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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/30/08 - Canada; Thursday 5/1/08 - U.S.A.

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Daniel: Look, I am really sorry, Chelsea. I am such an idiot for taking myself off your case. I shouldn't have done it.

Chelsea: So does this mean you're still gonna be my doctor?

Daniel: See, that's the problem. I want to be more than just your doctor. Truth is -- I have feelings for you -- real feelings. I think I'm falling in love with you.

Hope: Chelse? Hey, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hope. . . hi.

Hope: Hi. Wow, you seem like you were a million miles away. Everything all right? I had to call your name twice before you even heard me.

Bo: Hey, doc.

Daniel: Bo, hey, you're up bright and early.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Taking my little girl home today. I'm just tracking down her discharge papers.

Daniel: Ah, all ready at the nurses' station. Your daughter's a free woman.

Bo: Thanks.

Daniel: There's more good news, actually. Her latest test results came back and no sign of infection. So now she's free and clear.

Bo: Yeah, that is great news. I just wish there was more to celebrate.

Daniel: You're not still blaming yourself for what happened. 'Cause if you are, I'd rather you just went back and blame me.

Bo: Assigning blame doesn't undo the damage that was done. I'm just gonna try to help her get through this.

Max: [Clears throat] Looks like you need a refill.

Nick: You have no idea. Do me a favor -- keep it coming.

Max: Yeah, yeah. Well, what you're working on there looks pretty intense. What is it?

Nick: What do you think? It's my, uh -- my grant project.

Max: I thought you already got your grant.

Nick: Now I got to figure out how to make it work, which is the hardest part.

Lexie: My goodness, we're starting to be regulars here, honey. You know, I think we should have our own booth with a plaque. What do you think?

Abe: Well, or at least have a sandwich named after us.

Lexie: Yeah. And what would be in your sandwich?

Abe: Well...I always thought the "Abe Carver" would be a big seller.

Lexie: Okay, and what would that consist of?

Abe: What else -- corned beef, a whole lot of bologna. I really enjoyed dinner last night, so I thought, "the best place to seal our pact would be for us to revisit the scene of the crime."

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, sounds good, especially since last night didn't go exactly as we planned.

Abe: No, it didn't.

Lexie: Oh, well. I guess we were obviously more tired than we thought.

Abe: I didn't sleep very well last night.

Lexie: We could have talked, honey.

Abe: I didn't want to wake you.

Lexie: I wasn't sleeping, either. I guess we should order.

Abe: Yeah. Well, you know what? I am famished. I think I am gonna go for the works here -- bacon and eggs, hash browns.

Lexie: Sweetheart, you know, we really don't have time for all that. I thought we'd just grab something quick.

Abe: I didn't know we were on that short a schedule.

Lexie: Well, I'm just saying just to get to work. You know, Bo and Hope are taking Chelsea home from the hospital this morning.

Abe: Is there a problem?

Lexie: No. No, I'm just worried about Bo, you know? He's taking Chelsea's infertility really hard. I-I-I don't want him to get all upset. You know, he could end up back in the hospital.

Abe: Tell you what -- as Bo's boss, I'll make sure he doesn't push it.

Lexie: Easier said than done. I, uh -- I just want to help him any way I can.

Abe: I know. You're so conscientious. You know, something is always going to happen with our work. But we have made a pact that our relationship was going to be a priority.

Lexie: I know. I know that is what we decided, but, uh...maybe that was a mistake.

Steve: What happened?

Stephanie: Papa, it's just us.

Kayla: What time is it?

Stephanie: It's late. Can't believe I fell asleep out here.

Kayla: I can't believe we all fell asleep out here.

Steve: How'd that happen anyway? Last I heard, you were on your way out for the evening.

Stephanie: When I came back, I saw you two crashed in front of the TV. You looked all cute and cuddly. Couldn't wake you up. So I put a blanket on top of you and I joined you guys.

Kayla: That's sweet.

Steve: You did that, baby girl?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. Couldn't help it. Just really missed you guys. Happy you're both home safe and sound.

Kayla: We missed you, too, baby.

Stephanie: Um...promise me that you will keep yourselves safe and out of trouble.

Steve: Well, the first part, no problem.

Stephanie: I'm serious.

Kayla: We promise.

Stephanie: Well, just in case, I'm gonna keep my eye on the both of you, make sure you keep that promise.

Ava: Patch. Patch! Patch, where are you?! Somebody, help me! What are you looking at? Get out of here.

Nurse: Can't do that, Miss Vitali.

Ava: I said get out of here! Get out of here, or you're gonna be sorry. You're gonna be sorry just like the rest of them. Will somebody... somebody, help me! Daddy! Daddy! Somebody! Who are you? Get away. Get away from me. Go away! Don't put that needle in. No! No! Get away! Somebody...let me out of here! No!

Ava: No! Daddy! Let me out of here!

Chelsea: What's going on in there?

Hope: That's a woman who was brought in late last night. She's very sick.

Chelsea: Oh. That's too bad. I hope that she gets better.

Hope: Let's get back to you. You really did seem like you were a million miles away a moment ago.

Chelsea: I was just daydreaming, I guess.

Hope: Yeah? About? From the look on your face, I would say it had to be something pretty good.

Chelsea: Um...it was.

Hope: Yeah?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Chelsea: Um...I don't know. I was just, um, just thinking about the family and how grateful I am that you all helped me get better.

Hope: Oh, speaking of which, here's your dad.

Bo: Hey, there, kid. How you doing? You ready to rock 'n' roll? Doc here gave me your walking papers.

Chelsea: He did?

Bo: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, bet you can't wait to get home, huh? No more hospital food.

Hope: Oh, they may actually prefer it over my food. Don't worry. We'll order out.

Daniel: [Chuckles] Well, um, if you'll excuse me.

Bo: All right, let's get you out of here. Uh...brought you a jacket.

Chelsea: I don't think I need that, Dad. It's May.

Hope: I just wanted the opportunity to thank you again for everything.

Daniel: No, please, please. You don't have to thank me.

Hope: Yes, I do. I -- I also hope that you know that Bo didn't mean it when he blamed you.

Daniel: For Chelsea's infertility? No, I think he's still blaming himself. I know he doesn't want to make this about him, but he feels responsible. I can -- I can tell.

Hope: I know. Listen, I need to talk to Bo for a moment. Um, while I'm doing that, could you explain to Chelsea any special instructions?

Daniel: Yeah, I'll have the nurse do that.

Hope: Well, I don't understand. Why not you?

Daniel: Because Chelsea's not my patient anymore.

Max: [Clears throat] Oh, you still at it, huh?

Nick: Yep. I'm still at it.

Max: Hmm. Maybe you should, uh -- you should take a break. You know, go outside, get some air. Go out in the sun, whatever.

Nick: Hey, Max?

Max: Yeah?

Nick: Don't you have something to do, like, um, work?

Max: No, not really. I mean, the breakfast rush just ended, so I'm pretty much free as a bird right now for a while.

Nick: That's great, but your hovering is really making me nervous.

Max: Right. No hovering. Got it. [Clears throat] That's good. I got to tell you, man. That stuff looks really complicated.

Nick: It is. And it requires like all of my concentration. No offense.

Max: No, no, no, no. None taken. None taken.

Lexie: Okay, look, you told me yourself that you're concerned about Ava's father coming to town. You said he's extremely dangerous and powerful and you want to be ready for him.

Abe: And I will be.

Lexie: Right, and I'm concerned about Chelsea and Bo. Look, you know, I really should be at the hospital right now.

Abe: Lexie, look, I know that you care about them as a friend, but you're chief of staff. There are others who can handle releasing Chelsea. The hospital can take care of itself for an hour -- one hour -- while we have breakfast.

Lexie: Okay, okay. Okay, you're right. They can get along without me for a while.

Stephanie: What are you guys up to today?

Kayla: I'm not sure.

Steve: I don't know. First thing I need to do is take a shower, though. And I think I'm gonna get out of here and give you two a little time alone.

Stephanie: Okay. Is everything all right?

Kayla: Everything's fine. Forget about that. Come on, I want to hear what has been going on with you since I've been gone.

Stephanie: You make it sound like you've been on vacation or something. Mom, you were held hostage by a crazy woman. You could have died.

Kayla: But I didn't.

Stephanie: But I know you were scared to death, and you could have lost the baby.

Kayla: I didn't lose the baby. I'm fine. Your father's fine. Everyone's fine. So, tell me about you.

Stephanie: Well...besides the fact that my aunt, uncle, and my parents were being held hostage by a madwoman... I've never been happier in my life.

Kayla: Really? And why is that?

Stephanie: Because I'm in love.

Ava: Take care of them for me, Daddy. Kill them. Kill them all.

Kayla: In love. Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Stephanie: Aren't you gonna ask me who with?

Kayla: Like I don't know. And I -- you know, Max is a great guy, and I know how much he loves you.

Stephanie: I could hardly wait to tell you.

Kayla: I thought there was a sweet little glow about you.

Stephanie: So, uh...is this the way you felt about Dad when you first fell in love with him? Like you were floating on air all the time?

Kayla: I think my getting together with your father was a little more complicated than it's been for you and Max. But I always knew it was a forever kind of love.

Stephanie: Max was really helpful when you guys were missing.

Kayla: I'm sorry you worried about us. It's such a great time in your life. You should just be enjoying yourself.

Stephanie: Mom, I know it wasn't your fault, okay? I just hope they lock that woman up and throw away the key.

Kayla: You know what? Let's just talk about you and Max, all right?

Stephanie: Okay. He was just really incredible throughout all of it. I mean, he was understanding, loving, and patient. Just like he was with the Ford thing.

Kayla: Like I said...he's a great guy.

Stephanie: He's the best. And I really don't know how I could have gotten through all of it without him.

Max: [Chuckles] Wow. These things have come a long way since my day.

Nick: Yeah, they've -- they've come a long way.

Max: Hey, look at that.

Nick: What?

Max: Well, I plugged in some of those calculations you have on your paper, and I came up with a totally different answer than you did.

Nick: Let me see that.

Lexie: I think I'll have the omelet of the day. That sounds good.

Abe: Yeah, it does... since you hate spinach.

Lexie: Hmm, is there spinach in there? I hadn't noticed. Let's see.

Abe: It's one of two ingredients. Look, Lexie, if you don't want to do this...

Lexie: No, no. It's not that.

Abe: Then what is it?

Lexie: Abe, I just can't help feeling like all of this seems forced.

Abe: You know, marriage takes work. I mean, things haven't been great between us lately, but that's just because we both have been so busy. We don't get time to spend together.

Lexie: Sweetheart, I am not sure it's that simple. We have some deeper issues that we have never really resolved. And maybe that's what we need to do.

Abe: So what are you suggesting?

Lexie: I don't know. Counseling?

Abe: Counseling? Is it that bad?

Lexie: No. No, but if things keep going on the way they are, before we know it, it could be.

Abe: Counseling.

Lexie: Honey, you said yourself that marriage takes work. All relationships go through rough patches. The most important thing is getting through them intact, right?

Abe: Yeah. You're right. That is the most important thing. And I want to do whatever it takes. I don't want to lose you.

Lexie: I don't want to lose you, either.

Abe: Oh, man. Look at this. Now I'm the one who has to go. Tell you what -- I will ride to the hospital with you. I want to ask Ava a few questions.

Lexie: Okay. Bye. We'll, uh...do this another time, okay?

Abe: Yeah. Another time.

Bo: Well, we got your room all ready for you.

Chelsea: You know, I don't really need to move back in with you and Hope. I'm fine now.

Bo: I don't want you to have any kind of relapse, and would you just let your old man take care of you for a minute or two?

Chelsea: All right. You know, despite what you might think, my life isn't over.

Bo: This is something I'm aware of. Your doc basically said the same thing.

Chelsea: Daniel was talking to you about me?

Bo: Yeah. And he said that he's not your doctor anymore, that he took himself off your case.

Chelsea: Well, you know, he's a surgeon. He's really busy.

Bo: You want me to talk to him for you?

Chelsea: No. There's no point. No, come on, I just want to go home -- no more doctors, no more hospital.

Bo: That I understand. We're looking forward to having you back at the house -- me and Hope and Ciara.

Chelsea: You know what? For the first time in a really long time, I'm actually gonna feel like I really am going home.

Bo: Good.

Hope: Why isn't she your patient anymore?

Daniel: It's no big shakes. Yeah, Chelsea really doesn't need me any longer. She'll do so much better with Lexie handling things from here on out.

Hope: Why do I get the feeling there's something more going on here, something you're not telling me? Is there, I don't know, some kind of problem with Chelsea?

Daniel: No, not in the way you think. It's --

Hope: I'm sorry. Excuse me?

Daniel: No, I'm just saying that Chelsea, she's, um -- she's a wonderful girl. You know, pretty damn remarkable.

Hope: Yeah, she is.

Daniel: So, you should be proud of her.

Hope: I'm very proud of her. But tell me something, doctor, are you always this complimentary about all of your patients?

Daniel: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, if they're so deserving, yeah.

Hope: I don't think so.

Daniel: [Chuckles] Well, you, um...you believe what you want, Mrs. Brady. I'm [Chuckles] I'm out of here. Excuse me.

Steve: Hey, Hope.

Hope: Hey, Steve.

Steve: Chelsea's going home. That's good news, huh?

Hope: Yeah, it is good news. What are you doing here?

Steve: I'm here to see Ava.

Steve: I'm Steve Johnson. I'm on Commissioner Carver's list.

Nurse: They had to give her a sedative. She's out now.

Steve: I'm sorry, Ava... that I did this to you.

Max: [Whistling]

Nick: Yeah, you're right. This calculation is all wrong.

Max: Yeah, it was a good thing I was futzing with that calculator, huh?

Nick: Well, I mean, I would have caught it when I was checking my work, but...

Max: Yeah, no, I'm sure you would have. [Clears throat] Don't you think it's a little better you found it now, you know, before you had to redo all those complicated equations and everything?

Nick: Of course. Much better.

Lexie: Chelsea, are you ready to take a ride out of here?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. Definitely ready to get out of this wheelchair.

Hope: Lexie, any prescriptions we need to get filled?

Lexie: Yeah, we're keeping her on antibiotics to make sure the infection doesn't recur. And as chief of staff, you know, I can put a rush on that prescription. You want me to take her to the pharmacy?

Bo: That would be great. Thanks. I've got some insurance forms to take care of.

Lexie: Okay.

Bo: We'll see you.

Chelsea: All righty.

Kayla: I'd like to have these analyzed, Ned. I don't recognize them. I found them at Ava Vitali's house, and there's no branding or names on them anywhere.

Nurse: I'll get right on it, Dr. Johnson.

Kayla: Great, and I'd really like those results as soon as possible, please. [Door opens]

Nick: What is up with you? I feel like you're, like, watching every move I make.

Max: Hey, look, I'm just -- I'm watching a genius at work, man. This is really fascinating.

Nick: Well, then, you're very easily fascinated.

Max: Or I'm bored. [Cellphone rings] You know, just looking for something to do.

Nick: Hello?

Daniel: Nick, it's Daniel Jonas.

Nick: Oh, what's going on? Is Chelsea okay?

Daniel: Oh, yeah, yeah, she's fine. Uh, I thought you might like to know she's being released.

Nick: Oh, that's -- that's great. Do you know, um, is she gonna go back to Victor's?

Daniel: No, no, no. She's heading home with her dad and Hope.

Nick: Oh, all right. Well, thanks for giving me the heads-up.

Daniel: Right on.

Nick: Chelsea just got released, so I better go.

Max: Right.

Hope: [Laughs]

Bo: Hey, there you are. Can I take my daughter home now?

Lexie: Yep, her prescription is filled, so she's ready to roll.

Chelsea: Literally.

Hope: Lexie, thank you so much for everything, sweetie. I'll give you a call later, okay?

Lexie: Keep me updated on her condition.

Hope: Absolutely.

Bo: [Chuckles] You're all mine. Here we go.

Daniel: Oh, hey. Hey, Chelsea, I'm glad I caught you. I wanted to say goodbye.

Chelsea: Goodbye. Thank you, um, for everything that you did for me and my Dad and for being my doctor...at least for a while.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, you know, just because I'm not your doctor any longer, doesn't mean we couldn't, you know, be friends.

Chelsea: Sure. Of course. Can we go?

Bo: Yeah.

Daniel: Well, uh...you take care of yourself, okay?

Bo: Thanks again, doc.

Hope: Yeah, thanks, doc.

Daniel: I can't. I can't let it happen. No, not again. Just keep walking.

Security: You are not allowed in here.

Steve: It's okay. She's my daughter.

Stephanie: My Aunt Hope and Uncle Bo, maybe even my Dad, they might feel sorry for you because you're strapped down to a bed and obviously a complete wack job, but I don't. You terrorized my family. Bo and Hope could have died. My mom could have lost her baby all because of your sick obsession. Trying to force someone to be with you when they don't want to? Trust me, I know all about that. And I know what kind of monsters you people are. You don't deserve any sympathy. You deserve everything that you're getting and more.

Ava: I can tell she's your daughter, Patch. She even reminds me a little of me.

Stephanie: I am nothing like you. I will never be anything like you.

Kayla: Stephanie. Stephanie, what's going on here? Calm down. What is it? What is it?

Stephanie: Why should I calm down after what she did?

Kayla: She's very ill.

Stephanie: So she gets a pass because she's crazy?

Steve: Okay, baby, come on. Now, you've had your say. That's enough. Come on.

Stephanie: What is wrong with you people?

Abe: Well, this is a full house.

Kayla: We're leaving. Come on, baby.

Abe: Good, because I want to have a little chat with Ava.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: I'll be there in a minute. You don't mind if I stay, do you, Abe? I'm at the center of this thing, right?

Abe: Yeah, that might be best. Would you wait outside, please? Ava, are you feeling strong enough to answer a few questions?

Ava: Actually...I'm feeling strong enough not to.

Chelsea: I think I'm just gonna crash on the couch.

Bo: Okay. Um, you need pillows. There's a blanket over there. Anything? What?

Chelsea: No, I'm good.

Hope: How about something to eat?

Chelsea: No, I'm not really hungry.

Bo: We can get you something to drink.

Chelsea: I'm fine. Really, you both need to stop fussing over me, okay? I'm good.

Hope: All right. Could you help me in the kitchen for a second?

Bo: Now? We're just --

Hope: Yeah. Now.

Bo: Okay. Um...if you need anything, just holler. I know you won't, but...

Chelsea: I will, I promise.

Bo: Okay.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: [Sighs] [Knock on door] I got it. Nick.

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Nick: Congrats on getting sprung.

Chelsea: Thank you. How did you know?

Nick: Dr. Jonas told me.

Chelsea: Oh, he did?

Nick: Yeah. He figured I'd want to know, and he was right. Is it okay that I came by without calling?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, of course. I'm glad that you're here. Thank you.

[Cellphone rings]

Max: Hello?

Stephanie: Hey, it's me. What are you doing?

Max: I just finished my shift. I was gonna call you and see if you wanted to get some lunch.

Stephanie: Actually, um, do you think you can just come over? I'm at my parents' place.

Max: Uh, is something wrong? You sound upset.

Stephanie: I'll tell you when you get here, okay?

Max: Okay, I'm on my way.

Lexie: Are you all right?

Daniel: What? Uh, yeah. Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Lexie: Well, I know you felt really bad about Chelsea, you know, about having to take yourself off her case. If you want to talk --

Daniel: You know what? I'm feeling pretty beat. I think I'm just gonna take the rest of the day off, so...

Lexie: Okay, yeah. Sounds like a good idea. Go home, get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow.

Daniel: Or maybe not.

Lexie: "Maybe not"? What do you mean?

Daniel: Look, my work is pretty much done here, so I think it's time for me to, uh -- it's time for me to move on. Thank you.

Abe: Ava, why don't you talk to me about the plane crash?

Ava: What? What plane crash?

Abe: You know what plane crash.

Ava: Patch. Patch, get him out of here.

Steve: There's no point trying to deny it, Ava. You admitted it to me and to Hope.

Ava: I don't know what you're talking about.

Abe: Do you really think you can lie your way out of this?

Ava: Yeah, I'm really, really tired, so if you got some proof, just show it to me.

Abe: We got you dead to rights on the kidnapping. We have a surveillance video that shows you driving away with Hope.

Ava: When my Daddy gets here, he'll take care of everything. I'll get justice.

Abe: Justice is exactly what you'll get, and I don't give a damn who your daddy is.

Stephanie: Thank you for coming over.

Max: Yeah. So, what happened?

Stephanie: I, uh, kind of confronted Ava Vitali.

Max: You what?

Stephanie: I went to the hospital, walked right into her room, and gave her a little piece of my mind. I kind of lost it on her.

Max: Wow, that's, uh...

Stephanie: Really stupid?

Max: No, not at all. Good for you for having the guts. I'm proud of you.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Max: Yeah. Look, let's sit. Tell me what's going on.

Stephanie: Well, I thought seeing her and telling her what was on my mind would make me feel better.

Max: Mm-hmm. But it didn't?

Stephanie: There was something in that woman's eyes. I mean, even strapped down to the bed, Max, she was scary. She even looks crazy.

Max: You don't have anything to worry about, all right? She's facing a lot of charges and god knows how much jail time. You'll be fine.

Stephanie: I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about my Mom and my Dad and the baby on the way. I mean, her dad is this mafia boss.

Max: Don't even go there. It's over. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise you.

Nick: I also brought you some of those magazines you like. I think you like them. And some of your favorite chocolate chip cookies from the pub.

Chelsea: You are too sweet.

Nick: That's because I have the sweetest, most beautiful girlfriend in the world.

Chelsea: I'm not that sweet.

Nick: Yes, you are. I love you more than ever.

Chelsea: I so do not deserve you.

Nick: I mean, you don't think that the whole "not being able to have kids" thing matters at all to me, do you?

Chelsea: No, that's -- that's not it.

Nick: What is it? What's going on?

Chelsea: Nothing. You know what? Here, sit down. Um, tell me about your grant project. I haven't heard anything about it. If I know you, it's probably finished and flawless already.

Hope: Listen to your daughter. She doesn't blame you for what happened, Brady.

Chelsea: You know, Hope's right. Nothing that happened is your fault. It was my choice. And if I had the opportunity to make the decision again, I would make the same one. Because I would rather be here with you, having you be able to tell me that you love me and hug me and...be my Dad than have one kid that never even got to meet their grandfather.

Abe: Ava, make it easy on yourself. Admit to the kidnapping and shooting Hope. We have more than enough evidence and witnesses to convict you.

Ava: Yeah, then why do you need a confession from me for?

Abe: We don't. I'm just taking it easy on you because of your mental state.

Ava: You mean 'cause I'm crazy.

Steve: Nobody said that, Ava.

Ava: I didn't do anything wrong. And like I said, when my Daddy gets here, I'll get justice.

Abe: Well, like I said... justice is exactly what you'll get.

Steve: Abe, listen to me... death and destruction follow this dude wherever he goes. And there's nothing he can't do when he puts his mind and his resources to it.

Abe: Well, let him try. No one's gonna get away with that in Salem, not while I'm around.

Nurse: Dr. Johnson, I got it. I know what the pills are.

Kayla: Great.

Daniel: Hi, yeah, I want to book a flight out of Salem as soon as I can. Um...Sydney, Australia. Mm-hmm. Oh, and get me a hotel as close to Bondi Beach as you got. Mm-hmm. Thank you.

Stephanie: You really think Ava's gonna go to jail?

Max: Yeah, no doubt about it. For a long, long time. Somewhere where she can't hurt anyone else.

Stephanie: I hope you're right.

Max: I am. [Chuckles] And I really love that you let her have it. I wish I could have been there.

Stephanie: It did feel pretty good.

Max: See? I knew it.

Stephanie: How did you get to be so smart anyway?

Max: I'm not that smart. I'm a ex-racecar-driving bartender who's doing community service.

Stephanie: Stop. There's a lot more to you than meets the eye. A lot more.

Steve: [Sighs] I'm gonna try again. You don't want Martino Vitali for an enemy.

Abe: Well, that may be, but there's no way that I'm gonna let Ava walk free.

Steve: I'm not asking you to let her walk. But she's got mental problems. You know that. Maybe jail isn't the best place for her.


Kayla: So, how did it go in there?

Abe: She's less than cooperative, but that doesn't come as a surprise.

Kayla: No, definitely not, which brings me to what I want to talk to you about. Oh, and, Lexie, you're gonna want to hear this, too.

Lexie: Hear what?

Kayla: Those pills that Ava was taking, I had them analyzed at the lab. You're never gonna believe what they are.

Anna: What, you want me to be in Kate's commercial?

Woman: I think you'd be perfect for it.

Tony: What?

Woman: You're just what I need.

John: Now, what have we here?

Steve: Can you think of any reason why Dr. Neusbaum wouldn't want you to get better?

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