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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/16/08 - Canada; Tuesday 6/17/08 - U.S.A.

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Chloe: You're asking me to keep your secret -- not to tell anyone you broke your house arrest?

Lucas: I wanted to get some fresh air down at the pier, but I came right back. I wasn't trying to escape or run away.

Chloe: I know that. But you did a lot more than just get fresh air. You reached out to me when I needed a friend, which nobody in this town has done since I've been back.

Lucas: Unless you count my brother.

Chloe: [Scoffs] Except Philip was the one who made me cry.

Lucas: I'm sorry about that. I mean, I hate that he hurt you.

Chloe: It was just a misunderstanding. Everything's okay now.

Lucas: So, uh [Clears throat] You still haven't answered my question.

Chloe: I won't turn you in, Lucas. I wouldn't do that to a friend.

Bo: I don't know about you, but I'm starving.

Hope: Yeah. Me too. All this crime busting works up an appetite, that's for sure.

Bo: Too bad not much busting is going on.

Hope: Yet. It's only a matter of time before we get to the truth and find out who's behind everything that's going down at the dock.

Bo: Yeah.

John: I believe you already know who's behind it.

Hope: You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that. It's not polite.

Bo: And neither is eavesdropping on private conversations.

John: Well, I tend to forget my manners when my life is being screwed with.

Bo: What are you talking about?

John: I'm talking about you protecting your little brother, detective. Why hasn't he been arrested for torching my goods?

Nick: Come on, Max. Pick up.

Stephanie: Mom told you?

Steve: She told me Max is keeping things from you and acting weird.

Stephanie: Yeah, but we're working through it.

Steve: Take it from me, secrets are never healthy.

Stephanie: Agreed, but now I know what it is and we're okay.

Steve: Fights for no reason are not okay.

Stephanie: No, they're not.

Steve: So I'm afraid that something's really off with Max.

Stephanie: What are you saying, Papa?

Steve: I'm saying that you should think about maybe giving him some space.

Nicole: Why are you living in a hotel room, so you can make a quick getaway?

Robbins: No. Just haven't found a house yet.

Nicole: Oh. You're planning on staying in Salem for a while?

Robbins: Definitely. I can't wait for us to reconnect. It's been way too long.

Nicole: Trent, can't we reconnect some other time? I really have somewhere to be.

Robbins: Absolutely not, Nikki. We got so much to catch up on.

Bo: Take it easy, man.

John: An entire warehouse of my impounded goods went up in flames -- goods that never would have been confiscated in the first place if your little brother and his hired man Hollingsworth hadn't planted drugs in my cargo.

Hope: We have no proof they planted those drugs.

Bo: Or started a fire. Without proof, there will be no arrests.

John: Well, that's interesting. Salem P.D. had no trouble arresting me on bogus drug-smuggling charges.

Bo: Drugs were found on your ship, along with a suspicious manifest.

Hope: And there was also that little matter of your assaulting a police officer.

John: Another brother of yours.

Bo: I don't like the implication.

John: Well, I'm sure you don't, but it's quite obvious you're all sticking together, pinning this on me.

Hope: That is not true, and you know it.

John: Can't say that I do.

Bo: If Philip was involved with this, he will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Hope: But right now all we have to go on is your claim that he and Hollingsworth have been seen together.

John: Well, if that isn't a smoking gun, I don't know what is.

Bo: I questioned Philip. He denied any involvement with Hollingsworth.

John: And you honestly believe that he was going to admit it to you?

Bo: I-I've got nothing on Philip or Paul. Only your accusations.

John: And you would be more inclined to believe it if Kiriakis wasn't family, right?

Bo: I'm not gonna defend myself to you.

Hope: Bo told you and I'm telling you, Philip Kiriakis is not getting preferential treatment, nor will he.

John: Well, I'm not buying it, not as long as he's walking around free.

Bo: I'll say this one last time. There will be no arrests made without proof.

John: Well, you're not gonna find it sitting around here on your butts drinking coffee. I'll get it myself.

Bo: [Sighs] [Door opens, closes]

Nick: Where the hell are you, Max?

Stephanie: You're saying I should break up with Max?

Steve: I didn't say that.

Stephanie: He didn't set out to deceive me or hurt my feelings.

Steve: I realize that. But your mom made a point earlier -- he hasn't come and asked for help. Maybe he needs to find his own way.

Stephanie: No. He needs me.

Steve: Well, what do you need?

Stephanie: I need him.

Steve: Stephanie, I'm just afraid that he's going through something heavy.

Stephanie: So you want me to give up on him? I can't believe you would even suggest that.

Steve: No, I'm not saying that. I'm just worried about him, but I'm more worried about you.

Stephanie: I can handle myself.

Steve: Really?

Kayla: Why the raised voices?

Stephanie: Why did you tell dad about Max? You know how he gets.

Steve: What's that supposed to mean?

Stephanie: You overreact.

Kayla: What did you say?

Steve: I just told Stephanie that I think she might take a step back. I don't like that Max has been lying to her. I told you that, Stephanie.

Stephanie: And did you hear what I told you?

Steve: Yeah, I did. I took it in. But what I'm saying is that I think that sometimes people need some room to make mistakes.

Stephanie: Not Max.

Steve: I think you've lost perspective. And you didn't come home last night, did you?

Stephanie: So?

Steve: Even after you found out he's been keeping things from you?

Stephanie: I talked to him about it, and it was my idea to stay with him.

Steve: You know, your mom and I still worry about you. And in case you're forgetting, it wasn't long ago your life was in danger.

Stephanie: Yeah, because of you. And in case you forgot, Max is the one who saved me.

Robbins: So, you still doing shots, or what? Let me pour you a drink. Maybe we can relax and talk about old times, huh?

Nicole: Oh, my God. It looks like you've got problems.

Robbins: What the hell -- [Dialing] Get me security immediately. And call the police and get them here! I've been broken into, that's what! Yes! [Beep] Yeah, somebody's looking for something here... but what? Nicole -- Nicole! Damn it.

Lucas: Thank you. I really appreciate you not saying anything.

Chloe: Hey, I know what it's like to get in trouble with the law, especially if you didn't do anything wrong.

Lucas: That's right. That's true. I wasn't trying to escape. I just had to get out of here. I had to get away from this nuthouse for a while.

Chloe: I can understand that, but you took a really big risk. What if somebody else had found out or seen you?

Lucas: They'd throw me right back in jail again.

Chloe: Well, please tell me that you're never gonna try that again.

Lucas: You're right. You're probably right. It was probably too dangerous. I won't do it again.

Chloe: So, are things any better with you and Sami?

Lucas: No, I wouldn't say that. I had to give her an ultimatum right before you showed up.

Chloe: That was the reason for her mood. What kind of ultimatum?

Lucas: I just basically told her I couldn't live like this anymore. I'm not living under the same roof as Sami and E.J. I can't stand it. So I told her that one of them has to go.

Chloe: What if neither of them moves out?

Lucas: Then I'll know, you know? I'll know for sure that it's over -- that I made the right decision and it's over for good between Sami and me.

Chloe: Do you really mean that?

Lucas: I have to mean that. I don't have any choice.

Chloe: Well, Sami's a fool if she lets you go.

Lucas: I can say the same thing about my brother. And what's going on with that guy, anyway?

Chloe: What isn't going on with Philip? He continues to act mysterious and always seems to be in the middle of things.

Lucas: What things?

Chloe: Well, I was there when Bo came over and asked him about the warehouse fire.

Lucas: You don't think he had anything to do with that fire, do you?

Chloe: He swears he didn't, and I have to believe that.

John: You have to believe what -- that your boyfriend's innocent, that he's not trying to ruin me by any means possible?

Chloe: I think that's my cue to leave.

Lucas: No, you don't have to go.

John: You can tell Philip that he's already made too many mistakes to get away with this.

Chloe: You can tell him yourself.

John: Oh, I intend to.

Chloe: Hey, we'll talk later, okay? Just hang in there.

Lucas: All right. You too. And thank you for everything. You know, you didn't have to be so rude just now.

John: It is my house. I will be as rude as I please. And what's she doing back here? Is there something going on between you two?

Lucas: We're friends. I was allowed visitors even in prison.

John: Yeah, well, not in my house. I'm not in the mood.

Lucas: Yeah, I can see that. What's the problem?

John: It's none of your business.

Lucas: Fine. I don't care, anyway. I'll check on the twins or something.

John: Hold on. Is there anyone else in my house that I should know about?

Lucas: No, not that I know of. Sami left earlier, and E.J. hasn't been here all day, thank you.

John: Well, that's good. Maybe I can finally get a little peace and quiet.

Lucas: Fine. Go. Do it. Knock yourself out.

John: Ava. John. I'm gonna take you up on your offer.

Hope: I am truly concerned about John. If he goes off and tries to nail Philip on his own, we --

Bo: He'll be in more trouble than he's already in.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Which is why I called Philip. I want to talk to him again.

Hope: And he agreed?

Bo: He says he's got nothing to hide. He's on his way here from the hospital.

Hope: So Kate okay?

Bo: Apparently she came through the surgery with flying colors.

Hope: So, what do you think? You think John's right? You think Phillip's trying to frame him?

Bo: I would hope my little brother wouldn't do something so stupid, but...it's a good thing we're talking to him again.

Hope: He has motive.

Bo: Yeah, tell me about it. This war between him and John has just gotten out of control.

Hope: Yeah.

Philip: That's for damn sure.

Bo: Hey, man.

Hope: Hey, Philip.

Bo: Thanks for coming down.

Hope: Glad to hear that your mom's gonna be okay.

Philip: Thanks. Me too. So, let's cut to the chase. What's this all about?

Bo: John Black thinks you had something to do with the warehouse fire.

Hope: Among other things.

Philip: Right. Right. And I supposedly planted drugs on his ship, as well.

Hope: He claims to have an informant who told him that Hollingsworth is or was working for you.

Philip: But this is coming from a man who hired Hollingsworth himself to mess with Kiriakis shipments.

Bo: You're saying you had nothing to do with Paul?

Philip: Or that fire or the drugs.

Hope: Then you wouldn't know if Hollingsworth had an alibi for the time of the fire.

Philip: I don't know. Why don't you ask him?

Hope: I'll do that. Excuse me. [Cellphone ringing]

Bo: Brady. Can't someone else take care of that? I'm right in the middle -- okay. All right. I'm on it. There's been a B&E at the Salem Inn. I got to take care of this.

Philip: So we're finished here?

Bo: For now.

Philip: Bo, I'm telling the truth.

Bo: I hope so.

John: Thank you for coming right over.

Ava: Yeah. Of course. So, you decided to take me up on my offer to help you on this Kiriakis situation?

John: Well, it's apparent that the police will do nothing to help me.

Ava: Well, sometimes you got to take matters in your own hands.

John: Are you sure you want to get involved in this?

Ava: I think I'm already involved.

John: Still, I know that you are on the straight and narrow now.

Ava: Look, you need my expertise, it's yours.

John: It's not like I want to put a hit out on somebody.

Ava: Look, I know that, and I wouldn't do it even if you asked me to. What I will do is I will help you prove that Hollingsworth torched your goods.

John: You sound confident.

Ava: Listen, I need to know if you have any proof.

John: I know that Phil and Paul have become very cozy...and that the Kiriakis kid has got it out for me.

Ava: Okay. Well, then, if the cops aren't gonna go after him, we will.

John: How are you gonna do that?

Ava: Well, first, I'll make a simple phone call.

John: To who?

Ava: Hey, Angelo. Yeah. I need you and Eddie to do a little job. No, it's not for me. It's for a friend of mine. Yeah. I need you to pick up a guy by the name of Paul Hollingsworth. Yeah, that's him. Pick him up, bring him to the DiMera mansion immediately. No, don't. Don't ask. All right. We'll be waiting. It's done.

John: What's done?

Ava: Well, Paul will be here shortly and we can get the truth out of him.

John: I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Ava: Hey, tell me something. What does Kiriakis have against you? I'm assuming he is the one who struck the first blow in this little war of yours.

John: Not exactly.

Ava: It was you?

John: Well, let's just say that I-I...play to win. And with Kiriakis controlling the docks, that wasn't gonna happen.

Ava: Okay. So, what'd you do?

John: Nothing major. Paul Hollingsworth was a customs official. I simply bribed him to hold up a few of their ships. No violence.

Ava: Okay. So he used to work for you?

John: That's right.

Ava: And he betrayed you?

John: It seems that way.

Ava: Yeah, well, in my family, that is grounds for -- let's just say it's frowned upon.

John: Okay. The point is Kiriakis upped the stakes. He planted coke on my ship, and he torched my impounded cargo.

Ava: Well, then, we'll make him pay. I'll see to it.

John: So, you think your boys can get Hollingsworth to talk?

Ava: He'll squeal like a little pig if you want.

John: What?

Ava: Oh, I sounded exactly like my father just then.

John: And that's a bad thing because...

Ava: Well, I don't exactly want to turn out the way he did.

John: Don't think it's possible.

Ava: Well, it's nice of you to say, but you don't know me very well. You got no idea what I am capable of.

John: I don't think you do, either... especially now that you're no longer under the influence of those drugs.

Ava: Oh, and that's a good thing, huh?

John: It's a very good thing, yes. Now that your father is... gone...you are the head of a pretty big...business, right?

Ava: Yeah.

John: It's interesting how much your father reminds me of my half brother Stefano. Stefano DiMera -- have you heard of him?

Ava: Yeah, I know who he is. Look, he and my father didn't do much business. Daddy said he had too much respect to ever cross Stefano.

John: [Chuckles] It probably just means they were afraid of each other.

Ava: Yeah, maybe they were smart enough to stay out of each other's way.

John: Maybe we should do the same thing.

Ava: Why?

John: So we don't have a... conflict of interest, so to speak.

Ava: That's not gonna happen.

John: Well, it could. You see, I have also inherited all of my...half brother's business interests.

Ava: Really? And what are you planning to do with that?

John: Well, now, Blondie thinks that I should use it all to -- to do good. You know, to -- to eradicate all of the evil that Stefano has perpetuated.

Ava: Okay.

John: What do you think?

Ava: Well, I think I've got another idea.

John: What would that be?

Ava: We should think about combining forces. Could you imagine what we could accomplish?

John: Interesting.

Ava: Interested?

John: I'm thinking about it.

Ava: You take all the time you need.

Paul: John's onto me. I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone to the cops.

Philip: Damn it.

Paul: I want the rest of my money.

Philip: Did you say anything that might tip him off?

Paul: No, I didn't say anything. Now, about the rest of my payment.

Philip: Do you really think you deserve it?

Paul: Do I deserve it? I stuck my neck out for you, you little punk. Look, don't you forget -- I'm the one who planted those drugs on John's ship, so, yeah, I deserve it. You know what? You owe me big-time, Kiriakis.

[Door closes]

Nicole: Where's Victor?

Philip: What do you want with him? I thought he was rid of you.

Nicole: I need to see him -- now. Where is he?

Paul: You know what? I get it. Hey, get -- get off of me!

Angelo: Here he is. Is this the guy you wanted?

Ava: Yeah, that's him.

Paul: I'm sorry. Do I know you? Huh?

Ava: Ooh.

Paul: Unh-unh. John, what the hell is going on here, huh?

John: Well, I thought it was time that you and I had a little chat, Paul.

Paul: You ever hear of a telephone?

John: Face-to-face. And something told me that you might need a little... extra persuasion.

Ava: Oh, and as you can see here, my cousins are very good at persuading whenever need be.

Paul: Okay. Who is she, John?

John: A friend.

Paul: Oh, that's funny, 'cause I thought you and I were friends.

John: So did I, Paul, but I was wrong.

Paul: All right, man. You know what? I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

John: I'm going to forgive your little betrayal. All you have to do is tell me the truth.

Paul: The truth about what?!

John: The warehouse fire. You're the one who started it, aren't you, Paul?

Kayla: Stephanie, that is not fair. Your father would never intentionally put you or any of us in any kind of danger.

Stephanie: I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. It's just, Papa, you need to know that you can't tell me what to do. [Smooches]

Steve: It's true. I have no right. I didn't raise her. You did.

[Floor creaks]

Robbins: [Exhales deeply] All right.

Philip: You seem a little upset.

Nicole: I'm fine, Philip.

Philip: What do you want with my father?

Nicole: That's my business.

Philip: Well, you told me he settled with you and you accepted his offer. What, did you change your mind, decide to try and stick him for more?

Nicole: Well, what if I did? I mean, Victor got off way too cheap. And what about you? You promised to help me get what I deserve if I spied on John for you.

Philip: You didn't exactly come through for me with John. You brought me nothing.

Nicole: Then we're even. So, where is Victor?

Philip: At the hospital visiting my mother, but you're not gonna get any more money out of him. I can tell you that right now.

Nicole: It's not the money I need, Philip.

Philip: No? Then what is it?

Nicole: I need a favor.

Philip: [Chuckles] A favor? Are you kidding me?

Nicole: No. I've never been more serious.

Philip: Well, what do you want, Nicole?

Nicole: [Exhales deeply] I can't tell you, Philip.

Philip: Hey, look, whatever it is that you want, you're better off going through me. My father's not much in the mood for doing you any more favors.

Nicole: I just thought maybe that we -- we can make a deal, you know? I could knock a little off the settlement.

Philip: Good God, you are desperate, aren't you? Tell me what you need.

Nicole: What I need -- Philip... [Sniffles ] What I need is protection.

Philip: Protection?

[Siren wailing in distance]

Bo: You called about a break-in?

Robbins: Are you the police?

Bo: Yeah. Detective Brady. What happened here?

Robbins: That's what I want you to find out.

Nick: Hey, Hope. Sorry to bother you.

Hope: No, you're not bothering me, Nick. I'm just trying to catch up on some paperwork while I'm waiting for Bo.

Nick: I was just wondering -- have you seen Max around?

Hope: Not today. Sorry.

Nick: Okay. Well, thanks.

Hope: Hey, Nick?

Nick: Yeah?

Hope: Is there a problem?

Nick: Uh, probably not. It's just that's he's -- he's kind of missing.

Hope: "Kind of missing"?

Nick: Yeah. Kind of missing. I mean, I'm sure it's fine. It's just that Stephanie said he disappeared earlier and nobody's heard from him since.

Hope: Well, speaking as a cop, it doesn't mean that he's missing. It's only been a few hours.

Nick: No, I know. It's just that I told her that I'd help her track him down and she's at the hospital right now with her parents and the baby brother.

Hope: Good news, huh? He's coming off the ventilator.

Nick: Everybody's really excited, and Stephanie's dying to tell Max, if she could find him.

Hope: Have you tried his cellphone?

Nick: Yeah. It goes straight to voice mail.

Hope: You know, he probably just has it shut off. He's probably just busy.

Nick: That's the thing. See, he never shuts it off.

Hope: Hey. Here's Stephanie. Maybe she's heard something.

Stephanie: From Max? No. You guys?

Nick: Nothing. I've tried all over.

Hope: I'm sure he's fine.

Stephanie: I know. He probably is. It's just he left without saying goodbye. It's not really like him.

Hope: Have you checked with Caroline? She probably knows where he is.

Stephanie: I didn't want to worry her.

Nick: I asked her earlier, just casually, and she said she hadn't seen or heard from him.

Stephanie: I'm telling you, this is weird. Where could he be?

Max: Uh, where could who be?

Stephanie: Where in the world have you been?

Philip: Protection? What do you mean -- protection from what?

Nicole: Not "what." "Who." Someone from my past.

Philip: What, like an old boyfriend or something, somebody else who tried to have bumped off?

Nicole: It's not funny.

Philip: Okay. Then who is it? If you want my help, I'll need a name. Hey, Nicole, do you want my help or not?

Nicole: It's not that, Philip. I-I just...

Philip: Just -- just what? What, you don't trust me as much as you trust my father?

Nicole: You know what? Let's -- let's just pretend that I never mentioned this, okay? I'm probably just paranoid.

Philip: Hey, wait a minute.

Nicole: Philip, it's fine. I'll be fine, okay? Thank you. Oh, God.

Chloe: Hey, watch it! What's with her? [Door closes]

Philip: I honestly don't know.

Robbins: Whoever it was, they must have gone through this window, because I distinctly remember closing it before I left.

Bo: Yeah, well, uh, I will file a report, Mr. Robbins, but, to be honest, unless someone actually saw the intruder --

Robbins: Are you telling me you're not gonna pursue this?

Bo: I didn't say that.

Robbins: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just... nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I just feel a little unsettled. That's all.

Bo: Yeah. That makes sense. Do you have any enemies?

Robbins: [Chuckles] I'm -- I'm the dean of the physics department at the university.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I met you the other night at Chez Rouge -- Nick's party.

Robbins: Right. Right. I remember. Yeah.

Stephanie: Are you gonna answer me? Where have you been? I've been worried sick.

Max: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: When I woke up this morning, you were gone. You didn't say bye, and you haven't been answering your cellphone.

Max: Because of that you're worried sick? Steph, come on.

Stephanie: I wouldn't be except for the fact that lately you've just been so --

Hope: I'm gonna run upstairs and say hi to Caroline, and, um, Max, I am very happy that you're alive and well.

Max: Thank you.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Max: Now, will somebody tell me what's going on?

Nick: It's kind of what we were wondering. You kind of disappeared on us.

Max: I went for a run. It was my day off, so I wanted to get some exercise. I didn't want to wake you.

Nick: You went for a run in that?

Max: What's with the third degree?

Nick: Nothing. It's just that we were concerned about you, like Stephanie said.

Max: Don't be, 'cause I'm not a little kid and I'm not crazy, so I can take care of myself.

John: Paul, if you know what's good for you, just talk.

Paul: Or what, John? What, is that a threat?

John: I don't do threats.

Eddie: But we do.

Paul: John, I don't know anything about the fire, okay? Come on, man. We're on the same side.

John: We were on the same side, but obviously Philip K. made you a better offer -- one that you couldn't refuse -- so you planted some drugs on my ship and burned up all of my cargo.

Paul: That is not true!

John: And you and Kiriakis set me up, and I could do hard time.

Angelo: Only that ain't gonna happen, because you're gonna set the record straight.

Eddie: Yeah, starting right now. We're gonna ask you nicely one last time. Did you start that fire?

Paul: No, I didn't.

Angelo: Okay, look, look, Paul, now, this can go easy -- all right? -- Or this can go hard. It's your choice. Did you set the fire?

Paul: No.

Angelo: Did you set the fire?

Paul: No! Come on, John! Call your guys off!

John: Nothing I can do. They don't take orders from me.

Paul: You know what, then, lady? Call your guys off, 'cause I don't know anything and I didn't do anything!

Angelo: I just don't like liars.

Ava: No, none of us like liars, Paul, especially when they hurt innocent men.

Angelo: Look, Paul, you have five seconds to tell us what we want to know.

Chloe: I thought Nicole was out of here finally.

Philip: Well, as soon as she packs up her stuff. She seems to have some kind of problem.

Chloe: Doesn't she always?

Philip: No, this time there was...something different about her. She...actually seemed... scared.

Chloe: Are we talking about the same Nicole? The only thing I've ever known her to be afraid of is running out of vodka. [Cellphone ringing]

Philip: Hello.

Man: I have a little update on our man.

Philip: I'm listening.

Man: A couple of goons picked him up, took him by force to the DiMera mansion.

Philip: You don't say.

Man: The funny thing is, though, they're Vitali goons. I don't know the connection, but, uh, I thought you might be interested.

Philip: Oh, I am. Thank you. John.

Chloe: What was that?

Philip: Uh, nothing. Just business.

Chloe: You have a lot of mysterious business these days, don't you?

Philip: Don't start grilling me again, Chloe.

Chloe: Okay! I just came by to check on you and see how your mom's doing.

Philip: She's gonna be fine. Thank God. In fact, everything is gonna be fine.

Chloe: Is it?

Philip: Yes, it is... because I'm gonna see to it.

Bo: Hey, Max.

Max: Hey.

Bo: Fancy Face. Thanks for hanging out.

Hope: Sure. No problem. It's given me the opportunity to finish up some reports. How'd it go at Salem Inn?

Bo: It turns out the victim is someone we know.

Hope: Really?

Bo: Trent Robbins from the university.

Nick: Oh, I'm sorry. I couldn't help overhearing. What happened to Trent Robbins?

Bo: His room was broken into at the Salem Inn. He seemed pretty upset.

Stephanie: That's -- that's crazy. We just saw him at the book signing the other night. He seems like a cool guy.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah. You know him pretty well. Do you know anybody who might do something like this to him?

Chloe: Mmm. Mmm. We shouldn't be doing this.

Philip: Why not?

Chloe: Oh, you know why not. Victor could come home any minute and freak out, and I'd rather avoid the confrontation. Besides, I have enough to deal with, being an outcast in this town.

Philip: You're not an outcast. You have friends.

Chloe: Well, maybe I have one.

Philip: And I hope I'm that one.

Chloe: Oh, you know you are.

Philip: Good. What do you say we go back to your place?

Paul: [Breathing heavily] You know what? Go ahead and do it. Kill me. Or do what whatever you're gonna... 'cause I'm not admitting to something I didn't do.

Angelo: Well, if that's the way you want it.

[Gun cocks]

John: Hold on.

Paul: [Exhales deeply] [Breathing heavily] I didn't betray you, John. I swear. I would never do that.

John: Get him out of here.

Angelo: What do you want us to do with him?

John: For now... just throw him on the street.

Angelo: You mean alive?

John: Let him think about things like... what could happen if he doesn't wise up.

Angelo: Ava -- Ava, you sure you don't want --

Ava: No, no, no. You do what he says. I think Paul got the message. Right, Paul?

Angelo: Okay. Looks like you got off easy today.

Eddie: But just for today. Remember -- we know where to find you.

Angelo: There you go.

Paul: Hey.

Kayla: You know, stop beating yourself up. You told Stephanie your concerns, and you have every right to have them. You're her father.

Steve: Yeah, well, you did all the work. I wasn't around when she was growing up... so I have no right to tell her how to live her life.

Kayla: Any more than I do. She's a grown woman, and she's in love.

Steve: And you're okay with that, even though we don't know what's going on with Max?

Kayla: It's a little strange.

Steve: A little?

Kayla: But Max is a good kid, whatever his issues, and we both know that he loves Stephanie and he would never want to hurt her.

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson... you can go back in and see your baby now.

Kayla: Is he all right?

Nurse: Still perfect.

Kayla: Great. You see how much we have to be thankful for? Our baby's breathing on his own, and he's gonna be all right, and so is Stephanie.

Steve: Okay, sweetness. I'll back off.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: But I'm still a little worried. Whatever's going on with Max, I don't think we even know the half of it.


Nicole: Hello?

Robbins: You ran out on me. That wasn't very nice of you.

Nicole: You seemed to have your hands full. I-I didn't want to get in the way.

Robbins: [Chuckles] How considerate.

Nicole: I hope nothing valuable was stolen.

Robbins: Actually, uh, apparently nothing at all was taken.

Nicole: Oh. That's a little odd.

Robbins: When am I gonna see you again?

Nicole: Trent, do we really have to do this? I mean, is it -- is it really necessary?

Robbins: It's not only necessary, Nikki. It's long overdue. Wouldn't you say so?

Nick: You mean, do I know anyone who would have a grudge against Dean Robbins? I mean, I don't -- I don't think so. I don't see how anyone would.

Bo: Okay. Well, if you think of anything that might be helpful, you just let me know.

Hope: Or anyone.

Nick: Will do.

Hope: Steph, on a better note, honey, this is such great news about your brother.

Stephanie: Oh, yes.

Hope: He's coming off the ventilator.

Stephanie: Isn't it amazing? He's breathing on his own.

Hope: Your mom said you have another picture.

Stephanie: Yes.

Hope: I want to see it.

Stephanie: You're gonna die when you see this. He is so cute. I think he looks like my dad. What do you think?

Hope: There is no mistaking it. He looks exactly like your dad.

Stephanie: He's so tiny.

Bo: Nah. He looks like Kayla.

Stephanie: You think?

Max: Do you want me to have some sort of meltdown so you can comfort me and tell me it's gonna be fine?! Forget it! You can't! No one can!

Ava: You're my friend and you needed protecting.

John: I'll drink to that.

Hope: But John's lost. You have to help him before it's too late.

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