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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/1/08 - Canada; Friday 5/2/08 - U.S.A.

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Kate: "Mmm-mmm. Nothing like fresh-baked cookies made with love from my brand-new Hearth and Home bake set." Her line. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. "And they can be stored for up to four months. That's right -- four months, using my dishwasher-safe hearth and home snap-and-seal storage container. Snap-and-seal storage container. Oh, my God. Who writes this stuff?

Jeff: You must be my wife.

Kate: Excuse me?

Jeff: Jeff Voorhees. I play your husband.

Kate: Oh, nice to meet you. Kate Roberts.

Jeff: So, pumped for this?

Kate: Uh, yeah.

Barney: Ten minutes to rehearsal. Notify the talent, please.

Tony: Mr. Bateman?

Barney: Call me Barney. And you are?

Tony: I'm Tony DiMera.

Barney: Tony DiMera. Well, nice to finally put a face with the voice.

Tony: Thank you so much for coming at such short notice. We really appreciate it.

Barney: Hey, no problem. We're gonna make magic here today. [Cellphone rings]

Barney: Excuse me.

Tony: Absolutely.

Barney: Yeah?

Kate: Okay, Jeff. I'll let you know when I'm ready to run lines. Thank you.

Tony: Kate.

Kate: [Sighs] Where did you get him? He thinks we're doing a remake of "On The Waterfront."

Tony: Oh, come on, Kate. It's exciting. Good luck.

Kate: [Sniffs] Mmm. Smells good.

Marlena: Oh, John, may I borrow your --

John: Pasta or sushi?

Marlena: Is it lunchtime already?

John: I'm expanding my business interests. Italy or Japan? What do you like?

Marlena: Italy's beautiful. We were married there once.

John: Italy it is, and pasta for lunch.

Marlena: May I borrow your computer? Mine keeps freezing up.

John: Well, you do realize... that I will expect something in return.

Marlena: Oh. What did you have in mind? Mmm.

Sami: Yeah. I think if we just ask them, we could -- [Clears throat]

Earl: Listen, Mr. Vitali, please. Look, don't do this. Don't -- don't kill me. You know me. I-I have a family.

Martino: They'd be very disappointed in you. I'm disappointed in you.

Earl: Look, I-I didn't mean to disappoint you. It's just I didn't have a choice. That Brady guy -- he forced it out of me.

Martino: You had a choice, Earl. You picked the wrong one.

Earl: He said if I didn't tell him where the compound was, he was gonna put a cap in me. You -- you got to understand that.

Martino: Do cops go around capping people now? Is there something I should be aware of?

Earl: Listen, Mr. Vitali. Listen to me. No, no! Listen to me! Wait a minute!

Martino: See, I got a problem, Earl. I like you. I think everybody deserves a second chance, don't you?

Earl: Yeah, that's right. Everybody deserves a second chance. That's right. Listen. You -- you won't regret this.

Kayla: How you feeling, Ava?

Ava: Get these things off of me.

Lexie: She's detoxing.

Kayla: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Ava: [Chuckles] Do I have any choice?

Kayla: Ava, we had the medication that you were taking analyzed. I have the results right here.

Ava: You can't do that. That's an invasion of privacy. You're a cop! You're a cop! Have her arrested!

Abe: You know, maybe we should hold off on this until she's stabilized.

Ava: I want my doctor.

Kayla: I'll be taking care of you now.

Ava: No. No. No, I want Dr. Neusbaum! I want Dr. Neusbaum! I need my pills!

Kayla: Those pills are not going to help you, Ava.

Ava: Yes, they will! You make her give them to me.

Steve: I don't think she can do that.

Ava: Come on.

Kayla: Those pills aren't making you better. In fact, they're making you worse.

Barney: People, we've got a bit of a problem. One of our actors called in sick, so, everyone, take 5, or more like 45, while I get casting to send over a replacement.

Anna: [Clears throat] Is that you, Kate? I hardly recognized you without all your overdone eye makeup.

Kate: [Chuckles] Why, thank you, Anna. What are you doing here?

Anna: Oh, I was invited. Right, Tony?

Tony: I thought we could use her expertise.

Kate: You're kidding, right?

Tony: Oh, no, no. Come on, Kate.

Kate: Tony, I'm not sure that Anna knows the difference between a flowerpot and a crock-pot.

Anna: Oh, well, I think you're one to talk. A domestic goddess herself. Probably hasn't used a vacuum since she used it to lipo the fat out of...

Tony: Ladies, please. Could we at least pretend that we like each other? And would you excuse us for a minute?

Anna: Yes. Take your time, darling.

Tony: Thank you.

Kate: Tony, this isn't going to work. I have tolerated Anna because of you. I even threw her a little internet account, but this is really going too far.

Tony: I'll talk to her, I promise.

Kate: This is my product. This is my commercial. My rules. Either she goes or I do.

Anna: Hmm. "Nothing like fresh-baked cookies made with love from my brand-new hearth and home bake set."

Barney: Read that again.

Anna: I'm sorry?

Barney: The script. Read it.

Anna: Okay. [Chuckles] "Mmm. Mmm-mmm. Nothing like fresh-baked cookies made with love from my brand-new Hearth and Home bake set."

Barney: Ever done any acting?

Anna: [Chuckles] Well, I did play Liesl in my high school production of "The Sound of Music."

Barney: Good enough for me. How would you like to make a few extra bucks today?

Anna: You want me to be in Kate's commercial?

Barney: I think you'd be perfect for it.

Tony: What?

Kate: What?

Barney: You're just what I need.

Anna: I am just what he needs.

Barney: So, you'll do it, then?

Anna: Well, I wouldn't want to steal the thunder from our star here.

Tony: I could make a phone call, and I'm sure we could find someone.

Anna: But if you really need me, who am I to say no?

Barney: Great. Let's get this woman over to hair and makeup.

Anna: Oh! Won't this be fun?

Sami: [Clears throat]

John: You kids should know better than to ever interrupt me when I'm making out with my wife.

Marlena: Well, that's not what we were doing.

E.J.: No, of course not. What exactly was it that you were doing?

John: Yeah, Doc, tell them.

Sami: Wait a second. Did you just call her "Doc"?

Marlena: He did.

Sami: The old John is back?

Marlena: Oh!

Steve: Ava, what Kayla's saying is the drugs are making you worse, not better.

Ava: She's lying.

Abe: Kayla, are you sure about this?

Kayla: Absolutely. I watched her take the pills. I asked her about them. She said that they made her relaxed.

Ava: Which is why I need one right now.

Lexie: This medication causes anxiety -- paranoia in her case.

Kayla: Mood swings, manic episodes. This drug is never used to treat brief psychotic disorder. This is an antiseizure medication and, in Ava's case, is potentially very dangerous.

Steve: So, then why would a doctor prescribe them?

Abe: Do you suppose it was intentional?

Ava: No. No. No, Dr. Neusbaum would never do anything to hurt me.

Kayla: You may want to believe that, Ava.

Ava: Look, I trust him.

Kayla: Then why don't you explain to me why your condition has not improved?

Ava: Well, I don't know. I don't know. Maybe medication can't help me. Maybe nothing can.

Steve: Maybe you don't know this doctor as well as you think you do. Can you think of any reason why Dr. Neusbaum wouldn't want you to get better?

Barney: And 5, 4, 3, 2...

Kate: Mmm! Fresh-baked cookies made with love using my new Hearth and Home bake set.

Anna: Mmm! Those are delicious, Kate.

Kate: They're delicious, aren't they? And you can store them for up to four months in my Hearth and Home snap-and-seal storage container.

Anna: You know, I don't know how you do it, Kate. Your house is immaculate, you have the most beautiful garden on the block, and you still have time to bake these incredible cookies.

Kate: Well, I do my best, but does my husband appreciate it?

Anna: [Clears throat] No. No. As a matter of fact, I don't think a husband will ever appreciate anything a woman does.

Kate: Oh, come on! That's not even the line, and you are not...

Barney: Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Props!

Kate: I mean, look what you did now.

Anna: It's not half as much as I'm gonna do.

Tony: No.

Anna: How would you like to be hit in the head with one of these Hearth and Home omelet pans?

Barney: Ladies, please. I know we're all a little tense. Would you please put down the skillet? Okay. Uh, let's take this from the top. We need hair and makeup.

Tony: We need a miracle.

Dr. Rolf: I am terribly sorry.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Let me help you.

John: No. He can handle it.

Sami: Oh, so John's not back?

Marlena: No. No, he's not.

Sami: So, um, Mom, why were you kissing him?

Marlena: It's complicated.

John: I kissed her. And she loved every second of it. Tell them all about it, Blondie.

Dr. Rolf: Um, sir, I'm afraid I'm going to have to bring this chair in and have it cleaned.

John: No. Just get rid of it.

E.J.: Wait a second, John. It's an antique.

John: Okay. Have it cleaned. But there are several things in this mausoleum that I would like to get rid of... starting with this picture. Get rid of it.

Steve: Okay. Just try to relax, Ava. We're all here to help you. Now, did -- did something happen? Can you think of any reason why your doctor wouldn't want you to get better?

Ava: I don't know. There's something -- there's something that I can't remember... no matter how hard I try, and it... it happened right after you left me. And I tried to remember, and every time I did, I just -- I can't. I can't.

Steve: Don't get frustrated. Okay. Take it easy. Take your time.

Ava: Dr. Neusbaum and I -- we -- we'd talk about this in our sessions. And every time I got close, it just -- it just slipped away! I just can't!

Lexie: Okay, okay. It's all right. It's all right. Just -- just relax. Maybe we should take a break.

Ava: I let you down. I let you down. I did. Everybody hates me.

Steve: No.

Ava: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Patch.

Lexie: Okay, everyone, out. Abe, Steve, please.

Ava: Don't go. Don't go! Don't go!

Steve: I'll be back.

Ava: Don't leave me!

Steve: I promise I'll come back.

Ava: Patch!

Lexie: Another gram of Lorazepam.

Ava: Patch!

Lexie: It's okay. We're giving you something to relax you.

Ava: I want Patch!

Lexie: It's okay.

Ava: Patch!

Lexie: It's okay.

Abe: So, that woman definitely has problems.

Kayla: Well, despite everything that's happened, I am a doctor and I want her to recover.

Steve: It's not just because you're a doctor. It's because you care about people.

Kayla: Well, we can try talking to her in a little while. When the drugs are out of her system, her memory may improve.

Steve: I hope so... 'cause I think there's a whole hell of a lot she wants to tell us.

John: I said to take down the painting, Rolf. I find it hard to concentrate with Stefano watching me all the time. Would you prefer subtitles? Remove the painting now.

Sami: [Exhales sharply] Good riddance.

Marlena: Rolf, are you all right?

Dr. Rolf: Uh, yes, yes, of -- of course. Why don't I, uh, I bring you some fresh coffee and I'll remove the painting another time, hmm?

John: No, you'll remove the painting now.

Sami: Why are you freezing up, Rolf? Still missing your old boss?

Dr. Rolf: I, uh, I would feel as though I were betraying Stefano.

Sami: [Sighs]

Marlena: The man's in a coma, Rolf. He's not coming back.

John: Perhaps you're not clear on how we operate here. This is my house. I own it. I got you out of prison. I own you. So when I ask you to rotate my tires, you rotate. When I ask you to redecorate my living room, you redecorate. And when I ask you to plumb my commodes, you plumb.

Dr. Rolf: Yes, I understand, and I will gladly do all of those other things, but not this -- not remove the painting. I am sorry. It is just too painful for me to facilitate the end of an era.

E.J.: Oh, come on, Rolf. I, for one, would be glad to see the end of it.

Marlena: Rolf, I think we all would be.

John: Well, if you're not going to cooperate, what can I do -- hold a gun to your head?

Dr. Rolf: That is a rhetorical question, yes?

John: I will do it... myself.

Dr. Rolf: Um, no! Um, you might hurt yourself.

John: I highly doubt that. Well, now, what have we here?

Abe: And she kidnaps Hope and shoots her. She takes the two of you hostage. [Chuckles] You know, I know why you feel sorry for her, but, come on, be reasonable.

Kayla: You know, despite everything that happened, I am a doctor and I want her to recover.

Abe: So you really believe that she didn't know what she was putting in her body?

Kayla: Yeah.

Abe: Steve?

Steve: I have to agree with her, Abe.

Abe: [Chuckles] You know, you folks are just a hell of a lot more forgiving than I would be.

Steve: Listen, man, we just want to make sure the right person is held responsible. That's all.

Abe: So, you think it was the doctor, huh?

Kayla: Listen, Abe, can you maybe put this guy in your computer and see what pops up?

Abe: What's his name again?

Kayla: It's Neusbaum. I don't know what his first name is, but I'm sure I could find out.

Abe: I'll see what I can do.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: How's she doing?

Lexie: We gave her something to calm her down. She's pretty out of it right now. Would you two excuse me? I need to speak with Kayla privately. Did you tell Steve?

Kayla: No.

Lexie: He's going to find out sooner or later. It's in her chart.

Kayla: It just didn't seem like the right time.

Lexie: Don't you think it would be best if Steve got the news from you?

Steve: What news? What's going on, sweetness?

Kayla: I didn't know exactly how to tell you.

Steve: Tell me what?

Kayla: Ava tried to take her own life.

Steve: What -- you mean recently?

Kayla: Right after you left her at the altar.

Steve: Well, when did you find out about this?

Kayla: Yesterday. I knew you'd blame yourself, and, uh... I'm sorry.

Steve: [Cries softly] Hey, Lexie, can I go back in there?

Lexie: Yeah. Just make sure you don't get her agitated.

Steve: Will you come with me? Ava...

Ava: Patch. Where am I?

Kayla: You're at University Hospital in Salem.

Ava: What did they do? I can't feel my arms.

Steve: It's okay. These people are gonna take good care of you.

Ava: Patch...

Steve: Yeah?

Ava: Don't leave me.

Anna: It was nice meeting you, too, Jeff. Good luck doing "Hamlet" in Canada.

Tony: Uh, Kate, I think -- stop it. You know, the shoot went very well.

Kate: She ruined it. I'm gonna be lucky if I can sell a pot holder.

Tony: Now, that's not true.

Kate: Oh, forget it. Hmm. You know that little internet account that I gave to you? You can forget about it.

Anna: I've done all the research for it.

Kate: That's tough because I am never, ever going to work with you again.

Tony: Kate.

Anna: How can she do that to me? I've put in over 20 hours of work on that account.

Tony: Oh, let her go.

Anna: [Sighs]

Tony: [Sighs] She needs to cool off.

Anna: Oh, you think?

Tony: Yeah, I do. She will, I hope.

Anna: You know, you took quite a risk by letting me be in this commercial today, Tony.

Tony: Ah, it's all right.

Anna: And what if she pulls your account, too?

Tony: There are many other accounts out there, but there are no other Annas. [Laughs] Never a dull moment. Anyway, I-if you'd like, um, why don't you have dinner with me tonight? I'll take you to Chez Rouge.

Anna: I'd like that. So, is this the kind of woman you'd really like, Tony, someone who cooks and cleans and... knows how to use one of these thingies?

Tony: I-I believe that's a cheese grater.

Anna: Ah. But don't they sell cheese already grated?

Tony: That's the woman that I want. [Growls]

Anna: Mmm.

Tony: Isn't it a -- what? Isn't it a pity the cameras aren't still rolling, hmm?

Anna: You naughty boy. [Both laughing] [Squeals]

Marlena: It's a safe.

Sami: E.J., did you know about this?

E.J.: I had no idea.

Dr. Rolf: Is that the buzzer I hear? Yes, I have a Bundt cake in the oven. If you will please excuse me.

John: You will stay.

Dr. Rolf: But my cake.

John: What is the combination?

Dr. Rolf: I haven't a clue.

John: Of course you do, Rolf.

Dr. Rolf: I assure you, I didn't even know he had a safe.

Sami: You knew, didn't you, John?

John: If I knew about this safe, I would have opened it already.

E.J.: Well, what do you suppose is inside?

Sami: If it's anything to do with Stefano, we're probably safer not knowing.

Marlena: Oh, I disagree.

John: It may take some time, but I will crack it.

E.J.: What exactly do you think you're gonna do? You want to try birthdays and addresses? You'll be here all day. Why don't you get a locksmith?

John: Not yet, nephew.

Dr. Rolf: Wha -- what are you doing?

John: I'm gonna check for a pulse. [Cellphone ringing]

Martino: Yeah, talk to me. Yeah? All right, good. Finish that up. We're out of here. Let's go.

Ava: [Moaning] I don't feel so good.

Kayla: We're purging the drugs from your system. It's gonna take a little while.

Ava: Why are you being so nice to me?

Kayla: It's my job. You're my patient. I want you to recover.

Ava: But why? I did awful things to you... and to Patch and the rest of your friends.

Steve: It wasn't you, Ava. It was because of the drugs you were taking.

Ava: I thought they were supposed to help me.

Steve: I know you did.

Kayla: Why don't you just rest now?

Steve: Sweetness... thank you.

Lexie: How did it go?

Kayla: She's resting.

Steve: Kayla was great.

Kayla: Just doing what any doctor would do.

Lexie: Well, with detoxing, she's got a tough road ahead of her.

[Cellphone ringing]

Abe: Oh. Excuse me. Yeah. Carver. Where are you? I'll be right there.

Lexie: What is it?

Abe: There was a body found in the alley behind the Cheatin' Heart.

Kayla: Oh, my God.

Lexie: Be careful, okay?

Abe: Yes. [Woman speaking indistinctly over police radio]

Sullivan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry, ma'am. This is a crime scene -- restricted area.

Kate: Oh, my God. What happened?

Sullivan: We don't know yet. Did you happen to see anything or hear anything unusual?

Kate: No. I mean, I just came here. I didn't see anything. I'm going to get some food.

Sullivan: Bennett, would you mind taking this lady's name and number?

Bennett: It's just routine, ma'am, not to worry.

Sullivan: Did you get an I.D. yet?

Man: Yeah. By the looks of it, judging by these marks, I'd say he didn't go down easy.

Kate: 0958. That's the cell.

Bennett: We'll call if we have any questions.

[Cellphone ringing]

Kate: Hello.

Martino: Long time no hear.

Kate: This is unexpected.

Martino: [Laughs] Yeah, well, look, I'm in town for a visit. I, uh, well, I just thought I'd give you a call and see if we can get together, just like the old days.

Kate: You know, I'm not inn that line of work anymore. I gave up that lifestyle a long time ago.

Martino: Oh, really, Kate? Oh, that's great. God, I'm glad to hear that. Good for you. That's -- that's great.

Kate: What brings you to Salem?

Martino: Uh, family matters.

Kate: Really?

Martino: Yeah, um, look, Kate, I'm here. At least let me buy you a drink.

Kate: I'm pretty -- I'm pretty busy.

Martino: Before you go on, you got my word -- no tricks, no strings, just a couple of old friends catching up after a long time. That's it. What do you say?

Kate: All right.

Martino: Why don't I pick you up around 8:00, and we'll do dinner and drinks? How's that?

Kate: Why don't I meet you somewhere?

Martino: You want to meet? Okay, good. Um, I'll tell you what. Let me, uh, let me figure out a time and place, and I'll call you back.

Kate: Okay. I'll see you later then.

Martino: Okay. Can't wait. Thanks. Bye.

Marlena: Any progress?

John: I got it.

Dr. Rolf: I think we should respect Stefano's privacy.

John: I think you should respect mine.

Sami: So, what's inside, John?

John: Real-estate documents.

Sami: Boring.

E.J.: Are you sure there's nothing else?

John: Doesn't appear that way.

Marlena: Stefano went to all that trouble to hide real-estate documents?

E.J.: Yeah, that certainly does seem a little bit odd.

John: Yeah. I'll look these over closer. Maybe I'm missing something.

Dr. Rolf: Now that the mystery has been solved, let's retire to the dining room and have some cake, shall we, hmm?

John: Whoa. What do we have here?

Steve: How you doing?

Ava: Come here. Come a little closer.

Steve: [Sighs]

Ava: I need you to get me out of here.

Steve: Ava.

Ava: Yeah. Look, um... you get rid of the guard. Take off these straps, baby. I'll do the rest.

Steve: You know I can't do that.

Ava: But you owe me. You owe me for all the hell that you put me through.

Steve: Yeah.

Ava: [Crying] Get me out of here.

Steve: No, I can't.

Ava: Get me out.

Steve: You've got to calm down.

Ava: I said, get me out of here!

Steve: Kayla!

Ava: I want to get out!

Steve: Lexie gave her something to relax. What's going on?

Ava: Get me out of here! [Crying] I want to go home!

Kayla: Take it easy.

Ava: I want to go home!

Kayla: Ava, Ava, take it easy.

Ava: Get off me! I want to go home!

Kayla: You need to relax.

Steve: Where's Lexie?

Martino: What the hell's going on in here?

Steve: Well, look who's here.

Marlena: Uh, John, shouldn't we see what's on it?

John: I'll examine it closer in private. Now, you two kids. You wanted something when you broke in here and interrupted me.

Sami: A small favor.

John: Small favor. You're living here under my roof, and you have eaten all of my corn chips. I'd say you're doing pretty well for yourself.

Marlena: What do you need us to do?

Sami: Mom, it would help us a lot if you and John came with us to E.J.'s immigration hearing.

E.J.: We would like you to testify on our behalf.

Sami: You know, we're not asking you to make up something big and gushy like we're all romantic and honeymooners or something, but like we're a real couple, just trying to make things work.

John: You want us to lie for you.


Sami: I knew this wasn't gonna work. It's not gonna work, E.J.

E.J.: Samantha. Look, don't think about it as lying. Just think about it as being more diplomatic with the truth.

Sami: But here's the thing. If you're not gonna help us, then we'd rather you just weren't involved, because we don't want you to screw it up for us, either.

John: Rolf, you're excused. Now, why would I want to screw it up? The way I see it, the sooner we convince immigration you're the real deal, the sooner you go back to your old digs.

Marlena: Sami, are you sure about this?

Sami: Mom, listen. It's upsetting, okay? But I don't know when Lucas is gonna get out of jail, and E.J. has been a good father. I'm not making the same mistake again. I am not gonna keep him from his son.

E.J.: I would be forever indebted to you, Marlena.

Marlena: I don't know.

John: Oh, come on, Blondie. It's just a lie.

Marlena: Perhaps lying is second nature to you, but it goes against everything for which I stand.

Sami: Mom, I'm not asking you to lie. I'm not. E.J. and I don't hate each other, right?

E.J.: Not completely, no. Okay, yeah.

Sami: See? That's exactly it, right? We -- we do all sorts of normal things that normal couples do.

John: Except one very important act.

Sami: He washed my car for me just last week.

E.J.: I did. And I also vacuumed out the inside.

Sami: And -- and I took his cleaning to the dry-cleaners.

E.J.: Truly a wonderful wife -- completely spoils me.

Sami: See? It's sort of like love, right? Please, Mom.

Marlena: I can't promise anything, especially if they ask me anything specific.

Sami: Thank you.

Marlena: [Exhales] Hope I'm not making a mistake. When is the immigration hearing?

Sami: Well, actually, it's in about half an hour.

Marlena: Today?!

Sami: I'm sorry.

Marlena: I could have used more notice. I've got patients this afternoon.

Sami: Mom, it's not gonna take you that long. He's just gonna ask you a couple questions and tell him we're a couple, and that's it.

John: I'm looking forward to it.

E.J.: Okay, so you're going to come?

John: Could score me some points with Blondie here.

Marlena: Do you know who you're meeting?

Sami: Leonard Burke. He's the man we told you about. He's the one presiding over E.J.'s case.

E.J.: Yeah, and he does not have much of a sense of humor.

John: Well, you're not exactly a laugh riot yourself.

Sami: Mom, this is serious, okay? Um, he's gonna probably ask to speak to each person individually, and it's better if you just keep your answers short, you know, and simple.

E.J.: Yeah, just keep any exaggerating to the two of us.

Sami: Yeah, you know, basically, just stick as close to the truth as you can.

E.J.: Sure, I mean, our version of the truth.

Sami: Well, right, obviously. Um, and everything will be fine, right?

Marlena: I suppose we better go, then.

Sami: Thanks, Mom. I, um, I have to take the twins to Maggie's first.

E.J.: We have to take the twins to Maggie's.

Sami: Right. Yes, obviously. So, we'll meet you at the police station in 20 minutes. Thank you.

E.J.: Thank you.

Marlena: Are you coming?

John: In a minute.

Dr. Rolf: Hmm. If John discovers what's on that disk... [Sighs] Stefano, well, I am in big trouble. Big trouble.

Abe: All right, search both ends of this alley and everything -- everything in between.

Kate: Any clues?

Abe: You shouldn't be here. This is --

Kate: A crime scene. I know. Your officer already lectured me.

Abe: What are you doing in this part of town, anyway?

Kate: I'm getting some lunch for Chelsea.

Abe: Bennett. Would you please escort this lady to her car?

Kate: Abe, I'm perfectly capable of making my way to my car, thank you.

Bennett: Let's go.

[Cellphone ringing]

Bennett: Lex.

Lexie: I know you're busy right now, but the sitter called.

Abe: It's my day to pick up Theo, isn't it?

Lexie: Yeah. I'm sure she can keep him for a couple of hours, but I need to let her know.

Abe: Yeah, would you? I'm gonna be tied up here for a while.

Lexie: Of course. So, how bad is it?

Abe: It's a professional hit.

Ava: You're here.

Martino: Yeah, baby, I'm here. I got here as soon as I could. Are you doing okay?

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Martino: Yes?

Kayla: Who are you?

Martino: My name is Martino Vitali. I'm -- I'm Ava's father.

Kate: You're hoping that you and Daniel could be more than just friends, aren't you?

Lexie: Are you leaving Salem because you want to go and catch a wave, or is it because of Chelsea Brady?

Nicole: I am so sorry. I hope I'm not too late.

Sami: What the hell are you doing here?

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