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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/20/08 - Canada; Friday 3/21/08 - U.S.A.

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Dr. Rolf: Seashells by the seashore. She sells..."

John: What are you doing, Rolf?

Dr. Rolf: "...By the seashore." Hmm?

John: What are you doing?

Dr. Rolf: Oh, I-I was working on my diction, as you ordered, hmm? Ah. Ah. "The six sick sheiks' sick sheeps six. The six sick sh-- the --" [Sighs] This is too difficult. I will never get this.

John: You bring people back from the dead. You can bury that lousy accent. Keep working on it.

Dr. Rolf: Jawohl. [Sighs] "The six sick sheiks' sick sheeps..."

[Cellphone ringing]

Paul: Paul Hollingsworth.

John: John Black.

Paul: What can I do for you, Mr. Black?

John: I was just calling to make sure that the charity you're involved with has appreciated my latest donation.

Paul: Very much. You're more than generous. What can I do to thank you?

John: Nothing. Oh, by the way, I'd heard a rumor that there might be a weight and manifest discrepancy on the last Kiriakis cargo ships that are about to be unloaded. It would be unfortunate if that cargo were indefinitely detained or denied entry altogether.

Paul: It certainly would. Thank you. [Beep] You're, uh, Max Brady, right?

Max: That's right.

Paul: You're unloading containers for the save the children foundation?

Max: Yeah. Yeah. I'm, uh, almost done.

Paul: Good. Look, when you're finished, I want you to go over to the Kiriakis dock. There's some problems on the manifest. I want all those containers loaded back onto those ships, where they'll be placed under guard until further notice.

Max: Uh, look, this is just my community service. I'm not really a longshoreman.

Paul: Max, I know why you're here. I talked to your parole officer. You do some extra work for Customs and I could get your community-service hours cut in half, all right?

Philip: Kiriakis.

Max: Hey, look, it's Max. I'm unloading some cargo down on the docks.

Philip: You are? Why?

Max: It's not important right now, okay? It's a long story. But I thought you might like to know your company just had two shipments of cargo placed under quarantine.

Philip: Damn it. I'll -- I'll be right down.

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Come in.

Victor: Your secretary wasn't at her desk.

Marlena: Yes, I know. I thought coming to talk to me might make you feel a little self-conscious, so I didn't put your name on my schedule and I sent her away for a while.

Victor: Well, that was very considerate of you.

Marlena: I want you to be comfortable.

Victor: Yes, well, uh, actually, I'm not. I know I agreed to meet with you, mostly to appease Caroline, but I-I think this is really a big mistake.

Steve: Caught you.

Kayla: I didn't know I was being chased.

Steve: I'm serious, baby. You're supposed to be at home resting.

Kayla: I was. I did that. But I just need to take a little look at Bo.

Steve: Isn't there another doctor who can do that, one who's not pregnant and carrying my baby?

Kayla: You know, his body could reject the transplant.

Steve: Dr. Jonas said he was doing well.

Kayla: I know, but I just have to see for myself or I'm gonna worry myself sick. So I'm just gonna go in there, take a quick look, and then I'll go straight home, okay?

Steve: Any sign of trouble?

Man: No, sir.

Dr. Rolf: Um, I-I was just about to tell them that you are busy.

John: No, it's all right. Well, what can I do for you?

Belle: Uh, well, we came over to say goodbye. Shawn, Claire, and I are leaving.

John: You didn't have to come all the way over here to do that. You could have used the cellular telephone or just sent a postcard from wherever it is you're going.

Marlena: Victor, please, sit. I know some people don't feel comfortable talking to a psychiatrist, but there's no lying on the couch, there's no recording device, no notepad's. Just two friends with a history talking.

Victor: Yes, well, I don't open up too well to friends, either.

Marlena: I know. I asked you here because I know you're having feelings about Bo's illness, that it's causing certain feelings to rise up about Isabella. And although you don't like to admit it, I know you have not had closure regarding her death.

Victor: Yes, I suppose I really don't have anyone to talk to. It's not right to talk to Philip about things like this. A son shouldn't see weakness in his father. I could talk to Caroline. I mean, I find her very easy to talk to, but how can I burden her with my problems when she has so many of her own?

Marlena: Bo's surgery went very well. I understand his prognosis is quite positive.

Victor: Yes, thank God. And Chelsea, my granddaughter, too. Of course, Bo's not out of the woods yet. And I was just so grateful that it wasn't cancer. I mean, if I had lost Bo the same way I lost Isabella -- of course, I was -- I was there for Bo. I mean, if worst came to worst, I could have said goodbye. With Isabella, I-I wasn't even there when I lost her.

Marlena: I imagine you regret that. You know how much she loved you, and she knows how much you loved her.

Victor: I had so little time with her. And John -- I mean, this John -- he doesn't even remember her. And her son, Brady -- my grandson. Obviously, he's in a troubled marriage, and now he's missing.

Marlena: Are you having feelings about that? It would be very normal, very natural, to feel as though you'd let them down -- not just Brady but his mother, Isabella, as well.

Victor: Yes, I suppose so. Listen, I-I know I've done things that people in this town, including you, Marlena, didn't approve of. I truly think that I was tolerated because my misdeeds paled when compared to Stefano's. But, uh, I always truly and deeply loved my children. I mean, there wasn't anything that I wouldn't do for them.

Marlena: You must be so proud of Philip. I know he is stepping into your shoes and he's doing a wonderful job taking over a portion of your empire.

Victor: Yes, he is. But I always wanted something more for him.

Max: All right. So, all the containers are loaded back on the Kiriakis ships.

Paul: Good. And that's where they'll stay until further notice.

Max: Philip. Hey. Uh, what are you -- what are you doing here?

Philip: I heard there was a problem with unloading a couple of our ships. What's going on, Paul?

Paul: I'll tell you what's going on. There are weight discrepancies on the manifest and incomplete inventories for the contents of those containers. I mean, come on -- "machine parts and electronic components"? You know we need more detail than that, especially now, given the heightened risk of bombs or chemicals being hidden in those containers.

Philip: That's ridiculous. Every manifest should have every part listed, cross-referenced, and cleared from prior shipments.

Paul: Yeah, they should, but they don't -- not on my manifest.

Philip: Let me see those.

Paul: Hey. These are official documents.

Philip: And from what you say, those manifests don't match the ones I have in my office.

Paul: That's not really my problem, is it? All those containers need to be quarantined until they can be inspected.

Philip: How much will it cost to make this little problem go away?

Paul: Are you trying to bribe me?

Philip: Hey, I'm just trying to get us to a fast, mutually beneficial resolution.

Morgan: Hi, Max. I can't believe you're still working here.

Max: Yeah, I can't believe it, either.

Morgan: I brought you a croissant and some coffee on my way to my internship.

Paul: Thanks, honey.

Morgan: You're welcome.

Max: You know this guy?

Morgan: Yeah. He's my Daddy.

Shawn D.: I don't believe this. Your daughter tells you she's leaving and all you can say is, "send me a postcard when you get there"?

John: You're right. I'm sorry. Bring me a souvenir.

Belle: Dad, I don't think that you understand. Shawn, Claire, and I are leaving town.

John: Oh! You mean for good?

Belle: I don't know.

John: Well, how soon are you leaving?

Shawn D.: As soon as we can. We got to find a boat that we can buy or lease first.

John: Well, no problem. You need a boat. I'll buy you one.

Shawn D.: Like hell you will.

Man: Any leads on that woman who's after your wife?

Steve: No. So don't let her out of your sight.

Man: She almost made me a couple of times. Your wife's smart, man. She's gonna figure something's up.

Steve: You're probably right.

Kayla: I thought you'd still be here.

Steve: Where else would I be? So, how's Bo doing?

Kayla: He's good. He's on antibiotics, blood thinners, antirejection medicine.

Steve: Does he really need all that junk?

Kayla: Mm-hmm. Absolutely. Do you know who that guy is over there?

Steve: No. Why?

Kayla: I've just been seeing him around here a lot lately.

Steve: Well, maybe he has a relative here or something.

Kayla: Hmm. I don't know.

Steve: Sweetness... there's something I need to tell you.

Kayla: Well, that sounds serious.

Steve: It is.

Kayla: Well, what is it?

Steve: You know, on second thought, I think it should wait till we get home.

Kayla: You said it was important.

Steve: It is.

Kayla: Well, what is it? [Cellphone beeping] Oh, I told Lexie I would do a consult. She said the patient's waiting.

Steve: Okay, well, go on.

Kayla: Are you sure?

Steve: Yeah, I'll hang here. Go ahead.

Kayla: All right. I'll be back, and then we can go straight home, okay?

Max: Wait. This is your father?

Morgan: Yeah. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Max: No, no. It never came up. He usually just gives me orders. Doesn't talk about his family.

Philip: And this is?

Max: Morgan Hollingsworth. This is one of Chelsea and Stephanie's sorority sisters.

Philip: Nice to meet you. So, Mr. Hollingsworth, do you really want your daughter to know what you're doing?

Paul: What I'm doing, Son, is my job. I'm sorry if that causes you any kind of inconvenience.

Philip: This is a hell of a lot more than an inconvenience.

Morgan: Daddy, what's going on?

Paul: Nothing, honey. Mr. Kiriakis here is just upset because some of his cargo is being held up for inspection.

Philip: This isn't over.

Paul: Walk away. Walk away, Philip, or I will hit you with fines and I will start an investigation.

Morgan: Is he gonna cause you trouble, Daddy?

Paul: No. No, I'm completely in the right. I just wish I knew who told him that there was a problem here. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Mr. Brady?

Victor: Yeah, Philip is his own man. He's done a terrific job with the division of Titan that I've entrusted to him, and he's made huge increases in imports and exports since he's revamped our shipping lines. I just wish that he'd get interested in politics. I think he's the type of man that could really make a difference. [Cellphone ringing] Oh. I'm sorry. I probably should have turned that off.

Marlena: It's okay.

Victor: It's Philip. Yes, Philip, what is it?

Philip: Max Brady called me from the pier. There's a problem. Customs is refusing to allow our most recent shipments to be unloaded. They claim there's problems on the manifests.

Victor: Are there?

Philip: No. I think the Custom guy has been gotten to. And I think we know John Black is the one who got to him.

John: I don't understand why you would have a problem if I wanted to buy you two a boat.

Belle: Well, that isn't why we came here.

John: I didn't think it was. I'm just making an offer, really.

Shawn D.: Can we think about it for a minute?

John: In 60 seconds, Rolf and I will be back with some champagne to celebrate -- just in case.

Claire: I want some juice.

John: Well, then you better come with me... and walk this way. Ready? Thatagirl.

Shawn D.: Belle, I don't want to take a boat from him.

Belle: I understand, okay? I know that my Father's not the man he used to be. I'm not naive. I know I can't completely trust him, but this isn't about trust. This is about love.

Shawn D.: Love? You think he's doing this out of love?

Belle: I think so. Yes. I don't think he knows why he's doing it, at least not consciously, but I see the glimmers of him caring, Shawn, about his mother, about Grandpa Shawn, about your dad. I mean, why else would he have gone to the hospital?

Shawn D.: Maybe you're right.

Belle: I am. Shawn, I need to know deep down that he loves me. And I know that this sounds selfish, but if him giving us a boat is his way of showing us that, then we need to accept it.

Shawn D.: Okay. Then we'll do it, because I know how important this is to you.

Belle: I'm just really anxious to get out of here.

Shawn D.: I know. So am I.

Belle: Well, where did Claire get the juice box?

John: I had, uh, cook pick up some. I know how much Claire loves her juice, and these nifty containers will keep her from spilling it on my rug. So, boat or no boat?

Belle: Boat.

John: Great. Rolf, crack open that champagne.

Shawn D.: Don't you think that it's a little bit early?

John: Never to early for champagne and celebration.

Shawn D.: We still have a lot of things to do and people to see, and I don't think that it's appropriate with my dad not being fully out of the woods yet.

John: It leaves more for us. So, what are you going to name the boat?

Shawn D.: What else? The Fancy Face IV.

John: Okay. [Chuckles]

Belle: Thank you so much, Dad. You have no idea how much this means to me and to our family.

John: I'm glad to do it, Dink.

Belle: It's "Tink."

John: That's right. Well, call a broker, find your boat, send me the bill. Just say yes. You people always say I'm your family. Use me as family. Take whatever the hell you can get.

Shawn D.: All right. Thank you.

John: You're welcome. Go pick out that boat.

Belle: Okay. Well, I guess this is goodbye for now.

John: I guess. How soon are you leaving?

Shawn D.: As soon as the boat's ready.

Belle: I love you, Daddy.

John: Have fun. You take care of them.

Shawn D.: I will. Thank you.

Claire: Goodbye, John.

John: Now, you make sure that your folks have plenty of juice for you, okay?

Claire: All right.

John: I-I'm gonna miss you. You're the only one in this whole town that really got me.

Claire: I'm going to miss you, too.

John: I think there's something in my eye. [Sniffles]

Belle: Goodbye, Dad.

John: Don't forget the postcard.

Victor: I've known Paul Hollingsworth for a long time. He used to be the upper-crust type. His wife's family is from the South. I think he's fallen on hard times. Listen, I'll deal with him.

Philip: All right. You do that, and I'll deal with John.

Victor: All right. If you have any problems, call me.

Philip: I will.

Marlena: Victor, is there a problem?

Victor: Customs is delaying a few of my shipments. I'm afraid I have to deal with it.

Marlena: Oh. Is John involved?

Victor: I wouldn't be surprised.

Marlena: Hmm. Say, you're not using this phone call as an excuse to end our session early, are you?

Victor: No. As a matter of fact, I'd like to continue it at another time.

Marlena: Good. Give me a call.

Victor: I will. Thank you.

Marlena: [Sighs] John, how could you?

Max: Look, you know I don't work for Philip Kiriakis. My community service is -- is loading food and supplies to be sent to Africa.

Paul: Well, then get back to it.

Max: I will.

Hope: Hey, look who's here. Hey, honey. Hey, Belle.

Bo: I'm suddenly feeling a whole lot better.

Belle: Are you really?

Bo: Yeah. Hi.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Hope: Hey, sweetheart. [Smooches]

Shawn D.: Well, we stopped by to see how you're doing. Since it looks like you're out of the woods, then I guess we're -- I guess we're here to say goodbye, then.

Bo: What?

Bo: Goodbye? Does this mean...

Shawn D.: Yeah. It does. We're gonna do what we said we were gonna do -- sail off, just like we did when I was little.

Hope: Shawn... sailing around the world with you and your dad was -- was one of the happiest times of our life, and I want it to be the same for you and Belle. Of course --

Bo: Uh-unh-unh.

Hope: I'm getting it out, Brady.

Bo: I know.

Hope: The mother part of me doesn't want you to go.

Bo: I knew it.

Shawn D.: I understand that, Mom.

Belle: Well, we could stay a little while longer.

Bo: No. No. [Clears throat] If this illness has taught me anything, it's not to put things off. You should go as soon as you can.

Shawn D.: But I hope you know we wouldn't be going anywhere if we didn't know that you were gonna be all right -- you and Chelsea.

Bo: Yeah, I know that. But this is the best medicine I can have, so go now.

Hope: As much as I want to disagree with your father, he's right.

Bo: Of course I am. But I do have one question. What are you gonna use for a boat?

[Doorbell rings] [Knock on door]

Dr. Rolf: Hey, where do you think you're going?! Please!

Philip: I know what you're up to at the docks.

Morgan: You know, I wish you and mom at least talked to each other.

Paul: Well, hey, we both talk to you, and, honestly, honey, that's probably about as close to each other as we should get. Look, I know you wish we were still together, but, believe me, we're all better off the way things are.

Morgan: You know, it's not easy knowing how much your parents hate each other.

Paul: Okay, "A," we don't hate each other, and, "B," we tried to keep you out of it until you were old enough to handle it.

Morgan: I'm sorry, Daddy, but when it comes to knowing that your parents don't love each other anymore, I-I don't see how you could ever be old enough to handle that.

Victor: Well, Max, I didn't know you were working down here.

Max: Yeah. Community service for hiding Ford Decker's body.

Victor: Ah. Not quite the slap on the wrist you were looking for, huh?

Max: [Chuckles] Yeah, it's okay. You know, I never got to thank you for getting Ford's dad to drop the charges against Chelsea.

Victor: Well, she's my granddaughter. No need to thank me. I do appreciate your giving Philip a heads-up on what was going on down here. How would you like to do that on a regular basis, Max?

Max: Are you asking me to spy for you?

Belle: Well, my Dad is gonna buy us a boat.

Hope: John? Really?

Shawn D.: I didn't want him to.

Bo: I don't blame you.

Shawn D.: But it meant a lot to Belle that we don't turn him down, so we accepted.

Hope: Of course. I understand.

Bo: Okay. Well, when do you set sail?

Shawn D.: Well, I actually called on the way here, and the Marina's got the exact same sloop that you always had.

Bo: No way.

Shawn D.: Yeah. And they said that they would have it outfitted and ready to go by tomorrow morning.

Bo: T--

Victor: No, Max. I'm not asking you to spy for me. I'm just asking you to keep your eyes and your ears open.

Max: Look, I'm not gonna be working here forever.

Victor: I know that. But as long as you're down here, I would appreciate your vigilance.

Max: Uh, sure.

Victor: You haven't by any chance seen, uh, John Black down here lately, have you, maybe talking to Mr. Hollingsworth?

Max: No. Why?

Victor: Well, Stefano had some shipping interests, and now that John has taken over his businesses, he's my competition. So I'm just wondering if he was having the same sort of problems that I am.

Max: I haven't seen him.

Victor: Well, I'll find him.

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Philip: The hell you don't. You got U.S. Customs to refuse to unload the containers on those ships.

John: You really think I have that kind of power?

Philip: You have that kind of money.

John: Why would I care if your ships get unloaded or not? Shut up. I know you spoke with Hollingsworth. And you so much as told me you were gonna do everything you could to break up the shipping division of our company. And I mean every word I say. So, tell me, Philip, how am I doing so far?

Hope: Tomorrow? When you said you were leaving soon, I-I thought you meant in a week or two. Your dad just got out of surgery.

Bo: Come on. The truth is you don't want them to leave at all.

Hope: So what.

Bo: The -- hey -- the longer they stay, the more difficult it's gonna be, and you're gonna continue to come up with excuses to stay for a day, a week.

Hope: Okay. You're feeling better. I see that. As much as I hate to admit it -- okay, you're right, for as long as you're in this bed. He is right. You should go as soon as you can.

Shawn D.: You sure?

Hope: No.

Shawn D.: Okay. Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.

Hope: [Exhales deeply]

Kayla: I'm sorry. It took longer than I expected.

Steve: The doctor was here looking for you.

Kayla: Oh, she probably wanted to tell me about the appointment I have next week.

Steve: That wasn't it. She was upset that you're not at home resting like she told you to.

Kayla: I am fine. I know my body. I know my limits.

Steve: It's not just me, Sweetness. Even your doctor says you're endangering the baby.

Victor: Hello, Paul. Nice to see you.

Paul: How you doing, Victor?

Victor: Actually, I'm a little concerned about one of my shipments. Would you excuse us, please?

Morgan: Sure.

Paul: See you later, honey.

Morgan: See you later, Daddy.

Paul: Okay.

Victor: A lovely girl.

Paul: Thanks. So, what's your problem?

Victor: Well, I'd just like to be assured of your cooperation in facilitating the loading and unloading of my shipments.

Paul: You have it, as long as your shipments meet the customs guidelines and your manifests are complete and detailed.

Victor: Are you implying that they aren't?

Paul: I'm not implying anything. I'm telling you -- there are some serious discrepancies, and we have no choice but to investigate.

Victor: You know, I've known you under different circumstances, and I'm sorry about the breakup of your marriage, and I'm sorry you had to take this job. But don't let the discouragement of hard times make you an easy target for John Black.

Paul: I don't know what you're talking about.

Victor: Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Whatever he's paying you, I'll double it.

Paul: You know what, Victor? Your son already tried to bribe me earlier today, and I told him what I'll tell you. I'm not for sale. You try it again, I'll have you arrested and thrown in Federal Prison. Are we clear?

Victor: John must be paying him a bloody fortune.

Philip: You think this is a game?

John: Business is a game, and so far it looks like I'm winning.

Philip: Because you're playing dirty.

John: This coming from a Kiriakis?

Philip: We had a deal with Stefano.

John: And when he comes back, I'm sure he'll honor it. Until then, you're gonna deal with me.

Philip: Oh, don't worry. I will.

[Doorbell rings]

John: Did you call the Feds? Worse. My conscience.

Philip: I didn't call anybody but my father. I wanted him to know what was going on and what I was gonna do about it.

John: Well, I hope this is good, because I'm really kind of busy right now.

Marlena: Doing what? Trying to talk yourself out of the fact that you're doing something wrong down at the docks? Bribery. Really, John, has it come to that? Are you so desperate to get ahead of the Kiriakis family?

John: Who told you that, and at exactly did they say?

Kayla: Is that what Dr. Elman said -- that I was endangering the baby?

Steve: I might have been paraphrasing a little bit, but that was the general idea. She said you need to rest and avoid unnecessary stress.

Kayla: I've been doing that.

Steve: And I'm gonna make sure you keep on doing it.

Kayla: All right. Okay. Uncle. So, you said you had something important to tell me.

Steve: I just, uh... I just wanted to tell you that there's nothing more important to me than you, Stephanie, and our baby, and I'll do anything to protect you.

Kayla: I know, because it's your job. I just wish you'd cut back on the overtime.

Steve: Well, that's not gonna happen.

Kayla: I know. Let's go home, okay?

Hope: "Goodbye" sounds too final.

Shawn D.: Well, it's not. You know we're gonna be back.

Belle: Yeah. All our family is here.

Bo: Hey, don't make this any more difficult than it already is. It's not like they're gonna sail off the end of the earth. We got satellite phones and e-mails. It's a heck of a lot easier to keep in touch these days than it was when we sailed off on the Fancy Face.

Shawn D.: Are you sure you guys are okay with us leaving this soon?

Hope: Wait a second. Now it sounds like you're having doubts.

Shawn D.: No, we're not. This is what's best for us, especially right now.

Hope: Claire...

Bo: Come here, son.

Shawn D.: I love you, Dad.

Bo: I love you, too. I'm gonna miss you.

Shawn D.: I'm gonna miss you. Mom...

Hope: Don't. Please don't. Don't say anything. Just [Sniffles] Just give me a really big hug, because I know it's gonna have to last me a long time. I love you, Shawn. I'm so proud of you, honey. [Sniffles]

Shawn D.: Thank you, Mom.

Hope: Come here.

Belle: Thank you for everything, and I'm really glad you're gonna get better.

Bo: Me too.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Bo: You take good care of this little one and that little one over there.

Belle: Oh, I will. [Sniffles]

Claire: Goodbye, Grandpa.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Bo: Goodbye. I love you.

Claire: I love you, too.

Bo: Give me a hug.

Shawn D.: All right. We got a lot of things we got to do.

Belle: Yeah. Hope, thank you for all of your patience and your understanding.

Hope: He truly loves you.

Belle: Well, I truly love him, too.

Hope: Take good care of each other, okay? I love you. Hey, Claire, come here. I want to have a little word with you, okay? Oh, my goodness. Now, you be a good girl, okay?

Claire: All right.

Hope: Do lots of shopping for me. Make sure that Mommy and Daddy call us a lot. Take lots of pictures, okay? Hey, come here. Let me kiss you, okay? [Cries] Okay.

Bo: Shawn... there's a lot of equipment stored out in the garage. You go through all that stuff. You take whatever you need, okay?

Shawn D.: I will. Thank you. All right.

Belle: Okay.

Hope: Bye.

Bo: Sailor Man... smooth sailing.

Hope: [Crying]

Bo: Come here. Come on.

Max: How'd it go with Hollingsworth?

Victor: Well, not the way I would have hoped for, but, anyway, you did the right thing in giving Philip a heads-up. Thank you.

Max: You're welcome. But like I said, I don't want to get involved in this.

Victor: No, you shouldn't, Max. This is strictly between John, Philip, and me.

Max: Okay. You really think John had something to do with this? He got to the guy? Now he's messing with your ships?

Victor: Well, I'm a reasonable man, Max. I'd like to think I can have the same sort of amicable relationship with John that I had with Stefano. But if I can't... then so be it.

Marlena: Don't try to turn this thing around on me. Did you or did you not bribe that Customs Official at the docks to delay the Kiriakis shipments?

John: No.

Marlena: You are such a disappointment to me.

John: Well, stick around. The day's just getting started.

Philip: That was cold.

John: What did you expect?

Philip: I don't know. I honestly don't care. I've got to go. This isn't over.

John: I knew he was gonna do that. [Exhales deeply] Think I was a little rough on Blondie?

Dr. Rolf: I think she knew you were lying to her.

John: Oh, well. That's the way it goes. Call Hollingsworth. Make sure he's not playing me, Vic, and Philip off each other. Then send these gloves back to Blondie with a dozen roses.

Belle: My Father wanted to give me a gift, and I wanted to take it.

Marlena: This is not your father.

Man: What the hell are you doing?

Kayla: I'm trying to save this patient's life.

Steve: Come on.

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