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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/24/08 - Canada; Friday 4/25/08 - U.S.A.

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Marlena: Wow. You look very nice.

John: Thank you.

Marlena: The candles and the room -- very well done. So, who are we dining with tonight?

John: I believe I said that I had a date this evening, not we.

Marlena: Oh, I know, but I figured you were just trying to get my goat. Oh. Well, uh...mind if I ask who it is?

John: My date is with Nicole Kiriakis.

Marlena: I didn't realize you were that well acquainted.

John: We aren't...yet.

Marlena: So, is this, uh...is this a dinner date or a business date?

John: I believe I used the word "hot."

Marlena: I know. Once again, I did figure that you were just trying to --

John: Why don't you take a look around and tell me what you think, Blondie? Does it look like I'm preparing for business?

Victor: Excuse me.

Nurse: Are you here to see Chelsea Brady?

Victor: Yes, I am.

Nurse: She just left for more testing.

Victor: Ah. Could you tell me how my granddaughter is doing?

Nurse: I can't. I'm sorry. But you're welcome to wait here.

Victor: Thank you. I will.

Nicole: What part of "we are still married" don't you understand?

Victor: How did you find me, Nicole?

Nicole: One of your maids told me where you were, and then she started packing my stuff. You are not kicking me out of my house.

Victor: I just did.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: Chloe, what's going on?

Chloe: Victor did it. He kicked me out of the house.

Baby, I'm here...

Stephanie: What are you thinking?

Max: I -- I just wish we could do this all night.

Stephanie: Me too.

I'm here...

Pete: Hey, Max. I'm here. I just clocked in.

Stephanie: Guess your break is over.

Max: Not if I can help it. Hey, Pete? Uh, can you cover me for a while?

Pete: Sure. No problem.

Stephanie: Yes.

Max: Thanks, man. Are you sure you're gonna be able to handle me for a little while?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Abe: Thank you, man. Thank you so much for meeting me.

Roman: Well, your message sounded important. What's going on?

Abe: Bo's missing.

Roman: "Missing"? I thought he was still in the hospital recovering from his transplant surgery.

Abe: Mnh-mnh, he was released last night.

Roman: Did you talk to Hope?

Abe: Hope's missing, too. And so are Steve and Kayla.

Roman: What the hell is going on here?

Abe: I don't know. I don't know, but I think their lives are in danger, and we have to find them, Roman, now.

Hope: Where are you taking us?

Kayla: I want to see my husband.

Angelo: Oh, do you now?

Kayla: Yeah.

Ava: Oh, I missed you so much. [Door slams]

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Oh, God, Kayla.

Kayla: Let me out! Let me out!

Steve: No, no, no, no! Hey, baby, come here.

Kayla: What the hell is going on in here?

Ava: Ain't it obvious?

Steve: What? What did you say?

Ava: It's obvious.

Steve: You planned this whole thing, didn't you?

Ava: Look, I just wanted Kayla to see how good we were together.

Steve: I should have known.

Ava: Hey, look, I really didn't think that you were gonna want to make love, but now that I know you do, everything is really...unh.

Steve: I don't.

Ava: You do.

Steve: I don't!

Ava: You do! I want you out of here now!

Kayla: I'm not going anywhere.

Ava: Like hell you're not.

Philip: Okay, Chloe, tell me exactly what happened.

Chloe: Well, I came home, and I found one of the maids packing my bags.

Philip: Did you ask why?

Chloe: Yeah, she said Victor told her to do it.

Philip: I can't believe this.

Chloe: Victor has wanted me out of that house since the day I moved in.

Philip: It doesn't matter. You're my guest, and I want you to stay.

Chloe: That's very nice of you to say that, Philip, but it is your father's house. He has every right to ask me to leave.

Philip: Don't worry. I'll talk to him.

Chloe: You know what? Just forget it. Pretend like we didn't have this conversation. I've caused enough trouble already.

Philip: No. You're family, Chloe. And my friend. Trust me -- by the end of tonight, you will be back in that house.

Victor: You are not welcome in my house, Nicole. And if you try to enter it again, I'll have you arrested.

Nicole: Both your lawyer and mine agreed that I have every right to live in the mansion.

Victor: Well, unfortunately for you, I don't, and I'm what counts.

Nicole: I'll take you to court if I have to.

Victor: Oh, I'm counting on it.

Nicole: Oh, you want to play dirty? Bring it on!

Victor: There is no need for an invitation.

Nicole: What about Chloe? Did you kick her out, too?

Victor: I did. I've thrown out all the trash.

Nicole: You should still be nice to me, Victor.

Victor: Oh, well, now, this should be good. Why is that?

Nicole: Because you don't want me to tell everyone your dirty little secret, now do you?

Max: Well, it is starting to get packed now. Maybe we should, uh -- we should probably get going before Pete changes his mind about covering for me.

Stephanie: Where do you want to go?

Max: Well, we can go up to my room. Or not. We could go someplace else, wherever you want to go.

Stephanie: You know what? Your room is fine.

Max: Are you sure?

Stephanie: Yes.

Roman: Do you think this Ava took Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla?

Abe: I do.

Roman: Well, if her beef is with Steve, why take Hope?

Abe: I have no idea.

Roman: My guess is this -- my guess is Steve found out about Hope, tried to save her, got caught. Then, of course, when Bo got out of the hospital, he went looking for both of them.

Abe: Exactly.

Roman: And then there's Kayla. I'm sure Kayla just badgered the hell out of Bo until he took her with him.

Abe: Well, your sister can be very persuasive.

Roman: So, are you saying Ava is Martino Vitali's kid?

Abe: His only child.

Roman: How in the hell did Steve get mixed up with that family?

Abe: Steve told me it was one of the times that he got away from Stefano. He didn't know who he was.

Roman: Well, we need to pinpoint exactly where she took the four of them and fast, because my gut tells me their time is about to run out.

Ava: Come on, Patch baby, get back in bed.

Steve: Nope. Hey, hey, hey.

Ava: Do you see what you did?

Steve: Hey, hey, hey!

Kayla: What I did?

Steve: Ava, listen to me -- hold on. Listen, you see this? She's not jealous, and we're not having sex.

Ava: Make love, Patch.

Steve: This has nothing to do with love. It's about your obsession with the past. Otherwise, why would you have to bring her into this?

Ava: She needed to see how good we were together.

Steve: What did you expect her to do?

Ava: I don't know, Patch. Step aside.

Kayla: Oh.

Steve: Listen, let me talk to you for a second.

Ava: I don't want to talk to you.

Steve: No, I want to tell you something. Look at me. What happened to you happened to Kayla, too. She lost the love of her life.

Ava: Oh, I'm really sorry for her. We're not talking about her right now. We're talking about you and me.

Steve: I know that. But she got over the pain. And you will, too.

Ava: When? When, Patch? Because it has been years.

Steve: I know.

Ava: You don't know anything. She ruined our night together. Now I'm really angry!

Ava: Angelo!

Angelo: Put them in separate rooms. Let's go.

Hope: Aah!

Victor: You know, I have to hand it to you, Nicole. Most women become more graceful with age. You, on the other hand, become more desperate.

Nicole: Oh, I'm not desperate, Victor. I'm vindictive, so I'd be careful if I were you.

Victor: Well, you certainly have become more dramatic since you've been gone.

Nicole: I am moving back into the mansion.

Victor: You do and I will have you arrested.

Nicole: Maybe you didn't hear me the first time, Victor. I know your secret, the one that would destroy your relationship with your family if they found out.

Victor: I don't have any secrets.

Nicole: Everyone has secrets, even you.

Victor: Oh? Then tell me what it is.

Nicole: No.

Victor: No?

Nicole: We're gonna do this my way, Victor, not yours.

Victor: I see. In other words, you're bluffing.

Nicole: Am I?

Victor: Yes.

Nicole: You're making a big mistake.

Victor: Nicole, you do what you have to do.

Nicole: Don't worry. I will.

Marlena: John, you and I should be clear about something. We are still married.

John: I know.

Marlena: Married people don't date.

John: Not even each other?

Marlena: Oh. I see where you're going, but this date with Nicole is completely inappropriate.

John: Well, I disagree.

Marlena: Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

John: Well, that's because you are finally allowing yourself the opportunity to get to know me -- the real me.

Marlena: I'd like to say that I appreciate what I see.

John: But you don't?

Marlena: No.

John: You will, in time.

Marlena: Don't count on that.

John: Do I detect a bit of sarcasm in that tone? I do, and I like it. Jealousy becomes you.

Marlena: I'm --

John: In fact, it's very, very sexy.

Marlena: I'm not jealous.

John: Whatever you want to call it, it's still sexy.

Marlena: I'm upset.

John: With my dinner with Nicole?

Marlena: Because you're my husband, and you should act like that.

John: You first.

Marlena: Meaning?

John: If you want me to act like your husband, perhaps you should start acting like my wife.

Marlena: What does that mean?

John: Wives sleep with their husbands.

Marlena: Oh. So the date with Nicole is about sex.

John: I never would have invited her over if I had something better to do.

Marlena: So you're baiting me now.

John: And you're shrinking me.

Marlena: No. I'm acting like your wife. Isn't that what you wanted? John...please don't do this.

[Doorbell rings]

John: Too late. But if it'll make you feel any better, I was toying with you. The reality of the situation is my dinner with Nicole tonight -- strictly business.

Marlena: Good. Then you won't mind if I join you.

John: Actually, I do.

Dr. Rolf: [Clears throat] Nicole Kiriakis is here to see you, sir.

John: Thank you, Rolf. Nicole, I'm so glad you could make it.

Nicole: So am I.

John: May I help you with your coat?

Nicole: Please. You like?

John: Oh, I like.

Stephanie: You don't have to do that.

Max: I know, but I want to. I want tonight to be special.

Stephanie: It is special. 'Cause I'm spending it with you.

...Only to taste your lips if only for this moment for you, I would do it again even for just one kiss I'd risk it all just for this 'cause I... ♪

Stephanie: Max, come here.

It only gets better from here and I'm with you come whatever as beautiful days turn to years if only to love you ♪

Max: Steph, Steph, Steph, you know we don't have to do this, okay? I'd be -- I'd be happy if we just sat here and talked if that's what you want.

Stephanie: I know, but, I mean what's happening between us, it just feels right.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Even for just one kiss ♪

Stephanie: I want you, Max. I want us to be together.

'Cause I want to love you forever ♪

Max: Are you sure? Because we can stop at any moment --

Stephanie: Max, just kiss me.

Max: All right.

And I'm with you come whatever as beautiful days turn to years ♪

Kayla: Did you hear that?

Steve: Sounded like a fight.

Bo: Hey, Fancy Face, you okay?

Hope: I'm okay. Are you all right?

Bo: No, I've been better.

Hope: Yeah, I can see that. We need to get you to a hospital.

Bo: Let's get them out of that room.

Kayla: I don't hear anything now.

Steve: Got to get this door open.

Ava: Patch. You're not leaving me.

Steve: Put the gun down, Ava.

Ava: No.

Steve: Put it down.

Ava: No. If anyone walks through that door, they die.

John: Want some more champagne?

Nicole: Please. It is wrong for me to say I'm glad Marlena didn't join us?

John: Only if I disagree.

Nicole: But you don't.

John: No, I don't.

Nicole: Good, because I don't like to share.

John: Neither do I.

Nicole: I have to admit, I was surprised to see Marlena. I didn't realize the two of you still lived together.

John: May I be frank?

Nicole: Of course.

John: My relationship with Marlena is not what I was hoping to discuss with you tonight.

Nicole: What did you want to discuss?

John: You. Me. Just...how good we could be together.

Marlena: [Gasps] I hold you responsible for what is going on in that room.

Dr. Rolf: I don't know what you mean.

Marlena: Oh, yes, you do. That man in there is not my husband, and I want you to reverse my husband's memory loss. Do you understand me, Rolf?

Dr. Rolf: I'm afraid that is impossible.

Marlena: I don't trust you. You're an arrogant man. So arrogant, you would have documented every single thing you did. So I know you can bring my husband back to me. And soon, I'm going to know how myself.

Nicole: Careful, John. I've been known to fall in lust at the slightest bit of encouragement.

John: Really? Well, then, would flying you to Napa to sample champagnes for our flight to Paris constitute encouragement?

Nicole: Yes, it would.

John: How about Saturday? We'll leave around noon, stay overnight at the vineyard that I'm looking to acquire, and then on Sunday, we will fly off to Paris for a week long vacation.

Nicole: That sounds wonderful.

John: You just leave it to me. I'll make all the arrangements.

Nicole: I hope our trip won't disrupt your schedule too much.

John: No, it won't.

Nicole: Well, you are a man with considerable assets and interests. Are you sure our little excursion won't interfere with business? I know that you and Victor are engaged in a war of control of the docks.

John: Took you long enough.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I-I don't know what you mean.

John: You didn't come here for dinner, did you, Nicole? You came here to spy on me.

'Cause I want to love you forever

it only gets better from here

and I'm with you come whatever

Bo: Kay, it's me. I'm coming in.

Kayla: It's him.

Ava: No.

Bo: You guys okay?

Kayla: Yeah. We're fine.

John: I lost my memory, Nicole, not my senses. You didn't honestly believe that this tasteless dress and your painfully embarrassing come-ons would get me to open up about my private affairs, did you?

Nicole: I don't know what you're talking about.

John: You're here to gather inside information. So who are you working for? Is it Victor or little Philip?

Roman: Well, here he is.

Abe: Ah, the infamous earl Lawson.

Earl: Yeah, that depends on who's asking.

Abe: Salem P.D.

Earl: You never said anything about me meeting another cop.

Roman: Well, now you know.

Earl: Yeah? Well, listen, I told you that I would talk to you as a favor to Bo. Him? He wasn't part of it. So guess what -- I'm out of here.

Roman: Too late for that now, Earl.

Earl: As long as I'm breathing, gentlemen, it's never too late for me to leave.

Abe: Look, I don't have time for this. We need information now.

Earl: I got all the time in the world. Why don't you get your information somewhere else?

Roman: You know what, earl? You are starting to get on my nerves. So you tell us what we need to know, or you will spend the night in lockup.

Earl: For what?

Roman: Resisting arrest. How does that sound?

Earl: Sounds like a bum rap.

Abe: What's the new location of the Vitali compound?

Earl: Are you serious?

Abe: Do I look like I'm joking?

Earl: No, man. You don't. It's just that I thought you guys brought me here for something bigger, like when's the next shipment gonna be here. Crazy stuff like that.

Roman: Earl, listen to me. Where is the compound?

Earl: It's in Brookville. Maybe I should be wearing the badge. It's the only mansion on a private road.

Abe: Street name.

Earl: [Sighs] Riverstone. You want me to download you a map, too?

Roman: All right, Earl, here's your cash. Now get out of here.

Abe: Yeah. Riverstone. Meet us there in 20 minutes. Yeah, we're going in quiet. All right, you ready to get everybody out of there?

Roman: Let's do it.

Bo: Come on, let's get out of here.

Steve: Wait a minute. We can't leave yet. Stephanie could be in danger. Ava said she had a guy following her.

Kayla: But I thought you hired a guard to watch Stephanie.

Steve: Ava paid the guy off.

Bo: Here's Angelo's phone. Call her. [Cellphone vibrating]

Nicole: You're starting to worry me, John. Is paranoia a side effect of memory loss?

John: Who sent you?

Nicole: No one.

John: Victor doesn't trust you, not after you tried to have him killed. It was Philip. What did he promise you -- money? A way out of your divorce?

Nicole: You are paranoid just like Victor. I shouldn't have come here.

Marlena: Leaving so soon, Nicole?

Nicole: Suddenly I lost my appetite.

Marlena: John can do that to people.

Nicole: I'm sorry for your loss, Marlena. This man is nothing like the old John.

Marlena: He's not, is he?

Nicole: Well, maybe you can convince him to get professional help. He needs it.

Marlena: So do you.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Marlena: You're a married woman, Nicole. John is a married man.

Nicole: Yes, I'm married, about to get a divorce.

Marlena: What did you hope to accomplish by coming here tonight?

Nicole: Nothing that I care to discuss with you.

Marlena: Must be hard to admit that, well, that you're a spy.

Nicole: Oh, wow. You two deserve each other. You're just as crazy as he is.

Marlena: She's not very convincing, is she, darling?

John: It's embarrassing. You would have better luck trying to convince me that you're a virgin.

Nicole: Now, why would I do that? I'll see myself out.

John: My regards to Philip. You were impressive, Blondie. I see my talent in rubbing people the wrong way has rubbed off on you.

Marlena: You were impressive, too. I thought you handled Nicole beautifully.

Steve: Went to voicemail.

Bo: Steve, come on, man. We got to get moving.

Steve: We've already lost a lot of time, Bo. You got to get some backup. Here, take this. Put a squad on Stephanie, too, while you're at it.

Bo: I'm on it.

Steve: Ava.

Ava: Patch? What happened?

Steve: It's okay. We're gonna take a little walk now. Come on. [Static]

Angelo. Angelo, come in.

Ava: Angelo.

Bo: Hey, give me that walkie.

Hope: Get up.

Angelo: You want this, hmm?

Bo: Don't be stupid. Give that to me now. That's my boy. Into the room. Get into the room.

Angelo: You're not gonna get away with this.

Bo: I'm done talking to you. Get in there.

Roman: All right, I counted five armed guards in the Southeast corner. You?

Abe: Yeah, same.

Roman: Let's do it.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Max: I, um... I know you, Stephanie. I re-- I really know you. And I know you're worried about your parents, and doing this is not gonna get your mind off of it.

Stephanie: It's so much more than that.

Max: I know, but... look, maybe it is. But I love you, all right? And I want this to be right.

Stephanie: You don't want to?

Max: No, hey. No, I want to. I just -- I don't want to -- I don't want to be selfish. Please do not make this more difficult than it is. Or I might just lose my manners. Ahh.

Stephanie: I love you.

Max: [Sighs] Look, I just -- I want you to know that...for the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want. And that's you, Stephanie Johnson. I want us. I mean, that's...worth waiting for.

Stephanie: Would it be too forward of me to say, um, I don't know how much longer I can wait?

Max: Hey, and I can? God.

Nicole: Chloe, where's Philip?

Chloe: Why, hello, Nicole. It's nice to see you, too. Me, I'm not doing so well, but thanks for asking.

Nicole: Look, I don't have time for this. Where is he?

Chloe: With Victor.

Nicole: Oh. Great. You know, he kicked me out of the house today. I assume he kicked you out, too.

Chloe: Yes, he did. Philip's speaking to him about it right now.

Nicole: Maybe he'll talk some sense into him. After everything I have done for that man, he had a maid pack up my bags and he put Pookie in a cage. That's just not right.

Chloe: I agree. Victor should have at least waited until you tried to kill him again.

Nicole: Yeah, at least. [Chuckles] Wow, Chloe, if didn't know any better, I would think we just shared a nice moment right there.

Chloe: Is that what it was? 'Cause it was weird.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Yeah. You know, you really have changed since I've been gone.

Chloe: Have I?

Nicole: You have a backbone now. You're not so disgustingly sweet anymore.

Chloe: Well, it's been nice. We definitely should not do this again.

Nicole: Wait, Chloe. Wait a second. Sit down please. You're gonna want to hear what I have to say.

Chloe: Is this another one of your nice moments?

Nicole: No.

Chloe: What is it?

Nicole: I warned Victor, but he wouldn't listen, so here it goes. There's something you need to know.

Abe: All right, all units, stand by.

Bo: Abe? Roman?

Roman: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Hey, man. Good to see you.

Roman: Yeah, glad you called.

Abe: You've got a lot of explaining to do, all of you.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, we'll get to that.

Steve: Hey, Roman, did they get that squad on Stephanie yet?

Roman: Uh, I talked to them, but I'll check back with them.

Abe: Is everybody all right?

Kayla: Hope's been shot.

Hope: In the shoulder, but it's not bad.

Bo: We got to get her to the hospital.

Hope: We need to get you back to the hospital, is what we need to do.

Abe: You must be Ava Vitali.

Steve: This is Ava.

Abe: Hands behind your back. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney and have him or her present during questioning if you so desire. If you cannot afford an attorney...

Abe: You folks have had an exciting few days.

Bo: Yeah, all thanks to that crazy woman.

Abe: All right, let's go. Come on.

Bo: Come on. Let's get you to an ambulance.

Steve: Roman, how's it going with that squad on Stephanie?

Roman: Well, they're on their way, but they don't know anything yet, though.

Steve: They're on their way, baby. It's gonna be all right.

Kayla: Stephanie's just got to be all right.


Angelo: You got a phone?

Guy: Here, pocket.

Angelo: Yeah, it's me. It's a go.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: So, you were impressed with the way I handled Nicole.

Marlena: Mm, I was.

John: Is it safe to say that you were also surprised as well?

Marlena: It is. I didn't think that this was really a business dinner.

John: Admit it, Blondie. You were jealous.

Marlena: You're my husband, John. I won't share you.

John: You do realize the significance of this evening.

Marlena: Hmm?

John: You're beginning to accept me.

Marlena: I wouldn't read too much into my reaction to your date.

John: And now we are regressing.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. And who's analyzing who now?

John: Point taken. But you did say that you were impressed with the way I handled Nicole.

Marlena: I was.

John: Well, you haven't seen anything yet.

Marlena: Really? What does that mean?

John: Tonight, Philip Kiriakis made a pathetic attempt to infiltrate my organization.

Marlena: I didn't know you had an organization.

John: For our purposes, that is what we are going to call my various assets and interests.

Marlena: All right.

John: The point is...Victor and Philip have proven to be very disappointing adversaries.

Marlena: What does that mean?

John: I just wanted control. I just wanted them to roll over, but they didn't. They made a mistake. They fought back. And now I'm gonna put an end to this. [Door opens]

Philip: How's Chelsea doing?

Victor: I don't know. Daniel's running some more tests.

Philip: I hope she'll be all right.

Victor: Yeah, so do I.

Philip: So, I ran into Chloe at the Brady Pub. She said you kicked both her and Nicole out of the house.

Victor: Yes, I did.

Philip: Why?

Victor: You know perfectly well why. I don't trust either one of those women. I don't want them in my home.

Philip: But I thought we agreed to let the lawyers take care of Nicole.

Victor: I changed my mind.

Philip: What about Chloe? She was my guest.

Victor: Yeah, well, she's over-stayed her welcome.

Philip: Dad, Chloe doesn't have anywhere else to go. Look, I'm gonna tell Chloe she can stay. And I don't like Nicole, I don't want her around, but we need to let the lawyers handle it.

Victor: Absolutely not.

Philip: Why are you being so stubborn?

Victor: I don't have to explain my decisions to you, Philip. You, on the other hand, do have to explain your actions to me.

Philip: What are you referring to?

Victor: I want to know why you're supporting Nicole and Chloe against the family. And I want to know right now.

Max: I'm sorry I have to go back to work so soon.

Stephanie: It's okay. 'Cause once you're through here, we can have the rest of the night to ourselves.

Max: Oh. Are you gonna be around for a while?

Stephanie: Mm, yes.

Max: Good.

Stephanie: Take me to the bar.

Max: All right.

Chloe: What did Victor do now?

Nicole: You're not gonna like it.

Chloe: Come on, Nicole. Just tell me.

Nicole: He knows where Brady is. He always has.

Max: I'll be right back.

Stephanie: Okay.

Man: Make a sound...and you're dead.

Ava: Do you have any idea what's gonna go down when my Daddy's gonna find out about this? You know what can happen to someone when Daddy's angry.

Daniel: I'm sorry, Chelse. I just had to make sure.

Chelsea: Sure of what?

Victor: Cut the act. Your recklessness nearly cost my grandson his life.

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