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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/14/08 - Canada; Monday 3/17/08 - U.S.A.

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Daniel: I need an ABG. I want her glucose lights and blood alcohol level checked. Right here. Watch her head. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Right here. Look at me.

Chelsea: Hello, Dr. Dan.

Daniel: Have you taken anything else?

Chelsea: "Anything else"?

Daniel: Yeah, are you just drunk? You high?

Chelsea: Oh, drugs. No. No. I don't do drugs.

Daniel: All right, run a tox screen. Who knows what she's been taking?

Chelsea: I told you I don't do drugs.

Daniel: Run a large bore I.V. Wide open with ringer's lactate. I also want a gastric lavage and an MBP. Let's move.

Chelsea: I'll be fine.

Daniel: It's not you that I'm worried about.

Hope: It's gonna be all right. Just save your energy, okay?

Lexie: All right. It's time to get Bo into pre-op.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: No. Not gonna be an operation. I'm not gonna put my daughter to that risk.

Caroline: You're gonna leave your entire family behind, Bo.

Bo: Chelsea could die, Ma. I am not gonna let that happen.

Hope: And without this operation, you're going to die. Chelsea doesn't want that to happen any more than the rest of us. Please.

Lexie: Your risk is 10 times greater than hers, Bo.

Bo: You're just saying that so I'll say okay.

Victor: Listen, you said you wanted to talk to her.

Bo: Yeah. Just tell her that this operation isn't gonna happen.

Hope: I wouldn't count on it if I were you. She's every bit as stubborn as her father.

Caroline: Bo... I love you so much.

Bo: I love you, too, Ma.

Caroline: I need you to be here, Bo.

Bo: I won't risk my daughter's life.

Victor: Hope, maybe you can talk some sense into him.

Hope: Bo, please.

Bo: Hey, they find her? Is Chelsea here?

Kayla: Uh, yeah. She's downstairs.

Hope: And she wants to do this. Bo, honestly, I really believe this -- it's God's way of telling you to go through with this. Please.

Marlena: Where are you?

Philip: Right here. So...what's up?

Marlena: We should talk about John. And if he knew that I were here talking to you, he would -- ugh, he would just kill me.

Paul: I... I'm fairly new here. I-I just got divorced. And what I'm used to is lobster in first class. And the only reason I'm working this job is because my wife -- my wife is the one who comes from old money down in Georgia. And even though her family's got all the dough, she still hits me up every month for alimony and child support. Anyway, how about you? You married?

John: Sort of.

Paul: "Sort of"? [Chuckles] Well, it sort of sucks.

John: So you would like to become reacquainted with the life that you have become accustomed to.

Paul: Yeah. All right, look. What I need...is I need cash, and I need it fast. And I need to get the hell out of this demeaning job.

John: It's not that demeaning. You have a lot of power. You say what goes through Customs quickly, what goes through Customs slowly, and what doesn't go through at all.

Paul: That's true.

John: I've been studying the DiMera family records. The business side of my brother's brain doesn't work so well. He's more interested in spending money than making money.

Paul: And you?

John: Oh, I'd like to do both. I think. [Chuckles]

Paul: All right, let's just cut to the chase, huh? How do I fit in here?

John: The way I see it, most of the cargo that comes through Customs in the Port of Salem is from a Kiriakis ship.

Paul: Yeah, that's right. Kiriakis Shipping. I actually know Victor from before my wife kicked me out.

John: Are you two friends?

Paul: No. Not particularly.

John: Excellent.

Bo: It's not gonna happen, so just send her home.

Hope: No, wait. Wait. Brady, you said you wanted to talk to her, so talk to her. Just listen to what she has to say.

Bo: [Straining] Okay. I'll talk to her, but it's not gonna change my mind.

Hope: Just talk to your daughter, okay?

Bo: [Wheezes]

Lexie: If you do decide to go through with the surgery, I want you to understand how it's going to work.

Bo: [Grunts]

Hope: Take it easy. Take it easy. Close your eyes. Try and relax.

Bo: What are you doing?

Lexie: I'm just, uh... gonna give you something for the pain.

Hope: Try to relax. Save your energy. Close your eyes, Brady.

Lexie: This will help Bo.

Hope: Brady, close your eyes. Rest. Just try to rest. Lex.

Lexie: Yeah.

Hope: What part of the surgery are you going to be doing?

Lexie: I'll be assisting. Dr. Taylor will be excising a small portion of the donor's pancreas and transferring that to the other O.R., where Bo will be ready and waiting for it. And then Dr. Jonas will be oversewing the pancreatic branches to Bo's.

Kayla: It's called a piggyback technique. It's commonly used for livers, but this particular pancreas procedure -- not many surgeons are that familiar with it. So it's sort of an experimental stage.

Hope: Lex, did you put him out?

Lexie: I just upped his dosage to help cope with the pain.

Hope: Thank you. Thank you.

Lexie: As soon as Chelsea is ready, we'll get Bo prepped and down to the O.R.

Hope: His odds are really good, right, especially since Chelsea is his daughter?

Lexie: They are much better than if we don't do anything. Right now, we put our trust in Dr. Jonas and his skills.

Chelsea: I told you. I'll be fine. Just let me sleep it off.

Daniel: We don't quite have the luxury of letting you sleep it off.

Shawn D.: Chelsea, you are a match. They can use you as a donor to save Dad.

Chelsea: That -- that's stupendous.

Daniel: No, that would be stupendous if you weren't so crunked. Now it's just stupid.

Chelsea: No, I'm not crunk. I told you I'm just drunk. I didn't take any drugs.

Daniel: The point is you're hammered, and that doesn't really do me any good right now.

Chelsea: No, it has to. You can just take my pancreas, and you just give it to my Dad. I'll be fine.

Daniel: You actually think with your father's condition and the amount of alcohol in your system that I could just make this work? This is an iffy procedure as it is. Now it's just downright impossible.

Shawn D.: Can't you do something to sober her up?

Daniel: Your father is dying. I don't know what your sister's blood alcohol level is. But what I do know -- it's gonna take more than a couple cups of coffee and a swirl around this hospital to get it to a level where I can operate.

Chelsea: I didn't know. I didn't know! No, I called, and every time I called, they told me the same thing. They told me that it was hopeless. I didn't know that you would need me.

Daniel: You didn't know? Why do you think we had you tested? What, you couldn't at least wait to go get hammered till after you figured out maybe you weren't the donor? Now that I would get. Do you have any idea what alcohol does to the pancreas? Any at all?

Kate: Well, maybe if you or your staff had given her some guidelines, this wouldn't have happened.

Daniel: Well, maybe I was assuming she'd use a little common sense.

Kate: Knock it off, okay? Because yelling at her is not gonna help.

Daniel: Neither does an inebriated donor.

Shawn D.: How long until she's sober enough?

Daniel: I am just hoping to push through her veins enough ringer's lactate to force this alcohol out of her system. Now, whether I can get that down to a level before your father dies remains to be seen.

Philip: Kill you? I don't think so.

Marlena: No, maybe not. I'm sure he would be very upset. John has come to enjoy the feeling of power.

Philip: Doesn't everybody?

Marlena: Yeah. I understand there was an unspoken agreement between the Kiriakis and DiMera families in regards to some businesses, including shipping.

Philip: Yeah, John's made some vague comments about the fact that now that he's in charge, all previous alliances are off.

Marlena: He was always good at business even be-- even before he changed. And now he's obsessed by it.

Philip: That's what it takes to be the best.

Marlena: He's taking you on -- head on. He's enjoying the high life, but I guess it just isn't high enough for him. And he would like to usher in a whole new golden age of DiMera. And I think he feels that he has to be number one in shipping to do that.

Philip: Well, I might have a little problem with that.

John: What do you know about Victor Kiriakis?

Paul: Well, we, uh, crossed paths a few times at parties and fund-raisers. I know all about his past, how he took his daddy's little Greek shipping business and turned it into an empire, how he diversified into Titan Publishing and other satellite companies. But I know this -- the shipping business is and always has been his bread and butter.

John: DiMera family business has also prospered in shipping, until recently. I've been crunching numbers. The shipping line still presents the most viable and expedient way to build up the family fortune. So I want some of that Kiriakis bread...but most of the butter.

Paul: I'm guessing that's where I come in, huh?

John: Exactly.

Lexie: He has to have this surgery, Hope. I hated to have to knock him out like that, but he was being ridiculously stubborn.

Hope: He's afraid for his daughter's life. You can't blame him for that.

Kayla: And we told him that the risk of her having the surgery is nothing compared to what happens if he doesn't.

Hope: He'll die.

Lexie: Yes. There's no other viable treatment.

Hope: Oh, God. He was so adamant about not letting her go through with this.

Kayla: Hope, listen to me. You know how much Chelsea loves him, that she would do anything for him.

Lexie: She never would have been tested if she didn't want to help save his life.

Hope: He didn't sign the consent papers.

Lexie: No, but now that he's unconscious, you can sign them for him.

Hope: And deliberately go against his wishes?

Lexie: If you don't sign them, he's going to die.

Hope: Give me the papers.

Lexie: Here and here.

Kayla: You're doing the right thing.

Hope: I know.

Kayla: I'll go tell the others.

Hope: Okay.

Caroline: You ran by us as if we had the plague.

Victor: Is there any news on Chelsea?

Kayla: She's downstairs.

Caroline: Oh, thank God. And Bo?

Kayla: He's unconscious. Hope has signed the consent forms.

Caroline: Oh.

Chelsea: I feel horrible.

Daniel: You should.

Chelsea: You know, you could stop yelling at me now.

Daniel: Really? Really? Or what?

Kate: That's enough.

Daniel: Your father is going to die because of you.

Chelsea: Stop!

Shawn D.: That is enough, doctor.

Daniel: Is it enough? You really think it's enough? Because my patient's life, your father's life is over. It's over because this girl right here, the only one that could have saved him, decided that, yeah, you just had to go out and party all night long.

Chelsea: I wasn't partying!

Daniel: Oh, you weren't partying? That's it! I want you out now.

Kate: Okay, I'm gonna talk to the chief of staff about this.

Daniel: Yeah, you go do that. Down the hall. Second door on your left.

Chelsea: [Crying]

Daniel: You shouldn't be crying like a little baby. You should be raging.

Chelsea: I am.

Daniel: You should be mad as hell.

Chelsea: I am mad.

Daniel: Are you mad?

Chelsea: Yes, I'm mad!

Daniel: I don't hear you!

Chelsea: I am mad!

Daniel: Are you mad?! I can't hear you!

Chelsea: [Sobbing]

Daniel: I want the whole hospital to hear! Come on! I can't hear you! Let them all hear!

Shawn D.: I don't care who the hell you think you are, how good of a surgeon you think you are. You will not talk to my sister like that again. Do you have any idea of the things that she's gone through in the last few years? She's been surrounded by death. And now you're gonna tell her that our Father's gonna die because of her? If she would have thought in a million years that she would have been a match, there's no way in hell she would have taken a drink of anything.

Daniel: Now you're done? I'm not gonna give her a shot of adrenaline or anything else that might interfere with the anesthesia.

Shawn D.: What does that have to do with anything?

Daniel: I need to keep her heart pumping faster to keep pushing those I.V. fluids through her body to reduce her alcohol level. I've done my fair share of partying. I've partied happy. I've partied sad. I really don't blame her for feeling the need to just numb out. Wish she hadn't. Came at a bad time, but what are you gonna do? I wasn't crazy about yelling at her, but now she is angry, now her heart is pumping, and now we have a chance.

Marlena: I knew you'd be upset. I really felt that I had to warn you.

Philip: If I got all upset, what would that accomplish? Not a thing.

Marlena: You're able to keep a cool head, just like your father. I understand that your father is semi-retired and that you are now calling the shots. I would like you to do whatever you can to avoid a turf war between the Kiriakis and DiMera empires.

Philip: Well, technically, I wouldn't call it a turf war, but I get your drift. It is war.

Marlena: That can't happen. Too many people would be hurt by that. John has the means to make a lot of trouble, but he doesn't have the moral compass to guide him. He really likes having money.

Philip: Money is power.

Marlena: Power corrupts.

John: So, do we have a deal?

Paul: We have an understanding.

John: Call it what you want. Just follow through on our... "understanding," and you will be back swinging a polo mallet before you know it.

Marlena: I don't know why he can't be happy with all the wonderful things in his life. What else could he possibly want?

Philip: More wonderful things?

Marlena: More. Of course. That's it. And he will destroy anyone or anything in his way. And we both know who's in his way.

Philip: Me.

Marlena: We have to find a way to stop him.

John: I thought you were supposed to be my wife. You're not giving away trade secrets to my competitor, are you?

Philip: "Competitor"? John, you've made it clear both to my Father and to me we're your enemy.

John: I can live with that.

Philip: John, if you consider me your enemy, it's only because you've made it that way.

John: I don't have a problem with that.

Philip: We had an agreement.

John: You had a deal with a man by the name of Stefano DiMera. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not him.

Philip: Okay, then, how about I make a deal with John Black?

John: I'm not interested.

Philip: It doesn't make any sense. There's enough to go around. Let's come up with something that we can both live with, where we both profit.

John: I don't want us both to profit.

Marlena: How can you do this, John?

John: This is nothing. My dear brother Stefano erased my memory, packed my skull with twisted ideas, but I haven't acted on any of them. Programmed me to be a killer, but I haven't killed anyone. All I want is a nice life and build up a little business. And you have a problem with that? Compared to what I could be, I think you're being a little picky.

Marlena: Nobody has a problem with you being in business. And don't try to say that you're not a killer. It's just different. Now you're a boardroom killer.

John: Well, then, my first executive decision is to liquidate Kiriakis Shipping.

Philip: There's gonna be a very high price to pay.

John: Yep.

Philip: For everyone.

Kayla: I'll go see how they're doing with Chelsea.

Hope: All right.

Belle: Oh, hi. Um, can I talk to all of you?

Hope: What is it, Belle?

Belle: In the waiting room.

Victor: Everything all right with Chelsea?

Hope: You're gonna be really mad at me, but I don't care because there is no way you're leaving me. I love you, Brady. [Door opens]

Belle: We have a problem.

Hope: What? What is it?

Belle: Chelsea's drunk.

Hope: "Drunk"?

Belle: Yeah. We found her out cold in the park.

Victor: Damn it!

Caroline: Oh!

Kayla: And we can't transplant a pancreas that has absorbed that much alcohol, not to mention we can't put her under anesthesia in the shape she's in.

Victor: How long before the alcohol's out of her system?

Lexie: We can't operate until she's down to, at the Maximum, 0.02%.

Caroline: Please don't talk about percentages. Give us time. How long will it be?

Lexie: We're trying to flush her system as soon as possible.

Hope: But will it be in time?

Shawn D.: Chelsea has been through a lot. She lost her adoptive parents in a car accident. She accidentally killed our little brother. She feels partially responsible for the death of a guy who tried to attack her. And then we lost our Grandfather. She's been through hell.

Daniel: And I'm sorry about all that. I'm just doing what's best for her, and that's getting her on that O.R. table as quickly as I can. And if that means I got to get her heart pumping the old-fashion way, I'm gonna do it. We are prepping her for surgery, man. I can't give her a shot of adrenaline or anything else. So, believe me, I'm not trying to personally tick her off here, but it just might save your father.

[Door opens, closes]

Daniel: You're not screaming anymore.

Chelsea: What's the point? He's gonna die, isn't he?

Daniel: I honestly don't know. The only thing you can do right now is just get really angry. And don't you dare start feeling sorry for yourself or anybody else. Look, I understand you've been through a lot, but I was trying to make you mad.

Chelsea: Why?

Daniel: I want your pulse racing. I want the fluid from that I.V. bottle going through your body as fast as it can. I'm sorry about the things that I said. I would have put you on a stair climber or treadmill, but I'm pretty sure you would have passed out again.

Chelsea: I'm sorry that I drank so much.

Daniel: If I was in your shoes, I might be wasted, as well. So why don't we just stop the dramatics, and I'll try to be a nice guy again? Because yelling at you is starting to hurt my feelings.

Chelsea: Um, if it makes you feel better, I do feel a bit more sober.

Daniel: Good. But not good enough. Is there anything else you can think of that might raise your heart rate?

Daniel: Had a little talk with your brother. Had no idea your life had been such hell. Probably would have taken another route had I known.

Chelsea: It's fine. You did what you had to do for my Dad, I guess.

Daniel: I might have pushed you a little too far. I should have talked to your family, but I didn't see we had the luxury of time.

Chelsea: We still don't have time, do we?

Daniel: Hopefully it won't come down to a matter of minutes.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Daniel: Hey, I haven't done anything yet. And to be perfectly up-front, you might not want to be thanking me after all this.

Chelsea: Is there anything that I can do to get the booze out of me faster?

Daniel: Right now, just let the I.V. do its work. I can't have you drinking anything because, hopefully, you'll be going under anesthesia soon, or I would be pouring buckets of water through you.

Chelsea: Well, I don't care. You can get me water.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no. This whole thing is risky enough. I'm not gonna take that chance with you. If you aspirate under anesthesia, I mean, this thing could turn into a nightmare. Then I've got two immediate problems on my hand.

Chelsea: You really know what you're doing, huh?

Daniel: Well, if I didn't think so, I wouldn't be doing it.

Chelsea: Sorry that I was so stupid.

Daniel: Hey, I don't want to hear you say that again, all right? That is not gonna be tolerated here.

Lexie: There's nothing we can do right now but wait.

Hope: I don't know how much longer Bo can wait.

Victor: How long before she's ready?

Kayla: Well, it depends on what her blood alcohol level was when she was brought in.

Victor: Are we talking about days, hours?

Lexie: Hours. But we have no idea what the rate of dissipation might be. If her blood alcohol level was low, probably not very long. But if it was high...

Kayla: Well, there's a whole lineup of surgeries scheduled for the O.R.

Lexie: They'll have to be pushed back or moved. We're holding those rooms.

Kayla: I'll get right on that.

Lexie: I better go with her.

Victor: Sitting around here's not gonna do us any good.

Caroline: Well, what do you propose we do?

Victor: I don't know.

Caroline: What? The great Victor Kiriakis doesn't know?

Victor: This is my son.

Belle: Do you think maybe you should tell Bo?

Hope: It's better he not know.

Hope: It's gonna be all right. You just have to hang on a little longer.

Philip: John, what, you think this is gonna be easy? You waltz in, look around, get the lay of the situation, then head back to your office, read "shipping for dummies," and think you can take over the shipyards?

John: I'm a quick learner.

Philip: You can't remember your former life, John. Do you remember how to sign a check?

John: That's funny. Of all the things I've forgotten, I remember the definition of the word "ruthless."

Marlena: You were never ruthless. You were compassionate. You were considerate.

John: I guess it's time I changed.

Marlena: I'm not sure you can change like that. You always had a heart.

John: All my heart is designed to do is pump blood.

[Cellphone rings]

Marlena: Dr. Evans.

[Cellphone rings]

Philip: Hello?

Marlena: Thank you for letting me know.

Philip: That was my Dad.

Marlena: That was Belle.

Philip: She tell you about Bo?

Daniel: We're gonna do things my way, or we don't do them, all right? Check her B.A.L.

Nurse: Right away.

Daniel: Excuse me.

Kate: Hey, doc.

Daniel: Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Kate: Don't ever talk to Chelsea that way again.

Daniel: All right, I won't.

Kate: That girl's been through hell. She's been hurt, and you tear into her like she's the devil? I'm thinking you're one smug, vulgar son of a bitch.

Daniel: "Vulgar."

Kate: Hmm.

Daniel: That's a judgment call.

Shawn D.: Wait, wait, wait.

Daniel: No. Just excuse me.

Shawn D.: He didn't mean what he said.

Kate: Really? Oh, so, you just spewed all that out without even thinking about what you were doing to her?

Shawn D.: No, he knew exactly what he was doing.

Kate: Care to explain?

Daniel: Oh, I wish I could, but I'm just a wee bit busy.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Shawn D.: Listen, he was just trying to get her heart rate up so the I.V. fluids would pump through her system faster. He said he couldn't give her any medicine because she was going into surgery. And after I told him everything that Chelsea has been through, he felt terrible. He went in there and told her what he was doing. He was really understanding. He said if he were her age, given the circumstances, he probably would have done the same thing. Go in there and see Chelsea.

Kate: Hey. Come here.

Hope: Chelsea was drunk? Drunk.

Belle: Yeah. When Kate found her, she was passed out on a park bench.

Hope: Do you realize what she's done?

Belle: I know. Because of her --

Hope: Because of her, Bo could die!

Belle: Kate said that she was really upset, that she was really worried about Bo.

Hope: If they can't operate until she's sober -- what if it's too late?

Belle: Chelsea's lost a lot of people in her life.

Hope: And because of her stupidity, she could lose her father, as well.

Belle: If that happens, Hope, she's not gonna be able to forgive herself. You know that.

Hope: I won't be able to forgive her, either. I'm going to have a chat with your granddaughter.

Victor: I'll go with you.

Caroline: No, Victor. Please, don't.

Victor: Why shouldn't I?

Caroline: Getting angry at Chelsea is only going to hurt her. And we need her, and Bo needs her.

Victor: She should have thought about that before she got soused.

Caroline: Please, Victor. I want you to be strong right now.

Philip: What did Belle say?

Marlena: Bo was going downhill fast. Chelsea's there. They can't do the transplant. She wouldn't say why.

Philip: Chelsea's drunk.

Marlena: We better get to the hospital, be with our families.

John: Kiriakis, this is why you will lose. You concern yourself with trivial, personal matters, and you lose your focus on what's really important.

Philip: There is nothing more important than family. Now I feel sorry for you because that's something you'll never know.

John: It's a weakness.

Marlena: You said to me nothing in your life brought you more joy than being with your family.

John: Maybe I was out drinking when I said that.

Marlena: Let's just go.

John: It's all mind over matter, Beauregard. You just hang in there. You can make it.

Bo: Ma. I just --

Victor: You got to keep your strength up, Bo.

Bo: Chelsea.

Caroline: She's here, but we haven't heard what's going on.

Bo: I have to tell her there's not gonna be an operation.

Caroline: Please, don't talk. Rest.

Bo: Ma... don't be mad. Pop...gave his life for me. I'm doing this for my daughter.

Caroline: I could never be mad at you, Bo. Never. You're doing what you think is right. So is hope. So is everybody.

Bo: Okay. I just wanted...

Victor: How much longer?

Kayla: Uh, well, it's going a little slower than we had hoped.

Lexie: She had a lot of alcohol in her system. We're doing everything we can. [Monitor beeping] Would you excuse us, please?

Kayla: Mom.

Lexie: I'm not getting a reading on his pulse.

Kayla: Bo? Bo? All right, I'm bagging him. [Beeping continues]

Hope: Excuse me. Could you please tell me where I can find Chelsea Brady?

Nurse: Yeah, she's in cubical one.

Hope: Thanks so much.

Kate: You're going to be okay.

Chelsea: I would die for my Dad. You know that.

Kate: Yes, I do. I do know that, and that's exactly why I'm not upset with you.

Chelsea: I just figured if I was around -- I mean, I've caused so many other deaths. I just thought maybe Dad would die, too.

Kate: Oh, baby, don't do this to yourself.

Chelsea: I killed Zack.

Kate: That was an accident.

Chelsea: He was my brother, and I put my Dad through that. I just -- I don't want to be the cause of him dying also. This -- if I could switch places with him, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wish I could.

Lexie: Come on, Bo. Stay with us.

Kayla: Come on, Lexie. Get that bed down. He's unconscious.

Lexie: Come on. Come on, Bo.

Caroline: [Crying]

Victor: You know, you don't have to be strong. Let me. Let it out if you'd like.

Caroline: Victor, Shawn would want me to be strong for the family.

Victor: He would understand. This is a lot for anyone to go through.

Caroline: In a way, I'm glad he's not here to see Bo like this. And on the other hand...

Victor: No, I understand. You haven't had a chance to grieve properly for Shawn. And now this.

Caroline: Shawn was a good husband.

Victor: Yes, he was. A lot better than someone else would have been.

[Footsteps approaching]

Marlena: Hi. We just heard.

Philip: How's Bo?

Victor: Well, Kayla and Lexie asked us to leave, so I don't think he's doing too well.

Philip: What about Chelsea?

Victor: Don't ask.

Marlena: Is she being purged?

Caroline: Yes, but it's taking a long time. [Door opens]

Victor: What was that all about?

Lexie: Bo's lost consciousness.

Lexie: How are you feeling, Chelsea?

Chelsea: I feel sober.

Lexie: That doesn't mean your blood alcohol level is low enough. And your pancreas -- it will take a while for it to purge itself.

Chelsea: How long is a while? Because I feel ready.

Nurse: I just took this five minutes ago.

Lexie: Thanks. You're not ready.

Chelsea: I'm trying as hard as I can.

Lexie: Chelsea, it's not up to you.

Kate: Why don't you try what Dr. Jonas tried to get you to do? Get mad at something.

Shawn D.: Well, is there any news?

Victor: Bo has lapsed into unconsciousness.

Marlena: Shawn, I'm so sorry.

Belle: Happy to see you here.

John: Just in the neighborhood.

Belle: Don't sell me that. You're worried.

John: Don't tell anyone.

Shawn D.: So, what about the operation? They're still gonna do it, right?

Hope: Tell me he's gonna make it.

Daniel: Well, if we could do the surgery right now, I would say, uh -- I would say maybe.

Hope: But if we have to wait?

Daniel: If we have to wait, you might want to say goodbye.

Stephanie: You're amazing, Max. You make your family proud, and you make me proud.

Hope: I promised him he was gonna make it. You're the only person who can help me keep it, doctor.

Kate: Roman. Roman.

Roman: What?

Kate: It's Chelsea. She's gone.

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