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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/15/08 - Canada; Wednesday 4/16/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: [Sighs]

E.J.: Well, that should do it. I think she was just over-tired, you know?

Sami: Yeah, I just can't figure her out today. She skipped her morning nap and then she was so fussy in the afternoon.

E.J.: How's Johnny?

Sami: Oh, he's great. He could sleep through anything. I dread thinking how that kid is gonna sleep when he's a teenager.

E.J.: You don't think she's getting sick again, do you?

Sami: No. No, she doesn't have a fever, and I called the pediatrician. The nurse thinks that maybe Allie is teething.

E.J.: Really? Teething? That's pretty early to be doing that. Thank you.

Sami: Oh. Actually, it's not too early. Will started teething early, too.

E.J.: You know what I think it is? I think she misses me. I'm working. I'm busy. I'm out of the house a lot.

Sami: E.J., I don't think that's it.

E.J.: Well, look what happened this evening, okay? She couldn't sleep. I sing to her. The next moment, she's completely relaxed. Two minutes later, she's asleep.

Sami: I appreciate you doing that. I appreciate everything that you have done for us, but... Allie is Lucas' daughter.

E.J.: How many times exactly do you think that you need to tell me that, Samantha?

Sami: As many times as it takes for it to sink in. I don't want her to be dependent on you.

E.J.: She's a baby, okay? She is dependent on everybody.

Sami: I don't think this thing's working.

E.J.: It's working fine. Samantha, would you just please sit down? Now, it's late. Do you want to tell me exactly what's got you so upset?

Sami: Where should I start? Lucas being in prison for who knows how long for having tried to kill you? What about my Mom, announcing that she has to go on this soul-searching trip? And everything that she's going through with John? And then I'm still living in this creepy house with the next generation of the evilest family to ever hit Salem. You don't think I have a reason to be on edge tonight?

John: No reason to worry your pretty little head. Elvis and I may be evil DiMeras, but we're hardly on the same side. Isn't that right, nephew?

Angelo: Inside.

Hope: Steve.

Steve: What's going on?

Angelo: Nothing that concerns you.

Steve: You all right?

Hope: No. No, I'm not all right. I need to get out of here. I need to get back to Bo.

Steve: We're gonna get you there. Now, what's happening outside?

Hope: I don't know. I don't know, but something's definitely going on. They're on high alert.

Ava: Angelo, what's going on?

Angelo: Look, the perimeter's been breached. Ava, don't. Now, we just moved Kayla inside with Patch. They're secure until we locate the intruder.

Ava: You think who's here is coming for Patch and Kayla, huh? Damn it, Angelo, tell me.

Hope: Can you hear anything?

Steve: Could be good news. Sounds like we got company.

Bo: Oh, damn it.

Kayla: Are you okay?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kayla: Bo, are you all right?

Bo: Yeah, I'm fine. I just need a second.

Kayla: I knew it. You should be home recuperating.

Bo: Would you stop with the jabbering? We got to get going before they dis--

[Dogs barking]

Kayla: Too late for that.

Sami: John, what do you mean you and E.J. aren't on the same side?

John: Well, it seems that your husband, my nephew, is working for the enemy.

E.J.: Really? Mickey Horton, eh? Since when did you have an issue with him?

John: Oh, I don't. But it is one of your clients that interests me.

E.J.: Really? So I'm assuming here that we're talking about Nicole Kiriakis.

John: Exactly.

Sami: Well, she definitely is a low-life slut who's never met a man or a wallet she didn't like. What? It's true.

E.J.: So, why exactly is it that you take issue with me representing Nicole?

John: I'm a little surprised you would take the side of a Kiriakis over your own family. There's no loyalty in that.

E.J.: [Chuckles]

John: Yes?

E.J.: No loyalty to my family, eh? I think if you knew a little bit more about my client, you'd have less of an issue with me taking her case.

Kayla: I think they're going in a different direction.

Bo: Don't worry. They'll be back.

Kayla: Which is why we need to get out of sight.

Bo: Yeah, over here.

Kayla: Come on. Bo, this isn't good. You're in no condition to be doing this.

Bo: I'm just a little sore. That's all. I'll be fine.

Kayla: I know a simpler way that we can go about this.

Bo: Well, good. I can't think of one.

Kayla: Well, I can, and I have.

Bo: No, it's too dangerous.

Kayla: Come on, we have talked about this before.

Bo: Yeah, and I'm not cool with it. If something happens to you, Steve will never forgive me. Hell, I'll never forgive myself. No way, Kay. It's not happening.

Hope: What else are they saying?

Steve: Come here.

Ava: Talk to me. Tell me what's happened.

Angelo: The perimeter was breached on the South Side. We're trying to find who it is and, more importantly, if they're still on the property.

Ava: I don't like this, Ange.

Angelo: Don't worry. We're gonna find out whoever it is. It's the two you have in the bedroom that I'm worried about.

Ava: What do you mean?

Angelo: If your father finds out we have visitors, he's gonna ask questions, which might lead him to finding out who you have hidden in there.

Ava: How did this get to be such a mess?

Angelo: Look, look, look, look. I need you to stay calm.

Ava: Oh, really? You need me to stay calm? How am I supposed to do that, huh? Because you know if Daddy finds out that I've got Patch and his wife in there, he's gonna call Dr. Neusbaum and he is going to lock me up for a very long time.

Angelo: Then I think you know what we've got to do.

Hope: Oh, she sounds mad.

Steve: She's panicked. Angelo seems to be calling the shots.

Hope: What do you think's gonna happen?

Steve: They might want to get rid of the evidence.

Hope: You think she's gonna kill us, don't you?

John: So, in your opinion, Elvis, how does working for a Kiriakis not present a conflict of interest to the DiMeras?

Johnny: [Crying]

Sami: Johnny.

E.J.: Want me to go?

Sami: No, I'll do it. Excuse me, John.

E.J.: Well, for starters, she's a Kiriakis in name only. She may actually have more of a grudge against Victor than you do.

John: That I doubt.

E.J.: Well, she's suing him for all he's worth in alimony, so let's just say there's no love lost between the two of them.

John: That's interesting. However, my sources tell me that she's living in the mansion.

E.J.: Well, it's a big house. There's a lot of rooms.

John: Not very wise of Victor to have someone around who's trying to bleed him dry, is it?

E.J.: He didn't have much of a choice, unfortunately. I got a court order that guarantees Nicole has access to the premises.

John: And Victor was powerless?

E.J.: Pretty much, unless he wants to go and bribe a judge.

John: You're a resourceful attorney.

E.J.: Well, as much as I'd like to take the credit, generally speaking, when it comes to community property, these things take a long time to work out, so both couples are allowed access until they can come to some kind of agreement, but you should know all about getting access to property, John.

John: After what my half brother, your father, did, he owed me. So, what else can you tell me about the Kiriakis divorce?

E.J.: I can tell you absolutely nothing. Because I am bound by a law that honors the privacy of my client.

Sami: You're gonna honor Nicole's privacy? Give me a break. She's the most indiscreet person I know. I still can't believe that you are gonna take her case.

E.J.: [Sighs] Samantha, we are through talking about this. I am taking the case.

John: Actually, I haven't decided if I'm going to let you.

Angelo: So, are we agreed?

Ava: No. Look, I don't like what you're suggesting. But I don't want Daddy finding out about it, either. You know he's gonna go ballistic.

Angelo: We don't have much of a choice. Did you find them?

Guard: No, not yet, but I sent two other guys back down to the South Gate. What should we do after we locate them?

Angelo: Look, once we know who they are and what they want, you bring them to me, okay?

Guard: Got it.

Ava: No. No, no, no, no, Angelo. Come on, after the mishap with the plane, I don't want any more blood on my hands.

Angelo: Ava, Ava, we don't have much of a choice.

Ava: I hate this.

Angelo: I know. Me too. But we have to do everything we can to keep your father from finding out, right?

Steve: Ready?

Hope: Yeah, let's do it.

Steve: Ava, open the door.

Ava: Patch.

Steve: Ava, babe, come on. Please open up. Come on, baby. Listen, I need to talk to you. It's important. It's about us. Come on.

Kayla: Look at you. You're in so much pain. Come on, we're doing my plan.

Bo: No, I did not agree to it. The way I see it, we find Hope and Steve, get them out of there, then we call Abe.

Kayla: No, no, we will have a lot more luck doing my plan. That way, we can catch them off guard.

Bo: I'm telling you, it's too damn risky. We got to get out of here.

Kayla: Right.

Bo: No, this way. Kayla!

Guard: Whoa, freeze! Well, look what we've got here.

Kayla: I want to see Ava now.

E.J.: Uh, pardon me, John, but did you just say you're not sure if you are going to let me take the case?

John: Yes, that is what I said. I'm not sure I want my nephew working for a Kiriakis, even one on her way out.

Sami: Someone's finally making sense.

E.J.: Really? And I'm just -- I'm just curious -- since when do you think you have any say in this matter?

John: Since I'm the head of this family.

E.J.: Oh, since you're the head of the family. Who do you think you are -- Tony Soprano?

Sami: [Chuckles]

John: Am I related to him, too?

E.J.: No, you're not. Let me make something clear to you, okay? You have no say in whichever case I will or will not take.

John: Really?

E.J.: Yes, really. See, I'm the head of my family, and I don't take orders from people like you.

John: And yet you and your family are willing to live under my roof and enjoy my hospitality. It's pretty convenient, wouldn't you say?

E.J.: You know, you bring up a good point. I think it's time we were leaving, darling. Get the twins. Let's go.

Steve: Ava, I know you're out there. I heard your voice. Please open up.

Angelo: Ava, don't.

Ava: Come on, Patch wants to talk to me.

Angelo: No, not now. We got a security breach. I don't think it's a good idea.

Ava: You know what? I don't care what you think. I want to see Patch. He wants to see me. Just unlock the door now! Go.

Angelo: You know, just --

[Door unlocks]

Steve: Hey, babe.

Ava: Hey. What's going on? What's wrong?

Steve: There's nothing wrong. I just needed to talk to you.

Ava: Yeah? About what?

Steve: About us. Listen -- I'm ready for us to be together again.

Ava: Yeah. You sure about that?

Steve: Yes.

Ava: And what about her?

Steve: I've explained to Kayla. It's finished between us. It's just you and me now.

Hope: You're making a huge mistake.

Steve: I was hoping that maybe we could spend a little time together alone, or if you want to split, go somewhere.

Ava: You know, that sounds really nice and all, but I don't know.

Angelo: It's not a good time, Patch.

Ava: Yeah, he's right. Now's not a good time. We got a little situation going on here.

Angelo: Ava, no.

Steve: Okay. I can see there's some tension here. Maybe this isn't the best time. But isn't this what you wanted? I've been here by myself, you know, and I've had some time to think, and...I was thinking about how good we were together. Do you remember how good we were together?

Ava: Yes, I've talked to Daddy.

Steve: You talked to him?

Ava: Yeah. And although he's not thrilled about the prospect of me dating one of his men, he appreciates everything you've done for him.

Steve: So he gave us his blessing just like that?

Ava: Well, not exactly. But he didn't forbid us.

Steve: No? He didn't forbid us? Why not?

Ava: 'Cause I'm his daughter and he wants me to be happy. And because I told him that I love you.

Steve: You did.

Ava: You love me, too, don't you?

Steve: I do. More than anything.

Steve: Are you sure about this?

Ava: Yes, I'm sure about it. I'm sure about it as I am that I love you and I want to marry you and have your babies.

Steve: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Baby?

Ava: No, babies. Babies, plural. I want a big family. A big family, a real family, not like the one that I had. First I want a little boy that looks just like you.

Steve: Oh, no. No, you don't.

Ava: Yes, I do.

Steve: I think we want a little girl that looks just like you -- the most beautiful woman I've ever known.

Ava: You really do love me, don't you?

Steve: You know I do. Now, didn't I tell you I'd never leave you?

Ava: Yeah.

Steve: I meant that. So, where's that chapel?

Angelo: Ava? Hey. Are you okay?

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Steve: Let's get out of here.

Ava: I want to, but I just --

Steve: What's stopping us? What's stopping us?

Ava: Well, your wife. Your wife for one thing. I got to deal with her.

Steve: You don't have to deal with her. You let her go. She means nothing to us.

Ava: So, what about the baby?

Steve: We'll have our own babies.

Ava: No, I don't know. I don't know.

Steve: What's wrong?

Ava: I don't know about this.

Steve: What?

Ava: I just -- oh, my God.

Steve: What?

Ava: Oh, my head. Aah. Ow, my head, it's pounding. Ow. Patch, just help me. Ow.

Steve: Just hold on, okay? What's wrong with her, man?

Angelo: Just hold her still. Hold her still.

Steve: No, no, no. Come on, you're gonna hurt yourself. I got you. Come on, baby. No, no, no.

Angelo: Now, look, she's got to take her medicine. Now, look, she needs this.

Ava: No!

Guard: She's unarmed.

Kayla: I want to see Ava.

Guard: Radio Angelo. Let them know we apprehended the intruder.

Kayla: I told you, I want to see Ava.

Guard: You do know that you were trespassing, right?

Kayla: Well, let me see -- I just scaled a wall instead of coming in the front gate, so I don't know. You tell me.

Guard: You got a real smart mouth on you, you know that?

Kayla: I've just come here to retrieve my husband. That simple. But until now, no one's put out the welcome mat for me.

Guard: Oh, yeah? And who exactly is your husband?

Kayla: Steve Johnson.

Guard: That's impossible. You're lying.

Kayla: Nope, I'm telling the truth. My name is Kayla Johnson, and I'm Steve's real wife. Now, tell Ava that I want to talk to her right now.

Sami: You want to leave now?

E.J.: Samantha, if you think I'm living here and letting this man dictate my life to me, you are wrong.

John: Suit yourself. I'm just looking out for my family.

E.J.: Come on, let's go.

Sami: E.J., I'm not leaving with you.

E.J.: What do you mean not leaving with me?

Sami: Look, I don't care what immigration says. I am not leaving this house tonight.

E.J.: Oh, I see. So you'd rather live here with John, would you? Would you? Would you?

Sami: Of course not. But the bottom line is...I can't trust you, either.

E.J.: How dare you.

Sami: How am I supposed to trust someone who makes such a bad judgment call as taking up with that slut Nicole Walker?

E.J.: First of all, she's not a slut. And second, I'm not taking up with her. She's my client.

Sami: You obviously don't know anything about her. You think this is starting off all innocent? Nothing is innocent with Nicole. She is a black widow, and sooner or later, you will get sucked into her web.

E.J.: You've become completely ridiculous. The only reason that I took this case is so that I could provide for you and my family.

Sami: And yet you can't. E.J., we don't have any money. You haven't been paid yet. We have nowhere to go. And you want to just leave here tonight?

E.J.: I'll figure something out. Let's go.

Sami: E.J., we can't. It is irresponsible to even consider taking those twins out of here in the middle of the night with no -- with no plan. I'm sorry, but I can't leave here. I won't.

E.J.: Fine.

Steve: What are you trying to do, man? What are you doing?

Angelo: Just hold her still. Just hold her still. She got to take her medicine. It's for her own good.

Ava: No, I won't!

Steve: Stay back. Stay back! Ava, baby, look at me. Look at me. Tell me what's going on. Come on.

Ava: I don't want any more blood on my hands. I hurt so many people in that plane crash. No more.

Steve: No more. You don't have to hurt anybody else.

Ava: What about your wife, huh? How are we supposed to be together? She's still alive.

Steve: It's like I told you. We let her walk out of here with her baby.

Hope: What are you doing? How can you be with a woman who murdered my Father?

Ava: No, no.

Angelo: Ava, please. Just take your medicine.

Ava: No!

Steve: Back off, man! Back off! Can't you see she's trying to sort through her feelings?

Angelo: You know what? You back off. It's her feelings for you that got her in trouble in the first place. So just get out of my way. She needs to take this medicine or she's gonna fall apart.

Ava: No, no, no, no.

Steve: Leave her alone!

Angelo: I'm gonna make you sorry you ever did that.

Kayla: Come on, this is crazy. How long does it take to call Ava?

Guard 1: I don't think you're in any position to be making any demands.

Guard 2: I radioed Angelo. There was no answer. Do you think he's gonna have us cap her?

Guard 1: Wouldn't surprise me. Try him again.

Guard 2: Roving 4 to base, come in. Roving 4 to base, come in. Nothing.

Guard 1: We'll just take her to Ava, let her decide what to do with her. Come on, move.

Kayla: Bo. Oh, Bo, are you all right? It's okay.

John: I guess you're not a fan of Nicole Kiriakis.

Sami: Nobody's a fan of that money grubbing witch.

E.J.: Oh, now, be fair, Samantha. You have more axes to grind with her than most. You think I don't know about your jaded past with her?

John: I'm intrigued.

Sami: It's not important.

John: I'd like to hear.

E.J.: Well, I would be very happy to oblige you. See, um...Samantha's brother, Eric, he used to date Nicole. And then she dumped him for Lucas.

Sami: Kate Roberts paid her to marry Lucas, so she --

E.J.: So that Lucas could keep his son, right?

Sami: Did Nicole mention that she drove Lucas into becoming a raging alcoholic while they were married, or did she skip that little tidbit?

E.J.: I'm glad you brought that up, actually, Samantha. But, you see, the way she tells that story, it's a little bit different. See, she says the reason that Lucas was drinking himself stupid was because you lied on the stand and you said that he hit Will.

Sami: That is not how it happened.

E.J.: How'd it happen? Come on, Samantha. Why don't you tell us? How did it happen?

Sami: Doesn't matter. Water under the bridge.

E.J.: Right.

John: And yet I'm not sensing a forgive-and-forget attitude.

Sami: I will never forgive Nicole. You know, she, um...made life very difficult for your son, Brady. She was obsessed with him for a long time.

John: That's good to know.

Sami: As far as I'm concerned, everything that happened between us is her fault. And I will never understand why you are willing to help her.

E.J.: Everything I did, Samantha, I did for you and our twins.

Johnny: [Crying]

E.J.: That would be Johnny. It'll take it. Thank you.

John: I could arrange a nanny for your rug rats if you'd like.

Sami: Thank you. Um...but I prefer to look after them myself.

John: You don't trust me, do you?

Sami: I've been through a lot, thanks to the DiMeras. I hope you don't blame me for that. It's, um, tough being here. Your half brother, Stefano, wanted to raise Johnny as his own.

John: I see. Then you must really feel trapped living here with E.J. and me. What is it now?

Sami: I don't know. Just -- for a second, you sounded like the old John.

John: How so?

Sami: Well, you figuring out that I feel trapped. I mean, that's something that John would have cared enough to notice.

John: I notice a lot of things.

Sami: I'm sure you do. So you can understand why I can't stand the idea of E.J. representing Nicole.

John: I understand that woman created obstacles and grief in your life. Stands to reason you don't want anyone in your family, including Elvis, to be involved with her.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, whatever. I, um -- I just know I'll feel better when my Mom is home.

John: You really have nothing to worry about. You and your children are safe in my house.

Sami: Thank you.

John: Out of curiosity, did your mother talk to you before she left?

Kayla: Well, they're gonna have a tough time walking when they wake up.

Bo: Yeah.

Kayla: And finding their key. Are you okay?

Bo: No, not doing so good, but don't worry. I'll make it.

Kayla: As soon as we get back, you're gonna see Daniel. Do you hear me?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Here -- here's a gun. Safety's on. Just don't point it at me at any time, all right? Now that we know Hope and Steve are in the house, we got to get them the hell out of there and then we'll call the cops.

Kayla: Why don't we call them now?

Bo: No. Like you said before, if they come rushing in here before we have them in a safe place, Ava's men are gonna kill them.

Kayla: Let's go, then.

Bo: All right.

Ava: Come on, put -- put the gun away, Angelo.

Steve: Come on, we don't need that, man. She just didn't want to take the pill. That's all.

Angelo: Yeah, but that's not up to you, is it? See, you threw her away like yesterday's trash. You don't care.

Steve: I do.

Angelo: No, you don't. 'Cause if you did, Patch, you would have never let it get this far. The poor thing has been suffering ever since you left. But I am finally gonna get revenge for what your leaving did to my cousin. But I'm gonna do it with my bare hands.

Hope: Steve!

Hope: Steve, come on. Wake up. Steve, Steve. Yeah, there you go. Come on.

Steve: Oh, man. Oh, God, he really hit me good.

Hope: The most important thing is we're still alive. For a moment there, I thought it was over.

Angelo: Well, it will be soon.

Steve: Ava. Ava.

Angelo: Hey. No, no more. Ava made this mess. Now I'm about to clean it up. So while we got you guys tied up here, I'm gonna tell you what we're gonna do. We're gonna play a little game, okay? And the game --

Guard 1: Roving 5 to base, come in.

Guard 2: Yeah, go ahead. This is base.

Guard 1: Is Angelo with you?

Guard 2: Yeah.

Angelo: Give me this. Yeah?

Guard 1: We've just found two of our men cuffed and knocked out near the South Wall.

Angelo: What?

Guard 1: Whoever entered the compound is still inside.

Ava: Daddy's gonna be so mad. He's gonna find out.

Angelo: Ava, Ava, Ava, just relax, relax. Listen to me -- I want you to find whoever that is and when you do, you bring them to me. You got that? And if they resist, you shoot them.

Guard 1: Gotcha.

Sami: My Mom didn't have much to say, just that she had to go.

John: So you don't know where she went.

Sami: No. And if I did, I probably wouldn't tell you. She needs to be alone right now, John. She needs time to think.

John: I understand.

Sami: Do you? Because I'm not so sure. I'm not sure any of us can understand what it feels like. She buried you, and then you just came back to life. But you're not the man that she's been in love with for all these years. And right now, she has to figure out if she can face a future without that man.

John: Well, knowing her the way you do, what sort of conclusion do you think she'll come to?

Sami: I have no idea. I couldn't even begin to guess.

John: But if you had to.

Sami: I'm not going to. And I'd really rather you stop messing with my head. I'm gonna go check on the twins. Excuse me.

John: Messing with your head. Not likely. I just...want... never mind.

Angelo: Uh, look, I want you to coordinate with the men. I want you to check every entrance and exit. I want whoever is on this property found.

Guard: Got it.

Angelo: Hey. Hey. How you doing, hmm?

Ava: I don't know.

Angelo: Listen, I know you don't like to face reality, but if your father finds out --

Ava: He's gonna be furious.

Angelo: Listen -- I got to go outside and check the situation out there. Are you gonna be okay here?

Ava: Yeah.

Angelo: Just stay put, okay? Don't do anything. Just stay put. I'll be back. No goodbyes.

Ava: Angelo.

Angelo: What?

Ava: I'm sorry. I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry.

Angelo: Hey, hey, hey. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right. I promise, huh? I'll be back in a minute.

Ava: How could you do this to me, huh? After how well I've treated both of you.

Hope: How well you've trea-- you're holding us prisoner.

Ava: Leave us, Angelo.

Angelo: Look, you're upset. I think I should stay.

Ava: Yeah, and I think you should go.

Angelo: All right, I'll be right outside the door. Just call me if you need me.

[Door closes]

Ava: I knew you were lying to me, Patch. I knew you still had feelings for this woman.

Steve: Ava, listen, she's my wife. She's carrying my child. But I still have feelings for you, too.

Ava: [Laughs] Lies.

Steve: It's not a lie.

Ava: Well, if you don't love her as much as you love me, then why were you trying to escape with her?

Steve: She's pregnant. I was trying to keep her safe. Ava, this is not her fault.

Ava: Oh, you'd say just about anything right now to get me to let her go, wouldn't you?

Steve: How can we work things out as long as she's still here?

Ava: We can never truly be happy as long as she's around. I'll just have my guards get rid of her. [Door unlocks, opens]

Steve: Oh, God. Ava. Hey, baby, come here. Untie us. Come on. Help us.

Ava: I can't do that, Patch.

Steve: Yes, you can. You untie us. We can still have that life we were talking about.

Ava: Oh, God, please don't. Don't. You never meant anything that you were saying.

Steve: Of course I did.

Ava: No. You certainly never planned on going through with it. Isn't that right, Kayla?

Steve: Ava, Ava, listen.

Ava: What? Can you admit it? Can you at least admit it for me, that you never loved me? It was always Kayla. It's always been Kayla, right?

Steve: Ava, if you just listen --

Ava: If I listen, what? You can talk me into letting you go and then you can have me arrested. Is that what you want? The intruders that are here... they're here for you and Kayla, right?

Bo: That's right. Be long and painful process.

John: Before you retire for the night, may I have a word, please?

E.J.: I hope you're not here to try and dictate which clients I can or cannot take.

John: Actually, I've reconsidered you representing Nicole Kiriakis.

E.J.: Good for you. That's very big of you, John.

John: You know, during your wife's tirade about Nicole, I detected a hint of jealousy.

E.J.: Did you really?

John: To be sure.

E.J.: I see. So, you're suggesting that my wife's anger with Nicole is not because of her previous relationship with her, but because of my current one?

John: Just an observation.

E.J.: I see.

John: That's probably why she's so against you taking Nicole's case. It would probably kill her to lose another man to that woman. Even you.

E.J.: That's very interesting, John.

John: I thought you'd find it that way. Never say I don't look out for my family.

Bo: Get the hell away from him. Over here now!

Hope: Brady, come on. Better hurry. Ava's men are out looking for you guys. You okay?

Bo: Yeah, I'm fine. I brought my own personal doctor along with me. How about you? You all right?

Hope: I am now.

Steve: Oh, Sweetness.

Kayla: Oh, I was so worried about you.

Ava: Wait, who the hell are you?

Kayla: I'm Steve's wife, Kayla.

Ava: No, no, no. She is.

Kayla: No, that's my sister-in-law Hope. You kidnapped the wrong woman.

Hope: Come on, come on. We got to hurry. Angelo's gonna be back with his crew. Let's go.

Kayla: Oh, oh, oh!

Hope: Are you all right? [Indistinct voices]

Ava: Hey!

Philip: You've been gone for over two years. You could have come back anytime, but you chose now. What, did something happen in Los Angeles?

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