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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/2/08 - Canada; Tuesday 6/3/08 - U.S.A.

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Lucas: Uncle Mickey, listen, this is Lucas. Uh, I know you're a very busy man. I know you're in court all morning, but you got to call me back as soon as you can. I can't stay here anymore. I got to go.

Sami: Good morning.

Lucas: Is it?

Sami: Okay, maybe not. I heard your message to Mickey. I really wish you'd reconsider.

Lucas: No. If there's a chance I could move my house arrest to someplace else, I will. I'm going stir crazy here.

Sami: We were somewhere smaller. I mean, at least this place has tons of rooms for you to move around in.

Lucas: So I'm supposed to treat this like a vacation? Is that it?

Sami: Well, there is an indoor pool and a home-theater system. Lucas, it is pretty cool. There's lots of things you can take advantage of here.

Lucas: Easier said than done.

Sami: It'd be easier if we got back together.

Lucas: How are we gonna get back together, Sami?

Sami: My marriage to E.J. is annulled. There's nothing keeping us apart.

Lucas: Except for the fact that you went to bed with him. We can't be together after that. There's no way.

Sami: Wait a second. Lucas, wait. Okay, all right? I made a mistake. You are gonna have to forgive me for it.

Bo: So, if we follow the guidelines set up by the Salem Green Committee, we'll make the conversion to a green establishment in no time.

Max: I gave a tour to one of the SGC Associates this morning. They were impressed by our progress.

Bo: As they should be.

Chelsea: All this stuff on this list is stuff you guys are already doing at your house.

Bo: Yeah, we're a bit ahead of the curve.

Hope: Most people don't know it, but I'm married to the Jolly Green Giant.

Max: [Laughs]

Bo: I think that's a compliment.

Hope: It's most definitely a compliment. Wait, it gets better. You're a lot better-looking than he.

Bo: Oh, well.

Hope: By the way, my point being -- anyway, I just want to say that we have saved so much money already by switching -- why are you laughing? He's much more handsome than the Jolly Green Giant. We have saved a lot of money by switching to green power. In fact...

Bo: Go ahead.

Hope: ...We're selling back electricity to the city.

Max: Maggie's doing that at Chez Rouge.

Chelsea: And so will Grandma soon.

Max: This is cool.

Bo: Yeah, and it's important because we're about 50 years behind dealing with global-warming issues. But the good news is that people, they see a problem, they band together and they make a difference.

Max: Right.

Bo: Second World War's an excellent example. Everybody was growing victory gardens, which would be a great thing to do now. We started one.

Hope: We're starting one.

Bo: There was recycling and rationing. People see a problem, they make a difference. We just got to start.

Max: Hmm.

E.J.: Hey. After you.

Caroline: Good morning, E.J.

E.J.: Oh, my God. Is it really?

Caroline: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Well, I think I know the feeling. A tad too much to drink?

E.J.: A little. Just a little. You can tell, eh?

Caroline: Well [Laughs] Well, how about some black coffee?

E.J.: Oh, my dear, that would be absolutely marvelous. Thank you.

Nicole: And my special honey-banana smoothy.

Caroline: Oh?

E.J.: That sounds vile. [Laughter]

Nicole: Well, it's not for me. It's for you. I already had mine after Pilates. And it is guaranteed to get rid of that nasty, nasty hangover, I promise.

E.J.: Well, honestly, I think just about anything is gonna be better than this, so I will have one. Thank you.

Caroline: I'm gonna have to ask you to make that, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, sure. Anything for my attorney. Oh, and I'll have an iced mocha with a double shot and a hint of half and half.

Caroline: Oh, well, whatever. Yes.

E.J.: I didn't realize you two were getting along.

Nicole: We don't. She's just happy that I'm divorcing her old lover.

E.J.: Oh.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: You, uh...handy with the blender, are you? Oh, of course, I forgot. You make all those frozen margaritas and daiquiris.

Nicole: Well, yeah, that, and don't faint, but I used to work at the Java Café©.

E.J.: [Laughs] You're kidding.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Ooh, yeah. You know what? Even a gold digger like me has to start somewhere.

E.J.: Wow, you must have hated that. [Laughs] Oh. Ow, ow.

Nicole: I did, mostly. But, you know, it was pretty fun. You know, uh, speaking of which, you were pretty fun last night.

E.J.: Yeah? Was I?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: Oh, my God. I hope I didn't do something to embarrass myself. [Laughs ]

Nicole: Don't worry, E.J. Your secrets are safe with me.

[Blender whirring]

E.J.: Oh, ow.

Lucas: Now you're ordering me to forgive you for sleeping with E.J.? That's rich, Sami.

Sami: I'm asking for your forgiveness.

Lucas: That's interesting. You know, that's never happened.

Sami: Ha ha, this isn't funny. Look, I have apologized. I've explained. I've done everything, okay? You told me to move on with my life, and that's what I did.

Lucas: Why E.J.? How could you move on with your life with E.J. after everything he did to you? How could you even stomach being around the guy?

Sami: He's changed.

Lucas: I don't believe that. I'm not buying it for a second.

Sami: Well, you have to give it -- John. Oh, hey, John.

John: What is it?

Sami: I noticed that my Mom's portrait was replaced.

John: That's very observant of you.

Sami: I meant why.

John: Do you want something?

Sami: I spoke to my Mom.

John: And?

Sami: I know the reason she left.

Philip: Yvonne. Welcome to Salem.

Yvonne: It's been a while, Philip.

Philip: How was your flight?

Yvonne: Comfortable. Thanks for sending the Titan jet.

Philip: Oh, my pleasure.

Yvonne: I have to admit, I was surprised to get your call. Last time I heard, you were in the Marines.

Philip: Yeah, but I got out and decided to follow in my Father's footsteps. Looks like life in the Pacific Rim agrees with you.

Yvonne: If that's your way of saying I look good, thank you. So, let's cut the small talk, shall we? I know you didn't fly me halfway around the world for breakfast.

Philip: [Chuckles] Well...

Steve: He's pretty cute, huh?

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Steve: Good thing he looks like your mama. [Laughter]

Stephanie: Hi, Joey. I'm Stephanie.

Steve: Yeah, that's Stephanie. You got to watch out for this one, kid. She's trouble.

Stephanie: Don't pay any attention to him. We're gonna get along just great. And since I'm your big sister and all, I'm gonna give you a lot of tips on how to work these guys. You ever want to go out past curfew or get a tattoo, come to me.

Steve: Okay, okay. That's enough. Let me tell you something, little dude -- I'm just glad to have another man around the house. Being surrounded by all this estrogen, that's tough.

Stephanie: You poor thing.

Kayla: Can I touch him?

Nurse: Of course.

Kayla: Oh, hey. Hey, little guy. It's your mommy. You gave us all a big scare. You know that? You got to get better. You think you can do that? There are lots of people praying for you... especially your pop and your sister...and me. We just love you. [Sniffles] And we want you to be able to come home with us.

Steve: He's gonna come home. Aren't you, Joe? Tell your mama. He's coming home.

Stephanie: Did you get any sleep?

Kayla: No, not really. I didn't sleep very well.

Stephanie: Why didn't you wake me up to keep you company?

Kayla: You are such a sweetie pie. Your father had that unfortunate job.

Stephanie: Where is he?

Kayla: He went to get some breakfast. Neither one of us felt like cooking.

Stephanie: So, did you hear anything from the hospital?

Kayla: No, um, actually, the nurses are changing shifts. They said they'd call me, you know, in a few minutes.

Stephanie: Everything's gonna be okay.

Kayla: I hope you're right.

[Door opens]

Steve: Whoo. Breakfast is here.

Stephanie: Thank goodness. I am starving.

Steve: Any word?

Kayla: No. No, not yet.

Stephanie: Let me put this on plates for us.

Steve: Thanks, baby girl. How you doing, Sweetness?

Kayla: I'm fine. [Cellphone rings] Oh.

Steve: Hello? This is Steve Johnson. Okay.

Kayla: What? What?

Steve: All right, we'll be there. Thanks.

Kayla: What, Steve? What? Come on, come on. What did they say?

Steve: I'm afraid our baby boy has taken a turn for the worse.

Caroline: Ah, cool.

Bo: Oh, great. Yeah, right into the kitchen. Thanks. Oven filters.

Caroline: So, Bo, now that we're making all these improvements, is the Brady Pub gonna be automatically declared green?

Bo: No, not automatically. There are other guidelines that we have to follow.

Caroline: Oh, well, help me out. What do we need to do?

Bo: Well, the more energy-efficient appliances and heating and air-conditioning -- that's a great start, but, uh, we'll have to continue to follow all these items here.

Caroline: Oh, okay. Recycling, composting, sustainable food, chlorine-free paper products. We're already doing a lot of this.

Hope: Max will help with the rest here. Won't you, Max?

Max: Of course, yeah. I'm your green go-to guy.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Not so fast, you guys. I think we have a problem.

Caroline: Oh, no.

E.J.: [Chuckles]

Nicole: So? How was it?

E.J.: Not bad. Actually, I take that back. It was quite good. Thank you.

Nicole: And the ginseng will help your embattled brain cells.

E.J.: Good, 'cause it's a little blurry up here at the moment.

Nicole: You think?

E.J.: Yeah. You're sure I did not do or say anything at all last night, right?

John: So, what did your mother say?

Sami: She had to leave Salem because Eric -- my twin brother, your stepson -- he was in a car accident.

John: I see.

Lucas: Hey, is he okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, he's gonna be fine. I talked to him, and he made me promise not to come out there myself, but, of course, Mom didn't listen. She wanted to go.

Lucas: Wasn't hurt bad, was he?

Sami: Yeah, he had some cracked ribs and a sprained ankle, but he said he's gonna be walking soon and he's gonna be fine.

Lucas: Good, thank God.

John: I'm sorry about your brother. But I still think Blondie's using that as an excuse just to...get away from me because I'm under suspicion for drug trafficking.

Sami: She's not, John. She just wanted to be with her son.

John: Whatever. It's unfortunate. I was finally beginning to think she was behind me. But I guess I was wrong.

Sami: John. John, please, you can't jump to conclusions like this. Come on, John. Y-- great. I really hope he doesn't go out and do something stupid.

Lucas: Like what?

Sami: I don't know. But look at him. He's not himself.

Lucas: That's the understatement of the year. I mean, I know you developed a bond with John recently, but guy's acting kind of nuts. Don't you think?

Sami: Whether he knows it or not, he is in love with my Mother. And if he thinks he's lost her, there is no telling what he'll do.

Lucas: I'm impressed to see how much you care.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. I am not the heartless bitch you think I am.

Kate: I beg to differ.

Chloe: Philip. Excuse me. Good morning.

Philip: Good morning, Chloe. Chloe Black, Yvonne Li. She's a consultant with the Hong Kong Division of Titan.

Yvonne: My pleasure.

Chloe: Likewise.

Philip: So, what are you doing here? I'd invite you to join us, but --

Chloe: Oh, no. I didn't mean to interrupt. I just came by to say hi. I have a breakfast engagement of my own. And he's here. Philip, I will speak to you later. And it was very nice meeting you, Ms. Li.

Arthur: Hey, what's up? How are you?

Chloe: Good.

Arthur: Good.

Philip: Hmm.

Bo: So, what's wrong, kid?

Chelsea: Well, the new energy-efficient cooler is just a bit too small to hold everything.

Caroline: Oh.

Chelsea: Now, I got most of everything in there, but there wasn't any room for that.

Caroline: Oh. Oh.

Chelsea: The stubborn thing wouldn't really fit on the shelf, and, per code, we can't keep it on the floor.

Bo: Yeah, well, that belonged to your grandfather.

Caroline: [Chuckles] That was the last green beer that he made, you know? He was going to use it to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I forgot all about it, you know?

Chelsea: I didn't mean to upset you.

Caroline: Oh, that's all right, honey. I think it's a good sign.

Chelsea: Really?

Caroline: Yeah, because the Brady Pub's going green and we found grandpa's green beer.


Bo: You think it's Pop's way of showing us that he approves?

Hope: I'd buy it.

Max: Me too.

Caroline: Well, it's a bit early, but I think there's only one thing to do.

All: Tap it! [Laughter]

E.J.: Ow. Oh, my God. I'm so glad I did not put my foot in my mouth last night.

Nicole: Oh, you were a complete and perfect gentleman -- charming and agreeable.

E.J.: Well, listen, thank you very much, and thank you for that -- whatever that was you made. It was wonderful. I feel much better.

Nicole: Good. You're welcome. So, what are you doing today?

E.J.: I just got a couple of personal things to take care of.

Nicole: Oh, sounds mysterious. Care to share?

E.J.: No, I don't. I'll see you later, darling. Bye.

Nicole: Okay. Yeah, you'll be hearing from me, all right.

Bo: All right. Here's blending old traditions with new.

Hope: Yes.

Caroline: To a new era at the Brady Pub.

Bo: Yeah. [Cellphone rings]

Hope: That's odd. [Cellphone rings] It's Kayla. Excuse me. Hello, Kay?

Max: Steph?

Stephanie: Max, hey.

Max: What's wrong?

Stephanie: It's Joey.

Kayla: He's not doing very well.

Hope: Oh, my God, Kay. Bo and I are coming right now, okay?

Kayla: No, no. There's really not that much room. But you can do me a favor and just...ask Mom to pray for him. I'd really appreciate that.

Hope: We all will.

Kayla: Thanks. Well, I'll be in touch as soon as I know something.

Caroline: Hope, what's going on?

Hope: Joey's not doing so well.

Kate: Oh, my God. I am so glad you're back. I missed you so much.

Lucas: I missed you, too, but I'm --

Kate: Are you all right?

Lucas: I'm fine, yes.

Kate: I tried to stay away as long as I could. I mean, you didn't call me or anything, but I had to see you, baby.

Lucas: I'm sorry about that, okay?

Kate: I understand. I do. I mean, I'm not surprised since you wouldn't let me come visit you in prison.

Sami: Glad I'm not the only one.

Lucas: I told you both that I had my reasons.

Kate: Okay, yeah. I mean, I understand. I do. I know it must have been terrible for you.

Lucas: It wasn't fun. I'll tell you that much. Doesn't get any better here, though. It's not like I'm a free man. I'm under house arrest. Isn't that great? Got this new tracking hardware on my ankle. I got to stay here. This is my new home.

Kate: Yeah, well, the hell it is, because I'm gonna call Roman and I'm gonna get you moved somewhere appropriate.

Sami: Actually, Kate, he's going to stay here with me and our twins.

Kate: You know, Sami, the last time I checked, you were spoken for.

Sami: Well, check again. My marriage to E.J. has been annulled.

Chloe: So, what kind of condos did you find me?

Arthur: Well, I found some things in downtown Salem.

Philip: You're moving?

Chloe: Uh, Philip, this is Arthur Perkins, my real-estate agent.

Arthur: Hi.

Philip: Nice to meet you.

Arthur: Nice to meet you, too.

Philip: Could you excuse us for a minute?

Arthur: Yeah, sure.

Chloe: I'm sorry.

Philip: What are you doing? I thought you agreed to stay with me.

Chloe: As much as I'd like to, you know that's not possible.

Philip: Why not?

Chloe: Victor's due back from Europe and I'm not about to let him throw me out on my rear like he's gonna do with Nicole.

Philip: I'm not gonna let him do that to you, Chloe.

Chloe: Philip, as sweet as that is, my staying there only causes drama for you. It's not right. I need to find my own place.

Philip: I have to get back to my breakfast meeting. Don't do anything, okay? Just wait and we'll talk about it later.

Chloe: I'm sorry.

Arthur: No, no, no. No problem at all. I couldn't help but overhearing, but you just want to forget about this?

Chloe: Oh, absolutely not. Find me a place to live.

Arthur: All right, then. Um, as I was saying...downtown Salem is really nice right now.

Philip: Now that we've worked out the details, I need you to focus your brilliant mind on this.

Yvonne: A disk?

Philip: Not just any old disk. That one's encrypted and locked with technology I've never seen before. So far, no one's been able to open it.

Yvonne: Consider it done. I never met a code I couldn't crack.

Philip: Good. It's imperative I know what's on that disk A.S.A.P.

Nicole: Oh, you.

John: This is wonderful. Are you spying on me again?

Nicole: Oh, I believe I have better things to do with my time. See ya.

John: Before you go, I have a question.

Nicole: Oh, you need my help? This ought to be good.

John: Have you seen Philip lately?

Nicole: Actually, I have. He was in bed with your son Brady's ex-wife, Chloe.

John: That's interesting.

Nicole: Not really. Between you and me, it appeared to be by-the-book and downright boring.

John: [Chuckles]

Hope: Joey's condition has worsened. His lungs are filling with fluid.

Caroline: Oh, my God.

Max: Stephanie said they're doing everything they can, Ma.

Hope: I told Kayla that we'd come down there, but she said not to.

Max: Ma, Steph is a wreck. I was gonna go down and check on her. I'll call you if we find anything out.

Caroline: Oh, all right. I'll make some sandwiches for Steve and Kayla and Stephanie. And I'll ask Chelsea to run them down.

Max: Okay, sounds good.

Caroline: All right, sweetheart.

Max: See you guys later.

Hope: Bye.

Caroline: Chelsea, would you -- that's weird. She was here a minute ago.

Kate: Your marriage was annulled?

Sami: That's right.

Lucas: Mom, who are you calling?

Kate: Well, I'm calling Roman. I'm gonna see what he can do, and if he can't do anything, then I'm call my good friend --

Lucas: Please, do me a favor? I appreciate this, but I can handle things, honestly.

Kate: Lucas, please don't ask me to stand by idly while she goes after --

Lucas: Don't even start to refer to her like that. This is my family, and I still have hope for us.

Sami: Lucas, thank you.

Nurse: He had a -- a pretty good night.

Steve: So what happened?

Nurse: This morning, his heart rate slowed down and his blood pressure dropped. Combining this with the fluid in the lungs, it's creating complications.

Stephanie: Which you can fix it, right?

Nurse: I'm gonna be honest. There's not a whole lot we can do. We have to hope that he responds to the medications. Mr. Johnson, would you like to scrub in and join your wife?

Steve: Yeah.

Max: Is there any change?

Stephanie: I don't think he's gonna make it.

Kayla: Hi, Baby Joe. Don't worry. Mama's here now.

Kate: The thought of you moving out of one prison and into another with Sami as your cell mate is disturbing.

Lucas: Mom, please. Not another word.

Kate: I hate to see you make this mistake. You know who she is.

Lucas: I told you, don't start with that. I understand your concern, but right now, I've got to do what's best for my family.

Sami: Lucas, I love you so much, and I know we are gonna make this work.

E.J.: Afraid I don't think it is gonna work, Samantha.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Sami: What's going on?

E.J.: Well, for starters, we're still married.

Sami: Still married? Wait a second. I signed the annulment papers. I sent them in myself.

E.J.: Sure, he got them. He just decided not to approve it.

Sami: Why not?

E.J.: Because you and I have been intimate together.

Sami: What are you talking about? You told him about that?

Lucas: Did it deliberately to screw up the annulment.

E.J.: No, I did not. I'm not talking about what just happened.

Kate: Do you mean that the two of you --

Lucas: Mom, please?

Sami: What are you talking about?

E.J.: I'm talking about the fact that we share a child together, Samantha.

Sami: Oh. Oh, that.

E.J.: The judge is somewhat conservative. Anyway, he decided that that means we don't qualify for an annulment. That, the fact that we live together, and the fact that we just put on a big dog and pony show for the immigration office -- it means he decided not to approve it. So, technically, you are still my wife.

Sami: So the judge said the annulment is --

E.J.: Dead I believe were his exact words -- dead in the water.

Kate: Lucas, come on. Don't get involved with this again. Let me call Roman. I'll get you out of here.

Sami: No, you can't. I love him.

Kate: Well, apparently, you loved E.J. as well.

Sami: Oh, Kate, give me a break.

Lucas: You know what? That's enough. That's enough! I've had it, all of you!

John: [Chuckles]

Nicole: What, you think it's funny that Philip's sleeping with Brady's ex-wife?

John: No. I find it useful.

Nicole: Whatever. Freak.

John: Right here.

Bo: Okay. And, uh, eco-friendly cleaning products...

John: Can I get a coffee?

Caroline: Sure. Of course. There.

John: Whatever happened to service with a smile?

Hope: I didn't realize you had posted bail.

John: Are you surprised?

Hope: From what I hear, they have quite a case against you.

John: Those drugs were planted.

Hope: Do you have proof?

John: No. But I'll get it.

Hope: You're gonna need it.

John: Are you being a friend or a cop?

Hope: Both. I know you're not yourself, but the old John never would have done what you're accused of.

John: Neither did the new one.

Hope: Then prove it and I'll believe you.

John: I know you may not like me as I am now, but that's not my fault. But I will clear my name.

Stephanie: The doctor said he was fine last night, and then everything dropped -- his heart rate and blood pressure.

Max: I'm sure they're doing everything they can, Steph.

Stephanie: Joey has to pull through this.

Max: You want to go down to the chapel, say a prayer?

Stephanie: Yeah, I would.

Max: All right, let's go.

Kayla: I don't know if you can hear me...but I know that you can feel me. I'm right here. Yes, Mama's here, and I love you.

Steve: Papa's here, too. Lord...you got to help our baby boy pull through this.

Kayla: Be strong, Little Joe. Be strong for your mama and your papa.

Bo: Excuse me. What did he have to say?

Hope: That he's innocent.

Bo: What do you think?

Hope: I don't know. Abe thinks he did it, and he might have. This new John is unreadable.

Bo: Yeah, that's what makes him dangerous.

[Cellphone rings]

Philip: Philip Kiriakis.

John: Hello, Philip. It's John Black.

Philip: I was wondering when you were going to call.

John: Oh, I'm certain you were.

Philip: What can I do for ya?

Caroline: I made sandwiches for Kayla and Steve and Stephanie. I was gonna ask Chelsea to take them, but she never turned up.

Hope: That's so strange. Where could she have gone?

Caroline: I don't know.

Bo: I think I know. Hey, Hope, do you mind hanging here with Ma, helping her out? Um, I'll take the sandwiches, okay?

Caroline: Oh, all right.

Bo: We'll see you.

Hope: Yeah, drive safely.

John: I think it's time you and I met.

Philip: Where are you? All right, I'll see you there.

John: I'll be ready.

Lucas: That's it. Enough, all of you.

Sami: All right.

Lucas: Mom, this has nothing to do with you. And, you, I cannot believe that you're still married.

Sami: I can't, either. But we'll work it out, all right? E.J. and I will just have to get divorced.

Kate: I am taking this as a sign that you and Sami don't belong together. Lucas, please, let me call Roman. I'll get you out of here. I'll get your daughter out as well.

Lucas: Don't do this. Stop interfering. If you really want this, you'll get a quickie divorce and you won't leave it up to E.J.

Sami: I won't. I promise.

Lucas: Well, good, 'cause until then, all we share, all we have in common is our children.

Sami: We love each other.

Lucas: Never been any doubt about that.

Kate: Oh, my God. This is getting ridiculous.

Lucas: Mom, I love you, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Kate: Okay, you know, fine. I'm out of it. I love you, but suit yourself.

Lucas: Now, about you.

[Cellphone ringing]

E.J.: Excuse me.

Lucas: What?

Sami: Nothing.

E.J.: Hello?

Nicole: Hey, have you dropped your bombshell on Sami yet?

E.J.: What are you talking about?

Nicole: You lied to her and told her you're still married, even though the judge granted the annulment and you're not.

E.J.: [Clears throat] And how would you know about that?

Nicole: I only know what you told me last night when you were drunk.

Kayla: I should have been here with him.

Steve: Shh. We're here now. And Joe knows it, too. Don't you, baby boy? Yes, he does.

Max: You feeling any better?

Stephanie: Yes, I am. You know, I haven't always been very spiritual.

Max: Really? I thought you used to go to church pretty regularly.

Stephanie: I have ever since I got back to Salem. Did you forget Grandma Caroline is my Grandmother?

Max: Yeah, she's always trying to get me to go with her.

Stephanie: Just...it was really hard keeping the faith when my Dad was gone all those years. I just always wondered how God could take him away from us.

Max: God had nothing to do with that.

Stephanie: I know that now, which is why I am hoping God pulls through for our family today. He has to. Chelsea, hey.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Steph.

Max: Parents come with you?

Chelsea: No, um, I came alone. Just thought that I should be here.

Stephanie: Thank you. I'm really glad you came. [Monitor beeping rapidly]

Kayla: What's that?

Steve: What's going on?

Steve: Baby, what's going on?

Kayla: His -- his heart rate and his blood pressure are going up.

Steve: Is that good?

Kayla: It's great.

[Beeping continues]

Nurse: He's definitely responding to the medications.

Steve: [Laughs]

Kayla: I think it's more than that. I think he knows his family's all around him.

Steve: It's mama and papa's love -- the best medicine in the world. Yeah.

Chelsea: Looks like the baby made a breakthrough.

Stephanie: I want to see him.

Max: Let's go find a nurse and we'll get you in there. I'm gonna call ma and let her know what's happened.

E.J.: I'm not quite sure what you're talking about.

Nicole: You told me everything, E.J. -- your big, sneaky plan to get Sami. You were just so drunk, you don't remember.

E.J.: Very well. Well, we can certainly discuss this later. Right now, I'm in the middle of something. Goodbye. Sorry. One of my more pushy clients. Lucas, you were about to say something.

Lucas: I think you heard all I have to say for now.

E.J.: Good. Then why don't you do me a favor and get away from my wife please?

Lucas: Don't tell me what to do. She's your wife in name only.

E.J.: She's still my wife.

Lucas: Well, not for long.

Sami: Wait a second. Why don't you both just cool off? 'Cause I know I've had it.

Philip: I'm sorry, Yvonne, but I've got to go. Are we clear on everything?

Yvonne: Yes, sir.

Philip: Good. Hey, it's me. I'm meeting with John Black. He's in for a big surprise.

Nicole: Hey. Where do you think you're headed?

Chloe: Hey, Philip, I want to talk to you about this whole living situation and --

Philip: Not now.

Chloe: I'm gonna find out what he's up to.

John: You want to know where I'm headed?

Nicole: Why not? I could use a lift.

John: Take the bus.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, well, not telling me, Johnny boy, just makes me curious.

Pete: Max, I've been here since morning.

Max: Pete, I'm asking you for a favor here, all right?

Chelsea: What's up?

Daniel: It's time I was finally honest with you.

John: You set me up. And now you have to pay.

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