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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/28/08 - Canada; Tuesday 4/29/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: Mom, it's Sami. Just trying you again. Call me back as soon as you get this message. [Sighs] Why isn't she answering?

E.J.: Samantha, there's nothing you can do about it now.

Sami: Maybe the whole thing's a lie, you know? I mean, it could be.

E.J.: Maybe what's a lie?

Sami: Nicole. Why would she say that, though? Why would she benefit from that?

E.J.: I don't know.

Sami: I mean, saying Brady is a drug addict? It's embarrassing. It's ridiculous. He would never.

E.J.: Samantha, look, you cannot do anything about this now. Let's just take our mind off it, okay? Why don't we get back to some of these questions? Okay?

Sami: Okay. Okay. "What's my favorite perfume?" That's stupid. No one's gonna ask that.

E.J.: That's easy. You wear Charise in the morning. You wear Stardust at night.

Sami: How did you know that?

E.J.: Because I do my homework. All right, question for you -- boxers or briefs?

Sami: Immigration is not gonna ask that.

E.J.: Uh, my wife should know that, and they might.

Sami: Yeah, well, how am I supposed to know that? Just tell me.

E.J.: Well, think. For example, when we were trapped in the steam room together, and we had to take our clothes off.

Sami: E.J., I was nine months pregnant, and you got yourself electrocuted. Your underwear wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind.

E.J.: You didn't notice?

Sami: Boxers...blue. You had some sort of monogram on them.

E.J.: Thank you. You gave me the kiss of life.

Sami: It was desperate.

E.J.: Oh, really? Well, look what you're doing now. You're still saving my life.

Sami: Mom!

Marlena: Oh, good morning.

Sami: Where have you been?

Marlena: Oh, John and I were driving --

Sami: Mom, I have such important news for you. Brady has been found. He's alive.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. That's wonderful. Where was he? How is he?

Victor: What's all the excitement?

Marlena: Brady's been found.

Sami: Tell him something he doesn't know.

Abe: Thank you. Well, mission accomplished.

Philip: Chloe should be boarding a plane right now -- direct flight to Zurich.

Abe: Security give you any grief?

Philip: She sailed right through.

Abe: No diva act?

Philip: Didn't even make a scene when first class was sold out.

Abe: Well, she's just been cleared as a suspect in her husband's disappearance. I expect she's gonna lay low for a while.

Philip: And she has you to thank for convincing the Austrian Consulate to drop all charges.

Abe: Well, she should thank Nicole for telling her what Victor did.

Philip: We both know that she loved letting everyone know that my Father put Brady in a five-star rehab clinic and kept it a secret.

Abe: Secret's out. And she's on her way to reunite with her husband.

Philip: For better or worse.

[Cellphone rings]

Philip: Excuse me.

Abe: Yeah.

Philip: Hello? Yeah, mm-hmm.

Roman: Abe?

Abe: What's up?

Roman: I was processing the paperwork for Ava Vitali.

Abe: So Ava used her dime to send out an S.O.S. to Daddy, I heard.

Roman: Yeah, only Vitali's yacht is moored off the Amalfi Coast with a very big "Do Not Disturb" flag flying from the yardarm.

Abe: Daddy's little girl's gonna buy us some time.

Roman: Philip, what are you doing here?

Philip: My Father framed Chloe for Brady's disappearance. I want to make sure she can't press charges.

Bo: How's our girl?

Hope: Warm.

Lexie: We're still working on bringing her fever down.

Bo: Um...can we bring her home, care for her there?

Lexie: Not yet. And who says I'm letting you go home?

Bo: What are you talking about? I've been released.

Lexie: You've just been through a terrible ordeal, Bo. You both have. We need to run some tests.

Bo: I'm not gonna leave my daughter.

Lexie: Look, you can come back just as soon --

Bo: I am not leaving my daughter. Pop gave up his life for me. My daughter risked hers. Now she can't have kids anymore. It's not fair. It's not right. Neither one of them deserved this.

Daniel: No, they didn't, but bad stuff happens. I know how angry and frustrated you must feel, but it's not helping your daughter or anyone else, so knock it off.

E.J.: It's Mickey. Sorry.

Marlena: So, the whole time that Brady was missing --

Sami: You had him stashed in a rehab clinic in Switzerland, and you framed Chloe for his disappearance.

Victor: I did what was best for my grandson.

Sami: Without consulting anyone else. Do you know how sick with worry my Mother was, but you just cared about getting your little revenge?

Marlena: Was it all about revenge?

Victor: Chloe introduced Brady to the low lives that got him hooked on drugs. She deserved to suffer.

Marlena: What about us? Do we deserve to suffer? Do you know what we've been through? John, you don't -- you don't remember your son, but maybe if you were to see him -- we'll bring him home. Whatever he needs, we will take care of right here. John?

John: You shouldn't have kept this from me.

Victor: Why would you even care, John? As your wife pointed out, you don't even remember Brady. To you, he's just a picture in a photo album.

John: I'm his father, and you took over my job.

Victor: He was sinking fast. My first priority was to get him the help he needed.

John: You played God with my son. That's another mistake, Mr. Kiriakis.

Abe: Philip, we've been in touch with Brady, and he refuses to testify against his grandfather.

Philip: Well, that is good to hear. The last thing my family needs is a scandal.

Roman: We've got nothing to charge Victor with.

Abe: Whatever he pulled, there's no proof of criminal liability.

Bo: You're getting very close to crossing the line, doc.

Daniel: I'm just saying, cut yourself some slack. You can't tag yourself or anybody else for Chelsea's condition.

Bo: Sounds like you're covering your own butt.

Lexie: Bo!

Bo: What? I don't have the right to question my own daughter's care and treatment?

Hope: Shh! You're gonna wake Chelsea up.

Bo: She shouldn't be here.

Daniel: I agree.

Bo: Then why is she?

Lexie: Please, please, we all hate what's going on with Chelsea. But the infertility --

Bo: I didn't want her to go through this in the first place!

Daniel: But she wanted you to, Bo. She wanted to do it because she loves you. She's not just gonna stand by and let you die.

Bo: How did this happen?

Daniel: We may never really know.

Bo: But it's definitely a complication from the surgery?

Lexie: As far as we can tell, yes.

Daniel: Now, if you're implying negligence, you're free to get a lawyer. You have them review my surgical records --

Bo: I know the process, doctor.

Hope: Bo.

Chelsea: Dad, please.

Bo: Hey. Hey. Sorry. Sorry, didn't mean to wake you.

Chelsea: Look, I trust him. And you should, too, okay? Next to you, he's the kindest, most caring person I know.

Victor: He's my grandson.

John: Well, you've been trumped. He's my son.

Victor: In name only. That's where it ends.

Philip: Dad, I need to have a word with you.

Victor: Not now.

John: Is that any way for a doting father to speak to his offspring?

Philip: This can't wait.

Victor: Excuse us.

Marlena: Honey, let's sit.

Victor: What's so urgent?

Philip: I just came from the police station. I wanted to make sure Chloe couldn't press charges against you.

Victor: Since when is it against the law to save your grandson's life?

Philip: Why didn't you just tell everyone the truth, that you checked Brady into rehab?

Victor: I was protecting his privacy.

Philip: You were setting Chloe up to make her look guilty of foul play. The Austrian Authorities were breathing down her neck. She was terrified she'd rot in prison for the rest of her life.

Victor: It would have served her right.

Philip: Chloe didn't get him hooked on drugs. He got himself hooked. How is it her fault that he was self-destructing? She tried to help him.

Victor: Everything I did, I did with my family's best interests at heart.

Philip: Did you care that everyone else who loves Brady might be worried about him? Terrified he might be dead?

Victor: Couldn't be helped. He didn't want anyone to know about his addiction. I was just respecting his wishes.

Philip: Respect. Now, there's an interesting choice of words.

Victor: Is that what this is all about? Do you feel disrespected because I didn't tell you? [Sighs] Listen, son, this way, I was the only one responsible for the course of action that I took. Are you forgetting the times that I came through for you? For Brady? For Bo? For Chelsea? My love for family knows no bounds.

Philip: Well, maybe that's your problem. Boundaries don't exist for you.

Victor: You're damn right they don't, not when it comes to family. And I would hope you'd feel the same way. [Cellphone ringing]

Marlena: It's just such a relief, isn't it?

Sami: Mom, where could we send him? Where could he go near here?

Marlena: Well, we'll certainly find a place.

John: Yes? Yes. Certainly, I'll be there.

Marlena: Who was that?

John: The pleasure of my company has been requested by the Salem P.D.

Marlena: Why?

John: It seems that your ex and honest Abe would like to question me about something.

Marlena: I'll go with you. Uh...you two, we will, uh -- we'll see you soon, and thanks for the great news about Brady. It makes me so happy.

Sami: Oh, me too, Mom. All right, good luck.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Philip: Hey. John just got called down to the police station.

Victor: Do you think it's about Hollingsworth taking bribes from him?

Philip: Let's hope so. I'm gonna go down and find out.

Victor: I'll go with you.

Philip: I'd rather handle this alone.

Paul: Honey, you really don't need to be here for this.

Morgan: Oh, I'm not going anywhere until we get this mistake cleared up.

Paul: Well, that might take a while.

Roman: Morgan, it might be better if you waited outside.

Morgan: Oh, so you can take the rubber hose to my Daddy, make him confess for something he didn't do?

Abe: Actually, we haven't used the rubber hose and bright lights for some time.

Paul: Guys...can we just get this over with, please?

Abe: Before we go any further, Mr. Hollingsworth, are you sure you don't want your lawyer present?

Paul: I'm positive. My attorney charges $500 an hour, and I haven't done anything criminal.

Abe: What if I told you that we have enough evidence to charge you with graft, which happens to be a felony, and that Homeland Security is very interested in the possibility that you enabled illegal and potentially dangerous shipments through Customs under your watch?

Morgan: If you have evidence, we want to see it.

Roman: Morgan, you shouldn't even be here.

Morgan: Neither should my Father.

Paul: Honey, honey... let me handle this, okay? All right. Are you gonna arrest me or not?

Roman: All right, Mr. Hollingsworth, cards on the table. The Feds and the Salem P.D. are prepared to cut you a deal.

Paul: You got my attention.

Abe: And we agree to drop the pending charges.

Roman: If you finger John Black for the graft.

Hope: Would you mind giving us some time alone with Chelsea?

Lexie: Just for a little while. Bo, you really need to get checked out. And you need to get that shoulder examined and redressed.

Hope: Okay.

Chelsea: Dr. Jonas. You're coming back, right?

Daniel: The best thing for you right now is, um...is rest.

Lexie: Talk to me.

Daniel: This shouldn't have happened, none of it -- Bo, Hope, especially Chelsea.

Lexie: No one anticipated this outcome, but it's not the end of the world. And it's certainly not your fault.

Daniel: You heard her in there. She trusts me. She thinks I'm some miracle worker.

Lexie: You pioneered a surgical procedure that --

Daniel: Prematurely.

Lexie: Bo was dying.

Daniel: I was the wrong guy for the job.

Lexie: Stop playing the worse-case scenario, Daniel. Schedule a consult with Dr. Elman, get a second, third, fourth opinion, and take it from there.

Daniel: You know, the chances of Chelsea's infertility being reversed are minimal at best.

Lexie: That's better than nothing. Call for a group consult, get some answers.

Daniel: I am supposed to be the answer. I have let myself get too close to this case. I have lost objectivity. No, she deserves better than me.

E.J.: Okay, here. Can I see your wallet?

Sami: Why?

E.J.: Just give me your wallet. Come on.

Sami: Count the money.

E.J.: [Chuckles] That won't take long. All right, let's see what we got here -- driver's license, credit card, store card. All of these say "Samantha Roberts."

Sami: Because that's my name, and I'm sticking to it.

E.J.: Okay. However, if we are going to be successful in this --

Sami: Charade?

E.J.: If we are gonna be successful in this, we have to convince the Immigration Officer that you and I are married in every sense of the word, okay? Look, Samantha, please. We have one more interview to go.

Sami: Interrogation you mean.

E.J.: I'm this close to getting my Visa. You were the one who said you didn't want to give up, okay? You said you weren't going to do it and I wasn't allowed to do it, either.

Sami: I don't want to give up, and I do think this is gonna work. But I'm doing this for Johnny.

E.J.: Okay, so why can't you just pretend that you're in love with me? You didn't seem to have any problem doing it when I was shot, darling.

Sami: Well, that was to keep my family safe.

E.J.: Okay. How about I act the part a little bit better? And I'd tell you how much I love you.

Sami: [Laughs]

E.J.: Oh, very funny.

Roman: John, Marlena, come on in.

John: How are you, Paul? That good, huh?

Abe: We want to ask you a few questions.

John: Yes?

Roman: Would you like to lawyer up first, John?

John: No.

Roman: You do know that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

John: Could we just proceed, please?

Roman: Yes, we can. As you know, Mr. Hollingsworth was a Customs Official who cleared container shipments going in and out of Salem Harbor.

John: Yes, and he's very good at what he does. Totally professional. Cleared my cargo and kept my customers happy.

Abe: And the Kiriakis Lines?

John: I don't know anything about them.

Abe: Mr. Hollingsworth quarantined their containers and, at the same time, yours were cleared.

John: Well, then, there must have been some kind of problem with them.

Roman: Did you have anything to do with those problems?

John: No.

Abe: Are you saying you didn't offer Mr. Hollingsworth a cash incentive to detain your rival's cargo?

John: Well, now, that would be bribery.

Roman: All right, John, straight up -- was any money exchanged between you and Mr. Hollingsworth down at the docks?

John: No. But I would like to congratulate Mr. Hollingsworth for his diligent work. DiMera Shipping couldn't be more pleased.

Abe: The old John wouldn't be throwing attitude in our faces.

Roman: Well, the old John didn't deal in bribery and graft. Philip, what are you doing back here?

Philip: I'm here in the interest of Kiriakis Shipping.

John: No, you're here because you were the one who dropped the dime on Paul.

Philip: Are you admitting he's guilty, that he's your patsy?

Bo: Hey, kid, you want me to get you anything -- books, your laptop, maybe mp3 player?

Chelsea: I'm fine. Thank you, though.

Bo: You know what? I am gonna get you some food from the pub. My stay here was long enough to know --

Chelsea: You don't have to do that.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: I'm fine. Thank you, though. [Door opens]

Nurse: Excuse me. Dr. Carver asked me to get you, Mr. Brady.

Bo: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Chelsea: Okay.

Bo: Love you, kid.

Chelsea: I love you.

Hope: I'm so proud of you, the way you're taking care of your father.

Chelsea: I just wish that he didn't blame himself.

Hope: Yeah, so do I. But I completely understand it.

Chelsea: I don't. I mean, it was my choice. It was my decision to save his life. How could I regret that?

Hope: I know you don't. Of course. Honey, if your dad and I had known this was gonna happen, honestly --

Chelsea: Know what? You wouldn't have signed off to get the transplant? You would have just sat back and watch him die?

Hope: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hope, why say that if you had known...it wouldn't have made a difference.

Hope: It would have made a difference to your father. Your happiness, your future means everything to him. I am so sorry, Chelse.

Chelsea: I don't -- I don't want anybody pitying me. I got unlucky. That's all. I mean, having kids -- it's not like I'm even ready to do that anyway. The only -- the only thing that matters is that I'm alive and my Dad's alive and that's it, you know?

Hope: Come here. Be careful, sweetheart.

Chelsea: Hope, um... there's something that I want to tell you before my Dad gets back.

Hope: Okay.

Chelsea: It's about our relationship.

Daniel: This isn't finished.

Lexie: You just scolded Bo, told him to stop blaming himself for what happened to Chelsea. And here you are doing the same thing.

Daniel: It's not about blame. What happened to Chelsea in there, you're right, it is a tragic side effect.

Lexie: Then why are you being so hard on yourself?

Daniel: Listen to me -- because I have lost objectivity. I cannot let myself be near that girl. I need to keep my distance.

Lexie: Are you saying that you are becoming emotionally involved with Chelsea?

Philip: Admit you're guilty, John. We all know it anyway.

John: Prove it.

Roman: All right, all right. Take it easy. Let Abe and me handle this. Back off.

John: If you want to waste your time and energy investigating Paul and me, I can't stop you, but I'm clean and so is Mr. Hollingsworth. We're just trying to make a living for our families. So, unless you have something on us outside of Philip's random accusations and suspicions...

Paul: John, they told me they had proof. Offered me a deal if I flipped on you.

John: If you've got hard evidence, gentlemen, produce it now. I didn't think so.

Paul: Morgan, honey, let's go.

Morgan: Go ahead, Daddy. I'll meet up with you in a minute.

Paul: Okay.

Morgan: What the hell is your problem?

Philip: What?

Morgan: I know you're angry at John, but that does not mean you have to go after my Father.

Philip: Morgan.

Marlena: John, let's go. What is it?

John: I was just thinking about Philip...and how disappointed he must be that his little scheme blew up in his face.

Roman: The case isn't closed, John.

John: If you want to continue wasting my time and taxpayers' money, that's on you. But out of curiosity, Roman Brady...don't you have some real criminals to be chasing instead of me?

Lexie: Does this mean you'll be excusing yourself from Chelsea's case?

Daniel: It's what's best for my patient.

Lexie: Well, I won't try to talk you out of it.

Daniel: I appreciate that. Thank you for understanding.

Lexie: I'm not saying I understand. I'm just saying it's your choice. Shall I tell Chelsea you'll no longer be her doctor?

Daniel: Uh, no. Not yet. She's got enough to deal with.

Chelsea: When I was sleeping just now...I had a dream about Zack. And I've actually dreamt about him a lot, but this time it was different.

Hope: In what way? How?

Chelsea: Well...we were playing hide-and-seek. And I was looking everywhere for him. Well, not actually because he always hid in the same place, remember?

Hope: Of course I remember. Under the bed.

Chelsea: And...when I found him, he just -- he started laughing that...that silly little laugh he had. And...I just -- I picked him up, and I squeezed him so tight. And I just felt this shooting pain in my heart. You know, like it just happened.

Hope: The accident.

Chelsea: He was your child. And I to-- I took away your child.

Hope: No, Chelsea. God had a plan for him. You know, it's taken me an awfully long time to truly believe that. But now I do believe it. It's true.

Chelsea: Because of Claire. Because they were able to use a piece of his liver to save her.

Hope: Just like they were able to use a piece of your pancreas to save your dad. Zack brought all of us so much love and so much joy. That's what we need to focus on, Chelsea. It's what he'd want. Don't you think?

Chelsea: When Dr. Jonas came in here and told me that I couldn't have kids...the first person I thought of was Zack. And I know it might not make sense, but...it just feels like some kind of justice, you know?

Hope: No. No. Chelsea, look at me. You will never talk like that again. Do you hear me? Not ever.

E.J.: Thank you. Okay, fine. Let's do it your way. You're right. Whenever we try and act lovey-dovey, all we end up doing is snapping at each other, so, I mean, it's not like we're very good actors.

Sami: Speak for yourself.

E.J.: Oh, come on. We're terrible at faking it and you know it's true.

Sami: Yeah, that part is true.

E.J.: Okay, so let's stop trying to twist ourselves into these weird pretzel-like shapes and start just acting hostile towards each other.

Sami: You mean what I suggested in the first place.

E.J.: Yes, basically, you know, but you're right. If the Immigration Officer sees us as a normal couple who's not particularly in love and not particularly happy with each other and heading for divorce, then we'll probably be fine.

Sami: And you called me cynical.

Marlena: John...what happened to you just now?

John: Would you like a table or a booth this time?

Marlena: I'm talking about what happened to you at the police station. Philip left, and you were looking at the desk, and then you just suddenly weren't even there.

John: I suppose I got distracted for a moment.

Marlena: No, it was more. Something in that room triggered a memory for you.

John: Don't know why that would be.

Marlena: I do. There was a time when you worked there.

John: Well, thanks for another stroll down memory lane, Blondie. But I think I have enough to worry about in my current state. I'm gonna scare up a drink. What would you like?

Marlena: Nothing right now. Thanks.

Sami: Mom, what's going on?

Marlena: I think John's beginning to remember something.

Morgan: You are wrong about my Father, Philip. He's a good man. He's honest.

Philip: He's been corrupted by John. Is that what you're saying?

Morgan: John Black is a very powerful man, okay? Yes, I admit he was influenced by him.

Philip: And that makes it okay? Morgan, if we exonerated everyone who claimed they were badly influenced --

Morgan: Oh, come on. Like you've never done something like that because you were scared or intimidated.

Philip: Sure, I have, but I don't use that as an excuse. If I do something wrong, I take responsibility for it.

Morgan: That's because you're such a noble guy, Philip. A true gentleman.

Philip: You know, what's happening down at the docks, your father is a guilty as John is.

Morgan: Oh, so he's guilty until proven innocent? Is that what you're saying? Because as far as I know --

Philip: Your father is guilty, Morgan. And if he says otherwise, he's lying to you.

Hope: What's happened to you -- Chelsea, look at me -- what's happened to you is not punishment for Zack's death. Do you understand that? Do you?

Chelsea: I do, but --

Hope: But, but, but nothing.

Chelsea: But, Hope, maybe I want to be punished so that -- I don't know -- not being able to have kids makes sense. It feels right.

Hope: No, it's not right. Do you understand? You are a wonderful person. You are such a blessing in your father's life and in my life. You need to understand...Zack's death was an accident, honey. An accident.

Chelsea: I know. Thank you. You are an amazing person.

Hope: No. I just love you very much. I can see so much of you in [Sighs] your dad in you -- your courage, your big heart. You're a little difficult sometimes.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Hope: Makes me love you all the more. Come here. Let me hug my daughter.

Chelsea: I love you, too, Hope. I can only hope that one day I get to turn out like you.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Marlena: It is so good to hear your voice and know you're doing so well. There's, uh, somebody else here I think you'd like to talk to. Yeah. No, it's true. I couldn't believe it at first, either, but...your dad is back. Well, he's not exactly himself, but you know what? He will be. Um, sure, honey. He's right here. Of course you can. Hold on. He needs to hear your voice.

John: Yes. That's right. It's...your father.

Philip: What do you want to hear, Morgan? Should I lie to you, tell you that your father's innocent?

Morgan: I love my Father, and I'm not gonna stand here and listen to you call him a criminal.

Philip: Love has nothing to do with it. I love my Father, too. And I've had to come to terms with some...questionable things he's done. Just recently, in fact.

Morgan: God, I'm not gonna listen to this.

Philip: Morgan, your father, like mine...won't admit he's wrong. The difference is I can see through his duplicity and you can't.

Morgan: Why, because I'm such an idiot? Is that why?

Philip: No, no. You love your father. I love mine. My Father's done some un-ethical things, so has yours. But I try not to let my loyalty to family corrupt my judgment.

Morgan: That's because you're such a superior human being, Philip.

Philip: If your father can't decide for himself what is right and wrong, then I am sorry. He is nothing but a spineless jerk.

Lexie: Good news. The test results are back, and you, Bo Brady, have a clean bill of health.

Hope: Thank God.

Chelsea: That's great.

Bo: Yeah. That's great.

Chelsea: Dad, come on. The real tragedy would have been if we went through all of this and your body rejected the transplant. It worked out.

Bo: Not the way it should have.

Chelsea: Aren't you the one who's always telling me to be more positive?

Lexie: Do you mind if I steal Hope away to check her shoulder?

Bo: No, no.

Hope: Love you.

Chelsea: I love you. You want to talk, Dad?

Bo: There are no words, kid.

John: Yes, I can't wait to see you, too, son. Now, you take care. That's good to know.

Marlena: Well?

John: It appears that he's getting the treatment that he needs.

Marlena: Did hearing his voice trigger any memories for you? Did he even sound familiar to you?

John: You want the truth? Speaking to Brady was like talking to a total stranger. I'm gonna finish my drink.

Sami: Mom, I know how frustrating this is for you.

Marlena: Even if hearing Brady's voice didn't trigger a memory...what happened at the police station today gave me a lot of hope. He's beginning to remember. I can just feel it.

Morgan: Listen to yourself. Where do you get off telling me what to think, bad-mouthing my Father? Where the hell do you get the nerve?

Philip: Morgan --

Morgan: I cannot believe you, great and powerful Philip Kiriakis. How could I have ever been so naive to think someone as rich and powerful as you could have given a damn what I had to say? I'm just a nothing, nobody college student with a spineless jerk for a father.

Daniel: This is Chelsea's file. Everything should be in order. It's also on the computer, of course.

Lexie: Are you going to at least say goodbye to her?

Stephanie: You really are my hero. You do know that, right?

Max: And you're much hotter than Beyoncé anyway.

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Anna: Is there something going on between you and Kate?

Kate: Shouldn't you be monitoring Chelsea?

Daniel: I don't think there will be a problem with Chelsea considering I'm no longer on her case.

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