsworth claims that he put an insurance policy in that package, but there was nothing -- just some cash and a letter.

Officer: And that makes you suspicious?

Abe: Something's off about that package. And I want to know what it is.

Kate: So, there's no black tea. Will you settle for scotch?

Philip: Oh, that's fine. Thanks.

Kate: There you go. Don't fret, Philip.

Philip: I don't fret.

Kate: No? So, what word would you use?

Philip: I'm not sure that there is one -- just a few physical symptoms.

Kate: Like what?

Philip: Let's see. The one I'm most aware of right now is that the digestive juices of my stomach are working overtime to carve a hole in my gut.

Kate: You're going to be fine. The recording is gone, and there's no way you can be implicated in Paul's disappearance.

Philip: Thanks to Bo... who risked his career and reputation.

Kate: Yes. He's family. That's what we do for each other.

Philip: You mean clean up each other's messes?

Kate: I was really hoping that you would be relieved that you don't have to worry anymore.

Philip: Because Bo cleaned up my mess? You know what? I'm sorry, Mom, if I can't make this all about me right now.

Caroline: Well, I see somebody was hungry, huh?

Ciara: Can I have ice cream now?

Caroline: Uh, "may I?" Yes, you may, Ciara. And I see that somebody wasn't hungry.

Bo: Yeah.

Caroline: Are you okay?

Bo: Not feeling so good, but I know what will make me feel better -- a hug from my sugar bear. Come here, you! Give me a hug. [Smooches] Oh, yeah. That did the trick. Now I'm as happy as a clam. [Chuckles]

Ciara: Does Mommy want ice cream?

Bo: Yeah, well, she's out there working in the heat. I'm sure when she gets home she'll want some. We'll save her a little teeny bit, okay? Okay? [Laughs]

Caroline: Uh, Ciara, dear, why don't you play with your Ginny doll while I fix you the ice cream? Good? Okay.

Bo: Take a seat on the couch, okay?

Caroline: There you go. Thank you. Since you came from the hospital, you haven't said a word.

Bo: I'm worried about Victor. Aren't you?

Caroline: Well, of course I am. We're all worried about his health. But he's getting better, isn't he? Isn't that true? Did the doctor say otherwise?

Bo: No, no, Ma. His condition's improving.

Caroline: Well, then, something is upsetting you. Did something happen between you and Victor?

[Train whistle blows]

Daniel: Your father and grandfather -- they're doing okay.

Chelsea: You are such a liar.

Daniel: Why? I just said that they're --

Chelsea: I know what you just said, but it's the way you said it and the look on your face.

Daniel: Well, stop looking in my face.

Chelsea: Maybe I don't want to.

Daniel: I don't know. I think your dad is just stressing out about us or something.

Chelsea: Yeah. He has been, like, really weird lately. But I don't know. I mean, it could be because of work or because he keeps putting everybody ahead of himself.

Daniel: That could be. I don't -- maybe he's perfectly fine.

Chelsea: So, what's the bad news?

Daniel: Well, about your dad? Nothing at the moment.

Chelsea: So, it's about my grandfather.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, he's a little more iffy.

Chelsea: Iffy? Is that a new medical term I don't know about?

Daniel: I'm making it one.

Chelsea: Oh. So, then, what? Is he, um -- is he getting worse?

Daniel: No, no. He's improving -- slowly, very slowly. But there could be some setbacks.

Chelsea: You mean because it's not his first stroke?

Daniel: Exactly. Since there was prior brain damage, he's definitely vulnerable. But what's important here is that Philip and your dad just chill out and calm down.

Chelsea: W-what are you talking about?

Daniel: I don't know. I don't know what was said or how it was said. I just know that whenever they go into Victor's room, he becomes very agitated.

Chelsea: Interesting.

Daniel: I know, right? I just don't think they realize the condition he's in. I mean, he's precarious. They just need to let go. They need to stay away from him.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, I will talk to my dad about that. You know, I should actually be heading home anyway for dinner, so I just wanted to come and say hi.

Daniel: And you knew that I'd be in the pub?

Chelsea: Uh, yeah, I had a pretty good idea, since it reminds you of me and all.

Daniel: Right.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, um... I will see you.

Daniel: Later?

Chelsea: I hope so. What are you doing right now? Um, 'cause I don't know how much time that you have, but if you wanted to come back to my dad and Hope's house for dinner --

Daniel: Uh, I don't know, Chelse. Your dad's not my biggest fan.

Chelsea: He'll be cool. I promise. And Hope won't mind. Look, I don't know what they're having, but, knowing them, I'm sure they have more than enough food.

Daniel: Hmm. Dinner with the folks. Uhh. Well, at the very least, I could talk to your dad.

Chelsea: Would that be as a doctor or as my boyfriend?

Daniel: I think that just might be a little bit of both. Come on.

Bo: Victor's had another stroke. I'm concerned about him. Why wouldn't I be?

Caroline: Well, I think it's something more than that. Did you have a fight with Victor?

Bo: No. No.

Caroline: What's eating at you, Bo?

Bo: You know, after pop... the idea of having to bury my biological father is just a little too much right now.

Caroline: I'm sorry. God, I'm so insensitive.

Bo: No. No, you're not.

Caroline: Yes, I was. Here I'm -- I'm accusing you of having a fight with Victor, and I should have realized you're just terribly worried about him. He's your father. He's very important to you.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, he is.

Caroline: He's gonna pull through, Bo. Victor's a fighter.

Bo: Right.

Caroline: I'll take this to Ciara.

Bo: Thanks, Mom.

Caroline: [Chuckles] When I was a little girl, my grandfather used to tell us, "pain is like a dog. You got to let it out. You got to walk it. And if you don't, someday it's gonna chew up the couch. [Laughs] For whatever that is worth.

Bo: Walk the dog, huh?

Caroline: Yeah. Don't bottle up your feelings, my darling.

[Knock on door]

Abe: Yeah?

Lexie: Hi.

Abe: Hey, Lex!

Lexie: I know you're busy. I won't keep you long.

Abe: No, no, no, please. Please, I'm fine. What -- what's that you got?

Lexie: It's a list of possible therapies for Theo -- doctors, where they practice, what their sessions entail. It's a lot to process, I know, but once you get the general idea, it won't seem so daunting. Of course, we'll have to meet with some of these people, preferably with Theo present so we'll see how he responds to them.

Abe: Well, whatever it takes, I'm there.

Lexie: This is a good thing, Abe, you know? I mean, it's a blessing to have so many options, really.

Abe: Yeah, yeah, I agree. I'm just worried that with all these therapies he won't have time to play, be a kid.

Lexie: Honey, that's just it. He doesn't play. And, I mean, if he does, it's without any evidence of enjoyment. Anyway, that's what some of these therapy sessions are about. They call it "play therapy."

Abe: I know all about that. I've researched it online.

Lexie: Oh, good. Well, then, you know that, um... they're some of the most useful therapeutic tools out there, apparently. And it's something that we can learn to do to help Theo.

Abe: I'm all for it.

Lexie: Why do you seem hesitant?

Abe: [Sighs] I'm not. I'm not. I -- oh, man.

Lexie: What?

Abe: I'm just -- I'm just thinking about the expense -- not that I wouldn't take every penny we have and use it on Theo. You know that. I'm just worried about his future, his financial future.

Lexie: Right, right. Okay. Well, uh, if we go through the school district, they'll help some. But some of the therapies we'll have to pay for out of pocket.

Abe: I see.

Lexie: Any way you look at it, some of this is going to cost us.

Abe: All right. Hit me with a figure.

Lexie: Somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000 a month. That's a ball park figure.

Abe: And that's on top of the deductible for our insurance?

Lexie: Right.

Abe: [Exhales sharply] Wow.

Lexie: Honey, we can do this. Okay? We just need to be creative.

Abe: Creative?

Lexie: Yeah. I mean, maybe we could dip into Theo's college fund.

Abe: Are you saying that Theo won't be able to go to college?

Lexie: [Sighs]

Chelsea: [Gasps]

Bo: Oh, look who's here.

Chelsea: Excuse me, young lady. I am looking for my little sister. You haven't seen her, by any chance, have you?

Ciara: Right here.

Chelsea: Oh, my goodness! It is you! Come here. Ahh. You know, you just get prettier and prettier every day I see you. Do you know that? Yeah?

Daniel: Bo.

Bo: Doc.

Chelsea: Grandma, um, I didn't know that you were gonna be here. That's good.

Caroline: Oh, well, Hope's working late, so I thought I'd keep these two company, fix 'em some dinner.

Chelsea: We didn't miss it, did we?

Bo: Yeah, dinner was about a half-hour ago. Sorry.

Caroline: Well, there's plenty left over. I can just heat a couple of plates.

Chelsea: No, no, no, no, no.

Daniel: We're fine.

Chelsea: We don't want you to go through the trouble.

Caroline: Oh, no, no, no. It's no trouble to heat up some things in the steamer oven.

Daniel: Well, that's very kind. Um, thank you. Thank you.

Caroline: Sure. Will you sit down? Relax. And Bo will fix you some drinks.

Bo: [Clears throat] Yeah, sure, I will. What would you guys like?

Daniel: Uh, water would be good.

Chelsea: Yeah, I'll have the same.

Bo: Okay, two waters. Sit down. Make yourself at home.

Chelsea: What do you say, Ciara? Want to keep your big sister and Dr. Dan company while we eat? All right! [Clears throat]

Daniel: So, how's the Brady clan...

Chelsea: So, why is Hope working so late?

Daniel: ...Doing tonight?

Bo: Salem P.D. gets stretched pretty thin in the summer, what with vacations and crime rate seems to jump up, so hope thought she'd get some overtime in. How's Victor doing?

Daniel: Stable. He was sleeping comfortably when I left.

Bo: Good. Uh, if you guys will excuse me for a second, I got to make a phone call.

Chelsea: Is everything all right?

Bo: Yeah, fine. You guys eat. Have a good time.

Daniel: You know what? I'm on call, and I don't even have my phone. If you guys will, um, excuse me...

Bo: Yeah, if you hear anything at all, let me know. Thanks a lot, Lieutenant. Doc. you looking for something?

Daniel: Yeah. You.

Kate: Your brother's no fool. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Philip: And what exactly is that?

Kate: He's protecting someone who's innocent.

Philip: How does he know that?

Kate: Because he's family. Because he's your brother. Because he knows you're compassionate and you have a heart and you wouldn't hurt anyone. Philip, as a little boy, you didn't even want to get into fights. You were always the kid who broke up the fights. And I was always proud of you. I'm still proud of you.

Kate: What? What? Why are you looking like that?

Philip: You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Kate: I know what you're not capable of, and that's murder. Philip, say something. Please say something.

Philip: I've done things that...you wouldn't be proud of.

Kate: Then tell me what they are. Tell me. Now.

Kate: No matter what it is, you are my son... and you're in my heart... and you have my loyalty. So, please talk to me, Philip.

Philip: You'll find out soon enough.

Kate: I want to know now.

Philip: I can't get specific. But just know that whatever I did, I did for our family.

Kate: Well, that's the same reason that Bo protected you. That's the same reason that I destroyed the tape -- because we take risks for our flesh and blood. That's what we do. That's how we're wired.

Philip: You've colored in shades of gray your whole life, and I'm not judging you for that, Mom. I'm really not. But what Bo did goes against everything that he stands for, and me giving him that whole song and dance about being a renegade cop -- Bo's never compromised his position on the force the way he did for me.

Kate: Well, then, maybe you should be very, very grateful to him.

Philip: Grateful? How about guilt-ridden and miserable? [Sighs] What if he goes down fort? They could take away everything he has. He could end up in jail.

Kate: Stop thinking the worst. Stop it. This pessimism isn't like you.

Philip: Bo's protecting me at the risk of his name, his reputation, his family, and their future. How the hell am I supposed to live with that?

Caroline: Your dad and Daniel look pretty serious. I wonder what they're discussing.

Chelsea: Well, I know that Daniel had mentioned he was worried about both Dad and Grandpa Victor, so I'm sure that's all they're talking about.

Caroline: Worried? About their health?

Chelsea: Well, yeah -- I mean, more so Grandpa Victor than dad. He just can't have any stress right now, you know?

Caroline: No, of course not. Victor needs peace of mind -- more than ever now.

Daniel: Your relationship with your father is none of my business, but his blood pressure is, as is your heart rate.

Bo: You want to tell me what the hell you're talking about?

Daniel: I'm not gonna sit by and watch you two undo what the hospital staff and I have worked to accomplish, which is keeping you both alive. So, whatever family business is driving you two nuts, you either deal with it on your own or I'm gonna put you back in the hospital, tack a permanent "do not disturb" sign on your door, and just call it a year. My patients, my rules.

Stephanie: You're never gonna believe this dream I had.

Guy: Bonjour.

Stephanie: Who are you?!

Guy: Ah, Americaine, yes?

Stephanie: Max!

Guy: No, no, no. I am friendly, see? I'm friend.

Stephanie: I don't know you.

Guy: I'm sorry. My English is not so very good.

Stephanie: Well, I think it's good for you to understand I want you to leave, okay?

Guy: Have you been before to Marseilles? It's a beautiful city -- very romantique, huh?

Stephanie: Not again. Max! Max!

Guy: Max -- what, he left you alone, huh? Perhaps he moved from the train.

Stephanie: I'm gonna ask you one more time. I want you to leave.

Guy: I mean, actuellement, if you talk about romantic cities, there is no city more better than Paris. You been to Paris? Yes? Magnifique, huh? However, pour moi, I prefer to live here, in the South of France. It's, uh, more, uh, quiet, yes? There's the sea -- you know, the beach.

Bo: I really appreciate your concern there, doc, but I'm doing fine.

Daniel: I'm not sure you're the best judge of that.

Bo: Oh, come on. I know my limits. I'm nowhere near 'em.

Daniel: I don't care what you think you know, but I'm your doctor, and I am telling you you just need to take it easy. You are r-- [Cellphone rings] Hold on a sec. Got to get this. Hello? Is that so?

Chelsea: Hey. What's going on?

Bo: Oh...not much. Your boyfriend there is an overly concerned doctor. And that's not a bad thing.

Daniel: Why, absolutely. You go ahead and make the adjustments. Anyone and everyone. I'm not taking any more chances. All right. You too. Thanks again.

Chelsea: Everything all right?

Daniel: Victor's monitor readouts have just been analyzed. It seems like every time you and Philip go into his room, his blood pressure seems to skyrocket through the roof.

Chelsea: Great. So, what does that mean?

Daniel: That means no more visitors -- we are locking down Victor's room.

Kate: That little recording was extremely dangerous, and if it had seen the light of day, you would have probably been arrested by now. [Doorbell rings] So any moral misgivings that you may have --

Philip: Moral misgivings? Your not getting this, Mom? Bo may lose everything he's worked so hard for his whole life, not to mention what this could do to his family.

Kate: You didn't kill anyone! I know that. I know that in my gut, as your mother.

Philip: You see what you want to see.

Kate: No one's going to find out what Bo did. [Footsteps approaching]

Morgan: Sorry to interrupt. Henderson said you were in here.

Kate: Well, this is a surprise.

Philip: I invited her.

Lexie: College? Goodness. I-I-I can't think that far ahead, Abe. Why would I think that far ahead?

Abe: I prefer not to either, but we have to be concerned. How can we not be?

Lexie: Okay, what's most important right now is having Theo start therapy.

Abe: You're right. And, of course, no matter what, neither one of us is gonna limit Theo's future. We'll find a way. We'll take out loans if we have to, when the time comes. But we'll work it out.

[Telephone rings]

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: You know, this is work. I'm gonna have to take it.

Lexie: Yeah, go ahead.

Abe: Yeah, Carver. What did you find? Yes, please, shoot me a fax immediately. Thank you.

Lexie: What is it?

Abe: We just caught a break in the Paul Hollingsworth case.

Philip: Are you doing okay?

Morgan: Better now. Thanks. Sorry if I'm interrupting.

Kate: Oh, no. No, that's all right. It's actually very nice to see you again.

Morgan: You too, Ms. Roberts.

Kate: So, I think I'll leave the two of you alone.

Morgan: Please don't leave on my account.

Kate: Oh, no. I was going anyway. We can talk later. Bye.

Morgan: Bye, Ms. Roberts. Okay, am I being completely paranoid, or was your mother really surprised to see me?

Philip: No, no, no. She's just stressed, tired, like the rest of us.

Morgan: 'Cause of your dad, huh?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, that's part of it -- just like you're so stressed about your dad.

Morgan: Yeah, I am. Look, I appreciate how positive you're trying to be for me. I know you just want me to realize that I may never see him again.

Philip: Hey, but that doesn't mean you should think the worst.

Morgan: I try not to. Anyway, sorry I'm late for dinner.

Philip: I could have them fix you something. Are you hungry?

Morgan: No, I'm okay. Thanks.

Philip: Coffee?

Morgan: Nope, I'm good for now.

Philip: Have a seat.

Morgan: Thank you. [Sighs]

Philip: [Sighs] So... is there any news yet?

Morgan: On my father? No.

Philip: I'm sure the authorities will find out some information very soon.

Morgan: I don't know. After that last letter, Philip...I'm just so worried about him, you know? I just don't -- I don't know what could have happened to him.

Chelsea: Anyway, I didn't even really want to leave, and I almost didn't 'cause this one little girl, Natalie -- she's so cute. She, like, grabbed on to my leg, and she's like, "can you please spend the night?"

Caroline: Well, it sounds like you've found your calling.

Chelsea: It's only been a couple of days.

Bo: Come on. It's great that you feel so motivated with this new job.

Caroline: And that you're obviously so good with those kids.

Chelsea: Well, I enjoy being around them, you know? And a lot of them haven't really had an easy life, and they're still so positive, which is just extremely inspiring. You know, you two might actually really like coming down there sometime.

Caroline: Oh, I would like that.

Bo: Yeah, so would I -- that is, if the good doc thinks my fragile bones can handle it. [Chuckles] I'm sorry. You're just doing your job.

Chelsea: Well, you know, lucky for you, Dad, he's the best at his job, because it benefits you a lot to listen to him, so you should.

Daniel: Definitely an overstatement.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Though he's not really great at taking praise.

Bo: Yeah, I've noticed.

Daniel: Well, on that note, I'm gonna step on out of here.

Chelsea: Oh, so soon?

Daniel: Yeah, I got to go look at an apartment -- something I might rent.

Chelsea: You're going to look at an apartment?

Daniel: Yeah. Would you like to come with me -- tell me what you think?

Chelsea: I would love to come with you. Yeah, I'll call you in a little bit to get the address. I'm just gonna help them clean up a little bit first.

Caroline: Oh, stop. Your dad and I will do that.

Chelsea: No! Don't be ridiculous. I'll just be a little bit.

Daniel: Okay. Well, you, um, take your time, okay? All right. Well, thank you very much for dinner. That was wonderful. Thank you. Good night.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: Oh, where are you going?

Bo: Well, since you're helping your grandma clean up, I was just gonna take a little walk.

Ciara: Mommy, come here!

Caroline: Oh, dear. She was asleep when I left her. Must be a bad dream.

Bo: No, Ma, Ma... sit tight. I'll go.

Chelsea: Do you know what's wrong with my dad?

Guy: I think you misunderstand.

Stephanie: Do I?

Guy: What is this?

Stephanie: Just a little something I picked up in France, pour les occasions comme ceci.

Guy: Wow. Please, I ask you nicely.

Stephanie: That's funny, 'cause I asked you nicely a couple of times. Maybe you'll get the point this time. Go!

Guy: I will leave.

Stephanie: That's very sweet of you. Get out.

Kate: How 'bout it? What is it they say about real estate -- location, location, location?

Daniel: And timing is everything.

Kate: [Chuckles]

Daniel: So, uh...what do you think?

Kate: Come on. Do you care what I think?

Daniel: You've got good taste.

Kate: Yeah, and bad timing.

Daniel: How does it make you feel?

Kate: I don't think it matters how it makes me feel. I think it matters how it makes you feel. It's an amazing view. I think Chelsea will like it.

Kate: Yeah. What's not to like, huh? It's pretty perfect, isn't it?

Daniel: [Chuckles] Perfectly twisted.

Kate: You're a good man. You're going to make the right decision.

Daniel: No. No, if I was really a good man, I wouldn't be in this position.

Chelsea: I mean, I understand that dad's not in the right frame of mind with Victor in the hospital. But I just feel like there's something else that's bothering him. I could be imagining it.

Caroline: [Sighs] Well, I don't think anybody's in the right frame of mind right now. I mean, it's only natural.

Chelsea: Okay. I should probably call Daniel and get the address for the apartment he's thinking of renting.

Caroline: So, it seems like Daniel may be staying for a while.

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, I'm sure he doesn't really want to go anywhere with Victor in the hospital.

Caroline: I'm sure that's part of it, but...I think the real reason is you.

Chelsea: I'm kind of hoping so.

Caroline: Oh, I hope so. It's a sign that things are going pretty well.

Chelsea: Yeah. They are. I mean, I just wish that dad was a little more supportive. He's trying, though, to be more friendly. It's just still sufficiently awkward and weird, but...

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: I'm hoping that over time, once he sees how happy Daniel makes me, he'll just accept it.

Caroline: Well, your dad's being protective, and with all that's going on, even more so.

Chelsea: See? There is something going on. What do you think it is? Is it this whole Paul Hollingsworth thing?

Caroline: Whatever it is, just know your father loves you with all his heart. And so do I.

Chelsea: I love you, too.

Morgan: [Sighs] I've got to stop doing this. I'm sorry. My father is not your problem, especially now that you're dealing with your own father being in the hospital. [Cellphone rings] Oh, excuse me. Salem P.D. Hello?

Abe: Morgan, it's Abe Carver. We need you to come down to the station.

Morgan: What is it?

Abe: We have some new information about the case we want to go over with you. How soon can you make it?

Morgan: I can be there right away.

Abe: Oh, good. We'll see you then.

Morgan: Yeah. See you.

Philip: They've got something?

Morgan: Philip, will you do me a favor?

Philip: Anything.

Morgan: Will you come with me?

Philip: Of course.

Morgan: Thank you.

Philip: Let's go.

Stephanie: Hey.

Max: I didn't know what you wanted, so I brought you a selection.

Stephanie: Yummy.

Max: Got some coffee and some juice, some fresh fruit, and these killer croissants and pastries.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Max: Sure.

Stephanie: That's really sweet of you.

Max: So, anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Stephanie: No, no. Um...just, uh, looking out the window, enjoying the French countryside.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Stopping a pickpocket from stealing my wallet.

Max: What? Are you kidding me?

Stephanie: Nope. You know how it is over here, especially with Americans. They think we're easy marks.

Max: What happened?

Stephanie: Uh, well...

Max: Ouch.

Stephanie: Didn't even have to use it.

Max: Well, we need to report this guy to the conductor.

Stephanie: I did. He said this thing happens all the time.

Max: Oh, man. At least you're safe, no thanks to me.

Stephanie: I'm more than capable of taking care of myself.

Max: Obviously.

Stephanie: Thank you for breakfast. It was really sweet of you. Ohh.

Max: You look really beautiful. I mean, not that you don't all the time. Just, like, right now -- I don't know -- maybe it's the light or something.

Stephanie: Maybe you're just biased.

Max: No, I'm actually being totally objective.

Stephanie: [Chuckles] Come here. [Laughs]

Max: Tastes like pastry.

Stephanie: [Laughs] It's good, though, right?

Max: It is. It is.

Stephanie: Anyway, thank you for this. It's really good.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Merci beaucoup.

Max: I'm guessing that's "thank you very much"?

Stephanie: Very good, Mr. Bilingual?

Max: Yeah.

Stephanie: Somebody's smiling.

Max: I'm just excited. I mean, I could possibly be meeting my biological sister, and then to top it all off, I have the love of my life right here by my side, sharing it with me.

Kate: It was a waste of time, wasn't it?

Daniel: Waste of time? No. No, it was a hell of a time. [Indistinct conversations in distance]

Kate: I think we need to stay in the moment. Isn't that what you always say?

Daniel: My blessing and my curse.

Kate: Daniel, can you promise me that you won't hurt her?

Daniel: I would rather die.

Kate: I know you would. So would I.

Daniel: She can never know what happened.

Kate: My lips are sealed.

Bo: Ma, Chelsea left?

Caroline: Yes, she went to meet Daniel.

Bo: Right.

Caroline: Bo, I'm reluctant to give you advice, but please --

Bo: Keep an open mind. I know. He's a nice guy. They make each other happy.

Caroline: He is, and they do.

Bo: Oh, come on. But you got to admit they got some issues.

Caroline: Well, doesn't everyone? I mean, you and Hope were not a surefire bet.

Bo: Oh, come on, Ma. That's totally different.

Caroline: How so? [Telephone rings]

Bo: Hold that thought. Hey, Abe. What's up? When? Okay. Thanks for filling me in.

Caroline: Is that bad news?

Bo: Paul Hollingsworth -- they found something.

Abe: Oh, Morgan, Philip. Morgan, please, have a seat. Now... what I have to tell you doesn't mean a thing one way or the other, so don't jump to conclusions.

Morgan: Doesn't sound good.

Abe: We found a jacket -- your father's jacket.

Philip: How do you know it was his?

Abe: Photo I.D. in the pocket.

Morgan: Where was it?

Abe: Floating in the river.

E.J.: Ava, I just came back from meeting with the assistant D.A. I wouldn't be making any long-term plans now.

Tony: Don't try to snub me, Kate.

Kate: I don't know what you're talking about.

Tony: Oh, Kate, what's going on, or should I ask? What are you trying to hide?

Morgan: I know he wouldn't just up and leave if he wasn't really scared of something or someone.

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