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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/13/08 - Canada; Wednesday 5/14/08 - U.S.A.

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Chloe: [Laughs]

Nicole: Oh, please. Are the two of you together now?

Philip: Nicole, don't start.

Chloe: We're having dinner.

Nicole: Well, that's what I came in here to do, but I'm afraid I lost my appetite. So, where's my husband?

Philip: He had tickets to the opera.

Nicole: The opera? That's interesting. Victor never liked the opera, at least the lame performances you were in.

Chloe: Victor almost built a state-of-the-art opera house in honor of his late daughter, Isabella, and I was to be the artist in residence.

Philip: I didn't know about that.

Nicole: Consider yourself lucky. It's all Brady could talk about.

Chloe: It would have been an amazing building, an inspiring tribute to Isabella.

Nicole: Maybe. But I doubt deceased Izzy B. would appreciate Victor allowing his son's slut of a wife to perform there, especially since you're two-timing with her little brother.

E.J.: Oh, that's very well timed.

Sami: Um, you going somewhere?

E.J.: Yes. Is that a problem?

Sami: No, of course not. You're off to see your favorite client.

E.J.: If you mean Nicole, no, I'm not. The doggie hospital is closed, so I'm gonna go down to the gym and blow off some steam. I'll be on my cell if you need me.

[Footsteps approaching]

E.J.: Mom, hey, Mom, could you watch the twins for me for a little bit?

Marlena: Sure.

Sami: Thank you so much.

Marlena: Sami, where are you going?

Sami: To the gym!

John: Whoever broke into my home were professionals. Begin with that information and impress me with your skills. I'll wait for the call.

Marlena: Any luck?

John: Not yet, but I will find out who broke into my home.

Marlena: I'm sure you will. I should tell you that I put out some feelers myself, so I'm helping.

John: You are?

Marlena: Yeah. [Knock on door] Oh.

Daniel: Hey, I'm sorry. Is this, uh, is this a bad time?

Marlena: No, uh, Daniel, come on in. John, you remember Dr. Jonas.

John: Yes. You're the Big Kahuna that saved Beauregard's life.

Daniel: Well, about saving Bo's life -- yes. Big Kahuna I'm not so sure about.

John: I did research on you. Two years ago, third place, Aussie Pro-Am.

Daniel: Yeah, crazy wipeout cost me first place. Yeah. Cracked my board, cracked my melon, spit sand for about a week. But, yeah, I'd do it all over again.

John: That's good to know.

Daniel: Um, Dr. Evans, I'm sorry to drop by, but your service said they'd let you know that I was coming.

Marlena: Yes, yes, they did. What can I do for you?

Daniel: Just, uh, listen, maybe? Maybe give me some advice.

Marlena: All righty, about what?

Daniel: Um... it's a little personal.

Marlena: Okay.

Chelsea: Thank you for inviting me out.

Kate: Well, of course. And you look absolutely fabulous. I'm taking that as a good sign.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Kate: How are you feeling?

Chelsea: I am better, now that most people have quit asking.

Kate: Oh, I'm sorry.

Chelsea: Lexie says that I made a full recovery.

Kate: And emotionally? How's that going?

Chelsea: Um, I'm hanging in.

Kate: Good. I'm glad. If you ever want to talk...

Chelsea: Actually... there was something that I wanted to, um, get your advice on.

Kate: Okay, shoot.

Chelsea: Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking since we had our talk the other day, and, um... how do I make a guy realize that he loves me?

Kate: I get the feeling that you're not talking about Nick.

Chelsea: No. Um, Daniel.

Ava: All right, let me get this straight, Angelo. You're supposed to keep me busy and out of harm's way because Daddy's got something going down today?

Angelo: I shouldn't have said anything.

Ava: Well, it's too late. Angelo, you can't just drop a bomb on me like that and then leave me hanging.

Angelo: Your father wanted you out of the way today so he and some of the fellas... could take care of Patch.

Hope: Well, I'm sorry to say, but Bo must have finished the last slice of apple pie, but you'll enjoy this ginger lemon tea. It's very relaxing. Gran's specialty. Try it.

Kayla: Hmm. Hmm. I appreciate that. You know, I think it's better than my mom's.

Hope: Oh, don't tell her, please.  [Cellphone ringing] Oops. Oh, it's Bo. Hey, Brady, what's up?

Bo: Hey, Steve's in trouble. He's at the pier.

Hope: Okay, I'm on my way.

Bo: Don't say anything to Kay. This is the last thing she needs to get into right now.

Hope: I love you, too.

[Harmonica playing]

Nicole: Personally, I'm glad that Brady finally realized he was married to a has-been loser.

Chloe: You're still angry that Brady chose me over you.

Nicole: No, I got over it. Looks like he got over you, too. So, I take it he's the one who asked for the divorce. Mm. That's what I thought. It's a shame, too. You two were so much in love. And I am really surprised at you for jumping your nephew's ex's body last night.

Philip: I don't have to explain myself to you.

Nicole: Well, I hate that I have to intervene.

Philip: Then don't.

Nicole: But you know as well as I do that you shouldn't be hanging out or making out or whatever you weren't doing last night with Chloe lame. Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, Black.

Philip: Since when did you become a member of the morality police? I seem to recall you messing around behind my father's back with anyone who'd have you.

Nicole: You're right. I did, and I paid for it. Victor made my life a living hell, which is why I don't think he'd be too happy, knowing that you're hooking up with the woman who almost destroyed his grandson's life.

Chloe: You're absurd.

Nicole: Trust me. Victor doesn't forgive and forget. You know what? I don't even know why I care. I got enough going on with Pookie being in the hospital. I was just trying to help you.

Philip: Help me?

Nicole: I'm serious, Philip. I mean, despite what you think, I really do care about you.

[Rock music playing]

E.J.: Hey. Sorry. Do you mind if I help you?

Woman: Certainly.

E.J.: Bring these in a little big closer. There you go. Perfect. Okay, keep your back straight. There. See if you can get five more. Good.


Daniel: Well, anyway, if you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate it.

Marlena: Of course.

Daniel: Great. Thank you. John, would you excuse us for a few minutes, please?

John: No.

Marlena: I beg your pardon?

John: We were in the middle of something. I need to speak with you.

Marlena: We will do that after I speak to Dr. Jonas. Please.

John: Make it quick.

Marlena: Daniel, what can I offer you?

Daniel: Uh, nothing. Nothing. I'm good. Thanks.

Marlena: Good. Well, come sit. You said you had a personal issue. What is that?

Kate: You want a relationship with Daniel.

Chelsea: I do. Um, he's a really amazing guy. He's -- he's really hot, and he's smart.

Kate: Yeah. What about Nick?

Chelsea: Um, Nick and I actually broke up.

Kate: Just like that, it's over?

Chelsea: I had to. I knew that I had a thing for Daniel since the minute I met him.

Kate: Yeah. Well, he is a charmer, isn't he? He'd be very lucky to get you.

Chelsea: Yeah. Except that he doesn't want me.

Ava: We got to do something, Angelo. Daddy can't hurt Patch.

Angelo: Ava, it's already on.

 Philip: You care about me? I bet.

Nicole: Believe it or not, I always have. Just because Victor and I are getting a divorce doesn't mean my feelings towards you will change.

Philip: [Chuckles] Right.

[Dog barking]

Nicole: Ooh, that's my new ring. You like it? Oh. Hello.

E.J.: Nicole, it's E.J. is this a bad time?

Nicole: No. Why?

E.J.: I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the gym and run a few laps with me.

Nicole: That sounds fabulous. I'd love to.

E.J.: Brilliant. I'll see you here.

Nicole: Okay. Well, kids, you're in luck. Stepmama's got to bounce. Enjoy your dinner. Uh, don't eat the dessert.

Philip: Hey, you cannot let her get to you.

Chloe: Kind of hard not to. I hate to admit it, Philip, but Nicole is right. We can't even think about messing around.

Kate: Daniel doesn't want you. Are you sure about that?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm sure.

Kate: Come on, that doesn't make sense -- a beautiful young woman like you. What's his problem?

Chelsea: His wife.

Marlena: Are you saying that you're getting involved with a patient?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Well, sort of. But it's just insane. And what I'm hoping that you can tell me is how -- how do you fall out of love and move on?

Angelo: Is he on his way?

Ava: Yeah, he better be.

Angelo: You see, your father thinks he has your best interests in mind.

Ava: Yeah, and clearly he doesn't. Otherwise, you wouldn't have told me that he was going after Patch. Angelo, why did you?

Angelo: Because I'm just -- I'm sick and tired of your father pulling my strings like I'm some puppet. And I'm real tired of how he's been treating you.

Ava: Well, you listen. Now that I am off those meds, Daddy's days of controlling me, they are over.

Chris: Hey, I'm Chris.

Sami: Hi.

Chris: Hi. Cute shirt.

Sami: Oh! Uh, thanks. I wasn't getting ready for the runway.

Chris: You look super cute.

Sami: Thanks.

Chris: Hello. Who's the tall drink of water?

Sami: Hey, watch it. He's taken.

E.J.: [Laughs]

Chris: Yeah, by Miss Thing.


Sami: I don't believe it.

Chris: She is a hot --

Sami: [Coughing] Bitch!

Philip: What's the problem? We're not fooling around.

Chloe: Yet, but we nearly did. I'm still technically a married woman. I shouldn't get involved with anyone, especially you.

Philip: Look, I don't want to disrespect my nephew, but he's the one who's asking for a divorce.

Chloe: If I'd been able to help him, things might have turned out differently.

Philip: It happens to even the strongest relationships. And sometimes you have to let go. Are you willing to let go of Brady?

Chelsea: Daniel's wife died, and he wasn't able to save her.

Kate: Oh. Oh, I see.

Chelsea: Which is why he doesn't want to get involved with me.

Kate: Oh, honey, but I know he cares about you. I-I-I could see that by looking at him, and he felt incredibly guilty about what happened to you.

Chelsea: I don't want him to feel guilty. I want him to give us a chance. I just don't know what to do.

Kate: [Sighs] Well, you know that I would do anything for you.

Chelsea: Okay. Then help me. Please, just tell me what to do.

Kate: I don't think that it's a relationship with Daniel that you need. In fact, in my opinion, I think you should get as far away from him as you possibly can.

Marlena: I don't think that I can help you here. If you genuinely love somebody, it's very hard to resist those feelings, no matter how hard you try.

Daniel: Not what I want to hear.

Marlena: I see that. What's got you scared?

Daniel: I guess I just, uh, I want a guarantee.

Marlena: We'd all like a guarantee. It doesn't work that way.

Daniel: [Chuckles]

Marlena: Try something for me. Picture your wife. Picture her being here with us right now. Close your eyes and try that. Do you see her?

Daniel: Okay, kind of weird. Not really getting the vibe.

Marlena: Okay, try this. If she were sitting here with us, what would she say to you?

Daniel: I don't know. I guess she would say, uh... ..."My baby, you have so much to give. Allow yourself to love someone."

Marlena: That's very good.

Chloe: Letting Brady go isn't that easy.

Philip: Even if you have someone like me to distract you?

Chloe: I'm sorry, I can't.

Philip: I'm not saying we get a cottage by the beach. I'm simply suggesting we spend some time with each other. Think about the added bonus. You'd be upsetting my father.

Chloe: Well, you know I want to do that.

Philip: Then do it. I promise -- no strings. Anyway, forget about Brady. (not sure about this line of dialogue)

Chloe: That's just it. I can't.

Daniel: So, you think I should just cross my fingers and go for it.

Marlena: What do you think?

Daniel: No, no shrink questions. I was told you were way cooler than that. I came here just for some solid advice.

Marlena: You came here to sort things out. I can't tell you what to do any more than I can tell you what to feel.

Daniel: Oh, hell.

Marlena: Has talking about this helped you at all?

Daniel: It's unscrambled a few wires in there.

Marlena: Good. That's a good start. Really, it is.

Daniel: My goodness, you're tough.

Marlena: Thanks. Your problem is you don't know whether or not you want to act on your feelings yet.

Daniel: Well, she's given me the open door if I want to take it.

Marlena: What do you want?

Daniel: Doesn't that kind of bring us back to where we started?

Marlena: Is that how it

Angelo: Uncle V.

Martino: Angelo.

Ava: Sit down.

Martino: Sure.

Ava: What are you gonna do to Patch?

Martino: To Patch? Absolutely nothing. Where did you get that idea?

Ava: You better call it off, Daddy, or you will be sorry.

Bo: Get him out of here.

Hope: I hope this new evidence we found sticks.

Bo: Don't think there will be a problem with that.

Steve: Hey, hope, how's Kayla doing?

Hope: She's good. She's back at our house, resting. I got the call from Bo and came here as quickly as I could.

Steve: You think she suspected anything?

Hope: Not a thing. No. I told her I was meeting Bo.

Steve: Good. I'm gonna head over there now, if you don't need me for anything.

Bo: All right. Glad you're okay, man.

Hope: Yeah.

Steve: Thanks to you... and you.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Later.

Hope: Let's go and nail that bastard. Let's go.

Kayla: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. [Breathing heavily] Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, God. Steve. Steve. Oh!

Daniel: So, you do think that I should just go for it.

Marlena: I didn't say that.

[Laughs] If you do decide to pursue this relationship, let me caution you. Take it slowly. Make very sure that you're comfortable and that it feels right. There's no need to rush into it.

Daniel: I think I should go. Uh, thank you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Any time. Now, I've got -- well, you got my office number and my machine. That's my cell. I wish you so much luck with this.

Daniel: All right. Thank you. Well, uh, good night. Thanks for letting me drop by.

Marlena: You bet. Any time. I will see you at the hospital.

Daniel: Thank you.

Marlena: Good night, Daniel.

Daniel: Good night.

John: Well, now that he's gone, can we get back to our conversation?

Marlena: Sure... once you tell me why you were eavesdropping.

E.J.: That was brilliant! You just took the pole from me and ran.

Nicole: Uh-huh. That's called teamwork. I bet you Sami is dying to know what we're doing in here.

E.J.: Well, maybe we should let her wonder.

Nicole: Hmm. My thoughts exactly.

Chris: Oh! Sorry! That's weird.

Nicole: [Moaning]

Chris: Oh! Oh, my --

Kate: Martino and I go way back.

Chelsea: He's a total hood.

Kate: I'm completely aware of his reputation, okay? But that's not the man that I knew.

Chelsea: You two were a thing.

Kate: He was part of my past. But he means nothing to me now.

Chelsea: Okay, fine.

Kate: But I have known enough men with issues -- issues that prevented them from being in a relationship, just like Daniel and his dead wife.

Chelsea: This is not what I want to hear right now.

Kate: I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. And until he deals with what happened with his wife, he's not going to be able to get into a new relationship, Chelsea. And that's just gonna leave you waiting for something that's never gonna happen.

Sami: Hey, hey, Chris, what happened?

Chris: So, I don't know if you want to hear this, but I went to the steam room, and the door was locked. And I heard moans inside. I think he and his lady friend were getting it on. But if it makes you feel any better, it sounds like he was really good. Not funny? I'm sorry, honey.

Sami: [Chuckles]

Chloe: No. I can't do this.

Philip: It's okay to admit what you want. I know why you came back to Salem.

Chloe: You think the reason I came back to Salem is because of you?

Philip: Isn't it?

Chloe: Uh, no. No, it's not. What's happened to you? Excuse me.

Philip: Call me what you want, but you can't deny what's between us.

Chloe: You know, maybe my staying here to get back at Victor was a big mistake.

Philip: Chloe, what about dinner?

Chloe: I lost my appetite.

Philip: [Chuckles] Suit yourself.

John: This is my house. I will do as I please.

Marlena: I'm a doctor. Next time, I would appreciate some privacy.

John: Next time. Am I to assume that you are going to make a habit out of seeing patients here?

Marlena: No. But if I need to, I will. Is that clear?

John: Oh, yes. Perfectly. Now, before we were interrupted, how is it that you are going to help me track down who broke into my house and stole my disk?

Marlena: I told you I put out some feelers. I have someone looking into it.

John: And who exactly would that be?

Marlena: Roman.

John: I don't want a police officer involved in this.

Marlena: He's not doing it as a policeman. He's doing it as a friend to both of us.

John: I don't want you involved in this.

[Lighter closes]

Marlena: That's too bad... because I love you very much. And like it or not, we are in this together.

Kate: Look, I want you to be happy, and you're not going to be if you keep running after Daniel.

Chelsea: Okay.

Kate: Love you.

Chelsea: Love you, too.

Daniel: Mind if I sit?

Chelsea: Sure.

Daniel: Okay. Well, you're not gonna believe this. I, uh, talked to a shrink tonight.

Chelsea: And what did you learn?

Daniel: That I still don't have any answers. All I know is the concept of us is just -- it's not happening right now.

Chelsea: Mm. Well, um, I actually just had a talk with my grandmother about the "concept of us," also, and, um, she thinks that I would just end up hurt.

Daniel: Smart woman.

Chelsea: Except that I think that she's wrong. I don't think that I would get hurt. I think that we would have a really great time together. But I'm not gonna sit here and play these little games and chase after you.

Daniel: Thank you.

Chelsea: I hope you figure all your stuff out 'cause I think that we could have something really great. So, when you realize that, give me a call.

Sami: You know what? If he wants to be with Nicole, that is his problem.

E.J.: [Laughing] Oh, you are so tempting. You're a beautiful, beautiful woman. But, uh, I love Samantha.

Nicole: Who said anything about love?

Ava: Daddy, you know what? You can sit here, and you can lie to me all night, but I know for a fact that you were planning on hurting Patch.

Martino: Ava, I intend on taking care of a lot of things.

Ava: If you have ever, ever cared for me in your life, you will call this off right now.

[Door opens]

Bo: Sit down, gentlemen. Keep your hands where I can see them.

Hope: Martino Vitali, you're under arrest.

Martino: For what?

Bo: Two counts of murder and the attempted murder of Steve Johnson.

Kayla: Oh, God. Oh, God, this is it. Oh, God. Oh, my God. [Breathing heavily] Oh. Oh. [Groaning]

[Telephone beeping]

Kayla: [Groaning] Yes, yes, it's an emergency. I-I-I'm, like, 26 weeks pregnant. I-I think I'm going into labor.

Martino: You need to pin that murder on whoever you arrested. You can't prove he works for me.

Ava: No, but I can.

Nicole: She is in love with Lucas.

E.J.: Well, that might not be the case for too much longer.

Steve: What's happening?

Kayla: It's too soon.

Steve: What is it, the baby?

Kayla: Oh, it's too soon.

Steve: Did you call 911?

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