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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/3/08 - Canada; Wednesday 6/4/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: We've got the diapers, wipes, snacks, keys. Toys -- I don't have enough --

Lucas: I got toys right here for you.

Sami: Thank you very much.

Lucas: Taking the twins out?

Sami: Yeah, I thought I'd walk with them down to Java Café and meet my Dad for some coffee.

Lucas: You know, you can leave them here.

Sami: My Mom's still gone, and Rolf actually had to run an errand for John. I asked him.

Lucas: What's wrong with me?

Sami: Oh, um, I don't know.

Lucas: What's the matter -- you don't think I can take care of the kids by myself?

Sami: Lucas, no, of course I know that you can. I just think they're wild, restless. They're running all over the place now and can be overwhelming if you haven't had practice.

Lucas: Well, don't you think it's time I get some practice? Come on, I want to -- really. It'll be fun for me. Come on, don't make this difficult. Just leave the kids with me.

E.J.: Over my dead body, Lucas.

Lexie: [Muttering indistinctly] [Gasps] Oh, my goodness! Daniel! Kidnapping me in the middle of my shift. Now, this is...unexpected.

Daniel: Well, we both had a killer morning, and I think we deserve a break.

Lexie: Well, thanks to you helping out, I'm keeping my head above water.

Daniel: Well, it's not your fault half your staff is out with the stomach flu.

Lexie: Well, still, I felt bad asking you to work in the trauma center.

Daniel: Do you? You think I'm above all this because I'm some world-famous surgeon?

Lexie: [Chuckles] Well, doesn't exactly help my chances of having you stick around.

Daniel: You kidding me? I would do anything for you, which is why I bribed Nurse Maxine to go out and get us some breakfast. Voilà.

Lexie: Wow. Oh, my goodness. Wow. Oh, Daniel, this is so sweet. My goodness. You think of everything.

Daniel: Well, I try. The way you like it.

Lexie: Mmm. Perfect.

Daniel: Mm.

Lexie: So, um, you and I -- um, we've been having fun, haven't we?

Daniel: Yeah, I think so.

Lexie: Aha. And yet you still won't stick around. You know, I'm gonna hate it when you go, personally and professionally. Mmm. Mmm. Good.

Daniel: Can't have my chief of staff with cream cheese on her nose. Wouldn't want people to talk.

Lexie: [Chuckles] [Cellphone ringing] Ooh. Well... looks like our little respite is over.

Daniel: Until the next wave.

Lexie: Mmm. I'm looking forward to it.

Robbins: I can't believe how this all came together, Nick. Your theorem is incredible. Your prototype's gonna be a huge success.

Nick: I just hope that the end result lives up to what's on the page.

Robbins: What, are you kidding me? Your formula is light-years ahead of its time. Nick, you're a brilliant young man.

Chelsea: Hey.

Morgan: Hey, you. So, did you get your grades back yet?

Chelsea: Nope. I'm looking at some incomplete courses.

Morgan: 'Cause of the surgery?

Chelsea: Well, that and I had to go back into the hospital for the infection, so...

Morgan: That stinks.

Chelsea: Tell me about it. How'd you make out?

Morgan: I actually did okay. And, I mean, why wouldn't I? I mean, I didn't have anything distracting me, like... a boyfriend.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. About the boyfriend, not the grades.

Stephanie: Good news. I aced my internship with Anna. I just got my grades in the mail.

Morgan: That's awesome. I actually aced my internship with Tony, too.

Stephanie: Congratulations. Best part about it is we don't have to deal with those cameras, right?

Morgan: Actually, I kind of liked them. Made me feel important.

Stephanie: Probably a little too important.

Morgan: All right, kids, I got to run, but I will see you later, okay?

Chelsea: Bye.

Stephanie: How are you doing?

Chelsea: I'm good.

Stephanie: I was hoping to catch Max here -- see if he wanted to go out and celebrate my "A." Pete, have you heard from Max?

Pete: Yeah, he should be in any second. He has the next shift, so...

Stephanie: Got it. Looks like we're not going out.

Chelsea: Want some? It's really good. Speak of the devil.

Max: Hey, ladies.

Stephanie: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi, Max.

Max: Hey.

Stephanie: Are you okay?

Nicole: Oh, damn it, John. I lost you.

Chloe: Ugh. What are the odds?

Nicole: You following me?

Chloe: I go out of my way to avoid you.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. You haven't seen your former father-in-law, by any chance, have you?

Chloe: No, I'm looking for Philip.

Nicole: Hmm. Well, wherever John and Philip are, I can guarantee they're not together, especially after everything that's happened down here.

Chloe: You're probably right. So, I don't see any need to keep speaking to you.

Nicole: Uh, hold on, there, sugar cakes. I think it's about time you and I had a little chat.

Philip: John.

Henderson: I'm sorry, sir. I told him you were not receiving visitors, but he --

John: But I wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

Philip: It's okay, Henderson. You can go. Well, I knew we were going to meet, but not here.

John: Oh, I thought I'd save you the trouble and come right to the source of all of mine.

Philip: I didn't even realize you were out of jail until today, John.

John: Well, I wouldn't be in there if you hadn't framed me with all that coke. And judging by the amount the authorities found, it probably set you back a pretty penny.

Philip: I don't know what you're talking about.

John: Come on, Philip. It's just me and you now -- no cops around -- so let's not pretend we don't know what we're talking about here. You set me up. And now you have to pay.

Sami: E.J., Lucas.

Lucas: You should stay out of this.

E.J.: Should I? I don't want some felon looking after my children.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: Your children? One of those twins is mine.

E.J.: She's my stepdaughter, Lucas.

Lucas: Don't remind me.

Sami: Okay, you guys, stop it. We're not doing this right now. Look, I don't have a problem with Lucas watching the twins, E.J., but if you do, I understand that, and I will take Johnny with me. Lucas, if you could watch Allie, that would be great.

Lucas: Okay.

Sami: Unless you want to stay and watch Johnny yourself.

E.J.: No, I have to go down to the courthouse this morning.

Sami: Okay. Well, then, I'll take Johnny with me.

Abe: Hey, Daniel. Hi.

Daniel: Abe, how are you?

Abe: I'm fine. I'm fine. I see Lexie's got you working trauma.

Daniel: Yeah, just trying to help out. A little short-staffed today.

Abe: I got it. Yeah. Well, can you tell me where I can find Lexie?

Daniel: She's, um -- she's, uh, in a meeting right now. Yeah, and I'm not sure when she's gonna be out. Probably soon. You know, I've worked for a lot of chiefs of staffs in my day, and Lexie -- she's a very special boss. She's really dedicated to her staff and to her patients.

Abe: Well, she's very passionate about her work.

Daniel: I don't know how she juggles it all.

Abe: Well, we're trying to work on that.

Daniel: I would imagine that you're pretty busy yourself, huh?

Abe: I am. But I always try to make time for my wife.

Lexie: Oh, Abe! This is a surprise.

Abe: I was hoping I could buy you a cup of coffee.

Lexie: Oh, sorry. Daniel already beat you...to it.

Daniel: Excuse me. I, um -- I got to go check on a patient.

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: You know, that's okay. Why don't we grab an early lunch on our way to Theo's school?

Lexie: Uh...yeah. Yeah, that's -- yeah, that's doable, yeah.

Abe: You know, Lex, I don't know what Theo's teacher wants to talk to us about.

Lexie: He's still not getting along with the other kids, Abe.

Abe: I know Theo. He may be having some issues right now, but it'll work itself out.

Lexie: [Sighs] You know, I-I've got to go.

Abe: Well, are we on or not?

Lexie: Yeah, I'll -- I'll try to meet you for lunch.

Stephanie: Earth to Max.

Max: Sorry. [Clears throat]

Stephanie: Well, I have some good news.

Max: Really? What?

Stephanie: I got an "A" on my internship with Anna.

Max: That's great. That's great.

Pete: All right, Max, I'm done for the day.

Max: Dude, I need you to take my shift, okay?

Pete: What? No way, dude.

Max: I'll pay you double, all right? Just you need to do this for me.

Pete: Max, I'm sorry, man. I've been here since morning.

Max: Pete, I'm asking you for a favor here, all right?!

Philip: So... you think I set you up. You got a lot of nerve.

John: No, kid. Unfortunately, you're the one with the nerve.

Philip: I didn't do a thing.

John: That was a lot of coke, Philip. Sooner or later, somebody in your organization is gonna talk, and when they do, I'm gonna be right there.

Philip: Talk to whomever you'd like.

John: I will. And I think you should have anticipated that.

Chloe: What do you want, Nicole?

Nicole: I want to know what your intentions are towards Philip.

Chloe: Frankly, that's none of your business.

Nicole: Well, after everything that's happened with Brady, I can't help but feel a little protective towards my stepson.

Chloe: Do you really expect me to believe that you take this whole step-mom thing seriously?

Nicole: I care about Philip.

Chloe: Well, then, why are you looking for John? If you really cared about Philip, then you wouldn't have anything to do with John Black.

Nicole: Now, that's none of your business.

Chloe: Are you working with John in the shipping war against Philip?

Nicole: [Sarcastically] Yeah, that's what I'm doing. No, of course not. And as far as I'm concerned, all their ships can sink, as long as it doesn't affect my divorce settlement.

Chloe: And yet you claim to care about Philip.

Nicole: I do. And I'm watching you. I am not gonna let you hurt Philip the way you destroyed Brady.

Morgan: Daddy, I've been looking for you.

Paul: Morgan, you shouldn't be down here.

Lucas: All right. [Allie crying] I know. I know. You want your doll. I know. We'll find it. Don't worry about it. We will definitely find your little doll. Honey, maybe mommy knows, okay? I'll call mommy. She'll tell us where that cute little doll is. [Cellphone ringing]

Sami: Hi.

Lucas: Hey, uh, sorry to bother you.

Sami: Is something wrong with Allie?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, she's fine. She really wants her doll, though. Do you have it?

Sami: Uh, no. No, I don't have it here. Um, did you check the toy bin?

Lucas: Yeah, I did.

Sami: And it's not there?

Lucas: No.

Sami: Well, I think you should check the nursery. It's probably up there, then.

Lucas: All right. Uh, bye.

Sami: Well, how about that, Johnny?

E.J.: Hey, if it isn't my favorite lady.

Sami: Oh, uh, hi.

E.J.: Hi, my favorite boy. So nice to see the two of you here.

Sami: Um, hi. E.J., I thought you said you had to be at the courthouse this morning.

E.J.: Oh, I did. I dropped off some papers. Got a little bit of time before my next appointment, so I thought I'd grab coffee. So lovely to see the two of you.

Sami: You mean without Lucas?

E.J.: That's exactly what I mean, yeah. Sorry. He, uh, rather brings out the worst in me.

Sami: And you in him.

E.J.: Yeah, well, it's not entirely intentional.

Sami: It's probably just better -- once we get the divorce -- better for everyone.

E.J.: Ouch. Okay.

Sami: Well, I -- oh, you have an appointment?

E.J.: Yes, I do, so I should be going.

Sami: Well, is it with Nicole?

E.J.: No. Actually, I have a lot of clients now.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I know you do, E.J., and, um... let me just say that I know how hard you work for the twins, and I do appreciate that. It means a lot to me.

E.J.: Well, I'm sure I don't need to say this, but whatever this ridiculous situation between you and Lucas and myself, you know that I will always make sure that Johnny and Allie are completely provided for.

Stephanie: Is everything okay?

Max: Yeah, I'm fine. I just can't work right now, that's all. In fact, I got to go.

Stephanie: Where are you going?

Max: I don't know. Just away from here.

Pete: Max, what am I supposed to do?

Max: Cover for me. I'll make it up to you.

Nick: What was that all about?

Chelsea: I have no idea.

Robbins: Everything all right with your friend?

Nick: Uh, I'm not sure.

Chelsea: What's going on, Nick? Did something happen between you guys?

Lucas: There you go. [Allie crying] I looked all over this mausoleum for that doll, little one. I can't find it. Maybe Rolf did something with that thing. I know, I know. I'm working on it. Wait a minute. There's one more place I haven't checked yet, and I think it's there. I'll be right back, okay? [Cellphone ringing] No, we don't need the newspaper here. We don't want the Salem Chronicle. Thank you. Honey, I'll be right there! Stay there! Daddy will be right back! [ Allie crying]

Lucas: Found it, little one. I found your -- Allie? Allie! Allie!

E.J.: Samantha, are you sure I can't get you a coffee or a tea or something?

Sami: Uh, no. No, thanks. I'm okay. You know, you don't have to wait with us.

E.J.: It's fine. I actually have a little bit of time, so...

Sami: You're so silly. You're so funny. I know. The dog just kills him.

E.J.: How's my big man, eh? How are you? You look good. This is nice, isn't it?

Sami: What?

E.J.: You know... Johnny, you, me.

Daniel: Hey, I'll have a large soy latte, please.

Waitress: Coming right up.

Daniel: All right, thanks. Ugh. Chelsea, hey, it's Daniel. Oh, I'm at the Java Café©. Yeah. Um... I need to see you.

Philip: You're not gonna find anything to tie me to that cocaine, John.

John: No? The way I see it, it's actually pretty simple. You paid a lot for that coke, but I will pay twice as much to clear my name, and I'm betting that your dealer will turn on you in a second if the price is right.

Philip: You're fishing, John, and you're gonna come up empty. I had nothing to do with those drugs.

John: You're lying.

Philip: Prove it.

John: I will. You know, in a way, I'm kind of sad that you're running things now. From what I hear, your old man was a formidable opponent. But you -- you're still wet behind the ears.

Philip: I'd move fast if I were you, because with the evidence the police have, you'll be back in jail before you know it.

John: I don't think so.

Philip: You really do hate to be...in small spaces, don't you? Remind you of the day Stefano and Rolf wrung out your mind like a wet sponge?

John: Somewhat. That's why I'm not going back.

Philip: We'll see.

John: You made a stupid move planting that coke on me.

Philip: And you made a bad move starting this turf war.

John: Mm. Thanks for admitting you planted the coke.

[Knock on door]

John: Tell me, Philip... do you sleep with your eyes open?

Chloe: What happened?

Paul: Morgan, I want you to leave. This pier is no place for you.

Morgan: Why? I come here to visit you all the time.

Paul: That was before it got dangerous.

Morgan: What are you talking about? Does this have something to do with John Black and that drug bust?

Paul: Yeah, that's part of it. Look, the bottom line is this pier is no place for my daughter, all right?

Stephanie: I'm the one who mailed in Nick's papers, and I saw you working on them all night long. This has got to stop.

Max: Okay, fine. So stop already. What do you want from me?

Stephanie: The truth.

Max: I told you the truth.

Stephanie: No, you didn't. Max, if we don't have honesty and trust, then we don't have anything.

Max: Look, all right. You know what? Fine. I did the work, okay? I found Nick's mistakes, and I fixed them. Are you happy now?

Max: You want to know why I left Chez Rouge earlier?

Stephanie: Yes.

Max: 'Cause I was a mess, and Chez Rouge is a nice place.

Stephanie: So, you left because you were uncomfortable with what you were wearing?

Max: Yeah. And I was running late, so as soon as my shift was done at the pier, I went right down to Chez Rouge.

Stephanie: Is that the only reason?

Max: I had to get to work, too.

Stephanie: Are you sure you didn't leave because you were angry?

Max: Why would I be angry?

Stephanie: Because the dean had some really nice things to say about Nick's work.

Max: Yeah, so?

Stephanie: So, Nick probably wouldn't have gotten the approval to build his prototype if it hadn't been for you catching the mistakes in his proposal.

Max: I'm sure he would have.

Stephanie: Nick doesn't think so, and neither do I.

Max: Can we please drop this?

Stephanie: Are you sure you didn't leave because you were jealous of Nick?

Max: Yes. Now, can we please change the subject?

Stephanie: No, Max, we can't.

Stephanie: Why do you close up on me every time I mention Nick's work?

Max: I don't.

Stephanie: Yes, you do. And not only that, you lied to me about how much you actually changed. Max, it's like you're hiding from me who you are, and I don't like it.

Max: Steph, you know who I am.

Stephanie: Now I do. Why didn't you tell me you were some kind of mathematical genius?

Man: Brady, thought you, uh -- thought you had the late shift, you working your cushy job over at the family pub.

Max: Yeah, well, I thought I'd come in for the earlier shift.

Man: Okay, well, get your butt to work, then.

Max: You know what? I'm gonna be so glad when my community service is over because I won't have to take another order from a jerk like you.

Man: Oh, is that so?

Max: Yeah.

Man: Well, I'm sick and tired of the courts assigning me worthless pieces of garbage who hide behind their family wealth. You know what? People like you, you got no -- no idea what it's like to work.

Max: My family is not rich. You don't know anything about me. You got that?

Man: Your name may be Brady, but until you're released from your community service, I own you, punk.

Max: Come on!

Morgan: Max, what are you doing?!

Man: Well, you -- you shouldn't have done that.

Max: Oh, bring it on.

Man: Yeah, you want it?

Stephanie: Max, what the hell are you doing?

Nick: What's going on?

Max: That guy's being a total jerk.

Man: I'm gonna turn you into your case worker.

Max: Go ahead. Go ahead. See if I care.

Man: You're done, boy -- done.

Stephanie: Let me get you --

Max: I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Nick: Max, what the hell is wrong with you?

Sami: Ooh. Ooh. Wipes.

E.J.: Wipes?

Sami: Cloth.

E.J.: Cloth.

Sami: Thank you. Okay. Um, do you have a new shirt in there somewhere?

E.J.: I do have a new shirt right here. New shirt. Old shirt. Thank you.

Sami: All right, come here, sweetheart. Yeah, let's get your shirt back on you and your bib, and you are good to go! Look at that.

E.J.: The bib is right there.

Sami: Thank you very much.

E.J.: There we go. See? We're a good team, you and I.

Sami: Um, yeah. Aren't we? You know, thank you so much for helping me with this, but, you know, my Dad's coming in a second, so I guess you really don't have to stay.

E.J.: I really do have to get going. Here, let me help you up.

Sami: Oh, thank -- thank you.

E.J.: I'll, uh -- I'll see you later.

Sami: Yeah. Okay, bye.

E.J.: Have a nice day.

Sami: You too.

Roman: Hey, Sami.

Sami: Oh, Dad.

Roman: Hey, big guy. What's up?

Sami: Hi.

Roman: You have a little quizzical look on your face there. What's going on? You want to talk about it?

Nicole: Well, well, well. It's my lucky day, isn't it? Two Brady's for the price of a, hmm, measly double shot Americano.

Sami: Just beat it, Nicole.

Nicole: Wow, the same old rude Sami -- and in front of your delightful dad, too.

Roman: You know what, Nicole? We were looking to spend a little time together, if you don't mind.

Nicole: Oh, that's great, but I just got here, and I have some news for you.

Sami: Really? Spit it out.

Nicole: Well, it looks like your marriage to E.J. isn't exactly what you think it is.

Sami: [Scoffs] What does that even mean?

Daniel: Well, thanks. Thanks for coming. Please. Can I get you a coffee, something to eat?

Chelsea: I'm good.

Daniel: Good.

Chelsea: So, you called me.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chelsea: What's up?

Daniel: Uh, it's time. It's time I was finally honest with you.

Lucas: Honey, I'll be right back. You're in your playpen. You love your -- that's your toy. Just play with it. I'll be right there. Gentlemen, I know why you're here, but it was an emergency. I had to leave the perimeter to get my daughter.

Officer: Tell it to the judge.

Lucas: You got to be kidding me.

Officer: Lucas Horton, you're under arrest for breaking the conditions of your house arrest. You'll have to come with us.

Lucas: No way.

Officer: It's not up for discussion.

Lucas: I'm not leaving my daughter.

Officer: We have no intention of leaving her. When a situation like this occurs, we're required to call child services. Where is she?

Lucas: She's in the living room in her playpen.

Officer: I'll get her.

Lucas: Don't get her, man. She's all I got. Don't do this to me.

Officer: I'm afraid we don't have a choice. Lucas Horton, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Lucas: I don't care what you do to me. I'm worried about my daughter. Can you understand that? She's just a baby. She's gonna get really scared if I'm not around.

Officer: It's procedure, Mr. Horton. Social workers deal with this kind of thing all the time, all right? Your daughter's safe and being taken care of.

Lucas: That's not the point. None of this is her fault, damn it.

Officer: No, sir, it's yours.

Lucas: Look, I had no choice, all right? She crawled out the door. What was I supposed to do? What would you guys do?

Officer: Hey, buddy, I empathize, okay? But you broke the conditions of your house arrest. We're required to bring you in.

Lucas: Fine. I know my rights. I want my call.

Lexie: Sorry I'm late.

Abe: That's all right. I went ahead and ordered sandwiches.

Lexie: Oh, thanks, but I'm not hungry. I'm so worried about our little boy.

Abe: Well, you know, it's probably nothing serious. I mean, he has some problems. It happens.

Lexie: Easier said when it's someone else's child, but this is Theo we're talking about. Honey, our child is having problems at school, and you don't seem to be concerned.

Abe: It's not true.

Lexie: You don't seem worried.

Abe: Mm. I am.

Lexie: Well, could have fooled me.

Abe: Lexie, I'm sorry if I don't look or act concerned. I just don't want to over-analyze this thing until we've had a chance to talk to his teacher.

Lexie: [Sighs] All right. Fair enough.

Nick: Max, you freaked out at the bartender, and you got into a fistfight with a guy three times your size. What's wrong with you?

Max: Yeah, well, the jerk deserved it.

Stephanie: Because he mouthed off at you? Max, that's not like you.

Max: Yeah, well, maybe I've changed.

Nick: Dude. If this is about the prototype and the changes you made to the proposal, I have tried to give you credit, and you won't take it.

Max: It's not about that.

Nick: Then what is it about?

Max: This doesn't concern you, Nick, all right? You know what? The show's over. You can all go back to doing what you were doing.

Stephanie: Max, can we just have a minute to --

Max: No. I'm going to work. I'll call you later.

Stephanie: This is -- this is not Max.

Morgan: I know. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him pummeling that guy.

Stephanie: I wish there was something I could do to help him, but every time I try, he pushes me away.

John: Hello, Max. I'm here to check on a shipment.

Max: As far as I know, John, you don't have a shipment coming in today.

John: You're right. I don't. But Kiriakis does. And you're gonna tell me all about it.

Philip: Now, I can't believe that guy. He thinks he can waltz back from the dead and take over my business?!

Chloe: Just let it go. We both know that John is crazy.

Philip: I can't. He's out to destroy me.

Chloe: But you won't let him.

Philip: You really do believe in me, don't you?

Chloe: You know I do.

Philip: Thanks.

Chloe: Hey, you know what? You have been so supportive of me. You stood up for me when no one else would.

[Footsteps approaching]

Philip: Dad. I didn't know you were gonna be home today.

Victor: Obviously.

Philip: Did you see Brady?

Victor: I did. And I want this witch out of my house.

Philip: This is my house, too, Dad, and I say she can stay.

Victor: Overruled. I want her out now.

Daniel: Chelsea, there's some things -- you sure you don't want any coffee?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm good.

Daniel: Okay. Uh, well, there's things that I've kept from you.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, like what?

Daniel: There, um -- well, the truth is, there's a woman... here in Salem... and we've, uh...

[Sighs] We've kind of been hooking up.

Sami: Actually, Nicole, I'm not really interested in your opinions on my soon-to-be-former marriage.

Nicole: Well, you will be when I tell you what I know.

Roman: Nicole, like I said, we'd like to spend a little time together, so whatever the hell you got to say, say it.

Sami: Yes, and then be on your way. So, we're just dying to hear your big revelation. [Cellphone ringing] Excuse me.

Lucas: Hey, Sami.

Sami: Lucas, is something wrong with Allie?

Lucas: No, she's fine.

Sami: Did you have trouble finding her dolly?

Lucas: No, we found the dolly.

Sami: Okay. Well, then, why are you calling?

Lucas: I'm calling because I'm in jail again. [Door closes]

Morgan: What happened to you, Daddy? You disappeared.

Paul: I'm sorry about that, honey. I didn't mean to cut out on you, but I couldn't get in the middle of that mess. I saw your friends were there, and I figured you'd be okay.

Morgan: Daddy, you're worrying me. What is going on, and how the hell are you involved?

E.J.: Thank you for meeting me, Mr. Burke.

Leonard: Mr. DiMera, I don't like meeting like this out in the open.

E.J.: Well, let's be quick about it, shall we?

Philip: You can't just throw her out.

Chloe: Maybe it's easier if I go.

Philip: You had no right to do that.

Victor: The hell I didn't. I put up with that girl from the day you fell in love with her in high school until she nearly killed Brady. No more.

Philip: How's Brady doing?

Victor: He's still got a long recovery ahead of him, and that's all because of Chloe.

Philip: I didn't realize --

Victor: She was the cause of his downfall. I won't have her be the cause of yours, as well.

Philip: Look, this isn't over, but there are more important things we need to talk about. I need to tell you what's going on with John.

Victor: Don't worry about John. Now that I'm back, I'll take care of that, as well.

Max: Look, John, I don't know anything about a Kiriakis shipment today, whether it's coming or going.

John: Is that so?

Max: Yeah. And I just work here. And I'm gonna tell you the exact same thing that I told Philip and Victor. I'm not getting caught in any turf war between your two families.

John: You don't have any choice. You were here. You've got eyes, you've got ears, so you're gonna tell me what you saw and what you heard, or you've got a problem.

Max: You want to take me on? Do you want to take me on?! Come on!

John: Okay.

Max: Come on.

Sami: Lucas, Lucas, what the hell happened? How could you be so irresponsible?

Lucas: I wasn't. I just put her down for a second.

Sami: And, what, she just crawled away all on her own? Is that possible?

Lucas: You know how quick she is. Roman, the only reason I went beyond the perimeter was to get Allie. That's it.

Roman: You know what, Lucas? I understand that, and I sympathize with you, but, damn it, this is the second time you've broken house arrest.

Sami: Listen to me. I don't care about the stupid house arrest. I want my daughter. Where is she?

Roman: Sami, calm down. She's right here.

Sami: Oh! Oh, sweet Allie. Hi, honey. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you. Oh, little bunny, you seem okay, don't you? Oh, sweetheart.

Chelsea: No, Daniel. I don't believe you.

Daniel: You don't?

Chelsea: No. I think that you've made up this fictitious woman so that I will forget about you.

Daniel: Not true.

Chelsea: It's not? First our age difference is a problem and then you feel guilty about your wife's death and now this.

Daniel: All true.

Chelsea: Do you love her?

Daniel: Not that kind of thing, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Then what kind of thing is it, Daniel?

Daniel: Let's just say, um -- whew, what should I say? She's not available to me.

Chelsea: So, she's married.

Daniel: I'm not discussing this with you. I just felt that I should tell you because it seems sneaky and weird not to tell you. You know?

Chelsea: I know.

Daniel: No, you don't. You know what? Cool. Cool. Well, I'll see you around.

Chelsea: Thanks. Yeah. Bye.

Daniel: Bye.

E.J.: I certainly appreciate everything you're doing for my family.

Leonard: Don't mention it.

E.J.: And remember, discretion is required.

Leonard: Like I'm gonna tell anyone.

Nick: [Exhales sharply] I just left a message for the dean.

Stephanie: I'm sure he'll understand you had to leave.

Nick: I sure wish I could figure out what's going on with Max.

Stephanie: Me too.

Nick: It's like -- he said it had nothing to do with my papers, but I don't know.

Stephanie: Something's eating at him, Nick.

Nick: Well, the poor guy barely has any downtime. Between managing this place and checking in at the Cheatin' Heart for Adrienne and working his job down at the docks, it's no surprise that he's stressed out.

Stephanie: I hope that's it, but I'm afraid it's something more.

Nick: Yeah, well, um, I got to get to class. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

Stephanie: I will. Thanks.

Morgan: Daddy, if something's going on, you need to tell me.

Paul: Nothing is going on, Morgan -- nothing. The only reason I want you to stay away from the docks is -- honey, I just want you to be safe, okay?

Philip: Are you gonna tell me what you're talking about? What do you mean, you'll take care of John?

Victor: I mean exactly that.

Philip: I thought I was handling the shipping business.

Victor: And now I'm relieving you of that duty.

Philip: Dad, that's not --

Victor: Philip, the first rule of business is don't get your hands dirty, and, you, son, did exactly that. You're through.

Max: Come on! You want to take me on?! Come on! Show me what you got. Let's do this. Come on.

E.J.: Samantha, would you please make sure that he's not left alone with the children?

Ava: You all right?

John: Yeah. Go away.

Ava: No, I can't, 'cause I know what you're going through.

Victor: Do you really think that she'll stay with you after she finds out you spent a half a million dollars on the drugs that you planted on John's ship?

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