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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/12/08 - Canada; Friday 6/13/08 - U.S.A.

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Daniel: I need another CBC and a Chem panel -- stat. Also call Larry in Radiology and have them do another abdominal C.T. scan. I want him to do it personally. He's the best.

Kate: Oh, my God. Didn't I already have that done?

Daniel: Yes, but you can get varying results with different technicians.

Kate: Tsk. Whatever.

Daniel: No, that's not "whatever," Kate. We need to run through your history again -- prior surgeries, any health issues whatsoever.

Kate: [Exhales deeply]

Daniel: Look, I know you had a c-section. Any other surgeries you can think of?

Kate: I had a hernia. Does that count?

Daniel: Not on the chart. Was it done in this hospital?

Kate: Yes, it was done in this hospital. Mike Horton did it.

Daniel: Ashley, I want you to call down to medical records and tell them that I need a complete copy of Miss Roberts' medical history -- everything they've got.

Ashley: Sure, Dr. Jonas. Do you want me to adjust her pain meds?

Daniel: Hold off on that.

Kate: Don't listen to him. Kick it up a notch.

Chelsea: Hey, how are you feeling?

Kate: Oh, God. I've been better.

Chelsea: Dr. Jonas, what's wrong with her?

Philip: Listen to me. If you can't get it done, I have someone else who can, okay? That's better. Call me when the order's shipped.

Victor: Bad day, son?

Philip: No. Not at all. Why?

Victor: Is that your new style -- intimidation?

Philip: It's business.

Victor: What about arson? Is that business today, too?

Nicole: Hello, counselor. To what do I owe this pleasure?

E.J.: I took the liberty of ordering for you.

Nicole: Hmm. A man who takes initiative -- very impressive.

E.J.: Nicole, listen.

Nicole: What? Hmm? Did Lucas catch you and Sami doing the nasty again? Oh, better yet -- did you catch Sami and Lucas, you know, in between the sheets?

E.J.: Actually, this isn't about Samantha or Lucas. It's about you.

Nicole: Okay. Go on.

E.J.: I have, uh, found a way to force Victor's hand, get you a rather cushy divorce settlement.

Nicole: Well... you're good.

Stephanie: How does a girl get a drink around here?

Max: I'm busy, Steph.

Caroline: Max, when did you come in? Oh, hello, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hi, grandma.

Caroline: Oh, my. You must be so happy to know that your little brother's gonna come off the ventilator.

Stephanie: Yes. We all are. It really looks like he's gonna be okay.

Caroline: Oh, thank God.

Stephanie: I just can't wait for him to come home.

Caroline: Yeah.

Max: Look, ma, I'm pretty much done here. You gonna be okay?

Caroline: Sure. Sure. Why don't you and Stephanie --

Max: I'm gonna get some tea and go bed.

Caroline: Oh.

Stephanie: We have to talk.

Max: Not now.

Stephanie: I need to know what happened between you and Nick.

Max: No, you don't.

John: Well, look who's here. Welcome back, Blondie. I assume you two know each other.

Ava: Yes. Hello, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Ava. I see you made a new friend while I was gone.

John: I have. Is that a problem?

Marlena: No. No. Ava, what are you doing here?

John: I invited her... for dinner... and whatever.

Marlena: I see the picture's gone.

John: So were you. Are you here to stay?

Sami: Mom? Mom, oh, you're home! Not home, but you know what I mean. I'm so glad to see you. How was Eric?

Marlena: He's got a few broken bones, but he's going to be fine. He sends his love. Oh, and, John, his love to you, also.

John: Good to know. May I freshen your drink? I would like to discuss my next move.

Ava: Certainly.

Sami: [Sighs] I'm really glad you're home, Mom.

Marlena: I'm glad I'm home, too, sweetie.

John: I want you to savor this. There is nothing like the combination of cognac and fine chocolates.

Ava: You have exquisite taste, John.

Marlena: Why do I feel like we've interrupted something?

John: Because you have. Can I get you a drink, Blondie?

Marlena: No, thank you.

Ava: Mm. Dr. Evans, I've been meaning to call you. I wanted to thank you. I took your advice, and I'm shedding my past and moving on with my life.

Marlena: I can see you are.

John: Are you jealous?

Marlena: John... we are still married.

John: Well, the reality of that statement is you and I haven't been living or sleeping like husband and wife since I...

Marlena: There's no need to expose the intimate details of our lives.

John: There are no intimate details.

Marlena: But we're working on the relationship.

John: No. You've been in Colorado, attending to your son, while I have been coexisting here with our...assorted relatives.

Marlena: I know, but... in any event, I thought that -- I thought that deep down you were still committed to me.

John: I've tried, Blondie... but you're still pining away for that kinder, gentler, pathetically boring John of the past.

Marlena: I know. I must admit that I have tried to spark some of that memory.

John: Time is up.

Marlena: What?

John: This is who I am. You're not interested. I'm moving on.

Marlena: What? To Ava?

John: Well, let's just say that Ava and I are... getting to know each other.

Sami: Mom.

Marlena: No. No. No. It's okay. [Exhales deeply]

Sami: There's been a lot happening since you've been gone, starting with the turf war between John and Philip that has blown up.

John: Fired up. More to the point.

Sami: Right. Well, like I said, there's a lot going on and... Mom, you've got to do something. We have got to help John before he does something disastrous.

Victor: You're in way over your head, son.

Philip: I had nothing to do with that fire -- trust me.

Victor: What do you know?

Philip: I've got people checking on it.

Victor: This whole escalation with you and John is not good. The new John's a formidable opponent. I'm worried about you, son.

Philip: Don't be. I can handle it.

Victor: Well, we'll see. I didn't mean to get into that right now. We have more important things to worry about.

Philip: There's nothing more important than this.

Victor: Yes, there is. Your mother's in the hospital.

Philip: What?

Victor: She didn't want to worry you until she was diagnosed.

Kate: [Groans]

Chelsea: Can't you do something to help her?

Daniel: She's maxed out on pain meds.

Chelsea: Well, then figure out what's wrong with her.

Kate: Sweetie, he's -- he's trying, okay? He's trying.

Daniel: And I will figure it out. Don't worry.

Chelsea: "Don't worry"? She's lying here in excruciating pain, and you don't have a clue why.

Ashley: The lab asked for another blood draw, doctor.

Daniel: All right. Do it. I'll be right outside.

Stephanie: Nick said you guys talked.

Max: I'm sorry, Steph. I can't go there right now. I'm beat. Good night.

Caroline: I'm a good listener.

Stephanie: I don't know what to do.

Caroline: Did something happen to Max?

Kayla: Hey, baby.

Caroline: Oh, Kayla.

Stephanie: You know what? I-I should go. Talk to my Mom, okay?

Caroline: Okay. You and Steve must be so relieved about your baby.

Kayla: Oh, we are. We really are.

Caroline: Well, I've been praying, you know?

Kayla: I know. Thank you for that.

Caroline: Sure.

Kayla: Mom, why don't we sit down so I can talk to you about Max, okay?

Caroline: Sure.

Nicole: So, tell me. How are we gonna stick it to the old geezer?

E.J.: We are not going to do anything.

Nicole: What?

E.J.: And before I do, I need your solemn vow that you're not going to tell anybody that my annulment is valid. I will get you a hefty divorce settlement if you keep quiet. You don't even have to go to court. It's what you've been waiting for.

Nicole: I don't know. I kind of like having this juicy information to dangle over you whenever I want.

E.J.: Well, it's your call.

Nicole: Although there is one thing you could give me that I'd like a whole lot.

E.J.: What's that?

Nicole: Your respect.

Marlena: Did something happen while I was gone?

Sami: Someone lit a fire in a warehouse, and all of John's impounded cargo went up in flames.

[Baby crying] Oh. I'll -- I'll be back.

Marlena: Yeah. John...

John: I'm playing hardball now. I've got to fight fire with fire or Kiriakis is gonna run me right out of business.

Marlena: Have you got a plan?

John: Yes. You won't like it.

Marlena: Not if it involves revenge or violence.

John: I don't know which way to go with you anymore, Blondie. I've tried to do it your way, walk the straight line, trying to impress you. Look where it got me. I've been jailed, arrested for drug trafficking, and I'm about to eat God knows how much in losses. I've had enough. I'm changing tactics. I'm doing it my way.

Marlena: Or is that the Vitali way?

Ava: Oh, Dr. Evans, I'm new to the scene here, but I grew up with violence and lived with it my entire life, and, frankly, I'm not a fan of it, but I don't think John should sit back and be taken advantage of. He needs to stand up and fight for what's his.

Marlena: Thank you, Ava. John, you can't fight violence with violence.

John: It's not your call anymore.

Marlena: Are you saying you no longer value my opinion?

John: I'm just saying... it's a new beginning.

Lucas: Hey. Are the kids asleep?

Sami: Yeah. They are now.

Lucas: I want to kiss them good night.

Sami: Don't wake them up.

Lucas: I won't. [Cellphone ringing] Hello?

Philip: Hey, Lucas. Mom's in the hospital.

Lucas: What's wrong?!

[Knock on door]

Max: Go away. [Door unlocks]

Stephanie: Max, I get that you're upset.

Max: What are you doing?

Stephanie: You showed me where your extra key was.

Max: Steph, I need to be alone right now.

Stephanie: Well, I need to be with the man that I love. I don't get what's wrong with you. No one does.

Max: So?

Stephanie: So we can't help you until we know what the problem is.

Max: There's no problem.

Stephanie: Right. You're just fighting with people, lying to me, to Nick, stomping around like you're mad at the world, yet you claim there's no problem. Does your mom know how smart you are?

Max: Why does that matter?

Stephanie: Because you're gifted, Max, and for some reason you've been keeping it a secret all these years.

Max: I'm just good with numbers. That's all.

Stephanie: How do you think your pop would have felt about this? He hated secrets.

Max: It's not that big of a deal.

Stephanie: You keep saying that, but it is a part of you. It's who you are. That makes it a big deal.

Max: Stephanie!

Stephanie: I have had it! I need you to tell me what is wrong with you.

Chelsea: Tell me what's going on.

Daniel: Well, I could stand here and shoot the breeze with you, or I could get back to work and figure out what's wrong with Kate. The choice is yours.

Chelsea: Look, I was pretty abrupt with you earlier.

Daniel: Is that what you call that?

Chelsea: I'm sorry, but I need you to know that I still have complete faith in you. You cured my Dad, and I know that you can cure my grandma -- whatever's wrong with her.

Daniel: I'm -- I'm trying.

Chelsea: You're an amazing doctor. I mean, you helped me through a lot of stuff that I'll be forever grateful for. I just made the stupid mistake of falling in love with you, but --

Daniel: I'm sorry. Did you just say "falling --"

Chelsea: You need to go, do your brilliant doctor thing, okay? We can't talk about this right now. Feeling any better?

Kate: What were you and Daniel talking about?

Marlena: John... are you turning your back on our past?

John: I'm looking to the future.

Marlena: I see. What does that mean to us?

John: I may look like that guy that you're in love with, but I'm not him... and I never will be. You're in love with somebody else.

Marlena: Yes, that's true. I have admitted that.

John: Well, then I believe you have your answer.

Marlena: Then I need to pack my things.

Sami: Lucas -- [Door closes] Mom, what's going on?

Marlena: I'm moving out.

Sami: What? Uh, Mom, you can't do that.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: Hey, Chloe, we got to talk later. My Mom is in the hospital.

E.J.: Respect. When did respect make it to the top of your list?

Nicole: Believe it or not, it's always been in my top five.

E.J.: Okay. Why do you think that I should respect you?

Nicole: There are a lot of reasons. First and foremost -- that I haven't told Sami about your marriage or lack thereof.

E.J.: And?

Nicole: And I should tell her because she's not right for you, anyway.

E.J.: Who do you think is right for me?

Caroline: Are you telling me that Max is a genius?

Kayla: Well, I don't know for sure, but Stephanie says that he is brilliant in math and physics.

Caroline: How could I not know that? He's my son.

Kayla: Well, apparently he doesn't want anyone to know. But, you know, I was here one night, and he was working on Nick's grant proposal. I don't know exactly what happened, but Nick was upset. He spilled his beer all over the papers or something, and he left them. So Max stayed up all night redoing them. I'm telling you, Mom, I saw them. They were right over my head, and you know how much math and science I've had.

Caroline: And Max understood them?

Kayla: He not only understood them, apparently he totally changed some of the answers.

Caroline: You're telling me he's a genius?

Kayla: Well, it looks like it.

Caroline: Hmm.

Max: I'm sorry you're upset, but it's not gonna happen.

Stephanie: I'm a good listener.

Max: I know that. But there are certain things that I can't talk about. I can't tell you any more. It's just how I am. So can we please just drop this?

Stephanie: No. Do you think I don't see the pain in your eyes or feel your anger? You're more angry now than you were when your pop died. I am scared for you, Max. I really am. I want to understand. I just want to help you, but you won't let me in.

Max: [Exhales sharply] I-I can't.

Kate: Sweetie, thank you. But don't call Lucas, okay?

Philip: Uh, too late. Sorry.

Ava: You love her, don't you?

John: Love? I'm not sure I know what that is.

Ava: Oh, I think you do.

John: My wife told me that she and I were very much in love once. It must be nice. I don't remember it, though. I don't really... feel much of anything.

Ava: Well, maybe if you gave it some more time.

John: I don't think so. I tried to get her to love me for me, for who I am now. It hasn't worked.

Ava: Well, perhaps you're both trying too hard.

John: Well, frankly, I'm tired of disappointing her. That's what I like about you. You have no expectations of who I should be or how I should act. It's refreshing.

Ava: Well, I like you, too, John. You make me feel good about myself, and I haven't felt that way in a very long time.

Chloe: I'm sorry about your mom.

Lucas: Thanks, but I don't have time. I got to go.

Chloe: Where? You can't leave.

Lucas: Like hell I can't.

Stephanie: I'm here. I love you, Max Brady.

Max: I love you, too.

Stephanie: [Sniffles]

Kate: That is great. Now all I need is for Lucas -- ow! Ow!

Chelsea: Daniel! Hurry!

Daniel: All right. Kate, talk to me. Talk to me. Where does it hurt?

Kate: Here.

Daniel: Right here? The lower right quadrant?

Kate: Yeah.

Lexie: Okay. Everyone, I need you outside, please. Please wait outside. Thank you.

Daniel: All right. Does it hurt here?

Kate: No.

Daniel: What about here?

Kate: Yes!

Daniel: Okay. All right. It's presenting like acute appendicitis, but it's not. Look, I'm not gonna wait any longer. I got to get in there. Kate, is there anything that you can think of? Are you sure you didn't do any strenuous exercise -- something different, new to your body?

Kate: No. No, nothing out of the ordinary -- I mean -- aerobics class, self-defense class. I always do that all the time.

Lexie: Have you been traveling out of the country?

Kate: I wish.

Daniel: What about trauma? Anything that you might have forgotten, something that you missed? Accidents, falls, severe blows of any kind?

Kate: [Sighs] I-I took, um -- I took a power kick in self-defense class the other day.

Daniel: Power kick? Where?

Kate: On the stomach. It really wasn't anything. I mean, it just knocked the wind out of me.

Daniel: All right. I'm gonna go check this out. Would you please watch her?

Lexie: Sure. Yeah. Hang in there. Hang in there, Kate. You're gonna be okay.

Kate: [Sighs]

Nicole: So, how many times do I have to tell you that Sami is not for you?

E.J.: Okay. Well, who do you think I should be with?

Nicole: Well, for starters, someone who actually wants you.

E.J.: Ouch.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I-I don't mean to hurt you. I'm just trying to be honest. You've been so focused on Sami that you've forgotten what's out there.

E.J.: It's not that I've forgotten, Nicole, okay? It's just that I'm not interested because of my feelings for Samantha.

Nicole: And look where that's gotten you. Mm-hmm. Yep. You're living in a haunted mansion with a robot man, a creepy butler, your ex-wife's mother, and a woman who's tossed you aside for a jailbird with an ankle bracelet.

E.J.: [Chuckles] You really don't pull your punches, do you?

Nicole: No, I don't, because you deserve better.

E.J.: Thank you... I think.

Nicole: You're welcome.

E.J.: I mean it. I really appreciate your honesty, okay? I'll certainly bear it in mind.

Nicole: And I promise to keep your secret.

E.J.: I can trust you, right?

Nicole: Yeah. Come on. What do you want? A pinkie swear?

E.J.: A what?

Nicole: A pinkie swear.

E.J.: A pinkie what? [Chuckles]

Nicole: Okay. Do this. [Chuckles] Come on.

E.J.: Okay.

Nicole: I swear that I won't tell anyone... that you and Sami are no longer husband and wife.

E.J.: Well, now I feel much better. [Chuckles] Listen, where I come from, we toast. So, to our new understanding.

Nicole: And to my filthy rich future.

E.J.: Good. Well, now that we have that agreed, I suppose it's about time I go and pay your soon-to-be ex-husband a little visit.

Nicole: Great.

E.J.: Thank you. All right. I'll be in touch.

Nicole: I should be so lucky.

Caroline: If Max has kept this secret for so long, why is it coming out now? What happened?

Kayla: I don't know. I guess we're just gonna have to wait for him to tell us.

Caroline: Max has been in a bad place ever since Shawn died. I felt this was grieving, you know? He's just waiting for closure. I should talk to him.

Kayla: Oh, no. Why don't you -- why don't you wait, okay? He's got Stephanie right now.

Caroline: Hmm. That's true.

Daniel: All right. I got it. I got it. I found a slight anatomical abnormality in your latest C.T. scan. Now, under normal circumstances, you wouldn't be affected by it, but because of your recent trauma to the abdominal wall, namely your power kick, I am convinced it's an omental torsion.

Kate: An ornamental what?

Daniel: Omental torsion.

Lexie: I've never seen a case before.

Daniel: It's so rare. Most doctors haven't.

Lexie: Rare and extremely difficult to diagnose.

Kate: Great. What is it?

Daniel: Well, it's a condition where the tissue in your abdomen gets twisted and creates a vascular constriction, cutting off the blood supply.

Kate: Uh-huh. Is it serious?

Daniel: Not if I can do surgery and fix it. I can't be 100% sure until I get in there, but once you're out of surgery, rest a few days, you should be as good as new.

Kate: Great. I thought I was history for a while.

Daniel: Well, I wasn't worried. Let's get her on the surgery schedule as soon as possible.

Lexie: Good work. Kate's going to need immediate surgery. Daniel is in with her now, explaining the procedure.

E.J.: [Clears throat] Good evening, Victor. I think it's about time you and I had a little chat. Don't you?

John: You've been in love, right?

Ava: Oh, yeah.

John: How was it?

Ava: It was wonderful. [Chuckles] Magical. Being in love is the best feeling.

John: So, why did you stop... being in love?

Ava: I didn't. He did. He left me at the altar.

John: Right.

Ava: And afterwards, I felt completely lost and all alone.

John: Probably about the way Blondie's feeling right now.

Ava: Yeah. Probably.

John: Are you up for some bubbly?

Ava: Champagne?

John: I was thinking hot tub.

Ava: [Chuckles] Of course you were. You know, it's funny, John. I just forgot to bring my swimsuit.

John: It's not a prerequisite.

Ava: Oh, listen. I want to thank you. I had a really good time tonight.

John: So did I, even though it didn't quite turn out the way I anticipated.

Ava: Yeah. Don't worry about it. You seem to have your hands full.

John: Understatement.

Ava: I am curious, though. How many people actually live in this house?

John: Too many.

Ava: John, if you need a friend...please don't hesitate to call. I'm available.

John: Thank you. Good night, Ava.

Ava: Good night.

John: Doc.

Chloe: What's the deal with you, Lucas?

Lucas: My Mom's in the hospital.

Chloe: You told me that, but it's not like you can walk out that door and go see her.

Lucas: You don't have to remind me.

Chloe: Apparently someone has to. Why were you acting like that?

Lucas: Like what?

Chloe: Like you could just walk right out of here. Where were you when you called me?

Lucas: I was here. Where else would I be?

Chloe: On the pier.

Sami: Mom, please don't go.

Marlena: We've been through this already, Sami.

Sami: You can't leave me here -- not with John and E.J. and Lucas and the twins and this whole fiasco. I'm asking you, please -- I'm begging you not to go.

Sami: Mom, please don't go.

Marlena: Stop it. I love you with all my heart. I would do anything for you. But I cannot stay here with John any longer.

Sami: You expect me to?

Marlena: The situation is different. Please try to understand that. Sami, I'm -- I'm sorry. Tell John that I'll send for the rest of my things. [Door closes]

Lucas: What are you implying?

Chloe: Nothing. I'm trying to be your friend.

Lucas: Could have fooled me.

Chloe: You were really nice to me. It meant a lot.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I've been there. I know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out, or, in my case, just stomped on.

Chloe: I'm sure you do. But what I don't get is how you knew I was upset.

Lucas: Just intuition.

Chloe: I'm not buying it.

Lucas: I'm clairvoyant.

Chloe: Nope. I know this sounds crazy, but I think you were out there. I think somehow you got out and you saw me crying on the pier.

Lucas: I also have a sixth sense.

Chloe: Give it up, Lucas. How'd you do it?

Lucas: I didn't...do it. I didn't do anything. I can't get this thing off my leg. Stop asking me about it, okay?

Ava: Give me that drink. [Chuckles]

Nicole: Hey, girlie. So, how's our Johnny boy?

Ava: Mmm. That's good. Let me tell you, he is, uh -- he's intriguing, you know? He's very intense, but he's playful. How about you and that lovely lawyer?

Nicole: [Sighs] Yeah. I don't know. He is so caught up in that whiny blond bitch he's married to that he can't see a real catch when I'm sitting right in front of him. But whatever. So, did you kiss?

Ava: We...ate and we drank and talked, and then he took me on a tour of his place, which he loves to refer to as his mansion. I got to tell you, though, I cannot figure out who lives there.

Nicole: I know. It's weird, right? But the question is, did you see the bedroom?

Ava: I saw it. I didn't experience it, though.

Nicole: Too bad.

Ava: Oh, get this. Guess who showed up right in the middle of our date.

Nicole: Oh, let me guess. St. Marlena.

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Oh, man, I wish I was there. I love seeing that stuff.

Ava: It gets even better. They had a little heart-to-heart right in front of everyone. She's moving out.

Nicole: She's leaving? As in out of the mansion?

Ava: Mm-hmm. She was packing as I left.

Nicole: That's great. Your path is cleared, my friend.

Ava: I don't know. Hey, where is E.J., anyway?

Nicole: You're gonna love this. He's hitting up victor as we speak. So, soon I will become a free agent with a ton of money, and we can party. Cheers...with one drink.

Ava: Yours. Go for it.

E.J.: Look, I'm sorry to disturb you at a time like this.

Victor: Then don't.

E.J.: Well, it's about your divorce.

Victor: I couldn't possibly discuss that now. Call my attorneys in the morning. That's what I pay them for.

E.J.: You might want to listen to what I have to say. I have a deal to offer you. It expires in about five minutes.

Victor: You're out of your mind. Go away.

E.J.: Fair enough.

Daniel: Well, I figured out what's wrong with Kate. We have to do surgery to know for sure, but I have diagnosed omental torsion. It's a condition where the connective tissue in your abdomen gets all twisted and creates a blockage, which cuts off the blood supply.

Victor: Is it serious?

Daniel: If left untreated, yeah, it can be.

Lexie: The diagnosis is the hardest part.

Daniel: And the fix is the easiest part -- once I get in there.

Chelsea: So she's gonna be okay?

Daniel: Yeah. If the surgery goes well, and I'm sure it will, Kate should be fine.

Philip: Thank God.

Victor: I'll second that. Didn't I tell you he was brilliant?

Lexie: Well, you were right.

Philip: Dr. Jonas, thank you.

Daniel: I was just doing my thing, man.

Chelsea: Thank you, Daniel.

Max: I'm so sorry, Steph. I wish I could tell you more, but... no one can ever know about him.

Daniel: Maybe there's something to help relax you.

Kate: No. I'm not gonna let you do the surgery.

Steve: What's got Max so tweaked?

Kayla: It's like he's living a double life. He is angry and alienating his friends.

Victor: If you think you can blackmail me into settling, you're dead wrong.

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