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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/10/08 - Canada; Friday 7/11/08 - U.S.A.

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Hope: So, why were you and Lucas fighting, huh? What's going on?

Philip: That's between him and me.

Hope: I'm trying to help my cousin here, who also happens to be your brother. I would think you'd want to do the same.

Philip: What the hell was he thinking?

Hope: Well, that, I don't know. But he definitely knew the risk of breaking his house arrest. He had to have had a damn good reason for taking that risk.

Philip: I'm sure he did. It's a shame. I don't think there's much either one of us can do to help him right now, is there?

Hope: Why don't you sound more upset about that, Philip?

Philip: Let's just say he made his own bed.

Hope: I overheard you tell him that you knew what he did. What were you talking about? Answer me. It's important. What did Lucas do?

Philip: Trust me. It's not a police matter, not directly, anyway.

Hope: How's Lucas?

Bo: Finishing up processing. He'll be back in a jail cell soon.

Philip: That guy never learns, does he?

Bo: What the hell is going on with the two of you? Why would you go after him like that? Don't you think he's got enough problems?

Hope: Oh, I've been trying to get that same answer myself.

Bo: Time for you to start talking to me.

Chelsea: Well, Dr. Dan. Fancy meeting you here.

Daniel: Well, hello, there. How's the first day on the job for University Hospital's newest and best occupational therapist?

Chelsea: Occupational therapist in training. But I'm good, and the job is good. I love it. And the child-development center is amazing.

Daniel: I had a feeling you would enjoy it.

Chelsea: It's like the first job that I've had where I feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile.

Daniel: Hmm.

Chelsea: And I think that I have you to thank for that.

Daniel: All did was just make a phone call.

Chelsea: Well, you did a little bit more than that. It's just funny to me because I've been trying to figure out for the longest time what I want to do, and somehow you knew what I needed before I did.

Daniel: Hmm. I think you are just gonna be great.

Chelsea: I really hope so, and I'm really excited to take classes in the fall, which is really weird, but I am.

Daniel: I don't think I've ever seen you happy.

Chelsea: Why wouldn't I be? I have a lot to be happy about. A lot.

Daniel: Tell me about it.

Caroline: Victor! Victor!

Max: Stephanie, call 911. What happened?

Caroline: He -- he has a pulse.

Max: Okay, okay. Did he say anything before he went down? What happened?

Caroline: No. I don't know. We were talking, and he got pale. Then he just collapsed.

Max: Loosen this. Victor, can you hear us?

Caroline: We're here.

Max: Victor, can you hear us?

Chloe: Kate. What are you doing here?

Kate: Excuse me?

Chloe: Well, I heard you were in the hospital, had major surgery. Shouldn't you still be at home recuperating?

Kate: [Scoffs] Thanks for asking, but, actually, I'm fine. I wish I could say the same for my son, though.

Chloe: I'm sorry about that.

Kate: You're sorry? Maybe you should just stay away from the Kiriakis men. I think Philip has suffered enough at your hands. I don't want to see that happen again, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh. I guess you haven't heard the news. You'll be happy to know that Philip and I are history.

Kate: Really? Well, I am glad to hear that he's come to his senses.

Chloe: Well, one of us did. Don't get too excited just yet. You're not exactly rid of me.

Kate: Actually, say no more, because if you and Philip are broken up, then that's all I really need to know.

Chloe: You wouldn't be so happy if you knew the rest of the story.

Kate: Yeah, well, I'm sure you hurt him, and for that, I'm very sorry.

Chloe: So am I.

Kate: I bet.

Chloe: Philip hurt me, too. Your little boy isn't quite the saint that you'd like to think he is. He's changed.

Kate: Okay, look, I know you're dying to tell me whatever it is happened, so just spit it out and then -- what's going on in there?

Max: Give us some room, people!

Kate: Victor!

Max: Thank you.

Kate: Oh, my God. What happened?

Caroline: I don't know. He was talking, and then he had an attack, and he -- he lost consciousness.

Kate: Has anyone called 911?

Stephanie: They'll be here any second.

Caroline: Victor...

Max: Is there a box in the back? We could elevate his feet or something.

Caroline: He has a pulse.

Max: Victor, can you hear us?

Bo: I'm waiting. What have you got to say for yourself?

Philip: I don't have to answer you.

Bo: The hell you don't. What did you mean when you told Lucas you knew what he did?

Philip: I'll tell you what I told Hope. That's between my brother and me.

Hope: All right. Listen. Whatever he's done, do you honestly believe he deserves to go back to prison?

Philip: It's not my call. If you're asking if I'm happy out this, no, I'm not. I wish he would have stayed home with his family.

Bo: And you have no idea why he didn't, why he took off that ankle bracelet, risked freedom

go to the Salem Inn?

[Cellphone ringing]

Philip: Excuse me. Hello.

Morgan: Philip, it's Morgan. Hey, I'm at the pub, and i thought you should know -- something's wrong with your father.

Philip: What happened?

Morgan: I don't know. It looks like some kind of attack or something. The paramedics are working on him now.

Philip: Oh, my God. Please tell me he's still alive.

Daniel: Well, very soon, you and I are gonna be colleagues.

Chelsea: Oh, please. I don't know if I could ever be in the same league as you, Dr. Jonas, surgeon extraordinaire.

Daniel: Come on. Don't sell yourself short. What you're doing -- what you want to do -- is extremely important.

Chelsea: All I know is it feels really good.

Daniel: God, I want to kiss you right now.

Chelsea: It's really too bad that the hospital frowns upon PDA's. I mean, with its staff. I read that in my employee manual.

Daniel: Is that so?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I never looked at that book.

Chelsea: Why does that not surprise me?

Daniel: Well, there's not a damn thing they can do about non-public displays. So, what do you say, when I get out of here, which is in about, oh, 15 minutes --

Chelsea: Oh, my gosh. That's so convenient, because I'm off like now.

Daniel: Sweet. So, what do you say we go grab something to eat, go on a hike, get lost?

Nurse: Dr. Jonas, I just got a call from dispatch. EMT's are on their way. Possible stroke or heart attack. The gentleman's family asked that you be notified.

Daniel: Why me?

Nurse: They say you know him. His name is Victor Kiriakis.

Daniel: Get a room ready. If he's stable when he arrives, I won't have to put him through the trauma center. Give a heads-up to radiology and neurology. We'll need to run some tests right away. Thank you.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: I can't believe that this is happening.

Daniel: Hey, let's not jump the gun here. This could still be something minor.

Chelsea: And if it's not?

Daniel: You know your grandfather, right? He is a strong guy, as tough as they come.

Chelsea: But if he has another stroke --

Daniel: Let's not even go there, okay? Let's not go there. Let's just wait and see.

Chelsea: Yeah. You're right. If anyone can help him, it's you.

Daniel: Yeah. Hey, I will do my best. I promise.

Philip: Morgan, can you give me some details? What's happening with my father?

Morgan: I don't know. I just got here, and the paramedics are still working on him. I don't want to get in the way.

Philip: But he's still alive?

Morgan: Yeah, I think so.

Philip: I'll be right over.

Morgan: No, no, no. He's already on the gurney. Just go to the hospital.

Philip: And, Morgan, thanks for calling.

Morgan: Yeah. No problem. I hope he's okay.

Philip: Thanks. I'll call you later. Our father's in trouble. He's on his way to the hospital.

Bo: What happened?

Philip: Some kind of attack at the pub. Morgan doesn't know the specifics.

Hope: Bo, go. Go with him. I'll finish up with Lucas.

Bo: I'll call you as soon as I know anything.

Caroline: Is he gonna be all right?

Kate: Do you know what's wrong with him?

Morgan: He may have had a stroke. We need to get him to the hospital as quick as we can.

Caroline: Hang in there. I'll see you at the hospital.

Kate: I have to call Philip.

Morgan: Oh, I already handled it, Mrs. Roberts. He's on his way to the hospital.

Kate: Thanks, Morgan. I guess I'll just see him there. Excuse me.

Max: Hey, Ma, you need anything else? You need me to cover here?

Caroline: Oh, no, honey. Pete is coming. He's gonna do additional hours and take more responsibility.

Max: Wait. What do you mean?

Caroline: Well, you need a break. You need a long break to do what you have to do.

Max: No, you need me here.

Caroline: No, honey, I don't. You need to find your answers.

Max: I really don't need answers.

Caroline: Please don't argue with me!

Max: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Caroline: I'm sorry. Please. Just don't.

Stephanie: Here. That's --

Caroline: Thank you.

Stephanie: Poor thing. She's already been through so much.

Max: Yeah, after all I put her through, this is the last thing she needs.

Stephanie: Hey, you heard her. She supports you completely.

Max: Yeah, but it's still hard on her 'cause she worries about me.

Stephanie: She's not the only one.

Max: Let's just pray Victor's okay, 'cause like you said, she couldn't take losing anyone else she cares about.

Stephanie: I thought you were told to take some time off -- really off.

Max: I'm just getting some things in order.

Stephanie: So you're taking your mom's advice?

Max: I didn't say that.

Stephanie: I still can't believe you've decided not to find this girl who may be your half sister, especially since she has Trent as a father.

Max: Like I said, she seemed pretty happy when she answered the phone, thinking it was her father. Obviously they have a good relationship.

Stephanie: Still, I don't trust him. After the way he's treated you, how he could he possibly be a decent father to anyone?

Max: You're just assuming.

Stephanie: Yeah, for a good reason. Come on. Let me help you find your sister. You said that I could, that we would do it together.

Max: I shouldn't have. It was wrong.

Stephanie: Why? Why all of a sudden is it wrong?

Max: Because it just is. Look, Steph, you know where I stand on this. Now, please stop pushing.

Stephanie: If that's how you really feel.

Max: It is. I've already made up my mind.

Stephanie: I should get going.

Max: Please don't be angry.

Stephanie: No, I'm not angry. It's Chelsea's first day on the job. I promised I'd swing...by. She's gonna be there when her grandfather gets in. I have to go.

Max: Steph, wait.

Stephanie: What?

Max: I love you, okay? Just remember that.

Stephanie: I love you, too.

Max: And tell Chelsea I hope Victor feels better, I'm pulling for him.

Stephanie: I will.

Max: All right.

Stephanie: I'll see you later?

Max: Of course.

[Door opens, closes]

Daniel: How's he doing?

Nurse: He's stabilized. His pulse is 72. Strong and regular. B.P. -- 128/84. We think we detect a little bit of a facial droop, and he's having difficulty speaking.

Daniel: You guys were there when this happened?

Caroline: I was.

Kate: I came in later.

Daniel: When did he first start having symptoms.

Caroline: About 30 minutes ago.

Daniel: You're gonna be okay. All right? Now, I'm just gonna ask you a question, strictly routine. What is your name?

Victor: Uh, uh, uh...

Daniel: It's okay. It's okay, Victor. I'm gonna put my fingers here in your hand. I want you to squeeze -- tight as you can. There you go. Good. Good. Now I'm gonna put them in your other hand. I want you to squeeze. He's weak on his left side. All right, Susan. Let's get him hooked up to a heart monitor, stat. I'll need a cbc, chem 7, coags, cardiac enzymes, and a 12 edcg. Call radiology and tell them that I need a stat C.T. of the head. Tell neurology that I'm gonna need an evaluation of all this.

Philip: What happened?

Daniel: It looks like your father's experiencing a stroke, but we'll know more once we run some tests. Let's go.

Kate: He's gonna be okay, honey. We know he's a fighter.

Bo: Ma...

Caroline: What?

Bo: How is he?

Caroline: They don't know. I obviously don't. I don't.

Daniel: It's one of the perks, you know, of having a Godson as your doctor -- you got to bypass E.R., go straight to your own room. Not that it's the Ritz or anything, but it's definitely a little quieter. I guess I don't have to tell you what you're going through. But you are gonna pull through this, Victor. You've done it before, and you'll do it again.

Chelsea: Here.

Caroline: Oh. Thank you, dear. Thanks.

Kate: [Sighs] Daniel has been in there a long time, and the tests are finished. I don't understand why they're not telling us anything.

Philip: I guess the results aren't back yet. Either that, or it's bad news.

Kate: No, honey, it's not bad news. He's gonna be fine. You know Victor. Everything's gonna be fine.

Philip: Not everything, Mom.

Kate: Now, what does that mean?

Philip: Lucas.

Kate: What about Lucas?

Philip: I hate to have to tell you this now... but I'd rather you hear it from me than somebody else.

Kate: Okay. Just spit it out, then.

Philip: He's back in jail.

Kate: Oh, my God. What?

Philip: He broke his house arrest. He took his ankle monitor off and left the mansion.

Kate: Why the hell did he do that?

Philip: Apparently it was to go see Chloe.

Chelsea: Grandpa's gonna be okay. He's got to be. Daniel will make sure of it.

Bo: Daniel is an amazing doctor. You and I are proof of that. But, uh...

Chelsea: But what?

Bo: He's human... and this isn't Victor's first stroke.

Chelsea: So you're saying that he's gonna die?

Bo: No, no. That's not what I'm saying.

Caroline: Of course he's not, Chelsea, but this is very serious.

Chelsea: Look, I understand that you and grandpa have had a lot of problems --

Bo: Well, that's an understatement, but he and I have reached an understanding. I want him to get well.

Chelsea: I'm happy to hear you say that, because he loves you a lot.

Caroline: He certainly does.

Bo: Well, he's crazy about you.

Chelsea: Well, that is because I'm your daughter, and I'm part of what he created with the love of his life over here.

Caroline: Oh, Chelsea.

Chelsea: No, grandma, it's true. He's never gotten over you. You mean the world to him.

Caroline: You mean a lot to him -- both of you do. Family's the most important thing in the world to your grandfather.

Chelsea: I know.

Caroline: He's made mistakes. We all make mistakes. But, inside, he's got a good art.

Chelsea: Well, let's just hope that it stays strong, okay?

Stephanie: Chelsea, there you are. I've been looking for you.

Chelsea: Did you hear about my grandpa?

Stephanie: Yeah. I was at the pub when it happened. How is he?

Chelsea: We don't really know. They think that he had a stroke, but Daniel's in with him right now.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry. Just let me know if I can do anything.

Caroline: Well, the most important thing you can do right now is be with Max.

Bo: Max?

Chelsea: Did something happen?

Stephanie: Why do you say that?

Caroline: I-I don't know. It's just a feeling I have. Call it mother's intuition.

Pete: Hey. So, you're good to go?

Max: Yeah. I got to get out of here soon.

Pete: You're cutting it pretty close, aren't you?

Max: I'll make my flight. I think I got a little bit of time.

Pete: So, what's up with Europe, and why don't you want anybody to know about it?

Max: It's a long story. I'll explain when I get back. You got a pen on you?

Pete: Yeah. There you go.

Max: Perfect.

Pete: You know, Max, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were running away from home.

Max: It's actually kind of the opposite, man.

Pete: Okay.

Max: Look, it's a long story. I'll explain when I get back. But for now, just keep it under wraps, okay?

Pete: All right, man. No problem. And whatever you're looking for, I hope you find it.

Max: Thanks. So do I.

Daniel: Now that we know for sure what we're dealing with, we can start treatment. There we go.

Victor: [Muttering]

Daniel: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Just hold that thought, all right? Relax. Let the meds do their thing.

Stephanie: Max is okay right now. I think I'm just gonna stay here and see how Victor's doing.

Chelsea: You don't have to do that. If Max needs you, then just go.

Stephanie: No. He doesn't. He made it very clear he's gonna be fine.

Bo: I'm sure he is. There's not much my little brother can't handle.

Stephanie: What about you, Uncle Bo? Are you okay?

Bo: I'm worried about Victor, like everybody else. But, there again, there is not much that can keep Victor down. Isn't that right, Ma?

Caroline: That's true. That's true. When victor sets his mind to something, nothing can stop him.

Philip: Mom. There you go.

Kate: Thanks, sweetie. I think I'm going to need something a little stronger than tea. [Sighs] I cannot believe this. Lucas and Chloe? How did that happen? I thought he was madly in love with what's her name.

Philip: I was pretty shocked myself.

Kate: [Sighs] So, what happened?

Philip: I don't know all the details, but apparently Lucas went to see her at her hotel... they slept together... and after the blackout hit, he was discovered and busted for breaking his house arrest.

Kate: Oh, God. It's unbelievable. So he risked his freedom, he risked his life with his daughter, for what? You know, I don't get it. I don't understand you two.

Philip: I don't know what to tell you.

Kate: I'll tell you what. So she was with Brady, she was with you, and now she's with Lucas.

Philip: Maybe I pushed her into it.

Kate: Oh, Philip, come on.

Philip: The bottom line is Chloe and I are finished. If Lucas wants her, he can have her. No, wait. He already has.

Chelsea: Stephanie, you don't have to stay.

Stephanie: No, I want to, for you.

Chelsea: I got my dad. Besides, Grandma Caroline seems pretty concerned about Max. Look, she's already got enough to worry about with Victor, so...

Stephanie: Maybe you're right.

Chelsea: Besides, you seem pretty worried about Max, too, aren't you?

Stephanie: Will you call me if something happens?

Chelsea: Are you gonna tell me what's bothering you?

Stephanie: I can't.

Chelsea: You can't or you won't?

Stephanie: It's really just a feeling. I think Max is up to something, and I just want to know what it is.

Max: [Thinking] I'm sorry, Mom...Stephanie. I wish I could say goodbye in person, but this is how it has to be.

Hope: [Sighs] So, how did it feel, hmm, being processed again, knowing you're going back to prison?

Lucas: You have to ask?

Hope: It's just you and me now. Talk to me. What the hell were you thinking?

Lucas: I wasn't thinking. I was just, uh, I was reacting.

Hope: Reacting? Reacting to what? [Sighs] This is breaking my heart. But more than that, you're breaking Sami's heart. She's devastated.

Lucas: Well, she would be very devastated if she found out what really happened.

Hope: Yeah, what was that?

Lucas: It's personal.

Hope: We're family -- you and me. I'm not just some cop questioning you.

Lucas: I know. I know. You're only trying to help.

Hope: Damn straight, I'm trying to help you. I don't want to come visit you behind bars for the next 10 years.

Lucas: I'll think of something. I'll think of another way out.

Hope: Another way out? Another way out? You're not going to some big mansion with a monitor. You're going to be in the state penitentiary.

Lucas: Whatever. I just got my daughter back in my life. I am not gonna lose her again.

Caroline: Daniel, how is he?

Kate: Do you know anything yet?

Daniel: Yeah. The test results came back. I'm afraid it's confirmed that victor's had another stroke.

Caroline: Oh, no. How bad is it?

Daniel: Well, unfortunately, we won't know the complete extent of the damage for quite some time. We've given him a drug called T.P.A.

Caroline: T.P.A.? What is that?

Daniel: Tissue plasminogen activator. It should help dissolve the clot that's blocking the blood flow to the brain.

Caroline: Is there a good chance it'll work?

Daniel: There's a very good chance if it's given within three hours of onset. And, luckily, you got him here in time.

Caroline: Thank God.

Kate: Are there any risks involved?

Daniel: Well, T.P.A. can sometimes cause bleeding in the brain. But in this case, I'd say the, uh, potential benefits far outweigh the risks.

Caroline: So, what now?

Daniel: He's asking for you -- both of you.

Kate: He's awake and he's speaking?

Daniel: Well, the effects of the drug can be dramatic. Just 10 minutes after starting, Victor was able to say a couple words.

Caroline: So he asked to speak to both of us?

Daniel: That's what he said. But I ask that you, please, just be brief. He needs his rest.

Caroline: Of. Of course. Thank you, Daniel.

[Door opens]

Victor: Caroline. Kate.

Caroline: We're here, Victor.

Kate: Daniel said that you wanted to see us.

Victor: I'm leaving behind my sons. Your sons. I'm so proud of them... both.

Chelsea: Daniel... how is he?

Bo: Did the drug start to work?

Daniel: Well, he has some speech back. He asked to speak to your mother and Kate. They're in with him now.

Bo: Ma and Kate? Why?

Daniel: He didn't say why.

Bo: The truth, man. Is he gonna make it?

Morgan: I hope you don't mind me coming here. I mean, if I'm intruding, let me know.

Philip: Of course not. You're the one who called and told me. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.

Morgan: Well, I wanted to show you my support. I mean, I know what it's like to worry about your father.

Philip: Have you heard anything? Any news on where he is, what's happened to him?

Morgan: No. I mean, besides that strange letter in his luggage, nothing.

Philip: That's too bad. But don't give up hope. There's still a chance he's okay.

Morgan: From your mouth to God's ears. But I'll tell you what -- if somebody hurt him, I will make sure that they pay.

Chloe: Lucas, what are we doing?

Lucas: There's a couple different names for it, but --

Chloe: I'm serious. Are we crazy?

Lucas: I know I am. I've been cooped up in that house too long. I'm going crazy with all the tension there.

Chloe: I can't even imagine.

Lucas: Sami and E.J. walking around that place, doing their mating dance everywhere -- it makes me sick. She tries to play it off like she doesn't have the hots for the guy, but I know she does.

Chloe: But you're supposed to be the man that she's in love with.

Lucas: I don't know. Sometimes I feel like she wishes I had never gotten my leave from prison.

Chloe: That's awful.

Lucas: But you're different, you know? You -- you really seem to understand me. I mean, you get it, you know? You... you get me.

Chloe: Mmm. Wow. Wow, this feels...

Lucas: What? It feels right. At least that's the way it feels to me.

Chloe: Me too.

Lucas: Why do you look so upset right now?

Chloe: [Sighs] Because I feel guilty, like somehow I'm betraying Philip.

Lucas: [Clears throat] Hasn't he been betraying you with Morgan?

Chloe: Yeah.

Lucas: So maybe it's time to lose that guilt.

Chloe: You're right. Uh-oh. Don't tell me you're getting claustrophobic now.

Lucas: No. No, I'm okay. I'm fine.

Chloe: Feeling guilty?

Lucas: No, I'm not feeling guilty right now. It's just -- I don't know. It's just weird, you know? I mean, we're free and we're available, but, then again...

Chloe: But...what?

Lucas: You have Philip, who's my brother, and I have Sami... and no matter how much we complain... nothing's changed that.

Chloe: True. So?

Lucas: So, what are we doing right now? What, are we using each other?

Chloe: For now, but that could change, couldn't it?

Lucas: I don't know. I don't -- I don't know if, uh, feelings can shift that fast. I don't know.

Chloe: Oh, I beg to differ.

Lucas: I just don't know how I can go from one person to the next that quick.

Chloe: Well, let me see if I can help.

Chloe: It's all my fault. I'm the reason you're back in jail. Hey, Mom. It's me. Uh, do you have a minute? I really need to talk.

Max: Hey, Pete. Here's the letters for Steph and ma. You won't forget, right?

Pete: No, I'll make sure they get them.

Max: Thanks. And thanks, man. You're a good friend.

Pete: If there's anything else you need -- anything I can do.

Max: No, no, no, no. I got it. The rest is up to me now.

Pete: All right. Well, take care. And whatever you're off to do, I wish you luck.

Max: Thanks. I got a feeling I'm gonna need it.

Max: Hi, Pop. I miss you. Every morning I wake up, and, uh, I think it's a dream, but it's not. It's a nightmare, and I'm living it... 'cause you're gone. And I'm not dealing with your death very well because... I can't seem to cry. I can't seem to mourn you, and I don't know why... because I don't know where I would be without you. You're the one man that I looked up to and said, "you know what? I want to be just like him." I don't know why you took me in. I was such a messed-up kid. But you -- you saw something in me. You always saw the good in everybody, and, uh... I-I've never known and I never will know anyone who had a heart as big as you. God. [Exhales deeply] Why'd you have to leave me now? I guess there's one good thing about my abusive father. If hadn't have been abusive, I...never would have known you. I never would have known what it would be like to be a real man... 'cause a real man is tough. You showed me that. And a real man should never be embarrassed to shed a tear, and -- and you showed me that, too. You were my father... and I always knew it was meant to be. [Sniffles] Even when I got into trouble... you were there for me. You never bailed me out. You showed me how to bail myself out. And, uh, now I'm in a little trouble again. But, you know, I think you'd be proud of how I'm handling it. And I'm not sorry that I'm in trouble... because I did it for someone who I love, and, uh... I'd do anything for her.

Stephanie: Hey, Pete, is Max around?

Pete: Uh, you just missed him.

Stephanie: Yeah? Where'd he go?

Pete: Maybe this will explain.

Stephanie: What is it?

Pete: It's from Max. He asked me to give it to you.

Chloe: Yes, Mom, he's back in jail and it's all my fault. Well, remember I told you that I was upset over Philip? Well, I needed someone to talk to, but I never expected for Lucas to break his house arrest.

Bo: Ma... how is he?

Caroline: He wants to talk to you and Philip.

Kate: He wants to see his sons.

Daniel: Let's just keep it brief.

Chelsea: Gram, you look pretty tired. Why don't you go home and rest? Daniel says that grandpa's stable now, so...

Caroline: I'm not tired, and I don't want to leave. I have to go to the pub. I just have to. That's all.

Chelsea: It's okay. I'll call you if anything changes.

Caroline: Please do, darling. Will you?

Chelsea: We will. I love you.

Caroline: I love you, too, sweetheart. You try not to worry.

Chelsea: I will.

[Monitor beeping]

Kate: Chelsea is very upset about her grandfather. I'm glad she has you to lean on.

Daniel: Are you sure about that?

Kate: Yes. All I want is for her to be happy... and she can never find out what happened between us... because it would kill her.

Sami: I'm not sleeping under the same roof with you for another night.

Chelsea: If you think so highly of Daniel, then why did you refuse to let him operate on you?

Philip: You and I have had our differences lately. That's because of me. I need you. Please don't leave me.

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