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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/20/08 - Canada; Wednesday 5/21/08 - U.S.A.

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Kayla: Aren't you just a precious, little thing? Mommy's little boy. Where's my baby? Where's my baby? Where's my baby? Nurse? Nurse? Steve? My baby's crying. I have to get to my baby.

Steve: Get back into bed.

Kayla: No, our -- our baby.

Steve: Get back into bed.

Kayla: I can hear him crying. I need to get to our baby.

Steve: Kayla... I'm sorry. Our baby's gone. Kayla?

Kayla: Our baby. Our baby.

Steve: No, no, no. He's okay. He's still in the ICU.

Kayla: Oh, I thought he --

Steve: Shh. You were having a nightmare.

Kayla: It seemed so real. I need to check on him.

Steve: No, no, no. Not yet, no. You need to get your rest, remember?

Kayla: No, I need to hold him and see him. He needs me.

Steve: I know.

Sami: I can't believe we... just did that.

E.J.: You could not be anywhere near as surprised as me.

Sami: Yeah. Well, Nicole just -- she really upset me, hitting on you like that.

E.J.: I see. You were just marking your territory, were you? Hmm? [Chuckles]

Sami: No, it was just a momentary weakness, that's all.

E.J.: Really? That's all it was?

Sami: Yeah, you know...girl's got to have her fun.

E.J.: Right. Well, making love was a lot more than fun, Samantha. You know that. Why won't you admit that?

Lucas: This is it -- my new prison.

Officer: "Prison"? This place is amazing. It's like a five-star hotel. Consider yourself lucky. It could be a lot worse.

Lucas: Yeah. If these walls could talk. At least I get to be with my daughter and the woman I love.

Officer: So, you get to be with your kid? That's a plus.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. And her mother.

Officer: I take it you guys are still involved?

Lucas: I don't want to be the topic of station gossip.

Officer: Look, you shot her husband. I was there when they brought you in.

Lucas: I just don't understand what she's doing at her father-in-law's house. I don't know. I mean, I guess if John owns the place, it makes sense, but... her mother will be around to help with the twins. I just hope somebody could keep that snake E.J. away from her.

Sami: Stop it, E.J. Not everything has to have deep meaning.

E.J.: Really?

Sami: Yeah. You know, sometimes sex is just sex.

E.J.: Sure, for some people. But not for you. You're too romantic.

Sami: Right.

E.J.: Really. Samantha, look at me. The way you made love to me... I know that you meant that.

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Did you hear that?

Lucas: What the hell is going on here, man? Didn't somebody tell Sami I was coming? What the hell are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in jail?

Dr. Rolf: Mr. Black didn't press charges.

Lucas: Hmm, lucky for you. Where's Sami?

Dr. Rolf: Is, um, she expecting you?

Lucas: What, John didn't tell you?

Dr. Rolf: Tell me what?

Lucas: I live here now. This is my new house.

Steve: I know how bad you want to see our little baby boy. So do I. But we can't do that until Dr. Elman gives us the okay.

Kayla: This is so frustrating. He's so tiny. He's so helpless, and there's nothing that we can do.

Steve: "Helpless"? Oh, come on. He's our kid. He's not helpless. Now, I know he's gonna be just fine and pull through this.

Kayla: I wish I could believe that.

Steve: Listen, there's no reason why our little baby boy won't be in your arms real soon. But right now, he's just hanging out where he needs to be until he's stronger, ready to take on the world.

Kayla: Do you really believe that?

Steve: You're damn right I do. Hey, you know, while you were sleeping, there was a woman in here from administration.

Kayla: Oh. Mrs. Duvall.

Steve: Uh, tiny, little woman, very officious. Is that her?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Well, she was asking about the name, if we've decided on a name yet. Come on. What do you say we get busy and name that little peanut? Yeah.

Roman: Anna, come on. You know Tony's crazy about you. He loves you.

Anna: I know.

Roman: Seriously, I've never been a big fan of Tony's, but he's been like a new guy. I mean, he's floating around on air ever since you came back in his life.

Anna: Well, I'm glad it's so apparent to everyone else. I just wish he would show me. You know, instead of taking me out for a night on the town, it's always business with Kate or business with some other client.

Roman: I guess that is what movers and shakers in the ad world do.

Anna: Yet I am here with you.

Roman: And that is because, as you told me, Tony's agency is the shop to beat.

Anna: True. Sad.

Tony: Well, Roman.

Roman: Tony, Kate.

Tony: Well, hello, darling. I hope you haven't been waiting around too terribly long.

Anna: No, I was just catching up with Roman.

Tony: Well, Kate and I have been going over the commercial with the editor.

Kate: Oh, it was absolutely amazing. Tony outdid himself as usual.

Roman: Good. Good. I'm happy for both of you. It's, um...just too bad it may never see the light of day.

Kate: What are you talking about, Roman?

Roman: Martino Vitali. I seriously doubt your investors are going to be thrilled about your relationship with a cold-blooded killer.

Kate: I never had a relationship with Vitali, Roman.

Tony: Don't you think there's a better place to discuss this?

Kate: No. Thank you. I don't have anything that I need to hide, and Roman knows that. In fact, I was figuring this was probably the reason that you wanted to meet me for a drink, right? What do you want to know?

Roman: Well, if Tony and Anna don't mind, I would like to speak with you in private.

Anna: Oh, Tony, I think that's our cue. Let's go grab a table.

Tony: Uh, well, Kate, if you need anything...

Kate: Thank you.

Roman: Drink?

Kate: Sure.

Roman: Vodka martini, two olives.

Kate: Ah, you remembered.

Roman: Of course, I did. Kate, would you please tell me how you ever got mixed up with a scum like Vitali?

Dr. Rolf: You are moving in here?

Lucas: Yep. Check it out. It's pretty cool, isn't it? Yeah, that's my new prison away from prison. How do you think your old employer would feel if he saw me, his former cellmate, enjoying his lavish estate?

E.J.: This house is huge. How could you have possibly heard the doorbell from here?

Sami: Give me a break. Since the twins, I can hear them crying 10 miles away.

E.J.: That's not good hearing. That's being a good mother.

Dr. Rolf: Would you like me to summon Mrs. DiMera?

Lucas: No, I think I'll surprise her. If that's okay with you, officer.

Officer: As long as you stay on the grounds.

Dr. Rolf: Well, she's up the stairs, down the hall, third door on the right.

Lucas: On the right?

Dr. Rolf: On the right.

E.J.: Do you know, if you would let me, just stay right there and we could just fall asleep in each other's arms?

Sami: I'll think about it.

E.J.: I think I've already proven I'm worth keeping around. Don't you?

Sami: Really? That's funny. I-I don't remember that.

E.J.: Maybe I should refresh your memory.

Abe: Lexie's the one who thought we should seek counseling.

Lexie: I just felt we should talk to someone. We've been working crazy hours, and we hardly ever see each other.

Dr. Carrington: I see. Abe, how are you coping with your wife's new job as Chief of Staff?

Abe: Well, I knew we'd have some friction. Lexie thinks I don't understand the pressures of her job. That's not true. It's -- it's a huge opportunity. And I support her 100%.

Lexie: Yeah, except when you criticize me for working long hours.

Abe: I don't criticize you. I just don't know why you have to be there as much as you are. You know, as -- as Chief of Staff, your job is to manage the hospital. You seem to think you have to micromanage every aspect.

Lexie: It's a huge job, Abe, and I'm new at it. I supported all of his long hours, and I just want him to be as supportive of me.

Abe: We do have a son.

Lexie: Another source of disagreement between us.

Dr. Carrington: What do you mean?

Lexie: Theo is our only child, and, um...maybe Abe's right. Maybe I do hover a little, but...I just worry about him. I just -- I just feel like something isn't right.

Hope: Hey, Brady? You need to sign that one.

Bo: What is it?

Hope: Your account of what happened at the pub.

Bo: The Vitali shooting.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Gun!

Hope: You never get over it, do you?

Bo: When I signed up for the force, I knew I'd be doing some tough things in the line of duty, but... Vitali was a killer. It's good to have him off the streets. But he's a father and he's gone. Sticks with you, you know? Even with a dirtbag like him.

Hope: You didn't have a choice.

Kate: So...I was introduced to Martino by Stefano a long time ago.

Roman: Was he a, uh...

Kate: A client? Yes, he was. But he was also a gentleman, and I felt very comfortable with him.

Roman: But I take it that you knew what kind of business he was in.

Kate: Not exactly. No, I didn't. I knew it was shady because, I mean, he was an associate of Stefano's, so... but back then, I also knew my place, and I made it a rule not to ask questions.

Roman: Fair enough. That makes sense. But that was a long time ago. What about now?

Kate: I had dinner with him. Just dinner. And we talked about old times. And that's it. But if I knew that you wanted information from him, maybe I could have gotten that for you.

Roman: Katie, come on. You have to know I would never put you at risk like that. You mean way too much to me.

Steve: Why are you crying, sweetness?

Kayla: I just thought we'd have so much time to prepare for the baby.

Steve: Yeah, well, we're gonna make up for lost time. And maybe we could talk hope into having a belated baby shower for you or something.

Kayla: I don't care about that. I just -- we don't have a nursery. We live in a hotel.

Steve: Well, we're gonna take care of all that. But right now, let's get busy and pick that name, huh? Come on.

Kayla: If it's a name game, I don't want to do that.

Steve: No, no, we'll make a list.

Kayla: Just give it to me. I-I-I-I've got it. I've got it.

Steve: You got it?

Kayla: Yeah. It's perfect.

Sami: Lucas!

Lucas: I'm home.

Hope: Okey-dokey. Last one. All it needs is my partner's signature and we're good to go. What? What's the problem? I recounted everything exactly the way it happened.

Bo: Ye-- it's perfect.

Hope: Of course it is, because I did it.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Cool. Good to go. I'm gonna go powder my nose.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: If anyone comes back with any more files, tell them "no, thank you."

Bo: Yes, ma'am. I mean, yes, detective. Hey, um, I want to do something special for Hope. Yeah, I'm gonna need a favor.

Tony: Oh, I hope he's not being too hard on her. After all, we all have things in our past we're not proud of.

Anna: Believe me, Kate Roberts can take care of herself.

Tony: Yes, you're right. She's an extremely self-sufficient woman.

Anna: Who apparently has hooked up with the wrong people.

Tony: Would you stop that?

Anna: Why are you always defending her?

Tony: Because I consider her more than just a client. She's a friend.

Anna: I see.

Tony: Well, here we go again. What, are you jealous?

Anna: You know, I'm not gonna lie. Yes, I am jealous because you seem to have a lot more fun with her than you ever do with me.

Tony: Oh, this is ridiculous. When are you gonna get it through your thick skull that you're the one I'm with, not her? I mean, stop -- stop this competing.

Anna: I am not competing, because I can't. You're gonna do whatever it is you want to do anyway. You make life decisions without me. You buy companies and are successful without me. So how can I compete and be in a relationship where I am always excluded?

Tony: You're right. You know, you shouldn't have to feel that you're walking in my shadow. And I guess if you're unhappy with the way I've been treating you, then we should do something about it.

Anna: Like what? Oh, my God, Tony, you're not breaking up with me again. I'm sorry.

Tony: Oh, just shut up. Will you just shut up?

Anna: Oh, my God. You are kidding me.

Tony: I know it's a little unexpected given our recent history. I think we should shove that aside and realize how important we are to each other.

Anna: You really mean it?

Tony: Well, of course. Anna, we've been through a lot together, and we're certainly not the same people we were during our previous marriages.

Anna: No, the '80s are over. [Laughter]

Tony: Amen. No, we're adults. And we should expect to live the rest of our lives together, happy. So...Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera DiMera [Chuckles] Will you marry me?


Sami: Lucas.

E.J.: Samantha, wait.

Sami: Lucas, wait. Stop! Stop!

Lucas: Why, Sami? Why, so I can watch you and E.J. in bed together? No, thanks.

Sami: Look, I understand that you're upset.

Lucas: You have no idea how upset I am. You have no idea. You know what? I know you're married. I'm sorry I put a crimp in your little party.

Sami: Lucas, I thought that you were never coming back.

Lucas: Well, you're right about that. I'm never coming back, not after this, not now. I'm taking my daughter, and I'm leaving.

Sami: Lucas. Lucas! Oh, God.

E.J.: That's bloody brilliant!

Kayla: So, what do you think?

Steve: I love it. I think it's great. There's a certain grandma who's gonna flip out. She'll be so happy.

Kayla: I'm glad.

Steve: I love you so much. You know that, don't you?

Kayla: Yeah, I do.

Steve: So, you're sure about this, then?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, I am. I mean, I know Adrienne and Justin already have a Joseph, but...

Steve: We'll just call our son Joe. Just plain Joe.

Kayla: Joe.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: You don't think it'll be too confusing at family get-togethers and stuff, do you?

Steve: No. Adrienne's Joseph is -- he's in college. It's not like they're both babies. [Sighs] So, should I tell the woman in administration?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Carrington: How has Theo dealt with the fact that both of his parents are suddenly very busy?

Lexie: Well, he's had his moments. He had a minor meltdown earlier tonight, which I believe was his acting out at us.

Dr. Carrington: Have these meltdowns increased in frequency?

Lexie: Yeah. Yes, they have. What do you think that means?

Dr. Carrington: Well, it's hard to say without witnessing it firsthand, but here's the bright side -- a lot of times, parents can utilize their child to pinpoint or identify problems in their own relationship. In Theo's case, it sounds like he might be suffering from a disconnect from the two of you.

Lexie: God, that sounds awful.

Dr. Carrington: No, no, no. Don't worry. It's very common for children of working parents. Do you have a nanny?

Lexie: Yes. When he's not with her, he's with a regular sitter. And my mother helps out when she's not traveling.

Dr. Carrington: Mm-hmm. But not a lot of face time with the two of you together.

Abe: Not as much as there should be, but we try.

Dr. Carrington: So use what's happening with Theo as a tool to aid in your own situation. If Theo's experiencing a disconnect from the two of you, then consider how you've become disconnected from one another.

Lexie: So, how do we remedy this?

Dr. Carrington: That's something you're gonna have to ask each other.

Abe: Um...I think I know a good way to start.

Lucas: Hey, we're leaving.

Officer: Excuse me?

Lucas: We're leaving, all right? I don't care what kind of permission I need. We're out of here. My daughter and I are out of here. Get her stuff.

Officer: You're not gonna get very far, are you? Your monitor's been activated.

Lucas: Then deactivate the damn thing, all right, so I can talk to my lawyer. I'll figure out another place to serve out my damn time.

Officer: I'm afraid it doesn't work that way, Mr. Horton. The courts made arrangements. This is your new home.

Lucas: Listen to me -- I can't stay here, all right? Rolf, get my daughter right now. Get her stuff. I'm out of here.

Dr. Rolf: Well, is there a reason you want to leave?

Sami: Lucas!

Lucas: You want the reason? There she is. Ask her.

Sami: We have to talk.

Lucas: There's nothing to talk about, is there? I know where you stand now, don't I?

Sami: Just let me explain.

Lucas: There's nothing to explain, Sami. We're not married, and I know we don't mean anything to each other anymore, do we?

Sami: That is not true! That is not true!

Lucas: Save it. I don't want to hear this.

Sami: Explain to me what you're doing out of prison.

Lucas: I have to explain?

Officer: Mr. Horton's been conditionally released from Statesville and assigned to this address.

E.J.: He's under house arrest.

Sami: Is that true?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm afraid so. This is my new home.

Anna: I can't believe it. You're really, really asking me to marry you?

Tony: And I've got the ring to prove it.

Anna: I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

Tony: I have. I'm looking at her. So...

Anna: Before I answer you, can I ask you one thing?

Tony: Sure, darling.

Anna: Why now?

Tony: Well, ever since our reunion, I've always had it in the back of my mind. Well, I should have done it when we can back from the Mediterranean cruise. Hell, I should have proposed to you when we were on the cruise.

Anna: [Chuckles]

Tony: So, um...I'm sorry if I've been insensitive to your needs.

Anna: Oh, darling, it's okay. I'm sorry if I've been a pain, too.

Tony: [Chuckles] Well, here we go again.

Anna: [Chuckles]

Tony: Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera DiMera...will accept this ring... and become my wife?

Anna: Oh, Tony, there's nothing, nothing I would like more.


Kate: [Laughs]

Roman: What? What? Well, congratulations.

Anna: Thank you.

Kate: Oh, my gosh. Oh, congratulations. You know, I think this calls for some champagne.

Tony: Oh, Kate, that's a great idea, but I think I'm going to take my fiancée and have a private celebration.

Kate: Oh.

Roman: Congratulations, Tony.

Tony: Thank you. Shall we?

Anna: Ooh.

Roman: [Laughs] All right.

Kate: What the hell was that?

Roman: I'm not sure, but I think it was something very wonderful and very romantic.

Kate: [Laughs] Really? Do you really think that?

Roman: I give them six months. Three if Anna tries to cook.

Kate: God. Can we stop talking about Martino now? Because if I knew anything else about his business, I would tell you. Believe me.

Roman: I do believe you.

Kate: Thank you.

Roman: Tell you what -- what do you say I buy you another drink...to honor Tony and Anna?

Kate: I think I would like that.

Roman: You got a deal.

Steve: Oh, baby, looks good. Joe Johnson. You know what? Maybe I could, uh, hijack a wheelchair, and if I'm real careful, I can sneak you down to neonatal and tell our little boy his new name.

Kayla: I would love that. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Linda: Not so fast, Dr. Johnson. You'll have to go through me first.

Kayla: Oh, Linda, I didn't know I needed to have your permission.

Linda: Last time I checked, you were a registered patient.

Kayla: But I'm on staff here.

Linda: I take my orders from Dr. Elman.

Kayla: You know what I'm going through here. I --

Linda: I do, and if it was up to me, I'd sneak you down there myself. But they're running tests on him right now, and there's no way you can see him. You got to agree that there's nothing more important than making him strong and well.

Kayla: Yeah, of course. You're right.

Linda: I'll let you know as soon as you can go down there. But for the time being, you have to stay right here.

Sami: So, um, how come you were released to this address?

Lucas: Mickey knew you were staying here with your mother.

Sami: She -- she didn't tell me.

Lucas: Well, maybe she didn't know. Mickey only mentioned John.

E.J.: He didn't tell any of us.

Lucas: Well, it doesn't matter now, does it? Because I'm not staying here anymore.

Officer: Mr. Horton, you don't have a choice, all right? If your attorney wants to talk to the release board about a change in residence, he can do it in the morning, but tonight, you're staying here.

Sami: Um, could everyone please excuse us? I need to talk to Lucas alone.

Lucas: Great. Is that okay? Can we do that?

Officer: Yeah.

Lucas: Nothing left to say, is there? I mean, you kind of made your choice, didn't you?

Sami: No. No, Lucas, you have to understand that I-I didn't know you were coming home. Otherwise, I would never --

Lucas: Never would have slept with the man who destroyed both of our lives?

Sami: It wasn't like that.

Lucas: What was it like? Explain it to me. Tell me what the hell you were doing in bed with him!

Sami: I don't know. I don't know. I-I...I missed you. And I was lonely. Look, E.J. means nothing to me next to you. Lucas, you have to believe that.

Lucas: You were in bed together because you missed me? Is that what you're telling me? That doesn't make any sense, Sami. That's stupid.

Sami: You were the one who sent me that e-mail telling me to move on with my life. You were the one who didn't want me to wait for you, Lucas.

Lucas: I didn't know I was gonna be released, did I? And I didn't want you to move on with E.J. Did I ever say that? Did I ever say, "move on with E.J."?

Sami: No, but I didn't -- Lucas, we have to get past this. We have to.

Lucas: I don't want to talk about this anymore. All I want right now is my daughter. Go get my daughter right now. Could you do me that favor once? Go get her, Sami. Now.

Steve: Well, I can take it from here, Nurse Linda.

Linda: I'll be back if there's any change.

Steve: Thanks. I'm sorry, baby. That was a dumb idea. I shouldn't have gotten your hopes up.

Kayla: I just want to hold my baby.

Steve: I know. So do I. Maybe we can just hold each other.

Abe: Lex... I think I owe you an apology. I'm so sorry that I haven't been sensitive to your needs or your concerns about Theo. But I need you to consider my job, as well.

Lexie: I knew it. Okay, I'm sorry if -- if, um -- if I haven't been more understanding, okay? But you've got to give me a little wiggle room, Abe. After my time away, you know there is nothing I want more than to be here with you and our son.

Abe: I know.

Dr. Carrington: Okay. So, this is good. You're talking to each other. Now, I want to give you a little homework for next time.

Abe: "Homework"?

Lexie: We can barely get home.

Dr. Carrington: Exactly, which is why I want you both to go on an outing with Theo. No cell phones, no e-mails, nothing. Then I want you to write down in 50 words or less what the day was like. Were the birds chirping? Was Abe being considerate? Did Lexie complain? How was Theo? Lexie, I want you to note if you are right to be concerned about your son's development or if Abe is right and you're being overly cautious. Observations like that, okay?

Abe: Yeah, that's fine with me.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, me too.

Dr. Carrington: Good. Then I'll see you both next time.

Lexie: Okay. All right. I really appreciate you coming over so late.

Dr. Carrington: My pleasure. Not a problem.

Abe: Good to see you, doctor.

Dr. Carrington: Thank you.

Abe: Take care of yourself.

Dr. Carrington: Have a good night.

Abe: Thank you. Well, what do you say? Good? Bad?

Lexie: It's a start.

Bo: [Chuckles] There's my pretty ladies. How are you doing?

Hope: We are doing great.

Bo: Well, good for you. Give me a kiss.

Hope: Best girl in the world.

Bo: Feet out.

Hope: There you go, sweetheart. So, the pub, huh?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Romantic. Empty.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Hope: Loving it.

Bo: Sparkling cider.

Hope: Oh, is that what we're serving up?

Bo: Yes. Um...Ma closed early. Thought we should have some you-and-me time.

Hope: You-and-me time.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Love the sound of that.

Bo: Hey, little girl. Would you like to dance with your daddy?

Hope: Ciara would love to. Oh, let me take a picture. Shawn's been asking for one, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Bo: All right, smile to Mommy. Come here. Join us. [Chuckles]

Sami: Okay, baby girl. Say hi to your daddy.

Lucas: Hey, little one. Here, little Allie, come see me. Come see your daddy. Here, come sit with me. Yeah. Do you have any idea how much I missed you? Oh, I missed you so much. You got so big. You're so big. Shh.  Come on. Come on, little one. Guess it's back to bed for you. Want to go back to bed and I'll see you tomorrow, okay? You'll have lots of fun. I promise you that. When I leave this place, I'm gonna take you with me, okay? All right?

Sami: Um, Rolf, would you mind taking Allie back upstairs, please?

Dr. Rolf: Um, it's all right. You can trust me. If I were to ever harm these babies, Mr. Black would kill me.

Lucas: He'd have to get in line.

Dr. Rolf: [Chuckles] There we go.

Lucas: Careful.

Sami: Thank you, Rolf.

Dr. Rolf: Of course.

Sami: Good night, sweetheart.

Dr. Rolf: Come on.

Lucas: Good night. I'm going to bed.

Sami: Lucas, please.

Lucas: What, Sami? What? We're finished.

Sami: No way. There is no way, Lucas Horton, that I am letting you walk out of my life again.

Ava: Hello, Kayla.

Nicole: E.J., I need you, and from the look on your face, something tells me you need me, too.

Lucas: You ruined it. You slept with the devil, Sami. I can never believe another word that comes out of your lying mouth.

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