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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/31/08 - Canada; Tuesday 4/1/08 - U.S.A.

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Bo: [Labored breathing]

[Machine beeping rapidly]

Leonard: So, do you love E.J. or not?

Sami: He is my husband.

Leonard: That wasn't the question.

Sami: We are a family. We have a child together.

Maggie: So, what do you think?

E.J.: I think it's wonderful.

Maggie: So you like the idea?

E.J.: I love it. I love it. Come here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

[Machine beeping rapidly]

Nurse: Mr. Brady.

Lexie: Bo. Bo. Hey, hey, hey, can you hear me? Bo.

Nurse: He has a pulse.

Lexie: Okay, good.

Bo: Hope.

Lexie: No, no, no. It's not Hope. It's Lexie.

Bo: Hope's in trouble. I have to h-- I have to help her. She's in trouble.

Lexie: He pulled out all his leads.

Bo: She's in trouble.

Hope: Well... what do we have here, Ava?

Ava: Okay, Patch. It's not like I didn't warn you. You obviously don't care about your wife, so...say goodbye to her. Yeah, let's go. [Engine turns over]

Leonard: The question wasn't whether you and E.J. DiMera were married or if you have a family together. The question was, do you love him?

Sami: Doesn't it bother you to get so personal in other people's lives?

Leonard: That's my job. If you don't want me to do so, I'll have to recommend that he be deported.

Sami: Of course, I love him.

E.J.: And you miss me, too, don't you, sweetheart.

Sami: Like a bad rash.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Speaking of which, did you take those antibiotics?

Sami: [Chuckles] You are a hoot. Isn't he hilarious? So, who was on the phone?

E.J.: Oh, I'm glad you asked me that. Mickey Horton.

Sami: Was he calling to give you keys to the city...again?

E.J.: Almost, darling. You, um, you might want to write this down, Mr. Burke. He called to offer me a partnership in his practice.

Leonard: "Partnership."

E.J.: Mm.

Leonard: Is that what they're calling an entry-level job nowadays?

E.J.: Uh, no, I think you'll find a partnership is actually a little bit above an entry-level job, yeah. Basically, Mickey's semiretired, as you know, and he was looking for a young, talented lawyer to come in and take the reins in the near future.

Leonard: Wouldn't you have to be an attorney to do that?

E.J.: Um...yeah.

Leonard: And you're planning to go to law school?

Sami: Hmm.

E.J.: Not again, no.

Leonard: I don't see anything in here about you being an attorney.

E.J.: Then your records need updating.

Sami: He's certainly argumentative enough.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Well, I can thank you for that, darling. Nothing like a wife to help you hone those civic skills.

Leonard: When did you become a lawyer?

E.J.: Several years ago. My Father insisted. Looks like all those late nights studying at Oxford are finally gonna pay off. I am...in this state, a bar-certified lawyer, and now in America, I am gainfully employed.

Leonard: For how long remains to be seen.

E.J.: What exactly do you mean by that?

Leonard: Your work ethic has been less than stellar.

Lexie: Bo, look at me. What kind of trouble is Hope in?

Steve: Bo, it's Steve. I know you're worried about Hope, but you can't bring the cops in on this thing until you talk to me. You trust me? Please?

Bo: Okay, man. I'll do that.

Steve: Listen, man...you got to calm down. Now, listen, I talked to Hope. She's okay. I'm the one Ava wants. I know exactly how to work her. I'm gonna bring Hope back to you safely. I promise.

Lexie: No. Hey, hey, stop. Stop, stop. Do you want me to shoot you full of something that will knock you out? Because I will, you know.

Bo: I know.

Lexie: It's okay. You can go. I'll take it from here. Okay, tell me if this hurts.

Bo: Yeah, t-that kind of hurts.

Lexie: Oh, great. Great, I can't promise you didn't damage your pancreas.

Bo: No, my pancreas is fine.

Lexie: Oh, right, and you would know because of all your years of medical school and practice, right?

Bo: I don't feel any worse than I did when I tried to get out of bed.

Lexie: You never answered my question.

Bo: I forgot what it was.

Lexie: Bo, what kind of trouble is Hope in?

Bo: Hope's in trouble?

Lexie: You're not helping this.

Bo: What? I had a dream. I didn't know Hope was actually in trouble. I-I thought she just wasn't here.

Kayla: Everything okay?

Ava: Oh, it's nice of you to make it, Patch. Good to see you again.

Steve: Really?

Ava: Well, I wish it was under different circumstances, of course.

Steve: So do I.

Ava: But your different and my different are probably not the same.

Steve: Is she all right?

Ava: Is who all right?

Steve: Who do you think? My wife.

Ava: Well [Chuckles] You know, I almost forgot about her. It'd probably be good if you did, too.

Steve: You didn't answer my question.

Ava: She's fine.

Steve: Where is she?

Ava: I said she's fine. Isn't that enough?

Steve: No. You said I could see my wife again if I come meet you. That was the deal.

Ava: Well, you know what? We had a little deal, too, long, long time ago. Do you remember that? Had something to do with a preacher, wedding dress.

Steve: Something came up.

Ava: Really?

Steve: Ava, I don't know what it is you want from me.

Ava: Oh, of course you do.

Steve: Well...things aren't the same, baby.

Ava: Well...nobody's called me "baby" lately.

Steve: Yeah? What do they call you?

Ava: Oh, I don't know. Bitch, crazy broad, but not to my face, of course. No, no one in the family would be so cruel. But I really think some people just -- they don't like me.

Steve: Well, I can't imagine your father putting up with that from anyone.

Ava: Yeah, well, things with Daddy and me, they have definitely...changed.

Steve: How so?

Ava: I don't really want to talk about that. You love me. I know you do.

Steve: Yeah.

Ava: And I'm not crazy.

Steve: How about taking me to see Kayla?

Ava: Look, I'm not saying I don't have my issues. You know that we all do.

Steve: Ava, come on.

Ava: Right. Take you to your wife.

Steve: So, how did you find me?

Ava: Well...everybody's been asking me why I found you.

Steve: You already told me why. You want us to get back together, right?

Ava: Yeah. And finally be married and... I'll wake up next to you every morning and hold you and make love. God...I love making love to you first thing in the morning. It is so beautiful, and it just sets the tone for the rest of the day. Don't you think?

Steve: I just don't see it happening, Ava.

Ava: Okay, just don't be so negative, okay? That's one of your biggest problems.

Steve: [Sighs] Okay. I have problems.

Ava: Don't. Don't you say it.

Steve: Say what?

Ava: That I've got problems, that I'm crazy. Because you know what? It's not true. God, I don't remember you being so stupid.

Steve: I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Ava: You didn't mean it?

Steve: No.

Ava: Do you realize I'm the one who's got all the power here and you're just like some little whiny baby who doesn't realize that the next words out of his mouth is gonna get him spanked?

Steve: Look, just -- where is my wife?

Ava: You lay a finger on me, you so much as raise your voice to me one more time and I will pick up the phone, call my cousins, and I will tell them to take your wife away -- far, far away. And then the two of you will never be reunited again -- not now, not ever.

Steve: How did you find out Kayla was my wife and that she's pregnant?

Ava: Oh, come on, Patch. You know I've got my ways, right? Even if Daddy doesn't want me to know the truth.

Steve: Oh, the truth, huh? You mean like sabotaging a plane so you can kill me and everyone close to me?

Ava: No.

Steve: Yeah, don't take it any further because you've already done enough damage.

Ava: You know what? It wasn't my intention.

Steve: Well, it was the result.

Ava: Come on. Patch, it was an accident. I never meant for anyone to get hurt. I would never do that on purpose.

Steve: You know, I want to believe that, but right now, I'm finding it a little hard.

Ava: Oh, come on. Patch, I am the same Ava baby. I ca-- I would never hurt someone on purpose. I would never order their death.

Steve: You just threatened to kill my wife and our unborn child.

Ava: Well, you know what? That's different!

Hope: What happened to you, Ava?

Lexie: I am not very happy with your brother right now.

Kayla: What did he do?

Lexie: He got out of bed, which he wasn't supposed to do.

Bo: What are you doing here?

Kayla: Well, Dr. Jonas is leading a seminar today, so that makes you my patient.

Lexie: Kayla, you should be home in bed. There are other doctors here, including myself.

Kayla: But he's my brother. And it is more stressful for me to be resting at home than be here with him.

Bo: Stephanie was supposed to be with you, right?

Kayla: Hmm, word's out. She's with Max.

Bo: And you promised her you'd stay in bed. Am I wrong?

Kayla: She said that Steve came to see you. Is he still here?

E.J.: I wasn't aware that my work ethic was being called into question. When I have a job, I have incredible tenacity. Now, I may not have had one for a while, but that has nothing to do with my ability to be able to perform here in the States. When I work, I work very hard. Thank you.

Leonard: Still don't like that you two have different homes.

Sami: We have two apartments. We live in the same one.

E.J.: We have the same home.

Leonard: I'd also like to see both your extended families more involved with you and the children.

Sami: So would I.

E.J.: Yeah, we can definitely do that. Samantha's family adores me. Don't they, darling?

Sami: Oh, they love him. They think he's quite a catch. And not the kind of thing you catch from a toilet seat.

E.J.: Very spunky today, aren't you, sweetheart, my love?

Sami: You like it when I'm spunky.

E.J.: I do. Would you, Mr. Burke, would you possibly excuse me for just a second? I really have a small cramp in my foot, and I'm gonna have to walk it off. I'll be just one moment.

Sami: I hope you're okay.

E.J.: Oh, I'll be fine, sweetheart. I'll be completely fine.

Leonard: I'd like to have one more visit with you both before I turn in my report and we make a decision.

Sami: I'll be sure to tell E.J.

Leonard: It was a pleasure seeing you again.

Sami: The pleasure was all mine.

E.J.: Ow.

Sami: Don't ever do the nose-twisting thing again.

E.J.: Don't you stomp on my toe again, all right?

Sami: Oh, you've got nine more, buddy.

E.J.: Okay, fine. You have a deal. I'll leave your nose, you leave my toes, all right? Aren't you at least going to be a little bit happy and congratulate me? I got a job.

Sami: How's this?

Maggie: You seem to have your nose a little out of joint.

Sami: Oh, no, please don't. No nose jokes.

Maggie: E.J. gets to you, doesn't he?

Sami: Why are you on his side?

Maggie: I'm on Johnny's side. Look, I know how Lucas feels about E.J., but I have to believe that little boy is better off with E.J. as a father than no father at all.

Sami: I miss Lucas.

Maggie: I know you do, and so do I. But he did a good thing. He owned up to his mistake.

Sami: Do you think that it's a good idea to lie about E.J. getting this job from Mickey? I mean, the immigrations officer just has to make one phone call, and that's it. E.J.'s out of the country for good.

Maggie: Well, who said anything about lying?

Sami: He wouldn't hire E.J.

Mickey: Says who?

Sami: Mickey?

Mickey: How you doing, Sami?

Sami: I'm fine. Listen, are you serious? You're really gonna hire E.J.  I mean, he doesn't even have a license to practice in America.

E.J.: Who says I don't, eh? That's for you.

Sami: Oh, uh, thank you. What, all of a sudden you have a license to practice in this state?

E.J.: Yeah, all the work I did for my Father. You don't remember that?

Sami: I thought you were making it up.

E.J.: I wasn't making it up. I'm able to practice law here. I can assure you.

Sami: Really?

Mickey: Really. He's not a phony. I checked.

Bo: Yeah, Steve was here, but I was kind of tired, so he took off.

Kayla: Did he say where he was going?

Bo: No. Kay, come -- could you come back later? I'm not feeling so hot right now.

Lexie: You shouldn't have gotten out of bed.

Kayla: Are you sure you're okay?

Bo: Will you guys stop asking me that? If I felt worse, I would tell you.

Lexie: Oh, and we believe that.

Kayla: Yeah, believe me, he's my brother. I don't believe it.

Lexie: Mnh-mnh.

Bo: So, what, are you ganging up on me now?

Kayla: You bet we are.

Lexie: Yeah, if that's what it takes.

Bo: Great.

Kayla: I'm sure I won't get a straight answer out of him, so, Lexie, why don't you tell me what happened?

Lexie: He was trying to walk out of here. He must have gotten light-headed and fallen back on the bed.

Bo: I didn't get... light-headed. I just slipped. Someone must have spilled something.

Kayla: I'm not buying that. Do you buy that?

Lexie: No, not for a second.

Nurse: Dr. Carver, can I ask you something about our patient in 216?

Lexie: Yeah, I'll be right there. Do not get up. Watch him, Kayla.

Kayla: Yeah. What's going on?

Bo: I told you, I slipped.

Kayla: I'm not even talking about that. What's going on with you and Steve?

Steve: You seem upset. Are you upset?

Ava: Maybe.

Steve: It's about the plane crash, isn't it?

Ava: No.

Steve: Come on. You got a heart in there somewhere. You used to. You should be upset because what happened on that plane was horrible.

Ava: Oh, was it?

Steve: Yeah. I'll tell you about it.

Ava: Well, I don't really want to hear.

Steve: First, the plane started to shake.

Ava: I told you, I don't want to hear about it.

Steve: Oh, you don't want to hear about the terror you put us through?

Ava: I didn't do anything.

Steve: You don't want to hear about how we all knew we were gonna die when we found out there wasn't enough oxygen to go around?

Ava: No, I don't.

Steve: Then you definitely don't want to hear about the people you killed. One of them was named Shawn Brady. He was a good man.

Ava: Stop it.

Steve: Papa Brady. He had six kids. He gave up his oxygen. He gave up his life for two of them.

Ava: Stop it, please.

Steve: He kept saying, "I'm old, and I've lived a full life." And then right there, in front of his whole family, he took his last gasps of air. He died because of you.

Ava: Just stop it, okay?! Stop it! I didn't mean for it to happen, and it did, okay?! Now you -- Patch, Patch, you have caused a pain in my head, and it makes me feel like my brain is just splitting in two! I hate you!

Steve: Oh, really? A minute ago, you loved me.

Ava: Just shut up! Shut up! You don't want to see me when I get upset. You really don't, because I don't even like me then. I've got a headache. I've got a headache, and it's about to happen.

Steve: Just take it easy.

Ava: Don't -- don't you tell me to take it easy. You're trying to make me feel guilty. You're trying to make me feel guilty for what happened to that man, for him dying, and it wasn't my fault.

Steve: Whose fault was it, Ava?

Ava: Yours. It was your fault. You killed him.

Ava: You're the one who's responsible for Shawn Brady's death.

Steve: How'd you come up with that one?

Ava: You left me standing at the altar, smiling, giggling like an excited little fool. And I stood there. I stood there waiting. You didn't think it was gonna hurt me?

Steve: Not enough to kill a planeload of innocent people years later.

Ava: God, I have told you, that was a mistake. I never meant for it to happen. And none of it would have if the plane hadn't taken off.

Steve: But it did take off.

Ava: What, and it's my fault?

Steve: Yes, it's your fault, Ava. Maybe you did just want to keep the plane on the ground, but because your people screwed with the plane, three men were killed.

Ava: You know what? Shawn didn't have to give up his life.

Steve: If it wasn't him, it would have been somebody else. Someone else would have died. And let me tell you something. If I knew what was going on, it would have been me.

Ava: I don't care. That would have been great for me.

Steve: Do you even hear yourself?

Ava: You know, Shawn chose to give up his life and his oxygen.

Steve: What about those pilots?

Ava: You didn't know them.

Steve: Oh, and that makes it all right? They both left behind families.

Ava: Just stop it. You know, I-I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear any of it anymore.

Steve: Look at me. You've hurt enough people.

Ava: And I don't want to hurt anyone. I never do. But I will if I have to.

Steve: Okay. Then let's try to work this out. Tell me what you really want.

Ava: I want my life back. I want to go back in time. And I want to walk down that aisle of that little church, and I want to see you waiting for me there with that smile, that loving, beautiful smile that you always gave me. I want the life that you promised me.

Kayla: So, what is Steve up to?

Bo: How should I know? He's your husband.

Kayla: Well, I think he's not telling me because he doesn't want to upset me.

Bo: And I do?

Kayla: Oh, then you do know something.

Bo: I don't want to upset you, either.

Kayla: Then give me some answers.

Bo: What makes you think I have any?

Kayla: Because you're his best friend, Bo.

Bo: And you're his wife. I'm glad we got that established.

Kayla: Okay, then why were you trying to leave?

Bo: How am I supposed to get any better just sitting in this damn bed like a lump? I'm trying to get a little exercise, get the blood flowing, even if it's just a little walk to the door.

Kayla: You know what? I am not buying that for a second. What is really going on? Does this have to do with Hope? I mean, she has been sitting here every minute since this happened. And where is she now? Oh.

Bo: Kayla? Nurse! Lexie!

E.J.: I'm sorry, Mickey. Very rude of me. E.J. Wells. Lovely to meet you, and thank you very much.

Mickey: Mickey Horton.

Sami: So, you're sure you're okay with him working at your firm, Mickey?

Maggie: When I mentioned it to my husband, he said, "absolutely not. I will not have a DiMera working for me."

Mickey: Maggie is persistent, if nothing else.

Sami: Why E.J. 

Maggie: Bringing John back to Marlena goes a long way with me.

E.J.: Thank you. I'm glad.

Mickey: Well, he better not be anything like his father.

E.J.: No, no, I can assure you. I'm nothing like my Father.

Mickey: Well, Sami, you've been around him long enough. What do you have to say?

Mickey: Is E.J. the typical DiMera?

Sami: No. No, he's not.

E.J.: Thank you. Look, I will prove my worth. You're not gonna be disappointed to have me as a partner.

Mickey: Not so fast. I did mention partnership, but I didn't mean naming you right away. That would be foolish of me. You have to earn that privilege.

Maggie: Mickey.

Mickey: Yeah, until then, consider yourself in a probationary position. That means a lot of hard work for very little money.

E.J.: Okay, I have no problem with that.

Maggie: Thanks, Mickey. Now, don't make me out to look like a liar.

E.J.: Look, I would never make you out to look like a liar, okay?

Maggie: Well, Mickey is a fine man, but he can be a bear to work for.

E.J.: That's okay. I like a challenge.

Maggie: All right, then. Good luck.

E.J.: Maggie... thank you.

Maggie: Yeah.

E.J.: Thank you, too.

Sami: For what?

E.J.: "For what"? For your wonderful, kind words earlier.

Sami: Oh, please, E.J. I just said that to make sure you get that job so that you're not in my hair anymore.

E.J.: Oh, I know that, darling. I know that. You got what you wanted.

Sami: Exactly.

E.J.: Look, uh...we still have a couple of problems that we need to take care of.

Sami: Starting with your apartment.

E.J.: Yes. Living situation is something that needs to be addressed.

Sami: The extended family.

E.J.: Yeah, not quite sure how we're gonna deal with that one? Let's see, what do we got? I got a half sister, a kind of half brother, and an...uncle?

Sami: I-I just can't get over John's situation.

E.J.: Yeah, Uncle John. The whole thing sounds a little bit strange. Anyway, the bottom line being I really can't expect he's gonna be running over to see his nephew any time soon.

Sami: I know my Mom would be up for it.

Hope: You're full of surprises, Ava. You and Steve.

Ava: We were in love. We had our whole future planned out. We were gonna have kids. We wanted three. God, don't you understand? Don't you get it? You've ruined my life, and you're about to ruin the lives of your wife and your unborn child. God, I mean, you and Kayla, you don't even have any kids yet. You probably don't want more than one with her, either, do you?

Steve: No.

Ava: See? You do love me more.

Steve: You're right.

Ava: Why did you have to change?

Steve: Wasn't me.

Ava: Well, it certainly wasn't me.

Steve: Okay. Listen -- I just want to work this out. I just want to make sure no one else gets hurt.

Ava: And, um...how do you plan on doing that?

Steve: I can be that man again... if you still want me to be.

Bo: Nurse!

Kayla: Oh.

Bo: Lexie!

Lexie: Okay. It's okay, Bo. We've got it.

Kayla: No, no, no, I'm good.

Lexie: No, no, hey, hey. How bad is it?

Kayla: It's about the same as before.

Lexie: You know better than this, Kayla. You should be in bed.

Kayla: I was feeling fine.

Lexie: Would you get a wheelchair, please? Just breathe.

Ava: You know what? I-I don't really want to talk about this anymore. Why don't we just talk about something pleasant?

Hope: What could be more pleasant than talking about the true love of your life?

Ava: You know, sometimes I hate him!

Hope: And with good reason.

Ava: You're trying to patronize me again.

Hope: What happened after he left?

Ava: I went home. And I cried, and I hit things. And then I got sick.

Maggie: Thank you for giving E.J. a chance.

Mickey: You know, Red, I have a difficult time saying no to you. You know that.

Maggie: Well, is that because you love me or because I'm persuasive?

Mickey: [Chuckles] Both.

Maggie: Well, whatever the reason, it worked.

Mickey: Yeah. I still have my problems with him.

Sami: Maggie is a great woman.

E.J.: What do you mean "Maggie's a great --" of course she's a great woman. What do you mean by that?

Sami: I mean, don't do anything stupid that would make her look bad.

E.J.: I'm not about to do something stupid.

Sami: Oh, really? You could do a ton of stupid things, especially when you start working for Mickey. I'm warning you.

E.J.: Look, everything's gonna be fine. I have a lot more at stake with this job than -- hey, Mickey.

Mickey: You know, you two are arguing like you've been married for 20 years.

Sami: Oh, come on, Mickey. I don't see you and Maggie arguing like that.

Mickey: Oh, don't think we haven't had our share of head-butting.

E.J.: Look, Mickey, I'd just like to thank you again. I really appreciate the offer.

Mickey: Sure, E.J. Maggie said you were in a pinch. You'll be deported if you don't have a job, is that right?

E.J.: Yes, sir.

Sami: Well, we have other things to worry about now, too, like our living situation and getting our families more involved.

Mickey: Yeah, well, I'm sorry, but I can't help you with either one of those.

Sami: My Mom will help us.

Steve: I can be the old Steve for you.

Ava: It's Patch.

Steve: Okay, I can be Patch for you.

Ava: See, that's the man that I fell in love with. And I know you still love me.

Steve: You just have to promise that you won't hurt anyone else.

Ava: Why would I... now that I've got the man back that I love? God, you have no idea how much I needed you. My life, it's been pure hell.

Steve: I'm sorry.

Ava: So, when do you want to get married?

Steve: Oh, we can talk about that later, can't we?

Ava: Yeah, of course, but you still want three kids, right?

Steve: Yeah.

Ava: Well, I can give you more if you want.

Steve: Three's plenty.

Ava: I love you. God, I love you so much. [Engine turns off] We're home. Come on.

Kayla: Oh, I got it.

Lexie: Has the cramping stopped?

Kayla: Yeah.

Lexie: Okay, I'm gonna have you lie down in one of the beds, and I'll page your doctor.

Kayla: Don't you even think about getting out of bed.

Bo: You just worry about yourself and that baby.

E.J.: Samantha, first of all, I don't see how having one extended family member come around on occasion is gonna help our situation. Secondly, I really don't think that Marlena's gonna be too keen on the idea of putting on some big show for the immigration services. I mean, it's not like I was her first choice of son-in-law.

Sami: She would do anything for me.

E.J.: I'm sure she would, but this is for me. This is not for you.

Sami: Oh, it is not for you. It is for her grandchildren.

Mickey: [Chuckles] Hold it. I wish I could help you, but my experience is not in immigration law.

E.J.: Please, Mickey, you've done enough. Thank you.

Sami: Yes, you are awesome. Thank you so much, Mickey.

Mickey: You're welcome, and I'll take that as my cue to exit. I should leave you two lovebirds alone.

E.J.: What are you doing? Samantha, you made the man completely uncomfortable.

Sami: Are you kidding me? You are the one who started it.

E.J.: I started it? Samantha, I was the one who was trying to maintain a little bit of decorum, okay? The man is my future partner.

Sami: Future is right, because he is your boss right now.

E.J.: Fine, all right? Okay, he's my boss.

Sami: Look, arguing in front of the immigration officer is one thing. We have to cool it, all right? Stop making me mad... because I have a plan. I know exactly what we're gonna do next. Come on.

E.J.: But I like arguing with you. A little bit, maybe.

Hope: Steve.

Steve: Kayla.

Ava: Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. Not so close.

Steve: You all right?

Hope: Yeah. How about you?

Steve: Great.

Ava: Oh, isn't this sweet? It's like a reunion of two old friends.

Steve: How's she been treating you?

Ava: Oh, Patch, take a look around. How does it look like I've been treating her? This has been my castle for, oh, I don't even know how long. And now -- now there's a new princess in town.

Hope: I've hardly been treated like a princess.

Ava: Hey, it could have been a lot worse, a hell of a lot worse, and you're lucky that I showed some restraint, especially after you started smart-mouthing me. You're lucky I can be so understanding, but don't push me again.

Steve: You said you wouldn't hurt anybody.

Ava: Oh, and I won't, as long as you hold up to your end of the bargain.

Steve: I told you I would.

Ava: Oh, God, Patch. I love you, baby. I really do, but it doesn't mean that I trust you. You are a bad, bad boy.

Steve: Not anymore.

Ava: Ohh, wait a minute. So, what, is this the new Patch, huh? You're boring, and you're whipped. Did you do this to him?

Hope: No.

Ava: Oh, you did. You did this to him, didn't you? You turned him into a sniveling, little wimp.

Hope: No, I didn't.

Ava: Baby, is that why you ran away from me? Were you scared?

Steve: No, that's not why.

Ava: Well, it doesn't matter. Oh, come here, come here, come here, because, you know, if she broke you, you know I sure as hell can fix you.

Hope: Ava.

Ava: Shut up. You have any idea how happy we were together?

Hope: Yes, I do.

Ava: Yeah. Of course, you do... because you've been going through my stuff.

Bo: Hang on, Fancy Face. I'm gonna find you.

Victor: To Daniel, who saved both my son and my granddaughter.

Sami: We need your help. Mom, you and John are the only ones who can help us.

Philip: This is just great, having all this family under one roof.

Chloe: Yeah, we're a regular little house on the prairie.

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