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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/24/08 - Canada; Tuesday 3/25/08 - U.S.A.

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Kate: [Sniffs] Oh, these are beautiful. Who sent them?

Chelsea: Uh, they are from my Alpha Chi Theta sisters.

Kate: Aww, how sweet.

Chelsea: So, what did my Mom say when you talked to her?

Kate: Well, I told her that you were recovering nicely, so there was no need to fly out.

Chelsea: Good. 'Cause if she came here, I would just feel like I was dying and she was here to say her final goodbye.

Kate: [Laughing] Oh, my God. She knows you so well, because that is exactly what she said you would think. But there is no doubt that she's very worried about you, because she calls me every hour on the hour to see how you are. And I told her that you were under excellent care.

Chelsea: I am. Dr. Jonas is an amazing doctor.

Kate: Actually, I was referring to the fact that you're under my care.

Chelsea: Oh, no, you're great, too.

Kate: Ah, thank you. So, where's the amazing Dr. Jonas, huh?

Chelsea: I haven't seen him today, actually.

Kate: Well, that's not good. You should be monitored closely.

Chelsea: Oh, no, he's a busy guy.

Daniel: Hello, ladies. Chelsea, how you feeling?

Kate: Well, where have you been?

Chelsea: Grandma.

Daniel: Video conference for another patient. Is there a problem?

Kate: Uh, yes, because Chelsea was just sliced open and a portion of her pancreas was removed. I think she deserves a little bit more of your attention.

Chelsea: I am fine. I don't need to be monitored like a small child.

Daniel: Everything's pretty sweet here.

Kate: "Sweet"? Is that doctor talk?

Daniel: That's how I talk.

Kate: Really? Care to explain? Could you be a bit more specific?

Chelsea: Okay, allow me to translate yet again for you two. It means that I am recovering.

Kate: Well, sweet. When can Chelsea be released?

Daniel: Ms. Roberts, are you unhappy with me?

Bo: [Grunts]

Kayla: Hey, you.

Bo: Hey.

Kayla: You're supposed to be sleeping. Are you experiencing any pain?

Bo: Well, I am...finding it hard to breathe.

Kayla: Really?

Bo: Yeah. The way you're suffocating me. Stop hovering.

Kayla: Very funny.

Bo: Come on. I'm feeling great. Why don't you go home and get some rest?

Kayla: You know, I'm not in my expectant-mother mode. I'm in my doctor mode. Do you recognize me?

Bo: Yeah, 'cause it's the same body. Plenty of doctors around here who could look after me.

Kayla: But you are my only recovering brother that I can take care of.

Bo: Yeah, well, and very soon you're gonna have a little baby depending on you.

Kayla: And I want my baby to know their Uncle Bo.

Bo: You are one stubborn woman.

Kayla: Look who's talking.

Bo: Come on. I'm fine. The surgery was a success. Or hadn't anyone told you?

Kayla: Listen, buster, you gave us a real scare. You almost had a complete setback. You know, I am staying right here until Lexie or Daniel are back on rotation.

Bo: You did a great job. Thank God you were here for me. But I'm okay. I'm fine.

Kayla: I'd rather err on the side of caution.

Bo: Hey, would you take care of yourself and that little baby you're carrying?

Kayla: I'm already doing that. Look, if I go home, I am just gonna be worried sick. So if I stay here, then I have peace of mind.

Bo: Yes. You're the best sister a guy could have. And a fantastic doctor.

Kayla: Mm, about time you noticed.

Bo: Hey, I'm being serious. Really...I appreciate everything you've done. I owe you my life.

Hope: Hey, Caroline, it's Hope. How's Ciara doing? No, I -- oh, good. I'm just leaving the hospital now. Listen, I'm just gonna stop by the house, pick up a few things, and then I'm gonna pick Ciara up tonight. Is that okay? Okay, thank you so much. [Muffled screams]

Chelsea: Grandma, could you please be nicer to Dr. Jonas?

Kate: Oh, okay. When do you think Chelsea's going to be ready to go home?

Daniel: I'd say at the rate you're bouncing back, you could leave tomorrow.

Chelsea: That soon?

Daniel: Well, we'll do a final examination first, but, yeah, I'm thinking you're gonna be good to go.

Chelsea: Cool.

Daniel: Now, unless either of you have other concerns, let me know, 'cause I'm gonna mosey on over and check out Bo.

Chelsea: No, you're perfect. I mean that I'm perfect, so you can mosey as you said.

Daniel: Ms. Roberts?

Kate: Oh, I think we can manage without you for a bit.

Daniel: Super. Well, page me if you need me.

Chelsea: Okeydoke. Bye.

Kate: Well, you don't seem very enthusiastic about leaving the hospital. I wonder why.

Kayla: Well, you are responding well to your medication.

Bo: How much longer am I gonna be stuck in this damn bed?

Kayla: I think we're gonna keep you here for a while. We don't want you to reject that pancreas.

Bo: Oh, come on. I miss my bed, my wife, my little baby girl.

Kayla: You know, Hope told me about Shawn sailing around the world. You must be very excited that he's following in your footsteps.

Bo: Yeah. It's gonna be a great experience for him and his family. I am kind of disappointed, though, that I didn't get the chance to check out his boat.

Kayla: Do you miss all that?

Bo: Sailing? Yeah. You bet I do. It was great taking Hope out on the Fancy Face... sailing off into the wind, putting all your troubles behind you.

Kayla: Were you really able to do that?

Bo: Oh, yeah. Sailing...gives you this incredible sense of freedom and peace. You're out there -- it's just you and the water and the wind and the sky. Gives you a whole new perspective on things.

Kayla: And you really think that sailing off with Claire is a good idea?

Bo: Well, it was for Hope and I when we took off with Shawn. I mean, the incredible places we went, amazing memories. It's the best time of my life.

Kayla: Do you think Shawn remembers any of it?

Bo: He was too young. But he thinks he does remember 'cause we've shown him the pictures and told him the stories about a million times.

Kayla: Well, maybe that's it, then -- he wants to experience it with his own family.

Bo: Yeah. Think he'll go to some of those same ports?

Kayla: Of course he will. He'll make memories in those places, too.

Bo: He better keep in contact with us. He'll be sailing across some open seas that can -- can get pretty treacherous.

Kayla: Well, he's a good sailor. He learned from the best.

Bo: Why, thank you.

Kayla: I was referring to Pop. [Chuckles]

Bo: Yeah, of course you did. But he did spend his formative years at sea with the master. I'm gonna miss him.

Kayla: Hey.

Steve: Hey.

Kayla: Where have you been?

Steve: Well, I was, uh, making a couple of phone calls. Now I'm back. And I'd like to take you home.

Kayla: No, no, no. I'm staying right here until Lexie or Daniel get here.

Bo: Oh, come on, Kay. You don't need to wait.

Steve: Listen to your brother.

Kayla: You know, fellas, this is my turf, and we do what I say here. I'm staying.

Steve: Is your wife this stubborn?

Bo: More. I mean, she never listens to me. Kay is the one who had to convince her to leave and go get some rest. Am I right? I'm right, yeah.

Hope: Thank you so much, Steve.

Steve: Don't even mention it.

Hope: You take care of him. Here are the keys.

Ava: Do you love Steve?

Hope: Yeah, I love him. Of course I do. Who are you?

Kayla: You know, Bo, Mom wanted to know if there was anything of Pop's that you wanted in particular.

Bo: Really? Well, uh...got a lot of memories in the fishing poles. When I was a kid, went fishing with Pop out at the lake pretty much every Saturday. You know, he had that old rowboat out there. Thing leaked like a sieve. And almost every time I hook a fish, I'd be reeling it in, Pop would say, "hey, bail." So I'd hand him the pole, get that old rusty coffee can, and bail it out. And then he'd say, "hey, look at the fish I caught." He's a jokester.

Kayla: Sorry, but [Clears throat] I took the poles.

Bo: What? Hey, you don't even like fishing.

Steve: Wasn't my idea.

Kayla: You know, I just thought, you know, when this baby gets older that we might like to take him or her fishing like you did with Shawn.

Bo: Okay. Fishing poles are yours. But I want mine. I carved my initials in the handle.

Kayla: Okay. You got it.

Bo: Pop's pocket watch.

Kayla: Oh, I'm sorry. Roman took that.

Bo: Roman? Did -- did he ask Ma? I mean, I'm sure she's got some special memories wrapped up in some of that stuff.

Kayla: Come on. Of course, we asked her before we took anything. Are you kidding? You know, there are some things that were sentimental to her and some things that just reminded her that Pop wasn't around.

Bo: Yeah.

Steve: It's weird, huh?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Remembering some things makes you happy, others make you sad.

Kayla: I know what you mean.

Chelsea: Of course I want to go home. Do you honestly think I like lounging around in this hospital gown and eating food that looks and tastes like plastic?

Kate: What I think is that you don't mind as long as Dr. Jonas is around.

Chelsea: Okay. For the umpteenth time, I do not have a crush on him.

Kate: Oh, come on, Chelsea. You dissolved into a giggly little schoolgirl as soon as he walked in the door.

Chelsea: I-I don't giggle. Okay, I-I admire Dr. Jonas. I mean, he saved my Dad's life, but, no, that's it.

Kate: Oh, okay. So, you're gonna be all right if he just goes off to chase a wave as soon as you and your dad recover?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Kate: Huh.

Chelsea: I mean, I'm gonna be a little disappointed, but that's just because we're friends.

Daniel: Hey. Am I interrupting?

Kayla: No, perfect timing.

Steve: Where have you been?

Daniel: That's a popular question today. Didn't realize the Brady's were such a high-maintenance crowd.

Steve: Dude, while you were gone, another doctor was in here, and he almost screwed up Bo's medication.

Daniel: I'm sorry. What?

Kayla: Bo had a fever, so Dr. Nolan wanted to up his anti-rejection meds and add an experimental one.

Daniel: Why would he do that?

Kayla: Because he's a pompous jerk and thinks he knows better.

Steve: It's a good thing for Bo that Kayla was here to fix it.

Daniel: Well, that will not happen again. Thank you. Thank you. I'll take over from here and let you go home with your husband. You deserve a much-needed break.

Kayla: All right.

Bo: Finally. Get out of here.

Kayla: I'll look for that dribble glass.

Bo: Good.

Kayla: See you later. Thank you.

Daniel: Thank you.

Bo: Good. Now I can get some sleep before Hope comes back.

Ava: Set her down on the bed.

Angelo: What the hell did you do, Ava?

Ava: I invited her over for a little slumber party. We're gonna do each other's makeup and braid our hair.

Angelo: This is kidnaping.

Ava: Like you haven't committed worse crimes.

Angelo: Your father ain't gonna take this too lightly.

Ava: Oh, well, then, don't tell him.

Angelo: He's gonna find out.

Ava: I'll make him understand. Oh. Hey, I'm so glad that you're up. We've got so much to discuss, Kayla.

Nick: Hey. How are you feeling?

Chelsea: I'm okay.

Kate: Aww. I'm gonna give you two some privacy. I'll be back.

Chelsea: The flowers are pretty, Nick. Thank you.

Nick: You're welcome. What is Teddy doing stuffed behind your pillows?

Chelsea: Oh. You know, he probably just got stuck there when I was sleeping. You know, I'm a thrasher.

Nick: When do you get out of here?

Chelsea: Uh, Daniel said maybe tomorrow.

Nick: That's great.

Chelsea: Yeah, it's terrific.

Nick: That's incredible. That means you can get out of here and life can go back to normal.

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess so.

Nick: Is something wrong?

Hope: Did you just call me Kayla?

Ava: Mm-hmm. You may not know who I am, but I know exactly who you are.

Angelo: So, you're Patch's wife.

Ava: She doesn't recognize him by that name. He goes by "Steve" now.

Angelo: Oh, yeah, I forgot. Well, whatever his name is, he's still a bastard. I hate him.

Ava: Yeah, I know, Angelo.

Hope: I know who you are. From outside of the pub. I remember. You're Ava... the woman that Steve was involved with.

Ava: He mentioned me?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, he did.

Ava: Yeah, well, did he also tell you that we were in love?

Hope: He told me.

Ava: Yeah. Because Patch loved me. And he's gonna love me again just as soon as I deal with this little situation.

Hope: What are you talking about? What situation?

Ava: I know. I know that you're pregnant with his baby. God, I know so many things, Kayla.

Steve: Hey.

Kayla: Hmm?

Steve: I thought I brought you home to get away from work.

Kayla: I know, but I'm on this hospital committee for a children's charity, and there are some members who are slacking off.

Steve: That's why you're my sweetness. You always make time for other people, even at your own expense.

Kayla: Well, it's for a good cause.

Steve: Is there anything I can do to help?

Kayla: Nope. Although you may have to hire me a bodyguard after that last e-mail.

Steve: Oh, yeah?

Kayla: Yeah, well, I mean, I kindly but I strongly suggested that the other doctors need to get off their butt and participate.

Steve: Ooh. They unleashed the wrath of Dr. Johnson, did they?

Kayla: Yeah. They're gonna learn they're not gonna mess with me. Hmm.

Steve: I love it when you get tough.

Kayla: Do you?

Steve: Yeah, I do.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: But you know what?

Kayla: Hmm?

Steve: You need to relax. Okay?

Kayla: Well, I love it when you do that.

Steve: You do?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: How about this?

Kayla: [Moaning] I love you.

Steve: I love you, too.

Steve: Your mom can't know about this. The doctor said she can't handle any stress right now. It's a high-risk pregnancy.

Stephanie: But she has a right to know.

Steve: And she will know. I'll tell her at some point, but you just have to give me time to get the situation under control.

Stephanie: What are you gonna do?

Steve: I'm gonna protect my family.

Stephanie: [Sighs] Just promise me you'll be careful.

Steve: Baby, don't you worry. I don't want you to worry about anything. You just let me handle it.

Stephanie: How could you get involved with such dangerous people?

Hope: So, you know about the baby.

Ava: Yeah, I do. Look, Patch and I -- we were wild, but we knew that one day we were gonna settle down. So now we need to come up with a solution to our little problem.

Hope: What kind of solution?

Ava: Well, we need to take you out of the equation.

Hope: You're going to kill me?

Ava: Well, I never said that. You know, I'd prefer to keep things friendly.

Hope: Don't touch me.

Ava: Well, that was not friendly. And, um...I would think twice before getting on my bad side.

Hope: This conversation is over.

Ava: Angelo.

Angelo: Whoa.

Ava: [Chuckles] We are not done yet. Look, you want to ensure your safety and the safety of your child? Then you better cooperate and work things out. Otherwise, you're gonna make me very upset.

Chelsea: No, nothing's wrong. I just -- I just feel like maybe this whole life-or-death-experience thing is finally catching up with me.

Nick: You've been through a lot. That's for sure.

Chelsea: And before, you said that things might go back to the way that they were, and I'm just not sure that I want that. I mean, I kind of feel like this might be an opportunity to, you know, be a better person.

Nick: You're a good person now. I like you just the way you are.

Chelsea: Thank you. But...when I leave this hospital, I just -- I want to continue down this new path. You know, I don't -- I don't want to be the old me.

Nick: The old you did an extraordinary thing. Does this new path include me?

Chelsea: Of course, yeah.

Nick: It's just, like, when you were in that operating room, it hit me that I might not see you again.

Chelsea: Well, I'm here. Surprise.

Nick: 'Cause the thought of living without you is impossible for me. I need to tell you something.

Chelsea: Okay.

Nick: [Sighs] A small, microscopic part of me was angry at you when you decided to be your dad's donor.

Chelsea: Yeah, I kind of figured that one out when you asked me repeatedly if I was sure I wanted to go through with the surgery.

Nick: It's just that you were taking such a huge risk, you know? I mean, and I felt guilty, but I also felt like you were sacrificing our future together.

Chelsea: You -- you know why I had to do it, though.

Nick: Of course, of course, of course. That was just A...small part of what I felt. Mostly, I-I felt proud of you.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Nick: I love you, Chelse.

Chelsea: I love you, too.

Daniel: Your daughter's a very special lady.

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Daniel: Not many people would have been as determined as she was to make such a huge sacrifice.

Bo: I didn't want her to make that sacrifice. If I had been conscious, she wouldn't have.

Daniel: And you'd be dead.

Bo: This is my daughter we're talking about. To put her at the slightest risk...it's unthinkable. And the possibility of losing her...it's unbearable.

Daniel: Well, then, it's good the decision was taken out of your hands, then.

Bo: Yeah, well, I wish Hope hadn't had done that.

Daniel: You don't really mean that.

Bo: Wasn't her decision to make.

Daniel: No, it was, it had to be, and it was the right one.

Bo: Yeah. And I'm sure...knowing that it was against my wishes made it difficult for her.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, it was difficult. You know how much you said you loved your daughter and the idea of losing her would just be unbearable?

Bo: Yeah.

Daniel: Well, your wife obviously feels the same way about you. I saw her by your side, Bo, and that girl -- she really loves you.

Bo: I'm a lucky man. I know that.

Daniel: You are. So you can't possibly blame her for not wanting you to die.

Bo: What if something had gone wrong?

Daniel: What if it didn't? And Chelsea wanted to do this for you because she loves you -- enough to risk her life.

Bo: Yeah. I get that.

Daniel: Then stop bitching about what you can't change and accept the gift she's given you.

Bo: Listen to me. I appreciate what Chelsea did more than I can say, and I'll never be able to thank her enough for what she did. But what if my body doesn't hold up its end of the bargain? What if it rejects her pancreas? I'd feel worse for her than anybody.

Daniel: Well, look, I have a feeling her pancreas is as tough as she is. It'll put up a good fight.

Bo: Is that your professional opinion?

Daniel: More of a, uh, personal one.

Bo: I'd like to go see her, give her a hug, tell her how much I love her, thank her.

Daniel: You know, let's just get you stronger first. She might be out soon, and then she can swing by to see you.

Bo: Glad she's recovering so quickly.

Daniel: She is, so let's focus on you. Why don't I get you a sedative, ease your mind, and you can rest, my friend?

Bo: No, thanks. I don't need it.

Daniel: No, no, I think this is what's gonna be best. You'll sleep deeper and more comfortably. All right? Oh, come on, dude. This is the good stuff right here.

Bo: Okay, if you put it that way. Hope isn't gonna be back for a while anyway.

Angelo: You're not going anywhere.

Hope: What do you want from me?

Ava: I want Patch. I want him back, and I'm gonna have him...baby or no baby.

Hope: Tell me how you're protecting Kayla. You're having her tailed.

Steve: Of course I am. I can't tell her. It'd be too much stress. She could lose the baby.

Hope: Well, then, I guess we do need to talk. After all, I am Steve's wife.

Kate: So, how did your visit with Nick go?

Chelsea: We had a good talk.

Kate: That's nice.

Chelsea: Don't start.

Kate: Fine.

Chelsea: So, I wanted to see my Dad.

Kate: Okay, well, I'll talk to someone and arrange that as soon as possible.

Chelsea: Thank you. And thank you for spending so much time with me. I mean, I know you're really busy with your new company and everything.

Kate: Honey, you know I would always make time for you. Although I have to tell you, starting up a new company is quite a challenge.

Chelsea: Yeah, but you like a good challenge.

Kate: I love a good challenge. And I also love this product line.

Chelsea: And how's all that going?

Kate: Pretty well. Pretty well. There's a national retail chain that wants to take it. We have to work out the details, of course.

Chelsea: And did you ever choose between Tony or Anna's Ad Agency?

Kate: No, not yet, and, frankly, I would just prefer to go with Tony instead of that obnoxious blonde, but she did come up with some pretty impressive ideas. And in the corporate world, you have to put your personal feelings aside if you're ever going to accomplish anything. Actually, I was thinking about asking you for your input on the line -- the younger perspective, so to speak.

Chelsea: That sounds like fun.

Kate: Okay, maybe you could even help me make a decision about the ad agency.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] I don't think so. No, because Morgan works for Tony and Stephanie works for Anna, and there is no way that I am gonna get in the middle of that.

Kate: Good. Good. You're already making smart decisions. I like that.

Steve: Who are you talking to?

Kayla: I'm on hold with the hospital. I had Daniel paged so we could check on Bo.

Daniel: Dr. Jonas.

Kayla: Ooh, Daniel, hi. It's Kayla.

Daniel: Tell me you're calling me from bed.

Kayla: Close enough. How's Bo?

Daniel: Bo is fine. I gave him a sedative. He should be off in dreamland by now.

Kayla: Good. Well, I'll be joining him soon, I hope.

Daniel: All right, there you go. Get some Z's.

Kayla: I'll do that. Thank you.

Steve: Is Bo all right?

Kayla: Mm-hmm, he is.

Steve: Hot chocolate.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Hey, you know what? We got to remember to dig up that fishing pole -- the one Bo wants with his name on it.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Hey, have you thought of any baby names yet? 'Cause I really don't want to do that nickname thing, you know, like we did with the Pocket Man.

Kayla: Oh, Pocket. I'm so glad he's happy with the Wilkins.

Steve: Me too. So, what do you say? Girl names? Got any girl names?

Kayla: Um...we could name her Josephine after your mother -- you know, Josie or something.

Steve: Yeah, or how about Caroline after your mama? Or we could combine the two and call her Joeoline. [Laughter]

Kayla: Cute. You're crazy. I don't think so.

Steve: How about boy names?

Kayla: Well, Bo already used Pop's, so I don't know.

Steve: Yeah. And we can't name him after my jerk of a Father, can we?

Kayla: Guess not. So, any other ideas?

Steve: Hey, how about Benjamin?

Kayla: After Benjy. That would be nice.

Steve: That would be nice. You know, I talked to Sonia the other day, and she's, uh -- she's doing well. She and the little one are good. She feels a lot safer now with Stefano in a coma.

Kayla: I think we all do. It's incredible not having that black cloud over our heads all the time. I think my entire family feels so much more relaxed knowing that there's not this constant threat, you know?

Ava: You said you loved me. You said you wanted me to have your baby.

Steve: [Straining] I'm sorry. I'm not that person anymore.

Ava: Well, then, it looks like the new Steve is gonna have to pay for the old Patch's mistake.

Steve: What do you want from me?

Ava: I want you back.

Steve: Well...you got a funny way of showing it.

Ava: Come on. A few little cracked ribs is no big deal. Anyway, I'm not sorry that you're suffering. You need to suffer the way that I suffered for all those years.

Angelo: Ava, I need to talk to you outside in the hall for just a sec. She ain't going anywhere.

Ava: We're gonna be just outside. Hey, try not to steal anything else from me while I'm gone.

Angelo: I think this is a bad idea.

Ava: Yeah? Well, you think deodorant's a bad idea.

Angelo: Look, your father is gonna be livid when he finds out that you kidnaped that lady. Now, look, I got to report this to him.

Ava: Angelo... Angelo, you got to let me talk to Kayla here. Come on, nothing bad is gonna happen. We got to come to terms here.

Angelo: Yeah, you know, Patch ain't worth all this trouble.

Ava: You know what Patch meant to me. You know that, and I am so sick and tired of having to deal with these feelings for so many years. I'm so sick of hurting every single day. And I got to find a way to deal with this hurt one way or the other.

Angelo: What do you mean?

Ava: I can't keep living like this. God, I mean, I have told you this. I have told you over and over again. I mean, God, what does my stupid shrink call it? I need closure. And if I can't get that closure -- I'm sorry. I would just rather die.

Angelo: Shh.

Kate: Well, I should go. But I will check on you [Smooches] later.

Chelsea: Okay.

Daniel: See? I came back. What, no lecture this time?

Kate: I'm very protective of my family, doctor.

Daniel: That's an admirable quality...if you're in the family.

Kate: Good luck, Chelsea.

Daniel: Man, woman's got some venom in her veins.

Chelsea: She's fantastic.

Daniel: Yeah, that's what I meant. You feeling okay? You look a little flush.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Daniel: Huh? Have a fever?

Chelsea: No.

Daniel: I was hanging with your dad this afternoon. Cool guy.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, he's, um -- he's my hero.

Daniel: Now, remember -- you're a hero now, too. You did an amazing thing. You should be happy and proud.

Steve: Hey. Yeah, listen, my wife's asleep now, and I'm gonna stay in. You can take a break. Any sign of Ava? Good. I'll be in touch.

[Machine beeping]

Bo: Hope.

Angelo: Don't be sad, Ava. Huh? I don't like to see you cry. Huh? Now, look...I'm gonna help you with that woman in there, okay? Just -- just promise, don't -- just don't do anything to yourself again, okay?

Ava: Okay.

Angelo: All right, so...now what?

Ava: Well, she's gonna be here a while, so you should probably get her something to eat. She needs to take care of the baby.

Angelo: All right, look, you stay here. I don't want you going in there. You come with me, all right?

Ava: You just make sure you lock that door.

Steve: Someone's gunning for Kayla.

Hope: Don't you worry, Brady. I'll find a way out of here.

Philip: So, you used to date Paul Hollingsworth's daughter.

Max: Morgan. Yeah.

Philip: What's the story with her? She's awfully damn cute.

Bo: Have you seen Hope? And you haven't heard from her again? I'm sure everything's fine.

Ava: I don't think I said anything about letting you go.

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