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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/5/08 - Canada; Tuesday 5/6/08 - U.S.A.

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John: Apparently my big brother really enjoyed this game. Rolf said he spent hours just staring at the board.

Sami: Uh, yeah. That's the rumor. Apparently he was obsessed with it. I guess he thought that this game would help him strategize the destruction of my family, and you... were his greatest pawn.

John: So, I take it that you can't sleep, either.

Sami: The twins are finally completely asleep, giving me a break, and I can't close my eyes. Figures, huh?

John: I rarely get four hours myself.

Sami: Well, the alcohol probably is not helping your insomnia.

John: Well, thanks for the P.S.A. but it's not the spirits I imbibe that keep me awake. I had my brain scrambled, remember? So, what's your excuse? Are you worried about your husband being kicked out of the country?

Sami: Don't call him that.

John: You married him.

Sami: I'm aware of that, and I'm aware that I spent all day defending him and lying to the immigration officer.

John: If you're so against my nephew, why don't you just let him be deported?

Sami: My daughter already lost her father. I don't want Johnny to lose his.

John: You may not have a choice.

Sami: I don't know what I will do if E.J. gets deported.

John: You can always go with him.

Nicole: Funny. I didn't take you for the back-alley type.

E.J.: Well, you don't know me very well. Anyway, I thought a little bit of discretion would be required for, uh, services rendered.

Sami: I'm not moving to England, John. My life is here. My family is here.

John: Even if your husband is forced out of the country?

Sami: He's not my husband. I mean, technically he is, but we're not together. We're not a couple.

John: Whatever you say.

Sami: You know, you're not a very empathetic person.

John: Yeah, so I've been told.

Sami: No wonder my Mom wants you to get back to your old self.

John: And what about you, Samantha? Would you like to see me get back to my...old self?

Sami: Well, I'm not exactly the right person to ask, John. You and I didn't...get along. I mean, you were always good with my Mom and everything, but you were sort of...righteous, and it always used to...bug me.

John: Hmm. Good to know.

Sami: Aren't you curious about how you used to be?

John: No. And, frankly, I'm a little tired of everybody comparing me and him.

Sami: What if there was a way for you to get your old self back?

John: There's not.

Sami: How do you know that? I mean, Stefano's mad-scientist-turned-butler could probably help you.

John: It's not gonna happen. And the truth is, I'm growing rather fond of the new me.

Sami: Is that the disk you found in Stefano's safe?

John: Yes. That's it.

Sami: Well, have you tried to see what's on it?

Sami: Hello? John? You didn't answer my question. Did you watch this or not?

John: No, I haven't watched it. I'm not even certain it's a DVD. It might just be data.

Sami: And you're not gonna know until you look.

John: My instincts tell me that it may contain contents that...I don't want to see or know about.

Sami: Even if it could help you?

John: Even though I don't remember a lot... I seem to recall... seeing that disk in the laboratory where Stefano did whatever it is he did to me.

Sami: Well, then, come on, John. You have to look at it.

John: Eventually. But right now, I'm more interested in talking to you instead.

Sami: Me? Why me?

John: Because you will be objective, and you won't try to tell me I'm some kind of a superhero.

Sami: Well, you got that right. I, uh, don't believe in fairy tales anymore.

John: Well, then, Samantha... it sounds like you are gonna be perfect for the job.

Sami: Are you sure this is what you want?

John: Yes, it is.

Sami: What do you want to know?

John: Everything.

E.J.: It's all there.

Nicole: No offense, baby cakes, but I've heard that before. Oh, what I won't do for money these days.

E.J.: "These days," eh?

Nicole: Hey, watch it.

E.J.: Let's not pretend you didn't enjoy your little mission.

Nicole: If I didn't need the cash, I would make Sami squirm for free.

E.J.: That's not why I asked you to speak to Mr. Burke.

Nicole: I know. I consider the opportunity to toy with Sami my incentive. Look, I'm sorry I made her freak out, but did you see the look on her face when I walked in? It was priceless.

E.J.: Nicole, I paid you to speak to Mr. Burke. I did not pay you to toy with Samantha.

Nicole: I know. I threw that in for free.

E.J.: Well, I hope you were as enthusiastic in your interview with him as you were in tormenting her.

Nicole: Don't worry, E.J. I said exactly what you wanted me to.

E.J.: Which was?

Nicole: That you and Sami are truly, deeply, and madly in love with each other. Oh, God. I can't even believe I said that, even for money. What, have I no shame? Of course not.

Sami: If you want to know everything, John, we're gonna be here all night.

John: Well, just the highlights, then, as you see them. Give me some insight -- why your mother fell in love with me.

Sami: Well, that's easy. She fell in love with you because she thought you were my Dad... returned from the dead.

John: Sounds familiar.

Sami: Yeah. Well, by the time we found out you weren't really my Dad, it was too late. She couldn't give you up.

Marlena: I never stopped... c-caring [Inhales sharply] About you. You were never... out of my t-thoughts. You were...never... out of my h-heart. I...love you. Oh...God.

John: This is so right, Doc -- being here with you like this, just like on the plane. We need each other.

Marlena: God. Oh, God.

John: We need each other.

Marlena: You couldn't possibly know --

Sami: I do, Mom! I know! I know about you and John! I know you made love!

Marlena: How could you know?

Sami: I saw you! The night of the Titan party.

Marlena: What do you mean?

Sami: In the conference room! You didn't even care that Dad was in the same building, that he could have seen you instead of me!

Marlena: Oh, my.

Sami: You can't deny it! I saw you! I saw you! I'll never forgive you for this! Never!

John: So that's the way it happened?

Sami: Pretty much. You destroyed the love between my Mom and Dad. My Dad was so heartbroken that he had to leave Salem for a long time. Seeing you and my Mom together pretty much screwed everything up.

John: I destroyed your life? It's convenient.

Sami: [Scoffs] Believe me, I wish it hadn't happened.

John: Your Father seems to have put it all behind him.

Sami: Yeah, 'cause he's a good guy. I mean, he certainly wasn't happy that you took my Mom away from him, but he wanted my Mom to be happy. And in time, he forgave both of you.

John: Why didn't you take after him?

Sami: Excuse me?

John: You have a chip on your shoulder.

Sami: [Scoffs] Well, if I do, it's 'cause of you.

John: Are you saying you've never been happy?

Sami: No, I am not saying that. My children make me happy. Lucas made me happy.

John: Before he went to prison and destroyed your current world. And you can't find it in your heart to forgive him, can you? Just like you can't forgive me.

E.J.: Listen, I hope you're not gonna beat yourself up about a little lie, darling.

Nicole: Oh, please. You obviously don't know me very well, do you?

E.J.: I guess I don't.

Nicole: We're a lot alike. There was a time I did crazy things for the people I loved, and I wasn't even paid for it.

E.J.: Really? Oh, like [Snaps fingers] Eric?

Nicole: And Brady. Heck, I even thought I had a chance with Austin, but even I was smart enough to know that he belonged with Carrie, unlike Sami. Now, there's a story for the ages.

E.J.: Be careful. You're beginning to sound like you have morals.

Nicole: Only when convenient or helpful.

E.J.: Well, I'm sure you'll meet a nice guy soon enough.

Nicole: You know, if you weren't so in love with Sami, maybe I'd go after you.

E.J.: Mm-hmm. Well, I am in love with Sami.

Nicole: That's a shame. Besides, even if you were interested in me, I'm still married, and that would be un-ethical for you to get involved with a client, wouldn't it?

E.J.: Quite.

Nicole: However, you did pay me to lie for you, so I guess ethics aren't high on your priority list. Oh, that is why I like you so much. Okay. Relax. Relax. Oh! However, there is one thing I am...confused about.

E.J.: All right. What's that?

Nicole: Well, you said that I was your only client and that you're strapped for money.

E.J.: Maybe I took on some more clients.

Nicole: Anyone I know?

E.J.: I doubt it.

Nicole: So that's how you found the mucho dinero to pay me.

E.J.: You should be very happy, darling. I got all of my clients off, and they're all guilty as sin.

Nicole: That makes me feel better.

E.J.: Let's be clear on something, shall we? Nobody is ever going to find out about this.

Nicole: You mean Sami. Please. Like she can throw stones at anyone.

E.J.: Regardless -- all right? -- In her eyes, I have to remain an upstanding father and husband. Are we clear?

Nicole: You really intend to make her love you, don't you?

E.J.: Yes, I do. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she does. Found the mucho dinero to pay me.

E.J.: You should be very happy, darling. I got all of my clients off, and they're all guilty as sin.

Nicole: That makes me feel better.

E.J.: Let's be clear on something, shall we? Nobody is ever going to find out about this. You really intend to make her love you, don't you?

E.J.: Yes, I do. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she does.

Sami: I'm not saying that I haven't forgiven you for screwing up my life.

John: Well, then, what is it?

Sami: It's complicated.

John: We're both wide awake. Come on. Let's give it a shot. 

Sami: I'm not saying that I haven't forgiven you for screwing up my life.

John: Well, then, what is it?

Sami: It's complicated.

John: We're both wide awake. Come on. Let's give it a shot.

Sami: [Exhales sharply] Okay. Well, John, you were my Dad, you know, and I loved you and I trusted you. And -- and then one day you weren't my Dad anymore. It was like we had been living this whole big, fat lie. And I hated it... and you.

John: So you rebelled.

Sami: Well, you took my Mom away from my Dad, John.

John: There had to be more than that.

Sami: A lot more. You know, like the time that you, once again, had amnesia and, uh, up and left my Mom in the middle of your honeymoon in Hawaii, no less, to hook up with Aunt Hope. John, in the middle of your honeymoon, for God's sake.

John: Hope. Bo Brady's wife, Hope?

Sami: Pretty crazy, right?

John: What happened?

Sami: What didn't happen? Mom didn't want anyone to know, but I found out. You two were walking on the beach in Hawaii. Hope had a little identity crisis, and she lured you out to sea.

John: She's getting pulled under.

Marlena: Oh, I do see her. John, no, you can't go.

John: She needs help. Don't worry. It's okay. I'll be right back. I'll get her and be right back.

Marlena: Be careful. John, be careful. It's rough out there! Be careful!

Hope: I love you so much. Please come back to me.

Sami: It's sort of awkward trying to explain to you exactly what happened on that submarine, but I'll try.

John: Is it you?

Hope: Yes. Yes, I'm right here, John. I've taken care of everything, John. We're safe here, free of Stefano.

John: Me and Hope? I had no idea.

Sami: Yeah, it was crazy, right? But it wasn't all your fault, really, John. Aunt Hope thought she was this other person, too.

John: Yeah. Princess Gina.

Sami: It was really devastating for my Mom and for Uncle Bo.

John: Thank you.

Sami: For telling you a bunch of horror stories? It's entirely my pleasure.

John: What you're telling me not only validates but also takes the pressure off. Still, it's a lot to absorb.

Sami: Well, you said you wanted to know.

John: Tell me more about when you thought I was your father.

Sami: I don't know. What's there to say? We all thought you were my Dad.

John: And when you found out I wasn't Roman?

Sami: It was a complete betrayal.

John: And none of you had the slightest doubt?

Sami: No. I mean, of course we did at first. In the beginning, my Mom thought that you might even be Stefano back from the dead with a new and different face. She told me she'll never be able to forget that moment. You and my Mom were stranded in the wilderness. She just thought you were this guy named John. But then she saw the symbol of the phoenix on your back. That changed everything.

Marlena: It's always rising from the ashes, isn't it?

John: I love you, Doc.

Marlena: I love you, too.

Sami: That's when she truly believed you were my Dad.

John: When Stefano gave me that tattoo... he marked me as his possession. Little did he know he was branding his brother a true DiMera.

Sami: What does that mean? You're gonna start acting like Stefano now? [Scoffs] Great.

Nicole: I have to say, I am digging this whole dark and shady side of E.J. DiMera.

E.J.: I wouldn't say "shady." I'd say, uh, "determined."

Nicole: Call it what you will, but it's got me all tingly inside.

E.J.: Really? I am flattered.

Nicole: You should be. I don't get tingly for just anyone. You know, there are some other...sides of you I wouldn't mind seeing. What do you say we go somewhere?

E.J.: What I say is I am... tempted -- truly tempted -- but, as you mentioned, you are married and I am in love with Samantha.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Buzz kill.

E.J.: I will tell you something, though.

Nicole: What?

E.J.: When I first met you, I knew that I could use you very much for my purposes.

Nicole: Oh, aren't we smug?

E.J.: A little.

Nicole: So this whole charming British routine was just for show?

E.J.: Well, let's just say you wouldn't be the first person that I've fooled.

John: So, you think I'm gonna follow in the footsteps of my big brother?

Sami: I don't know. Are you?

John: I have no intention of being driven by hate and revenge.

Sami: Well, that's a relief, then.

John: I also have no intention of living my life for Blondie or anybody else, for that matter.

Sami: Of course not. Why should you? I for one just wish the past would stay in the past, you know?

John: Well, it's easy. You just forget about it.

Sami: Well, with all the things that I have done, it would take a pretty severe case of amnesia.

John: Interesting. Your mother told me you faked that once.

Sami: Actually, John, I had it for a while, and then, I don't know, I didn't want to give up that blank slate, you know? All my past mistakes erased.

John: Well, I wouldn't wish what I have on anyone. It's rather disconcerting to look into your past and find nothing but blackness staring back at you. That's why I focus on the future, and right now I'm concentrating on shoring up the DiMera Enterprise.

Sami: Well, I know the perfect way for you to start -- with this. Who knows? This information might be really helpful to you, John. Go on. Take it.

Sami: What are you waiting for, John? What is that?

John: I'm not sure.

Sami: Uhh! If I keep staring at that, it's gonna give me a headache.

John: It must be encrypted.

Sami: Does that mean a code? Can you break it?

John: I don't know. I've never seen anything like this.

Sami: Well, I can call my Dad. Maybe he could send it over to the ISA. You know, you used to have a lot of friends over there. Maybe they'd help you decode it.

Nicole: I have to admit -- I was fooled. You are an incredibly charming man.

E.J.: I was raised well.

Nicole: I wasn't.

E.J.: I know.

Nicole: Look, I learned how to play the game the hard way. No one uses me. Understood?

E.J.: Okay. Fair enough. I, uh, have to say I find your rather sexy, sarcastic bad-girl act very entertaining.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Call it my coping mechanism.

E.J.: Really? So, what is the real Nicole like?

Nicole: Good question. I haven't seen her around lately. But once I win my settlement, I hope to dig her up.

E.J.: Okay, so financial security -- is that what's important for you?

Nicole: What else is there?

E.J.: I don't know. Love?

Nicole: Oh, love. Oh! Love only means trouble for me. Every man I've ever loved I've lost. So, what about you, though? Are you really sure you want to drag yourself through the mud for Sami?

E.J.: I love Sami.

Nicole: But Sami loves Lucas.

E.J.: Well, Lucas is in prison.

Nicole: Yeah, maybe so, but she's still in love with him. And even if she fell out of love with him and in love with you, she will always side with Lucas. He went to prison defending her honor -- or so he thinks. How are you gonna compete with that?

E.J.: Maybe I don't have to compete with that.

Sami: So, how about it? You want me to call my Dad?

John: I'll have to think about it. I...have a few sources, also.

Sami: Okay. Well, if I were you, I would definitely do it soon. You never know what's on that disk. If it was important enough for Stefano to hide it, it could be about money. It could be juicy secrets. It could be anything.

John: I agree. But I don't want to deal with this right now. I'm finding our little stroll down memory lane to be quite illuminating thanks to you.

Sami: Me?

John: So far you've been brutally honest, and I appreciate it.

Sami: [Sighs] You know, you're not half bad, John, when you get past all your weird behavior.

John: I think the same thing about you. So, what else can you tell me? How did I come to Salem? Did I just appear, or was I brought here?

Sami: Well, from what I was told, you were...discovered.

John: By whom?

Sami: Victor Kiriakis. You were really the pawn then. Nameless, faceless. You were living under Victor's protection.

Victor: Soon, very soon, we're going to unlock all the secrets that you've got stored away in there -- all the names, all the places. What does the name Alex Marshal mean to you? Nurse Honeycutt? Roman Brady? Stefano DiMera?

Sami: Then you escaped from the Kiriakis mansion and wandered into a mission near the riverfront.

John: So that's how I got my name. This is not acceptable.

Sami: What do you mean?

John: The fact that I have been used over and over again by Stefano and been allowed to be manipulated by Victor Kiriakis.

Sami: John, you were a victim.

John: That was then. This is now. My days of being a victim are over.

E.J.: Well, let's just say that I have a way to level the playing field, huh?

Nicole: [Chuckles] You know, knocking him off that pedestal won't be easy. He's a martyr, for God's sake. So, what are you gonna do?

E.J.: Let's just say that I have a plan, eh?

Nicole: Care to share?

E.J.: No. Not yet.

Nicole: [Sighs] Oh. I wish you all the luck in the world, E.J.

E.J.: Luck? No, no, no, my darling. I don't need luck. Samantha is going to be mine.

John: Everything okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. Her pacifier fell out of her mouth. I put it back in, and she's fine.

John: It's a cute kid. You're a lucky woman.

Sami: Thanks. You know, you're really good with them, John. It reminds me of how you used to be with Belle.

John: Tink, right?

Sami: Yeah, that's right. You, um, you loved her to death.

John: So, she told me.

Sami: You were good with her...before you even knew she was your daughter.

John: Excuse me?

Sami: [Exhales sharply] I, um, have sort of a reputation of acting before I think things through, and I did something really horrible to you, John. I hurt you a lot.

John: And you want to tell me about it now? It's interesting.

Sami: Well, after everything I've told you about yourself... I wouldn't feel right if I didn't. I snuck into the hospital lab. When my Mom was pregnant with Belle, she wasn't sure who the father was -- you or my Dad. She had a paternity test. I had to sneak a peek at the results... and I didn't like what I saw. So I changed it.

John: Well, Doc, what did the results say?

Marlena: I know there have been times... when you held out some hope for the two of us. I'm not sure there ever was... hope... for us. Even if this were your child, I just don't think that --

John: Wait -- wait a minute. Even... if this were my child? So, what are you saying, Doc -- that this -- this baby isn't mine?

Marlena: Yes. It's not yours.

Sami: After Belle was born, I sort of panicked, and I kidnapped my own sister. I was gonna give her away for adoption.

Marlena: You almost destroyed this family. You took Belle away from us... and you tried to give her to another couple to raise her. We never would have seen her again. We would not know if she were alive... or dead. How could you let us suffer like that?

Sami: Come on, John. Say something.

John: So you kidnapped your kid sister because you didn't want anyone to know that the baby wasn't your father's. Hmm. That makes sense.

Sami: You're not mad?

John: How could I be mad over something I don't remember?

Sami: Belle is your daughter.

John: I have no connection to her -- to any of you.

Sami: Well, we're hoping that that will change.

John: Maybe. Maybe not. Let me get this straight. When Isabella was born, everybody thought that it was Roman's baby? [Chuckles] The blonde is more twisted than I realized.

Sami: You cannot tell my Mom that I told you this stuff. She'll kill me.

John: No, this is too good.

Sami: John, you can't --

John: Okay, I won't reveal my sources, but it's really good.

E.J.: Okay. So, what about you? Other than taking Victor for all his money, what are your plans? Hey. Okay. I get it. It's none of my business.

Nicole: Actually, I don't mind telling you my plans. Once I win my settlement, I plan on staying right here in Salem.

E.J.: Okay. Let's just say you get half of everything that Victor has. Then what are you gonna do?

Nicole: Well, I'm thinking of taking the other half. [Chuckles]

E.J.: But haven't you allegedly been down that road before?

Nicole: No. What are you thinking? I'm not gonna take his life. I'm just gonna take his hot-as-hell son Philip.

Sami: Thank you for not telling my Mom that I'm the one who let the cat out of the bag.

John: You're welcome. For the record... I really like the way you handled the situation with Isabella.

Sami: You do?

John: You displayed initiative and courage, yes.

Sami: Are you kidding me? I should have been sent to juvenile hall. If Will did something like that, I would freak out.

John: Blondie's no worse for wear.

Sami: [Scoffs]

John: What is it now?

Sami: Well, John, you had me going for a while. I was starting to like you, and then all of a sudden you say something like that that's so completely...heartless.

John: It's the way I see it. You took matters into your own hands. Good for you. Sometimes even superheroes have a dark side.

Sami: That's pretty dark... even for me.

John: Well, I thought you just said you were beginning to like the new me.

Sami: I do. I did. I -- but sympathizing with your child's kidnaper -- that is a pretty cold thing to say.

John: Well, maybe it's easier to be that way.

Sami: And maybe I just figured you out.

John: So, you've got me all figured out? This ought to be good.

Sami: My Mom's not the only one who can analyze people, John.

John: Go on.

Sami: I think whenever you start to feel a real emotion, you make some comment guaranteed to keep the person at arm's length.

John: That's it? That's the big revelation?

Sami: It's true, and you know it.

John: And how much do I owe you for this brilliant analysis?

Sami: You can deny it all you want, John. I have seen the way you are with my Mom, which means you really do have feelings for her, don't you? I want to know if you love her.

John: Love her? I don't even know what that is.

Sami: You used to. She was the most important thing in the world to you.

John: Good night.

Sami: What?

John: I'm going to bed.

Sami: [Scoffs] I guess I struck a nerve. [Allie crying] Oh, Allie.

Chelsea: You don't want me to get in trouble with Hope, do you?

Bo: Good luck with that.

Morgan: What was that about?

Kate: You've changed a bit.

Martino: It's all because of you, Kate. You didn't know that, did you?

Lexie: It's my professional opinion that Ava Vitali is medically fit to face the consequences of her actions.

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