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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/24/08 - Canada; Wednesday 6/25/08 - U.S.A.

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Bo: Here you go.

Hope: Okay, so, here we are. Cheers. Cheers, cheers, cheers. Now, do I get to know what the big occasion is?

Bo: Why does there have to be a big occasion for me to take my beautiful wife out to dinner?

Hope: When it's Chez Rouge on a Wednesday night and my husband is wearing a suit and tie, it most definitely is.

Bo: Nice deducing. You'd make a good detective.

Hope: Yeah, well, you make a lousy liar, detective.

Bo: Well...

Hope: Come on, Brady, out with it. I know you got something up your sleeve.

Bo: If I do, you'll find out what it is when the time is right.

Hope: I know what it is.

Bo: Hmm.

Hope: You got a lead in the arson case or the drug bust or maybe it was both and you brought us here to celebrate.

Bo: Unh-unh. This is not about work.

Hope: Oh, well...just a thought.

Bo: Yeah, well, we don't know that the warehouse fire was arson. We don't have the final report yet.

Hope: Oh, yeah, right. All of John's cargo just "accidentally" went up in flames. Come on, Brady.

Bo: Unlikely I give you that, but what the heck.

Hope: Oh, it's more than unlikely and you know it. That man has a lot of enemies and one of the biggest being your little brother.

Bo: Mm-hmm, and I have questioned him, and if he's involved in this any -- you got me talking shop and that's not what this night is about.

Hope: Then tell me. What is this night all about?

Bo: Us. You and me... and only you and me. And I am not gonna let anything spoil that.

Daniel: Hey. Look who's here.

Bo: Hey, how you doing, man? Good to see you.

Hope: Daniel, hi.

Daniel: Hi. Good to see you, too. You guys, you know, you look great.

Bo: Thanks. I didn't know you had a tie. What, did you get all dressed up for a hot date or something?

Daniel: Ah...

Stephanie: So, you and Max finally talked.

Caroline: Thanks to you. Yes, he told me about his biological father, that he's here in Salem, and that Max has seen him. Well, he certainly isn't fond of him.

Stephanie: That's putting it mildly.

Caroline: He has a lot of anger toward his father, which explains his recent behavior. But not entirely.

Stephanie: What do you mean?

Caroline: I have a feeling there's a lot more to this story than Max is ready to share, at least not with me.

Stephanie: Or me. Trust me, I've tried a million times to get him to open up.

Caroline: He desperately needs to talk to someone, someone who's not his mother. I see that.

Stephanie: Where is he?

Caroline: In his room. He's been there for hours.

Stephanie: I'm gonna try again.

Chelsea: Stephanie, I've been looking for you everywhere. I need your help.

Stephanie: For what? What's going on?

Chelsea: I just got four dresses for my date tonight and I have no idea which one to wear.

Stephanie: Oh, are you running late?

Chelsea: Yeah, I was supposed to be there five minutes ago, so please help me. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: All right, give me. All right, bye.

Trent: Thank you for joining me...again.

Nicole: It's not like you gave me a choice...again.

Trent: You know what? I would like to propose a toast, okay? To the past... and the future, whatever it may bring.

Nicole: If you think I'm gonna toast to the past, you're crazy. Whatever, as long as I can drink.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: Hey, sorry to bother you, but I need a place to try on clothes.

Stephanie: Here.

Chelsea: Thank you. Thank you, Max. I love you. Thank you!

Stephanie: Sorry, she kind of ambushed me downstairs.

Max: No problem. I'm out of here anyway.

Stephanie: Where are you going?

Max: To find my Father. I'm gonna have it out with him once and for all.

Roman: I could not be happier for you guys. That is great news about the baby.

Kayla: Thanks. We're pretty happy ourselves.

Steve: Well, he's getting stronger every day, and bigger. He's really packing on the pounds, man.

Kayla: Well, ounces, really, but we're hoping to take him home soon.

Roman: Terrific. When do I get to see him?

Kayla: Well, you can come by the hospital anytime. In fact, you can even hold him.

Roman: Well, I don't know about that. I mean, he's still pretty tiny, right?

Steve: Oh, don't be scared, Roman. Come on, he's a slugger. He can handle it.

Kayla: And so can you. You've had babies. Come on.

Roman: That was a long time ago, Kayla, but, you know, what the hell? We are talking about my nephew here, aren't we?

Kayla: Right, so come by tomorrow.

Roman: I'll try, but we are still very busy with the John Black mess.

Steve: How's that going?

Roman: Not well. I'm just hoping we catch a break before John does something crazy, if he already hasn't.

Marlena: Abe, Lexie, I'm so sorry.

Lexie: Thank you.

Marlena: You must be in terrible pain.

Lexie: We're hurting more for Theo than for ourselves.

Abe: You know, yesterday I got him up and got him dressed and made his breakfast. Then he ate it all, and he gave me A...big smile. And I held his hand and walked him to daycare. Everything was normal. It was, uh...just like any other father and son. And now they're -- now they're telling me that all that's -- all that's changed because of one -- one lousy word.

Lexie: When that word is autism, that is exactly what they're saying.

Philip: Well, that looks like you're going somewhere.

Chloe: Is that a problem?

Philip: No. No, I just thought it'd be kind of nice to...bask in the afterglow. I thought we were gonna get dinner.

Chloe: Sorry, change of plans. I have something really important I have to do.

Philip: More important that me?

Chloe: Uh, it's for you, Philip. For your own good.

Philip: Really? What exactly would that be?

Lexie: Abe, today is different from yesterday because now we know. And if you think back on it, yesterday wasn't all that great.

Abe: What are you talking about?

Lexie: Yes, you got Theo up and ready. And I'm sure he looked at you and gave you a smile, but did any words go along with that smile? Did he say more than five words the whole morning? Were any directed toward you?

Abe: Well, like I said before, he's still very young.

Lexie: Honey, Theo should have so many more words in his vocabulary. Shouldn't he, Marlena?

Marlena: Well, I believe that's true, but it's not exactly my field.

Lexie: Theo has 30, maybe 40 if that.

Abe: So he's a little behind.

Lexie: When you took him to daycare, did he seem happy?

Abe: So he's not happy all the time. I mean, who is?

Lexie: Abe, living in denial isn't helping.

Abe: And neither is damning our son with some damn label.

Marlena: Look, I know this is none of my business, and I know you're both still in shock. It's so hard to absorb this sort of information. But I would like to help you, as your friend, if you'll let me.

Bo: So, who is it? Knowing you, you probably got some hot babe on your arm.

Waiter: Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Brady, your table's ready.

Hope: Oh, thank God. I'm starving. Uh, would you excuse us?

Daniel: No, of course. Yeah, yeah, you enjoy your dinner.

Hope: Nice seeing you.

Daniel: Very nice seeing you. Yeah. Of course. All right, Chelsea, what are you doing?

Hope: Did you see who is here?

Bo: Yeah, she's sitting with Professor Robbins.

Hope: Strange company for Nicole, don't you think?

Bo: Nothing's strange when it comes to her.

Trent: You know them?

Nicole: Bo is Victor's son. He's a detective with the Salem P.D., along with his wife.

Trent: I know. He came to investigate the robbery at my hotel.

Nicole: I thought you said nothing was taken.

Trent: The breaking and entering, then, okay? His daughter was dating one of my best and brightest students.

Nicole: Fascinating.

Trent: And he's a genius, actually. He just got a grant to develop this alternative fuel vehicle.

Nicole: I bet he idolizes you.

Trent: Well, I imagine he looks up to me.

Nicole: Perfect. From what better position to shoot him down.

Trent: Excuse me?

Nicole: Of course, that's after you've picked his brain and stolen all his best ideas and completely shattered his confidence. That is how you operate if I remember right.

Stephanie: I really wish you wouldn't go. Didn't you say that you were gonna meet him later anyway?

Max: I don't want to wait.

Stephanie: I don't want you to do this at all.

Max: Why not?

Stephanie: Because the last meeting with your father didn't go so well. I was there.

Max: He said he wanted to talk to me alone.

Stephanie: Why would you want to after everything he's done? Especially after the way he treated you yesterday. Max, he's a jerk.

Max: I can handle myself. You need to stop worrying about me.

Stephanie: I can't. Maybe if I understood a little more, if you told me the rest.

Max: I don't know the rest. That's why I need to talk to him, to get answers.

Stephanie: Answers about what? About a picture you found in his hotel of a girl? You really believe she's your sister?

Max: I need to know, Steph. That's one of the things that he is gonna tell me.

Stephanie: Well, let me come with you.

Max: No. Okay, listen, okay? I love you. And you were right. There's a lot of things that you don't know right now, but you will, okay? I'm gonna tell you everything as soon as I can. But right now, I need to do this alone.

Chelsea: Okay, I'm ready. Okay, I have to go. I'm late. Thank you.

Stephanie: Have fun, okay? Call me later.

Chelsea: I will.

Max: You know what? I'm gonna -- I got to go, too.

Stephanie: Max, please don't.

Philip: Come on, Chloe, you can't just say something like that and not explain it. Where are you going and what are you doing that's for my own good?

Chloe: You'll find out soon enough, after I talk to Roman.

Philip: What? Roman? Why would you be talking to Roman about me?

Chloe: I told you, it's not bad.

Philip: Then why don't you tell me what it is? I think I have a right to know if it involves me and the cops.

Chloe: Please just trust me, okay?

Philip: You're not making any sense. I want to know what this is about.

Chloe: I promise you, you'll find out shortly. I'd rather just go through this once.

Philip: I can't let you do this, Chloe.

Chloe: Philip, please, don't do this. Just know that I would never do anything to hurt you. Now, I just have to go find Roman. You can come with me or not. It's up to you.

Philip: Fine. Fine. I'll bring the car around.

Chloe: Hey, it's me. I'm about to do it.

Lucas: Damn. I just wish I could take care of this myself.

Chloe: I know, but you can't.

Lucas: I know. I know. You call me as soon as it's over. And thank you.

Chloe: You don't have to thank me. I don't want Philip being blamed for something he had nothing to do with.

Lucas: I still owe you. Good luck.

Chloe: Thanks.

John: What was that all about?

Max: Please don't try and stop me.

Stephanie: I won't. Just talk to me. That's all I'm asking. Just tell me what's really going on with you and Trent and maybe I can help.

Max: I have told you, Stephanie. Look, I don't mean to cause you all this grief, but --

Stephanie: It's not me I'm worried about. Look, I'm asking because I love you and I am concerned about you. And there's this whole other side of you that I know next to nothing about. And I wouldn't even know about it if I hadn't caught you working on Nick's papers.

Max: That's probably true. I got cocky and it came back to bite me.

Stephanie: Why would you even say that? Look, what is so horrible that you think your mom, me, or anyone else can't handle?

Nicole: Are we done yet? Because if we are, I'd real--

Trent: Of course we're not done. We haven't even ordered yet. Come on, relax, Nikki. We got the whole evening ahead of us.

Nicole: Stop calling me that.

Trent: That's right. I forget how you're all grown up now.

Nicole: What is the point of this, Trent? Why can't you leave me alone?

Trent: Well, I've missed you. Is that so hard to believe?

Nicole: Yes.

Trent: Nicole... I'm not the same person that I was back then. Well, I'd like to make amends.

Nicole: No.

Trent: Well...what will it take to convince you?

Nicole: Nothing. All I want from you is the answer to one question, and I think it's high time I got it.

Bo: I can't -- I got to say this. You look more beautiful than the day I married you... the first time.

Hope: Thank you. That's very sweet.

Bo: No, I'm not being sweet. It's the truth.

Hope: Ah, well, speaking of truth, you just opened those big barn doors, Brady.

Bo: Why?

Hope: When do I get to know what we're celebrating?

Bo: Who said anything about celebrating?

Hope: But you have a surprise for me, right?

Bo: Maybe.

Kayla: So, maybe you could find some time in your busy schedule to come meet your new nephew.

Roman: You bet I will. But first, I need to find out who started that fire -- if, in fact, it was arson.

Kayla: I understand. I mean, people could have died. And who knows what might happen next?

Steve: Yeah, who knows?

Max: Look, we'll talk as soon as I get back, okay? No more stalling.

Stephanie: Are you sure there's nothing I can do to make you stay?

Max: Yes.

Steve: Hey, kids.

Stephanie: Hey, Papa.

Steve: What's going on?

Max: I'm just heading out.

Steve: Well, can you wait a minute? I'd like to talk to you.

Daniel: You -- you look beautiful.

Chelsea: Thank you. So do you. I mean, um...

Daniel: No, no, no, it's cool. I'll take beautiful.

Chelsea: I'm sorry that I'm late. I just -- I lost track of time when I was getting ready.

Daniel: No, no worries. I mean, it was worth the wait. 'Cause you -- you look -- you know, we should probably just go to our table.

Chelsea: Okay.

Daniel: Just over there.

Chelsea: Oh, no.

Daniel: What?

Chelsea: Um...my parents are here.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. I tried to call you, but that's not gonna be a problem, though, is it?

Chelsea: It could be.

Lexie: Thanks, Marlena. I appreciate your offer, but we need to work through this ourselves.

Marlena: Of course you do. But you're wrong about going through it alone. I have a small sense of what you're going through. I lost a baby to SIDS.

Lexie: I know. I'm so sorry.

Marlena: You still have Theo. He's here to hold and love and be part of your family. I only mention this because I -- I thought Don and I could deal with this together, work through our own grief.

Lexie: But you couldn't.

Marlena: It ended up destroying our marriage. We should have turned to each other for comfort, but we didn't. We drew further and further apart until...there was nothing to do but end the marriage. We couldn't do it. We just couldn't...look at each other and share that terrible pain. I don't want you two going through that.

Abe: Lexie and I are gonna be fine.

Marlena: I hope so. You can only get through this, you know, if you do it together. And if you need some help, get counseling. Accept it. Besides my own experience, I've dealt with many people that have disabilities or have a loved one with a disability.

Abe: That's another word I hate.

Lexie: If he were physically sick, I would know what to do. But this...I can't even process it. I mean, how do we get through this. [Sniffles] All I want is for my little boy to be all right.

Steve: I just want to have a word with Maxwell. It's no big deal.

Stephanie: Then you won't mind my staying.

Max: It's okay, Steph. We'll be fine.

Steve: We'll be fine. Come on.

Stephanie: I'm trusting you.

Steve: Yeah, yeah.

Stephanie: Mind if steal this chair? I've been banished.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Stephanie: Well, Papa wanted to talk to Max alone.

Morgan: Commissioner Brady, I need your help. I think my Father might be missing.

Lexie: Oh, I'm so sorry. Didn't mean to fall apart like that.

Marlena: It's all right.

Abe: Here, sweetheart.

Lexie: Oh, thanks, honey.

Marlena: Please remember, you're not alone. In addition to myself and your family and your friends, you will find support groups and doctors and professionals to help you get through this... all right there for you.

Lexie: Thank you.

Abe: You take care of yourself, all right?

Trent: You don't have to worry. Our secret's safe. Nobody else ever has to know.

Nicole: I wish I could believe that.

Trent: You still don't trust me?

Nicole: How could you ask me that after everything you did to me?

[Footsteps approaching]

Sam: Excuse me, Professor Robbins.

Trent: Yes?

Sam: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm auditing some classes at the university. I just finished your book and thought it was amazing. I had to tell you.

Trent: Oh, well, thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Nice to meet you.

Sam: Sam.

Trent: Sam. Sam, this is my lovely companion, Nicole Walker.

Sam: Hello.

Nicole: Hi.

Sam: Well, I'll leave you two to your dinner. It was nice meeting both of you.

Trent: Nice meeting you, too, Sam. Well, seems I'm becoming quite the local celebrity.

Nicole: And you seem to be eating it up.

Trent: Do you have to be this way?

Nicole: I'm just surprised that you decided to introduce me to someone, 'cause there was a time when you were embarrassed to be with me.

Trent: Well, times have changed.

Bo: Okay, I've kept you in suspense long enough.

Hope: There is a God.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Hope: Tell me, what are we celebrating?

Bo: It's -- well, these feelings started when I had that near-death experience and then you were kidnapped. I -- we could have lost each other forever.

Hope: I know.

Bo: Yeah, well...it made me realize how precious our time is together and how I don't want to waste a minute of it. I don't want to take anything for granted, especially not you, the love of my life.

Chelsea: I guess I don't really need to be too worried.

Daniel: Are you sure about that? Or are you starting to wonder if, um, you're really ready for this?

Roman: All right, Morgan, just take it easy, all right? Now, talk to me. I know your dad is out of town, but that doesn't mean he's missing.

Morgan: No, look, I know my Father, okay? He said he was gonna call me and he hasn't.

Stephanie: When's the last time you saw him?

Morgan: Last night here when he said goodbye. But he said he would call.

Roman: Now, I take it you tried to call him, right?

Morgan: Only like a million times, okay, but it keeps going to voicemail, which I leave a message and he still has not called me back.

Roman: Morgan, I would really like to help you, but it's just too soon to put out a missing-persons report. Now, if you haven't heard from him in 24 hours --

Morgan: 24 hours? That could be too late.

Stephanie: Hey, calm down, okay? Don't talk like that.

Morgan: No, look, he was upset when he left, okay? He said his life might be in danger. Now I've got this really sick feeling in my stomach. Commissioner, I know something's happened to my Father.

Chloe: Oh, something's happened all right.

Steve: I'll be straight with you, Max. I wasn't too happy to hear that you've been keeping things from Stephanie. And you've been flipping out, getting into fights and all that. And I'm still a little worried about it.

Max: I know my behavior lately has been a little strange.

Steve: Yeah, well, now, I know I'm not one to talk about keeping secrets or having a short fuse or any of that, but Stephanie is my daughter and she's in love with you, so...

Max: I know. I get that. And if I were in your shoes, I'd do the exact same thing.

Steve: So, what's going on, Max? You can talk to me, man to man.

Max: I've been hiding something from everybody.

Steve: What, you mean that brainy thing?

Max: Yeah, that.

Steve: Well, why you doing that?

Max: Because of my Father. I don't want to be anything like him.

Lucas: You know, John, I understand this is your house, but you don't have a right to know who I'm talking to every time I'm on the phone.

John: Oh, of course not. And I wouldn't pry. It's just that you seemed a little upset. I hope nothing's wrong.

Lucas: Well, actually, I'm just trying to make things right. [Doorbell rings]

John: You and I never get any time alone, do we?

Lucas: No. Uh, do you want me to get the door?

John: No, that's what I pay Rolf for. Rolf!

Dr. Rolf: There is no need to shout, sir. I am here. And so is your wife.

Marlena: Hello. Hello. Sorry, I'm not meaning to interrupt.

John: No, I was expecting you. I got your message. It sounded urgent.

Marlena: Well, it is. It could be. Lucas, would you excuse us, please?

Lucas: Yeah, sure. I'll check on the twins.

Marlena: Rolf, I'll need you, too.

Dr. Rolf: May I ask why?

Marlena: Because this concerns you, also.

John: What is this about?

Marlena: This is about getting my husband back.

Trent: They're playing our song.

Nicole: We don't have a song.

Trent: Oh, gee, I thought we did. You think you can still remember how we used to dance together, though?

Nicole: I'd rather not.

Trent: You know, if I were you, Nikki, I would think very carefully about being a little nicer to me.

Nicole: Fine. Let's dance.

Chelsea: Of course I'm sure about this. I'm not the one that had an issue.

Daniel: Hey, hey. I've had lots of issues. I admit that. But I just wasn't convinced that this was the smartest move.

Chelsea: But now you are.

Daniel: Uh, well, let's just say I thought it over and I'm willing to be, um, more open-minded.

Chelsea: And when has Daniel Jonas not been open-minded?

Daniel: My point exactly.

Chelsea: Of course, then you realize that you couldn't stay away from me, so...

Daniel: [Laughs]

Chelsea: I'm kidding.

Daniel: No, that's the truth. I, um, I couldn't.

Chelsea: You know, I don't want you to feel like I'm ashamed or embarrassed to be seen with you. It's just that I haven't really had a chance to tell my Dad about our date.

Daniel: Mm. But you told Hope?

Chelsea: Well, you know, she doesn't really freak out as much about things.

Daniel: Right. Well, look, I know your dad has concerns with the age thing and all that, and I respect that. But that age thing has taught me not to worry about what other people think about me. We are two adults who are doing nothing wrong. In fact, I'd say it feels quite right.

Chelsea: I couldn't agree more. We have nothing to hide.

Daniel: Yeah, so what do you think? Shall we just go over and say hello?

Chelsea: Absolutely.

John: You really blow my mind, Blondie. Yesterday you're talking divorce and today you say you want me back.

Marlena: No, I said my husband, the man that I married.

John: Rolf, are you following any of this?

Dr. Rolf: No, and since I don't see how it could possibly concern me, if you will excuse me.

Marlena: You will, Rolf. When you see this.

John: Is that the disk?

Marlena: Found behind Stefano's portrait? Taken from this house? I'm told that it is.

Morgan: What are you talking about, Chloe?

Chloe: Well, this may come as a shock to you, Morgan, but I have some news about your father, news the police would find very interesting and something I couldn't keep to myself any longer.

Morgan: You know where my Father is?

Chloe: Not at the moment, but I did see him.

Morgan: Where?

Chloe: Commissioner Brady, you should know that I saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier the night of the fire.

Morgan: That's all?

Chloe: No, there's more.

Roman: All right, Chloe. Why don't we start at the beginning?

Steve: You don't want to be like your father? I take it you're not talking about Papa Shawn Brady, rest his soul.

Max: Are you kidding? Shawn Brady was a great man. He was a man of honor. The one I'm talking about is my biological Father, who's as low as they come. I wanted to forget he ever existed, but now, unfortunately, it's not so easy.

Steve: Why is that?

Max: Because he's back in Salem, in a big way.

Steve: Is he giving you trouble or something?

Max: No, not intentionally, but he's making life hell nonetheless.

Steve: I know what that's like.

Max: I don't think anyone knows what that's like, Steve.

Steve: What, are you forgetting? I had one of those not-so-nice daddies myself, remember?

Max: Duke.

Steve: Duke. Son of a bitch if there ever was one. And he showed up in my life when I was grown. I wasn't too happy about it, either.

Max: I guess the only one who knows what I'd be going through is you.

Steve: I wish you told me sooner. Puts a whole new perspective on things.

Max: I know, but that doesn't excuse me lying to Stephanie or picking fights.

Steve: No, it doesn't excuse it, but it shed some light on it.

Max: I will promise you one thing -- I would never do anything to hurt Stephanie. I love her way too much.

Steve: I know you do. And she loves you, so take it from someone who knows. You can trust in that. You got nothing to lose by opening up to her.

Max: I'm gonna tell her everything soon. I mean, I want to, you know?

Steve: Good. I'm here, too, if you need anything.

Max: Thanks. I mean, I'll keep that in mind.

Steve: Okay. You do what you got to do. If anything's going down, you can call me anytime, night or day.

Max: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Trent: Ah, this feels nice. It's almost like old times, hmm?

Nicole: Hardly.

Trent: You know, when I... first decided to accept this position at the university, I wondered if my past would catch up with me, but...I never imagined it would be you.

Nicole: Who else would it be?

Trent: My son.

Daniel: Hello. We thought we'd just come over and say hello.

Hope: Hi. Chelse, you look absolutely beautiful, honey. The earrings do you well.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Bo: Your, um, date is with my daughter? Why didn't you say that to us before?

Daniel: Well, I was going to, but I didn't get a chance.

Hope: Well, because our table was ready and we rushed off. Remember? I was starving.

Chelsea: We don't have anything to hide, which is why we came to say hello.

Hope: And we're really glad that you did. Aren't we?

Chelsea: You okay, Dad?

Bo: Yeah, just...a bit surprised. He's kind of old for you.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: What? It is what it is, and, um... you're an adult, you're over 21.

Chelsea: It's not like he's an old man, Dad.

Bo: No, actually, no. Um...he does seem rather youthful for his age.

Daniel: Why, thank you, I think.

Chelsea: You know what? Why don't we let them get back to their dessert?

Daniel: Right, right. Wouldn't want to intrude any longer. You two enjoy your evening.

Hope: Same to you.

Bo: Yeah, same to you.

Hope: Why did you have to be so rude?

Bo: I wasn't rude.

Hope: Yes, you were. You were very rude.

Bo: Well, he shouldn't be with my daughter. He should be with someone his own age and type.

Hope: Well...what is that?

Bo: I don't know. A globe-trotting, Bohemian, commitment-phobic surfer. Not my daughter.

Daniel: So, that went well.

Chelsea: He'll come around.

Daniel: And if he doesn't?

Chelsea: Oh, he will. Trust me.

Daniel: Yeah?

Chelsea: You saved his life.

Daniel: Well, so did you.

Chelsea: Yet another thing that you and I have in common.

Daniel: [Chuckles] All right, I know this is gonna sound like a line, and I don't care. But has anyone ever told you you have the most incredible smile?

Chelsea: Thank you. Yours isn't so bad, either.

Nicole: I didn't know you had a son.

Trent: Well, there's a lot you don't know about me.

Nicole: Obviously. So, do I know him? Who is it?

Trent: You might know him. His name is Max Brady.

Steve: What's going on over here?

Roman: Chloe was just giving us some very interesting information.

Morgan: Yeah, she claims to have seen my Father on the docks the night of the warehouse fire.

Chloe: I did see him.

Max: So what if you did?

Stephanie: That doesn't prove anything.

Chloe: Maybe not, but I figured the police would like to know, especially since he reeked of gasoline.

Lexie: I'll start dinner. It's getting late.

Abe: Lex, wait. Wait. We are gonna get through this... together.

Lexie: Yes. Yes, we are.

John: Where did you get that?

Marlena: That's not important. What is important is what's on it. And I believe it could be the key to unlocking your past.

Nicole: You're just afraid that I might blurt out some incriminating scenario from your dark, murky past.

Daniel: What are the chances that I could make you smile just like that every day?

Marlena: I know you did this, Rolf, and now I want you to undo it.

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