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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/20/08 - Canada; Monday 6/23/08 - U.S.A.

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Morgan: No, Mommy, that's what I'm saying. It's not like Daddy to just up and leave like that. No, h-- no, he didn't. I just wish you would be a little more concerned with it. That's all I'm saying.

Bo: Do you have that forensics report from the drug bust?

Hope: Uh, yeah, I just saw it.

Bo: Oh, hey, Ma.

Caroline: Any progress?

Bo: Still slogging through all this evidence.

Hope: But it gives us a really good excuse to get away from the station.

Bo: Thank you.

Caroline: Well, let me know if you want anything else.

Bo: A little sugar, maybe. Thanks. [Chuckles]

Hope: I still find it hard to believe that John would set that fire.

Bo: Well, until we find the evidence to prove otherwise, he's our number-one suspect.

Chelsea: Hey, guys.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey, Chelse.

Bo: How you doing, kid?

Chelsea: I'm good. Um...I don't mean to interrupt, and I know that you guys are probably really busy, but, um, I wanted to talk to you, Hope, for a minute...alone.

Kate: I thought I was going home today.

Nurse: We start processing your release as soon as the doctor gives you one last checkup.

Kate: Okay. Terrific. As long as it's not Dr. Jonas.

Philip: Are you trying out for the Olympics or something?

Daniel: Feels good to keep the endorphins going. Let me get a little Zen on you. A lot of guys think they can just come in here and beef up on the weights. But you know what? You got to balance that with the cardio.

Philip: Maybe next time.

Daniel: No, seriously, dude. This clears the head. And I know you could use that.

John: Listen to my words. Kiriakis set me up. Those weren't my drugs. I don't want any excuses. I want action. Kiriakis is the one who ordered that fire. The bill has come due. It's time to make him pay.

[Door opens, closes]

Sami: Lucas, hey. Have you seen John?

Lucas: Just missed him. Why?

Sami: I was wondering if he knew where there were any big boxes.

Lucas: For what?

Sami: E.J.'s moving out.

E.J.: [Clears throat] The hell I am.

E.J.: I'm not going anywhere.

Sami: Actually, you are.

E.J.: No, I'm not.

Sami: Remember, we had this conversation. Since you've made all that money from Nicole's settlement, you can afford to get your own place.

E.J.: Sorry, I thought Lucas would have filled you in.

Sami: On what?

E.J.: Well, I had a chat with John -- seeing as how this is, you know, his house -- and he doesn't seem to think I need to go anywhere. In fact, he's quite happy for me to stay.

Sami: No, he's not.

E.J.: Uh, yes, he is. Lucas?

Lucas: Well, I don't know. It's all kind of a blur to me to tell you the truth.

E.J.: Samantha, beside the fact that I'm Johnny's father and your husband, it's not actually your house to kick me out of.

Lucas: Ohh, that hurts. Uh, I guess you guys could figure this out yourselves. But I'll tell you what, if I had the chance to leave this nuthouse, I would in a second.

Sami: Lucas, wh--

[Door closes]

E.J.: Look...I'm not going to go anywhere, so please stop asking me.

Sami: You are being completely unreasonable.

E.J.: And you're not being very fair.

Sami: About what?

E.J.: About what happened, Samantha. I mean, we can't just go around pretending that the whole thing didn't happen.

Sami: It was a mistake.

E.J.: No, the mistake is that we continue to ignore this.

Philip: What are you doing reading this garbage?

Daniel: Someone left it on the machine.

Philip: This is the same rag that did that story about the house cat who dialed 911.

Daniel: Well, I didn't say I believed it -- the house cat or that piece on you.

Philip: Good, because I had nothing to do with that fire.

Daniel: All right, chill. I'm sure you're ticked 'cause your name got dragged through all this, but you and John, you guys have been major news these past few weeks. I mean, with the fire and drug bust.

Philip: Yeah, well, at least that cocaine will never hit the street.

Daniel: That's one way to look at it. 'Cause I've seen what that kind of thing can do to a person, their friends, their family. Not a good scene, man.

Philip: Tell me about it. I mean, look at what happened to Brady.

Daniel: Yeah, how's he doing anyway? I've been meaning to ask Victor.

Philip: He's doing well. Almost eight months clean now.

Daniel: Oh, that's awesome. I heard about his divorce. See, that's the kind of thing right there that could just set you over the edge if you're a recovering addict.

Philip: Yeah. I actually think it hit Chloe harder than it hit Brady. He was the one who wanted it.

Daniel: Yeah, well, Chloe's an attractive woman, talented. She should be fine. No way. No way. It's Chloe. She's the woman that you're seeing?

Philip: She's only part of the equation. See, there's this -- there's this other woman.

Daniel: Well, does this other woman have a name?

Philip: Well, yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. [Chuckling] Oh, dude. Look at you clam up after I tell you all about Chelsea. Get out of here, man. Come on.

Philip: [Sighs] Chloe and I -- we have a past. We dated in high school and then we went our separate ways. But it's -- it's familiar, you know, comfortable.

Daniel: And now you want something, or should I say someone new and exciting.

Philip: I don't know what I want. But I get the feeling that Chloe's not gonna be too happy if it isn't her.

Morgan: Okay, bye. Chloe, what is your problem?

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Dad. I just -- I really need to talk to Hope.

Bo: Okay. You're uncomfortable talking to your old man. I understand.

Hope: Oh, Brady, please. Just ignore your father.

Bo: My feelings are --

Hope: Your feelings are fine.

Bo: Yes, they are.

Caroline: Here you go.

Bo: Hey. I thought Max usually worked this shift.

Caroline: Oh, he clocked in this morning, but under the circumstances, I told him to take a break.

Bo: Circumstances?

Caroline: Uh, going through a rough time right now.

Bo: Yeah, I heard about that fight he had with John.

Caroline: Hmm. He's going through a lot.

Bo: Like what? Maybe I can help.

Caroline: He told me in confidence, so I really can't talk about it.

Bo: Okay. Well, if there's anything I can do, you just let me know.

Caroline: Thank you. Well, I'll keep that in mind.

Bo: Hey, he's a good kid.

Caroline: Yeah, that he is. Well, he's gonna be all right. At least I certainly hope he will.

Hope: So, honey, what did you want to talk to me about?

Chelsea: Um, you know those gold fleur-de-lis drop earrings that you have with the little diamonds in them?

Hope: Yeah.

Chelsea: I was wondering if I could borrow them for tonight.

Hope: Of course, absolutely.

Chelsea: Great.

Hope: Do you have a date?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Oh, Chelse, that's great, honey.

Chelsea: Yeah, except can we not tell Dad?

Nurse: Dr. Jonas is one of our most gifted surgeons. I can't understand why you didn't want him to operate.

Kate: Could you just get me Dr. Stall or whoever is going to sign my release papers? Please?

Nurse: Of course, Ms. Roberts.

Kate: Thank you. "Gifted Surgeon." Right.

Lucas: Hello?

Kate: Lucas, honey, it's me.

Lucas: Hey. Hey, Mom.

Kate: Why are you whispering?

Lucas: Um, the twins, they're sleeping right now. What's going on? Are you still at the hospital?

Kate: Yeah, I am. I'm still here until they sign my release papers, then I'll be a free woman. Oh, that was a bad choice of words, wasn't it?

Lucas: It's okay.

Kate: Look, honey, if you obey all the rules, maybe they'll cut you a little slack and you'll get rid of that monitor.

Lucas: Look, Mom, I hate to do this, but I have to go.

Kate: Honey, what's going on? You sound a little anxious.

Lucas: No, no, I'm excited. I'm excited you're getting out of the hospital. That's all. I'll -- I'll call you later, okay?

Kate: All right.

Bo: There was a time I thought I'd never see this. My two girls having a mother/daughter moment.

Caroline: Hope's really stepped up since Billie left.

Bo: Yeah, she sure has. I'm proud of her. I'm proud of Chelsea, too.

Caroline: You have yourself a really nice family, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, I do. I wonder what they're talking about.

Caroline: Well, if it's girl talk, you're probably better off not knowing.

Bo: That's true. Hey, that reminds me. Um, I'm planning this surprise for Hope, and I'm gonna need your help.

Hope: Honey, you know how I feel about keeping secrets from your father.

Chelsea: Look, I'm gonna tell him eventually. I just -- I'm not ready to yet.

Hope: How come you don't want him to know? You don't think he'll approve, do you?

Chelsea: For the most part, I think he'll be okay.

Hope: He doesn't have a record, does he?

Chelsea: No. God, no. No, it's nothing like that. Um...no, he's very successful. He's got a great job.

Hope: That's good.

Chelsea: He's smart and funny and...really insanely hot.

Hope: Okay, sounds great. Who is he? Chelse, come on. Give me something. Do I know him?

Chelsea: It's Daniel. Okay, that's not a good sign.

Hope: Now I know exactly why you don't want your father to know. Daniel? Chelse, Daniel? Honey, he is so, so much older than you.

Chelsea: Oh, here we go.

Hope: No, listen, I am not one to judge, but I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm very concerned over this age difference.

Chelsea: So you're not gonna back me on this is what you're saying.

Hope: That's not what I'm saying. Not necessarily. I -- you know what? Actually, I really -- I don't know. What I need is -- no, what you need is...just be careful.

Chelsea: Of what? Look, Daniel would never deliberately hurt me, okay? I trusted him with my life, and you trusted him with dad's life and my life.

Hope: You're right. I did.

Chelsea: Okay. So, do you think that you could trust him with me? Because I could really use your support.

[Cellphone rings]

John: Yes. No. Paul Hollingsworth won't say a word.

Daniel: So, what are you doing for the 4th?

Philip: Bo and Hope Brady usually have a big barbecue, but I don't know.

Daniel: Look at that, man. The Salem Health Club is now green. Check it out.

Philip: Everybody's doing it.

Daniel: Yeah? What about Titan?

Philip: I'm gonna draw up some budgets and present them to the board next week.

Daniel: Good for you, man. Way to step it up.

[Cellphone ringing]

Philip: Oh, excuse me. Must be my Mom. Hello?

Kate: Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you.

Philip: I'm at the gym. Lousy reception. So, what's up? They cutting you loose?

Kate: Yes.

Philip: Excellent.

Kate: Would you mind picking me up?

Philip: Yeah, are you ready now?

Kate: I'll be ready in about an hour.

Philip: Okay, I'll be there. Hey, they're releasing her.

Kate: Is someone there with you?

Philip: Uh, Daniel.

Kate: Oh. I didn't know the two of you were so chummy.

Philip: Listen, I've been doing some thinking, and I want you to recuperate at the mansion.

Kate: Absolutely not.

Philip: There's no way that I'm letting you go to that hotel room alone.

Kate: Th-there's no way this is gonna happen.

Philip: Hey, if he can put up with Nicole, he can certainly put up with you.

Kate: Oh, thanks, honey, for the ringing endorsement.

Philip: You know what I mean.

Kate: [Sighs] Does Victor even know that you made this offer?

Philip: As long as you don't bring a dog to the house, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Kate: Oh, honey, I-I don't know.

Philip: Look, Mom, either move into the mansion or I'm hiring you a full-time nurse.

Kate: Oh, God, fine. I'll do it for just a few days.

Philip: Great. I'll see you in an hour.

Daniel: I bet she wasn't too thrilled you were hanging out with me.

Philip: Sorry, man.

Daniel: Hey, don't apologize for Kate. If she got a problem with that, it's okay by me.

Chelsea: Look, Hope, I would really, really love you to back me up on this.

Hope: Did he ask you out, or did you ask him?

Chelsea: I get it. You think that I asked him and he was too polite to say no.

Hope: Don't put words into my mouth. That is not what I said. I'm just curious.

Chelsea: He asked me.

Hope: Good. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Chelsea: So...you still haven't answered my question.

Hope: Will I keep this from your father -- that is the question. Chelsea, listen --

Chelsea: Look, it's not gonna be forever. If -- if my relationship with Daniel goes somewhere, then I will tell him myself. But I just don't see the point in working him up and getting him all upset about it, you know, until I at least know that there's gonna be a second date.

Hope: All right, I will. I will -- I will keep this from your father for now.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Hope: Under one condition. You have to promise me if there is a second date --

Chelsea: I will tell my Dad. Yes, absolutely.

Hope: Good.

Chelsea: So, can I borrow the earrings?

Hope: Of course. And you know what? We're gonna lose the elastic and I may even give you a bracelet.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Bo: So, as you see, I'm gonna need your help to pull this off for Hope.

Caroline: Not a problem.

Bo: Good. I mean, if I wasn't so swamped with work, I'd handle it myself.

John: Well, I have an idea how we can lighten your workload.

Sami: E.J., I'll help you pack, and maybe Rolf can find us some boxes. Hey, Rolf?

E.J.: He's at a tango lesson.

Sami: He's where? Never mind. You know what? I'll have your stuff sent.

E.J.: Samantha...have you listened to a word that I've said? Put that down, please.

Sami: You keep changing the subject.

E.J.: All right, okay, fine. For argument's sake, okay, what if I were to leave? Where would you like me to live? I just sublet my apartment to your aunt and your uncle. I can't very well just kick them out.

Sami: I'm not suggesting that you do, but you have all this money now. You could stay in the Salem Inn until you figure something out.

E.J.: Great, and how would that look? Do you really want the immigration service breathing down our necks again?

Sami: Well, E.J., we're getting a divorce. They're gonna figure it out soon enough.

E.J.: Okay, fine. I'll tell you what. But if I'm going somewhere, okay, I'm taking my son with me.

Sami: What are you talking about? Your -- [Baby cooing]

E.J.: I'm telling you. And you're free to visit him whenever you want, but if I leave, Johnny's living with me. I'll take care of that.

Sami: You are not taking my son away. You hear me, E.J.?

Chloe: What the hell are you doing here?

Lucas: Relax, we need to talk.

Chloe: Well, next time pick up the phone. Did anyone see you?

Lucas: No, calm down.

Chloe: The cops sometimes hang out in the coffee shop downstairs. You have to be careful.

Lucas: I know. We have a real problem.

Chloe: What?

Lucas: I overheard John talking on the phone this morning. He thinks Philip is the one who planted the drugs on his ship. He also thinks he's the one who set that fire.

Chloe: It's not exactly breaking news. John despises Philip.

Lucas: I know that, but I know who set that fire. And I'm not gonna let my brother burn for it.

Chloe: Does he have a daughter?

Lucas: Morgan, I think. Friend of Philip's, right?

Chloe: Interesting. But these are pretty serious allegations you're making, Lucas. Are you absolutely sure it was Morgan's dad?

Lucas: I'm positive. No doubt. I was there. I was on the pier. It was right after I talked to you. I mean, I saw him. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I really didn't, but then I heard about the warehouse fire, and then it hit me. He was acting really nervous, and I think he smelled like gasoline.

Chloe: Well, then, that's it. We can prove that Philip didn't do it. Now all you have to do is tell the police.

Lucas: Yeah, um, I-I can't do that.

Caroline: I'll let you talk.

Bo: Thanks, Ma.

John: You're spinning your wheels, detective. Philip Kiriakis set me up.

Bo: Yeah, well...it's strange how all the evidence points to you.

John: That's only because the associates he hired are very good. And we can ask him ourselves.

Hope: Would you excuse me a minute?

Chelsea: Yeah. Morgan, um, hey, you don't want to go over there.

Morgan: Oh, I have a few choice words for Mr. Black.

Chelsea: Morgan, wait.

Morgan: This man should be in jail.

Philip: Take it easy.

Morgan: No, you know what? I blame you for everything. My Father was a good man before he met you, before you got inside of his head and corrupted him. I will never forgive you for what you have done to him.

John: I just came in for a coffee and a sticky bun. Didn't know I was gonna be on trial.

Philip: Let's go cool off.

Morgan: No. You know what? I am not even close to being done with you.

E.J.: Oh, you just missed Johnny standing up. Second time I've caught him doing that, actually.

Sami: I found all these boxes in the garage, and there are more if you need them.

E.J.: Uh, I don't think that's gonna be necessary.

Sami: Really? You think all your stuff will fit in these?

E.J.: No, I don't.

Sami: What are you doing, then? Where are you going?

E.J.: I am putting them back in the garage because as I'm not going anywhere, there isn't really that much I need to pack.

Sami: E.J., you can't stay here.

E.J.: Uh, why? Because Lucas gave you some stupid ultimatum?

Sami: Look, how am I supposed to fix things with Lucas with you just hanging around all the time?

E.J.: Samantha darling, has it ever occurred to you that the situation with Lucas might not be fixable?

Sami: Don't say that.

E.J.: Would you like to know what I think?

Sami: No.

E.J.: I'm gonna tell you what I think anyway. This whole situation with Lucas is motivated by his insecurity. He can see it. I mean, you don't want to admit that you can, but he can and that's why he's doing this, to stop this whole situation.

Sami: Stop it, okay? There is nothing between us.

E.J.: Well, that's not what Lucas thinks. I mean, considering what he walked in on the other night.

Sami: That was a mistake, okay? And Lucas knows that.

E.J.: Samantha, will you please stop calling it a mistake, okay? Because it wasn't. I know it wasn't. You know it wasn't. Lucas absolutely knows that it wasn't.

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about.

E.J.: Really? Lucas knows you, Samantha. He knows you're not the type of girl who just goes off and has sex with somebody unless she has feelings for him.

Sami: Shut up, okay? Just shut up and get out!

E.J.: Look, I -- me leaving, you do understand that that's not gonna fix this problem.

Sami: I say we give it a shot.

E.J.: You can put me out of sight, darling, but you cannot put me out of mind. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, you can't stop thinking about me.

Lucas: When I saw Hollingsworth, I wasn't wearing my ankle monitor. I was breaking the law myself.

Chloe: So if you go to the police...

Lucas: That will be it for me. That will be my third strike. I'll go back to jail.

Chloe: Well, what are we gonna do? We can't let Philip take the fall for this.

Lucas: I know. I know. That's why I think I have the perfect way, the perfect way to nail Paul without getting myself involved.

Chloe: What would that be?

Lucas: You're gonna do it for me.

Bo: I understand why you're upset, Morgan, but take a breath. Try to relax.

Morgan: Yeah, I'm sorry, Mr. Brady.

John: No more caffeine for her.

Morgan: You are an evil man, and I hope you get everything you deserve.

John: If you really feel the need to direct your anger at somebody, it should be to the man on your right. He's the one that your father was working for.

Philip: That's a lie.

John: The truth will come out eventually. I just thought I'd give you the heads-up.

Philip: He's blowing smoke.

John: Time will tell.

Bo: Okay, that's enough. This case is still open. We don't have all the answers we need.

Hope: Bo's right. But I'm afraid we will need to call your father in for questioning.

Morgan: Good luck finding him.

Bo: What do you mean?

Morgan: He left town last night, and I have no idea where he went.

Daniel: Kate, we have to do this surgery. The sooner, the better.

Kate: I understand, but I don't want you to do it.

Chelsea: Why? He's the best doctor here.

Kate: I have no doubt of that, but I'm sure he has other patients who need him more than I do.

Daniel: Actually, Kate, no, I don't. You are the only one on my schedule today.

Chelsea: Why would you want somebody else to do it? We know Daniel. He's a family friend.

Kate: Exactly. And he's also Victor's Godson, so we have more than just a simple doctor/patient relationship.

Daniel: Doesn't mean I can't be objective.

Kate: Look, there are other doctors on staff, right? You told me that yourself. You also told me that it is not a difficult operation.

Daniel: Yeah, that's true, but I can --

Kate: I don't understand what the problem is here. I am the patient. I'm requesting another doctor.

Chelsea: You're not making any sense.

[Door opens]

Kate: Great, it's about time.

Daniel: A manicure? Well, that's a first.

Kate: Terrific.

Daniel: I once found a woman waxing her eyebrows, though.

Kate: You know, maybe you didn't understand me the first 18 times --

Daniel: I'm not your doctor and you want nothing to do with me.

Kate: Dr. Stall was here, and he checked me out, and I'm fine.

Daniel: And I'm sure you are. But since I'm the one who's diagnosed you...I would like to take one final look.

Kate: Well, you can't always get what you want, can you?

Daniel: [Chuckles] You've definitely got your spunk back. That's a good sign.

Kate: This is really a waste of time, okay? Dr. Stall checked me out. He signed the release papers, and all I'm doing is --

Daniel: Waiting for this, right?

Kate: Are you playing games with me?

Daniel: Oh, no. No, I would love to cut you loose right now. Trust me. But I'm going to need to ask a little favor.

Kate: Ah, a favor. Now, that shouldn't surprise me, should it?

Daniel: Mnh-mnh. But I would like for us to at least try to, um...get along, for no other reason than for Chelsea's sake. What do you say?

Sami: You are the most pompous, arrogant, conceited jerk I have ever met.

E.J.: It's called confidence.

Sami: I told you that Lucas is the only man I will ever love. Look...didn't you tell me that you want me to be happy?

E.J.: I do want you to be happy.

Sami: Please move out. E.J., I'm begging you. Please do this for me. This is the only way that Lucas and I have a chance.

Morgan: He came to the pub

Hope: When did your father leave town?

Morgan: He came to the pub last night and said goodbye.

Bo: Do you know where he went?

Morgan: No, he just said he'd be in touch.

Bo: Did he say anything about why he left town?

Morgan: Yeah, he feared his life might be in danger.

Philip: What did you do with him, John?

John: Well, you tell me, Philip. You're the one he's working for.

Bo: What the hell, guys? Come on.

John: You know, this is a real shame. Because I lost my appetite, I'm gonna have to pass on my sticky bun. Detective, if you need me.

Philip: You're finished, John. You're finished.

Chelsea: Hey, that looked pretty brutal. Are you all right?

Morgan: Yeah, I will be once that man gets what he deserves.

Philip: It'll happen. Trust me. Hey, did my Mom call you?

Chelsea: No, I don't think so. You know what? My phone's off.

Philip: She's being released today.

Chelsea: That's great.

Philip: I'm gonna go to the hospital and pick her up.

Chelsea: I want to go.

Philip: You know what? I'll meet you there. I think I'm gonna hang right here for a few minutes.

Morgan: Don't stay on my account.

Philip: Tell my Mom I'll see her.

Chelsea: Okay. Hey, um, my Grandma Kate just got released from the hospital, so I'm gonna go check up on her.

Hope: Oh, honey, give her our best, okay?

Chelsea: I will. And, Hope, thank you again.

Hope: Honey, anytime.

Chelsea: All right, I'll see you guys later.

Bo: See you, kid. Well?

Hope: Well?

Bo: Yeah, well.

Hope: What?

Bo: What was that about? What did you guys talk about?

Hope: You know, girl stuff. She wanted to borrow, you know, those gold fleur-de-lis drop earrings. You know, the ones with the little diamonds. She has a date.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Is she getting back with Nick?

Hope: Oh...no. I think, um, somebody new maybe. Oh, Caroline. Uh, could I get a refill?

Bo: Who is it?

Hope: Thank you.

Sami: E.J., I don't say this very often because, frankly, I don't want to add to that ego of yours.

E.J.: [Chuckles]

Sami: But I know that you can be a good guy when you want to be. You proved that when you told us John was alive.

E.J.: I did that for you.

Sami: I'm asking you to do this for me, too. You have become a different man since you became a father. You've turned your back on the DiMera heritage. You're working for Mickey Horton now. I mean, who would have seen that coming?

E.J.: Yeah, that came as a bit of a surprise, even to me.

Sami: Watching you with the twins...you're a natural with them. They are both very lucky to have had you in their lives. E.J., you know how to make me pretty angry, so I'll admit, I say things I don't mean sometimes. The truth is, you are a great father, and I will always want you to be a part of Johnny's life. But, you know, y-- you could do that even if you weren't living here. So, what do you say?

Kate: Where the hell is Philip? He should be here by now.

Daniel: "Yeah, Daniel, that sounds great."

Kate: Maybe it's the traffic. There's a lot of construction.

Daniel: Kate!

Kate: Wow, you lost your bedside manner.

Daniel: Can we do this or not?

Kate: What, be friends?

Daniel: Yeah, for Chelsea's sake.

Kate: Gee, I don't really know how that concerns Chelsea. I mean, really, that has nothing to do with the way I feel about you.

Daniel: I know how you feel, Kate, but Chelsea is not gonna understand that.

Chelsea: I'm not gonna understand what?

Chelsea: What wouldn't I understand?

Kate: How excited I am to get the hell out of this hospital, and Philip's late, so...

Chelsea: Oh, I ran into him at the pub and he said that he was on his way. So, our patient is all ready to go, then?

Daniel: Yeah, all we need is her Jane Hancock.

Kate: Finally.

Daniel: All right, we'll have Karen bring in a wheelchair and you will be a free woman.

Chelsea: Thank you for, um, taking care of her.

Daniel: You can thank Dr. Stall. Adios, Kate.

Kate: AdiĆ³s, doctor.

Chelsea: Well, we are really lucky that he decided to stay in Salem, huh?

Kate: Yeah, it's wonderful. You know what I was thinking? I was thinking we could have dinner tonight. That would be great for me, as long as we don't have green Jell-O.

Chelsea: I would love to, except that I kind of sort of have plans already.

Kate: Oh, girls' night out?

Chelsea: No, actually. I have a date.

Kate: A date. Anyone I know?

Chelsea: You know, I really don't want to jinx it.

Kate: Okay. All right. But he has to be someone very special to take precedence over me.

Bo: Are you gonna tell me who Chelsea's date's with?

Hope: Why, so you can run a background check?

Bo: Yeah. Seriously, who's it with?

Hope: I don't know.

Bo: Hope.

Hope: It's a first date. She doesn't want to jinx it. Listen, I'm sure that if it becomes serious, that she will tell us all about him. Oh, Caroline.

Caroline: Here's your tea.

Hope: Thank you so much.

Caroline: Refill, Bo?

Bo: No thanks, Ma.

Hope: Were you surprised that Paul Hollingsworth left so suddenly?

Bo: No, I think he knows something. Probably felt like the walls were closing in on him.

Hope: Yeah, well, either way, I hope we can find him.

Morgan: You know, in a way, I'm glad my Daddy's not here, with all these questions and accusations.

Philip: Yeah, you're probably right. He'll call you soon.

Morgan: I hope so. Family's always been really important to me.

Philip: Same here.

Morgan: Then you should go. Your mother's waiting for you.

Philip: Will you be okay?

Morgan: Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks. Hey, you know...I wanted to let you know Chloe and I got into a little...tiff earlier.

Philip: What did she say this time?

Morgan: She told me to stay away from you.

Philip: And what did you tell her?

Morgan: What do you think I told her?

Philip: I don't know. That nobody tells you what to do?

Morgan: Yeah, something like that.

Philip: I'll call you.

Lucas: Look, I know it's a lot to ask, but I'll do my best to protect you. I'll coach you, all right? I'll tell you everything that I remember from that night. All you have to do is get it right and just answer a few questions from Roman and Abe. You'll be fine. Philip will be in the clear. Look, if you think it's a bad idea, just say so. I can understand you being a little scared to go through something like this, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm in.

Lucas: Are you sure you're in and you're not just saying that?

Chloe: I think it's a great idea. And like you said, I just have to answer a few questions. No big deal, right?

Lucas: Right. Exactly, right. Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Chloe: How could I say no?

E.J.: I'm sorry, Samantha. The answer is no.

Sami: What?

E.J.: No, I'm not leaving.

Sami: After all that praise and adoration I just choked out?

E.J.: Well, of course now I'm gonna change my mind.

Sami: I was kidding. I didn't mean a word of it.

John: What would we be yapping about this time? And what's with these boxes?

Sami: I'm glad you asked.

E.J.: Yeah, the boxes. Uh, Samantha asked me -- well, that's not quite true, is it, darling? Samantha told me that I have to move out.

Sami: But he's refusing.

John: I thought we already settled this.

E.J.: Yeah, so did I.

Sami: John, couldn't you make him move out?

John: Elvis, do you want to leave?

E.J.: Uh, no.

John: Sorry, I tried.

Sami: You -- you're taking his side?

John: Well, he's blood. You're not.

Sami: You know, my Mom is not gonna be very happy when she hears about this.

John: Are you trying to threaten me now?

Sami: You're the one who said you wanted to win her over.

John: Watch yourself, kid. My home, my rules. You better be careful or you will be the one who's out.

Max: I don't want to have anything to do with him, ever.

Caroline: I think that's a mistake.

Nicole: He doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Ava: Would you just check him out? He's attracted, trying to hide it.

Lucas: The police have to be totally convinced that you were the one who saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier that night.

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