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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/23/08 - Canada; Thursday 4/24/08 - U.S.A.

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John: As I was saying, with the old man...preoccupied, now is an excellent time to make our move.

Paul: That's a little cold, don't you think?

John: How so, Paul?

Paul: Victor is "preoccupied" because his granddaughter's in the hospital, apparently very ill. Chelsea also happens to be a good friend of my daughter's.

John: And I'm sure that she's a sweet kid, and I wish her all the best. As I was saying, if our butts are on the line here, we need to strike while the iron's hot. Cigar?

Paul: No.

John: They're Cubans.

Paul: I don't care what they are. You know, pal, why don't you just tell me about this brilliant plan of yours because, at this point, I'm dying to know what it is. [Approaching footsteps]

Marlena: So am I.

John: I thought you were resting from your trip.

Marlena: Well, I, uh, I couldn't sleep, and then I heard voices, so I thought I'd check it out.

Paul: How are you, Dr. Evans?

Marlena: Mr. Hollingsworth. I guess I don't have to ask, now, do I?

John: Just a couple guys chewing the fat.

Marlena: I find that so hard to believe.

John: Well, that's because your occupation as a psychiatrist makes you suspicious. But sometimes a cigar is -- well, it's just a cigar.

Marlena: Paul.

Paul: Hmm.

Marlena: Did John ask you to use your position with the customs department to, say, cause problems or delay the Kiriakis ships?

Paul: I got no idea what you're talking about.

Marlena: I read the papers, you know.

John: Papers are rarely accurate. Besides, did you happen to see my name?

Marlena: I know what you did. I know what you both did. What I don't know is what you're up to now.

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Well, I'm not expecting anybody, are you?

John: No. But I feel certain Rolf will discourage any unwanted visitors.

Marlena: What makes you think they're unwanted visitors?

Philip: I hope you're not referring to me.

John: Well, hello, Philip.

Philip: John. Mr. Hollingsworth. Why am I not surprised to find you two together?

Kate: How is she doing? It feels like she's burning up.

Daniel: Well, she's definitely at a temperature again -- not as high as before, but -- Jenny, why didn't you tell me her temperature had gone up?

Jenny: I was going to, doctor, but --

Daniel: Get me the latest test results. If they're not in, tell the lab to get them in.

Jenny: Yes, doctor.

Chelsea: I'm gonna be okay, right?

Tony: Oh, hello, everyone. Kate, there you are. Your assistant said I would find you here. She also told me that Miss Chelsea is much improved. That's wonderful news. These are for you.

Chelsea: Thank you. They're very pretty.

Tony: So, Kate. Kate. I came to talk to you about the commercial.

Steve: [Groans] [Exhales deeply] [Grunting] What the hell? [Grunts]

Ava: Mm. Well, it's about time, sleepyhead. Welcome back to the good old days.

Marlena: [Coughs]

Philip: We need to talk. And I'm not leaving until we do.

John: Well, I'm afraid I'm right in the middle of something.

Philip: What, plotting strategy? Trying to decide whose business you'll sabotage next, or is this just damage control since your new partner in crime is up on charges?

Paul: Son, I haven't been charged with anything.

Philip: It's only a matter of time before the grand jury makes that call.

Paul: And if that happens, it's just because you and your stinkin' father had me framed!

Philip: Oh, yeah?

Paul: Yeah.

Philip: As far as I know, you can't frame a guilty man.

Paul: You know what, kid? You got proof, bring it. Come on. Let me hear your proof because I'm right here, right now!

Chelsea: What commercial?

Kate: Never mind.

Tony: Kate's first commercial of Kate's Hearth and Home is set to roll in the next few days. But if we postpone --

Chelsea: No, I don't want you to do that for me.

Kate: Baby, I know you don't.

Tony: Well, you know, if we're gonna press on, there are a few things we need to go over.

Kate: No, I am not going to do that, all right? As long as Chelsea's in the hospital, I am going to be here by her side.

Chelsea: Dr. Jonas, can you please tell my Grandmother that I'm going to be fine?

Daniel: She is going to be fine. And this one here needs to get some rest.

Chelsea: See? So, go, talk to Tony. Figure it out, okay? Don't worry about me. I'm in excellent hands.

Abe: What's going on? Bo still hasn't heard from Hope?

Lexie: No, he never heard from her. And now it looks like he's missing.

Abe: Since when?

Lexie: Apparently, since he was released from the hospital.

Abe: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Lexie: Honey, I tried, but you were in court. And I only realized it after Chelsea was brought in and he and Hope never showed up.

Abe: This isn't looking good. So, what do Steve and Kayla have to do with this?

Lexie: No one knows where they are, either.

Abe: Are you sure?

Lexie: Honey, I've called everyone. I've left countless messages -- nothing.

Abe: You know, Bo was so worried about Hope when I talked to him after his surgery.

Lexie: Yeah, he was extremely worried, even though later he tried to deny it. Remember how strange he acted that day?

Abe: Yeah. First he wanted me to look for her, then later he asked me not to.

Lexie: Said he over-reacted. But I knew there was more to it, honey. I knew there was something going on. And he finally admitted it. He finally admitted that Hope is missing.

Abe: When was this?

Lexie: Just before he was released.

Abe: Oh, Lexie.

Lexie: Abe, honey, again, you were in court. And Bo begged me not to tell you. He said he couldn't get the cops involved, that I should trust him.

Abe: And you did.

Lexie: Which may have been the biggest mistake of my life.

Steve: [Groans] What did you do to me? Where are my clothes?

Ava: Relax, relax. Nothing happened. I didn't have my way with you while you slept.

Steve: You took my clothes off.

Ava: That's because you were really out of it, okay? I wanted you to relax. I wanted you to be comfortable. I thought we needed a little time to regroup.

Steve: So you got into bed with me.

Ava: [Chuckles] I remember a time when you couldn't wait to be naked in bed with me.

Steve: [Grunting] Where's Kayla?

Ava: It's okay.

Steve: Bo and Hope, what did you do with them?

Ava: They're fine. They're fine.

Steve: They need help. Bo and Hope, they need help. You shot Hope, remember?

Ava: Why do you keep bringing that up? I barely grazed her shoulder. It's not a big deal.

Steve: Is she getting help, Ava? Bo needs help, too.

Ava: They're fine! Like I said, they're fine. Okay? Hey. So's your little wifey. We actually had a really nice talk.

Steve: About what?

Ava: About you... and me and her and, God, this messy little triangle.

Steve: There is no triangle.

Ava: All right, maybe it's a little more of a rectangle now that I get your kid and all.

Steve: Do you really think that's gonna happen?

Ava: Yeah, I know it is. It's for payment due for running out on our wedding day and breaking your promise that we would be married and we would have a family. Kayla agreed. She thinks it's only fair.

Steve: I don't believe it.

Ava: Well, it's true, honey. Guess what? We're gonna be able to have that baby we always wanted and always planned for.

Steve: So, what are you telling me now? You want the baby more than you want us back together? Get me my clothes.

Ava: Baby.

John: Clearly, he doesn't have any proof, Paul. You needn't worry yourself.

Philip: That would be a mistake.

John: We'll finish our discussion on this new business venture later.

Paul: Yeah. The sooner the better, John.

John: I'll have Rolf see you out.

Paul: I'll see myself out.

Philip: Call me crazy, but he's got some nerve being upset when he's the one -- along with you -- who tried to undermine my company.

John: Blondie. Maybe you'll want to excuse us.

Marlena: No. Unless having me here makes you uncomfortable.

John: Not at all. I just thought little Philly would prefer to talk to me in private.

Philip: I don't mind her being here. You see, Marlena's the one who first warned me about you, John.

Marlena: Too bad it didn't do any good.

John: The last time we spoke, I agreed that you had the upper hand at the moment. You got someone to believe your lies and had Paul suspended from Customs. Now he's facing indictment. That was good work.

Philip: The way I see it, we're just about even. But you're not gonna let it go at that.

John: I play to win.

Philip: So, you still insist on this being a contest.

John: Isn't it?

Philip: It never was before, John. The DiMera and Kiriakis families have always found a way to coexist, which seemed to be in everyone's best interest.

John: We've already had this discussion. Times change.

Philip: They sure do. There was a time not long ago when I respected you.

John: And now you're going to respect me in a whole new way.

Philip: There was a time when we worked together, when you were with the ISA and I first came home after joining the Marines. But you don't remember that.

John: You worked for me.

Marlena: John, you do remember.

John: No. But how could it possibly be otherwise?

Philip: [Chuckles] You're right. I admit I was pretty green back then. But I'm not the same man anymore, John, not by a long shot.

John: Neither am I.

Marlena: John, please --

John: Stay out of this. It doesn't concern you.

Marlena: The hell it doesn't. I am your wife. We have a family. I will be damned if I sit by and watch you drag all of us right into a war.

Abe: What did Kayla say?

Lexie: She was worried about Steve. She said his past had come back to haunt him in the form of some woman who was crazy.

Abe: Ava Vitali.

Lexie: You knew about her?

Abe: Steve confided in me that she made threats against his family, and she admitted that she was responsible for the plane crash.

Lexie: Oh, my God.

Abe: And when the NTSB's report said there was no real evidence to link it to anyone, I really had nothing to go on.

Lexie: You said this woman's last name was Vitali?

Abe: Yeah, from a very big crime family into some seriously bad stuff.

Lexie: Bo asked Victor about the Vitalis before he disappeared. Victor said that he told Bo to stay away from them.

Abe: Knowing Bo, that was a warning he ignored.

Lexie: But why would they take Hope? She was the first one missing.

Abe: I don't know. I mean, if, in fact, they took her and the others, our friends could be in a hell of a lot of danger.

Ava: Look, I want you, Patch. I want you and our baby.

Steve: [Sighs] It's not our baby, Ava. You know that.

Ava: No, but it can be. It can be. Now, we can have the life that we always dreamed about having together.

Steve: Oh, man. What are you talking about? You said that you would hate me forever for what I did to you.

Ava: Okay, no, I was angry at you. That's all because I thought that you were lying to me. I'm calmer now, and I had time to think.

Steve: So, what do you think?

Ava: Well, I think that maybe what you say happened might have. Those guys, they came, they grabbed you, they took you away, and you had no choice.

Steve: Right, I had no choice, but --

Ava: No, no, no, no. No "buts." No. No "buts." You loved me. I know you did. I did not imagine that.

Steve: [Sighs] I did love you, Ava. But I knew it wasn't right to marry you, even before Stefano's men came and grabbed me at that church.

Ava: No, it was wedding jitters.

Steve: It was more than that. I knew in my gut that something was wrong, and I was gonna go back inside and call it off.

Ava: But you promised to marry me. You promised me so that we would spend the rest of our lives together. So, look, you made it all the way to the altar. You made it there. And if you loved me like you said you did --

Steve: I already loved somebody else. And even if I didn't remember it at the time, that's why I couldn't go through with it. My heart just wasn't there.

Ava: It was always with Kayla.

Steve: [Exhales] Ava, listen, I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have, but... she's the one. She's the love of my life. She's the one I was meant to be with.

Ava: I felt that way about you. You said you felt the same way about me, too.

Steve: I know. You know, uh, you know what I think? I think maybe, uh, we were both just running away, you know? We were using each other to try to escape.

Ava: Escape? Escape what?

Steve: What was going on at the time. I mean, I was mixed up. I was lost. I-I didn't have any memory. You -- you were trying to get out from underneath your father's thumb, start a new life for yourself. The truth is, we -- we couldn't run away, Ava. Neither one of us could run away. We weren't meant to be together, not for the long haul. You have to see that, Ava. And I'm not Patch anymore. I'm Steve Johnson. I'm like a stranger to you. You don't even know me. You do see that, don't you? It's time to put the past behind you, move on with your life.

Daniel: All right. It's coming down a little, slowly but surely.

Chelsea: Not as much as you'd like.

Daniel: Chelsea, I meant what I said. I will do whatever it takes to figure this thing out, so you're stuck with me until you get well.

Chelsea: Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Daniel: For what?

Chelsea: Everything. I can tell that you really care.

Daniel: I do care. I care about all my patients.

Lexie: How is she? Has her fever come down?

Daniel: It's down, but it still hasn't broken.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Daniel: I wanted to talk to you, if you've got some time.

Lexie: Yeah, of course.

Abe: Uh...can I talk to Chelsea for a minute? I want to find out what she knows about Bo and Hope, you know, where they might be.

Daniel: I know this is extremely important -- as long as you don't let her know fully why you're questioning her. I cannot risk having her upset.

Abe: I'll be brief.

Daniel: And if she gets tired or agitated --

Abe: I'll come back later. I promise.

Daniel: Thank you.

Lexie: What is it?

Chelsea: Come in.

Abe: Hey, Chelse. How you doing, huh?

Chelsea: Okay.

Abe: I know you need your rest, so I'm not gonna stay very long. I just wanted to talk to you about your dad and Hope, if you know what's going on with them.

Chelsea: No. I thought that maybe you would know.

Abe: You know, I was thinking that they might be someplace with Steve and Kayla.

Chelsea: Doing what? Abe? Do you th-- do you think that they're in some kind of danger?

Ava: Look, I have to believe that you're still the man that I loved, that same man. I know it. I know it because when I look at you, I see him. I see the rebel. I see the bad boy. I see that man with the great big heart.

Steve: Ava.

Ava: No, it's there. It's there, and it's more than that. It's that feeling. It's that thing. It's that thing that we had... whenever we got close. It's there, right? Right now.

Steve: I think you're fooling yourself.

Ava: No, no, you are exactly the same man that I knew that you were. Come on, maybe you don't want to admit it. Maybe you don't want to admit it to yourself. Maybe you don't want your wife to realize it. But DiMera did not take that away from you, and neither did she.

Steve: You're wrong.

Ava: Oh, am I?

Steve: Listen, Ava. We were good together. We were. We had some great times.

Ava: Yeah.

Steve: We had great sex.

Ava: It was more than that. It was so much more than that. You know it. It was a lot more.

Steve: The point is, it's in the past. And if you ever cared anything about me, you'll accept that and let me go. Do it for me and for yourself.

Marlena: John, think about what you're doing. It doesn't have to be this way.

John: It's simply business, Blondie. I told you before. I'm not backing down.

Philip: Neither am I. And neither is my Father. He didn't get to where he is by letting people like you get the best of him. And I won't, either.

John: I'm not trying to destroy your family. I'm simply seeing to it that the DiMera Empire continues to grow and prosper.

Philip: At my family's expense.

John: Like I said, it's not personal. And I don't understand what the big deal is. You people have shipping interests all over the globe. Port of Salem -- small potatoes.

Philip: Ah, if you believed that, you wouldn't be fighting so hard to control it. We both know whoever owns the docks owns this town.

John: Okay. So, I own Salem, and you people own the rest of the world. Is that so bad?

Philip: You probably won't understand this... but my father has always considered Salem his home. He built not just his business empire here but hospital wings and concert halls and buildings at the university. He made his life here, John. Everything that is important to him or means anything to him is right here, and you can't just take that away.

Marlena: He's right. You shouldn't even try.

John: Philip, according to Blondie here, Salem is also my home. And if I am to succeed here in the way that I want, you and your old man are gonna step aside.

Abe: You know, I didn't say they were in any kind of danger. Your daddy's anxious to get back to work, investigate cases, in spite of my telling him not to.

Chelsea: Abe, we both know my Dad. He'd be here if he could be. So would Hope. So, why aren't they?

Abe: I'm not sure. But I can promise you we're going to find out.

Tony: I did want to get your final approval on the shooting script, as well as the set design and the wardrobe and a few other odds and ends. I think you're gonna especially love the set. It's warm, it's homey, at the same time, sophisticated, essentially what Kate's Hearth and Home is all about.

Kate: I'm sure it's wonderful. That's why I hired you -- you're the best and I trust you.

Tony: Well, thank you. We work very hard. But it's very important that we do get your feedback because, after that, it's gonna be too late to make any changes.

Kate: Yeah, I-I can't do this right now. I'm sorry. I just can't focus. I'm sorry.

Tony: Well, I understand, darling, but it's a little too late now to cancel the shoot.

Kate: I will be there. I will be there at the shoot. But right now, I need to concentrate on Chelsea. She's the most important thing.

Lexie: How did it go?

Daniel: Is Chelsea all right?

Abe: I did my best to reassure her, but I can see she's really worried about Bo and Hope.

Lexie: Yeah, so am I. And Steve and Kayla. Honey, you have to find them.

Abe: That's just what I'm gonna do. I'll call you when I know anything.

Daniel: Excuse me.

Steve: So, can you do it, Ava? Can you let this thing go?

Ava: I can't.

Steve: Why can't you?

Ava: Because if I do, then my life is over. Everything's over.

Steve: No, it's not, baby. You know, the Ava I used to know would never think that way. You were strong. You were determined. You were fearless.

Ava: And that girl doesn't exist anymore, thanks to you.

Steve: [Sighs] You're not making any sense, now, baby. One minute you want me, you love me, then you're blaming me for everything.

Ava: Listen, I will forgive you, Patch, because it's what you do. It's what you do when you love somebody, and I want to be well again. And I knew that once I had you back, that I would be. It's what I set out to do, and I can't stop now. There's no way.

Steve: I was afraid you'd say that.

Ava: Look, I just can't give up.

Steve: Well... then I guess I'm gonna have to.

Ava: What does that mean?

Steve: It means I'm not gonna fight you anymore.

Ava: Just like that?

Steve: I want you to get what you need, so maybe you'll feel okay about letting the others go.

Ava: You made that deal with me before once. How do I know this time it's legit?

Steve: 'Cause we got no more time for games. Bo and Hope need medical attention. So does Kayla. They all need to get out of here. And... if you have me, you won't need to take that baby... 'cause we can make one of our own.

Ava: You'd do that? You'd do that for me? You'd have a baby with me, our own baby?

Steve: If that's what it takes to make you happy, put things right.

Daniel: You still awake? You promised me you would get some rest.

Chelsea: I'm resting with my eyes open.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Chelsea: Besides, I wasn't expecting to have you back so quick.

Daniel: I told you you were my number-one priority.

Chelsea: Well, I'm flattered.

Daniel: You should be. I'm a very busy man.

Chelsea: I know. So, what's the verdict? How am I doing?

Daniel: Well, I still don't have your latest labs, and your fever would indicate that we don't have a handle on your infection yet. Doesn't mean that we won't.

Chelsea: Just not any time soon.

Daniel: Exactly.

Chelsea: I'm not really worried about it. Like I said before, I have total faith in you. I just...

Daniel: Just, uh, just what?

Chelsea: I just wish that you weren't my doctor.

Philip: You must be very proud. You're showing yourself to be a true DiMera.

John: I don't consider myself a DiMera any more than I consider myself to be a Brady. I'm my own man, for better or for worse.

Philip: I feel sorry for you, but not as sorry as I feel for your wife. Good luck, Marlena. And you, too, John. You're gonna need it.

John: And I assume that you are disappointed in me yet again.

Marlena: Yes. I am disappointed. More than I can even say. [Doors close]

John: Can't be helped.

Marlena: I disagree.

John: Maybe you wouldn't be so disappointed if you would stop comparing me to the old John, otherwise known as Superman, Captain Marvel, and Gandhi, all rolled up into one.

Marlena: And now he's just the Phantom.

John: [Chuckles] Well, at least you haven't lost your sense of humor.

Marlena: John, I wish you understood that life is just not about winning and losing.

John: What can I say? I need a reason to get up in the morning, and this gives me one.

Marlena: Oh, I'll give you a reason to get up in the morning.

John: You wouldn't be trying to bribe me, now, would you, Blondie?

Marlena: What do you think?

John: Well, I think if you are... it just might work.

Ava: Are you really offering what it seems like you're offering?

Steve: [Sighs] I'll have sex with you right now if it'll make you happy, if you let Kayla and my friends go.

Ava: You don't have to make it sound like it's such a chore. And for your information, no. No, I don't want to have sex with you.

Steve: No?

Ava: No. Look, when we make love -- make love -- that's what it's gonna be because I want you, all of you, your whole heart, your whole soul. I don't want just your body.

Steve: I can't make those promises, Ava. If you want me, you got to take me the way I am, still in love with my wife.

Ava: Wow. Did you have to say that?

Steve: I just think we need to be up front with each other.

Ava: [Inhales deeply]

Steve: Now, I'm willing to do what you want if you can live with my terms. Can you?

Daniel: So, you don't want me as your doctor anymore?

Chelsea: Did I say that out loud?

Daniel: Yeah, you did. I'd really like to know why.

Chelsea: 'Cause I know that there are rules between doctors and their patients.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chelsea: And if I wasn't your patient, then maybe you could -- or we could... be like... you know, in the normal way. Or not. You know what? I'm just gonna shut my mouth because I'm clearly delirious. And you, doctor, are way too worldly and way too much...

Daniel: Older.

Chelsea: I'm really sorry that I brought this up. You know what? Let's just chock it up to the fact that I'm on a lot of drugs and I have a fever and all that. And let's just forget about the whole thing, okay?

Daniel: As long as I still get to be your doctor.

Chelsea: Of course.

Daniel: And do me a favor. Get some sleep.

Chelsea: Yeah. That's a great idea. I'm actually feeling really tired all of a sudden.

Marlena: You know, John, while I was away, I had a lot of time to think about us.

John: So you say.

Marlena: Mm. And I decided that I need to be a little more aggressive... I mean, just in getting you... to remember.

John: Well, that's good to know, but if you'll excuse me right now, I need to get ready for my hot date.

Daniel: I know what you were trying to say... so get better. You've got your whole life ahead of you. [Door opens]

Jenny: Those test results, doctor.

Daniel: Great. [Sighs]

Steve: Can you live with my terms?

Ava: Let's do it. Let's make a baby.

John: My date is with Nicole Kiriakis.

Marlena: Oh.

Nicole: You should still be nice to me, Victor.

Victor: Why is that?

Nicole: Because you don't want me to tell everyone your dirty little secret, now, do you?

Kayla: Steve!

Steve: God, Kayla.

Kayla: What the hell's going on in here?

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