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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/3/08 - Canada; Friday 4/4/08 - U.S.A.

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Victor: Wait till John sees this.

Nicole: Good morning, sweetheart.

Victor: Don't call me that.

Nicole: I guess things don't change. You're still a Mr. Grumpy Pants in the morning.

Victor: And you're still a gold-digging whore.

Nicole: That's no way to talk to your wife.

Victor: My lawyers are working on that unfortunate technicality.

Nicole: You know, I refuse to let you ruin my good mood. That was the best night of sleep I've had in a very long time. It is so comforting being home.

Victor: This is not your home.

Nicole: Well, not yet. But once I redecorate, put up some curtains --

Victor: Excuse me?

Chloe: Hello, Victor.

Victor: Wonderful. Now my day is complete.

Nicole: Nice to see you, too. Um, hey, I wanted that -- I wanted that!

Chloe: Then you should have been quicker.

Nicole: Victor, sweetie, would you tell the grabby opera singer to give me my croissant back.

Victor: You know, I want to get involved in your petty squabbles like I want to put a nail in my eye.

Chloe: Mmm! This is so delicious.

Nicole: I was only trying to help. Those extra carbs aren't doing you any good.

Marlena: Oh! You're up and working early, aren't you?

John: I got an early start. Kind of impossible to sleep with those babies crying every hour.

Marlena: You can't hear those twins on the other side of the mansion.

John: Those high-pitched squeals can resonate 10 inches of concrete.

Marlena: [Laughs]

John: How long are you people staying with me?

Marlena: Until Sami and E.J. can prove to the government that their marriage is legitimate and he can stay here.

John: Can't you pay someone off? Oh, that's right. You don't approve of that sort of thing.

Marlena: I'm gonna head off for work. Would you be good enough to let Sami know that I hope to be home for supper?

John: Yes, dear.

Marlena: Bye-bye. [Door opens and closes] [Door opens]

John: Did you forget to kiss me goodbye?

Philip: I'd prefer you bought me dinner first, John, or at least a drink. You may need one by the time we finish our little chat.

Kayla: Oh. Hi. What are you doing here?

Stephanie: I spent the night here with you after finding out you were admitted to the hospital.

Kayla: You slept in that chair?

Stephanie: Yeah. I didn't leave your side until I had to call Max just now.

Kayla: I'm sorry. You didn't need to do that.

Stephanie: Has the pain gone away?

Kayla: Yeah, actually. I feel good. The baby's fine. I'm fine.

Stephanie: Good. Then I won't feel bad for yelling at you.

Kayla: What?

Stephanie: Why would you risk the health of your baby by getting out of bed?

Chelsea: Why would you risk your health by trying to get out of bed?

Bo: Well, hey, there, Sunshine.

Chelsea: I heard that you collapsed last night. What the hell were you thinking?

Bo: That I wanted to run a marathon, but my dreams of being an Olympian have been dashed.

Chelsea: That's not funny, Dad. You just had major surgery, so, please, tell me what you felt was so important that you needed to jeopardize your life.

[Door opens]

Angelo: Let's go.

Steve: I'm going.

Angelo: All right, just go.

Hope: What happened at dinner last night?

Steve: Didn't happen. After you left, they came and took me to my room. And later, cousin muscles came by, said she passed out.

Hope: Passed out? She was looking forward to spending time with you.

Steve: Must have had something to do with the medication.

Hope: Maybe it was that pill she took.

Steve: Have you seen her yet this morning?

Hope: No. Angelo brought me over. Ava wasn't here.

Steve: I got to tell you, there's something way off about her. I mean, she was always, uh... she was always wild and a little temperamental, but... now she's all over the map.

Hope: Her cousin said it was your fault.

Steve: My fault? Why is it my fault? These people just want someone to blame.

Ava: Oh, don't let me interrupt. What were you two lovebirds chatting about?

John: I hope that you're not gonna throw another tantrum about the docks. I've had my fill of crying babies.

Philip: And here I was hoping we could play nice.

John: I'm rather busy. Do you want to move this on?

Philip: Oh, yeah, I'm sure it's time-consuming keeping track of all those shipments. I'll bet you're importing all sorts of goodies.

John: That's none of your business.

Philip: You're right. I should leave that job to the Customs Office. I wonder if they've heard the rumor that one of your ships is carrying some very interesting cargo.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Philip: It doesn't matter. You've got Paul Hollingsworth in your pocket anyway.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Philip: That's good, especially when you consider what is happening with your good friend Paul.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Philip: Huh. I guess you've been too busy to read the paper this morning. Allow me to deliver the good news.

John: Little old to be running a paper route, aren't you?

Philip: Just remember... don't shoot the messenger.

John: You got to be kidding me.

Bo: Would you mind getting me some more water? [Door closes]

Steve: Bo, it's Steve. Listen up. I know you're worried about Hope, but you can't bring the cops in on this thing until you talk to me. Do you trust me, please?

Bo: Okay, man. I'll do that.

Steve: Listen, I talked to Hope. She's okay. I'm the one Ava wants. I know exactly how to work her. I'm gonna bring Hope back to you safely, I promise.

Bo: Hey, thanks a lot.

Chelsea: Look... I don't mean to be hard on you or anything, it's just, you have to be careful, okay? You can't afford to take chances with your life right now.

Bo: Uh-huh. You should talk. You went ahead with this dangerous operation without my approval. You shouldn't have risked your life like that.

Chelsea: You can save me the lecture because right now, this is about you, not me.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Chelsea: Why were you trying to get out of bed?

Bo: I wanted some fresh air. Being cooped up in this damn place -- it's making me crazy.

Chelsea: Okay, well, the only way you're gonna be able to get out of here is if you stay in bed and rest. I mean, look at me. That's what I did. And I'm free as a bird.

Bo: Yes. And I'm happy you're okay. I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to you.

Chelsea: Well, good. Then you can make it up to me by getting better. So, just do everything that the doctor says, okay? That way, you and I never have to see the inside of a hospital again.

Bo: Yes, ma'am.

Daniel: Listen to your daughter, Bo. She's a smart lady.

Kayla: You know what? It is not nice to yell at pregnant women, especially when it's your mother.

Stephanie: A pregnant woman with health problems shouldn't be running all over town. You were supposed to stay in bed.

Kayla: I needed to check on Bo. He's my patient, not to mention he's my brother.

Stephanie: You could have called him.

Kayla: I wanted to see for myself. And besides, you know what? You told me that your father was visiting him. And when I arrived, your father was gone, and Bo wouldn't tell me where he went. And he has been acting so odd lately.

Stephanie: Well, he's gonna kill me when he finds out you were admitted to the hospital. I was supposed to stay at home, make sure you relaxed in bed.

Kayla: I don't need a babysitter.

Stephanie: I shouldn't have left you home alone to hang out with my friends. I'm sorry.

Kayla: You don't need to apologize. You just need to tell me where your father is. And you need to do it right now.

Ava: Sounded like you two were arguing. Did I walk in on a little lovers' spat?

Steve: What did you expect, Ava? Kayla is jealous.

Ava: Why?

Steve: She doesn't believe that you and I didn't have dinner last night.

Hope: I know how excited you were to have Steve all to yourself. You would never pass up the chance to be with him.

Ava: Yeah, I was excited to have dinner.

Hope: Oh, my God. You couldn't keep your hands off him, could you? I knew it. You tramp.

Steve: Hey. Don't talk to Ava that way.

Hope: Why are you defending her?

Steve: I'm not defending her.

Hope: Yes, you are! You don't seem to mind being here very much.

Steve: I do mind. I don't like being held against my will.

Hope: I need to know exactly what happened between you and her last night. I need to know. I can't stand it.

Ava: Okay. I'm thinking that maybe, uh, Kayla and I need to have a little talk in private.

Steve: No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Hope: I think it's a great idea. She'll tell me the truth, whether I want to hear it or not.

Ava: I'll get Angelo.

Nicole: So, what did you do to Brady?

Chloe: Nothing.

Nicole: Did you kill him yourself, or did you hire someone to do it?

Chloe: Neither.

Nicole: I knew you were no good for him.

Chloe: Oh. Are you still bitter that Brady chose me over you?

Nicole: Of course not.

Chloe: Must have been so frustrating knowing that no matter what you did, you couldn't compete.

Nicole: Yeah. And look where that got him. He's missing, probably dead, and I'm sure you had something to do with it.

Chloe: I love Brady. I would never hurt him.

Nicole: Really? Well, then maybe he killed himself because he couldn't stand being married to you.

Chloe: Shut the hell up.

Nicole: Maybe he got so tired of living with a wannabe diva that he ended his own life. You know, I bet he regretted every moment he ever spent with you.

Chloe: Shut your stupid mouth.

Nicole: Or what, you'll kill me, too?

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Come in.

Victor: I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm a little early for our appointment.

Marlena: You're just fine. Come on in.

Victor: I have to admit, I've been looking forward to our session. I thought the last one went very well.

Marlena: Oh! That's so nice to hear. Comfortable? What do you think you'd like to talk about?

Victor: My life is a complete disaster. I mean, I'm afraid I'm on the verge of losing my mind.

Chelsea: What's up, Dr. Dan?

Daniel: Well, not much. Just making the rounds. It's not nearly as fun now that you're gone.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Bo: Hey. Don't I bring the fun?

Daniel: You bring all the fun. You're Mr. Fun.

Bo: I saw that. I'm right here.

Chelsea: Oh, don't be offended. I'm a tough act to follow.

Daniel: Yes, yes, you are. And now that we got you sprung from this joint, we need to work on your dad here. Rumor has it you tried to escape.

Bo: Yeah, well, wouldn't you?

Daniel: Yeah. You know what, Chelsea? I need you to step out just for a little bit so I can examine your dad, starting with his head.

Chelsea: Sure.

Daniel: All right? It won't be long.

Chelsea: Okay.

Daniel: Okay. [Door closes] So, how you feeling? Headaches? Fever?

Bo: No, none of that. But speaking of rising temperature, we need to talk about my daughter.

Daniel: Why is that?

Bo: She obviously has a thing for you.

Kayla: Tell me where your father is.

Stephanie: I honestly don't know.

Kayla: But you do know what he's keeping from me, don't you?

Stephanie: You think he's keeping something from you?

Kayla: Come on. Give me some credit. I have noticed how jumpy and overprotective he is. I thought I would give him a little time, let him tell me on his own, but enough is enough.

Stephanie: Okay. Okay. Dad is...keeping a secret from you, but it's -- it's nothing, really.

Kayla: What is it, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I swore I wouldn't say anything.

Kayla: And we swore as a family that we wouldn't keep secrets from each other. Do you remember that?

Stephanie: But Dad was just trying to protect you.

Kayla: I don't need protecting. I'm not glass. I'm not gonna break. I'm not fragile.

Stephanie: I know that. I can see.

Kayla: You know what is stressful is living a life with all this secrecy. So, you want to do what's best for me, you will tell me exactly what is going on -- every last detail.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Philip: Oh, the hell you don't. You got U.S. Customs to refuse to unload the containers on those ships.

John: You really think I have that kind of power?

Philip: You have that kind of money.

John: Why would I care if your ships get unloaded or not?

Philip: Shut up. I know you spoke with Hollingsworth. And you so much as told me you were gonna do everything you could to break up the shipping division of our company.

John: And I mean every word I say. So, tell me, Philip, how am I doing so far?

John: "Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted on charges of graft."

Philip: Yeah. Sounds like he was taking bribes and abusing his power as a Customs Official. Can you imagine?

John: Shocking.

Philip: I wonder if he'll start naming names. This could turn into a huge scandal.

John: I'm assuming that you had something to do with this.

Philip: Why would I do that?

John: I'm still claiming the docks as DiMera territory, whether you approve or not.

Philip: John, be reasonable. Let's work out an agreement that will benefit all of us.

John: That's boring.

Philip: Why would you want to waste time and energy on a senseless battle? We should put an end to this before it gets out of hand.

John: It's just getting interesting. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not a quitter.

Philip: Don't worry. Neither am I.

John: Then bring it on.

Stephanie: Mom, calm down.

Kayla: No, not until you tell me everything.

Stephanie: I don't think it's a good idea.

Kayla: Do you know how worried I am right now? Obviously your father didn't come home last night, or he would have known that I was in the hospital. So, if he is in trouble, you need to tell me.

Stephanie: Can't you just trust us?

Kayla: How about you trust me? I'm not gonna lose this baby. I can handle anything.

Stephanie: Not this.

Kayla: I am stronger than you think, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Okay, but you're not gonna like it.

Daniel: What makes you think Chelsea has a thing for me?

Bo: She's got all the symptoms of a crush. I mean, she's starry-eyed, stammering. She was all flushed. Looks like a pretty serious case to me.

Daniel: I think you're becoming delusional. I'm starting to give you too many meds.

Bo: What kind of a doc-- are you telling me you don't see it?

Daniel: It's not unusual for a patient and a doctor to become, uh, comfortable with each other.

Bo: Okay, so, that's how you see her, just a patient?

Daniel: Yes, all right? Chelsea's a very cool girl, but, yes, she is my patient. It would be unethical for us to develop a relationship beyond that.

Bo: Was your patient. Past tense.

Daniel: All right, look, man. You have got nothing to worry about. Between me, you, and the wall, I've been down that road. So, we are just friends, pals, amigos --

Bo: Okay, I got the point.

Daniel: Yeah?

Bo: So, when can I get the hell out of here?

Daniel: You still got a long road to go, my friend.

Bo: How long?

Daniel: What, you got a big date?

[Door closes]

Ava: You need to eat something.

Hope: Don't pretend you care about me.

Ava: You have to have proper nutrition for your baby.

Hope: What I need is to know exactly what happened between you and Steve last night.

Ava: I don't want to upset you.

Hope: I'm already upset.

Ava: Okay. The truth is, we made love.

Hope: Oh, my God. I knew it. How could he do this to me? I'm carrying his baby.

Ava: I warned you that he was still in love with me.

Hope: I knew something was up. Been acting so different, even before you kidnapped me.

Ava: Really?

Hope: I think it was the prospect of becoming a father. It scares him. He's not very good with commitment, you know.

Ava: Yeah, I'm aware of that.

Hope: Of course, he never came out and said anything to me, but I could sense it. [Sobs]

Ava: Oh. I'm so sorry -- you know, this really must be so difficult for you.

Hope: Whose idea was it to have sex?

Ava: Make love.

Hope: Whatever.

Ava: Well... it's hard to say, really. I mean, he was a little bit cold at first, but then we had a couple of drinks, and then he warmed up to me. Oh, God, it was -- we just started talking about the past, you know, and he --

Hope: [Chuckling]

Ava: One thing led to another. What is your problem?

Hope: [Laughs] So, you had to get him drunk.

Ava: Oh, no, princess. He knew what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Hope: I don't want to hear any more.

Ava: Oh, I'm sorry, Kayla.

Hope: No, you're not.

Ava: No, I am. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're hurting, but now that you know the truth, what do you want to do?

Marlena: Victor, what's got you so unhappy?

Victor: I don't know where to begin. You know, Brady is still missing.

Marlena: I know. I call Roman every day to see if there's any word from the Austrian Authorities. You must be so worried.

Victor: And to make things worse, I have his wife living under my roof.

Marlena: Do you have an issue with Chloe?

Victor: To say the least. And I'm afraid she's setting her sights on Philip.

Marlena: They did get pretty close after the plane crash.

Victor: Well, even when they were dating in high school, I didn't think she was good enough. I'm afraid for the influence that she might have on him.

Marlena: Do you think that anxiety stems from the fact that you don't have control over Philip's life?

Victor: We all want the best for our children.

Marlena: I know, but we can't agonize over every decision they make. We have to let them live their own lives.

Victor: Well, I just don't want Philip to have to fight the same fights that I did. I mean, we're supposed to clear a path for our children so that their life is better. I lost part of my soul along the way. I mean, it pains me to think the same thing might happen to him.

Philip: You are making a huge mistake.

John: Yes. I'm certain that I will rue the day that I crossed Philip Kiriakis.

Philip: Don't say I never gave you the chance to settle this peacefully.

John: Does this mean we can't be friends?

Philip: I guess not, John. But I've already got plenty of friends, including Paul's replacement as Salem's newest Customs Official. And my Dad and I made sure to properly congratulate him on his new position. He's a nice guy. His golf swing's pretty decent, but I promised to give him a few pointers.

John: Okay. You and Victor have the upper hand at the moment. But remember, the game's still young.

Philip: I'll keep that in mind.

John: [Chuckles]

Bo: Look, I've enjoyed our time together, but I'd much rather go home, hang out with my wife.

Daniel: Well, I don't blame you. She's a special lady, not to mention smokin' hot.

Bo: Yeah, thanks. So, when do you think I can get out of here?

Daniel: Maybe a few weeks.

Bo: Few we-- there's no way to speed this up?

Daniel: No, there is no way. And if you don't allow your body time to heal, you could have some serious setbacks. The whole surgery would have been for nothing.

Bo: But my body is accepting Chelsea's pancreas, right?

Daniel: Yeah. No, it's hanging in there.

Bo: And her recovery is pretty good?

Daniel: Her recovery time has been exceptional.

Bo: Glad to hear it.

Daniel: All right, good. Good. Well, unless you have any other concerns, I'm gonna head out.

Bo: No, no. I'm good.

Daniel: Yeah? All right. Good to go. All right, well, you know what? Get some rest. And no more jumping jacks. Chelsea made a big sacrifice for you. Don't screw it up. All right, we're finished. You can go back in there now.

Chelsea: Oh, wait. Um, don't go.

Kayla: Stephanie, tell me what's going on.

Stephanie: Dad's been trying to protect you from his past.

Kayla: What happened in his past?

Stephanie: It's more of a who rather than a what.

Kayla: He's trying to protect me from someone he once knew?

Stephanie: Yeah. Dad has this crazy ex-girlfriend, who recently managed to track him down. And apparently, she will do anything to win him back.

Kayla: What?

Hope: [Sniffles] I don't know what to do. I thought Steve loved me. I knew we had problems, but I really didn't think it was that big a deal.

Ava: Well, you know he can be a hard guy to read. He keeps his feelings inside.

Hope: What I don't understand is why he didn't tell me about you sooner. Obviously you are a significant part of his life.

Ava: That's a really good question.

Hope: Maybe you're right. Maybe he still has feelings for you.

Ava: Well, of course he does. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made love to me.

Hope: You don't have to rub it in, Ava.

Ava: I thought this was pertinent to the conversation.

Hope: He was really very protective of you earlier, which is totally insane considering that you're holding us hostage. He should hate you.

Ava: But he doesn't.

Hope: This is sick -- I mean, all of this. It's just sick. You're the bad guy in this situation, yet I can see how incredibly attracted he is to you. This is totally dysfunctional.

Ava: The thing is, you cannot help who you love.

Hope: I deserve better than this.

Ava: What are you saying?

Hope: With everything that you've done, if he still wants you and you still want him, you can have him. I don't want anything to do with that bastard.

Daniel: Is something wrong?

Chelsea: No. Is my Dad okay?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, he's fine. My only concern is his impatience to getting better, but, yeah, he just needs to learn to chill out.

Chelsea: Yeah. Wait, um... do you have a lot more work to do?

Daniel: I think I'm gonna wrap things up and try to get out of here a little earlier today, you know. I haven't had a second to just chill out myself, check out the new scene, starting with a coffeehouse. Any recommendations?

Chelsea: Yeah. Um, the Java Café is really good.

Daniel: Java Café. Cool. Thank you.

Chelsea: Um, I could -- I could take you there, I mean, if you wanted company.

Daniel: Uh, you know what? Why don't I just ditch my lab coat, and I will meet you right back here.

Chelsea: Okay.

Daniel: Okay?

Chelsea: Okay.

Daniel: Cool. Excuse me.

Daniel: You know, life's tough for you right now. You just need to cut yourself some slack.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. You have actually managed to make me feel a tad bit better.

Daniel: A tad? All right, well, I'm glad. But just in case, why don't you keep this, all right?

Chelsea: Oh, I don't know if I could take your handkerchief.

Daniel: Oh, no, no, no. I really don't need it nearly as much as you do. Oh. Whoa. Oh, I got to go. You take it easy, all right?

Chelsea: I will, thanks to you. "I will, thanks to you"? What the hell was that?

Victor: You know, as if it's not bad enough living with Chloe, now my wife has moved back into the house.

Marlena: Your wife?

Victor: Nicole Walker.

Marlena: She's in Salem. I didn't know the two of you were still married.

Victor: Yeah.

Marlena: That must be a bit awkward.

Victor: The woman tried to have me killed. It's more than awkward.

Marlena: How long is she planning on staying?

Victor: I have no idea. My lawyers are working to rectify the situation, but in the meantime, I'm forced to allow her to invade my home.

Marlena: Good thing the mansion is so big.

Victor: Yeah, not big enough. You know, the only upside is that Nicole and Chloe are mortal enemies. With any luck, it's just a matter of time before they kill each other.

Chloe: I am not a murderer.

Nicole: After hearing you sing, I'm sure fans across Europe would disagree.

Chloe: At least I know how to make an honest living. Your resume consists of porn videos and stealing money from rich men.

Nicole: Oh, honey, I made Austin millions for his company.

Chloe: Oh, and whatever happened with that? Did he fire you?

Nicole: I got bored.

Chloe: Nicole, you're a loser. No wonder Brady didn't want you.

Nicole: After you had him snowed. You know, he couldn't see you for the bitch you really are.

Chloe: Deception is your game, not mine. I still think you're the one who tried to botch my reconstructive surgery.

Nicole: Looks like your face could use some more work. Oh! You are so dead. Come here, you little -- you are so -- I've had it! I have been wanting to do this for a long time! Get over here!

Kayla: Who is this woman?

Stephanie: I don't know that much about her. Dad said that they met back when he still didn't know who he was. He had escaped Stefano and hooked up with this woman named Ava. And she's a part of some big crime family.

Kayla: How long were they together?

Stephanie: I'm not sure. But he knew that they weren't right together, and one day, he just took off.

Kayla: So, now she's tracked him down, and she wants him back?

Stephanie: Yes. And she knows that he's married, which is why he's been so worried about you and also why he hired a bodyguard to follow you around.

Kayla: What?

Stephanie: Mom, I've never seen Dad like this. I really think he's scared that she's gonna do something crazy.

Steve: So... you two ladies enjoy your little talk? Oh!

Hope: Ava told me you two had sex last night.

Steve: Come on. She's lying.

Hope: No, you're the liar.

Steve: Baby, how can you say that? I've always been honest with you. Come on. Are you telling me you don't trust me? You don't know me better --

Hope: I don't feel like I know you at all.

Steve: Ava, tell her the truth.

Ava: What she can see that we are in love.

Hope: Yeah. It's true. I can. It hurts so much to admit it, but there is no denying the way you look at her. Look at the way you're looking at her right now! You still have feelings for her, don't you, Steve?

Steve: It's complicated.

Hope: It shouldn't be.

Steve: Come on. Kayla, you and I are having a baby together.

Hope: Not anymore we're not. You're not raising this child.

Steve: What? Are you giving up on us? Are you telling me we're not worth fighting for?

Hope: This is hard to believe. It's just --

Angelo: Yeah, I'll say.

Caroline: I saw Chelsea outside. She said you stirred up a bit of drama last night.

Bo: Oh, it was...no big deal. I just missed my family. But having Ciara come and visit me -- that makes it a heck of a lot better.

Caroline: Good. She misses you, you know.

Bo: Yeah. And I miss her. Thanks for bringing her in.

Caroline: Sure.

Bo: Having her here in my arms, it reminds me why I got to get better.

Caroline: Good. You know, Ciara has been missing her mommy, too. I thought Hope was with you. Where is she?

Kayla: Let me get this straight. Some lunatic is after my husband, and nobody thought that maybe I should know about it?

Stephanie: The doctor said you shouldn't have any stress. He was just thinking about you and the baby.

Kayla: Look. I know the truth. I am fine, and so is the baby.

Stephanie: Yeah, but you seem upset.

Kayla: Maybe because the two people in my life who I care about the most didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth. They didn't think I could handle it. I hate being lied to.

Stephanie: I'm sorry.

Kayla: Why wouldn't your father tell me about her before she came back here and caused trouble?

Stephanie: I'm not sure, okay? You know that he hates talking about his past, and it's probably painful and hazy.

Kayla: But we could have handled it as a couple. Why does he always feel that he has to do these things on his own?

Stephanie: Dad loves you and just wants to protect you.

Kayla: I don't need to be protected.

Stephanie: I told you Ava is determined to get him back.

Kayla: I'd like to see her try. I tell you what I'm gonna do -- I'm gonna find your father. I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind. And then the two of us are gonna figure out how we're gonna deal with this woman...together.

Angelo: Well, this all seems overly convenient.

Hope: Believe me, there's nothing convenient about any of this.

Ava: Patch and Kayla have a lot of problems, and his undying love for me is a major one.

Angelo: Don't you think it's kind of sudden? [Cellphone rings] It's Patch's cell.

Ava: Who is it?

Victor: How much time do we have left?

Marlena: About 20 minutes. Do you want to talk about something else?

Victor: [Sighs] Well, there is something, but I really don't think it's appropriate for me to confide in you on this particular subject.

Marlena: Victor, we can talk about anything in here.

Victor: Even if it has to do with John?

Marlena: Yes. And whatever we say is held strictly confidential.

Victor: Marlena, I wouldn't begin to question your integrity or your professionalism, but I know how things can slip. And John is bright enough that he can glean information from the most inconsequential comment.

Marlena: Go on.

Victor: Well, you know, I'm not happy about it, but John has become my rival. So, it would be wise for me to err on the side of caution. I had a hard time trusting people. I think right now I should take it one step at a time.

John: If Philip and Victor thought that you were ruthless...just wait till I get through with them. I'm gonna bring the Kiriakis Empire...to its knees.

Nicole: You thought your face was messed up before, wait till I get my hands on you.

Chloe: Stay away from me, you freak!

Nicole: Stand still so I can beat you senseless!

Philip: What's going on?

Caroline: Hope didn't come by to pick up Ciara. Again, I figured she was with you. Is anything wrong?

Bo: She's probably just getting some rest, Ma.

Caroline: What's wrong?

Bo: Your instincts are right. Hope's in danger.

Caroline: She's in danger?

Bo: Yeah, but the thing is, we can't tell Abe or Roman about it. Ma, you got to trust me on this.

Caroline: Well, I do.

Bo: Good. Good. You've also got to find a way to get me out of here.

Chelsea: [Sighs] It's hot in here. [Sighs] Great. I'm getting a fever. I hope it's not the flu.

Daniel: All right, you ready to go?

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm actually really excited for you to see this place. I think you're gonna like it a lot.

Daniel: Well, I have no doubt, just as I have no doubt that you and I are getting to be good friends. Am I right?

Chelsea: Of course. I mean, because anything more than that might make my boyfriend a little uncomfortable.

Daniel: All right, we don't want that.

Chelsea: No.

Daniel: So, let's enjoy a friendly cup of coffee.

Chelsea: All righty.

Daniel: All right? Show me the way.

Chelsea: I will do just that.

Angelo: Oh. It's just a number.

Steve: [Sighs] My brother-in-law is really sick. That could have been the hospital calling. You should have let me answer it. [Cellphone rings]

Angelo: There it is.

Ava: Fine. Give him the phone. You do anything -- anything... and Kayla's gonna pay.

Steve: It's all right.

Angelo: Easy.

Ava: Watch.

Steve: Hello?

Kayla: Steve. It's Kayla. What the hell is going on?

Ava: Who's on the phone?

Kate: I wanted to know if you have anything for me.

Tony: Quite possibly, but it has nothing to do with advertising.

Lexie: Kayla, you are pregnant. You can't be running around playing superhero.

Steve: You know I don't like to be pushed, not by anyone.

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